Deception no. 1

Looking at the modeling work based on actual serology (antibody) tests of blood in the chart below (Figure 3), we can see that the proportion of the under-40s especially (the first two graphs in the series representing age groups 16-24 and 25-34) who are triple jabbed, who in turn may benefit from short-term protection against hospitalization and death, is substantially lower than the near-100% who have elevated antibodies.

This shows just how important natural immunity is for these younger populations – something health authorities have been mute on at a time when there has been unprecedented coercion for this group to receive COVID-19 mRNA jabs. That’s deception no.1.

Covid 19 Boosters
Figure 3. Modeled percentage of adults with antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 and who reported they have received three or more COVID-19 vaccinations, by age group, UK countries, Dec. 7, 2020, to Jan. 9, 2022. Vertical lines in graphs for age groups from 50 to 80 years and over represent 80% of adults with antibodies at the standard threshold and 80% of adults who have received boosters. Source: ONS

Deception no. 2

You’ve guessed it. There’s another big deception. Look again at figure 3 and note the vertical red lines we’ve inserted for all age groups 50 and older. The red line on the left of each of the lower 6 graphs intersects the horizontal axis on the date antibodies were found in 80% of the population.

The red line on the right side intersects the horizontal axis on the date boosters were administered to 80% of that same age group.

Note the many months that separate these two events. The take-home is that elevated antibodies were already widespread in the older age groups well before the booster campaign was even started — and even longer before coverage reached 80% of each of the age groups.

It’s also worth noting that antibody-mediated partial (non-sterilizing) immunity in heavily vaccinated populations is increasingly clouded by the fact that it is in essence “hybrid” immunity that, at least for a short period, includes naturally-acquired and jab-induced immunity.

For any population group that isn’t vulnerable to severe COVID-19 disease and COVID-19 death – which represents almost everyone since omicron has become dominant – the risk of serious adverse events almost certainly outweighs any benefits.

Deception no. 2 can therefore be summarized as follows: Boris Johnson deceived the public when he said boosters were the reason the UK was ready to lift restrictions. One wonders, rhetorically, who put those words in his mouth? I, cynically speaking, just can’t imagine.

Call to Action

When there’s so much double-speak and deception around, we owe it to our fellow human beings to at least share articles like this that expose the deception through our highly constricted channels of communication.

We thank you, in anticipation that you will share this article as vociferously as Boris Johnson shared his main reason for lifting UK restrictions.

When all he really needed to do was owe his gratitude to nature. And turn his back on Gates’ defective vision that massive investment in novel vaccine technology would deliver a solution fit for humanity.

Originally published by Alliance for Natural Health International.