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Russell Means was an Oglala Lakota and one of the most vocal activists for the rights of the Indigenous People of America. He was also an actor and the first director of the American Indian Movement. This message about Mother Earth was recorded in 1993 and echoes louder and clearer than ever before. We must listen with our hearts.

Broadcast Love – What It Means & How to Practice

Video Source: HeartMath Institute

Love is an intelligent, unifying, and transformative attribute of the heart that is the key to uplifting ourselves, and our global community. Let’s talk about how we can activate and grow this potential through a simple, effective daily practice that has proven benefits personally and socially.

For practical guidance on deepening your heart practices and building resilience especially in times of elevated stress, visit this Free Resources page https://www.heartmath.org/resources/.

How To Always Make The RIGHT Decision (AMAZING) | Gregg Braden

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Gregg Braden describes a simple method that you can use to make the right decisions…

Why do Some People Only Ask for Help After Pushing Everyone Away?

Ask for Help to Reduce Stress > WithoutStress.comIf you’re anything like me, you may have a hard time asking for help when it comes to personal stuff. If I can’t reach something off a shelf, sure I’m good with requesting some assistance, but when it gets a bit deeper than that, I tend to wanna handle everything on my own; retreat inward and soak it in a little “me-time” solitude. My mental cave is always warm and welcoming with popcorn made and a Netflix marathon ready to go. But sometimes, when the popcorn’s run out and your ass is asleep from too much couch-potato-ing, you reach a point where your ego allows you to understand that your ONLY way out to reach a solution is another’s perspective.

My inner world has always been a rich, vivid place. And anytime it seems when an outer connection is initiated and I “accept” so to speak, then I immediately get connected to a source of ever-flowing, loving information that seemingly helps people most of the time. Whether it be that stranger in line at the supermarket who tells me her life story or the friend who always comes to me for advice, I have always been acutely aware of a pull or draw I have that even as a young child made me feel like I was officially stamped “HELPER” or “HEALER” on my forehead upon birth. I never thought to ever really put a name to it other than my intuition, but what has always boggled my brain is that when I myself come to me with a dilemma or need support, I don’t seem to get the same VIP access to that awesome info waterfall. I tend to more often self-sabotage, procrastinate, etc. and this as I now understand is all part of the plan…

I’m grateful for tapping into my life theme at such a young age, but it has taken me my entire lifetime to even begin to understand how to use my empathic abilities in coherence with it. I’ve always felt completely dualistic and presumably, that’s fitting since we live in such a dualistic world. However, it seems a major part of my theme is to always be acutely aware of the extremes, so that I can hang out in the neutral zone, as that is where the best mediators reside, no?

Sounds simple enough, but living in a society that tells you happiness is something you strive for through obtaining material gains, not something you create from within yourself has driven the overall vibe of humanity to lean just a tad to the negative and I think we’ve all taken notice. But if we zoom out our perspectives a bit wider, we begin to see how that extreme is simply the same as its opposite, just to a different degree. In other words, everything is connected. How to Ask for Help | Psychology Today

And I think that is the ultimate lesson we are here to learn. We are born with eyes that literally we can never look into at our own souls, and so we must rely on others, our loved ones, friends, enemies, neighbors, strangers, children, parents, etc. to mirror and reflect back to us our greatest and not so great traits for us to celebrate and share and learn and grow from (we hope LOL).

All of these factors can lead a person to feel, well a little alone in this big world. One thing they don’t teach us in school is how to love ourselves and if I’ve learned anything assisting other people with their own lives it is that while you, of course, can love and be loved without fully embracing yourself, however when you do love yourself in wholeness, it opens up a world of neutral acceptance, of presence, peace and personal allowance for people to be who they are.

And I don’t know about you, but when I feel I can be who I am and am not being judged I am so much more likely to open up to people. And I think this is perhaps another big reason that we push people away, but what we would be wise to remember is that when we are helping others, we are actually helping ourselves too. For every spirit we lift, we ultimately lift our own.


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Tom Hiddleston’s Greatest Life Advice Will Change Your Future (MUST WATCH)

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Coming up…
We all have two lives. The second begins when you realize you only have one. This is a universal experience for all creative people, certainly actors, is that the constant rejection. You have to get used to it and you have to get thick-skinned about it. You’ll never win unless you also stand to lose. Everything is possible and nothing is guaranteed. Take pains, be perfect.

Transcript (Tom Hiddleston)

I think a myth in the business is that we all have everything to choose from, as we don’t. I know, I’m not at the top of everybody’s list. You have to earn that place… I have read things and gone, wow, this is amazing. And I’ve chased it down and knocked on the door and people have said, actually it’s not you Tom. We’re thinking of someone different. And then my job is to keep knocking on the door and say, let me see if I can change your mind.

I’ve been very diligent in my training, and tried to listen to the advice of all my teachers and instructors as a student, as an academic, as a training actor. And I always wanted to do right by them. And I found myself, is a very scary moment, when you’re a young actor. Most people find themselves in the early 20s and everything is possible, and nothing is guaranteed. If you’re lucky enough, you have an agent and you start auditioning and they send you everything from period drama to casualty, dairy milk commercials.

And you are thrown into the business and thrown into it at the deep end. And there’s no time for doubt or failure – except routinely, that’s what happens to all of us. I perhaps was too careful in auditioning and I would always get close to landing roles into booking jobs, and would never quite get there. I mean, this is a universal experience for all greater people, certainly actors – is that the constant rejection at the beginning.

You have to get used to it and you have to get thick-skinned about it. I was so exhausted because at first you take it very personally. And I thought, well, no one’s going to help me get there. The only person who could do this is me. I started preparing in a different way and I sort of stepped up to the plate a better I think, because I could feel time sliding away and I wasn’t getting on with life. I just was sort of stuck in this rut of neither acting nor doing anything else.

The experience of being in your twenties is so energetic. And I felt so stagnant actually. So I just kind of changed everything up, and it worked. I’m lucky. I don’t know that I’ve ever been able to to do anything. I say it as a sort of because I’m aware that it can be a strength, but it can also be a weakness. Because the focus is obsessive. So, when I go for something, I go for it at the expense of everything else.

I love what I do, and I feel so lucky that I’m allowed to do it, and that I did get to do it for a living. And cinema and theater have had such a profound effect on me in my life. And so every time a new script or a new role comes along, I’m motivated by the thought, I won’t forgive myself if I don’t give it everything. But I do try to choose different kinds of things because I’m interested in in the diversity of people and the complexity of people and the multiplicity we contain within us.

I really think the thing that unites us all in the world is that we are constantly inconstant, and that inconstancy and that contradiction is something that I’ve always tried to explore with my characters because I think that we contradict ourselves all the time. There’s the Walt Whitman poem, The Song of Myself: “I am large. I contain multitudes. I contradict myself.”

We all have two lives. The second begins when you realize you only have one. So I’m not wasting any time. And the thing is, you know, with negativity, they are like clouds that pass across the Sun. They will pass, like they’re just feelings, you know. And it’s important not to dwell on them and just move past it.

There is so much, I find it (maybe it’s my nature), but there’s just so much about life that’s amazing. And when you kind of key into that, nobody has an easy ride. That’s for sure. And it’s about to get hard, I’m sure. But it also gets better. And the point about going through those experiences is you just have to sort of go: “It is what it is, and it will pass.” And you just need to tap into like how amazing stuff is. It’s pretty cool.

I think I always trust my gut. That’s all I have, even when I’m working and you’re thinking about the shape of a scene and how it should be played, and your head can often get in the way. And you got to trust your gut. It’s just, if I’m inspired, if my curiosity is piqued, and I want to chase this possibility down that I see in front of me on my desk.

Some of you may have heard me say this before, but I’m always embarrassed to say I was speak in metaphors. I don’t know how to speak in any other way. And for me acting is kind of like playing the piano. And if the piano is the human condition, we all have every single note on that 88 keyboard within us.

For me, every role, I want to be able to play every note and sometimes if a character or a story seems to stretch me in some way, seems to offer up an experience that is new – that is a different chord or a different tune, that is real and true and human and accessible – and no matter how joyous or loving or warm, or how dark or painful, if it seems like an interesting shape to inhabit, I’m running. I know if I’m running towards it already.

So I think it’s a quote from Shakespeare, which is four words: take pains, be perfect. I think it’s his way of saying, you know, don’t be afraid of caring. I gave myself permission to care because there are a lot of people in this world, who are afraid of caring or afraid of showing that they care because it’s uncool. It’s uncool to have passion. It’s so much easier to lose when you shown everyone how much you don’t care if you win or lose. It’s much harder to lose when you show that you care. But you’ll never win unless you also stand to lose.

Basically, you know, I’ve said it before, don’t be afraid of your passion. Like just give it free rein, be honest, and work hard and it’ll all turn out just fine.

When I was at drama school, drama school was really hard. They deliberately kind of overworked you and they throw everything out you. I was on a three year course in a drama school in London called Radha. And the first year you kind of work ease, sort of slightly showing your strength and the things that you’re good at. And the second year, they throw you everything you can’t do, all the things that are your weaknesses. And you’re basically to work on your weaknesses. What’s the point of working on your strengths? Your working 16-hour days, and you’re exhausted, and you’re drained, and physically tired? And I kind of lost the love of it. I lost my mojo.

I live near a couple of parks in London. I remember, one night I couldn’t sleep and it was the summer. I got up really early in the morning, and I went and walked to the nearest big hill. And I saw the sun rising. Sometimes, I think that’s the answer is just get up when the sun gets up and look around and and you realize, you’re part of an amazing planet. That’s what I do.

We Might Be Close To A Breakthrough Moment | INSPIRED 2021 (Jean Nolan)

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When everything on the outside gets really chaotic, it could be a sign that we’re close to a breakthrough moment.

⁃ Jean Nolan, Co-Founder of the INSPIRED Channel

Nothing Can Stop THIS – It’s the Ultimate Power in the Universe | David Icke

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David Icke: We need to love this world into a state of love. There is no other way of doing it. And, what is love? … It’s the ultimate power!

TRANSCRIPT (David Icke speaking):

We need to love this world into a state of love. There is no other way of doing it. And, what is love? People think love is weak. It’s NOT weak – it’s the ultimate power! It will not walk backwards in the face of anything that it believes is right.

Love is not always about lovey-dovey stuff. Love is also about putting yourself on the line, speaking your truth, standing up against oppression, standing up against all the shit that comes your way – because you believe that what you are doing is right – and serving the greater good. That’s also love, even though you might lose your temper here and there.

The reason you’re doing it is because of LOVE, BECAUSE YOU WANT THIS WORLD SO BADLY TO BE WHAT IT CAN BE!

I’lll freakin’ get there with you. I’ll get there freakin’ with you. I’m not going until this change, this transformation is over. I’ve invested too much of my life in this.

The Beauty of Non-Attachment

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase by Buddha, “You only lose what you cling to”, but what does this really mean? Unfortunately, non-attachment or detachment is greatly misunderstood in the mainstream and is often thought to mean that one completely shuts down emotionally and refuses to care about anything outside of themselves anymore, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Image result for non-attachment quotesWhen we think of a river flowing, non-attachment is kind of like that when it comes to our emotions. Rather than letting one particular emotion dam up the waters of our soul, we simply let it run its course without becoming enthralled or entangled in its web. With negative emotions, we tend to let them take the wheel and direct our thoughts, actions, and reactions. And while we can see how asinine this is when others do it, while we ourselves are in the throes of anger, we feel completely justified because we’ve allowed the emotion to take control, overpower us and run wild. We are no longer connected to our hearts and therefore are disconnected from the targets (other people) now receiving our wrath.

With positive emotions, we tend to cling and hold onto them out of fear they will go away. We want them to stay and last forever, rather than being at peace with the fact that nothing ever does. This takes away from our ability to truly appreciate things at the moment, because we’re always away from it in the future, planning on how to keep it from getting away from us.

The true beauty of non-attachment is that it allows us to feel emotions, but from a completely different perspective than ever before. Instead of avoiding all the “negative” ones or letting them overtake us, we are diligent in keeping control and choosing our next action; we do not let the emotion decide for us. We realize we are not victims to the emotion, we are not its minion and the emotion isn’t there to rule over us anyway…but it inevitably will if we let it.

Emotions are way-showers if we know how to look at them. They show you where your triggers are, where your un-healed pain remains, and where your passions and desires lie within your heart. Unattached, emotions can help guide you into a purpose-driven life, or if we cling too hard, they can keep you stuck in an abusive relationship or career you hate. We must first be willing to look at them for what they are, then we can start to change the way we interact with our own emotions.

I’ve heard people say, “I can’t change who I am.” or “I can’t change the way I feel.” Both of these statements are the result of a child being conditioned to believe they are powerless over their own lives. Children who’ve grown into adults are now either fearful, resentful, or hateful towards a world that they’ve forever had to bend and break for time and time again, but that will not even throw them a bone. And with this perspective…it never, ever will.

That always hits home with me because I was/am one of those people. I struggle to this day with self-love, confidence, and empowerment. But what I’ve come to learn is that our emotions and feelings are not our enemies and when we can learn to use them as the tools they are, we begin to slowly regain our power, and once you get even the slightest taste of your own true authentic personal power that’s been lying dormant in your heart for so long, you almost demand of yourself to come flying out of victim-hood.

To wrap things up, non-attachment isn’t dimming your fire or passion. It isn’t denying how you feel. It is merely taking the steps necessary to discipline yourself to not stay IN one emotion because we’re not meant to. Our natural state is neutral (no coincidence they are such similar words) and to remain balanced, and practicing non-attachment allows us to live a more balanced life. Image result for non-attachment quotes

Of course, we will still have times we cry, we’ll still get angry, we’ll of course still laugh and smile, we are human and that’s what this crazy ride is all about…FEELING. That means riding the wave…allowing the emotions to rise, and then fall and dissolve away. Let us remember that love is not an emotion, but a state of being. If you feel the need to feed emotional drama, negativity, etc. then I would definitely suggest taking a look at how you handle emotions in your life. There’s nothing to feel bad, ashamed, guilty, or mad about it, this is all a process of growth and expansion into a greater understanding of ourselves.


Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.

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What Are You Afraid Of? | Max Igan 2021

Video Source: Inspired

Max Igan: What are you so afraid of? You were born for this. This is your moment to face infinity without flinching.


I have no fear of death. You know what? I’m quite prepared to stand my ground in front of these people. You have to kill me to get me to comply.

But it’s those in fear behind that who will see that and go, Oh gee, I don’t want it to happen to me. So I’ll comply. That’s the problem: is the sleeping masses that our dragging us into it. I mean, the only option we’ve got here at the moment is to to push back by removing our support from these people, which I think would be beneficial.

What if this is just a test? What if this is just the exam before you go on to the main event? You know what I mean? I mean, why would you be so terrified of leaving this slavery system that you will do anything, you’ll become more and more, and more and more of a slave just to avoid that which is inevitable. You came here to die. That’s what you’re going to do. That’s a given, you know.

So why are you going to go out of your way to avoid that? And you will let yourself be repressed and turned into something that it’s not even you anymore out of your fear of facing that which comes after. It’s ridiculous!

No, I’m not going to go along with it. I’m not doing it. I won’t be going and jumping in your cage. Do you intend to kill me now? Because I’m not going with you. What are you gonna do? You gonna escalated to the point that you kill me? Might as well get it done now, you know, I don’t like violence but I have no problem with counter violence you know? But I’m simply not going to go with you. That’s not what I came here to do.

As I’ve been saying to people you to walk the path of the warrior, to be able to face infinity without flinching, That’s what this is about. We’ve been given the opportunity to do that now.

You know, how much are you prepared to let yourself be squashed, and your conscience just crushed, and your whole spirit dis-enabled and pushed into a box in order to avoid that which is inevitable?

Now you’re gonna live your life as a slave in order to avoid death? You can’t kill me. You might be able to kill this vessel that I inhabit for this brief temporary experience, but can’t kill me. I have no fear of that.

I’m not going to do whatever you want me to do, and going to allow you to get my soul and my consciousness and put it in a mainframe and keep it here and control it. I’m not your toy. I’m not your experiment. I’m not your little insect that you want to observe. You know, I’m Spirit, I’m everything that is and everybody that is. And that’s what everybody is.

So, this is a choice that we’ve got, you know. Do want to live your life in fear, or are you just going to stand up for yourself? Stand up and be proud of what you are and just and be willing to face infinity without flinching? That’s what it’s all about. That’s what you came here to do. You don’t go along with any of this stuff.

You know, it’s all about fear, and it’s all about control. Forget about wealth, forget about politics. Forget about all that sort of stuff. It’s just control. They want control. They want control of you. They want control of your soul. They want control of your essence. Don’t give it to them!

Powerful and Wise Living Begins Here

As we have moved into a dynamic energy with the Lion’s Gate portal on 8/8/21, what happens next? Some may say, recognize you are a powerful creator and now manifest your creation. Others may also say, hang on because another retrograde will begin soon and there will be much disruption.

So how do you live in these powerful and disruptive days? Determine to be a master, be the creator of both your daily experience and your life. If that seems daunting, then begin here: simplicity, ease, release, play, lower your expectations, laugh, let go. These are attributes of a child. Possibly you have heard, don’t be so childish. I chuckle at that thought, why?  Because that is the way to live soberly and thus restrictively in your life. Why not be as a child? Be carefree, not careless. Be playful, not so serious all the time. Be joyful in your creation and when it falls apart, go on the next thing.

The beginning of powerful and wise living is not found in control, but in undisturbable simplicity. Who exhibits this more than a child? The key to power is not strength, but meekness. Meekness can be understood by this concept: power under control. So here is the truth of the matter, be as a child with the knowing you are a powerful creator. Recognize that in doing nothing, you can do all things. This thought is a mastery position, because it contains all the axioms necessary for a peaceful and contented life. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?

Here are some wisdom words from the Tao to encourage you and help establish the development of your meekness. Be playful and at the same time seek wisdom daily, for powerful living exists here.

Find the anchor of the universe within yourself!

From the Tao, Lesson 37

The subtle essence of the universe is always unoccupied, yet it leaves nothing undone.

If the people of the world were wise enough to plant the root of their lives deep within the Subtle Origin, then the worldly affairs of life would coherently follow their own natural course, and harmony would abound of its own accord.

When confusion takes place in one’s surroundings, it can be dissolved with the power of undisturbable Simplicity.

When life is ruled by undisturbable Simplicity, desire and passion naturally fall away and reveal people’s true, original nature.

Then the peaceful order of the universe prevails and unity manifests again of its own accord.

Tzu, Lao. The Complete Works of Lao Tzu: Tao Teh Ching and Hua Hu Ching . SevenStar Communications. Kindle Edition.

My friends, life does not have to be so complicated or chaotic. It is your choice of how you want to experience your life. Develop wisdom practices that will provide strength during the storm and comfort in daily life. Believe me, this works! Love, Julia

Julia Parsell is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with an emphasis on the intersection of science and the sacred.  She writes from experiences and transformative understandings that have led her to an authentic and peaceful life. She goes by these names: mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend. As home educator of her three children, she also developed/ran cafes, and maintained various leadership roles within her community.  Her greatest desire is to encourage others to live life fully.  Her passions are family, art creation, writing, and trail blazing. She loves her life in Western North Carolina.   

Ancient Sect Left Us THIS MISSING PIECE | Gregg Braden

Source: Inspired

Gregg Braden talks about the seven Essene mirrors of relationships, and specifically the 3rd mirror, which is the mirror of what we have lost, given away or had taken from us by those who have power over us. Below the transcript is another video in which Gregg discusses all seven of the Essene mirrors.

TRANSCRIPT (Gregg Braden speaking):
My personal history was the driver to understand these things. I can say now, I do come from a very dysfunctional, abusive alcoholic family. I’m a survivor of childhood trauma. And I had to learn very early on what that meant to me, because I made a choice, early on, not to be defined by my past.

And I have other a younger brother who made a different choice and is suffering in the world today because everything that happens to him he says is because of what happened to him when he was younger. And he’s absolutely correct. It can be and it doesn’t have to be.

My feeling is, and where I look at this maybe a little differently, I believe there’s a continuity in human consciousness and human history. And I believe those who have come before us left us information in their time. If we have the wisdom to recognize and the courage to embrace and the strength to live what they left for us that we can benefit from those who have come before us – whether it was a generation or whether it was 5,000 years ago.

So I’ve been the student of history all of my life. And I recognized early on that there were certain groups of people – there was a mysterious sect, for example, called the Essenes 500 years before the time of Jesus. They did not call themselves Essenes. The Egyptians actually called them Therapeutae, which means healers. Not only did they understand physical healing, the understood, emotional and psychological healing.

And the Essenes identified, a series of mirrors, seven mirrors that every human will experience in their lifetime if they live among other people: seven mirrors of relationship. The first ones are obvious, and they become more and more and more subtle. And you have to recognize the obvious ones before you get into the more subtle ones.

And what you’re referring to is third mirror – the third Essene mirror of relationship. It is the mirror of what we have lost, given away, or had taken from us by those who have power over us. So the way that particular mirror works is we’ve all had these experiences, if we’re honest with ourselves. We can be at a place in our lives where we’re perfectly content with a partner or a relationship, or no partner or no relationship.

And someone… you can walk down the aisle at the grocery store, or you can interact with someone in the office place. And all of a sudden there’s that little… something lights up inside and you find yourself drawn to this person, magnetically drawn. And your mind will say, well I shouldn’t be or this isn’t right, and that doesn’t change the chemistry that’s there. We all will know that experience.

The question is, why is it happening? If we don’t know why it’s happening, then we can be led through this mysterious experience to lose everything that we love and cherish – perfectly good relationships and families and kids and all of that – in search of what it is this magnet means to us because it’s such a powerful compulsion. The Essene mirror # 3 tells us what this is.

Each of us to survive, wherever we are in our lives today, we all have given away parts of ourselves. Sometimes we do it consciously. Coming from an alcoholic family, as a peacemaker, I would consciously relinquish my choices, my ideas, just to keep peace in the family.



The Key to Unlocking Change: Be What You Want to See

Image result for be the changeI felt compelled to write about ‘being the change’ this week after all of the negative news going on in the world lately. I won’t get into it, as I’m sure most of you are aware of what’s been going on but I just wanted to take the time to remind everyone that it all starts with each and every one of us. We all matter and we all mean something. Somewhere along the line, it became acceptable; almost required to teach us that we are insignificant and we began to lost our luster, our soul shine…and that is the greatest lie ever taught. We are all significant, we are divine, we are love. Don’t ever forget that because once you remember, the world will reflect a place that won’t need changing. 

In any situation, if there are opposing forces, which we all know is not uncommon in our 3-D world, then there are also likely to be some expectations of giving and take, of push and pull, and of certain roles you play. There are masks you get to choose from, but from the moment you are born, you must wear one. Your parents usually choose them for you until you are around the age of 18, and usually, the ones they’ve chosen tend to have an influence on the ones we later choose in life, and sadly most of us never learn to question why we’re wearing one at all or even attempt to remove it.

In this world of duality, in this modern society, there are certain ways to think, act and feel. And those of us born with different ways of perceiving, sensing, and feeling the world tend to not fit into the molds and therefore are more easily capable of seeing where the chaos is occurring in the collective and how it can be most effectively addressed.

I say this most astutely, because of time after time, experiment after experiment, measurement after measurement, it always comes back to heart resonance. If you do ANYTHING from the heart, it will have a positive, beneficial effect on the matter, being, or species at hand. I’m not talking about mere good intentions or what we might think is good for another person, but actually feeling into our hearts and connecting to that knowing space that allows us to resonate with the truth of existence.

Some would say this goes beyond the boundaries that you simply do not cross. Some would say that our society is best to not cross them. Or not…

There is a wave of us (yes I do include myself in this group although I try to avoid labels), that was never ingrained with such filters and like Van Gogh’s bleeding ear, I find it as weird and fascinating as much as I can appreciate the act itself as beautiful, alchemical art. And some might think that is just fucking unheard of. I guess you could say I strive to embody what I would imagine it means to truly be a ‘spiritual gangster’. LOL We have all seen Deepak Chopra sporting those chakra-tactical Ts, right?

So what the that mean exactly? It means to not only fall into the trap of every thought must be positive, every move must be toward the light, every day must be full of sunshine and smiles, but to also have the awareness that it’s all about the balance and that includes the Darkside, my fellow Jedis! We are gonna have to face those shadows and feel uncomfortable at times to truly “walk the path”. The New Age Movement has become a dangerous arena. It can be a great resource to learn ancient meditation, yoga, pranic breathing techniques and offer insights into spiritual development that can help lead you to the cave of your inner world, but anyone telling you that you need them to take you inside and show you the way is lying to you.

It is you who must be your own guide, your own light because it is you who is also the darkness you will overcome. And you will do this by facing all that is within you that is reflecting back from others. All that we immediately want to judge, blame, hate or be jealous of. It is all within us waiting for us to just take a damn look. And not a look of condemnation or judgment, but of simple acknowledgment and acceptance; like that poor kid always left by himself on the playground who never gets picked for kickball. Just let him know he matters, that his existence actually means something. This can make someone’s entire world. You really never know the difference you make, until you care enough to actually make it.


Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.

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Louise Hay: You Are Important! You Can Contribute to the Peace and Harmony on This Planet

Video Source: Guided Meditation & More

Louise Hay reminds us that love is the answer, and that we each play an important role in creating peace and harmony on our planet.

Transcript (Louise Hay):

To me, love is the answer. I really believe that love is the answer. It’s powerful. It helps us; it helps other people. 

How do you give love to the world? What are you doing to create your own inner harmony? What do you do on a daily basis to make yourself feel good inside? 

Or do you just sit and bitch about what you don’t have? Well, it’s one way of handling it, but doesn’t change the situation. 

You know you’re not gonna do it by being mad at yourself or being mad at other people. And you’re not gonna do it by blaming people. And you’re not gonna do it by being a victim.

So what is it you do? How do you express unconditional love in your life even a little bit? Is there a small area of your life you where you’re willing to give unconditional love?

How are you experiencing peace within you and around you? And if you’re not doing it now, are you willing to begin? Are you willing to start creating inner harmony and peace? 

Another question to ask yourself is: do you really want to change? Do you want to change or do you want to just sit there and complain about what you don’t have? Or do you want to be a person who really has and creates a much more wonderful life than you have now?

And if you’re willing to change, you can if you’re willing to do the work involved, which means changing the way you’re thinking. Then you can change your life for the better. 

People come up to me a lot and say oh Louise you’ve changed my life. Well, I don’t change anybody’s life. I don’t do that. I’m not a healer. I don’t heal anybody. I don’t change anybody I don’t have that kind of power.

Only you can change yourself and only you can clean out the pain within you. I can’t do that for you. I can stand up here all evening and say wonderful things and give lots of good advice, but you’re the only thinker in your mind. And you’re going to make the decision of what you want to do with the information that you’re being given. I have no power over you. You have the power and you need to know that!

We think so often that we are helpless, but we’re not helpless because we have our minds. We have our minds. And you shape and mold your life from moment to moment by your thoughts and your beliefs and your attitudes. 

And you also want to know that you really are important to this world. You might say well I really don’t do anything, but you are just the fact that you’re alive is important. And your life has meaning, it really does. And you can contribute to the peace and the harmony of this planet just by using your mind.

Now some people get involved politically, and some people march and some people do the Peace Corps, and some people help feed the homeless and do all sorts of things. And that’s fine, but you can also contribute to the peace and harmony of the planet just as much by how you use your mind. 

And remember every time you’re thinking, you’re connecting with like-minded people. Think of that for a minute.

I heard a quote not long ago that I really like. Robert Schuller, who’s with the UN, said that the human species needs to know that we deserve to have peace. We have to accept it mentally.

See, a lot of people believe that war is inevitable and that war is forever and that we’re always going to have war. And I think those people are contributing to it by their thinking – contributing to the continuance of wars. 

But if we know that we deserve to have peace and that it is possible, it can become true for us. And as we begin creating peace within us and then within our small circle of family or friends and at our workplaces, and then we let this peacefulness ripple out, we will find more and more peace on the planet. 

So remember that practicing inner peace will help us to connect with like-minded peaceful people all over the world. Spirituality connects us all over this planet on a soul level. And the sense of cosmic spirituality that we’re experiencing now is just wonderful!

When I talk about spirituality I don’t always mean religion. You know religions have a tendency to separate us. And religions often tell us who to love and how to love them and who’s lovable and who isn’t. 

To me were all lovable. I really believe that we are all worthy of love. For love to me is the only thing that’s gonna bring about lasting change, positive changes to our planet. Our spirituality is a direct connection with the ultimate higher source and we don’t need a middleman for that.

Begin to see our spirituality connecting us all over the planet on a very deep soul level.

So what sort of like-minded people do you want to connect with? 

Every time you get into judgment and criticism you’re connecting with like-minded people out there who are judgmental and critical, and this will come back to you. Remember, what we give out always comes back. And every time you meditate you’re connecting with like-minded people out there who are meditating. 

And meditating to me really means just closing your eyes and going within and being quiet long enough to hear your own inner wisdom. You really have the answers within you. You have all the answers within you. And you need to quiet down long enough to hear them. 

And that to me is the purpose of meditation. It’s a connection with yourself, with your higher self. So every time you do that you’re also connecting with other people who are also doing that. And every time you do visualization for healing your body or for healing the planet, you’re also connecting with like-minded people who are doing the same thing.

And several times during the day you might stop and ask yourself: what sort of people am I connecting with now? Just sort of catch your thoughts where you are. 

Are you sort of going, oh grumble grumble grumble it’s all your fault? Or are you thinking thoughts to create inner harmony and inner peace? Because if you create inner harmony, you’re gonna have outer harmony too. Remember if we want to heal the world we really have to start with healing ourselves because the center of your world is where you are!

You are the center of your world. And so are you, and so are you. Each one of us, we are all the center of our own world. So the world goes out from us like ripples in a pond. And when we create harmony inside, when we’re peaceful within, that goes out into the world. That harmony and that peacefulness radiate out, touching people and places and things.

You know how it is, somebody can walk into a room and they don’t have to say a word and you can be attracted to them or you can be repelled by them. We react to what they’re giving out. Somehow we feel those vibrations. We pick up what people have going on inside of them. So let’s make sure that we are radiating harmony and love.

How to Thrive: A Resurrection of Reasons For Living

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Many if not most of us were taught from a very young age that life is very hard and unfair, a constant struggle and that as humans we really can’t trust one another or even ourselves for that matter. Furthermore, if this isn’t our experience, then we must be doing something wrong and we don’t deserve to be happy. And while we can hopefully entertain that this isn’t exactly the healthiest outlook to pass on, I don’t feel that we intend to necessarily cause harm by demonstrating this to our children. In fact, I feel most parents would say they’re trying to protect and prepare their kids.

But then again, where does this need to want to “prepare” them to struggle come from? Well, from OUR parents, right? And from theirs? And theirs? Well, where did this consciousness of lack and imperfection and fear truly begin? When did we begin to view life as something we need to survive rather than thrive in?

I remember as a child the moment I realized that adults were actually not these “all-knowing” beings that many of them appeared or claimed to be and even as a child I knew that I was onto a higher level of knowing beyond many of the adults around me, simply for the fact I had an inner understanding deep down that life actually wasn’t meant to be hard, that it was fair, and that it wasn’t meant to be such a struggle if you just learned how to trust and work with it (and yourself).

I somehow just knew that we, all of us, were meant for greater things than the daily small talk and stresses and that for those of us who had the courage to go for it; to go against what we were told how life should be, were the ones who were actually HAPPY.

Why? Because they were taking control over their own happiness; they made it an inside job. I didn’t know how to consciously structure this awareness at the time, but looking around at all these adults telling me what it takes to live a happy life (by acquiring more and more stuff and comparing yourself to others) and yet seeing for the most part how miserable they all were; well, I knew something was up. And unlike most people under the age of 10, I spent much of my time pondering things like this and trying to uncover this and other mysteries of the workings of life and the universe and what it means to be a (happy) human.

Needless to say…this made me a pretty strange kid.

Well, that and the fact I could see auras and energies! 😉 But seriously, I’m not saying that I was immune to establishing negative core beliefs about myself. I did form several, just like everyone else around me, and eventually, even my own inner knowing was tested and layered over with false perceptions of the world around me that I started to convince myself were real. Slowly but surely I too fell victim to core beliefs (or what I now call “shadows”) that had me believing I didn’t deserve love, peace, or happiness in my life, and for years I played out this drama to convince myself it was all true…

The biggest ones I personally took on were around self-esteem and having fear around being who I really am. I knew I was “different” and for a long time, I let the harsh words of other kids putting me down for the weird things I’d say crush my self-esteem and make me shrink so small like a turtle going deep into its shell. I learned to believe that my opinions were not important and that I had nothing of value to say.

Soon enough, this would manifest as different habits including mumbling when I spoke and a severe fear of public speaking. As a teen, I developed some serious resentment as I rebelled through poetry full of morbid angst and hatred for a world that could never understand me.

Do you see how dangerous believing the opinions of others are? And this is what we’ve done as children before we had a conscious choice as to whether or not to do so. Now, if anything isn’t fair in life, it would be that. As children we are literal sponges of words and emotions and unable to always coherently process them, we bury them deep with our psyches where they surface later in life in many different ways.

I’m sure some of you can relate. When you feel like no one understands you, you inevitably feel alone and tend to withdraw and I think this happens to so many of us for so many different reasons. Whether we are taught we aren’t good enough or too fat or told we’re stupid. Words and actions are so damaging and the truth is they stick with us well into adulthood. So, literally all of those issues you are still having and are yet to identify; the causes are literally rooted in your most early years of life. And this is how we always work with shadows to heal them…we go back to our childhood when it all started.

When we ask various people about their childhoods, we can get a number of varying responses ranging from quite positive to quite negative and even these ends of the spectrum have their own light and dark corners. With so many variables, saying that one had a “good” or “bad” childhood completely is rather difficult to do. And with good reason. We are multi-faceted beings and we are here to experience not just one end of the physical spectrum of reality, but everything in between. Each corner of space and time offers a great lesson if we are open to it. And perhaps the current paradigm of being in a cycle of “lack” and seeing life as a mere struggle we need to survive is our greatest lesson yet. Image result for thrive quotes

For at this end of the spectrum, we have lost sight of our divinity and greatness. We are seeing a place in our reality where Source or God doesn’t exist and this is merely impossible. We’ve convinced ourselves that there is even a chance that imperfection exists in the Universe as even that which appears imperfect just IS. Perhaps in the vibration of struggle, we learn to surrender. And perhaps in surrendering we find our true strength.

When we teach others, especially children that they must “earn” love, then we are convincing them they are anything less than divine creations, which is false information…we have lied to them. And children being children will know this on a soul level and receiving this conflicting information will cause an energetic disturbance they will not and cannot process, thus manifesting in harmful core beliefs about themselves they will carry into their adult lives. We all do this and have had this done to us. Hopefully not out of intention, but out of ignorance, and now with awareness, we all have the choice to take heed with our words, with children and all people; even ourselves.

To thrive in life, we are taught we must get the degrees and climb the corporate ladder to “success”. But then again, that depends on what your definition of success is, which is nowadays meaning many things to many different people. However, regardless of how you define success, one thing that remains abundantly clear that everyone wants is…well, abundance, and happiness. And we are finally agreeing on what it really takes to get there. It’s not “stuff”, well, not material stuff anyways. It’s the good stuff, going on within you. More specifically, what YOU think and what YOU think of YOU.

While hard work is an inevitable part of reaping the fruits of life’s abundance, life doesn’t have to always BE hard. If you’ve come from a particularly difficult upbringing, or from a very poor family, you might have trouble entertaining any other concept but “life is ALWAYS hard and ALWAYS a struggle” because that has ALWAYS been your experience growing up.

But even if you grew up in a very wealthy family, chances are still good that you may have been ingrained with core beliefs that put a damper on your sense of self-worth; which is really what determines how much or how little we truly allow ourselves to suffer in life. Or in other words, how hard we allow things to be before we finally say, “Enough is enough!” In the age where the American Dream has literally turned into a nightmare, it’s up to each and every one of us to wake up to our own creative power and start thriving in life!

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Affirmations in the Light in Times of Darkness

I was born in a lineage of seers and what I call spirit-walkers. Transcending time and space while interacting within the spirit world and unconscious states of humanity seemed like my birthright from the moment I came into this world.

When I was little, I would play in the alcove atop my bedroom closet. I often used to think that I was dreaming while awake since I would see and speak with people that no one else in the house seemed to notice. Alternate realities, various lifetimes, and prior incarnations became my vocabulary, my blueprint for existing as a child so young. I remember telling my mom about my special friends who would visit and play with me. By the time I was six or seven, I had developed a keen interest in the afterlife and in souls who could speak and connect with us from beyond the veil. I remembered lives I’d lived before, and told my mom how I’d died in some of them, and how I persevered in others. Names from history would cross my lips when I was still learning how to read. My curiosity about ESP was strong and I hungered to know more about crossing the veil, time travel, and how to move to and from dimensions. I became fascinated with mysticism even though I didn’t refer to it in the appropriate vernacular. I was raised Catholic and was very keen on understanding the healing abilities of Christ and the Saints. I thought my interests were the same as my friends’ but realized very quickly in second grade when I began speaking of such things that perhaps I should keep quiet.

My mother became my guide in this world. She held space for my growing abilities, sometimes conscious and sometimes not. She later shared stories with me about how she would protect me from spirits that she felt came to bring harm to one so innocently young.

My mother was raised in Sicily. Her maiden name translated from Latin means ‘one star’.

She as well was born a vessel for healing through her ability to see beyond the present.

As a young child, she would awaken in the middle of the night to see the Holy Mother standing at the foot of her bed. Most of the time she thought she was dreaming. Her visitations became my visitations.

She remembers traversing the streets of Sicily praying, and sometimes, people would follow. There is even a story that my mother appeared to have ‘died’. She collapsed with no apparent heartbeat and was prepared in burial clothes and placed in the middle of her childhood home for visitors to come and pay their respects. Some time had passed and she woke up as people were praying over her body to the shock of onlookers and family. Stories like this run in my family. Mysterious illnesses brought on by spiritual manifestations, many of which have impacted my own physicality at various points in my life.

Thus my path seemed to be destined for me as a placeholder in my lineage. One who would continue where my ancestors left off. I have spent many years through both traditional academic settings along with mystical encounters trying to understand the dynamics of good and evil in both this world and beyond the veil. What I have come to realize is the ability for me to hold space in any realm affords me the blessing of Presence, the blessing of the Divine. Holding space has become a discipline for me and for my writing. And that is what I hope to achieve when you read my words. The ability to hold space in both the darkness and the light for us to heal individually and collectively.

Selections from “Light Calling from the Abyss”

The sun never realized the light of its own being until it paused one day to see all that had blossomed in its path.

There are days I want to be a solitary raindrop amidst the impending storm whose power and might lie within its intrepid stillness.

Your path has been witnessed already.

By those who have met God.

Honor the unknown.

Your life needs you.

An act of mercy can humble any darkness.

Piece by piece, you gather yourself gently until your life story becomes one that you are no longer afraid to tell.

We may not always get the chance to write our own story, but we have the power to choose how to tell it.

There will come a time when you lose interest in telling your story from that familiar wounded place. You will lose interest in those perceptions which keep you shackled from living an authentic life. You will lose interest in repeating words that dampen your spirit and continue to hold you accountable for pain that no longer serves you.

There will come a time when your spirit wants to soar with reckless abandon in the creation of a news story. The images might be the same, the words might be familiar. The wound will still be present. Your story will become more powerful than the wound because you have finally allowed it to be. The images and words will finally be given the space to find sanctity so that your story is not only birthed anew but made holy for all eternity.

A story once told is never forgotten.

Even when the mind forgets, the wind remembers, the stars reminisce, the moon smiles, and the heavens share your story with all creation.

Be at ease with what you think is lost, for all your memories are held by the holiest of friends above.

Your story will always be sacred.

Your footprints will tell the truth of your story long after you are gone even when the words you speak in this lifetime cannot.

If you can’t change your story, change how you see yourself in it.

Author Bio:

Laura Aversano is a medical and spiritual intuitive, an ancestral empath, and a spirit walker. Descended from an ancient lineage of Sicilian adepts, seers, and witches, she has been communicating with the spirit world since childhood. She is trained in the divine mysteries of esoteric Christianity, in plant medicine and shamanism by Native Americans, and in many modes of hands-on therapy. She lives in New York.

Affirmations of the Light in Times of Darkness by Laura Aversano © 2021 Inner Traditions. Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International. www.InnerTraditions.com