Spiritual Discernment and Sources Within – an EMPOWERING Message We ALL Need to Hear | Regan Keely

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Source: Transforming the Darkness by Regan Keely

Regan Keely delivers a super empowering message about the importance of using spiritual discernment and going within to receive guidance during these challenging times. And much more brilliant advice. Be sure to watch and take notes. Transcript below.

Partial Transcript (Regan Keely speaking)

Hello, everyone. Happy Sunday. Thank you for being here. I have a quick message for everyone that I received that was really helpful to me and hopefully, it will be helpful to you as well.

So it's getting really intense and it's going to keep getting more intense. And it's not that shocking because we knew it would, and we know it will, it will continue to get more intense and the external realm – one hundred percent on all degrees. So, it's not big shock. We are shifting the human Collective consciousness.

And a lot of times, it doesn't look like what you might have expected it to look like, because it's a surprise for all of us, you know, no one can predict the future, we can see timelines. We can make energy forecasts and things like that. Pretty accurately, but no one's going to know exactly how this is gonna play out. But there is a divine order to it. I will say that and and just starting thereI think it's a good reminder.

And this is stuff. I was reminded of because you know, the past couple days. I've been really just looking for information in the external to try to understand what's going on more and I've had a small degree of success. But you know, there's just so so much information out there and it's really important to have discernment in these times, you know, because there's so many different sources and there are so many different big things coming out. And some of them are true and some of them are not. Some of them are half true.

You know, sometimes you find things that you really want to believe and it can skew your discernment. So be wary of that. But this is really, really important.

This is a spiritual battle. We cannot forget this, you know, when we're trying to navigate this because this external matrix is going to keep falling. It's going to keep cracking down. It's going to keep getting more intense. It's going to keep trying to clamp down on control and fear because that's what it does. This is an old consciousness, you know, it's not just going to roll over. And so I feel really important to remember that the physical world is literally a reflection of consciousness. And that being said, we all are in the arena. We're all in the front lines. If you're here, if you have a human soul, then you're here. You're here. You're here to participate in this and I do believe we came here just for this and we will, of course, be victorious.

That being said, I think it's really important now more than ever and going forward. If you haven't already to start honing in on your own internal source of information. Because we all have this, you know, I've been doing this for years. Everyone can do this, you know, and you just have to start asking God for guidance, asking your higher self for guidance, asking your angels, your guardian, your spirit guides, whatever you perceive it as. The light and love that is around you is here to assist you. And of course, you have to do the work, but there's love and light, and intelligence around you that will tell you everything you need to know.

And remember, sometimes your ego wants to expect things that aren't necessarily key. You know, you got to go into your heart, into your real truth for this, and I hope this is helpful because it's going to keep getting more intense in the external.

It really is. It really is. It shouldn't be a surprise? It really shouldn't, you know, and so I just encourage people to be aware of that. And when you perceive that, and you feel all those emotions, no matter what it is, whether it's fear or excitement, or anxiousness, or doubt, or hopelessness, or whatever it may be, be very observant of that. Because again, when you feel those things and you transmute them in yourselves, you're transmitting them in the collective consciousness.

And not only that, but it's good to be aware of that because you want to transmute that and it and there's nothing wrong with feeling that again. That's how you do this work, right, you know? And these are all things we've already talked about but it's just that we're finding and reminding ourselves of these lessons again, and again, and again,

But especially because you might not want to lend out your energy so much in these knee-jerk reactions to things you're seeing in the external. Come back within, come back within come back within. And like I said, this is a message that came for me and, you know, I could feel it. And it for awhile, because I was so sucked in to try and find stuff in the external that, you know, I could feel my spirit being like: come on, reel it in, reel it in, reel it in, come on. You know, so hopefully, that's helpful because again, it is going to get more intense. And we are going to have to practice and exercise, our spiritual awareness, and discernment more than ever.

And another main point in relation to that is to remember this is a spiritual thing. This is a consciousness thing. This is a shift in consciousness. I feel it's very important to know that and remember that because if you're only looking at the external and you're only putting all your energy into the outside, what is outside of you, especially what's on the world stage, you're probably going to suffer a lot. That's just what I see because you're tuning into this outside information when it's really important to start turning into this inside information. It's still good to look at the outside. It's still good to, you know, try to inform yourself, you know, and in pay attention, but just remember to stay grounded, stay calm.

We know this is going to happen, you know, so it's not that big of a deal at the end of the day. We knew this was going to happen and it's going to keep getting more intense and there's nothing right or wrong about that. That's just how we shift the collective consciousness.

Another thing is you are not responsible for anyone else's opinions.

And you know, I think a big thing in 2020 is we saw how much people think they are obligated and entitled to controlling other people. You can't control other people. You really can only focus on yourself and that is a big thing. That's going to come more and more, you know. Come into yourself. Expand your inner abilities. We are getting more powerful every single day. That's why I have no fear. I can feel it. You know, it's like all of the outside Matrix is just crumbling and crumbling and crumbling.

But because I know myself and I trust myself, I can feel that I'm only getting better, personally. You know? I feel healthier. I feel more abundant. I feel more free. I feel more happy, and I'm not lying about this. And I've worked a long time for this. It's kind of just showing me how much this collective consciousness really has shifted. You know?

So remember to come back to yourself, remember to come back to your sovereignty. You know, I talked about it in my last video, a little bit. When you start relating too much with other people outside of yourself, especially, you know, maybe things that anger you, people still asleep, or people trying to censor you and all this stuff – all this stuff that's coming to the surface now.

Be very aware that you're not lending your energy to these things because that's pretty much the opposite of what you want to do. And again, you know, feel it. There's nothing wrong with that. This is going to come up for everyone, you know, this comes up for me. I've been feeling all kinds of things. You know, I've been feeling all kinds of things. Do you know? It is intense and I feel it, make no mistake.

But that's what I'm saying is when you feel these things and then you know how to go inside and transmute them ASAP.  You're going to start receiving these amazing messages and lessons that are indispensable. They always have been but this is getting more and more true.

The darker consciousness feeds off of fear and doubt and hatred, so remember that. There's nothing wrong with feeling that, but just be aware of it and let it go. You know, I think that's really important not to get too caught up in this external because it's already getting intense, you know. There are some things happening out there and a lot of things are happening still behind the scenes. And that in itself is too frustrating.

Because, you know, we wanted to come out and see the light of day, you know. I think we're all tired. tired of everyone looking at us like we're crazy people, you know? I know, I feel that way… It's just getting to be this, this very strange energy. But again, it's like now it's a really good time to come back into yourself because you really have everything you need, you know? I feel complete peace. I feel complete serenity. I feel complete faith. I know I'm safe. I know, I'm sovereign. I don't need anyone to tell me that or if people don't believe me, it doesn't bother me because I know who I am. I know what I'm doing here. And that's how we all got to be in a way I feel.

You know, this is just my testimony, I don't tell anyone what to do or think. And, again, use discernment. You have to use discernment with everything nowadays. You really do. And you can feel it if you resonate with it, or if you don't. And if it's in a gray area and you're not really sure, just wait it out and see what happens. But claim your sovereignty. We are sovereign, we are sovereign. You know, I think a lot of people who are really losing their minds right now either don't know that or they forget. And we all do that. So, so come back in, claim your sovereignty, come into your heart. You literally have everything you need. You can ask God a question and he will answer it for you.

These are the times we're in. We're not victims. Literally, we're getting more powerful by the day. That's kind of the beautiful part. The matrix is falling more by the day and whatever needs to happen is going to happen. There is a divine order to it, believe it or not. We don't always understand these things, but in time, we will. The important thing is to remember that you have everything you need inside yourself and that never changes. And we're going to have to remind ourselves of that again, and again, and again.

These darker consciousnesses, when they start losing control, which they are, they're desperate. They're panicking right now. You can see it. Censorship is the voice of fear. That's why they're freaking out, 100%. You know what I mean? I'm not saying they don't still have some power, but I'm just saying they're panicking. What are they so afraid of? I think we're going to find out. But anyway, when they lose control, they start saying and doing the wackiest things you've ever seen.

I've experienced this firsthand. People call them reptilian consciousness – these lower Consciousness that are parasites and they feed off of things. When they start losing control, they start doing and saying the wackiest things and this is just the beginning. So that's going to wake people up, believe it or not. I know it seems like, why aren't people already awake? But you have to remember there's so much mind control there. There's so much vibrational control that's been on this planet that, you know, it does take time to dismantle. And it's like every single little event chips away this mind control in the collective consciousness.

And it is worth it – it is going to be worth all of this, you know? So take care of yourself, hold tight, tune into your spiritual messages. Tune into your higher self. Don't just look to the external for your information. Your highest sources come from within. This is the matrix. Beautiful people, this is the matrix outside. The external world is the matrix. So your highest information is going to come from within.

If you don't already practice meditation or writing, just writing down from your heart. You know, getting into a place in your heart, clearing the mind, and channeling. We can all do this. It's built into our bodies – it knows how to do this. And again, sometimes if you're having a hard time, just keep practicing. Just try it. This is where our real information is coming from.

And we are all connected – we are all telepathically connected. So no matter what happens with the communications going forward, I'm prepared for anything, you know? I really am. Remember that we're telepathically connected too. And they can't take that away from us…

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  1. Nickingdietz@gmail.com' Nick says:

    Hi, I was akin to the video by Regan. Cool. Sounds like my life’s story really. Whew, yes you placed it so simply, well, I wish I could add :), no need, the essence is right there. Good going girl !

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