7 Big Benefits of Journaling and How To Get Started Now

The practice of writing down your thoughts, hopes, dreams and life experiences is one of the most valuable and important spiritual practices one can have. This practice is known as journaling or keeping a personal diary.
I can speak from my own first hand experience that the ritual of documenting your experiences, emotions, thoughts and insights can help you move through life’s challenges as well as help you find solutions on your own by simply putting your thoughts to paper.

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7 Big Benefits of Journaling:

  1. Connect with your higher self
  2. Manifest specific desires
  3. Become more psychic
  4. Remember your dreams
  5. Receive messages from your guides, crossed over loved ones, angels etc.
  6. Allow your creative flow to get moving
  7. Receive answers to some of the challenges you may be facing

These are just a few of the many benefits you may receive from a regular journal practice.Writing in your journal is an interesting process. I have been “shown” by my guides the actual process of  what is going on in the etheric realms when we sit down and allow thoughts and ideas to move through us from the etheric realm into the physical. When you journal, an energy connection is created between the non-physical realms (etheric, non-physical you) and the physical realm (where we live). The act of journaling is another way of receiving light from source. The information moves through you energetically as it makes the journey from your higher self to your personality and physical self. You receive a tune-up and your batteries are charged for the time being.What if you really want to journal but don’t have anything to write about? I have a few of my suggestions.

Write down.

  • Your blessings
  • Questions that have been struggling with and not finding the answers to
  • Your goals, intentions
  • Qualities you would like to embody for yourself
  • Prayers for yourself or others
  • Some of the areas in your life that you would like some assistance
  • What your best day ever would look like
  • Your achievements that were at one time challenges

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I do suggest writing in your journal as often as possible. It does not matter what time of the day you journal. How, when, or where you write your entries is up to each individual. Journaling is and does look different for each and every one of us. There really is no wrong way to journal, the simple action of putting thoughts to paper and allowing a steady stream of consciousness to flow will be a blessing for you.
Hopefully, you now have a different view on journaling and will either continue to journal or will begin a journaling practice, the pros most certainly outweigh the cons – which are simply remaining stagnant.
Blessings and Light,

Laurie Barraco

Laurie Barraco

Laurie Barraco is a professional intuitive counselor, medium, author, recording artist, teacher and the owner of The Mystical Moon, a healing center in Fort Myers, Florida. Laurie offers readings, courses and healing products through The Mystical Moon Online Store. You can connect with her at The Mystical Moon Facebook Page.

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Commiting to Change – How to Respect the Unexpected

Image result for change is constantPerhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “the only constant is change”. But if not, it would serve us all well to take a moment to grasp the truth of this simple, yet powerful statement. Change really IS the only thing we can count on time after time, as nothing is permanent but the flux and flow of energy; conscious and unconscious.

Sometimes when unexpected change comes up in our lives, it can feel like the rug was pulled out from under us because let’s face it; we all get comfortable in our daily routines. If we go into work one day to be told that our hours have been cut or on the flip-side that we must work long overtime hours, this unexpected change may cause us stress or anxiety.

But the worst thing we can do to ourselves is to worry. To worry about the situation is to literally create stories in your mind of the worst possible outcomes and to put all of your focus on THAT! Most of us know by now that everything is energy, right? Well, how do you think the energy is leaning when we worry about the unexpected things that happen to us in our lives? I’d have to say slightly more to the negative side and I’d think most of you would agree.

When creating the lives we want for ourselves, we need to keep envisioning in our hearts and our minds what we DO want, not putting the focus on that which we do NOT want. Again, it’s all about energy and where our attention goes is where things will grow in our lives. Where we put the most attention is where we will see our manifestations literally come to life! This is an obsessive, controlling focus, but rather a personal choice of where to put your attention. Perhaps shifting our attention, in this case, is rather difficult because we’ve been taught that our feelings are not necessarily as important as circumstance and that we have no control over circumstances (even though our FEELINGS, and knowing how to navigate them, are the keys to manifesting what you want).

There are of course different types of change; that which we can control and that which we cannot. Now, the “no worrying!” suggestion still applies here, but for that which we CAN control in our lives, it helps if we learn how to best manage if not even invoke change in our own lives. This is to say we hold the reigns and direct the way our lives go, and we are okay with taking responsibility when things within our control go “wrong”.

This is how we learn and grow and is part of the process we call “life”. If we don’t make mistakes, we are not living our lives fully enough! We will literally begin to “see” things coming because we have previously set the conscious intention to bring it forth. Now, if that’s not empowering I don’t know what is!

“If We Don’t Change, We Don’t Grow.

If We Don’t Grow, We Aren’t Really Living.” – Gail Sheely

For that which we cannot change, it is best to surrender and to trust. To quote the amazing Bruce Lee, “Be water, my friend”. When things outside of our control happen, and we trust that there is more to it, we will gifted with the knowing that it is for our greatest good and that we will come out of it stronger, wiser and with a better vision of where your life is headed and why this particular change happened in the first place.

And this is how we begin to embrace all change in our lives; both that which we do have control over and that which we do not. Both have their lessons and their opportunities for growth and life experience in their own unique ways.

When we can always keep the bigger picture in mind, that this is all for the expansion of our consciousness; for our soul’s growth, it allows us to keep a lighter attitude about life in general and we don’t tend to view the world from a place of fear as often. Because we are coming from a place of trust, we can resonate with love and feel confident in the choices we are able to make and feel confident in trusting that all will work itself out as it should for that which we cannot control. And this breeds respect. Not only self-respect but also respect for change itself.

And when we begin to see how we really are creating our own lives, we become even more cosmically intertwined with the creative process of the divine Universe. As we act as co-creators, we literally leave our marks on the fabric of space-time!

I cannot think of anything more freeing and more empowering at the same time. This alone will act to open your heart and when your self-confidence begins to grow and you begin to see what magic you are capable of, there’s no telling what you can do! For me personally, I’ve grown to understand that the “bad” stuff in life is often the heaviest and thus makes for the best materials to build a foundation you can build upon.

If we curse the stairway for not reaching Heaven, then it’s up to us to “step it up” and keep building. One person’s version of the perfect life is another’s boredom so it’s up to design our life rather than have others do it for us. Heaven is here, on Earth and the stance you take on how to view your place in it will ultimately determine how high your stairway reaches. Never stop, my friends. Keep constant in your changing, in your growth and in return your growth will change you forever. 🙂


Tamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.

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This Village Was Turned Into Stunning Art Gallery By A 92 Year Old Grandma

Image Credit: Truth Theory

By Mayukh Saha | Truth Theory

An old Czech woman has been making the rounds on the Internet for quite some time now. She has gone viral on multiple occasions for being passionate about flower painting.

This old Czech woman is an anomaly. While most old people can’t seem to wait to retire, this woman simply doesn’t want to stop! At an age when most would give their right arm to lie down and relax, this woman doesn’t like that idea even the tiniest bit.

Anežka Kašpárková. Remember the name of this nonagenarian when you feel tired after helping out around the house. This old Czech woman doesn’t want to lie back at home and enjoy the comforts that old age begets. No sir, she is out there living her best life where she paints the doors and windows of her neighbors. In her desire to live life fully, she has turned her village Louka into a personal art gallery.

Agnes was previously an agricultural worker who had retired some three decades back. Instead of resting, she decided to take up this hobby, which her friend/mentor Manakova also happened to pursue. In fact, it was Manakova who showed her the ropes of hand-painting, which Agnes so beautifully does now.

This old Czech woman usually uses ultramarine shades and has floral motifs to her work. And this fits in perfectly with the Moravian houses that Louka consists of. Moravian houses have whitewashed walls, so the design suits them.

Although Agnes loves painting the whole village, her favorite is the chapel, where she spends 10 days in May. She crafts, draws, and paints it with amazing dexterity that belies her age.


Lessons to Light: How a Painful Past Can Create a Powerful Present

Image result for learn from the pastI think it’s pretty common to grow up in our society with guilt and shame as heavy motivators for doing things in our lives. Whether it’s cultural traditions and/or religious customs passed down from our parents or peer pressure from the media to conform to a set of ideas and beliefs to what you should look like, act like, talk like, etc. at certain stages of your life, fear-driven “encouragement” appears to be the norm.

So…what’s up with that? Well, I think much of it has to do with what I love to call “human amnesia”. Upon incarnation, we literally (well, most of us anyway) forget who we really are and what the hell we really came here to do. And for those “in the know” the temptation to manipulate, confuse, etc. those who are unaware has become quite prevalent all over the world. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power”, however, it’s not the power that’s necessarily the problem here, but rather the intention, the initial reason behind wanting the power in the first place that changes everything.

For those who do recall what this fiasco of life is all about and remember their life plans, and that we’re here to learn, apply what we learn to expand and grow and to embody our personal truth to the best of our ability as that resonance, that literal frequency is what connects us all; the sound of knowing who you are literally “rings truth” and we ALL hear it, even if it is on a subconscious level that we may not initially be aware of.

And that is what separates those who have found their own power, or rather never forgot they had it in the first place from those who have no clue how powerful they even are. There are those who will be quick to convince us that we are weak and need to be ruled and governed and cannot make decisions for ourselves. This way of thinking is prevalent throughout our educational system and religious institutions.

Image result for learn from the past

We punish any children that may question authority and label them as “rebels” and we reward children for conforming to social norms and basically for sitting down and shutting up. And perhaps what makes me the angriest and sad at the same time is that we tend to measure intelligence by how much our children can remember and regurgitate random “facts” while we need to be looking deeper…at their talents, and their dreams and what they love to do. What makes them feel good and alive and start encouraging THAT!

Unfortunately, that is not common in our society and most of us adults are just big kids who are still hurting, confused and angry because we are not doing what we love to do and feel shorted in life. We may also feel guilty for how we feel and also pissed off because our feelings are yet again going invalidated. So, how do we stop this toxic cycle and break the chain of guilt and shame motivation?

I think it starts with changing our perspective on how we look at the past because if we can drop the labels of having to feel bad about things we’ve done and actually learn the process of healing through them (remorse, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance, etc.), then we can allow the experiences to serve their purpose and let them play the important roles they were meant to in our lives. NOTHING is trivial and NOTHING happens on accident. EVERYTHING is as it should be and is in divine order.

Once we can tap into that frequency rather than always stuffing down things we feel shame and guilt over, we literally are folding time and space and creating closure. You will literally feel a shift in energy and lightness in your field, your body and ultimately your life. When we give ourselves the freedom to actually BE human and make the mistakes we were meant to come here to make, we begin to see the bigger picture and stop getting caught up in the drama that duality often affords us.

The more we accept and embody who we are we naturally allow others to do the same, and when we all feel like being ourselves is not only OK but “enough” we can all focus on being the best US we can be for the US! (Which is honestly the only way we can ever have anything to offer anyone else; when we are taking care of ourselves.)

There is a sense of rejuvenation in surrendering to not only what is, but what has been. It opens your eyes to the possibilities of all that can be and reminds you that it is always you who is telling your story, so you might as well make it worth sharing. It also reminds us that while shadows can be scary sometimes, just remember that they always “have your back” and if we just take the time to face them, they will always lead us to our light.

“If You Are Depressed, You Are Living in the Past. If You Are Anxious, You Are Living in the Future. If You Are at Peace, You Are Living in the Present.” – Lao Tzu


Tamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.

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This article was originally created and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Tamara Rant and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.

Learning to Let Go

how to stay present and raise your vibration


Yoga philosophy suggests that there are many steps that coach us along the way toward understanding and experiencing our True Nature. Some of these include the cycle of becoming pliant in the heat of our own transformation then experiencing an increasingly greater knowledge of the True Self. This qualifies us for a more refined and deeper transformation, which in turn leads us to a deeper knowledge of Self, and the cycle continues.

However, to fully complete this cycle of refinement and knowledge of Self, one climactic task remains: YOU MUST LET GO! To truly understand Self, you’ve got to release your death-grip of apparent control of your life and allow yourself to see and experience the bigger picture, how you are in conversation with something, whatever that thing is, that is much larger than yourself.

This principle of final culmination of will and knowledge is known in yoga as Ishvarapranidhana. Yeah, it’s a big, fat name that literally means to “lay it down at the feet of God.” So, seen together yoga is the crossroads where a practical, get-to-work practice meets an experience of the deeper, ephemeral parts of Self. This theme of the Crossroads is exactly what we will explore in my next Summer Yoga Retreat (June 14-16, see deets below).  At its height, yoga is knowing yourself enough to work up the courage to finally step off that edge of the cliff and only when you begin to fall do you find your wings.

This concept of Ishvarapranidhana, to let go of complete control, means to reach out your hand into the darkness of the unknown and ask to know it. It is asking to be known deeper by what is in the darkness, the unknown. It is stepping out onto surfaces that you are not sure will hold your weight as you keep your fierce gaze upon that which you love.

In this wonderful place, we allow our internal achiever to crack a cold one and chill out on an Adirondack chair and open up to simply being. And in the cosmic chess game of existence, this pause is a moment that allows that which is larger than ourselves to make a move. And with this act of letting go, what we thought we knew about ourselves, what we had planned for our existence, doesn’t seem to matter much anymore. The Divine (in whatever form) opens us up and we discovered something new and magical about ourselves and the world, something exponentially greater than our previous conception of Self.

Poet David Whyte points to this perfectly in his Poem The Truelove. I love this poem because like many great poems it can speak to the love of the lover, an ambition, or the Divine in the same breath.

There is a faith in loving fiercely
the one who is rightfully yours,
especially if you have
waited years and especially
if part of you never believed
you could deserve this
loved and beckoning hand
held out to you this way.

I am thinking of faith now
and the testaments of loneliness
and what we feel we are
worthy of in this world.

Years ago in the Hebrides
I remember an old man
who walked every morning
on the grey stones
to the shore of the baying seals,

who would press his hat
to his chest in the blustering
salt wind and say his prayer
to the turbulent Jesus
hidden in the water,

and I think of the story
of the storm and everyone
waking and seeing
the distant
yet familiar figure
far across the water
calling to them,

and how we are all
preparing for that
abrupt waking,
and that calling,
and that moment
we have to say yes,
except it will
not come so grandly,
so Biblically,
but more subtly
and intimately in the face
of the one you know
you have to love,

so that when we finally step out of the boat
toward them, we find
everything holds
us, and confirms
our courage, and if you wanted
to drown you could,
but you don’t

because finally
after all the struggle
and all the years,
you don’t want to any more,
you’ve simply had enough
of drowning
and you want to live and you
want to love and you will
walk across any territory
and any darkness,
however fluid and however
dangerous, to take the
one hand you know
belongs in yours.

I Invite you to practice ways to let go of tension, stress, worry, illness, old ways of being, etc. in body and breath which leads to heart and mind. Open up to the Divine by practicing Ishvarapranidhana. 


Scott Moore is a senior teacher of yoga and mindfulness in the US (New York, Salt Lake City, LA) and abroad and the author of Practical Yoga Nidra: The 10-Step Method to Reduce Stress, Improve Sleep, and Restore Your Spirit. When he’s not teaching or conducting retreats, or traveling to teach, he also writes for Conscious Life News, Elephant Journal, Mantra Magazine, Medium, and his own blog at scottmooreyoga.com. Scott also loves to run, play the saxophone, and travel with his wife and son. Check out his yoga retreats and trainings in places like Tuscany, France, and Hong Kong , his online Yoga Nidra Course and his Yoga Teacher Mentor Program. Scott currently lives in Southern France with his wife and son.

The Queen Bee and the Nectar of Feelings: A Beauty Walk

One year ago a life changing event occurred to me.  My mother transitioned.  It was timely and untimely. At a seemingly appropriate age it was timely, yet I was unprepared, untimely.  Although I know, believe, ascribe to the fact that we are transitory, physical beings and life and death are part of a cycle; her passing caused a hick-up for me.  A blip that left me in pain and a raw feeling that she left just a bit too soon.  

She could not communicate at the end and I expected her to recover, but she didn’t. In my heart, I felt she was invincible, not that she would escape the death experience, but that somehow it would have occurred differently.  I am sure this was not a unique experience. However the myriad of emotions, both highs and lows, allowed me to feel new heights of beingness.  Flow, all is flow and allowing myself to feel through every part of the experience has served me well.  I stayed true to what I knew deep within and all that I write about.  

As I reflected on her and how we all relate as a “the whole”.  I used the analogy of the bees, the comb and the sweet nectar created.  Please join me as I share my heart to our immediate family.  

The Honoring of a Life, the Matriarch

We gather today to honor this beautiful soul I knew as my mother, your mother, your sister, your grandmother, aunt, great grandmother, family member. She was familiar to each of us in different ways. Mom was also a good friend and she always challenged me, as she did most of you, a good thing.

It’s easy to see mom as the queen bee and the rest of us as worker bees. Not in the sense that we were trying to serve her. But that she had a matriarchal place in our lives. It’s easy to see her in this place because she loved us all so well and she wanted us to love her back. I know we all loved her and that is beautiful. She has a place in each of our hearts that is unique and I also believe very deep. 

She was passionate about life and in that passion we all felt it. Sometimes that was comfortable and at other times it was not.  That too is a beautiful thing.  She was a child at heart, with a hunger to know, to live and to experience life in its fullest.  The story she valued above all else, whether it was where she ate, visited, traveled to, saw, or experienced. For she knew it is in the legends and tales that keep us alive.  As a historian and genealogist that was paramount to her existence.  As an educator and artist she shared the truth of her life.

The Queen Bee and the Perfect Comb

Let’s look to the bee again, not the queen and worker bee aspect, but the honey and the comb. We, including Mom are the honey comb. We are like individual cells linked together and the product of the linking is honey. It is sweet and nutritious to some and toxic to others. How can that bee? 

The Nectar of Feelings

Just as a baby can’t tolerate honey or meat for that matter, immaturity cannot tolerate the product of the comb. The nectar of feelings. Feelings are the truest form of who you are and who I am. As we are honest with ourselves , accept ourselves, love ourselves in this interconnection of the comb, we also accept and love all. Because essentially we are all part of the whole.  The product of the comb, the honey is only toxic to the immature. The one that has not seen or felt their own divinity. The truth is, we are all born, divine. No one is exempt, no one. The honeycomb is a perfect creation. Each cell perfectly formed to hold the sweet nectar of honey and in this the beauty of feelings.

How does this Serve You?

Choose the memories that support and nourish your soul. I say this to you and to me. Life is for living in the present moment. No regrets of the past or fears of the future. Choose in each moment to nourish your heart and in doing so, you will nourish others and the comb produces sweet nectar.

Let’s walk the beauty walk. Make the most of what we have and then living life with gratitude, love and most of all compassion. 

What is the Highest Form of Love?

Compassion is the highest form of love. Compassion may not protect you from hurt, but it allows each of us to expand and grow even during the difficult moments of life. May each of us grow into and live life in its truest form, compassionate action.  Let your love show, always. Walk the beauty walk.

Julia Parsell

Julia Rae Parsell

Julia Parsell is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with an emphasis on the intersection of science and the sacred.  She writes from experiences and transformative understandings that have led her to an authentic and peaceful life. She goes by these names:  wife, grandmother, mother, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend. As home educator of her three children, she also developed/ran cafes, and maintained various leadership roles within her community.  Her greatest desire is to encourage others to live life fully.  Her passions are family, writing, and trail blazing. She is happily married in Western North Carolina.   

5 Savvy Ways to Invite More Simplicity into Your Life


By Liz Smith | The Connected Life

I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures.” ~Lao Tzu

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I am fortunate to have married a man who shares my love of taking the simple road. Simplicity for us is not about how much stuff we do or don’t own, it is a motivating force (core value) that underpins the decisions we make in life together. When I reflect on the choices that have led us to a simpler life, I can see that our love for the uncomplicated, echoes across almost every part of our life together.

Today I’m sharing some of the choices we have made that support our intention to invite more balance and harmony into our lives. I don’t believe there is anyone right approach and the information shared below is a snapshot of what works in our family. Simplicity has never been the bright shiny goal we move towards, certainly not for my husband anyway. We are joy seekers, we do what makes us happy and try our best to avoid choices that complicate this.

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1) One debt, no cards, less paper shuffling – Finances are kept simple. We don’t do credit cards, investments or car loans. This equates to manageable mortgage debt, less stress and less paper shuffling. Less paper shuffling makes me so happy. If you are at the debt end of the spectrum and want to be free, I’ve heard great things about Dave Ramsey and his no-nonsense approach to getting yourself out of debt. You can get started by checking out his free show.

2) Minimal commitments – I don’t commit to activities that I know will stretch me beyond what feels right. My commitments change as my situation does. I know that when my youngest boy is at school full-time, I will have more opportunities to say yes to volunteer with the school. For now, I keep my schedule simple and I don’t expend energy feeling guilty about what I can’t do right now.

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3) Minimal possessions – A little over two years ago and with Courtney Carver as my inspiration, I de-cluttered every space in our home. I removed knick-knacks and vases, clothing, books, toys, dinnerware and so much more. My intention was to own only the things that I loved and had a purpose. As I worked through the process, I began to see the complicated stories in the things I held on to, due to guilt and shame. The habit of letting go was quickly replaced for one of discernment with every new purchase being done so, with intention and clear purpose.


Lao Tzu on Living an Inspired and Peaceful Life

By Azriel ReShel | UPLIFT

A Philosophy of Heart

Many centuries ago, Lao Tzu, spoke of the four cardinal virtues, teaching that when we practice them as a way of life, we come to know the truth of the universe. The ancient Chinese master said that living and practicing these teachings can open you to higher wisdom and greater happiness, as they realign you to the source and enable you to access all the powers that source energy has to offer.

When you succeed in connecting your energy with the divine realm through high awareness and the practice of undiscriminating virtue, the transmission of the ultimate subtle truths will follow. – Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu means ‘Old Master,’ and he was believed by some to be a God-realised being. The Four Cardinal Virtues are found in the Tao Te Ching, a collection of sayings expounding the principal Taoist teachings. It has 81 short poetic verses packed full of universal wisdom for politics, society, and personal life, and aims to support personal harmony through the right view and understanding of existence. The Tao (also known as the Way or the Dao) has baffled its readers for centuries with its cryptic and deliberate contradictions, yet it offers a profound contemplation to seekers, lending itself to varied interpretations and inner questioning.

Lao Tzu means ‘Old Master,’ and he was believed by some to be a God-realised being.

The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The Tao is both named and nameless. As nameless it is the origin of all things; as named it is the Mother of 10,000 things. Ever desireless, one can see the mystery; ever desiring, one sees only the manifestations. And the mystery itself is the doorway to all understanding. – Wayne W. Dyer, Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao

The Tao Te Ching is the basic text of Taoism, but it has also influenced Confucianism and Chinese Buddhism and is among some of the most translated works in world literature. This powerful text of the Tao, road or way of life, reflects the force of the universe and even the universe itself. While many have tried to make sense of its mystery, one man immersed himself in this text, literally living its wisdom, and then distilled the essence of these ancient mystery teachings for a modern audience.

In 2006, the late Wayne Dyer was inspired to spend his entire 65th year reading, researching, and meditating on Lao Tzu’s messages, going into retreat to practice them and ultimately write down the insights he felt Lao Tzu wanted us to know. Dr. Dyer researched ten well-respected translations of the text and the result of that life-changing year was his best-selling book Change Your Thoughts—Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao.

Affectionately known as the Father of Motivation, Dr. Dyer says Lao Tzu’s four cardinal virtues represent the surest way to leave habits and excuses behind and reconnect to your original nature. “The more your life is harmonized with the four virtues, the less you’re controlled by the uncompromising ego.”

The Tao encourages us to be in touch with our own selves, particularly our deepest selves, for when you know who you really are, that is when you discover eternal peace. Lao Tzu liked to compare different parts of nature to different virtues. He said, “The best people are like water, which benefits all things and does not compete with them. It stays in lowly places that others reject. This is why it is so similar to the Way (Dao).” Each part of nature can remind us of a quality we admire and should cultivate ourselves—the strength of the mountains, the resilience of trees, the cheerfulness of flowers.

We enter life with a seemingly clean slate, a spectacular pathway ahead of us with unlimited potentials and choices. To navigate our lives and get a handle on the challenges and gifts life will throw at us, it is useful to have some sort of compass so that we don’t end up on the rocks or lost at sea.

For many people, this may be religion, morality, or the belief systems passed down by their family, and they may derive a sense of strength and direction through their strongly held inner compass sourced in this integrity. No matter what happens in life, they’ll always fall back on that maxim, whether it be, for example, to lead from the heart, or to be kind.

To realise the constancy and steadiness in your life is to realise the deep nature of the universe. This realisation is not dependent on any transitory internal or external condition, rather it is an expression of one’s own immutable spiritual nature. The only way to attain the Universal Way is to maintain the integral virtues of the constancy, steadiness and simplicity in one’s daily life. – Lao Tzu

The four cardinal virtues, or rules for living life, can provide a framework for a life filled with inner peace and purpose.

Read the rest of the article about the four cardinal virtues…

This 5-Year-Old Girl Sold Cookies To Pay The Lunch Debt Of 123 Schoolmates

Image Credit: Karina Hardee via FOX 5 San Diego

By Mayukh Saha | Truth Theory

It isn’t every day that you find a 5-year-old selling cookie and cocoa to people so that she can help her 123 classmates with their lunch debts. Remember the name- Katelynn Hardee. This San Diego student teaches everyone how to be humane.

This kindergartner from the Breeze Hill Elementary school has an extremely strong stand on what is ethical and what is not. While the older generations can scream about how the latest generation doesn’t care about humanity, here is a child about to prove them wrong. After she overheard a parent talking about how difficult it was for her to pay the school expenses of her child, Katelynn Hardee decided to do something about it.

She then asked her mother Karina Hardee about the situation. But it wouldn’t exactly be easy to explain to a 5-year-old about how unfortunate some people are. Karina mentioned it to KSWB that the best she could do in the situation was tell Katelynn that some people had a lot going on in their lives and were unfortunate, unlike others.

Katelynn Hardee’s morale as a human came out now as she started thinking of a plan that would help her alleviate the lunch debts of her fellow classmates. As luck would have it, she was already quite adept at making lemonades and had a lemonade stall in the summers. She decided to add to it by making cookies and selling hot cocoa. The money that she would raise through this would automatically be donated to the school.

There was no end to her enthusiasm, as she immediately started making the cookies and the cocoa. Not only that – she also gave in 3 hours daily to sell these products to people who might be passing by her stall.

Good deeds don’t stay hidden- which is why her news went viral over the next week. Since everyone wanted to be a part of it, Katelynn Hardee’s business kept doubling overnight. After collecting quite a generous amount, her mother penned down a note for the school where she mentioned how her daughter was bringing together this fundraising event where all proceeds would be given to the students with deficits.

Needless to say, they raised enough money to clear off the debts of about 123 students.




How to Find Peace with Uncertainty

“There is only one thing for us to do, and that is to do our level best right where we are every day of our lives; To use our best judgment, and then to trust the rest to that Power which holds the forces of the universe in his hands.” ~Orison Swett Marden

Trusting the Universe Has Your Back

One of the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz was to ‘do your best’ in every moment. It’s a great philosophy to practice. Always do your best and make sure you’re following your highest excitement — which simply means you have no resistance to what you are doing, and in most cases, you are actually having fun with what you are doing (singing while cleaning the toilet type stuff or getting excited about the lunch you just made).

Another key aspect to having a great life is to dream big and take action where you can. However, this does not mean that you have to manipulate or control every step of your journey. There is a huge facet of ‘letting go’ involved.

Sometimes we think we have to be in charge of every minute detail but that only gets you bogged down and farther from realizing your dream.


This happens because, in my experience, you only think you know how to get somewhere or how you want something to play out. In fact, you only have one tiny graphic or mental picture of what your dream is. The Universe (or quantum field/Higher Intelligence, etc) holds the blueprint and has the birds-eye view of what is going on. You, on the ground level, only perceive what is necessary.

Your job, ergo, is to take whatever action you can and then ALLOW for the Universe to do the rest. This hardly ever looks like what we visualize because we are usually directed to something even greater than our little pea-brain can conceive.

However, if we want to insist that the pea-brain version is what we want, we will limit ourselves and our manifesting prowess.

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Result: Uncertainty Rules!

Don’t sweat the small stuff. If you’ve dreamed up something wonderful and you’ve taken appropriate action to tell the Universe you mean business, then relax. Even if what you wanted doesn’t happen in the way you think, it could be ushering you to something even better.

Uncertainty can be pretty cool. When you feel uncertain, play a game: see if you can get really excited about the unknown because you know the more positivity and expectation you inject into your future, the more you’re going to get out of it.

And when you think that way, you open up to receive so much more great stuff. Remember to inject gratitude even into the ‘future’ so that you can just snow-ball and enjoy the way your life unfolds. Be in awe when things go even better than you think.

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CRDCherie Roe Dirksen is a self-empowerment author, multi-media artist and musician from South Africa.

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Morning Inspiration: You Are Part of The Universe (Motivational Video)

Source: Mulligan Brothers MOTIVATION

One of the most profound things you may come to know is the vastness of the known universe. However what is even more interesting is that we are not only a part of this great set of galaxies but also it is part of us.

“So when I look up at the night sky, and I know that yes we are part of this universe, we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of these things is that the universe is in us. When I reflect on that fact, I look up”

Watch and be motivated today!!

Make a New LIFE Resolution (It’s Much More Powerful than a New Year’s Resolution)!

New Life Resolutions Cherie Roe Dirksen

New Year, Blah Blah…

“When you map a way to your success by gradually achieving your markers, then you are proactively making new LIFE resolutions.”

We’re about to enter our first week of the new year and I bet a lot of the best-intentioned resolutions you made have already been kicked to the curb.  Was it all just a bunch of yada-yada on New Year’s Eve?

Thing is, it’s difficult to suddenly change a way of doing something overnight.  Of course, it is admirable to make better choices in our lives but we also need to be kind to ourselves.

What does that mean?  Are you off the hook to go binge drink or keep smoking that pack of fags?

Not entirely.

Decisions for Life

“The key is to be gentle with yourself and take baby steps to a goal.”

When we make resolutions, they are usually set with the intention of bettering our lives by improving on health, wealth, relationship, etc. — right?

Here’s the part where you have to be kind to yourself — Rome wasn’t built in a day!

When we make resolutions to sever bad habits ‘from this day on’, we don’t usually allow ourselves to digress — it’s make or break time.  However, we are all human (well, most of us anyway) and we all make mistakes.

The key is to be gentle with yourself and take baby steps to a goal.

Sustainable Solutions

It’s brilliant to want to make improvements to your life.

When you map a way to your success by gradually achieving your markers, then you are proactively making new LIFE resolutions.

Whatever you want to quit, try to first cut back on — this way you won’t overwhelm yourself and plunge into old habits after your first deviation.

Become more aware if you do fall off the bandwagon.  Don’t judge yourself.  Just pick yourself up and dust off — reassure yourself you’ll do better next time around.

For example:  if you really feel like something, have it (within reason).  Consciously consume it with the awareness of what you are doing.  This way you bring your consciousness into the forefront of the behavior or addiction and you can simply observe yourself in the act.

In moments of quiet reflection, ask yourself:

  • How did this make me feel?
  • Is that why I did it?
  • How do I feel now that I’ve done it?
  • How can I better serve myself next time?
  • Is there something else I can do to get that fix naturally?

Awareness is salient to change.

Change is the only constant and we are all always in flux — it’s something we simply can’t avoid.  So embrace your new intentions with the will to slowly and steadily shift into that new way of being.  Forgive yourself for veering, if you do, and congratulate yourself on what you have achieved.

coverThe Gift Awaits

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Good luck manifesting a year full of personal triumph!

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Cherie Roe Dirksen is a self-empowerment author/columnist/radio presenter, multi-media artist and musician from South Africa.

To date, she has published 3 self-help and motivational books and brings out weekly inspirational blogs at her site www.cherieroedirksen.com. Get stuck into finding your passion, purpose and joy by downloading some of those books gratis when you click HERE.

Her ambition is to help you to connect with your innate gift of creativity and living the life you came here to experience by taking responsibility for your actions and becoming the co-creator of your reality. You can follow Cherie on Facebook(The Art of Empowerment — for article updates). She has an official art Facebook page (Cherie Roe Dirksen – for new art updates). You can also check out her Facebook band page at Templeton Universe.

Cherie posts a new article on CLN every Thursday. To view her articles, click HERE.

This article (How You Can Beat the Matrix) was originally written by Cherie Roe Dirksen and published by Conscious Life News under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author Cherie Roe Dirksen. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons.

Self-Empowerment Books by Cherie Roe Dirksen:


The Art of Not Thinking

Simple Complexity — The Dichotomous Nature of Our Reality

I’ve just finished the painting I used in the header picture above (you can click on it to see the whole image). It’s a new style I’m dappling in.

When I stepped back from the painting — after I had downed my brush — the first thing that smacked me was the complexity of the background.

When I do my backgrounds it’s just mindless doodling, so, it takes me a while (and some physical distance) to actually ‘see’ what I’ve created. In this case, I knew immediately what this represented.

You are looking at the physical representation of what’s going on in my head…lol. This is what my binary code looks like all fleshed out.

Seriously, this is what it feels like to be Virgonian me. It’s frightening and beautiful at the same time.

To Think or Not to Think

Thinking can also be both exquisite and terrifying simultaneously.

‘Thoughts create things’ and there is so much man-made beauty in the world — there is also much insidious creation. Then there is also the fact that overthinking everything can lead to anxiety, stress and dis-ease.

I read somewhere that the more in the NOW you are, the less you age. You become, essentially, timeless (if you haven’t read any of Eckhart Tolle’s books yet on present moment awareness, I suggest you get cracking!).

There is nothing that ages us more than thinking too much. This can also be translated as worry.

To worry is to future project a negative outcome, did you know that?

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Pearls of Wisdom

A friend of mine told me the other day that she devotes time every day to thinking and then, after the allocated time, she tries to just be thoughtless (as in being present with what she’s doing and not being a frivolous fool).

I breathed a sigh of relief as I am very guilty of staring at my wall, sometimes for an hour before I ‘catch’ myself!

I’ve come to realize that it is perfectly okay to zone out in this way. After all, that’s what meditation is. Read related article: 5 Easy Steps to Meditating (No Lotus Position Required)

Meditation is just the ability to stop the monkey mind from swinging about the jelly-brain jungle. Read related article: How to Stop Monkey Mind Manifesting

In Conclusion…

Thinking is clearly essential to our existence and creative expansion but the art of not thinking can prolong our corporeal sojourn. I want you to not think about that (only joking).

Go stare at a wall (or a flower, or the cloudy sky, or the stars 😉 ).

CRDCherie Roe Dirksen is a self-empowerment author, multi-media artist and musician from South Africa.

To date, she has published 3 self-help and motivational books and brings out weekly inspirational blogs at her site www.cherieroedirksen.com. Get stuck into finding your passion, purpose and joy by downloading some of those books gratis when you click HERE.

Her ambition is to help you to connect with your innate gift of creativity and living the life you came here to experience by taking responsibility for your actions and becoming the co-creator of your reality. You can follow Cherie on Facebook (The Art of Empowerment — for article updates). She has an official art Facebook page (Cherie Roe Dirksen – for new art updates). You can also check out her Facebook band page at Templeton Universe.

Cherie posts a new article on CLN every Thursday. To view her articles, click HERE.

This article (The Art of Not Thinking) was originally written for and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author Cherie Roe Dirksen and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons

The Ripple Effects of a Thank You

By Jill Suttie | Greater Good Magazine

Researchers studying gratitude have found that being thankful and expressing it to others is good for our health and happiness. Not only does it feel good, but it also helps us build trust and closer bonds with the people around us.

These benefits have mostly been observed in a two-person exchange—someone saying thanks and someone receiving thanks. Now, a new study suggests that expressing gratitude not only improves one-on-one relationships but could bring entire groups together—inspiring a desire to help and connect in people who simply witness an act of gratitude.

In this extensive study, Sara Algoe of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her colleagues ran multiple experiments to investigate how witnessing gratitude affects people’s feelings toward the grateful person and the benefactor (the person who is being thanked).

They came up with a few different ways for participants to observe gratitude. In one experiment, participants were tasked with reading a movie review draft and underlining eye-catching passages for the reviewer’s benefit. Before they began, though, they saw an example (supposedly done by a previous participant). Several lines of text were underlined, as the assignment required, but many typos were also corrected, showing the effort that went beyond the original assignment. In some cases, this help was acknowledged with a handwritten note from the reviewer saying, “Thank you so much for catching those typos!”

Afterward, participants underlined passages in another article by the reviewer, and researchers counted how many typos they corrected as a measure of their willingness to offer extra help. Then, people were asked how much they might like to be friends with the reviewer.

The results showed that people who had seen a note of gratitude were more willing to correct typos and help out, and more likely to want to become friends with the reviewer, than those who hadn’t.

“When people witness an expression of gratitude, they see that the grateful person is the kind of person who notices when other people do kind things and actually takes the time to acknowledge the—meaning, they’re a good social partner,” says Algoe. “People who are responsive as social partners are really desirable people.”

Based on other survey questions, Algoe and her team also discovered that participants wanted to help and affiliate with the person receiving the gratitude. That’s because receiving gratitude marks you as a person who is effective at being supportive or helpful, says Algoe.

“It’s helpful to know who the people in our environment are who will do nice things for other people because they are attractive relationship partners,” she says.

What was the exact cause of participants’ reactions, though? It’s possible that people are attracted to others who seem positive in general, like the reviewer, or they simply felt elevated by witnessing the other participant’s generosity. To find out the active ingredient in gratitude and why it may have effects on bystanders, Algoe and her colleagues ran more experiments.

In one, they had participants watch videos where one member of a real-life couple expressed gratitude toward their partner. The videos varied in how much the grateful person praised their partner’s fine qualities—e.g., admiring their partner’s listening skills or their generous nature—and expressed how the partner’s generosity had benefitted them—e.g., helping them work through a difficult problem or save money they would have spent on a cab. The videos also varied in how warm, positive, or competent the person in the video appeared.

The results showed that participants were more drawn to videotaped individuals who praised their partner than those who focused on how they’d benefitted personally.  True, they were also drawn to grateful people who seemed warm, competent, and positive—but those traits didn’t matter nearly as much as praising another’s fine qualities.

To Algoe, this points to a particularly important element of gratitude—its other-focused nature—which may be key to influencing witnesses of gratitude.

“When a grateful person actually takes the time to step outside of themselves and call attention to what was great about the other person’s actions—that’s what distinguishes gratitude from other kinds of positive emotional expressions,” she says.

Interestingly, Algoe’s findings weren’t affected by the gender of the witnesses, grateful people, or benefactors. Although men might fear that gratitude makes them look weak or become indebted, even men who expressed gratitude were rated as more competent than those who didn’t.

These findings build on prior research by showing that expressions of gratitude not only provide social glue for the people involved—the grateful person and the benefactor—but also spread beyond the dyad, affecting witnesses in ways that could reverberate throughout a group.

“It’s easy to imagine how this might work in a workplace, where people are actually attending to and acknowledging other people’s good deeds and kindnesses,” says Algoe. “A whole group of people could be inspired to be kinder to one another, and, through this interwoven kindness, the group itself could become a higher-functioning group.”

Does this mean we should all be expressing gratitude more frequently? Yes, says Algoe—though how it’s expressed could differ by context and culture. For some situations, she says, it may be appropriate to be demonstrative rather than verbal—giving a hug, for example, or bringing a gift of flowers. In another context, a simple thank you—especially if it’s sincere and not manipulative—will get the ball rolling.

Whatever the case, though, it’s clear we can do more to increase social connection if we acknowledge the good in those around us. “Gratitude expression seems to be a unique kind of emotional experience that is really well-suited for relationship building,” says Algoe.

About the Author

Jill Suttie

Jill Suttie, Psy.D., is Greater Good’s book review editor and a frequent contributor to the magazine.

Read more great articles at Greater Good Magazine.

2019 Positive News Stories: The World Is Actually Getting Better + “I Love My Life” Music

Source: SOMA Breath

Here are some amazing “good news” facts from 2019 illustrated by The Happy Broadcast. Music: “I Love My Life” by Breathe in Beats.