A few years ago, when Glaser realized the importance of his archives, he donated them to Dr. Magda Havas, Ph.D. of Trent University in Canada. Havas, an associate professor of environmental and resource studies, has worked for more than a decade to expose the harms of wireless technology.

According to Havas, Glaser’s archive contains quite a few “gems.” “Zory was a packrat (his words) and he kept everything, Havas said. “I found one paper that was circulated to only nine people with health recommendations that were ignored.”

To make these important documents available to the public, Havas and her team have worked for years to scan all the documents and make them searchable. So far Havas’ team has scanned 20 out of the 25 boxes of Glaser’s archives.

Because of the archive’s magnitude, the public is invited to help review the documents. Scholars who are interested are invited to write short overviews of some of the more useful and relevant finds and post those overviews on Zory’s website. People who find important information are asked to let Havas know.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Dr. Magda Havas (drmagdahavas@gmail.com) with a subject heading of “Zory’s Archive.”