12 Simple Steps for GUIDING Children INTO Their Highest Expressions

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By Jessie Klassen | Wake Up World

As parents during this intense and exciting time on Earth, we accepted and/or chose an extremely important job.   We are guiding the next caretakers of the Earth and the evolution of humanity.

Our children are growing up in a world where they are faced with challenges unlike those we have ever seen.  The world is literally at their fingertips, and although this has a great opportunity when applied correctly, it also brings constant distraction and stimulation, therefore pulling them away from connecting with Nature and looking inward and knowing who they are.

Not only this but with climate change, a contaminated food chain, toxic water,  questionable vaccines, and outdated school programs, it has never been more important for us as parents to be “awake.”

Because the truth is, we can thrive here if we are living our lives by heart-centered decisions that are led by our intuition, and not by the lies and propaganda that we have been told.

And yes, it may seem impossible to not get caught in the traps, but when we teach our children awareness and allow their “awakened selves” to shine through, they will be aware of the traps and will be able to see them for what they are.  When we are aware, we are impossible to trap.

And essentially, we will be creating the peaceful, joyous Earth that we all came here to create.

A misconception that I have noticed around our children commonly known as the Indigo’s, starseeds, etc., is that they are automatically “tuned in” and kind or that they would never do or say something rude or questionable.

But what I have experienced with my oldest son, Shep, is that, yes, he is incredibly sensitive, and he is “tuned in”, but he is also clearing SO much old karma and re-balancing back to his Highest Expression of himself in this lifetime, that he has been susceptible to all kinds of interference and questionable behavior.

Shep is, in His Divine Nature, a sweetie.  He loves to hug and snuggle, but he also would experience intense and erratic mood swings.  You never knew what kind of day you were going to have with him.  His highs were high – loving, jokey, and creative.  And his lows were low – brooding, angry, sulky, withdrawn.  Never mean but constantly unpredictable.

As a parent, it can be heartbreaking to see your child in this unhappy little body and know that they are in there, but how do you get to them?

It was also heartbreaking and disappointing when we would hear of something completely out of character that he had done because you just knew that that wasn’t really him.

And afterward, he always felt awful, but he could barely remember doing it.  It was as if he had no control over himself.  He struggled to communicate or give any explanation, as there really wasn’t one that he knew of.

Because he really didn’t know, because it wasn’t really the “true” Shep.  His energy body was so influenced by energetic cords from past lives and outer stimulation’s (and we live on a secluded farm), that the real Shep was unable to shine through and be in control all of the time.

So how do we guide our children into the Highest expressions of themselves?

1. Energetic Cord Clearing

This simple practice has worked wonders for my older kids as they seem to have come into this life with a lot of old baggage to clear out.  My article An Empowering Cord Cutting Exercise for Children” gives an easy technique for doing so, or you can visit an energy worker/healer who can help.

I have found with my kids that explaining how energy works have been extremely empowering for them because understanding how energy works is understanding how EVERYTHING works.

That essentially, everything you “put out there” will come back to you, and that everything you do to others you are doing to yourself.

That energy always attracts the energy of the same frequency or vibration, and when we have a “high” vibration, we attract other people and experiences with a high vibration as well.  These include love and joy, kindness, compassion, and vitality.

I often ask my kids, “what are you feeding?”  Which energy pathway are you focusing on and giving energy to?  What we focus on, we strengthen.

Simply knowing how energy works awaken our children to the truth that we are powerful beings, and that they always have control over their own energy.

And when things don’t always go their way?

2. “It’s All For You”

These four little words relieve a whole lot of pressure.  Because no matter what, the experience was meant to teach you something and help you grow into who you are meant to become.  I often ask my kids after something happened, such as, “what did you learn?”

The importance of looking for the lesson is life-altering.  We begin to trust Life because we know that it is always looking out for our best interest.  And when we acknowledge and look for the lesson, Life will not have to repeat it.

3. “You are Already Good”

Not long ago, when we were going through a major shift and purging, Shep’s behavior was hitting an all-time unpredictability.

Whoever he happened to be around at the time, he became.  He always joined in and seemed to have no self-control.

After a certain incident at school, he came home crying, “Help me be good! I want to be good! I don’t know how!”

I hugged him, and the only words that I could think to tell him were, “You are already good.  You have always been good.  You just have to believe it.  I will help you, but I can’t do it for you.  You have to believe in yourself.”

Shep made a decision that day to be true to himself, and his willpower shifted his entire energy field.  Although we had been clearing constantly, he had to reach a level of maturity and awareness where he could let it go and stand strong in himself.

He changed who he was hanging around with at school as he could recognize their influence.  I told him, “You can still play with them as long as they are behaving in a way that is true to you.  And when they are not, walk away.  You do not have to join in.”

I have to say, Shep’s older sister, Summer, has been a wonderful teacher of this lesson.  At ten years old, she has the ability to always being aligned with who she is.  She can simply observe from a neutral standpoint and never get carried away and join in.

4. Affirmations

We did a lot of them. We fine-tuned them to project what Shep was wanting most of all; to trust himself, and for his family to be able to trust him as well.

Shep wrote them out and we placed them where he could see them every day as a reminder to help solidify new beliefs into his being.

They were, “I am good. I am strong. I love myself. I can trust myself to always do what is true for me. My family can trust me too.”

I did constant reminders to him when he would step out the door for school, “be strong in who you are”, or “you will remember who you are”.

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5. Eating Clean, High Vibration Food

What we take into our bodies has to match the vibration that we are encouraging.  Therefore, as little processed food as possible, lots of organic fruits and veggies, if possible, and lots of water.  My kids have always been exceptionally thirsty during these shifts, as we are moving a lot of energy and as we are mostly made of water, keeping hydrated is essential.  Shep still occasionally craves meat, but I always tell my kids, “Listen to your bodies”, so we ensure that the meat that is eaten has been ethically raised, which for Shep, happens to be right here on our farm.

6. Connect with the Earth

Plant a garden or a planter box with your child. Develop a relationship with Nature.  Mother Earth is here for us as we are here for her.  We form a connection and an interaction by showing respect and kindness to all beings.  Set an example by stepping around the bugs, hugging the trees, and giving thanks to Mother Earth for the food that you eat or the home that you live in.

I like to ask, “What does Nature have to teach me today?”

You will soon find Nature responding to you and “seeking you out.”  Because as we change the way we look at things, the things we look at will change.

One of the greatest gifts that we can teach our children is that magic is real and is around us at all times.  Encourage your child to help Nature with something as simple as setting up a colorful bowl of water with stones for the bees and butterflies to land on while they drink.

My children and I do regular garbage pickups when we are out and about.  I always tell them, “Don’t expect somebody else to do it.  If everybody picked up garbage every time they have seen it, what a different world this would be.  Be kind to Mother Earth.  She feels everything you do and she’ll thank you in many ways.”  This simple lesson will instill responsibility for the world around them and hopefully a proactive approach to life as they grow up.

So many have the attitude, “it’s not my garbage, why should I pick it up?”

Well, it’s not Mother Earth’s either, so pick it up!  Your fellow species dumped it there, so take responsibility for it.

7. Make Self-Love a Daily Routine

Our children need to feel love for themselves if they are to heal and shine in their Highest Expression.  Every night at bed, and every morning when they wake up, I have my kids look into a mirror and say “I love you.”  Have them look straight into their own eyes.  Encourage them to go farther and give themselves compliments such as, “I love how unique you are”, or “You are so kind to others, you really are making this world a better place” or “You are important and are bringing light to this world.”

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Let's face it, the days will go by regardless, so we may as well love ourselves and make the choice to be happy with who we are.

8. Gratitude

By far, one of the fastest emotions to shift energy to a higher vibration.  In the morning, they can thank their bed for a good night's sleep or they can thank a pet for their love and comfort.  There are literally opportunities for gratitude everywhere we look.  And when we are appreciative of what we have, we open our energy pathways to more things to be grateful for.  These are the basics that will spark awakening and cultivate fulfillment and contentment.


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