Scientific Proof Of Reincarnation. Yes, the Soul Exists

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By Steven Bancarz | Spirit Science and Metaphysics

proof reincarnation exists

A lot of people are resistant to the idea of a “soul” because of how this term has gotten wrapped up in religious superstition and dogma. Some people think it is outright silly. But the concept of consciousness being able to detach from the body offers a lot of explanatory power when it comes to phenomenon such as Near Death Experiences, Out-Of-Body Experiences, astral projections, and even reincarnation.

In fact, the evidence for reincarnation is the best hard scientific evidence we have for the existence of a soul. This is a bold claim, but the evidence for reincarnation is undeniable and cannot collectively be attributed to chance or any other physical explanation. If reincarnation exists, the soul exists. Let’s take a look!

Before we explore the evidence, it’s helpful to remember that we do not need hard PROOF in order to be justified in believing in something. If the weatherman says there is a 70% chance of showers, I don’t need proof that it’s going to rain before I am justified in bringing an umbrella with me. I don’t have to be certain that a meteor isn’t going to fall on my head before I go outside.

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I don’t need hard scientific proof of extra-terrestrial life in order to be justified in believing that life exists on other planets, because there are so many good reasons that, when taken together cumulatively, provide a plausible account for belief in life on other planets. This is known as “abductive reasoning” and is the kind of reasoning we use most in our every day lives.

Reincarnation is not something you can objectively measure in the same way you can measure a chemical reaction, so it may even be in principle non-provable using the scientific method. Science is the empirical measurement of the natural world, and the soul is something which would exist beyond the natural world. So the question is, “Are there enough solid pieces of evidence that, when taken together, provide a compelling case for reincarnation?” I think the answer is a resounding yes.

The scientific evidence for reincarnation

Dr. Ian Stevenson, Ph.D., former Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, spent 40 years researching reincarnation stories within children. This former chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology investigated over 3000 independent stories of children who claimed to have memories and know people from their alleged past lives. According to Stevenson, the number of cases that are worth considering is so high that it exceeds the ability of him and his team to investigate them all.

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Birth Marks

Facial recognition software confirmed that there was in fact a facial resemblance to their alleged prior incarnation. Some had birth marks on places where they allegedly suffered fatal wounds from in their past life. They were often dramatic and sometimes bizarre lesions, such as malformed digits or missing limbs, misshapen heads, and odd markings. As Dr. Stevenson writes in his paper “Birthmarks and Birth Defects Corresponding to Wounds on Deceased Persons” in the peer-reviewed Journal of Scientific Exploration:

“About 35% of children who claim to remember previous lives have birthmarks and/or birth defects that they (or adult informants) attribute to wounds on a person whose life the child remembers. The cases of 210 such children have been investigated. The birthmarks were usually areas of hairless, puckered skin; some were areas of little or no pigmentation (hypopigmented macules); others were areas of increased pigmentation (hyperpigmented nevi).

The birth defects were nearly always of rare types. In cases in which a deceased person was identified the details of whose life unmistakably matched the child’s statements, a close correspondence was nearly always found between the birthmarks and/or birth defects on the child and the wounds on the deceased person. In 43 of 49 cases in which a medical document (usually a postmortem report) was obtained, it confirmed the correspondence between wounds and birthmarks (or birth defects).”

Verifiable memories of past lives

The memories the children recalled were far too specific to be chalked up to chance. In an article where 3 cases were looked at in great detail by Dr. Stevenson, he reported that each of the 3 children made roughly 30-40 claims regarding memories that had of their past lives, 82-92% of which were both verifiable and correct. The particularities and specific details that were given by the children ranged from anything from the names, personalities, and occupations of their former parents and siblings to the precise layouts of the houses they lived in. It was not uncommon for Stevenson to encounter a child who could go into a town he had never been in before and give him the details of the village, former personal belongings, the neighbourhood in which he lived in a past life, and the people who he use to associate with.

As he concludes: “It was possible in each case to find a family that had lost a member whose life corresponded to the subject’s statements. The statements of the subject, taken as a group, were sufficiently specific so that they could not have corresponded to the life of any other person. We believe we have excluded normal transmission of the correct information to the subjects and that they obtained the correct information they showed about the concerned deceased person by some paranormal process.”

Phobias from past-life traumas

Something which interested Dr. Stevenson was the phobias that were developed from past-life traumas. As Dr. Jim Tucker writes:

“Another area that interested Ian was the behavior of these children. He wrote a paper about phobias that many of the children showed, usually related to the mode of death from the life they claimed to remember (Stevenson, 1990a). He reported that 36% of the children in a series of 387 cases showed such fears. They occurred when the children were very young, sometimes before they had made their claims about the previous life. For example, he described a girl in Sri Lanka who as a baby resisted baths so much that three adults had to hold her down to give her one. By the age of six months, she also showed a marked phobia of buses and then later described the life of a girl in another village who had been walking along a narrow road between flooded paddy fields when she stepped back to avoid a bus going by, fell into the flood water, and drowned.” The original journal article these findings were published can be found here.

Recognition from the scientific community

What seems to be more than mere chance is that children were able to accurately identify former acquaintances and relationships they had with people in their prior lives. Most impressively was a Lebanese girl who was able to remember and identify 25 different people from her past life and the interpersonal relationships she had with them. His best findings were put together in a book called Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation. For further reading, this book would really be your best bet. The American Journal of Psychiatry reviewed these cases and said there were ‘‘cases recorded in such full detail as to persuade the open mind that reincarnation is a tenable hypothesis to explain them’’. He had several other books and papers published and widely accepted in the mainstream community.

As a review in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated ‘‘In regard to reincarnation he has painstakingly and unemotionally collected a detailed series of cases from India, cases in which the evidence is difficult to explain on any other grounds.’’ The reviewer added: ‘‘He has placed on record a large amount of data that cannot be ignored’’. His one paper called ‘‘The Explanatory Value of the Idea of Reincarnation’’ had thousands of requests for reprints by scientists all over the world. His findings were also published in peer reviewed journals the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, and the International Journal of Comparative Sociology.

During a presentation at Penn State University in 2005, Dr. Jim B. Tucker, a child psychiatrist at the University of Virginia, described how a mother was leaning over the changing table to change her son’s diaper. Her young toddler unexpectedly said, “When I was your age, I used to change your diapers.” Sam Taylor, of Vermont, was born 18 months following his grandfather’s death. When he made this comment, he was only a few years old. When he was four and a half years old, however, Taylor was able to pick out his grandfather from a class picture of about 20 people and identify his grandfather’s first car from a photograph.

Here is video of a young boys reincarnation story covered by ABC news to provide you a glimpse into the nature of these cases. It’s important to note that this case is American, so the parents are not influencing or encouraging the boy to believe in reincarnation in the name of culture or religion:




This is just a small fraction of the amount of evidence that exists for reincarnation. Upon coming to a conclusion about all his findings and his publications, we have to ask ourselves “What is the best explanation that can accommodate all of this evidence?” Why would there be so many cases of children who claim to have been other people, who know the specific names and interpersonal relationships of the person they recall being, who have similar behavior and personalities as the people they claimed to be, who have birthmarks and abnormalities where they claimed to have suffered wounds in their past lives, and who have specific phobias linked back to alleged past life traumas if reincarnation did not exist?

When we consider that there is no naturalistic explanation that can account for all of data, and when we consider the explanatory power of reincarnation, we are more than justified in subscribing to reincarnation for scientific reasons. The accounts are far too precise to be chalked up as chance, and all other explanations are impoverished in trying to explain such a wide array of data.

Reincarnation can no longer be looked at as some woo-woo, pseudoscientific, religiously dogmatic New Age fantasy, and neither can the soul. We can infer the reality of the soul because it is the best explanation for all of the given data. There must be a non-physical part of us (consciousness itself, perhaps) that contains memories that leaves our body and then enters into a new body.

This is a hypothesis which has gotten serious attention in the mainstream academic community, and is still ripe with investigation to this day. When we take all the evidence together and look at it without religious or scientific bias getting in the way, it seems as though we are not only justified in believing in reincarnation, but it also may be the best of all explanations for the strongest cases.

“It is not surprising to be born more than once; everything in nature is resurrection” —Voltaire


Source: Spirit Science and Metaphysics

About the author:

Steven Bancarz is the creator of ‘Spirit Science and Metaphysics’.  For more articles by him visit his website at  You can also find him on Twitter and YouTube.
Sources for the above article:

*Sources to original articles can be found in the highlighted words in the article.
Laidlaw, R. W. (1967). Review of Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation. American Journal of Psychiatry, 124, 128.
King, L. S. (1975). Reincarnation. JAMA, 234, 978…
More evidence for the existence of the soul can be found in the links below:
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Recommended reads: Life Before Life by Dr. Jim Tucker, and Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton.

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  1.' Kay Felton says:

    Most amazing stories were told at a conference at the Edgar Cayce Institute in Virginia Beach

  2.' Emily Warner says:

    My mom thinks I was one of those children who remember. I evidently talked extensively about another family when quite young (I don’t remember this) in detail she could not explain how I could know. I stopped when i she didn’t act like she knew them and acted upset she says. I wish she had taken notes!

  3.' J.Prasad raman says:

    Pls read my article on fb jeprasad raman Alieno Extraterristrial science. I am a case perfect for such research

  4.' wendy says:

    Many who believe in reincarnation openly admit that they are in contact with what they call “spirit guides” or “entities” that either speak to the dead for them or are the dead. They believe what these entities speak because they are experiencing their presence. Many believe these spirits are telling the truth because they are “clothed in light”. Let’s read who can cloth himself in light from God’s word. “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14). Satan has deceived millions of people this way! This is why God tells us in His word to not speak with familiar spirits (channeling) or practice necromancy (speaking to the dead). These things are clearly forbidden in the scriptures and are an atrocity to a holy God who hates these evil occult practices; “When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee” (Deuteronomy 18:9-12).

    These entities are in reality demons (devils) that speak deception. They twist the truth of God into a lie and oppose Him for all He is. Souls do not transmigrate (to move or pass from one place or body to another), but demons do. These clever spirits enter into human beings who willingly open themselves up to them and communicate this false information to them. Demons take the identity of someone who they had once inhabited in the past, a person they were familiar with. This lie compels the person who allows them to come in to believe they were actually that person in their past life. The only evidence for reincarnation is people’s personal experiences, and giving heed to practices God had forbidden

    •' Bill says:

      Does not only the mind divide things into “angels” and “demons”? Much like “good” and “bad” people?

    •' Edward Fegredo says:

      Dear Wendy

      I don’t believe in reincarnation.

      Please refer to my comment dated 8 September 2017 [Edward Fegredo] in which I submitted a possible explanation for this popular belief.

    •' Edward Fegredo says:

      Dear Wendy,
      Please refer to my comment dated 8 September 2017. If you wish to communicate with me further on this matter, that comment contains my email address. Hoping to hear from you.

      Edward Fegredo

  5. The day you have all the scientific proof of the world available in the languages you use to describe all you can imagine, knowing everything you can think of already exists, you realize that all you are doing is writing scientific proof down, using the very same words you already managed in your imagination.

  6. People who believe in reincarnation don’t need proof. People who don’t are not mature enough to believe it without proof. Anyhow proof of any kind won’t help them. Only being a mature soul can do that. .

    • Not mature enough to believe it without proof? Lol. Maybe they are the mature ones and follow the scientific method. Children believe in things like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. They don’t need proof. New Age hippies think they are on a higher plane of understanding because of their beliefs. No different than any other religion. Mature soul. Lol that’s just you convincing yourself that you are superior. Pathetic.

    • Keith Schallenkamp Mature souls don’t have a need to feel superior. Every soul age is just as important and valuable.

    • We are here for a verry short perdiode. They must beleave there is more after death. Noone knows. I think u just die. And u will be food for gennerations of animal to survive on, for a little while perhaps.
      It’s te circel of life.

    • Val Constantine you seem to think yourself a mature soul and superior by the statement that people who don’t aren’t mature enough to believe in it without proof. That is an arrogant superior statement. Maybe you’re not as mature of a soul as you think you are. You look down on others who don’t believe as you do because you KNOW that you are right and the rest of us just haven’t reached the level of enlightenment that you have. Just like Christians who believe that the Bible is fact that Jesus’s resurrection is scientific fact based on things like the Shroud if Turan which I might add is more proof than the existence of reincarnation. I am not saying it doesn’t exist. I am saying that there is no scientific proof that it exists. I don’t know the truth and don’t pretend to. Maybe I’m the more mature soul.

    • Keith Schallenkamp You totally misunderstood me. It’s like when you are 6 there are some things you can’t understand. And when you are 18 there are things that you won’t understand until you are 40 and so on and so forth. Doesn’t mean that it’s better to be 40 than 6. I don’t look down on Others because they don’t believe what I do. They are exactly where they need to be in their lives. Hundreds of millions of people believe in God. And yet there is absolutely no proof that any God exists in any religion. Belief is a powerful thing.

    • Val Constantine or belief is just a way for people to cope with life issues. With questions they cannot answer.

  7. The point is to reincarnate as little as possible and ascend to the next level.

  8. I agree with Russ we keep reincarnating and each time ascend to a higher realm.This is why we sometimes experience da javu and can meet people who we think we are already familiar with. Our minds remember a lot and sometimes some of our past lives slip out. Sometimes you may think you have been to a place before but logically know its not possible in this life. I have experienced people being regressed and it is quite amazing.

  9. It has always been truth since the first spirit incarnated and will always be so.

  10. Yana Joy Kazbekova why do they always feel the need for proof? Just feeling itself can tell you.

  11. Don’t you think reincarnation is something other than what you think it is? It may not be a good thing, I’m just going to not go to the light ..let’s see what happens!

  12. JB Clark JB Clark says:

    There is no verifiable evidence of a soul. Near death experiences have been well explained and there’s nothing supernatural about them. Where is the peer-reviewed research to substantiate reincarnation? Why is it that in the city of London alone there are more than 50 people who all claim to have been Cleopatra in a previous life? Dr. Stephenson started looking into this reincarnation claim after the death of his own young child so he is probably not the most objective person to listen to on this subject.

    •' J Lee says:

      Where is your verifiable proof the soul does not exist or does not experience multiple incarnations?? Before making it clear to anyone with a 7th grade education that you have spent NO TIME reading about his research and WELL DOCUMENTED PEER oversite, I challenge you to find ANY study that disproves the soul using an equal amount or greater amount of supporting data than his. What are your challenges to his findings that explain the repeated similarities in his lifetime of documenting this subject?? Chance? Dishonesty? Because you said so?
      Do you really think the scientific community that loves to shred the methodologies and findings of this type of pseudo-science and ostracize the scientists who dare publish findings of paranormal or spiritual studies would really accept his findings if they could in ANYWAY discredit him?? Even the scientific community has accepted reincarnation is the ONLY idea that fits his WELL DOCUMENTED methods of research. So, JB, you would rather take words of the 50 people who claim are Cleopatra as legitimate reasoning for disputing the weight of Stephensons findings?? Wow, I was just about to accept reincarnation until your info about the 50 quacks claiming(NOT PROVIDING SUPPORTING FACTS) they are Cleopatra reincarnate! Thanks so much!! That was close. Losing a child is the reason for his passion for his research not the reason for his results. Ill be awaiting your attempt to prove a negative. GL with that.

    •' Jeff Lee says:

      Where is your verifiable proof the soul does not exist or does not experience multiple incarnations?? Read about his research and WELL DOCUMENTED PEER oversite, I challenge you to find ANY study that disproves the soul using an equal amount or greater amount of supporting data than his. What are your challenges to his findings that explain the repeated similarities in his lifetime of documenting this subject?? Chance? Dishonesty? Because you said so?
      Do you really think the scientific community that loves to shred the methodologies and findings of this type of pseudo-science and ostracize the scientists who dare publish findings of paranormal or spiritual studies would really accept his findings if they could in ANYWAY discredit him?? Even the scientific community has accepted reincarnation is the ONLY idea that fits his WELL DOCUMENTED methods of research. So, JB, you would rather take words of the 50 people who claim are Cleopatra as legitimate reasoning for disputing the weight of Stephensons findings?? Wow, I was just about to accept reincarnation until your info about the 50 quacks claiming(NOT PROVIDING SUPPORTING FACTS) they are Cleopatra reincarnate! Thanks so much!! That was close. Losing a child is the reason for his passion for his research not the reason for his results. Ill be awaiting your attempt to prove a negative. GL with that.

  13. Pseudo Science. They say they have Hard Evidence, but what they really have is circumstantial evidence trying to validate what they already believe. Not at all following the scientific method. Believe what you want to believe. But don’t try to pass it off as fact or feel superior to those who don’t believe in your New Age religion. It’s just based on faith line all of them.

    • Do you believe that God exists?

    • I am agnostic. If God can exist without a creator then so can we and our universe. You can’t prove that God exists and you can’t prove that he doesn’t. Like reincarnation, it is based totally on faith.

    • Keith Schallenkamp I have to say, although I do believe in reincarnation, I really appreciate the way you shared your stand. Simple and respectful.

    • It is NOT based on faith. Reincarnation is quantum physics pure and simple. There is science to support every deity of spiritual aspect. Science/Spirituality; one cannot exist without the other.

    • Kathy Hershey it is faith. The so called science you refer to is pseudo Science. It does not follow the scientific method. What do you know about quantum physics? I have never heard of one physicist who would say that their science supports your deities. Does that mean Apollo, Aphroditi, Baal, Isis, etc are real deities? Or do you have all new ones that you gave names to? What is your proof? Because you feel it to be true? Because of near death experiences? Those aren’t proof. Anything spiritual is nothing but faith and cannot be produced and reproduced using the scientific method. Neither can reincarnation. If so, it would already be accepted as fact by the greater scientific community. It simply is not. Pseudo Science is what Christianity uses to scientifically prove that the world was created 6000 years ago and that Noah’s flood was historical fact. Please don’t pass your spirituality as scientific fact. It’s simply untrue and disingenuous.

  14. Anju Ari Anju Ari says:

    There is a girl child in our locality ,she is also believe to be a reincarnated soul of her great grandmother. .the nature of these two individuals are same ,her family said . .when she was in her mother’s womb ,the dead great grandmother told the girl’s mother that she wants to he her daughter . ..believe it or not. .just sharing .

  15. Dali Lamah, forgive me if I misspelled it. I too, am also a reincarnated soul <3

  16. Yes yes yes the soul exists…let go, trust meditate, believe and open your heart…you will see and feel the truth

  17. There is no incarnation… After death the soul is trialed for its faith and deeds and either go to paradise, hell or purgatory untill the day of final judgment

  18. Amie Orlowski interesting article!

  19. Being “born again” through accepting Jesus Christ Is also “not scientifically measurable… “But it is very much a reality and is experienced by every “true” Christian. Reincarnation says that YOU must atone for your sins. If you could do that… Jesus could have skipped the torture of crucifixion. He would have just let you do your own salvation. No matter how many times you could be born in this world…you would still have the stain of sin on your heart…and you cannot enter heaven with a dirty heart. Ask Jesus to forgive your sins, wash your spirit… And be born again. He will. It’s so simple. He did all the work for you. Just believe…

    •' jlee says:

      Kathy you do realize that in 553 A.D., 165 Church officials condemned reincarnation. Prior to that time, it had been a fundamental Christian teaching right? Don’t blindly follow, seek.

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  21. If you rewiev of your past years througly ,from your childhood to adult you will probably run into a few evidences in your memory in connection with reincarnation.what is realy need is to be a good observer.

  22.' Edward Fegredo says:

    On 16 march 2016, in a brief but reasoned message to Dr. Jim Tucker, I proposed that children who exhibit actual memories of carefully corroborated previous lives may not be recalling lives that They Themselves had lived in the past but that they may merely be playing back excerpts from particular Life Records that they had inherited.
    The next day Dr. Tucker replied in the following terms, “Thanks for your comments. You provide a different perspective on these issues, one worth considering.”

    I recognise that my proposal undermines decades of work by Dr. Tucker and Dr. Stephenson and the religious culture of Hindus and Buddhists which developed over thousands of years and that his response may well have been a polite way of dismissing my comments and effectively saying, “Don’t contact me, I’ll contact you”.

    I shall be interested to hear others persons’ views about my suggestion.

    •' Ricky G says:

      first off…I’m not a great advocate of living , or for that matter humanity in general. This means coming back to go through this again is not very appealing. BUT, and this is sooooo huge, what if we had no say? What if what we do in this life actually impacts a later existence?
      From what I’ve read several stories revolve around entities that pass before procreating, which theoretically would negate any genetic impact, a solution you seem to allude to (and an assumption I would personally espouse completely). Therefore to me there is no more important question. It literally trumps them all.
      And yes that is definitely a calculated use of the word. What if all of our world leaders could have some sort of definite proof that the world they helped to create would be there for them to experience at a later time???

  23.' Chij Koke says:

    Reincarnation is a fact. But, it can’t just be proven my scientific methods. There is metaphysics in play as well. So, science needs to be combined with metaphysics to prove reincarnation.

    Before going into explanation of how reincarnation happens, it is important to prove that everything around us, including the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Wind and everything was created. We then need to ask what was here before everything was created? The answer to this question is that there was only a vast expanse of darkness called the space. There were four aspects to the space. The first aspect to the space was the consciousness, consciousness that it is alive and living. This is also called the “I” or the ego of the space. The second aspect of the space was that the space did not come from anywhere. It was here. It wasn’t made by anyone and anything. It was also undying and immortal. This aspect of the space having had come from nowhere and having had always been here is called the “‘Existence.” The third aspect to the space was that in the immortal aspect of the space, there is a progress. The space was here before and it is here and it is continuing to be here. This gives rise to a valid question. The question is how old is the space? The answer to this question is that the space is ageless. It’s age is Eternal both in regression and in progression. It did not have a beginning and it does not have an end either. This eternal aspect of the space is called “‘Time.” The fourth aspect of the space is that the space is like this. The space is alive, eternal and immortal. There is nothing the space can do about its eternality, immortality and consciousness. It is fated to be like this. This aspect of the space is called “Fate.” These four aspect of the space exist in a state of eternal triangle with each apex of the triangle representing “Fate”, “Existence”, “Time” and the centre of the triangle representing the ego or the “I” of the space. This is called the “FETI.” The entire space, no matter how expansive it is, is alive in FETI. The FETI is what created everything.

    We are all the human embodiments of the FETI. We all have ego or the “I”, we all have existence, we all have time. Since the consciousness of the FETI is undying and immortal, we, the consciousness inside our body, are also undying and immortal. The only difference between the FETI and us is that FETI is immortal and eternal without end and beginning whilst we are immortal and eternal through end and beginning. We are nothing but various desires of the FETI. The FETI is the source of everything. Since the FETI is undying and immortal and since we are but a part of the FETI, we, the consciousness, are also immortal and eternal. When our body becomes old and dysfunctional, our body drops dead on the ground whilst we continue to live. So, what is evident from this is that soul or the consciousness or the awareness that “I exist” does exist.

    Our individual Existence, Fate and Time are constantly interacting on top our head and giving us the result of the interaction. The ego or The “I” that have already found The physical embodiments are constantly affected by our own individual Existence, Time and Fate. The interaction takes into account everything we learn from the world outside and gives us the best course of action. People emphasize on thinking. But, no one really thinks. It’s all our own awareness of situations that dictates the course of action for us. The result of the interaction dawns upon us and we jump into action. So, consciousness or we, the soul, or the abstract image of our physical body does exist. But what happens when we exit our body?

    The answer tho this question is that the FETI has also given all of us an individual Family FETI. The individual Family FETI is a little globe with a triangle on top of it. Each apex of the triangle on our individual Family FETI represents the Fate, Existence and Time whilst the inside of the globe contains the “I” of the FETI. The globe is abstract and is visible only to the third eye or to our mind’s eyes. We all retire back inside the globe after we shake off the body. The family FETI, the globe, is the heaven for us. Inside it, we find the members of our family who were dead before us. It is a heaven because since we do not live inside our physical body, we do not need to eat and since we do not need to eat, we do not need to work either. It’s a carefree world. Our family FETI conjures up various world within it and we are living carefree world within our family FETI. Make no mistake here about what family is. Family means all those who belong to the same FETI. Family means only people of father’s side. People of mother’s side have their own FETI. This means mother is not available in our Family FETI. Once we are inside our family FETI, as spirits or soul, we play with each other and wait for our turn to be reborn. How does reincarnation happen?

    When our turn to reincarnate comes, our father goes missing from the family FETI. Then we need to wait for our father to unite with our mother. When they unite, they copulate our family FETI and mother’s FETI wraps our mother and father. During ejaculation, our FETI injects us into the womb of mother through father’s reproductive organ whilst the FETI of The mother turns itself into an egg. The egg encapsulates us and provide the environment for us to develop into baby. After nine months, we come out into the world. We have reincarnated. The placenta is the physical embodiment of the mother’s family FETI. The FETI gives placenta to the earth whilst we give our body to the earth. After the placenta dies, the abstract aspect goes back be one with its source, the FETI of mother’s family. This is how reincarnation happens.

  24.' Edward Fegredo says:

    Further to my comment dated 11 November 2016.

    Researchers investigating children’s past life memories believe, in good faith, that those children are describing incidents from lives that They Themselves had lived in the past. May I propose another possibility?
    When we die our physical, tangible bodies get recycled. We are told that our non-physical, intangible remains – memories, thoughts, experiences, knowledge gained, wisdom acquired, etc – are encoded in our genes and passed onto our progeny for their survival and development. Is that the complete sequence of events?

    Since life appeared on earth, there have been 5 mass extinctions in which up to 96% of all life forms were destroyed. Those unfortunate creatures had no progeny to whom they could pass on their life experiences, etc. Mother Nature is all-wise and super-efficient – and she wastes nothing. There is survival value in the experiences of others. Collective wisdom, idea-sharing and problem-solving result from widespread exchanges. I therefore propose that the intangible experiences, living skills, survival strategies, etc of the trillions of creatures that were exterminated in those 5 mass extinctions did not just evaporate without trace, but survived in some shape or form for the benefit of all creatures coming after them.

    I propose:-

    a). that every man possesses a “unique brain frequency”
    b).that at the instant of a man’s death, a perfect Life Record – in his “unique brain frequency”- of everything he has experienced from the instant of conception to the instant of death comes into being, and survives [in the ‘ether’?] for all eternity, in instant-of-death order, in an “endless queue” for the benefit of all that come after him. Thus no intangible, non-physical remains of any human is ever lost or wasted.

    If the “unique brain frequency” of a subject child is in resonance with the frequency of a perfect Life Record in the “endless queue”, then the child may not be recalling incidents from a life that He Himself had lived in the past but is merely “playing back” excerpts from that particular person’s perfect Life Record.

    Perhaps one day we will be able to access individual Life Records in the “endless queue” which will support this view.

    For thousands of years meditation has been an integral part of the religious cultures of Hindus and Buddhists. It so happens that these ancient religions also incorporate reincarnation in their belief systems. Is this coincidence or did the notion of reincarnation arise as a consequence of meditation?
    It is well known that after years of dedicated practice Hindu and Buddhist monks are able to perform extraordinary feats of meditation. Can it be that in the distant past, on various occasions, monks attained extraordinarily deep meditative states and unwittingly “tuned into” perfect Life Records in the “endless queue” the frequencies of which were in resonance with their own “unique brain frequencies”, and recalled and described situations and events which reliable witnesses recognised as being undeniably associated with individuals who had died many years earlier? On
    very rare occasions they even took on scars and other distinguishing features etc of those people. In the absence of any other explanation, and in good faith, the belief arose that those monks had lived before, had died and had been reincarnated.
    With the passage of time an adjunct developed that if you are good in this life you will be rewarded in your next life and that if you are bad in this life you will be suitably punished in your next life. Thus the suffering masses accepted their miserable states in life as just punishment for evil they had done in their previous lives.
    The ruling elites enthusiastically supported this belief because it became easier for them to govern the unruly masses.
    On 16 March 2016, in a very brief message I proposed this view to Dr Tucker who responded the next day that I had “provided a different perspective on these issues, one worth considering”. I recognise that my proposal undermines decades of work by Dr. Stevenson and Dr. Tucker and assails the religious cultures of Hindus and Buddhists which developed over thousands of years, and that his response may well have been his polite way of dismissing my proposal. I shall be pleased to receive any comments.

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