3 Signs You Reincarnated Into This Life

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Steven Bancarz

ReincarnationReincarnation is spoken of a lot as something that is a possible outcome for us when our physical bodies die.  But rarely do we look at our current lives and wonder in we are a reincarnate.

I recently wrote an article titled “4 signs that this isn’t your first life on earth“, and it seemed to resonate with a lot of people.  I was amazed at how many people ended up messaging me saying it made so much sense to them.  It’s not a coincidence that you happen to feel as though you have lived here before while simultaneously holding an interest for spirituality.  At some point, we have to look within ourselves and wonder if we are currently living as a reincarnate.

Most people don’t read articles like this.  They don’t believe in the existence of a soul, let alone reincarnation.  Chances are, you are not just another number in the human population.  You have special qualities that make you feel different from other people.

I believe this is because you are part of a special group of people that reincarnated here on purpose.  Maybe you came here to help others evolve, to alleviate karma, or to develop as a soul.  Whatever the reason may be, here are 3 signs that you have reincarnated into this life:

1) Your life is full of lessons

From an early age, your life has been full of lessons.  Either you have been through a lot of things emotionally, or you are very reflective by nature and extract lessons from any instance you can.   From a young age, you have constantly had experiences which cause to to reflect and evolve.  Other people seem to cruise through life on autopilot, but you have experienced a thing or two.  And because of this, you have lots of wisdom you can offer to other people.

In fact, you may even begin to look at hardships as opportunities to evolve and will start welcoming them into your reality.  This is because you reincarnated here on purpose to evolve as a soul.  You have a tendency to come across challenges in life that force you to grow and evolve, and this is all part of the plan. Your life is more full of reflection and spiritual growth than the average person, because you came here with the mindset of treating this life as a schoolhouse for your soul. You didn’t just come here to build a cozy nest for yourself and then die. You came here with a mission to evolve.

2) You aren’t easily fooled

You aren’t socially naive. You have been through here before, so you have a natural ability to decipher the psychological states of other individuals. You aren’t as susceptible to brainwashing as other people, which is why you have a hard time taking the “news” seriously. You know flakiness when you see it, and subliminal messages stick out like a soar thumb for you.

You can see through people and into their real intentions, which is why people have a hard time pulling a quick one on you. Not everybody has the gift of having an awesome bullsh*t detector, and this is not just because you have a different genetic code than other people. From a young age, you have been able to get a really good read on people. This is because you’ve been through here a few times and are familiar with different psychological games people like to play. You recognize signs when you see them.

3) You have a longing to go back home

You may not know where “home” is right now, but you know it’s not here. You KNOW, somewhere deep in your soul, that planet earth is not your final destination. Because you know earth is not really your home, you feel a deep unease at times and start to miss where you existed prior to coming here. We may call it Heaven or the Spirit World, but regardless of what we call it, you know within your soul that your real home is located in a realm beyond the physical.

Not everybody has this homesickness. Some people may think “what are you talking about, of course this place is home.” But for you, you have came to earth and went back to the Spirit World enough times to know where you truly belong. You may not be able to put your finger on why it is you feel that way, and your mind may not understand it, but your soul is longing for the comfort of home. This homesickness may also be caused by the fact that you may have family members up there who you were with prior to coming here, who are waiting for you to return after you complete your mission in this life.

If you are reading this right now, take a moment reflect on your life and the way in which you interact with it. Do you believe this to be your first time coming through here? Has anyone ever called you an old soul before? Treat this life as your mission. You came here on purpose. You’re special. Don’t forget to look for the signs the universe is sending you each day.

About the Author:

My name is Steven Bancarz, and I am the creator of ‘Spirit Science and Metaphysics’. Thank you for reading this article! Within the next month, I plan to have my first YouTube video out called “How To Meditate”, and I am also currently building an online conscious forum to bring truth-seekers together to connect and share advice with one another.

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  2. Pjhazelton@hotmail.com' Priscilla hazelton says:

    It sure hit a nerve very very horrible childhood but hasnt made me upset at life and love to be of help with others that are on pain …

  3. Only one sign is shown. When you click on read the rest of the article, it says the page can’t be found. Why post articles and not allow them to be accessed?

  4. 2062772733946909@facebook.com' Faruk Kasum says:

    If reincarnation would be true then that MUST be the case. Then all souls have always existed and no new souls are “born”.

    • 10153549542745047@facebook.com' Jason Lewns says:

      what was it that led you to this conclusion?

    • 2062772733946909@facebook.com' Faruk Kasum says:

      I see the concept of reincarnation as souls moving into bodies. All souls that exist have always been there. This is because i believe the amount of energy is fixed, predetermined by divine design. Everything has been layed out. No new energy pops up out of nothing, no energy gets destroyed, only transformed. I think not every soul has a body yet, nor wil a soul reside in one forever. I believe a soul gets appointed to a body in divine order. All souls make up consiousness. We are each a part of this consiousness. Its there and always has been. Its all movement within the construct of existence. This is purely based on my feelings. No scientific sources. Pure imagination 🙂

    • Faruk Kasum,you have been reading Bhagvat geeta.

    • You can incarnate into a physical body on earth for the first time. Don’t forget different dimensions , and light bodies. A Physical vessel just means a lower dense vibration . ?

    • Earth is not the only world many have been on just as Earth is a first for many who have long been!

  5. We’re all reincarnated, some of us have been around for hundreds of thousands of years. Stop trying to feel like a special snowflake..it is too late in humanity’s evolution for this to be anyone’s first life. Look into what Helena Blavatsky said about the root races. They are waves of souls that reincarnate all at once, and only the 6th have begun recently (past few thousands) but many of the 4th and 5th are STILL here because you have to be enlightened to graduate, and so far not a great number of people have done that

  6. 10154400473125688@facebook.com' Kara Blasco says:

    I can totally relate! However, was not able to read the entire article beyond “read more”.

  7. Would have been good if continue reading link worked but unfortunately it is broken

  8. 10208921012235542@facebook.com' Nicci Bance says:

    link broken unfortunately

  9. 519974648151176@facebook.com' John Wayne says:

    All Wisdom is within the Akashic Records, seek and yea shall find.

  10. 449248328593013@facebook.com' Kim Rice says:

    The article starts but the link to the rest of the article doesn’t work so I only learned about one sign. Weird.

  11. I have always wondered. 🙂

  12. 10206662328549084@facebook.com' Neil S Clark says:

    I repeat myself…… especially using toilet paper…… The three signs are “YES” + “NO” but the most important one is “MAYBE” – or course there are others ……. n/a, I don’t know, who cares, bananas, mangoes, L, if the price is right, while stocks last, imagine, believe, NOW not later, irrology? (mis-spelling for marks of illness in your eyes) but my wife says ” the FOOD is ready” and I love that one the BEST

  13. 10206662328549084@facebook.com' Neil S Clark says:

    If I burn myself get born again in church, does that help in any way? Perhaps I need to start to believe in something, that will give me a direction, with a compass in hand I will go TRUE NORTH. But I am polarized already so my sensitively crushed feet can tingle and point the direction. If I get migraines I know where I am – standing under high power power lines. So know who and what you are – then you can see in otheres your soul. Sole / ur foot will point the way.

  14. 10206662328549084@facebook.com' Neil S Clark says:

    Too many coincidence means paranoia – also being vunerable means you will be approached by very cheeky girls showing their assets and asking ” Help me” The reply is of course, you have more assets than I could possibly imagine, I stuggle to grasp the … magnitude of your problems. But I know that your problem will be Come my big problem, so you never know what may develop next. But I cam imagine or dream ….. can’t I – NO – my wife says ….. NO and crosses her legs. I of course just see her as a teenager getting out of the pool with that cheeky look of a 17 yo – She has menopause – bloody nuisance – I may have to play with myself from now on.

  15. 1614784315457665@facebook.com' Roland Jacko says:

    wouldn’t be here,if you didn’t

  16. It would have been nicer if the entire article was here and the link not broken.

  17. tibarenterprises@aol.com' CALIKC008 says:

    Could not find the rest of the article, past #1, or cut and paste it. The link took me to a purple page with several headings but no indication of the continued article location!

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