How To Know When Your Life is About to Get Interesting

We all feel as if life can get a bit monotonous once in a while. But when that once in a while begins to fade into the norm, life can start to feel draining rather than nourishing, and who the hell wants that, right? We all inherently know on some level that the whole point here is to find that warm fuzzy feeling, the love we feel and see in the eyes our children, our lovers, our dying grandmothers…within ourselves. And honestly, it is only when we forget that fact that life ever seems to appear routine…

I know it is beyond cliche, yet it remains a cornerstone of excellent advice when it comes to spiritual growth, and so I’m going to share it here. That stroke of genius is this right here…ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. Your attitude is what sets your vibrational frequency that you are emitting out into the world. Call it your nonverbal signature that introduces you in the most honest way to people, whether either of you is consciously aware of it or not.

Your attitude is a choice to resonate with a certain frequency. Some are high and some are lower. The higher frequencies tend to open us up to communicate to our higher selves, spirit guides, astral beings and beings from higher dimensions, because these frequencies carry amazing feeling emotions and states of being such as love, gratitude, forgiveness, and peace which widen your receptive abilities, like zooming out a camera to view a wider perspective. Higher frequencies are expensive while lower ones are constricting. We can literally feel this in our bodies.

But contrary to what mainstream New Age news might suggest, I don’t always recommend staying in high frequencies, unless that is what your body is telling you and what feels right to you. Rather I do always recommend meditating on matching your own heart with the Earth’s frequency. I believe all frequencies serve their purpose or else we wouldn’t have access to them and our bodies wouldn’t respond to them and be able to work with them. The higher frequencies serve a purpose of healing, connection, direction, love, but I do not feel we need to necessarily “ascend” into them per se as we are already all-encompassing emotional, mental and spiritual beings, simply remembering who we are.

Humans feel and yes, humans think…a lot. But regardless of the implications of the famous quote by Descartes, “I think, therefore I am,” just thinking something doesn’t actually make it so. It turns out that for things to happen, there needs to be an initial cause. It turns out that for us to have the things that we want to show up in our lives to snap us out of monotony, WE need to show up first! So, one of the best ways to know things are about to get interesting in your life is after assessing your own pro-active involvement in it!

I truly believe none of us ever really grow up and that we are all just growing children until the day we die. With that being said, there are some things we learn and some things we don’t. Regardless, we ALL lose touch with who we are from time to time and fall into the trap of victimhood where we stop appreciating and start complaining. We all tend to find more ease in throwing energy into our problems than in attempts to find solutions as if we genuinely fear there may not even be one.

The hardest lesson to learn and the easiest one to forget to live in the third-dimension is that the mere fact a problem exist also proves there is a solution, as 3-D reality is one of duality, polarity and NOTHING exists without its opposing (yet cosmically complimenting) counterpart. No, not even your problems!

When we begin to feel disconnected from our family, friends, lovers, or source of spiritual solace, what we are really feeling disconnected from is ourselves. This is always a time where your inner child is literally screaming for some attention. It is making you feel unsatisfied and bored in all facets so eventually, if you don’t catch on, you will have no direction to turn but inward. And when you finally do, you will see yourself, who’s been waiting for you all this time.

Looking at our own Soul in perhaps one of the most terrifying things a person can do. And yet we fight ourselves in the reflections of others each and every single day. We just may not be aware of the fact that this is what relationships are all about. Until facets of your own unhealed parts are looked upon, they will continue to be reflected back to you. When we are tired of being blinded by reflections, then sometimes we just gotta look to see.


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