What You Need to Know About Chiropractor in Singapore

They say that health is wealth, and that has become the mantra of all especially in this pandemic. We have been accustomed to the role that medicines play in our health, and for every ailment, we take a pill for it. From a slight headache to sore muscles and lower back pain, we have a variety of pain relievers available at any pharmacy and even in convenience stores. However, there are instances when taking medicines and pills does not provide the relief that you expect, and when your body continuously aches, then there could be an alternative explanation for it. A Chiropractor in Singapore is a specialist that practices the treatment called chiropractic or the treatment of the mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system or the spine.

The practice of chiropractic is now considered medical treatment for everything that ails the body especially that the spine is connected to all parts of the body. The treatment is given through the manipulation of the spine and the alignment of the spine to the rest of the body. The entire process involves the cracking of bones and the pulling and pushing of the muscles and bones. The bones may produce sounds that may be disturbing to some and most people are afraid of getting a session since they think it is painful, although most chiropractors would say that the pain is minimal and yet the outcome is astounding. But of course, not everything can be corrected or treated in a single session, it usually takes a number of sessions before the desired outcome is achieved. The patient can go in for regular treatments once a week for those with chronic pain and only once every two weeks or month for those with manageable pain. It takes between 6 to 8 sessions before the spine is completely aligned and by then the patient is expected to observe a proper range of movements to prevent the pain from coming back.

What Services Does a Chiropractor in Singapore Offer?

It would seem that any ailment that involves the muscles, spine, and bones can be treated by a chiropractor in Singapore. Thus, stiff necks, migraines, lower back pain, limited range of movement, bad posture, leg cramps, and even muscle injuries can be cured by chiropractic. Each session is tailored to fit the patient, since not everybody is the same, how fast or slow the body will respond to the chiropractic sessions will depend on the client. Due to individual differences, there is no one-size-fits-all concept in chiropractic, rather each individual manifests its misalignment differently, and hence the chiropractor has to address each unique issue or concern. What remains the same for each patient would be the promise that they will feel better after each session and that they do not have to necessarily endure pain.

Some patients even feel better after a single session and since it rids them of the pain they have experienced for a long time, they diligently keep coming for the rest of the treatment. The services they offer are perfectly sound and safe, and there is nothing to worry about, except for the price for each session that is. Although chiropractic can cost a lot of money, the rewards you get for not having to feel pain and taking pain relievers that is damaging to the kidneys and liver are worth it. The chiropractors also conduct an initial assessment and interview of your health status and the pain that you are feeling. It is in this initial assessment that the chiropractors can develop the strategies they would take to align your spine with the rest of the body.

Where to Find a Chiropractor in Singapore?

Unlike in other advanced countries where chiropractors are plenty, chiropractors in Singapore are not that many in number. For one, it takes years of study in order to become a chiropractor, and most of the time it is difficult to set up practice in a place where people are not into it or worst are fearful of the treatment. This is why most of those who graduate from chiropractic university will choose to stay in the same country since there will be a lot of potential patients that they can work with. On the other hand, there is also the appeal of starting out in a new environment and be able to successfully convince people that chiropractic treatments are effective. In Singapore, you can find a handful of chiropractors but there is no waiting list since most people find it strange and different and with an excellent healthcare system, people would rather go to a physician to get a prescription for pain medication. In order to find the best chiropractor in the country, one can search the internet and find a chiropractor that operates in the area, you can then reach out to the clinic and set an appointment. You can also find them through their contact numbers and give them a call if you are within the area.

What to Expect from a Chiropractor in Singapore?

Once you have set an appointment for your initial assessment and consultation, the chiropractor in Singapore will verify your identity and take your vital signs and then you need to wait for your turn. During the consultation, the chiropractor will ask you about what your problem areas are, how long you have been feeling pain and what medications you have taken for it. Any previous injuries and accidents and surgery will also be asked, so you need to answer truthfully. This is an important step since this is where the chiropractor will determine if you are a good candidate for the sessions. The first session usually happens right after the initial consultation, it is also a sort of demonstration so that you will be aware of what to expect in the coming sessions. The first session will likely address the most pressing problems and physical pain that you have, and after each cracking, you will feel immense relief. After which, the chiropractor will draw up an individualized plan so that all of your ailments will be addressed effectively.