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What Type of Psychic Ability Do You Have?

Psychic Abilities

Everyone has psychic abilities but not everyone is able to identify which psychic ability they are working with. By identifying how you are receiving psychic information, you will begin to trust the information that is coming through because of the way the messages comes through to you.

Different psychic abilities are defined with the word “Clair” in front of them. Below I have broken down the different clairs along with a test for each so that you so you can recognize which one you resonate most with. Keep in mind, it is not uncommon for someone to be gifted with several psychic senses. There are online sites that provide expert psychic readings for free. You can examine if your psychic abilities are matching with them. Make sure that you avail a free reading from sites that have been long standing in this field

Are You Ready To See Which Psychic Gifts Your Possess?

Test #1

  1. Do you hear your name being called?
  2. Do you hear messages within your head that offer reasonable guidance?
  3. Do you experience buzzing or ringing in your ears?
  4. Do you hear things that others don't hear?

Chances are you are clairaudient if you answered yes to 3 of these questions. Clairaudience is the ability to hear psychic energy, messages, and sounds. The voices and or sounds aren't heard with your physical ears but with the psychic sense of clairaudience.

Exercise – Sitting in total silence, allowing messages to come and go without straining will help you develop your clairaudient abilities.

Test #2

  1. Do you have often have visions that play out like a movie?
  2. Do you see colors around people?
  3. Do you have vivid dreams?
  4. Do you often see something out of the corner of your eye?

This test will help you find out if you have clairvoyant abilities. Clairvoyance is the ability to see psychic energy as pictures, visions, words may form in your mind's eye and you may see colors and swirls of energy. Clairvoyants often think they are daydreaming but usually what people are experiencing is psychic information that is trying to come through.

Exercise – Rubbing the area between your eyes with your index finger will help stimulate your clairvoyant abilities.

Test #3

  1. Do solutions simply pop into your mind without straining to find a solution?
  2. When you misplace an object, does it's location suddenly appear in your mind?
  3. Are there some skills such as playing an instrument, that are second nature to you without any prior training?
  4. Do you automatically know when someone is not being truthful?

Claircognizance is the ability to know information, you have a sense of clear knowing. Many of us have had experiences where we simply know what the outcome will be or what to do to solve a problem.

Exercise – Automatic writing will help you get in touch with this psychic ability. Also, writing down what you think the outcome will be to future events without second-guessing yourself will help you to develop this psychic sense.

Test #4

  1. Do large crowds overwhelm you where you can feel the emotions of the people around you?
  2. You instantly pick up on the feeling of places you walk into without anyone sharing with you what is happening at that moment.
  3. Are you able to pick up an object and know who it belongs to and it's history?
  4. Do you tend to use the words “I feel” when describing what thinking?

The ability associated with these questions is clairsentience. Clairsentience is the ability to feel or sense psychic energy. It is extremely important that clairsentients learn how to create and keep healthy boundaries with others due to their natural ability to pick up and take another's emotions.

Exercise – Psychometry exercises will help you enhance this gift. Psychometry is the ability to tap into the energetic impressions and or history of physical objects and their owners simply by holding an object.

If you answered yes to 3 or more out of each group of questions, then you possess that psychic ability. Some of you may have answered yes to all of the questions, this means that you have your have a strong sense of intuition and would benefit from investing some time to fine-tune your all of your gifts so that you may implement them not only for your own well-being but for the benefit of others as well.

Some words of wisdom – please do not compare your abilities with anyone else's. Everyone's gifts are unique and special. No two people receive information in the same manner. Embrace your own uniqueness and don't be afraid to allow your gifts to shine.

Blessings and Light,

Laurie Barraco

Laurie Barraco

Laurie Barraco is a professional intuitive counselor, medium, author, recording artist, teacher and the owner of The Mystical Moon, a healing center in Fort Myers, Florida. Laurie offers readings, courses and healing products through The Mystical Moon Online Store. You can connect with her at The Mystical Moon Facebook Page.

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38 Reader Comments

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  1.' Deb Malyss Marsh says:

    All of them but 1 & 4 are strongest.

  2.' Moris Bolković says:

    I’m very good around animals and they seem to like me more than they like other people but that seems more related to understanding their behaviour than any psychic power.. but who knows 🙂

  3.' Angelique Wessel says:

    not found

  4.' James Kuloloio says:


  5.' Willy Watson says:

    I knew this was coming

  6.' Angela Go says:

    Wow really suprised!
    I have abilities #2 – 2,4 and others that didn’t write on here.

    How do you know that?
    How can I grow my ablilities?

  7.' Diana Alina says:

    Interesting ! 🙂

  8.' Felicia McCarthy says:

    Erika Lopez

  9.' Charles Barton Lamb says:

    I can sniff out bullshit artists pretty well. Does that count? 😛

  10.' Charles Barton Lamb says:

    Page doesn’t come up. 🙂

  11.' Piyush Kumar says:

    Teacher: Why did you laugh..? . Boy: I saw 1 strip of your bra. 😉 . Teacher: Get out of the class for 1 week. :3 . 2nd boy laughed. 😉 . Teacher: Why did u laugh.? . Boy: I saw both strips. :* . Teacher: Get out for 1 month.. :3 . She bent down to take chalk. . Little Jhony started walking out. : . Teacher: Jhony, why r u going out.? : . Jhony: What I just saw, I think my school days r over 🙂 :v :v For More Funny Jokes… Then join this page Must.. (y)

  12.' Dana Johnson says:

    2 & 4 ~ I seem to know things before they happen. Sometimes accidents others have are very vivid to me before it happens. Like a feeling of a daydream with a heavy, overwhelming feeling of doom. I also seem to automatically know of pregnanies, sex & name of the child. Often before the mother knows she is pregnant. But the clearest ability is empathy. I seem to physically & emotionally feel what others feel. Mainly with those closest to me. I knew when and felt labor pains for my daughter in law who was in another country ♡

  13.' Graham Barnett says:

    I have the ability to know that this post is bullshit even without reading it.

  14.' Joshua Johnson says:

    I agree. It’s demonic witchcraft bull crap.

  15.' Juliet Seer Pazera says:

    All of em…

  16.' Catherine Veares says:

    @ Kelley Lee

  17.' Caitlin Arnold says:

    1 & 2 are my strongest!! Jonyy Ingraced Seed

  18.' Phil Gamble says:

    Thankyou so much. I used to think it was schizophrenia as a child. Keeping my feelings and thoughts to myself as no one could understand. Even now I have troubles understanding it, where it comes from and how it has anything to do with me. I smoked pot to reduce or control it. But realised it isnt the answer. I feel I need to understand it so I can work with it.
    I answered yes to at least 3 of every clair. How do I become one with these abilities. I feel it is a calling. But I dont know how to radiate and embrace this as I dont fully understand. I have never had a particular job in this reality that I have wanted to do, even as a child. Do you think you can help me with this? I would be ever so appreciative, thankyou x blessings ?

    •' Phil Gamble says:

      Sorry I am wrong onthis. The capability of picking thing up like music, is not the same as being able to pick sport up with little practice. So at least 2 of all of them.

  19.' Michele Perez Najera says:

    A lot of times, I can pick up on what my husband is thinking…Lol..?

  20.' Julena Meroiti says:

    Absolutely wonderful xx

  21.' Jon Albrecht says:

    I have the same ability as Graham Barnett.
    Hey,maybe were psychically connected?

  22.' Amy Mingee says:

    Glyn Hornback

  23.' Niki Puerto says:

    Anna Karenina Lim-Puerto

  24.' Lucas Lenoir says:

    Phan Hong An

  25.' John Bryant says:

    A lot of times my wife picks up after me.

  26.' John Bryant says:

    I just scrolled past that post because I knew it was there.

  27.' Marielle Vuur says:

    it seems that I apply to all.. but dont we all?

  28.' Kizzmeeh Nowa says:

    The ability to recognize scammers and bullsh#t when I see it

  29.' Nathifah Ain Sharif says:

    I’m clairaudient and clairsentient

  30.' Adrian says:

    I have the ability to hear voices,ringing n buzzing noise n my ears n have the ability to hear things others don’t hear. So that is number 1

  31.' Lisa says:

    I’m an Empath. Some people are very god at hiding what they feel but those who send out stromg vibes without knowing it, I sense. Knowing the B.S.’ers is easy to tell, or who will be condescending. But you can’t blurt it out. On a couple occasions I’ve seen orbs, and one was in my house, long time ago I went to an old cemetary with some people at night and I could sense the dead following us and not pleased but saw nothing. ‘Course no one believed me. I’ve had a couple remote viewings which scsred me, sudden psychic impressions that were later verified which scared me, as a child in our basement I saw an apparition that said hello which scared me so much I can’t be in a dark hall or basement. As a child I warned my mother not to go somewhere because she’d be in an accident and she wouldn’d let me come. Hours later she was in a car accident and her car was hit exactly how I ‘saw’ it which would’ve killed me instantly had I been allowed to go, my paternal grandfather slammed a window shut when he died and next day I learned he had died. I sensed the passing of three people and it was confirmed but I saw in my mind and felt how two actually died which is unnerving, I got ‘jumped’ by two dead in a cemetary I didn’t know and I yelled at them and they both nearly knocked me down. Both made me feel how they died, one showed me his face which scared the crap out of me because his tombstone had a photo of him on it. Never saw that before. I was visiting my parents’ graves and must’ve been too open because I was pulled to two strangers’ graves. I refuse to go back to the cemetary. I’m that rattled and it’s been years. My deceased fiance after he died would move things, touch me. I was so scared I told him to stop. He comes in the same dream. Only once has he come physically where I am now. He sat on my bed and touched me like he did in life. And no, didn’t see him. If I did, I’d pass of fright! I’ve pengulimed him, my father, and my uncle when I did refused to talk to me. He’s still grumpy. I seem to have a portal in front of only one room where what I use as a pendulum(what they owned that I put on a string). NOT a good idea to do! Why? Because sometimes I sense a crowd where I am. They don’t show themselves then leave. I thought I was nuts until my dog reacted to one. I saw nothing but sensed it, my dog would sit sideways in fromt of my front door and looke up as if someone was talking to her. Only happened twice. I had to see who it was so I pendulumed my dead fiance. It was him he said. I’ve had things disappear and reappear and tell whoever is doing it it’s not funny and it stopped. Spirits have that ability. I get cold spots then they disappear. I get the ringing in the ears and only once have I heard whispers. They do that too. I try to block these things. It only works so long and then I’m flooded with images. But no orbs except once, a few dreams of deceased relatives that I can’t control. Being an empath is worse. People dump their crap on me all the time and it takes weeks to clear it out so I try to avoid some people. Can I predict what you’re thinking? No. Can I hold objects and get impressions? No. Have I ever been wrong about someone’s personality that they send out when I first meet them even from a distance? Unfortunately if it’s real strong, yes and once it hit me with heavy waves. Was messed up bad after that. That came off a pizza delivery person. He was very ‘off’ which is the only way to describe it. Made the mistake of calling his job and saying don’t send him. Well they did a second time. He tried to repress his ‘offness’. Came out in gentle waves. No more pizza from them. Never felt that before. Scary! Hard to talk about because people think you’re nuts. People say hone your abilities! I don’t want them! I hate having the occasional vision and don’t understand until I get it confirmed. I hate being an Empath. Told my brother once and he said just turn it off. I wish! I was 7 when my brother brought home a Ouiji board and it went nuts. That was when I saw my first apparition head and it said “hello!” All during my child hood a spirit kept calling my name. Mom got tired of me asking her if she was calling me by name. It happened when I was alone. I learned to ignore it. I made the mistake of dabbling in telepathy. OK call it a mind meld. He overwhelmed me with images overloading me. It was excruciating and fought to break it then demanded to know what I saw. I said no, you’ll think I’m crazy. He demanded it and I told him. Tell me I’m crazy I said! Casually he said I saw exactly what he sent. I saw hawks and falcons and it was if I was on top of them in flight. 7 years later he wrote me an e-mail with hawk in the name. I will NEVER get into a mind meld, mind lock, I don’t know what to call it. He knew I had this ability and took advantage. Fortunately for me I didn’t get any messages he was sending without direct contact. I refuse to associate with him since that incident. And no, can’t predict disasters, or Lottery numbers, or change stock numbers. No, I can’t find missing people. But when it rains, I know someone has died. Where, how, who, no idea. Seems the older I get the ability to block weakens. Starting to feel what animals feel. Confusing. Wish it would all stop! As far as I know, no one on either side of my family had psychic stuff. Or maybe they did and didn’t say anything. It’s not something you blab. But here I feel a little safe to. I don’t know about other real psychics, and Empaths who find this a great thing to have, call it a gift, hone it, but if I could, I’d trade it. Well, it does explain one thing my parents used to say. “You’re special!” Little did they know what I really have. I don’t want this ‘gift’ that pops up unpredictably. Stuck with it. It’s scary, confusing. I’ve been ‘jumped’ by two spirits, have seen on two occassions orbs been attacked by them and drained, have learned to stay away from Ouiji Boards, and pendulum no one any more. I tell the ‘crowd’ of spirits that periodically flood my living room that as long as they don’t hurt me, take things them pop them in another place in my home or scare my pets, materialize, or orb like one did,(whom I learned from my neighbor that the person died in my home as he was elderly, they can stay because I can’t get rid of them. They buzz my ear and send a chill but I’m used to it. It’s a wierd feeling. OK confession time over.

  32.' Guardian Angel says:

    Thank you for sharing

  33.' Sandi says:

    I have seen spirits pretty clearly, even what they wear,in color. I know I hear my name being called in a crowded store. I often smell aromas in my home, when nobody has been burning anything. I can Feela negative feeling when around me, with Some people.
    I’ve tried meditation, but my mind is so busy. I want to advance my Sight. It’s important to me.

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