Wellness Apps to Help Look After Yourself in a Tech-centric World

Technology is a very significant part of the 21st century; and it can’t be denied that it has provided some incredible advancements in health, science, and our everyday lives. One of the biggest advancements is the way technology has helped improve the service from IT Support Companies around the world. However, it is also very true that living in a world where you are constantly surrounded by technology that governs your day-to-day life can cause high amounts of stress and fatigue in some people.

Even though technology can have negative effects on your health, there are also ways in which it can help you take care of yourself – with the trends like self-care and mindfulness becoming big in the mainstream, there has been an uptick in useful applications and software that help the average person connect with their health in a more meaningful way.


This is a journaling app that makes it easy and stimulating to use. Journaling is proven to have many benefits to your mind and soul – it is highly recommended by therapists and counselors, even doctors and scientists endorse the practice of journaling. Journaling is popular among IT Firms, we’ve seen how it can help in the job of an Azure Consultant who needs to keep their mind at ease. Jour is designed for those who may not have ever had any experience with journaling in the past, but it is also great for those with experience that want a journal they can access anywhere, thanks to its digital nature.

My Affirmations

This is a good one for those of you that use your phones a lot during the day, and want reminders to look inward or check up on your mental and physical wellbeing. We’ve introduced this app into the working days of many companies, it’s inserted through IT Support Solutions, like a uniquely designed IT Support Financial Services Solution that incorporates My Affirmations into the working day. The My Affirmations app provides all kinds of positive affirmations for you to look at and take in. It even has a widget that you can put on your home screen, so you don’t even need to open the app – you can see a positive affirmation every time you unlock your phone.

Spiritual Stories Daily

If you sometimes get bogged down with a lot of the negative or just pointless news articles that are presented to you whenever you use technology, this app can be a great antidote. Spiritual Stories Daily curates stories from all over the world – from stories from the Jewish faith, Sufi faith, Zen, as well as many notable figures like Sri Ramakrishna and Rabbi Allen S. Maller.

Another cool feature of this app is it enables you to set ringtones and alarm clocks with calming or spiritual sounds.


If you are also passionate about keeping your physical health at a high level and in a mindful way, you might love apps such as Glo. It is an app dedicated to yoga – with specialized practices, yoga sessions, and live classes, there are so many options for you to connect with your physical health.