How to Know It’s Time For a Serious Shift in Your Life

I recently heard someone say, “At first the Universe will gently whisper in your ear. If you don’t listen, it will give you a little shove. And finally if still ignored, it will proceed to take a 2×4 to your head.” I love this quote because it’s so very true if you just stop to take a look at those areas of your life that are causing you the most stress and/or never seem to be working out the way you want them to. When you start to pay attention and notice these signs in your life, you’ll come to find that we are always being guided out of chaos and back into balance. It’s just when we get happen to get in the way and interfere with that, when we see things fall into a state of perpetual disaster.

This may sound annoyingly obvious, but when you find yourself in the same boat over and over again, and it’s not a boat you even want to be in per se (it’s been leaking and threatening to sink for years); well, that is life’s way of trying to tell you it’s time for a change. Whether it be as simple as a shift in how you’re always thinking about things in your life that are causing you stress, or a huge, major shift that often knocks us for a loop and shakes us to the core. Unfortunately, it usually takes the latter for most of us to start paying attention.

We’ve all heard of people having near-death experiences and then making huge leaps and bounds to better themselves and their lives because they’ve been given a major dose of reality. The reality being that every moment of life is so very precious, and our Ego-minds often tempt us into settling for lives of comfort, convenience and mediocrity. So, why do we need such a HUGE event to remind us of this and start living to the fullest? When do we lose that child-like wonder to reach for the stars? And when do we forget to make our own happiness a top priority?

Personally, I am one of the most stubborn people I know and I used to put myself through hell (over and over) just for kicks; to make sure I had REALLY learned that particular lesson. And a funny thing happens when you tell yourself you have grown, matured, adjusted…whatever we tell ourselves, but the proof only rests in the current state of your life. Your life IS the proof of any positive change/shifts, etc. as well as your level of happiness. So, if we find we are unhappy again with the same situation, then we may not have grown as much as we had previously thought.

This is not to say that we can’t make mistakes in life; in fact I’d say making mistakes (and hopefully learning the lessons they provide) is the whole point of it all. But another gem of knowledge I’ve heard recently is that a mistake made more than once is a choice. And I’d have to agree with that, no matter how much our ego loves to throw us right back into victim mode when things get tough again. The point of making mistakes is to grow and learn and make you better prepared to handle a similar situation next time you find yourself thinking, “Wow, this AGAIN?” So, if you don’t apply to this time around what you’ve learned previously, then the Universe will hear you loud and clear as you request more of the same, so that you can learn the lesson meant for you.

This is not a punishment, nor is it a “blessing” when this particular issue no longer gives you so much stress or has been resolved completely. Of course we can always be grateful, but once we start letting our ego come in and judging and labeling things as good or bad, etc. we start to miss the beauty of the so-called bad and may even avoid it completely preventing ourselves from the growth and expansion those lessons offer.

So, its a matter of being willing to step outside of your comfort zone and zoom out so far from your current perspective, that you allow yourself the ability to see the entire picture. Once you do, you can begin to appreciate even the bad times and use the gifts of knowledge they provide to bring even more joy to those parts of your life you feel are working for you.

And with practice and patience, with ourselves and life itself, our beliefs, views, and perspective will begin to shift and this can happen ever so subtlely or with a tsunami wave of change. Ultimately what determines the extent of intensity is our willingness to stop bad habits and old patterns in their tracks and to always be mindful of the thoughts you are having and the stories you are telling yourself about your life.

Eventually, we no longer need have our proverbial skulls cracked open to get our attention to those things out of balance in our lives. We will no longer wait for the usual drama to build, and will instead have learned to be proactive in preventing the drama from even taking root. And the more we stick with this practice, the better “lovers of Self” we become. And the better we treat ourselves, the more space we create for positive change to come in. Simple or complex, shifts are always happening. Isn’t is about time we all become the conscious creators we were meant to be and learn to surf the waves of change?

I chose to write about this topic because I made a mistake recently that I never thought I’d make again. So, above all, please be kind to yourselves and always remember that we are all a work in progress. But we all also deserve our own love and to be made a priority in our own lives. So, let my recent disaster be a kind reminder that we always have more to learn, and as long as we stay open and willing, our growth potential is truly infinite.

Have a great weekend everyone! <3

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  1.' Cara Riley says:

    If you listen to the whispers, you never need to hear the scream. The Universe whispers our lessons to us, if we would only listen, but we seldom do, so it ends up having to scream. Example: Driver, driving to work, speeding, tired and drinking coffee to stay awake. Sees an animal dart onto the road, swerves and misses (whisper). Gets stopped at every set of lights (whisper), gets more angry.Gets halfway to work and another car pulls out in front of him (whisper). He misses, but becomes irate and gives the other driver the bird. Five minutes from work a truck jack-knifes in front of him and he is unable to stop in time (scream)…if he had listened to the whispers and slowed down, he would’t have been so close to the truck and the Universe would not have had to scream…

    •' Rebecca Wilson says:

      I’ve had whispers like this… after stopping at almost all the red lights or being stuck behind a slow driver I do get quite irritated, but then it occurs to me that there is a reason why I need to slow down, and so I do… nothing ever happens after I do slow down, but I guess that’s what happens when you listen ☺

  2.' Adam Cohn says:

    Turtle Pirolli 😀

  3.' Will Wright says:

    So true

  4.' Stephanie Jade says:

    What if we don’t want to listen? Why can’t you leave me alone for a little, universe -______-

  5.' james360 says:

    Its late so I will be short;
    Good thoughts…

  6. LP Dor says:

    Thank you for sharing this thought. I also had similar experiences making mistakes that I never thought I would make again. Upon reading this, I was reminded of my journey that consists of quite a few big shifts like changing to a job to follow my heart etc. And, surprisingly, sometimes the shifts will “demand” that we take the courage to make the seemingly-simple-but-actually-difficult changes within us.

    What I also acknowledge is that sometimes, when the universe whispers, one of the first few conflicts within a person will be about “Practicality” vs “Dream”. (I just bumped into a free e-book on it. “Burnt Out?! 5 Things to Consider before You Quit Your Job” too —

    Really am appreciative of the wisdom shared by many fellow conscious life travellers. Cheers to living!

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