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Dr. Joe Dispenza explains his process for manifestation by connecting to the emotions of your future already manifested.

Imagine being so whole that you no longer want anything. We've measured this. Imagine feeling so connected to the emotions of your future. You've conditioned your brain and body into that state.

If you feel like your future, has already happened, you wouldn't be separate from it. In fact, you wouldn't even be looking for it. Why would you look for it if it felt like it already happened? That's when the magic happens. That's when you move closer and closer into the present moment.

And if that singularity point, that source energy, that the all-in-all, the universal mind, whatever you want to call it: pure love. As you move closer to it, then the process of creation, the process of healing, the process of having a mystical moment would be an arousal also, but the arousal wouldn't be fear. The arousal wouldn't be pain, the arousal wouldn't be aggression or anger.

The arousal is actually ecstasy and we've actually caught this on so many brain scans that if you're in that state, why would you want to leave the moment? That's you moving closer to the source. And when that happens, you experience oneness. And oneness is when your consciousness actually merges with the consciousness of the all-in-all, and that should be an arousal, and that should be an awakening.

And the amount of energy that we capture in the brain when this occurs, the amount of information being exchanged between the brain and the heart is way, way, way outside of normal.

So getting to the sweet spot of the generous present moment takes quite a bit of awareness and energy because most people wake up in the morning and their brain is a record of the past. They start thinking of their problems. Those problems are associated to people that they know, things that they have to do, and places they have to go at certain times.

And if you believe that your thoughts have something to do with your destiny and if you're waking up in the morning and you're recalling your past, then you're thinking in the past. Those are memories that are etched in the brain.

Now, every one of those problems has an emotion associated with them. So the moment the person feels unhappy or feels desperate or feels fear, now their body's in the past, because thoughts of the vocabulary of the brain and feelings of the vocabulary of our bodies. And how we think and how we feel creates our state of being. So, a thought and a feeling, an image and an emotion, a stimulus and response and you're conditioning the body subconsciously to being in the past.

And when we live by familiar emotions, the body's so objective that it's it's believing that it's living in that same past experience that created that problem. It doesn't know the difference.

And if the environment signals the gene, and the end product of an experience in the environment is an emotion, we're signaling the gene without the environment. And if those stress hormones dysregulate or downregulate genes and create disease, now you're headed for a genetic future, right?

But then people get up after they get caught up in the way they feel and reaffirm their identity, then they get up and do a series of routine automatic behaviors that they've done the day before. And we could take their yesterday, 90 percent of their day looks a lot like their tomorrow. And they become habituated into a predictable future. And if the familiar past is the known, and the predictable future is the known, and that person's lost their free will to a set of programs.

But there's no unseen hand doing it to them. There's no room for anything new to happen in their life. Then, if the familiar past is the known, and the predictable future is known, then there's only one place where the unknown exists. And that's the sweet spot of that generous present moment.

And people do meditations, Kelly, and they say, Oh, I can't meditate. You know they go, Oh my mind's all over the place. Oh, I got to get up. I got to check my emails, I've got things to do. I got a baby. I got kids. I got a job. And, they buy into the thought that they can't meditate, or it's too hard, or something's wrong with them. I need a brain scan. Whatever. And really that's just the thought that's causing them to stay in the known.

On the other side of that thought is freedom. And when a person is saying – oh, my god, it's eight o'clock in the morning and I'm sitting meditating. This is normally when I get in traffic and I throw a tantrum. The body's used to that. Don't you think that at eight o'clock in the morning the body's going to be looking for that arousal, and if you're not getting it from your outer environment, it'll call up a memory so that you can feel that emotion.

And if you catch yourself doing that and you settle the body back down into the present moment, that's the moment, you're telling the body it's no longer the mind – that you're the mind. And that's a victory, and there's a liberation of energy that happens where we're settling the body down from its animal nature. And then it says I gotta get up. I gotta check my phone, I gotta do this, I gotta go there. And you catch yourself doing that, and you settle your body back into the present moment. Now, you're executing a will that's greater than the program, and that's a victory as well.

And it turns out, if you just give people enough time to sit with themselves. We've done this in 30 week-long retreats: a person that has to disentangle from the hard-wired thoughts, from you know the habituated actions and the emotional conditioning that keeps him in the past. And, if you can pay attention to those thoughts, if you can notice how you're feeling and acting, you're no longer unconscious. Now you're, conscious, and you're outside the program.

And it's the act of doing this that causes us to disentangle. And it takes energy and it takes constant awareness. And you could be a vegetarian, you could be young, you could be old, you could be gluten-free, you could be wealthy, you could be poor, you could be white, you could be black, you could be yellow, you could be anybody you want, you could be whoever you want.

Everybody, once they learn how to do this, when they can settle into the present moment, the unknown – and nothing dangerous or bad happens – it provokes adventure, it provokes novelty, it provokes the craving for a new experience, a new possibility. And that's where all possibilities exist in that in that eternal now.

And that's when you go from the realm of space-time (you know space-time the three-dimensional reality where there's an infinite amount of space and we experience time moving through it) to this realm called time-space where there's an infinite amount of time. If time is eternal, you get a lot of things done. There are not a lot of possibilities equal to your imagination.

Now, when people finally can settle into the unknown – without a name, without a face, without a social security number, without a budget, without a profession, without kids – and just be aware of themselves, aware of nothing that has anything to do with the known physical material world. And they create from nothing that's when something begins to appear because nothing is the fundamental ground for everything physical and three-dimensional.

So teaching people how to do that, to get to that present moment, is the art. And once people actually can get there, they actually no longer really want anything. All the things they thought they want, they no longer want because i feel like they have them. And i would say that's a really good place to be.

So a person does a great meditation. This is all of us. You get locked in your heart. Your brain is opened up. Your mind's expanded. You're seeing that future, you're embracing it emotionally. And then you got to now practice with your eyes open. Now you got to be able to maintain that modified state of mind and body your entire day. And if you can, get ready: weird things are going to happen in your life.

But if you say: God, I'm so upset. And you disconnect from the energy of your future and your response is producing emotions and energy of the past, and thoughts related to past memories, don't expect anything in your life to change.

And if you said to me: well, it's that person or that circumstance, I'd, say: Uh oh, we're back to the unconscious program of being a victim -that the outer world is controlling the way we think and feel. Maybe it's how we think and feel. Change the way we think and feel, we produce an outcome in our outer life. So, the responses in the stress, hormones, causing us to feel more like matter and less like energy, we're going to feel more separation. And so then the desperation of separation means now it's got to happen out there to make this go away.


Dr Joe Dispenza is an international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and educator who has been invited to speak in more than 33 countries on six continents. As a lecturer and educator, he is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities. In his easy-to-understand, encouraging, and compassionate style, he has educated thousands of people, detailing how they can rewire their brains and recondition their bodies to make lasting changes.

“Dr. Joe Dispenza is a doctor, a scientist, and a modern-day mystic. . . . In a style that is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand, [he] has woven into a single volume the paradigm-altering discoveries of quantum science and the deep teachings that adepts of the past dedicated their entire lifetimes to master.”

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