Talking In Crop Circles

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By Sarah Grigg

We have all heard the phrase, “Talking in circles,” but what about, “Talking in crop circles?” Yes, intelligent life from other star systems could very well be responsible for them, but, what if this contact was from a source a bit closer to home? What if the Earth itself is attempting communication with us?

Crop circles have a mysterious and rich history dating back to 1678 when stories of the “Mowing Devil” hit the local news. Since then, approximately 10,000 circles have been reported internationally. Some formations featuring as many as 2000 different geometric shapes. What do these shapes mean? What are the messages hidden inside them? Sacred geometry perhaps?

Sacred geometry, simply put, is the language used to describe how consciousness moves through reality. Plato himself found it to be the clearest model by which to define the metaphysical realm. Geometry alone is just geometry, however when finely paired with spirit and metaphysics, it then becomes sacred geometry. It is the energy blueprint for the principal of oneness and our non-separation from the whole.

Many enthusiasts as well as skeptics have made the attempt to study the phenomenon of crop circles and have found themselves having more questions than answers. However there have been several conclusive findings as far as the effects on the grain inside the circles as compared to the surrounding vegetation. These effects were mainly noted to be pulvini elongation and stunted seed growth, this along with the testing of soil samples suggested exposure to intense heat, radiation and electromagnetism. Thomas Djamaluddin, research professor of astronomy and astrophysics at LAPAN has stated, “We have come to agree that this ‘thing’ cannot be scientifically proven.”

Crop circles are often found along or near ley lines and or areas where the earth’s magnetic field is unusually active. In 2000, Colin Andrews, a crop circle researcher of 17 years, came to the conclusion that many of these formations were due to a three-degree shift in the Earth's magnetic field which can create a current that causes an “electrocution” of the crops prompting them to flatten and form circles. Could this electromagnetic current be Earth speak? Could this be the actual “voice” of Gaia?

Many fish and animals have been reported to flee several days before natural disasters happen, could this be because they are in harmony with the land and are therefore more receptive and connected to this energy? The same energy that instinctively navigates life of all kinds to migrate and communicate? Such a fascinating concept!

We live in a remarkable era where science has proven time and time again how different shapes and different waves (frequencies) have different effects on the unconscious mind and can be used for manifesting, healing and evolution. As if they are a part of us. We see it not only in humans but in all life. There is a thriving number of advanced scientists that are focusing their efforts on pure structural patterns. Shape and material being the foundation of all modern technology and the key to everything from nuclear physics to human plant and animal biology. Not surprisingly, these studies are being commissioned by governments, defense organizations such as NATO, as well as other large companies that analyze pure pattern information of natural systems, such the growing field of Nanotechnology. Until recently, Nano tech researchers had been unsuccessful at creating matter at a molecular level, until they began studying the pure geometric patterns identified mainly by the works of Buckminster Fuller.

A few supporting examples are the appearance of Fibonacci ratios as well as Phi, the platonic solids and fractals in everything from the pyramids to nature, chronology and many places in which we find self-generating patterns. We also find these in the works of many great artists and scholars such as Pythagoras, and DaVinci.

“All mathematical forms have a primary subsistence in the soul; so that prior to the sensible she contains self-motive numbers; vital figures prior to such as are apparent; harmonic ratios prior to things harmonized; and invisible circles prior to the bodies that are moved in a circle. – Thomas Taylor

These geometric archetypes are considered by many to be the manifestations of the akashic realm, the universe speaking pre-matter into form. So, to me, it makes perfect sense that life would be reaching out to its own creation. As a mother would reach out to a child.

This is a language of both the heart and the mind. For example, a circle can mean unity, time being cyclical, the very essence of the life cycle itself. A square has 4 sides representing the four elements and a solid foundation on which to build on. Triangles create a wide earth base with energy radiating upwards to a single point of communication with a higher state of being, and straight lines that symbolize the idea if infinite possibilities. Perhaps this is what our great mother is trying to teach us. To decode the data she has placed all around us. A reminder to return to the consciousness of what we really are and to put into practice the respect we have for ourselves, each other and all living and nonliving pieces of the whole. A great shift is happening as we return to the time of the sacred feminine. A time where unconditional love and kindness will reign supreme once again. Perhaps we should read a little deeper into the messages left in the fields, perhaps we should answer “THE CALL FROM HOME.”

About Sarah Grigg

The Nocturnal Mystic was born out of a passion to leave this world a better place than she found it. With a strong background in world religions, shamanism, mysticism, and working towards a PhD in metaphysical counseling she answers the call to consciousness with an open mind and most importantly and open heart. You can find her online at

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