Stick a Cosmic Fork in Me: How the Universe Lets You Know When You’re REALLY Done

Image result for growth in adversityI recently saw a brief, but profound video that shows Dr. Abraham speaking about how to overcome stress and fear. He uses our sea friend the lobster and how they grow to explain how if we quit every time that we felt a bit of pressure, we wouldn’t ever reach our full potential in life. By this he explains that a lobster grows by shedding it’s shell, but it only knows to do this once it feels uncomfortable.

He goes onto say how this also speaks to how in our society as soon as we feel a little uncomfortable, we go to the doctor and are given medications that make us comfortable again; so in essence, we are never really “growing” through adversity because we are not giving ourselves the experience. We are literally numbing ourselves to it; via denial and/or avoidance. (Which can ultimately lead to other stresses or illnesses).

I’ve included the video at the end of the article if you want to watch it. It’s under 2 minutes long and really shares a profound insight, so I do recommend it.

I wanted to write about growth and adversity this week, because I think so many of us give up just before we are about to reach the proverbial finish line; myself included. I am the type of person that wants to get so much done that I sometimes end up getting nothing done at all. I tend to spread myself a little thin and start 10 things at once, giving a little attention to all of them, when I should be starting one thing at a time, and giving my full attention to each and every task as I go along.

As easily as I can see in myself that this revolves around a fear of success, I also so greatly want to overcome this fear so that I can assist others in coming out of their own shells. And the more that I write about it and talk about my own struggles and experiences, the more confident I am becoming in using my own voice. But for years and years, I thought I just couldn’t do it. And ya know what? I was absolutely right…

You see, what we believe is what we will most likely receive. When we have strong emotional ties and strong beliefs about something, those are the keys to manifesting things into your life…or subconsciously keeping them out. And either way, I will almost guarantee that you will feel like the world is against you in you getting what you want out of life because it’s “hard”.

However, the sooner that you learn that trials are there to polish the “coal” version of you into the “diamond” version, you will learn to not despise the tough times and begin to see them for what they are; your greatest teachers. And somehow, with that simple vow of humility, you may even be able to actually look at those times with gratitude and appreciation.

Along the way you will begin to recognize when it’s either time to throw in the proverbial towel because you know you gave something your all and/or it’s really just not for you, and when it’s time to chug on because your goal is literally right around the corner you are just about to see if you can just keep pushing through!

I’ve come to learn that the second you let go of the “But I can’t do it!!” thoughts, you will find the strength you need to do it. The second you set your will free, it will come back. The second you stop chasing something, it chases you and the second you realize that you are the creator of your destiny is the second you stop giving away your smile so easily. It’s all the same empowering energy of stepping up for yourself and grabbing that moment by the balls that you know is the one that pushes you into your greatness. The one that is literally right before you complete your goal, whatever it might be.

The Universe is not out to punish us; it is merely responding to the vibration we put out which is determined by the types of thoughts we are having. If we feel that we are being pushed, this is not always a bad thing and sometimes just takes a simple shift in our perspective. I can recall so many times when I was looking up cussing at the Universe, hating my life, in such an ungrateful, ungraceful place…feeling so sorry for myself, etc.

And when the dust had settled and I was able to look back from a more objective, heart-centered place, I was able to see just how perfectly scripted it all was and how it had to all unfold exactly as it did. I also understood that while the Universe has no personal agenda, it will never let you down and will always provide signs and synchronicities that allow you to instinctively know after you’ve been paying attention for a while that you are on the right path, have hit a major milestone, know something particular is coming (omens), or that you need to just keep going…just a little longer.

That last one is my favorite because my stubborn ass was always fighting and resisting that lesson the hardest and giving up just before I was about to do something FUCKING AWESOME. But the more I am willing to surrender to divine guidance, the more power of choice I feel empowered with over my own life via internal clarity, peace, and self- love. And I’m no longer afraid of embracing and embodying that level of awesomeness and in fact, I kinda tell the Universe every day now to “Bring it on!” And ironically, I feel that’s the trick the Universe plays…trust and it will appear. Ask and you will know. Start and you will finish. You just have to start asking, and trust what shows up for you! Especially when what shows up for you, IS you. 🙂

Here’s a link to that video I referred to earlier…check it out! 🙂

Video Source: CreateYourFutureLife


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