Rise Up: Meditations, Messages and Tools to Dramatically Accelerate Planetary Awakening


This is the moment that so many people, for perhaps even millenniums, have been waiting for it to arrive!” – Jo Dunning

We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For” ~ Alice Walker

You Came Here to Experience This Moment

“You came here to experience this moment. You wanted to be here right now… You said I want to be there. I want to help! I want to help change the world and move everything up into a higher frequency. And I can be part of creating the Golden Age.” ~ Jo Dunning

The global awakening is happening right now. And, if you are reading this article, then you are in exactly the right place at the right time to help dramatically accelerate the awakening. In this article, you will receive meditations, messages and tools to help you do just that. Most of these resources were shared with me by friends in just the past week. To put the awakening into hyperdrive, I encourage you to share these resources with others as well.

Before I share the resources, there are just a couple of very important concepts that I want you to keep in mind, which I learned from Lynne McTaggart and Dr. Amit Goswami.

You Are Communicating with the Universe 24/7

You can NOT just do a meditation in the morning, and then go back to your old ways of thinking for the rest of the day. You must go on a mental diet of positive thinking, while sending love, light and good vibrations to the planet and all beings. That means that you must not dwell on the negative things that are happening on the planet right now. Consider the following quotes:

I’ve been studying the power of thoughts for nearly 20 years, and I’ve discovered one unsettling truth: your thoughts are not locked inside your head but are being broadcasted 24/7 – and have a powerful effect.” ~ Lynne McTaggart

We have created the problems of our world; we have to recreate the world of solutions… Conventional activism separates, us (those doing right) versus them (those doing wrong).  Quantum physics says that all is movement of consciousness; we are the world.  There is no us versus them. There is only movement toward consciousness or away from consciousness.” ~ Dr. Amit Goswami

We are all connected to everyone and everything in the universe. Therefore, everything one does as an individual affects the whole. All thoughts, words, images, prayers, blessings, and deeds are listened to by all that is.” ~ Serge Kahili

You will very likely slip up now and then, and that is perfectly OK. You will see something in the news that will trigger you. Or something someone says will trigger you. When you feel anger, hatred, or judgment rising up within you, catch yourself and move back into your heart. You can use some of the tools from HeartMath (see below), to accomplish that. I personally use their “Quick Coherence Technique” daily.

Further reading: If You Want a Better World, Become a Quantum Activist

Change Can Happen Very Fast: LOVE Is the Answer

“Love is the answer and you know that for sure.” ~ John Lennon

The principle which gives the thought the dynamic power to correlate with its object, and therefore to master every adverse human experience, is the law of attraction, which is another name for love. This is an eternal and fundamental principle, inherent in all things, in every system of Philosophy, in every Religion, and in every Science. There is no getting away from the law of love. It is feeling that imparts vitality to thought. Feeling is desire, and desire is love. Thought impregnated with love becomes invincible. It is the combination of thoughts and love which forms the irresistible force called the Law of Attraction.” ~ Charles F. Haanel, The Master Key System, 1912

It does not have to take many years for a total global awakening to occur. It could happen quickly if we do what we are capable of doing: emanating love and light. Consider the following quotes from Dr. Amit Goswami:

Big changes come abruptly, suddenly – even social changesonly a few people are needed to change the collective, because changes that we make in our brain involves what Sheldrake calls morphogenetic fields. These fields are responsible in some way – I call them blueprints of biological forms….

“When we change the brain and make a positive emotional brain circuit of love, the morphogenetic field …, which is the blueprint of that brain, becomes associated with love and will therefore it will become a loving morphogenetic field.  It is a changed morphogenetic field

“We are capable of turning our creativity inward to create brain circuits of love, and we do it in communities and do it in groups in such a way that non-locality will be facilitated in that the morphogenetic field becomes conditioned with love. These nonlocal fields are then available in the future and are used automatically, without effort, by everyone.  So, we develop people to have brain circuits of love, which will propagate into the future through nonlocal means. The nonlocal morphogenetic love fields will then cause the collective to permanently develop brain circuits conditioned for love.”

Further reading: How WE Can Use LOVE to Dramatically and Quickly Improve Conditions on Our Planet

The Resources

(1) Jeddah Mali’s Meditations

This is where you begin. Jeddah Mali’s meditations are PERFECT for creating “brain circuits of love” so that the morphogenetic field becomes conditioned with love, and thereby positively affecting the collective. Jeddah has two sets of meditations that you can freely download. This first set were meditations that she did to uplift humanity during the early stages of COVID, which were presented over 12 weeks starting on April 6, 2020:


And, here are Jeddah's monthly meditations:


(2) Group Intentions (in Both Large and Small Groups)

Group intentions have the power to significantly magnify our individual intentions. And they have been PROVEN to be very effective (over and over and over again) by Lynne McTaggart via her intention experiments. Watch this mind-expanding video with Lynne in which she discusses the power of group intentions:

The Intention Experiment: How Group Thought Can Heal the World

Lynne often hosts large group intentions on her Facebook page:


There are a whole bunch of other large group intentions for healing and planetary awakening that are cropping up and happening more frequently. Participate in as many as you can.

Large group intentions are powerful! In fact, a mass meditation event held just 8 days ago appears to have affected the Schumann Resonance of the planet:

“Since April 4-5, there has been a peak in the Earth’s geomagnetic field, increasing the power of Schumann Resonance to the highest point of 76. What is interesting to note is that this peak coincides with the global mass meditation that has took place on this date. During this period many groups of people (over 2 million), including Unify and Global Peace Meditation, held mass meditation. The reasons for various groups included earthly ascension, world peace and making positive changes caused by the Coronavirus.

During this period Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked 1.3 billion Indian citizens to turn off electricity and pray. The peak was recorded by a Russian Space Observing System website that records Schumann’s resonance. The Schumann resonance diagram shows data from the Earth’s magnetic field surrounding the earth.”

Schumann resonances on April 4, 2020.

The Power of Eight

I’ve been leading two intention groups (based on Lynne McTaggart’s book called “The Power of Eight”) for over two years each. I love my groups, and we have accomplished some pretty amazing things with our intentions. Watch this video with Lynne to learn how to conduct a Power of Eight session with a small group:


If you'd like to create your own Power of 8 group, here's all you need to know to do so.

(3) The HeartMath Experience

As a gesture to uplift your spirit, the good folks at HeartMath are offering free access to their brand-new online program “The HeartMath Experience.” Learn more and Get Free Access here:


Be sure to watch the super inspiring intro video. (That’s Jeddah Mali’s angelic voice at the very beginning – the voice of the heart. She is on the HeartMath board of directors.) These free trainings are VERY POWERFUL to get you out of your head and into your heart. I use the quick coherence technique every single morning to start out my day in my heart.

Further reading: How You Can Quickly Connect to the Intuitive Guidance of Your Heart While Raising the Collective Vibration – Deborah Rozman

(4) Oracle Girl – A Call to Humanity

Watch this incredible interview with Oracle Girl, Jacqueline Hobbs. “The call to humanity is probably the same call that it has always been on this planet, which is, you are already free – don't give it away. And humanity has forgotten the power of its own spiritual consciousness, in the true sense of the word, which is actually a physical consciousness and a body consciousness. The final attempt by those shadow forces is to convince you that your body does not belong to you.” ~ Jacqueline

You can watch more of her amazing videos on the Oracle Girl YouTube Channel:


Also, be sure to check out the Oracle Girl website. You get get her latest super empowering audio track for free here (which is updated on Wednesdays and Saturdays):


Uplifting Messages & Music

Below are links to some of my favorite messages and music that have been posted to uplift humanity and accelerate planetary awakening. It is important that we feed our mind positive messages in order to keep our loving vibe going 24/7:

(5) YOU Have the Power! by Jo Dunning (An Incredibly Uplifting Message to Raise YOUR Consciousness and Accelerate Planetary Awakening)

(6) A New Vision for Humanity (Powerful, Multidimensional Activation) | Darpan and Temple Step

(7) Lokah Samasta, Soul in Wonder | Deva Premal & Miten

(8) Awakening Through Adversity | Eckhart Tolle

(9) Surviving the Unthinkable | Matt Kahn

(10) In the Outer World of Chaos Remains an Inner World of Peace | Tamara Rant

(11) How to Thrive In the Time of Coronavirus | Cynthia Sue Larson

(12) Keep Calm and Raise Your Vibration to Stay on the Ascension Timeline

(13) Finding Harmony in Chaos | Scott Moore

(14) How I Found Meaning, Healing and Peace, During Chaos and Stress | Julia Parsell

(15) How to Thrive Amidst a Global Epidemic | Laura Fredrickson

Of course, the above list is not exhaustive. I am sure that there are many more meditations, messages and tools out there that are absolutely wonderful. If you know of any, please share them in the comments below.

Sending you love, light, and many blessings. Together, we can quicken the awakening!

Ross Pittman, CLN Editor

NOTE: I encourage you share this article by either linking to it on social media or your website. You are also welcome to copy this article and share it on your website. Just make sure you add a link back to the original source (this web page). The more people that you share it with, the better. And the quicker the awakening. Thank you!!!!

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