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Real Eyes: The Importance of Empathy in a Time of Perceptual Entropy

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When I look at the world today, I do so with such mixed feelings in my heart. For while I feel in the pit of my being that an immense shift is occurring on the planet, and has shaken the proverbial tree of change, I see it manifested in humanity as confusion, chaos, misdirected anger and hate, and the deep-rooted shadows of all rising to the surface. A literal “purge” of everything we as a collective have shoved way down and tried to forget about.

I see hearts clinging to ideals and beliefs that have been fed through television screens and radio waves for so long. What is different today is that there is no more investigative journalism. Just a verbatim repetition of a script passed down from the top. And I see those who won’t question those beliefs, pitted against those who won't stop asking questions about their authenticity. I have always found myself to be part of the latter group, and still consider myself to have an undying thirst for knowledge, understanding, and mutual connection with my fellow humans as a whole.

But alas, that is exactly what the bigger purpose of all this is. A catalyst…to get humanity asking questions about itself, so it can start counting on itself, to find its way back to self-empowerment and ultimately sovereignty and self-governance. But we need to do more than ask questions. We need to stop accepting it when we get no answers. Or as the “new norm” dictates, stop pretending that it doesn't even exist.

Here's a genuine newsflash. CNN has never, nor will they ever have, authority over or against our Legislative system nor to defy the Constitution. The fact they have the ability to create whatever narrative they wish by only showing certain angles of things, spinning facts into a whirlwind of misinformation and bias, and even going so far as to stage videos twisting the truth with their visual trick and deception of words.

They have purposely infiltrated peaceful gatherings, and never present the news as-is. This should be enough to open anyone's eyes, but unfortunately, that is not the case. We bear witness to people blind by their own manufactured hate to the point it allows them to defy all logic, going so far as to claim for themselves titles such as “resistors”. The sad irony is that they are actually being used to usher in the exact thing they honestly believe they are fighting for.

Perhaps the most obvious over-reach is showing their control over what information is presented to the public or not. The last time I checked, their job was to INVESTIGATE and REPORT the TRUTH. Not to just do what you're told and parrot the same scripted bullshit playing on every other mainstream media network in every other American city.

I used to have so much respect for journalists and the risks they often took to report on-site regarding issues that truly mattered to them. The Truth and presenting it to the public to form their OWN opinions is no longer a priority. But that was a different time. That was linear 1984. Today we are experiencing the spiritual version.

Yes, it appears to all be going to shit, because it IS! But, if you are reading this, then chances are excellent that you have the intellect and spiritual mindset to think outside the box long enough to be able to see even a glimpse of beauty in that. And for those of you who cannot, no it’s not some sadist point of view where there’s joy in destruction or pain; not at all. But rather, a simple appreciation of the entire process of long overdue, BIG change, and with that an inner knowing that with destruction always comes a rebirth.

In this third-dimensional world of ours, while appearing to be dualistic, everything is cyclical and returns to itself. All is energy and as we all know, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed. And in this case; the Establishment as we knew it and the Mainstream Media will be the first to go into their transformation away from the slow steal of freedom and liberty by who I like to call “shadow fascists”. And we can toss some additional irony onto that shitpile of new reporting by acknowledging the fact that they used 3-d duality and division to fool so many they were supportive of collaboration and unity. How sad it's been to watch this all play out, but it's been equally as liberating…no pun intended.

We are so enamored by the perceived laws of man we are temporarily born into, that we often forget they do not surpass the laws we are indefinitely born under; The laws of the Universe and of Creation. We were not meant to be ruled over or told what to do as adults, were we? Or are we all just big children? Then why, I ask do we go for the jugular of our neighbors who pick a different master than us? Why instead are we not getting together with the neighbor to talk about how awesome life would be without even having a master to tell us what to think?

This ‘collective need' to be told what to do ultimately takes the responsibility for our lives away from us and hands it over to another power. As if we were incapable, or not a divine creator being who actually came here for that sole purpose! We did NOT incarnate to be clueless robots. We came to be glitches in the Matrix!

The minute we believe that we are separate from Source or God, whatever term you use (or don’t use – in that case, whatever doctrine of law in which you run your life on the most personal level – or not), we are no longer able to see ourselves in others. And eventually…this is how hate is born. And when your goals and plans include deception, hate can be a powerful weapon used to obtain those goals.

To paraphrase Nelson Mandela, “We are not born with hate, it is taught.”

The lack of responsibility, transparency, and authenticity in our government has been slowly boiling to the surface for decades. Slow enough that the knowledge that we should be aware of not the puppets, but rather the puppetmasters, is not something readily available in most people.

Having empathy in times of change is vital for self-preservation. That might sound backward, but allowing ourselves to connect with others and put ourselves in their shoes keeps our hearts open, and with an open heart, we are able to live a life aligned with our personal goals and dreams. When we are in our heart space, and in the heart-mind, we are in our greatest creative space.  Because of this, our own perceptions are presumably the least bias they could be, because we are not so clouded by indoctrination, doubts, fear, insecurities, etc. In a sense, we reverse “perceptual entropy” that is caused by years and years of programming and conditioning by society.

If we lose sight of the fact that we are all in this together, we all end up losing! But you cannot fight FOR unity while spewing hate. When someone triggers anger in us, that is an excellent time to look at what is being shown to us about what needs to be healed within our own psyches. Yes, we all get offended here and there, but justified or not, nothing ever truly changes with the issues we have issues with until the mirror is turned onto ourselves. We are all individual expressions of the Universe and our inner worlds have always and will always manifest as the state of the outer world we see. To “fix” this current state of chaos, we need to turn our focus inward and once and for all, take off the blinders.

I am starting to sound like a broken record here, but knowing yourself is truly the greatest gift you can give to the world because when you take the time to know yourself, you can greatly become more grounded in your choices, you trust yourself more because you show up in life and come through for yourself (do what you say you will) and begin to feel more confident in your own skin. You begin to filter through your own opinions and those that were instilled into you via conditioning.

The more one spends looking inward, the more Truth they will see everywhere else. Call it obtaining your “real eyes” (Realize). Even during times where it seems like you cannot relate to anyone else’s point of view, or perceptions around you seem jaded, you still flow; unaffected. You start to notice that fewer things offend you because you are strong in your ideals and they don’t bend at the will of others passing words, glances, or pointing fingers. You go against the grain because you follow your heart, not the crowd. But never faltering to forever keep the crowd deep in your heart.

May God Bless America.

tamaraTamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer, and a Conservative voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. 

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