Quantum, Chaos or Relativity: Which Persona-Reality Theory Are You?

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Physics is an amazing branch of science in and of itself, but when we relate it to the human personality type it can get even awesome-er. It is here we see bits of ourselves in this all-encompassing, multi-faceted, many-branched faculty of understanding the reality of our working world. And in surprising ways, it offers some pretty cool insight into understanding ourselves.

According to Quantum Theory, if we simply rely on “common sense” to understand the nature of reality, we refuse ourselves the chance to see the whole picture; which takes a bit of being open to…well, a little bit of weirdness. It says that our rational minds simply cannot perceive the ultimate truth of reality and to even begin to understand, we need to expand, go deeper and think outside of the box. In fact, we need to go past the idea there even is a box; out past our own intuition and perceptions of the universe. Quantum Theory works as long as it remains incomplete, for it is one theory whose existence heavily relies on what we have yet to discover about the working relationships of the “physical” world from quarks to quasars. Quantum Theory invites us to push science to the edge of reality and pries open the door for spiritual concepts to intertwine with the laws of physics.

Quantum Persona-Reality: You tend to be open-minded and willing to explore new ideas. You are will to try new things and enjoy a balance life of peace and adventure. You take bits and pieces from various sources and use what works for you to make sense of things. You like to bring things together. You can see the beauty within a paradox. You tend to feel connected to everything and everyone and believe you are a vital part of something greater; a drop in the cosmic ocean.

How to Have a More “Quantum” Life: Embrace your weirdness and your unique talents and abilities and how they make you a special part of the whole of existence. Be willing to question all that you’ve been taught. Look at your beliefs to ensure they are truly your own and discard those that do not serve you. See how others reflect back to you, that which you feel most about yourself. Realize that the answers we seek are always within us and sometimes it’s just about asking the right questions.

Chaos Theory is the science of surprises. It studies that which is unpredictable and nonlinear; unconstrained to specific predetermined guidelines. And while some may think it refers to randomness, it would more accurately be described as an apparent randomness. Often referred to as “Fractal Mathematics”, Chaos Theory is like the anarchist theory of reality. What is awesome about it, however, is the order it reveals within in a system, no matter how complex (or small) that system may be. For instance, if we run simple equations on a computer in large enough numbers, we begin to see patterns emerge. The most famous of these patterns is represented in the fractals produced by the Mandelbrot set. What we know as “The Butterfly Effect” also illustrates Chaos Theory in stating that a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could ultimately set off a tornado in Texas. This is a perfect example of a small system being responsible for the ultimate creation of a distant and much larger system.

Chaos Persona-Reality: You tend to go against the grain and do not conform to the constraints of society. Some might call you a rebel. You are most likely a creative free-thinker, out-spoken and strong-willed. You are not afraid to get your hands dirty. You tend to have a voice that attracts attention and do well in leadership roles. Justice and integrity are quite important to you. You may like abstract art or beatnik poetry. You tend to be anxious if forced to abide by too many rules or expectations.

How to Have a More “Chaotic” Life: Take more leaps of faith and push yourself to try new things. Use your voice to express your ideas, wants and needs to the world. Don’t be afraid to make messes. Start a hobby where you can get your creative juices flowing. Take a speaking class. Network with people you normally wouldn’t to broaden your horizons. Visit art museums. Volunteer for a good cause. Live out loud!


Einstein’s Theory of Relativity unified time and space. And it was the pretense for what would go on to be nearly 30 years of his life spent trying to develop a unified theory that explained all of the forces of nature. While Einstein admittedly had a deep spiritual sense and belief in God, he was also firm in his stance that the world was fully accessible to the reason within the human mind. And Einstein, while self-confined to the tangible, workable mathematics of physics, was not afraid to stretch and expand them, although he insisted they keep walking a straight linear path of reason. He was the first to unite the force of gravity with the introduction of a fourth dimension into his equations, and was a pioneer as he laid the groundwork for future physicists working on understanding what we know to be “black holes”.  But because of his unwavering refusal to abandon his work on finding a unified theory, many of his peers went so far to dismiss his work as a waste of time and even called him a fool for trying. Years later, we now see scientists all over the world re-opening his case, with the birth of string theory.

Relative Persona-Reality: You tend to stick to your gut and have been said to be “stuck in your ways”. You are opinionated and will fight for what you believe in stubbornly. You usually have to see things to believe them. You tend to be more of an observer; an introvert, but if asked your opinion, will not hesitate to take the spotlight. You have great attention to detail and like things planned out. You are analytical and have a hard time changing your mind. You do not give up and work very hard for things you believe in.

How to Have a More “Relative” Life: Learn to self-motivate and not expect encouragement from others. Don’t be afraid to like something, just because it’s unpopular. Stick to your guns and do not be so easily swayed by the opinions of others. Be willing to speak up and share your opinions and ideas, even if people criticize you. Ground yourself daily so you can better focus on tasks at hand.

“Amazingly when you add life and consciousness to the equation, you can actually explain some of the biggest puzzles of science.” – Robert Lanza


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  1. manishanti1@yahoo.com' Melanie Drury says:

    Thank you for this … and the result comes as no surprise 🙂 I had actually googled “quantum and chaos” while writing one of my own blogs because I resonate with these ideas; finding this article really made me smile!

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