Manifestation – Excerpt from Pleiadian Manual for Accelerated Evolution & Ascension


Excerpt from Pleiadian Manual for Accelerated Evolution & Ascension

By Pia Orleane, Ph.D. & Cullen Baird Smith

Chapter 10– Manifestation

We, Laarkmaa, your Pleiadian star brothers and sisters, are continually evaluating how humanity is resolving your evolutionary challenges. There is no judgment in this type of evaluation; we simply look for the places where you are stuck and may need assistance, and we provide another perspective so that you can move forward with more ease. We do this because we love you.

We have based this book on the principals that are contained in Universal energies, as defined in our earlier book Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology- Charting the Spirals of Consciousness. We began with the first Universal energy of Initiating and have lead you through, step by step, to the tenth energy of Manifestation because we wish for you to accelerate the manifestation of your own ascension!

There are thirteen Universal energies in the cosmos that build upon each other as they spiral to completion. We have based the steps in this Manual on the first ten of those thirteen energies. You will fully experience the 11th (Illuminating), the 12th (Understanding), and the 13th (Completing and Integrating) upon manifesting your ascension and becoming Cosmic citizens, although those energies are very present in the evolutionary and ascension process you are undergoing now. Below, we summarize the steps we have taken you through for your review and integration.

We began with First Step (Initiation) discussing the importance of Unity Consciousness. We introduced the idea of living by energy, rather than time by using flexibility and flow. We set the tone for you to aim for abundance for all and true freedom.

The Second Step (Duality) was presented in a way to help you move beyond your limited perspectives of Duality, which are ruled by separation, fear, and judgment. You came to Earth to experience duality and its opposites in order to learn how to harmonize them. That is the purpose of duality. Humanity has done a terrible job with that, but now that you more fully understand, you can use the dynamic tension to grow and to find harmony with each other. With your increased understanding, you can finally engage with duality as it has always been designed and intended. In Step Two, we gave you ways to achieve non-judgment by clearing old traumas and learning to be objective.

The Third Step (Creativity) took you through a deeper understanding of what you must create in order to heal. We discussed the ascension process, your liquid crystalline body, and the formation of your Rainbow body.

In Step Four (Foundation) we told you about the changing structures of your reality and some of the changes you are undergoing physically. We talked about time, space, and energy.

The Fifth Step (Change) offered a chance for you to discover more about your consciousness and make appropriate changes to grow and evolve.

The Sixth Step (Flow) realigned you with the Divine Feminine within you, told you about your approach to androgyny, and gave you suggestions for returning to balance. In a more balanced state, the Divine Masculine takes its place beside the Divine Feminine.

In the Seventh Step (Merging) we prepared you for a different world, explaining the ongoing changes in your third-dimensional reality and offering suggestions of how to prepare yourselves for the world you will be entering. We asked you to step beyond what is familiar to you and understand that different does not mean bad.

In the Eighth Step (Connecting), we talked about becoming Authentic Humans, as you move forward to become your true selves. We explained the purpose of your families as spiritual training grounds. We expanded on the symptoms and process of ascension, talking about your Future Selves. We gave you a definition of what love really is, and we addressed the dark.

The Ninth Step (Harmonizing) we warned you about the killing effects of 5G and gave you ways to work with the effects of the Cosmic Weather. We explained the effects of light on your evolving mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of yourselves, and we told you how to work with the light provided by the incoming Cosmic Rays and the increasing Schuman Resonance to bring yourselves to higher vibratory states.

And now in the Tenth Step (Manifestation) we are summarizing the most important things you need to truly manifest a higher vibratory version of yourselves!

You have known for a long time that staying in the present with your consciousness is most important and that thinking, planning for, worrying about, or hoping for the future does not create the future. It just wastes your mental energy thinking about something that may or may not occur. Thinking about, worrying about, or dreaming about the past does the same thing. It keeps you in a place where the energy just does not exist. It’s only a mental exercise. In the true reality, there is only the Now moment.

The reason this is so important now is because you are moving into an enhanced experience of Liquid Time. You may notice that many of you are feeling really, really heavy, really, really slow, and very, very tired without any energy, as if you are struggling just to be. This has to do with the heightened Schuman Resonance. As the Schuman Resonance heightens you also are experiencing more of what we call Liquid Time. That is a continual flow of Now moments.

One reason that we created the Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar1 was to help you learn how to let go of time and learn how to experience the Now moment as Liquid Time, so you could become accustomed to moving from one energetic moment into the next energetic moment with flow and grace.

Living your lives in this way creates the future by being present in the Now. Now you are beginning to expand into multidimensionality, and you are experiencing yourselves changing more and more rapidly. This is why we are emphasizing the importance of Liquid Time. You must work with the energies that are present in each Now moment to manifest all the beautiful and essential things we have explained to you.

You are experiencing more changes mentally, physically and emotionally at a faster rate than you ever have before. When the Schuman Resonance goes up over 40, over 60, and into the range of a hundred, you are experiencing so much Light that you are changing at a cellular level moment-by-moment, instant-by-instant. Your energy is changing. The essence of you is changing. You are forgetting things because your mind is not working in the same frequency that you are accustomed to. Your minds are beginning to learn to take orders from your hearts through intuitive, energetic knowing. You cannot fully access your energetic knowing without being fully in the Now moment.

It is more important than ever for you not to feel like you are not accomplishing anything when you simply are too tired to do anything physical.  Remember that your only job at this time is simply to be love and send out light in each Now moment. That’s all that’s important. Focus your attention on being in the Now with trust that if you do everything in a higher vibrational rate, you will be led and guided by the light energies that are here on the planet to show you how to achieve what is necessary for your survival and your evolution. Those energies, light and love, are eternal. They exist forever. They cannot be confined to a past or a future. They cannot be confined to any structure of time. They only can be experienced as abundance and expansion, an ever-growing awareness of more and more and more light and love.

You are moving closer and closer into acknowledging, relating to, and connecting with your light body so that you can meld your light body with your physical form and have a clearer blueprint to create the physical that will support your movement into a Rainbow body. This is a very, very auspicious time, Dear Ones! Liquid Time expresses as wave motion. The Now moment requires letting go of the past and the future and putting all your power into being the absolute best you can be, making the absolute highest choices you can make every moment.

That means if you have a bad day, acknowledge it because you are in the Now moment of experiencing it, but don’t go off track by complaining, by questioning, by thinking, “This is awful; when is it going back to normal?” The answer to those questions, Dear One, is that it is never going back to what you have perceived as normal before. It is moving into a new normal. As you start to adjust, accommodate to this reality, in multidimensionality, you become more at ease and more comfortable with the idea that you are transitioning into a wave form rather than staying in the static, physical body with which you are familiar.

Soon you will look at yourself in the mirror and see a change. You will be looking down at your hands and see a change. Your touch will feel a little lighter. Your voice will be a little less vibrant, and yet at times it will carry forth like a crystal bell because you are incorporating the use of tones rather than the sound of the words. We would like for you not to be distressed by what you are feeling physically, mentally or emotionally. Acknowledge the difficulties, acknowledge the challenges, and then congratulate yourself, because if you are sensitive enough to feel these things, then you are doing something right. It takes slowing down from your habitual fast pace to be able to be in harmonic rhythm with what is occurring on the planet.

The energy that you give to the moment defines who you are– by the way you focus your thoughts, by the way you use your voice, by the way you give out gratitude, by the way that you open to your intuition by listening to your heart and allowing all possibilities to become available to you, and the way that you harmonize with one another.

The increased Schuman Resonance can be nothing but good. It is simply higher and higher frequencies pouring into you to change you at a cellular level so that your consciousness can expand so that you can move into your true waveform. It is a wonderful, wonderful thing, and very soon we’ll be congratulating you on achieving your mission and moving on to the next assignment. Practice slowing down and being in this Now moment. Know that we are with you, as are all other being of love and light. We are all with you, around you, supporting you, and loving you through this transition that humanity has never seen before.

About the Authors

Pia Orleane, Ph.D. & Cullen Baird Smith are Ambassadors to the Pleiadian Group Laarkmaa, a loving group of interstellar beings who share wisdom to support human evolution. Co-authors of the Wisdom From the Stars series, which includes the COVR Award winning book for Divination, Pleiadian-Earth Energy Astrology- Charting the Spirals of Consciousness and the timeless classics Conversations With Laarkmaa–A
Pleiadian View of the New Reality and Remembering Who We Are–Laarkmaa's Guidance on Healing the Human Condition, Pia and Cullen are designers and co-creators of the revolutionary new Pleiadian-Earth Energy Calendar, a guide for conscious evolution and spiritual advancement using energy rather than time.
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