Is Life and Death Unpredictable? It Doesn’t Have to Be So!

Bollywood actress Sridevi Kapoor, drowned in her hotel bath after losing consciousness at the young age of 54. The media said life is unpredictable. But is it?

By Mohanji.

I recently woke up to the news that Sridevi Kapoor,a famous actress from India, had died “prematurely” at the young age of 54. The media talked about the unpredictability of existence. But, is death truly unpredictable?

After Sridevi’s death, I discussed the matter of “premature” death with one of the film directors who had directed the famous actress. I said to him:

“There is nothing called ‘premature’ in the karmic dictionary. Everything just is. When we are occupied with the world outside and we fail to see ourselves changing with time, death can come as a surprise. Time brings death. Death is an inevitable. But, since we have started enjoying our incarnation and have connected and associated lots of things with it, we wish we should live longer to enjoy the fruits of our efforts. But time, space, understanding, expertise and environment are given to create an effect in life. And these factors keep changing. We call it an event. Every moment of our life on Earth are events. In that flow, there is a beginning which we call birth and an end which we call death. Nothing stops there. When the agenda ends with a body, soul leaves. There is nothing premature about it.”

Then why is life (and death) unpredictable? Because we are only using the local mind, the minimal mind. We are using only almost 120 degrees of our brain dimension while we forget or ignore the remaining 240 degrees. Connecting 360 degrees of our brain centrally aligns our awareness. When awareness is centered, everything is predictable.

Secondly, we are moving with linear time. We have a past, present and future as distinct and tangible as can be. In that mode, our visibility is limited. Only through centering our awareness can we bring the past, present and future in one line: the vertical line. This is the key secret of Kriyas too. Being vertical.

Thirdly, we get occupied with activities and emotions and we make a garland of them. They bind our awareness to the effects of events for at least some time. These are the memories, nostalgia, remembrance and so forth. The residual memories stay in our system. This creates desires or helps form character traits. It also creates fears, phobias and concepts which causes opinions in life. All these distort truth.

We see only as we are. We cannot see as it is, because we see the world through the filter of our minds, which pretty much distorts the vision. This also makes our life unpredictable.

Every incident has an effect. Each incident leaves an impact. And each impact leaves some emotion. Each emotion leaves an impression. Impressions remain as seeds ready to sprout to create similar incidents in life. Man is bound by these impressions. Since we cannot see the causes, which are the impressions from the past, we can only experience the effects and figure out the possible causes. But, we can never be sure.

The same applies to “premature” deaths. In karmic pattern, the cause is simple: “time is up.” This means what this person came into existence to experience is complete. And once the work is completed, it is time to exit, as unceremonious as it may be.

Death has no formalities. It similar to how we experience sleep each night. We “fall” into sleep. When work is completed with one incarnation, we fall into death. This can appear unpredictable. But it is as predictable as it can get. All that is born, will die. When? That is purely up to the karmic baggage associated with each incarnation. Can it be made predictable?

Indeed, death can be predictable. We have already said, all that is born will die. So, the mind knows it is predictable, but refuses to accept it. How can it be made truly predictable? It takes understanding and then assimilation of that information.

During our lifetimes, most of us experience millions of objects, people, places, emotions, time and attachments. In order to experience them, we have five senses and one mind. When mind is with a particular sense, we experience that which it is capable of. If mind is with the eyes, we see. If mind is with the tongue, we taste and so on and so forth. If mind is away, we are absent-minded within our environment.

At a given point in time, effectively, we can only experience one thing. And the experience can be classified as Positive or Negative, Good or Bad, Happy or Sad. And these keep changing. Good experiences are those that make us feel light and happy, bad are those that make us feel bound by negative. Since we are so limited, how can we walk towards the unlimited?

The path is the same. Senses, Mind, Awareness, Consciousness, Soul. That means, integrate backwards. Consciously watch the senses working. Then watch and witness how the mind works with the senses. Then watch the awareness aspect that is watching the mind watching the senses. Then we realize there is a witness that is watching or making us aware of our awareness. That is consciousness.

Once we are established in that state, we become aware of the past, present and future simultaneously. Then we realize that there is a witness to our consciousness, which can be called soul. Once we connect to that aspect, we will automatically realize there is still another aspect witnessing the whole thing including our soul: our higher self. This we can consider as God. And there are frequency differences in that connectivity too. Let us not go that far as yet.

The unpredictability aspect of human existence ends when mind dissolves in awareness, where past, present and future are perpetually together. In clear awareness, like still water, we can see the whole karmic tapestry together including past incarnations of the same constitution. In absolute stillness, we can witness our true Self. This is what Krishna demonstrated to Arjuna in the 11th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita.

In reality, there is no past, present or future except in the world of time – where we experience the illusion of birth and death.

With Love,


About the Author

Mohanji is a globally respected spiritual leader and philanthropist whose presence simply turns one inwards. “True mastery is the mastery of one’s own mind” says Mohanji. He guides people to free themselves from the bindings of the mind towards a liberated existence by walking along the path of awareness. He maintains that one can continue to evolve spiritually, while simultaneously living and experiencing a life of a normal, everyday person. To him, spirituality is a lifestyle based on peace and harmony.

Purity, faith, unconditional love and selfless service towards fellow beings are the pillars of Mohanji’s tradition. His teachings are simple and universal, not tailored to any specific religion or nationality.

He founded the Mohanji Foundation, an organization dedicated to spreading inter-faith understanding globally, which guides people to live a life filled with awareness and love, beyond boundaries of country, religion, race, color or creed.

Mohanji also founded ACT Foundation a global charity based in USA, South Africa, Macedonia, Serbia, UK, etc. ( & – that are engaged in selfless service to people across the globe in the areas of food, clothing, shelter and livelihood.

Finally, he founded the Mohanji Youth Club, a global network whose mission is to empower youth from all walks of life to live a positive, ethical and purposeful life.

Mohanji is a permanent invitee to the Peace Pledge Project, which brings together spiritual leaders to promote peace across the world.

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