Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded for Proving the Universe Is Not Real | Where Quantum Physics Meets Vedanta

By Archana Raghuram | Temples Books and Science YouTube Channel

In this super enlightening video, Archana Raghuram discusses the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Alain Aspect, John Clauser, and Anton Zeilinger for proving that the universe is not real. Raghuram highlights the convergence of quantum physics and Vedanta, an ancient Indian philosophy, in describing reality as an illusion (Maya) and identifying the conscious observer (Sakshi) as central to the existence of the world. A summary of this video and the full transcript are below.

The Nobel Prize announcement appeared in Scientific American late last year:
The Universe Is Not Locally Real, and the Physics Nobel Prize Winners Proved It

The question is: What exactly does “not locally real” mean? Archana Raghuram answers that question in this video and provides even more details in this one:
What does REAL mean in physics | The Universe as per Quantum Physics & Vedanta | Nobel Prize | (Q&A)

Video Summary

In the first half of this remarkable video, Archana Raghuram discusses the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to Alain Aspect, John Clauser, and Anton Zeilinger for proving that the universe is not real. Raghuram highlights the convergence of quantum physics and Vedanta, an ancient Indian philosophy, in describing reality as an illusion (Maya) and identifying the conscious observer (Sakshi) as central to the existence of the world.

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Raghuram takes you through a step-by-step journey into the world of physics which has reached a convergence point with the conclusions of Vedanta – one of the most ancient philosophies of the world. She begins with Einstein’s theory of relativity, which demolished the idea of an objective reality by demonstrating that time and space are relative and depend on the observer’s perspective. This was the first significant challenge to the objective view of reality.

Next, Raghuram discusses the emergence of quantum physics, particularly the double-slit experiment, which showed that particles only exist when observed. This placed the observer at the center of reality. However, Einstein disagreed with quantum physics, specifically with the idea of entangled particles, which he described as “spooky action at a distance.” He believed that this aspect of quantum theory indicated that it was incomplete or wrong.

The search for entangled particles eventually led to their discovery, with experiments showing that they can communicate instantly across vast distances and even through time. Despite these discoveries, scientists could not automatically conclude that quantum physics was accurate. Two explanations were considered: either the bizarre behavior of entangled particles was real (proving quantum physics correct) or there was a hidden property of matter that could provide a logical explanation for their behavior.

The deadlock between these two explanations was resolved by the 2022 Nobel Prize-winning physicists who devised an experiment that confirmed the predictions of quantum physics. They demonstrated that particles billions of light years apart can instantly know each other’s state, proving the universe is not real and settling the argument in favor of quantum physics. This groundbreaking discovery aligns with Vedanta’s ancient teachings about the nature of reality.

In the second half of this video, Raghuram explores the convergence between quantum physics and Vedanta, focusing on the concept of Brahman, the consciousness principle that creates the universe, and its relationship to the observer. This convergence is supported by the Mahavakyas, the great sayings of Vedanta, which emphasize the unity of individual consciousness and the ultimate reality.

Raghuram begins by explaining that particles do not have a real existence until they are observed, and it is the act of observation that brings them into existence. According to Vedanta, the world exists because the observer sees it, and the universe is an illusion (Maya) created by the deluding power of consciousness. This idea may initially seem like a giant leap, but Raghuram presents a thought experiment to elucidate this point.

Raghuram uses the analogy of a dream to explain the relationship between Brahman and the universe, emphasizing that Brahman is only an observer or witness, not an active participant in the process. This concept is called Sakshi Chaitanyam in Vedanta, which means witness consciousness or observing consciousness.

In the experiment, the dreamer’s consciousness creates every object and person within a vivid dream. The people in the dream have their own experiences, but all of these experiences are ultimately the dreamer’s. The dreamer’s consciousness is undivided and experienced through each person in the dream. The dreamer and the people in the dream are essentially one and the same, despite the illusion of separation created by the deluding power of Maya.

The Mahavakyas, like “Tat Tvam Asi” (That Thou Art) and “Aham Brahmasmi” (I am Brahman), emphasize the oneness of individual consciousness and ultimate reality. This unity is illustrated in the thought experiment, where the dreamer’s consciousness is experienced through each person in the dream, highlighting the non-duality between the dreamer and the dream characters.

The paradox of quantum physics lies in the counterintuitive and seemingly contradictory nature of the behavior of particles at the quantum level, especially in relation to the role of the observer in bringing particles into existence.

The Mahavakyas help to explain the paradox of quantum physics by suggesting that the observer’s consciousness is not separate from the reality being observed. In this context, the seemingly paradoxical behavior of particles in quantum physics can be understood as a manifestation of the underlying unity of all things. When the observer and the observed are essentially one, the act of observation can be seen as an interaction between different aspects of the same non-dual reality.

In this way, the Mahavakyas provide a philosophical framework that can help reconcile the paradox of quantum physics by highlighting the non-dual nature of reality and the inseparability of the observer and the observed. This perspective suggests that the seemingly strange and counterintuitive phenomena observed in quantum physics are, in fact, reflections of the deeper unity and interconnectedness of all things.

In summary, the video highlights the convergence between quantum physics and Vedanta, particularly in relation to the concept of Brahman and the role of the observer. The Mahavakyas reinforce this convergence by emphasizing the unity of individual consciousness and ultimate reality, which is exemplified in the thought experiment and supported by the principles of quantum physics.

Raghuram recommends watching her playlists titled “Science and God” for a more detailed explanation of these concepts. You should also watch her playlist titled “Quantum Physics and Vedanta.”


Hello and Namaste. I am doing this video with a sense of awe and excitement, and I hope you will share this feeling with me at the end of this video. The 2022 Nobel Prize for physics has been awarded to physicists who have proven that the universe is not real. Yes, you heard me right. The universe is not real. What is amazing is that this is just what Vedanta has been proclaiming for millennia: reality is an illusion – Maya. This Nobel prize-winning proof for quantum physics proves two fundamental principles of Advaita Siddhanta:

1) Maya – The world is not real.

2) Sakshi – It is a conscious observer or a witness that brings the world into existence.

These are not just superficial likenesses. Quantum physics and Vedanta overlap at a deeply fundamental level.

***** NOTE: Advaita Siddhanta is a school of philosophy within Hinduism that originated in India. It is also known as Advaita Vedanta, which means “non-dualistic end of the Vedas”. The term “Vedanta” refers to the philosophical part of the Vedas, which are considered the sacred scriptures of Hinduism. Advaita Siddhanta was founded by the Indian philosopher and theologian Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century. According to this philosophy, there is only one ultimate reality, which is Brahman, and all other phenomena, including the individual self (jiva) and the world (jagat), are ultimately unreal or illusory (maya). The core principle of Advaita Siddhanta is the non-dualistic nature of reality, which asserts that there is no real distinction between the individual self and Brahman. The individual self is said to be an illusion caused by ignorance (avidya) and can be overcome through spiritual practice and realization of one’s true nature as Brahman. Advaita Siddhanta has had a significant influence on the development of Hindu philosophy and spirituality, as well as on the broader religious and cultural traditions of India. It has also attracted the attention of scholars and practitioners of other spiritual traditions around the world.


In this video. I plan to do two things.

First I’ll take you through a step-by-step journey through physics, which has reached a point where it has converged with the conclusions of the most ancient philosophy of the world.

Second, I want to show you how the bizarre and paradoxical aspects of quantum physics can be easily explained by applying the principles of Advaita Vedanta. I hope you will stay with me till the end. This is a proud moment for all of us. Hundreds of years of scientific research has led back to the wisdom of our rishis.

This journey begins with Einstein. Before him, It was thought that the universe was an absolute reality. There was time and space which was all pervading and they had objective and independent existence. There can be no difference of opinion on how much time has elapsed and how far two things are in space anywhere in the universe. Einstein’s relativity demolished this notion.

It proved that time depends on the vantage point of an observer if you are moving close to the speed of light, time itself slows down for you. People traveling at different speeds will experience different times. Same is true for space too: different people traveling at different speeds will measure two points in space differently. Space itself shrinks and expands depending on the point of view of the observer. Relativity erased the distinction between what is and what appears. The observer was no longer a passive, non-consequential entity. He became central to the form and shape of the universe.

This was the first big blow to the objective view of reality. Einstein’s theory, however, did not claim that a conscious observer was essential to this process.

The next big blow was the emergence of quantum physics. There is a famous experiment called the double slit experiment in quantum physics, which proved that particles don’t exist at all until they are observed. It is the act of observation that brings particles into existence. Before someone makes the observation, a particle can only be thought of as a set of probabilities. A particle does not have any real existence until it is observed. This was the conclusion of the founders of quantum physics like Heisenberg and Neil Boer.

Quantum physics pushed the observer to the very center of reality. Ironically, it was Einstein who vehemently disagreed with the findings of quantum physics. He’s supposed to have famously remarked; “Do you really believe the Moon is not there when you’re not looking at it?”

There are many things about quantum physics that makes no logical sense. Einstein pointed out those things to prove that quantum physics is wrong. At the center of his argument was a set of really bizarre particles called entangled particles. Quantum theory predicted the existence of a special set of particles called entangle particles. You can think of entangled particles as twins who are mirror images of each other. They are inextricably linked and replicate each other’s every move. If one particle changes its behavior, the other will know this instantly and change its behavior, too.

Einstein described quantum entanglement as “spooky action at a distance.” He said that this prediction of quantum theory proves that there is something incomplete or wrong with it. It was predicting that particles have telepathy and communicate with each other. How can any scientist in their right mind accept such a conclusion? Einstein said that such particles could not possibly exist.

If particles that are billions of light years apart can know each other’s state instantly, it means that information is traveling faster than the speed of light. Einstein, Schrodinger and several other prominent scientists of that time published papers describing this paradox of quantum physics, which they claimed proved that there was something wrong with quantum physics.

After this paper was published, a search began in the scientific community for entangled particles. And, to everyone’s amazement, they were discovered. An experiment was carried out which proved that quantum entanglement is real. Two entangled particles can communicate with each other instantly.

Not only can they communicate through large distances in space, it also turns out that they can communicate across time. That is, they appear to be sending information to the past and future. Watch my video on the double slit experiment and entangled particles if you want to understand this better. I have provided a link in the description and at the end of this video.

The existence of these particles have been proven multiple times and are used in real life applications. In fact, entangled particles are key to the functioning of quantum computers. However, there remains some doubts about why these particles exist and behave the way they do. Just because entangled particles were discovered, the scientists could not automatically conclude that quantum physics was accurate. It is possible that we were missing out some hidden property of matter that is causing the entangled particles to behave the way they do.

Let me explain this with an analogy. You are watching a magician perform a series of incredible tricks. There are two possible explanations for this. He’s a real magician like Harry Potter and can perform magic using his wand. The second explanation is that he’s tricking you. you are not able to see what he’s doing so it looks like magic to you. In reality, it is not magic at all. If this trick is explained to you, it’ll make perfect sense. In this analogy, Harry Potter is equivalent to the quantum physics version of reality. If such bizarre and unexplainable behavior really exists, it proves that quantum physics is accurate. The universe is not real.

Now there is a second scenario: what if the magician is not Harry Potter. What if he is only a skilled trickster, making us believe that magic is happening when there is a perfectly logical explanation for the trick. This is the second explanation for entangled particles. It’s not that these particles are bizarre and their behavior beyond any explanation. It is just that we don’t understand them fully. If we understood their properties, we would be able to provide a perfectly logical explanation for their behavior without involving quantum physics.

For a long time, physics was deadlocked between these two explanations for entangled particles, which brings us to the physicists who won the 2022 Nobel Prize for physics this year: Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger. Until these physicists came along, there was no way to conclusively determine which of these two is the right explanation. Is it real magic or is it just a trick? These physicists devised an ingenious experiment which proved that quantum physics is absolutely right. Particles which are billions of light years apart, do in fact, know each other’s state instantly.

There is something spooky happening which defies explanation, thus settling the argument in the favor of quantum physics. They basically proved that the universe is not real. How mind-blowing is that?


Now we have moved to a point in physics where nothing we previously knew makes sense. How can the universe not be real? Moreover, how is it possible that observers bring the universe into existence?

Physicists are toying with the idea that the very purpose of the universe was to create conscious observers. It is possible that until observers appeared, the universe did not have any shape or form. All these sound less like physics and more in the territory of metaphysics. Is it possible to make sense of these bizarre findings? I want to put forth to you that it makes perfect sense when you look through the lens of Vedanta. Like quantum physics, Vedanta says that the world is not real – it is only an illusion.

So what is real, then? What is causing the solution? The only thing that is real is consciousness. Consciousness is not a product or an emergent property of life, as science claims. Consciousness is the fundamental principle from which the whole universe emerged. Universe is created by consciousness. It exists in consciousness and resolves into consciousness. 

***** NOTE: Nobel Prize winning physicists also believe that consciousness is fundamental:

“I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness… Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” ~ Max Planck, who is known as “the father of quantum physics.” His discovery of energy quanta won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.

“It was not possible to formulate the laws of quantum mechanics in a fully consistent way without reference to the consciousness of the observer. The very study of the external world led to the conclusion that the content of consciousness is the ultimate reality.” – Eugene Wigner, 1963 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics


This consciousness principle, which creates the universe and pervades every aspect of the universe, is called Brahman. In Vedanta, there is a famous and oft-repeated example given to explain this concept. The universe is equated to a dream and Brahman to a dreamer. The relationship between you and your dream perfectly represents the relationship between Brahman and the universe.

***** NOTE: Brahman is a concept in Hinduism that refers to the ultimate, divine reality that underlies the universe. It is often described as an all-encompassing, infinite and eternal entity that transcends time, space, and individual identity. According to Hindu philosophy, Brahman is the source of everything in the universe and is the ultimate goal of human existence. It is believed that every living being is essentially a manifestation of Brahman and that realizing one’s identity with Brahman is the ultimate goal of spiritual practice. Brahman is also associated with the concept of Atman, which refers to the individual self or soul. In Hinduism, it is believed that the ultimate realization of the identity between the individual Atman and Brahman leads to liberation from the cycle of birth and death (samsara) and the attainment of ultimate spiritual enlightenment (moksha).


Let us examine this relationship further. First, the entire dream is born in you, exists in you, and disappears in you. You create, sustain and destroy your dream. Brahman, the consciousness principle, operates in a similar manner.

Second, nothing that happens in your dream has any impact on you. What do I mean by this? You can win a lottery in your dream and you wouldn’t be richer by a penny. You can murder someone in your dream and you will not be punished for it. You are untouched by your dream, although it exists in you. This is true for Brahman, the consciousness principle.

The third and perhaps the most difficult relationship to understand is this: what is the real relationship between you and your dream world? I said before that nothing that happens in your dream is real for you. What is the one thing that happens in your dream which is true even when you wake up? Take a second to think about it. The only true relationship between you and your dream is this: you are the witness of your dream.

You observe your dream. This was true while you are dreaming and is true after you wake up. Why is this so important? Nothing can happen and nothing can exist in the dream world without you witnessing it. Think about it for a second. Can anything exist in your dream without you seeing it? In fact, the question itself is wrong.

The objects in your dream get their existence because you witness them. The very act of you seeing it brings things into existence in your dream, isn’t it? Again take a moment to think about it? Nothing can exist in your dream that you don’t see. It is your seeing that brings things into existence.

Brahman and the universe have similar relationship. Everything is born in Brahman, exists in Brahman, and resolves in Brahman. But Brahman is not an active participant in the process. It is only the witness of the universe. That is why Brahman is referred to in Vedanta as Sakshi Chaitanyam, the witness consciousness or the observing consciousness.

***** NOTE: Sakshi Chaitanyam, often referred to as Sakshi, is a fundamental concept in the Vedanta philosophy, particularly in the Advaita Vedanta school. The term “Sakshi” means “witness” or “observer,” and “Chaitanyam” refers to “consciousness” or “pure awareness.” Sakshi Chaitanyam can be understood as the witness consciousness or the pure awareness that observes everything without being affected or influenced by the experiences or objects being observed. According to Advaita Vedanta, the ultimate reality, or Brahman, is the only true existence, and everything else is an illusion (Maya). The self (Atman) is considered to be identical to this ultimate reality. However, the illusion of the world and the individual’s identification with the body, mind, and intellect create a sense of duality, making it challenging to recognize the true nature of the self. Sakshi Chaitanyam represents the unchanging, eternal, and pure consciousness that exists within every individual, separate from the body, mind, and intellect. It is the conscious observer that witnesses all experiences, thoughts, and emotions without being entangled or affected by them. The concept of Sakshi Chaitanyam emphasizes that this witnessing consciousness is the true nature of the self (Atman) and that realizing and identifying with this pure awareness leads to spiritual liberation (Moksha). In the context of this video, Sakshi Chaitanyam is closely related to the role of the observer in quantum physics. The video suggests that the observer’s consciousness plays a central role in bringing the world into existence, reflecting the fundamental principles of Advaita Vedanta.


Now we have reached the second big convergence between quantum physics and Vedanta. Brahman. the consciousness principle that creates the universe, is only an observer, a witness, a Sakshi. Particles do not have any real existence until they are observed. It is the act of observation that brings particles into existence. Take a minute to absorb this.

Now you may say to me: “Wait a second. This is a giant leap. The all-pervading consciousness bringing the universe into existence cannot be equated to a puny little observer in a tiny little corner of the universe, bringing things into existence.”

The answer to this conundrum takes us to the very heart of Vedanta, the zenith of its teachings. Just like Einstein, let us do a small thought experiment. Let’s say you are having a vivid dream. It is your consciousness that has created every object in your dream. There are not only inanimate objects in your dream, there are also people in your dream. What about them? They don’t just exist, they are conscious beings. Where do they get their consciousness from?

Let’s say there are 10 people in your dream. Each person in your dream is having a different experience. Where do they get their sentience from? How is it possible for them to experience the dream world? Are they experiencing anything that you are not experiencing? If a person in your dream is watching the sunrise, it is your consciousness which has created the sunrise and you are seeing it through his eyes. He’s experiencing the sunrise because you are experiencing it. The experience of every person in your dream is your experience.  Take a minute to absorb this

Now ask yourself: how is this happening? Have you divided your consciousness into 10 different parts and distributed it to the 10 people in your dream? No!  You are one undivided consciousness experiencing your dream world through every person in your dream.

Now let us shift our point of view to the people in your dream. Each person experiences the world as if it is outside of him. They experience themselves as distinct individuals separate from everyone else. One person cannot see what the other person is seeing. Each of them is under the impression that they’re living in a tiny little corner of this world and they have limited power over it. This is just an illusion, an illusion, caused by the deluding power of your dream. This deluding power is called Maya in Vedanta – the power that deludes us into believing that this unreal world is in fact real.

There is only your consciousness shining through all the people in your dream. While you are dreaming, even you don’t know this. You are experiencing all the ups and downs of the world as though it is outside of you. You, the dreamer, is every person in your dream and every person in your dream is you. You have not divided yourself to become these multiple people in your dream. You remain undivided observing your dream, and this power of observation is reflected in every person in your dream.

Let me repeat: there is only one observer, one consciousness, which appears in every conscious being. Every observer in the dream world is you the dreamer. This is the final teaching of Vedanta – the culmination of all its knowledge. There is only one consciousness principle and it is you. The whole world is happening in you, you are Brahman, you create, sustain and destroy the universe. You are the sakshi, the witness of the entire world. The world exists because you see it. The world exists because you see it.

Can you see how this neatly explains the paradox of quantum physics? How is it possible for a puny observer in the laboratory to bring things into existence? It is possible because there is nothing puny about an observer. He is that all-pervading consciousness that brought the whole universe into existence.

See how well Advaita Vedanta perfectly explains these fundamental laws of quantum physics. Quantum physics says the universe is unreal. Vedanta says the universe is just an Illusion: it is Maya. Quantum physics says the observer brings things into existence. Vedanta agrees: the all-pervading witness consciousness, the Sakshi Chaitanya, creates the universe. It is the same consciousness that shines through every living being. It is impossible to ignore the uncanny similarities between quantum physics and vedanta.

If you want a more elaborate explanation for all the things I’ve spoken about in this video, watch my series, titled “Science and God“. In this series, I have called out all the things and signs which point towards an intention and intelligence behind the universe. In the 5th 6th and the seventh video of the series, I have explained quantum physics and vedanta in detail once again.

Thank you for watching. Please subscribe and press the Bell icon for reminders. Please share it with people who might be interested and who may have more insights on this subject.

Until next time. Namaste

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Quantum Physics and Indigenous Philosophy Reveal True Nature of Reality

2022-02-03 Cynthia pink

How might quantum physics and indigenous language and philosophy reveal the true nature of reality?

Some deep insights regarding wisdom with respect to the nature of reality comes from Indigenous elders, who emphasize that everything that can be created already exists–and this existence is an intrinsic, core quality of Nature.  Some of these ideas are beautifully described in the book, Original Thinking, by Glenn Aparicio Parry, which I experienced firsthand when attending some dialogues described in this book with scientists, indigenous elders, and linguists.  Physicist David Bohm and Harvard-educated Blackfood elder Leroy Little Bear attended the first such dialogue, hosted by the Fetzer Institute in Michigan in 1992.  Also in attendance was linguist Dan Moonhawk Alford, who helped illuminate shared areas of agreement between quantum physics and indigenous wisdom. David Bohm, once an associate of Einstein, had been the key instigator behind this first meeting–and this had been a dream of his for decades, ever since reading what Benjamin Lee Whorf comments about Native American languages being verb-dominated.  Linguist Dan Moonhawk Alford describes what this verb-centric quality suggests:

Whereas every sentence in English must properly have a subject, a noun or noun phrase, and a verb, many if not most Native American languages can have sentences with no nouns at all. ‘Rehpi,’ a full
sentence in Hopi referring to a celestial event, means ‘flashed,’ where we have to say ‘the lightning flashed.’ But this goes much further: sa’ke’j says that when he’s speaking mi’kmaq back on the reserve, he can go all day long without ever uttering a single noun.  This statement is mind-boggling to most English speakers.  So much of our facts and knowledge are wrapped up in nouns, so what would all that knowledge look like in a language that doesn’t value nouns in the same way? This includes all concepts, all the way to ‘god’.

Dan Moonhawk Alford documented eight key areas of agreement between the quantum physicists and the Native Americans.  These include:

1. Everything that exists vibrates
This point of agreement is important because it moves beyond our usual ‘thingy’ or particle notion of existence based on raw sensory impressions, which is favored in the indo-european language family, and allows a justification on the part of Native Americans for the existence of spirits.
2. Everything is in flux
(Sa’ke’j:) The only constant is change–constant change, transformations; everything naturally friendly, trying to reach a more stable state instead of bullying each other around. That kind of process the English language doesn’t allow you to talk about too much, but most Native American languages are based on capturing the motions of nature, the rhythms, the vibrations, the relationships, that you can form with all these elements, just like a periodic table in a different way: relationships rather than a game of billiards,
where you only count the ones that go in–all of their motion doesn’t count.
3. The Part Enfolds the Whole:
… not just whole is more than the sum of its parts.  (Sa’ke’j:) When we wear leathers and beads and eagle thongs and things like that, it’s not seen as totally ludicrous, as decoration – it’s seen as containing something you want to have a relationship with.
4. There is an implicate order to the universe
(Sa’ke’j:) This implicate order holds everything together whether we want it to or not, and exists independently of our beliefs, our perceptions, or our linguistic categories. It exists totally independently of the methods or rules that people use to arrive at what it is, and David Bohm’s captured that with the great phrase the implicate order, versus the explicate order of things that they can explain quite concretely, such as a rock falling out of a window. This also agrees with the lakhota phrase ‘skan skan,’ which points to the motion behind the motion.
5. This ecosphere is basically friendly
Sa’ke’j maintains that the planet, and especially the Americas as well as the physical universe, are basically gentle and friendly: You don’t have an electron jumping and bullying into other(s) unless it knows it’s missing a stable state and knows it can reach that stable state and increase its own stability.
6. Nature can be taught new tricks

(Sa’ke’j:) We also agreed that that world out there that exists–that reality, not imaginality–can be taught new tricks with the cyclotron; and what was raised in the meeting was, are these new tricks beneficial, or will they create a hostile universe on their own, independent of scientists, once they teach electrons how to jump and how to amass the energy to jump, and it becomes a bullying, hostile biological world. Reminds me of Alan Watts talking about how the universe has had to learn how to get ever smaller and ever larger as we probe it with microscopes and telescopes, receding ever further in the distance as self observes itself.
7. Quantum Potential and Spirit
After listening to the physicists and American Indians talk for a few days, it struck me that the way physicists use the term potential, or quantum potential, is nearly identical to the way Native Americans use the term spirit. They all agreed there was something similar going on.
8. The principle of complementarity
Physicists for all this century have realized that our usual notion of bipolar or black & white opposites was insufficient when working with nature. The first clue came when they asked incoming light, ‘Are you particle?’ and it answered Yes; ‘Are you wave?’ and it answered Yes. This is equivalent to asking whether something is a noun or a verb and getting a yes answer to both–which is exactly how Native American language nouns are made up: as verbs with suffixes that make them temporarily into nouns for discussion sake. this yes-yes complementarity is foreign to Indo-European languages, but quite
common in other language families (such as the Chinese notion of Yin-Yang), and represents a higher level of formal operations, in Piaget’s terms, referred to by some as post-formal operations–that which lies beyond normal Western Indo-European development.

.  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .


Alford, Dan Moonhawk. “Dialogues Between Western and Indigenous Scientists.” Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness. (1993).
Parry, Glenn Aparicio. Original thinking: A radical revisioning of time, humanity, and nature. North Atlantic Books, 2015.

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QuantumJumps300x150adCynthia Sue Larson is the best-selling author of six books, including Quantum Jumps.  Cynthia has a degree in physics from UC Berkeley, an MBA degree, a Doctor of Divinity, and a second degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Cynthia is the founder of RealityShifters, and is president of the International Mandela Effect Conference. Cynthia hosts “Living the Quantum Dream” on the DreamVisions7 radio network, and has been featured in numerous shows including Gaia, the History Channel, Coast to Coast AM, One World with Deepak Chopra, and BBC. Cynthia reminds us to ask in every situation, “How good can it get?” Subscribe to her free monthly ezine at:

A Quantum Hologram of a Non-Physical World where ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE | | Gregg Braden

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The principles of the quantum Paradigm are: Complementary, Contextual, Conscious, and Connected. Dr. Bullard explains these principles and how they differ from the Newtonian principles that have governed our world and have led to a world out of balance: determinism, separatism, reductionism, and materialism.

The quantum principles are reflected in the Hermetic principles, as documented in the Kybalion, which being proven out by new scientific discoveries – reaffirming that consciousness is an essential part of all that is.

The Romantic Side of Electromagnetism

When people talk about love and meeting someone you just cannot get out of your mind, it’s not uncommon to hear phrases such as “there’s just chemistry between us” or “what we feel is electric, almost magnetic!”, but what the heck are these people talking about? Well, just like magnets, people can have an undeniable pull towards one another (when the polarities are a match of course).

Like electromagnetism, the strongest force on planet earth, (no, it’s actually not gravity), love could be considered the strongest force in universal consciousness, as it is what holds humanity together at its core. And I strongly believe that is why they feel so similarly on a cosmic level to which we are innately drawn to describe these types of experiences as feeling magnetic, electric, or energized.

We all know when we’re in love how hard it is to be away from the person we’re in love with. It’s literally like there’s an unseen force that binds your hearts together, and again I believe it is because there truly is. Love, like anything else in the Universe, is energy, and when combined with a dance of heartfelt emotion, again is the strongest, most binding, yet at the same time, most freeing force in all of existence as we know it.

Not even “science” can explain away the amazing things that love can do, or the seemingly unexplained “abilities” that people have obtained in the name of love, such as strength gained by a mother to save a child in duress. Or the knowledge of a wife when a husband is stranded without a way to contact her for help. Beyond the gaps of time and space, love is in and of itself a force that combines electricity and magnetism and if we look closely, we can see this expressed in the heart muscle itself.

The heart produced the strongest electromagnetic field in the body, surpassing that of the brain by many feet. It even has its own “neurons” and what can be considered its very own brain. And it’s curious to take note as to how closely intertwined it is with the neurological system. The heart requires electricity to give it a “jump-start” if it ever stops beating, as it relies on electrical impulses to keep the rhythm we all know as our heartbeats. Image result for electromagnetic love

If we look closer we can see the obvious signs and symbols the heart shares with the vast and grand mysteries of the forces of nature and the Universe, and of creation itself, we know as Electromagnetism. And I don’t think it’s a mistake that the innate feeling of connection to one another (what we feel when there’s soul chemistry) translates to anything other than that, as it makes so much sense that the key to connecting to our hearts, would be found in the door another opens within us.

I think there’s so much to learn from the forces of nature if we just take the time to slow down and acknowledge them. Perhaps that’s the hardest thing for many of us to do these days, but perhaps it’s also one of the most important. For if you find yourself with the least amount of time in your day for joy, then that is the surest indicator of how far you’ve strayed from listening to your own heart. Joy is freeing, not constricting, and once you connect to it, whether in your soulmate or dream job, the Universe lets you know with a little lightning bolt in your heart, a little pull towards your purpose with a shock of sureness. 🙂

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This article was originally created and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Tamara Rant and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.

How to Ensure that YOU Live in a Parallel Reality That YOU Prefer

Source: bashar.org

CLN Editor Note: Below is a partial transcript of one track off of the 4-part CD program titled “Navigating the Splitting Prism of Parallel Realities” by Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka and recorded on Nov 16, 2019). If you resonate with this track, please consider purchasing the 4-CD set or any of Bashar’s other channeled messages. The message below instructs us on how to maintain the state of being that we most prefer regardless of how circumstances may appear. That preferred state of being can become the navigational device that allows us to find ourselves in the parallel reality that best suits who we truly are.



We would like to begin this transmission with the idea of navigating the splitting prism of parallel realities. Now as we have said in other transmissions, what you are experiencing on your planet at this time is a juncture, a junction point, a pivot point, especially coming up in your year of 2020, which symbolically represents the idea not only of clear vision forward but also the idea of 20/20 hindsight – and in gathering together all the lessons you have learned, all the information that you need to move forward with clarity in that pivotal year and the years to follow.

You Are Creating Your Own Version of Reality

Even though you may think that you are all sharing one particular reality, you are NOT. You are creating your own version, your own simulation through agreements, telepathically connected agreements with each other, to create what appears to be the same reality, but each of you is creating your own.

And many of you now are beginning to realize, as your society continues forward, that there are many individuals who are choosing different expressions of reality that are not necessarily in alignment with the kind of experience that you prefer to have on your planet. Or again, more precisely: on your planets because there are multiple versions of Earth simultaneously coexisting here.

There Is a Barrier Between Realities – Like a Glass Wall

And the idea is that now the splitting prism has moved forward enough that there are starting to be in between all of these different parallel realities a kind of borderline, a kind of barrier. You can liken it to the idea as we have said of a glass wall. You can see through it to the other realities to the people that are not necessarily choosing things that are vibrationally compatible with the kind of reality experience you prefer, but that doesn’t mean that they can affect you, because they can no longer really reach you with their vibration except by your choice to mirror or mimic what you’re seeing on the other side of the glass. But there is no other effect than that: your choice to believe that you must be affected by them is you creating that effect in your reality, your discrete parallel reality.

As You Harmonize with Those Who Are Vibrationally Compatible and Dis-Harmonize with Those Who Are Not, the Glass Wall Becomes Thicker

So as you move forward recognizing that each of you is in your own reality, literally, and that you can make more and more agreements with those that are more vibrationally compatible with what you prefer to again continue to generate simulations of these realities for yourselves that do harmonize with those that are vibrationally compatible with you and dis-harmonize or become more dis-coherent with those that are not vibrationally compatible with what you prefer – the split becomes wider and wider, the walls of glass become, in a sense, thicker and thicker and thicker.

Follow the Formula to Create the Reality You Prefer

Now the idea of navigating through what’s happening in this splitting is to allow yourself the opportunity to not only follow the formula that we have given you that is representative of the instruction manual of how reality works, which is:
– act on your passion to the best you can
– no assumption, no insistence on the outcome
– and remaining in a positive state no matter how things look in order to extract a beneficial effect

See more details on The Formula here:

Foolproof Formula for Your Best Possible Life

The Language of the Higher Mind and Physical Reality

Along with that that is another element that now becomes more crucial, more important as the days unfold, as the years unfold. Going forward in your sense of time and space.

We have discussed from time to time the difference in the language between your higher mind, which is non-physical and your physical mind. The higher mind, being non-physical, has a language of energy vibration, resonance. Now all things operate on resonance of energy, but it is from the higher mind purely an energetic transmission.

And when your body receives this, like an antenna, it translates this vibrational language from the higher mind as the physical sensation you call passion, excitement, creativity, love.

But your response cannot only be in energy. It cannot only be in words. The language of physical reality is physical actions. And therefore, this is why it is so crucial to act on your passion. Not just think about it. Not only just meditate on it. Not only just give off loving energy to everyone All these things help, but the physical action seals the deal, completes the circuit, grounds the effect.

And the physical acts you take that are in alignment with the reality you prefer, instead of just wishing or hoping that your reality will shift into more and more of a representation, the physical actions you take will actually start to crystallize that reality much, much more quickly, much more coherently for you.

That’s how you navigate through all of these splitting prisms – taking yourself by acting on your passion, steering that rudder being the vibration of the reality you prefer to experience so you can navigate toward it more and more every day and every way. But along with that it is crucial to really take the physical actions necessary to really home in on that reality, to demonstrate by your actions the reflection that you ultimately will see in that reality.

So for example, we have sometimes been asked questions such as: if I am in my reality and I see something happening that is what I don’t prefer. Should I help? YES! Because it is the action of being of assistance that belongs in the reality you prefer. That’s one of the expressions of the reality that most of you theoretically would prefer – that when one gives off a signal that they might require assistance that you actually take the action of assisting them somehow.

Taking Action Is the KEY to Solidify the Reality of Your Preference

It isn’t that you have to expect a particular outcome from that, but it is the action itself, the offering itself that makes all the difference. And whatever comes to fruition from that will crystalize and solidify the reality of your preference, but the actions are key.

We got another question recently about the idea of: if I’m in my reality and I’m walking along and I see a piece of trash on the ground, should I pick it up? Yes, if you don’t prefer it to be in your reality. You have to demonstrate through your actions what this reality you prefer would actually be like where people would automatically do those kinds of things. You have to be the first, foremost living example of the behaviors that belong in the realities you prefer.

By being that physical example and demonstrating those behaviors, others will see that – others who wish to align with the similar kinds of realities, create those kinds of realities for themselves, will see that and they may realize that those are the kinds of behaviors that are representative of those kinds of realities. And you will have given them an opportunity to see, through you, someone in their preferred reality doing something that represents the kind of reality they prefer.

So you become a living example to them and an example and a solidifier and a crystallizer to yourself by actually undertaking those kinds of actions that are representative of the reality in the way you would also prefer to see others behaving: getting a reflection of that kind of consciousness, of that kind of conscientiousness, of that kind of awareness. And the willingness to take action on it to demonstrate what that reality really looks like and what the people living in that reality would actually, naturally automatically do.

Act on Your Passion the Best You Can

So the idea then is: as you go through life, as you act on your passion best you can, as you let go of the insistence on what the outcome should look like, as you remain by choice in a positive state no matter what happens so that you can derive the benefit from that circumstance – also put yourselves out there by taking the actions that are representative of that passion. Don’t hesitate. Don’t hold back if you

If you need to express yourself through writing – write! If you need to express yourself through painting – paint! If you need to express yourself through acting – act! In some way, shape or form express your creativity. Express who you are through the physical actions on a daily basis, so that others may see through you as a living example what that reality looks like and what the citizens of that reality do.

And it will start to really bleed through. It will start to rub off on others who are even minorly willing to navigate in that direction. So each of you becomes a crystallized nodal point, a magnetic nodal point that starts to attract more and more like-minded people even if their vibration is not exactly aligned. You can act as a magnetic nodal point to give them more opportunity to realize: “Oh this looks more like the reality I prefer. I see the actions of these people here. That looks more like the reality I prefer. And so I myself will also take those actions so that they can see something similar in the reflection that I am to them.”

Share Your Gifts

Don’t hesitate! Remember, please remember if you have a gift to give, that means there has to be someone waiting to receive it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be excited about having that gift, about expressing yourself that way. So please do not deprive others of the gift that they are waiting to receive from you.

Let go, open up, take the actions every day as best you can, every moment that you can, on the things that give you joy. Don’t just muse about them. Don’t just wish. Don’t just think. Don’t just meditate. These are all wonderful states of being, but the action completes the circuit. It completes the cycle and it allows the higher mind to know that you actually heard the message it sent you through passion because you are speaking in the language of physical reality.

And therefore you are creating a space by taking those actions that allow the higher mind to not only know you heard it, but that you’re willing to handle more opportunities that it could send your way through passion of what it is that is representative of your true self. For if you do not act on the things it’s already sent you, why should it send you any more. It would be pointless.

So the more you act, the more space you make for more opportunities to act on your excitement, to act on your passion. You create this cycle and it expands and expands and expands.

Be Your True Self and Take Actions that are Representative of the Reality You Prefer

So again, even though there may be those that you see through the glass walls into another reality that are behaving vibrationally incompatible with what you prefer, at the very least by being your true self and taking these actions that are representative of the reality the version of Earth you prefer, you are even giving them an opportunity because they can see you too. You are at least giving them an opportunity to know there might be another choice they could make. There might be another path they could take – not that they have to. This is not about insistence. It’s about allowance. It’s about demonstration to show that there are options.

And in that way with those actions and being a living example of that reality through your actions, do you solidify and crystallize for yourself the reality, the version of earth that is truly more vibrationally compatible with the reflection that you would prefer to see. And bit by bit, you take steps more and more everyday toward that reality – waiting a little bit to some degree for some others to catch up but not to the point where it holds you back.

It’s up to you to decide how this works for you, but take the actions that you can.

A ‘Literal’ Step Into the Sacred Circle Symbol

If you follow my work, then you’ve most likely read my previous article entitled, “It’s All 9: The Hidden Code of Our Divine Fractal Universewhere I speak on the awesomeness that the number 9 is literally the fabric of the world we live in!

Now, that may seem far-fetched, however with intrinsic patterns and complex designs found occurring everywhere in nature from snowflakes to the Fibonacci spiral in a head of cabbage or nautilus, we can then see how one could easily conclude and just as easily be dumb-founded by the fact that mathematics lies at the core of creation.

Related imageThe beautiful representations of the sometimes hidden dance of the elements are often laid out in such ways that they demand our attention (have you ever really LOOKED at snowflake patterns??? They are absolutely gorgeous!!!) and thus create within us a desire to explore that newfound spark of our innate curiosity to know more.

And that is something that as a species we could never and can never ignore, for therein lies the keys to understanding the very universe in which we reside; including the vastness that exists within the core of the atoms contained in our cells…And if we are ever able to ignore the sight of what I love to call “cosmic creation” found in this Sacred Geometry, then I believe that is when we have truly lost what it means to make us human.

So what exactly is the tie to the number 9 and the circle? Well, for one if we bisect a circle, we see the number 9 at every single cut! (Below is an excerpt from my previously mentioned article. If you’re curious and haven’t read it yet, I highly suggest you do for more information on Vortex Based Mathematics!)

Let’s take a look…

  • A circle is 360 degrees: 3+6+0=9
  • A circle divided in half is 180 degrees: 1+8+0=9
  • This will be true as well for all reductions including 45-degree angles within a circle as well as 90-degree angles: (45 degrees) 4+5=9, (90 degrees) 9+0=9, (135 degrees) 1+3+5=9, (225 degrees) 2+2+5=9, (270 degrees) 2+7+0=9, (315 degrees) 3+1+5=9
  • It will continue if we add the 30-degree cuts together as well, for example: (60 degrees + 30 degrees) 6+0+3+0=9. Or (210 degrees + 240 degrees) 2+1+0+2+4+0=9

It's All 9: The Hidden Code of Our Divine Fractal Universe : Conscious Life News

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.”  – Nikola Tesla


If we look deeper, we may begin to see why the circle is considered such a sacred symbol and we even hear the phrase “sacred circle” to indicate a special sort of group or gathering for a particular shared, meaningful purpose. We choose the circle because it binds, it connects, it is forever…

And what greater symbol for something meaningful than placing it into an eternal existence in your heart, mind, and soul? Where else do we see the circle symbol represented this way? How about wedding rings? Or to represent important cycles such as the “circle of life” which is representative of how all things are inter-connected; how one’s demise always serves another’s birth and vice versa. Chaos serves peace and vice versa. Light serves dark and vice versa. Yes…I said that! And yes I mean it! 

Perhaps the circle’s most important lesson is that it serves to remind us that we live in a dualistic world of polarity and that it will forever reflect back to us where we are resonating on this scale of extremes by mirroring back what’s going on within our thoughts, feelings, and expressions…and even yes our unexpressed thoughts and feelings.

I am not in any way condoning the “dark side”, only acknowledging that without its existence, we would not have the grace and glory of light. Let’s let light represent choices we make that best serve us life to simplify things and so as to not get so lost in any new-age terminology.

Think back to a time that you felt closure with something that had for a while been bothering you or looming over your mind. What occurred “behind the scenes” in the good ‘ol time-space continuum while you were working out your human dramas? Well, technically…the energy you were holding onto that kept you in a feeling of “stuck”, “this still bugs me” when I think of this it pisses me off”, was simply shifted. That energy simply MOVED.

What caused it to move? Well…the same thing that caused it to stay for every moment before it moved. A belief you tied to it at some point. And once we over-ride one belief with another, we literally hand over the reins. Now, that new belief has power over what thoughts we think, what feelings we feel, and presumably what choices we make and the actions we take or don’t take.

What also occurred is our mental perspective. We could say that we literally turned around in time-space energy and faced our fears. We stopped living in the fear of a 180 “half-life” belief, and turned it around to completion, full-CIRCLE 360 degrees to obtain what? CLOSURE. Starting to make sense?

If we keep little things like this in mind to use as mind cues when things get too stressful or we have trouble letting things go, it will get easier to not only tune in to our own energy but to shift it when it’s keeping us in a place that isn’t perhaps serving us so well. We can then free ourselves from living in a circle of guilt and shame, or whatever the case might be for you, and create a new circle for ourselves; one that is congruent to the authentic angles we are trying to reach in life and that always amounts to peace and happiness…


Tamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Certified Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer, and a Conservative voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. 

Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.

This article was originally created and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Tamara Rant and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.

The Multiple Connections From a Single, Conscious Breath

Image result for sacred breathThe average human takes about 20,000 breaths per day, and yet most people don’t really give breathing much thought until perhaps they are coughing from a glass of juice going down the wrong pipe. But this simple act; this sustaining, inescapable wave we ride to survive, and our most intimate way of intermingling with the outside environment, has always fascinated me on so many levels. Because it’s something we either can do consciously or unconsciously, awake or sleeping and we can even purposely stop breathing (hold our breath) if we so choose.

Breathing is one bodily function we have a strange amount of control over and interaction with and I’ve come to find with also studying ancient teachings such as the Vedas (Pranayama), is that the breath is a bridge. With breath-work, we can learn to control other bodily functions such as heart rate and thought-processing. And then we learn to open doors to higher states of consciousness as focused breathing leads to calm connections to your silent center.

When we take even one moment in our day to take a big, deep, focused breath, we are giving ourselves the chance to connect with our body, rather than running on auto-pilot. Focused breath is nourishing to the soul and replenishes the spirit with the pure essence of life. This is why we “sigh” when we are at a loss, irritated, etc. It is an innate response to push our exhaustion out and away from us through our breath and thus then pull back from the ethers a quick re-connection to life-force energy.

Breathing calmly, yet deeply is one of the quickest ways to reduce anxiety and nervousness. And for the same reason, I just mentioned above. It re-centers and re-connects. And to be honest, I feel this is actually the very first step on the actual path of Spirituality. Let me explain…

When someone finally “wakes up” and starts asking questions about themselves, life, the world at large we live in, and the great expanse of the Universe, they may do what I did and feel like they need to learn EVERYTHING…NOW.

I honestly couldn’t tell you when I woke up as I came out of the womb questioning authority and making my own rules, but ever since I can remember I’ve been drawn to every New Age (even though I’m not a fan of this term), Spiritual, Anarchist, Hippie-esque, Eco-Loving, Quantum Physics, Ancient Civilizations, Sacred Geometry, Anti-Orwellian, Hidden Knowledge & History, Hermetic Laws, Pleiadian, Nikola Tesla book I could get my freaking hands on.

But the greatest thing perhaps I’ve ever read was a simple phrase that said, “Everything you ever need to know is already within you.” Reading this quote for the first time literally froze me in time, I’m convinced of that. It stood still, I’d bet my life on it.

You all know that feeling when life hits you with such a realization/revelation, it is like Source itself cracked open your soul and imparted you with a remembrance of who you are. You feel so grounded and at peace, it’s like nothing can touch you because you are in everything. Image result for sacred breath quote

And this comprehension opens the door to understanding that the acts of inhaling and exhaling within biological forms are mere reflections of the grand breath of Source…the pulse of Divine Creation. We are here to learn ONE lesson and ONE lesson only; that we are ONE with everything and everyone. There is NO separation. And we achieve that learning by starting to pay attention to one single breath.

With this single breath, we can see that the inhale is constricting, hard, tense. Everything feels like it’s under pressure and pushing against one another. “Matter” is condensed and space is tight/cold. The exhale is freeing and a release. It is pure expanse and movement; energy/heat. In the breath, we witness the balance that is in all of Nature; the Yin & the Yang.

And this reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend of mine the other night about how the breath of the Universe could be applied to matter .vs antimatter with the former being the inhale (condensed to a single form) and the latter being the exhale (explosion).

To think that “breathing” is how the Universe physically creates is a mind-boggling, humbling, and heart-warming perception. We can actually witness this via Quantum wave-function. (It all starts with a sound, but let’s save that for another article).

Ahhhhhh….It’s great to be alive!

And don’t forget to inhale the good sh*t…exhale the bullsh*t! 🙂


Tamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

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This article was originally created and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Tamara Rant and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.


Cosmic Confirmations: How the Universe Speaks Through Synchronicities

SynchronicityIf you’ve been reading my articles for a while, then you know that I believe we are all connected and therefore all part of the same, universal cosmic web. The web that contains everything that ever was, is and could be.  The place where all information rests, and everything that has ever been created, and everything waiting to be created (in some form of nothingness we cannot yet comprehend) reside. This is where all aspirations, inspirations, ideas, genius, madness, intuitions, inhibitions, and movement of creative force draw from. Some call it simply the Universe, others call it the Field, and yet others may say it is even an extension of the Akashic Records. All I know for sure…is this web of flowing energy is where the magic happens!

It is also where I believe guideposts or success markers in the form of synchronicities fall from. I believe there are different kinds of synchronicities; however they all at some level act as a sort of confirmation or redirection back to a previous thought or intention. A thought or intention that you had meant to act on, that for some reason perhaps you did not. And while it may have seemed like a trivial feat, plays a vital and significant role in your life plan or what I like to call your blueprint.

I’m an avid believer of reincarnation, but that belief is two-fold and we’ll save that for another article. Long story short, I feel that you can incarnate either “awake” or “asleep”. Of course, if you incarnate “asleep”, you can awaken during your lifetime. In fact, many people see that as the ultimate reason for reincarnation at all. My theory behind it goes a step further and has to do with what is called the Matrix.

(Here’s a sample from my upcoming book, All Within: A Quantum Guide for the Conscious Traveler I feel this fits right in with how what synchronicities are when viewed as program systems, i.e. calendar reminders, ROM-upgrades, etc.) …” I also believe we are living in an artificial Matrix system…and if you are reading this, then that’s most likely not a new or foreign subject for you at all. I tend to see this Matrix system exactly as portrayed in the famed film; like a simulation of sorts being run on, around and of us, and we act as individual computer programs – each with our own functions, abilities, and intelligence. There is an unseen force acting upon us, holding the illusion in place, and sometimes, once in a while, you see the lady in the red walk by and it stops you dead in your tracks. You instinctively know she’s valuable to connecting some previously existing data in your memory bank. And with emotion about to really get you into it, to get your awareness front and center with a racing pulse, warming lower extremities, shortness of breath, and a glistening sweat…your physical form has followed suit and takes the so-called coincidence of a beautiful woman who stands out like a sore thumb, deep into your consciousness to manifest a subconscious creative force that had previously lain dormant in a prior version of what we could call “software”.  In my understanding, there is also a holistic, organic system that this artificial Matrix runs in conjunction with…a system of spirit that draws directly from Gaia, or what we may know better as simply, Mother Earth.”

So, what exactly are synchronicities, and what purpose(s) do they serve? Essentially, synchronicities could simply be explained as meaningful coincidences. While I have a firm respect for the honesty and governance of mathematics, I don’t really favor coincidence much. I like to say there’s so much to synchronicities than mere chance and that they have everything in the Universe to do with energy, the Law of Attraction, and intention.  It seems not a week goes by these days that I don’t come across an article where scientists have come out with further evidence showing how our thoughts create our world. With this knowledge, we can confidently say that when we are focusing our thoughts on a certain person, topic, event, or thing we wish to happen or not happen…we subconsciously draw into our lives not only actual things that resonate with that person, topic, event or thing, etc. but even simple psychological representations and symbols of them as well. This can get as etheric as you wish…seeing repeating number patterns; each which carry their own energy signature. (Most famous I think are reports of people seeing 11:11 constantly).

If you are wanting a red Mustang convertible more than anything in the world, then chances are you are going to start seeing them on the road more often, you will hear about them more in conversation, you will attract people who are into Mustangs as much as you are, etc. This can happen with anything you enjoy and explains why we love being around people who enjoy the same things we do; there’s a certain frequency there and you are all tuned into it. You all most likely would bear witness to the similar type of synchronicities.

Examples: Thinking of someone and then them calling you on the phone two minutes later…When something causes you to be late for work and you later find out you avoided a car accident…Having a gut feeling over and over about a person that you cannot ignore and it turns out to be correct…Literally asking the Universe for confirmation on a choice you made and getting it through only things that make sense to YOU! <3

These parallel events that simply bear no logical explanation can get stranger and harder to deny. Sometimes they are even life-altering to the point they cause people to make huge life changes like quitting smoking or drinking or starting to treat others more kindly where previously they were abusive. I consider “Near-death experiences” to be synchronistic in nature, and perhaps of the highest form for the level of effect they seem to have on people.

Whatever the “level” of synchronicity, I feel they all appear in our lives for a greater purpose. Ultimately, perhaps their purpose is to get our attention, redirect, get us to think, notice, wonder, and ponder. They are inserted into the program purposely (by whom, now that’s another conversation!), and I believe they are there to help most definitely. I personally have taken more notice of the synchronicities occurring in my life and in doing so I feel like I’ve had some extra light shone in some otherwise dark and confusing areas. When I’ve had trouble making decisions or finding confidence that I was on the right path, there have been many of these confirming events that were nothing beyond miraculous to me. And I say that not because I can’t believe how these events aligned, but that I can believe it, and the simple beauty in that alone is what I feel allows the connection to these confirmations to occur in the first place…it’s what opens us up to our own power and ability to create in and interact with the web…you know, make the magic happen. 🙂

11407169_10207492860745352_1321554131300371313_nTamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer, and a Conservative voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. 

Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.


Alchemical Secrets to Help Keep You Focused

Image result for alchemist turns all things to loveFor as long as I can remember I’ve been completely fascinated with the elements, the laws of Nature, sacred geometry, energy, and how it all comes together in a sort of fancy cosmic toolbox that we can all learn to use through ancient alchemical processes.

Now, I’m not talking about literally mixing some lyrium with dragonroot under the 3rd phase of the moon to gain +5 mana, but hey…yesterday’s Merlin is today’s Spiritual Alchemist, right?

No, the chemistry, the reactions, the changes I speak of refer to those specific ‘problem’ areas of your life. As cosmic Creator beings, we are all modern-day wizards and witches with more power to control what goes into and comes out of our very own lives than we are ever told, but I’m sure to have continually imagined throughout the years.

I’m referring to power in the Now or what I love to call ‘hacking the Matrix’. If we start to think of all outside events that attempt to bring us out of alignment (away from a feeling of being centered, calm, focused, relaxed, whole, peaceful, etc.) as simple programs running, then it becomes easier to then also recognize that we always have the choice if we want to run those programs or not.

Next time you are attempting to focus on something you are doing and feel continually distracted, you will immediately see a program attempt to run that wants to make you feel impatient and annoyed and trigger you to do the exact opposite thing of what you are trying to do. However,  if you simply recognize that fact, rather than react to it, you take away its INSTALL or RUN options and instead hit CANCEL. What you’re really doing is consciously clearing away that energy via an intention from your heart.

A good motivator to remind you to take a moment to actually choose whether to INSTALL or to CANCEL is remembering why you are doing what you are trying to focus on, to begin with. In meditation, we always come back to the breath, and here we would instead come back to the task at hand. This can be likened to the alchemical process of Calcination.

Calcination is the process in alchemy when matter decomposes. So, in this case, it fits into letting all things but your goal, cause, etc. fall away from the moment so that just your object of focus remains in the ethers of your current reality. It can then more easily reclaim its place within our center sights.

Once we have taken the proverbial reigns of our own awareness and continue to make these conscious choices as to what programs are installed into our reality or not, we are likely to see vast improvements in our self-confidence, judgments, and willingness to show up in life. This can be likened to the alchemical process of Dissolution.

Dissolution is when we start to feel less identified with the programs and more with our inner world. Suddenly we become aware of how our own behavior might affect other people and we actually start paying attention to how we feel and how those around us feel. The key here is learning how to maintain a balance of compassion while not being a pushover. Maintaining a kind and open heart while creating a space where others can feel safe to release triggers, trauma, shadows, etc. is no easy task, but one that inevitably brings you more in tune with abilities to concentrate. This occurs the more we choose rather than react in life.

The less reactive we are, the more forgiving we allow ourselves to be. Where quick judgments are made, no room is left for grace, patience, and humility which must be present to ever heal resentment. We must be willing to let go to receive. This can be likened to the alchemical process of Separation.

Separation is where we isolate all components from the stage of Dissolution, or basically, we take that which we want to focus on in life and leave the rest. We take what works; let it go. And that is pretty much the foundation of forgiveness, no? It’s never about overlooking something that was done but seeing it a new way.

Whatever you are attempting to focus on in life, I am sure you are fighting your inner excuses (basically your ego and all its ways it can come up with you keep you the same, feeling the same, thinking the same, day after day after day…) as well as your outer excuses (whatever else we commit our time to).

Now the key here with our outer excuses is to review which ones are true priorities that expectedly call for your attention, time, and focus (family, friends, commitments, hobbies, etc.) and just more reflections of your ego such as the time we spend complaining, comparing, judging, whining, putting ourselves down, putting others down, etc.

We all have pain and we all have more say in how fast our wounds heal. Some of us just like to keep picking at it. And while old wounds cut deep, they are also some of the best way-showers life has to offer us. We just have to be willing to see. And in the end, the absolute best way to stay focused in my opinion is to simply remember why you looked in the first place. 😉

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Quantum Oneness: How Physics Proves You Are Simultaneously Everywhere

EverythingWe look around us using our physical sense of sight, and see objects that appear as solids. We can easily identify where one object ends and another begins. We can even say that when it comes to ourselves, our skin is where “we” end and “out there” begins. But this is completely untrue. And Quantum Physics proves it.

“Space is just a construct that gives the illusion that there are separate objects” – Dr. Quantum

What we perceive to be solid objects are in fact at an atomic level, not so solid at all. In fact, atoms are 99.999999999999% empty space! This can be a mind-numbing idea if one is to say, punch a brick wall or even simply go sit on a chair as we can feel the wall we punch and the chair we sit on. But the truth is, your fist never actually hits the wall and your bum never actually hits the chair. What you are feeling is merely pressure…forces interacting at an atomic level and your nerve endings are simply reacting. How so? Because everything that appears solid are again full of atoms. These atoms are surrounded by shells of electrons that cause them to push away from one another.

One could ask why the entire Universe doesn’t just blow up and away from itself then, right? That’s because most electron shells are not full and as atoms come in close contact with one another, electrons actually go back and forth between atoms, and quite quickly may I add, filling each atoms empty spaces (atoms are excellent sharers!).

So, what does this have to do with you? And how does this prove that you…are everywhere? Well, the activity of our little electron friends is what most of us know as “energy” and it comprises of what we, and everything else in the entire Universe, are made of at an atomic level. This constant exchange between those busy little electrons is within us all and can even be measured well outside the barrier of our skin. In fact, the human energy field expands out about 3-6 feet outside of the physical body!

And because this energy is free-flowing from atom to atom, this field allows us to “pick up on” other people’s energy; i.e. “feel out” a person. It even explains that sense in your gut when you first meet a person that either attracts or repels you to or away from them. It also sheds light on the term “personal space” as it can feel quite invasive when someone brings their energy into your own energy space without your permission. You literally feel them pushing their energy onto you. Or in other words, you feel the electrons in their energy field impressing on your own.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Everything in the Universe is energy. That wall you punched and your now bruised fist…both are energy. But what is fascinating is they never even touched one another. The atoms in the wall were simply vibrating at a different speed/level than that of your fist, so when you directed your fist to the wall, they repelled and an electric, not material (as we are learning “matter” is illusory) reaction and repulsion occurred. The same occurs when you believe you are sitting on a chair. You are actually levitating on an atomic level! 🙂

So, we can now conclude from that fact that everything is energy (and since we are part of that everything) and energy is everywhere…that WE must also be everywhere and with that a part of ONE unified whole. Ponder that for a moment, and then think of how petty personal differences seem when you realize we are all the same on such a grander scale.

Science is now opening doors of consciousness it used to shun. And quantum physics is shining the light on the path to our future understanding of who we really are and just how connected we are to the vast expanse; furthermore…to the understanding that we ARE the vast expanse.

“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.” – Niels Bohr

TamaraRantTamara Rant is a Co-Editor of CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. Connect with Tamara on Facebook by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

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How to Witness More Magic in Your Life!

I was fortunate enough to meet the lovely author, Pam Grout at a workshop she was hosting in Phoenix. If you don’t know who Pam is, she is the author of E Squared and E Cubed. In E Squared, Pam asks you to perform 9 experiments to prove to yourself the existence of what she calls “The Field of Potential” or simply, the FP. It’s a big ‘ol invitation to play with the Universe and the forces within it and boy was it fun!

One of my experiments was to not only get Pam to sign my copy of her book, but to get to meet her in a more personal way at this workshop. Well, upon doing one of the exercises where we were put into groups, ours happened to be a tad small so Pam joined us and sat down right next to me. 🙂

During our pow-wow we got to share ideas, projects we’re all working on, a little about who we are and what excites us and it was just so amazing to get to share in this way with her and all of the wonderful ladies in my group. And it definitely proved that the FP, the magic of the Universe, is right there at your fingertips at all times! And what I learned was a key lesson for me; one so simple, but one I had also forgotten.

I learned that the first and most important step to getting help/assistance in manifesting what you want is you have to ASK for it! I tend to be the type of person to always need to do things on my own, rarely stopping to ask for help. I send many thanks daily to the Universe for all it’s blessings, however I had forgotten how great the Universe is at giving signs not just for the big things, but for the small, day-to-day things as well. Things like finding stuff I had lost or just asking the Universe a question that I had been pondering in my own head for weeks, and getting a sign within minutes to what way I should go with this particular issue.

I also believe the first step to witnessing magic in our lives (such as my getting to meet Pam up close and personal), on a more consistent basis is to not wait for things to happen in our lives, but instead to go out and happen to things! What I mean is make things happen and live from a sense of empowered peace and creative consciousness rather than the auto-pilot mode we so often find ourselves in. We are all walking paths in this life, but instead of looking for who we are in everything that we’re not, how about we look within and simply observe all that we are? It sounds so obvious, yet we are all taught to look outside of ourselves for answers, when we have ALL of them already within us!

Owning your mind, body, soul and spirit in this way would be equivalent to the “taking of the reins” of your own life. And while it comes with a shitload of responsibility, it will also set you free! This and the rest of the E Squared experiments really reconnected me with a part of myself I hadn’t been in touch with for a long time. That part that has full and complete trust in the Universe and is working with its forces, rather than just sitting back and playing the role of being a victim to them. The dance of the ego and Spirit is a long and beautiful one, but also has very dramatic and mournful sections that can often tear at your heart strings. But once we remember that the world of ego is all illusory, we remember our true power and can fully recenter; shift back into the frequency of magic!

The ego’s job is to keep you exactly as you are, playing small in life, while otherwise convincing you that you’re changing or making progress. It is a master manipulator and will do whatever it can to distract you from positive change. This, however, is not a reason to hate or want to kill the ego, because it is still very valuable to our learning and growth in life. Instead I recommend self-study; observe yourself and how you are acting and RE-acting in various situations. Are you creating your life or are you simply just always reacting to things that “happen to you”?

When we learn how to evolve into and hold this kind of relationship with the ego, from a strict sense of non-judgmental observance, we are then and only then allowed seeing beyond the veil of the illusion the ego projects. We can then use the ego for the tool that it is and let it show those things very deep within our Soul that still need to be looked at, healed and integrated; things we were previously unable to see. This in itself can be a “magical” process as you see with new eyes; eyes that can look deeper, see more clearly, and cast loving warmth over anything they happen to gaze upon…

Then you may witness magic everywhere in life, because you are no longer waiting to simply bear witness to it, you are out there…creating your own. <3

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”  -Roald Dahl

Have a magical weekend, everyone! 🙂

Tamara XoXoX

P.S. Thanks Pam!


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Tamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

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The Many Worlds of the Quantum Multiverse

Video Source: PBS Space Time

Matt O’Dowd discusses the details of the many worlds theory and why it’s not so far-fetched to think that our reality is simply one of an infinite number of realities existing within space time.
The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics tells us that observation collapses a probability wave into a single definitive outcome, but this isn’t the only interpretation of quantum mechanics. The many worlds theory proposes that the wavefunction never actually collapses. The observer simply follows one of those many possible paths into their present reality while all the other paths continue on independent of the observer. Each of these paths branches off into an entirely different reality.

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The Simple Organization Structures of Complexity Theory: [VIDEO] Neil Theise

You ever have to say to someone, “Why are you being SO difficult?!?!” Perhaps not, but I know we’ve all thought it at one time or another! 🙂 Your efforts can be exhausting having to work with someone that you clash with or someone with who you seem to be at such opposing ends. Especially if you are under the impression you are working towards the same goal, tasks have been clearly defined to complete that goal, and yet when it comes time to go to work, you feel like an alien for expecting those tasks to be completed.

Now, before we go off the deep end here, this isn’t a “my way or the highway” speech, but rather a look into how living beings, yes that includes us, fancy humans, are actually living structures that seek to organize into set systems, rhythms, and patterns that are best for the whole. But, as the video below mentions, we must never forget how utterly important randomness is to adaptability and growth. Without “room to move” away from the norm, there leaves little to no room for exploration and creativity, which is vital for living structures to expand into even better, more advanced, and complex (yet better organized) systems.

Video Source: ScienceandNonduality

Our bodies are excellent examples of this with it divided into various systems that are responsible for carrying out certain functions for the body to keep it going for optimal health. We have the nervous, endocrine and immune systems to name a few and each has smaller, organized structures within them as well, which have smaller structures, which have smaller structures, and well you get the picture.

All of these systems are what they are and have remained so because they already do a kick-ass job at what they’re meant to do. But you bet your bottom dollar that on a cellular level, the “lower-level admins” as the speaker in the video, Neil Theise calls those in the structures who “stray from the norm”, are those little rebel geniuses who actually pave the way for those genetic mutations responsible for adaptation changes in species.

As he talks about those lines of ants we often see around picnics that might look like straight lines with all little soldiers following in a row, if we stop and look closer there are always a few off the line, exploring the area, and often catching a crumb or two to take back home for the group. Regardless, it’s those little guys who are actually providing the creative juices needed for that family of ants to adapt and grow collectively into the best group they can be.

So, next time you come across someone who might not want to stick to the plan or play by the rules, listen to what they have to say. If you know it’s not coming from ego, laziness, or well, just a need to be difficult and power play, then seriously, hear what they have to say because often then not, those with ideas outside the box will often lead you to places where you no longer even remember what being constrained to thinking within a box was like. And trust me, like the proverbial genie in a bottle, once you get out, you won’t want back in.

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Navigating with Quantum Entanglement

Video Source: PBS Space Time

We often think of quantum mechanics as only affecting only the smallest scales of reality, with classical reality taking over at some intermediate level. But in his 1944 book, What is Life? the quantum physicist Erwin Schrödinger suggested that “incredibly small groups of atoms, much too small to display exact statistical laws, do play a dominating role in the very orderly and lawful events within a living organism.” Schrodinger was a visionary – and perhaps very specifically in this case. Because it turns out we might need all the weirdness of quantum mechanics to explain birds.