The New Story of Humanity Begins With One Question: What Is The Self? [VIDEO]

“What is the “Self” with a capital “S” is a question that humanity has been asking for generations. Science is now beginning to open doors to the idea that we are more than biological entities; that we do go beyond the prolific borders of our bodies and well into the ethers of Universal existence. Do I even dare to go so far and say that we are the Universe?

Image result for we are made of star stuffWell, it’s true! In fact the oxygen, nitrogen and carbon atoms that are in our bodies were created in stars over 4.5 billion years ago! We are literally made of star stuff. Far…out.

So, if we know that we are not simply our bodies, are we then our minds? Our thoughts? Well, yes and no. We are what moves the mind; what creates the thoughts and what is aware of and observes it all. We are Consciousness.

Believe it or not you can entertain the ideas of the spirit and soul without the weight of religion to water them both down. And either one can and I’m sure does resonate with you on a very deep, personal level once you remove all of the labels of theology as well as the criticism of pre-Jungian Psychiatry.

My personal take on the Spirit is that is is “mana” or your life-force energy and is what connects you to Mother Earth while you are here incarnated as a Human Being. Once your Spirit is disconnected from the physical body, the Soul must leave. The Soul is the part of you that contains all of your past-life memories, and the part that merges with the Ego to create the personality of your current life or incarnation.

I am even writing on book on both the Spirit and Soul and continually doing research on them both. I often myself ending up researching on what the Self is defined as and came across the video below on one of my most favorite You Tube channels of all time, ScienceAndNonduality.

Please check it out! While it’s only a mere 3 minutes long, it’s full of some awesome and amazing information I’m sure you will find informative and that will definitely leave you asking NEW questions! 🙂

Source: scienceandnonduality

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The Clairs: 4 Ways of Receiving Guidance from the Angels

By Karen Noé, renowned psychic medium and author of the Angel Quest Oracle

The angels are very real beings of love and light whose main purpose is to guide and protect us. They love to give us signs and come to us in dreams as well. If you feel that you are not getting any signs or dreams from them, they may be coming to you in various other ways.

Most people expect to see an apparition of an angel or hear an audible voice from them. However, since they are spirit, rather than physical, they are probably speaking to you telepathically. That means they are speaking to you in your thoughts that may just pop in your head for no reason.

It is important to tell the difference between your thoughts and theirs. For example, suppose you see a picture of an angel, which triggers another thought, and then that triggers yet another thought. This is you thinking about the angel. However, if out of nowhere, you receive a thought offering you guidance as to what to do in some area of your life, chances are that it is your angel speaking directly to you.

You may receive these thoughts in a number of ways, and your angels will come to you in the manner that you will hear them the best. Here are the four “clairs,” which will help you to understand this concept more effectively:

1. Clairvoyance

If you are a visual person, you will probably receive pictures in your mind’s eye, or clairvoyantly. When I teach seminars about connecting with those in the spiritual realm, I share some fun exercises to help everyone learn how to give and receive messages from the angels. A favorite for all is when I ask half of those in the class to sit on one side of the room and the other half to sit on the opposite side. I tell those on one side to close their eyes, while I show a unique picture from a calendar or a magazine to those on the other side of the room. I then ask the ones who are looking at the picture to send that picture in their thoughts to the other side of the room. They may either send the dominant color in that picture, or the feeling about the picture, or the entire picture, or even small parts of the picture to those on the other side of the room. I ask them to do this without trying too hard; they are simply asked to see the picture in their mind’s eye and send that visual through their thoughts across the room. Then, I tell those who had their eyes closed to open them up and share what they have received. Many are astonished that they are able to give and receive visual messages in this way.

2. Clairaudience

If you are more of an auditory person, you may hear messages from the angels, in words, sounds, or music—which means you will be experiencing them clairaudiently. You may hear someone calling out your name, a favorite song playing, birds chirping, bells ringing, etc. when you least expect it.

3. Clairsentience

If you are a sensitive person, you may feel certain things. For example, you may feel emotions, heat or coldness, sense something around you, or smell aromas—such as perfume, flowers, or essential oils. If this is happening, you will be experiencing messages from the angels clairsentiently.

4. Claircognizance

Finally, you may be the type of person who just knows certain things for no apparent reason. In this case, you will probably receive the messages as gut feelings or an inner knowingness that someone is around you, and you will just know what your angel is saying, without even understanding why. If you experience messages in this way, you will be experiencing them claircognizantly.

If you feel that you are still not hearing the angels, you can always receive messages from them via the use of Angel Quest Oracle cards. Everyone can do angel card readings for themselves or others using these cards. All you have to do is hold the cards in your hands and ask the angels what you need to know. Then, shuffle the deck. The angels will let you know when to stop shuffling and which card to select. You may receive this information intuitively; a card may jump out of the deck; the cards may stick together, and you’ll be guided to take the top one; and so on. The message from the angels is written directly on the card itself, and you can also read what the card means in further detail with the accompanying book. You will see how easy it is to do, and how accurate the message is for you!

Whichever way you receive messages from the angels, just acknowledge everything you get, even if the messages don’t make sense to you at that moment. In time, you will begin to understand what the angels are trying to communicate to you, and your life will never be the same.

Remember, you are never alone. The angels are with you every step of the way! And, the more you are aware of their guidance, the more they will continue communicating to you.

Angel blessings to you now and always!

Karen Noé is a renowned psychic medium, spiritual counselor, and healer with a two-year waiting list for appointments and consultations. She is the author of several books. The Angel Quest Oracle is her first oracle deck. Karen is also the founder of the Angel Quest Center in Waldwick, New Jersey, where she teaches classes, gives readings, and practices alternative healing. You can listen to Karen on The Angel Quest Radio Show by going to hudsonriverradio.com. Learn more about Karen and her work by visiting: karennoe.com.


Connecting to Your Higher Self Through Inter-Dimensional Travel

In the beginning, there was…

Well, this would depend on whom you’re asking! Personally, I feel that the All came from Nothing (Zero-point, the Void, and what Buddhism calls Sunyata); and thus became everything…ever-expanding. The infinite potential at rest awoke, and once self-aware burst forth splinters of its own consciousness outward. Without movement, there can be no creation…no manifestation.

I further believe that the moment Source Consciousness became aware of itself; the very first sound waves formed and thus began what we could call “divine motion”. Everything that grows needs movement in some form in order to do so. This is a rule of Nature and us humans are included. There is something hard-wired not only in our DNA but in the deepest roots of our hearts that tell us we are here to ultimately grow and expand.

We may think that we simply exist only in this third-dimensional reality, but this is just the playground of creation. We are all here, whether we know it or not, to make a difference in the lives of those we encounter during our time around. And also, to make a difference in our very own lives as this is how we grow inter-dimensionally. While we are traditionally taught to rely on our physical senses, to travel to other realms, you need to be in tune with those senses beyond your physical five. It’s the letting go of our “this world” attachments, which ultimately frees us to rise in frequency to match those “other world” spaces in the cosmos.

We’ve all been there where a certain area of our lives just feels so incredibly stagnant. The energy around it is heavy, dull, and while there is an underlying tone yearning to come forth, you can feel yourself literally holding something back within yourself. If we don’t understand we are actually doing this to ourselves, it can just feel like life is out to get us and no matter what we do, we continue to be “stuck”.

When we are in this kind of space, we are often closed off to inspiration, creativity, and of course the most obvious – action. But like they say that the truth shall set you free, so will a simple thought. A thought that can lead you to action, or to even change your actions from one resonance to another, is one that has tremendous energy behind it. And this is exactly the type of thoughts you want to have if you wish to visit dimensions higher than our 3-D plane.

You may have heard of your “Higher Self” and this could perhaps be the most popular reason that most people decided to “travel”. Your Higher Self is you, yet that part of you that is not attached to this physical realm and is your direct connection to divine guidance. Listening to your Higher Self could be equated to talking with your Spirit, or that inner voice that is always guiding you towards your greatness. The voice that always warns you with “gut feelings” and pulls on your heartstrings.

When we are open to this guidance, we begin to know ourselves as the multi-dimensional beings we are. And just like the first thought of creation, and just like the entire Universe itself (and the parallel ones all around us), we are ever-expanding. And the more we reach outward, by applying what we’ve learned from reaching inward, we begin to learn that everything travels in waves and that nothing is guaranteed except the potential of its existence.  We open a door for ourselves on a conscious level that allows us to remember that first sound, by hearing it within ourselves; the infinite beating of the cosmic drum that connects every single heart across time and space.

The following video shares more information on Inter-Dimension Travel…check it out! (Source: YouTube).

There are many resources out there to learn how to “travel”. I recommend the following terms: LUCID DREAMING, INTER-DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL, PARALLEL UNIVERSES.

Give it a try and who knows you just might meet yourself in the last place you’d imagine. 😉


tamaraTamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

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Synchronicity & the Daemon: Making Magic Work For You

By David J. Moore | New Dawn

Are ‘meaningful coincidences’ and a sense of déjà vu signs of a ‘higher self’ – another secret you? If so, could this be the key to magic and even art?

These two questions have over a millennia’s long pedigree. From Plato, Socrates, Carl Jung to modern Hollywood movies. But for you and me, they may hold the key to understanding life’s most miraculous moments.

Bridges Between Time

In Plato’s Symposium, the ancient Greek prophetess Diotima of Mantinea says to Socrates that love is a “great daemon.” She elaborates, saying that “everything daemonic is between divine and mortal.” In other words, a Daemon appears to be a ‘bridge’ between two realities, between two levels of time – ‘mortal time’ and ‘divine time’, or eternity.

Over time, the word Daemon has come to be understood – or misunderstood – as meaning an evil spirit or devil. Now that is not to say that evil spirits and forces don’t exist (I like to be open on the issue). But in pre-Christian ancient Greece, the word Daemon meant something more benign. It meant a ‘tutelary deity’, a type of Guardian Angel. Diotima was an early challenger of this notion, however, insisting that it was something much more profound.

As we’ll see, the Greek prophetess was ahead of her time.

Peake’s Daemon – Our Secretive Silent Self

More recently, the author Anthony Peake explored the mystery of the Daemon in his book The Daemon: A Guide to Your Extraordinary Secret Self (2008). Peake argues that the Daemon is an aspect of our psyche whose domain is within our non-dominant hemisphere of the brain (i.e. the right). It exists, he claims, in a state outside of linear time. The Daemon is also silent; it has no access to the speech centers of the brain, which are in the left hemisphere, or the ‘dominant hemisphere’.

Peake argues convincingly that the Daemon is a silent observer who has a wholly different perspective on our lives. It may even know our individual destiny and those of others.

In Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld (1994), the philosopher Patrick Harpur makes some further distinctions that help us understand some of its qualities. He roughly divides the human mind into two types of ego. Our everyday sense of identity which lives in mortal time – and which we refer to as ‘I’ or ‘me’ – is what he calls the rational ego. 

Our rational ego confers upon us a sense of continuity in time. Our other self is, too, an ego – with its own identity – but with crucial differences. He says that the Daemon is “not of consciousness, but of the unconsciousness.” The Daemon is also “not a waking, but a dream ego; not a rational, but an irrational ego” – an ego he calls the Daimonic Ego (Peake’s Daemon).1

Now, this brings us to the other topic of this article: synchronicity.

The Swiss psychologist Carl Jung coined the word synchronicity. It refers to those odd moments in life when the inner world of the mind is reflected in the outer world as an event. We call these coincidences. What makes Jung’s synchronicity different from a coincidence is that they are meaningful to the observer. Thus, synchronicity simply means ‘meaningful coincidence’ – a confluence of inner and outer events that seem to converge into a singular moment.

Synchronicities appear as if matter and mind ‘came together for a brief moment. But, as I will argue in this article, they may be interventions from our Daemonic minds.

Books That Find You – Two Synchronicity Cases

As an example of typical synchronicity, I will use my own case. In fact, it inspired me to pursue the themes explored in this article.

A few years ago I was walking into Stourbridge Town in the West Midlands to do some shopping. For a reason I have forgotten, I was talking to my friend about the Austrian esoteric philosopher Rudolf Steiner. I had to admit I didn’t know much about him despite having read a few books which referenced his work.

Before long I asked aloud: “What are the fruits of his philosophy, Anthroposophy?” (I am paraphrasing, but I remember using the words’ fruits of Anthroposophy’.) Nonetheless, we continued walking, and as we approached a charity shop, we decided to investigate. The shop was small and generally over-packed with clothes and other bric-a-brac. There was a small book section in the corner.

I glanced over it, and immediately a book grabbed my attention. The Fruits of Anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner! Immediately I bought it, taking it as a sign – from a dimension unknown – that I ought to read more about Anthroposophy.

Before we unpack the implications of synchronicity and the Daemon, let’s turn to another synchronicity. This time by one of the world’s most prolific British writers on occultism and existentialism, the late Colin Wilson.

Again, it concerns a book.

He was writing an article about the subject of synchronicity for An Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries (1987). Shortly afterward he experienced profound synchronicity. He said that it seemed so “preposterous” that it defied the ordinary definition of a coincidence.

For his article, he described synchronicity that happened to the French ufologist Jacques Vallee. Vallee had been researching a Los Angeles-based religious cult. Its name, the Order of Melchizedec, termed after an obscure biblical prophet.

Vallee had been attempting to find more information about the cult but with little success. At some point during his search, he took a taxi to Los Angeles airport. To his astonishment, the taxi driver who gave him his receipt signed it ‘M. Melchizedec’. And whom, it turned out, was the only Melchizedec in the enormous Los Angeles telephone directory.

Wilson must have thought this an impressive synchronicity, enough to include in his encyclopedia. But the universe – or his Daemon – seemed to think one better.

He says that after he finished writing his passage on Vallee’s remarkable story, he broke off to take his dogs for a walk. He continues:

“As I was leaving my workroom, I noticed on the camp-bed a book that had obviously fallen off the shelf, and which I did not recognise. It was called You Are Sentenced to Life, by a Dr W. D. Chesney, and I had obviously bought it many years before in California and sent it for binding. But I had never actually read it. When I came back from my walk, I glanced through the book – and discovered, at the very end, a page headed ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEC.”2

Now the question that haunts us in these moments of meaningful coincidences is: “Well, what does it all mean?”

In each instance above, there is a sense that it is confirming a thought, as it were, rather as if some force is reminding us that we’re on the right path. Wilson’s account seems to say, ‘Yes, synchronicities do happen, and if you think Vallee’s is impressive, how about this…’ And then this mysterious ‘force’ ensures that the right book is brought to Wilson’s attention. After such an experience, it is almost impossible to shake off the conviction that the universe is a far stranger place than we take for granted.

Hallmarks of Another ‘You’

So, where does the Daemon fit into all this?

The Daemon, as we have seen, is the unconscious and non-rational ego lying silent in our non-dominant hemisphere of the brain. And if anything is non-rational, then it is the synchronicity that Jung described as an “acausal connecting principle” (indeed an irrational description which simply means a cause that is not a cause!).

In The Many Faces of Coincidences (2017), Laurence Browne says, “[there is an] uncanniness that often accompanies these experiences, as if an ancient memory of the mysteriousness and inter-connectedness of life is suddenly and unexpectedly evoked.”3 Based on the above cases, this seems to be true enough.

Could it be that this other-self, the Daemon, is somehow involved in these unusual experiences? And, as it exists without access to our speech centers, is synchronicity a mode of its expression? An expression, after all, that appears to lie outside time and space in the ordinary sense. And which – much like what Diotima said to Socrates – appears to exist between two levels of time, mortal and divine.

Veronica Goodchild, the author of Songlines of the Soul (2012), believes that synchronicities are “moments of epiphany” designed to slow us down. They act to bring us into the present moment, providing us with a glimpse of “another world in the ordinary one.”4

The Daemon, I would argue, seems a likely candidate for this other self – or force – that comes into our lives in moments of synchronicity or déjà vu. We can see that our minds split into two complementary parts – into a rational ego and a Daemonic ego. We can also see that in these moments we experience reality through two perspectives. This also answers the sense of uncanniness that soon accompanies synchronicity. Seeing the world in a state of ‘double-exposure’, as it were, reality itself appears to curiously overlap with another world.

Worlds Together, Towards an Occult Psychology

Indeed, a simultaneity of two worlds coming together is its most reported impression. Moments in which the inner world of the mind seems to link up with the outer world. It appears nothing less than magical. Jeffrey Kripal, the Chair of Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University, says that synchronicity “[is] essentially a shiny new word for what we would have earlier called magic.”

The difference between magic and synchronicity experiences is more in degree than kind. Magic infers the will of a magician to affect change in himself or the environment. It is an active means to create synchronicity, of manipulating time and space under one’s desires. But synchronicity appears in unexpected moments, accounting for the initial surprise – the shock of seeing reality conform to one’s thoughts.

Yet is this true? In both examples above, synchronicity often appears when we’re intensely thinking about something. It may bother or even obsess us, whether consciously or otherwise. Many such cases of synchronicity can be found in books like Trish and Rob MacGregor’s The Synchronicity Highway (2013) or Raymond E. Fowler’s Synchrofile (2004).

Wilson’s experience is a case in point. He was writing and intensely thinking about synchronicities for his encyclopedia entry. The event seems related; the book that fell off his shelf was relevant to what he was thinking and writing about at the time. And in my own experience, too, it was related to my desire to know more about Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy. The Daemon appeared to confer this opportunity.

Once we begin to think about the synchronicity experience in more depth, we see that it is what only a few centuries ago we would have called magic. Again, to return to Wilson’s example, we can see that there might be an element of mind-over-matter – or psychokinesis – involved. He managed to somehow unconsciously will the book to fall from the shelf. He also seemed to know on a deeper level – perhaps in the Daemonic mind – that this book contained the chapter he required and that he would return to find it.

The late physicist F. David Peat suggested it is the degree and sensitivity of mind that makes one open to the synchronicity experience. He said that a mind in a “constant process of creative change… will respond to the overall patterns of nature so that the individual can enter into these patterns in new ways.”5

There are moments in life when we are far more open than usual to ‘creative change’. We could call these moments of intersection important events that shape our lives, pushing them in one direction or the other. Taking a risk is often a good example and one in which we often consciously look for ‘signs’ that risk is worth taking. We look for omens or portents which may foretell the future – good or bad – of our choices. Authors Trish and Rob MacGregor describe the beauty of taking such risks lies in its galvanizing of our unconscious elements. These rise to the surface of our rational ego – our everyday consciousness – allowing us to evolve, to challenge ourselves.

There are, alas, darker moments in our lives when we ask for guidance, and we appear to receive it – or, sadly, we don’t. Let’s say we do receive something apparently miraculous. Say, synchronicity or omen that appears uncannily unlikely: Is it merely pathological? A desperate attempt to force reality to mean something but, in reality, is simply our mind playing tricks on us?

In the Domain of the Muse – Magic, Art, and Creativity 

At this point, these questions become very interesting. As we have seen, our silent partner, the Daemon, lies apparently dormant within our psyche and seems to intercede in moments of heightened importance. It as if we call forth our unconscious self in moments of risk, radical change, or “Dark Nights of the Soul.”

Anthony Peake also makes the argument that the Daemon is our self that has already lived our lives before, in a sort of Eternal Recurrence. Our sense of déjà vu is, he argues, a recognition to our everyday self of a return, a re-run of our lives that feels eerily familiar. We feel, for a fleeting moment, the presence of the Daemon in our minds.

The corollary of this, of course, would be that to practice magic is to take risks and seek out ways of creating moments of transitions in our lives. In developing moments of intersection that force our unconscious Daemon into manifesting. It would be reassuring to think we could work closely with a ‘Self’ that has, after all, lived our lives before. We could improve our own lives and those of others. Although relying too much on risks and shocks, of course, harbors many implicit dangers. We would, of course, unconsciously create needless and uncontrollable chaos in our own lives. Indeed, it reminds me of that old proverb: “Be careful what you wish for.” Our conscious, ‘rational’ selves often make the wrong choices after all; not knowing what is best for us.

A subtler and gentler approach may be more suitable. In situations of risk and crisis, the Daemon may appear to scream out, imbuing our lives with signs and synchronicity. But there are also its more generative and beautiful dimensions. These imbue and saturate our art and appear in moments of heightened creativity.

Both rely heavily on moments of vision and intuition, of flashes and influxes of inspiration. In short, we’re now in the domain of the Muse, that Daemonic ‘in between’. Shakespeare said that the Muse gives “forms of things unknown [a] local habitation and a name.”

The imagination, so crucial to magic, here transmutes the invisible world of the Daemon into the here-and-now. We see it in forms of art, poetry, sculpture, dance, and music. This, in itself, is a method of generating synchronicity. Dance is a synchronized performance – usually to music – expressing on one level that which is implicit in the mind of the dancer. It becomes explicit – actual – in the form of the dance. In essence, the whole dance lies completely in the mind of the individual (unless it is, of course, improvised). The dance then unfolds again, in time, as a performance.

Again, magic is related to the arts (black magic is referred to as the ‘black arts’; white magic is often called the Hermetic Art). One need only turn to books on alchemy to see that it is often referred to as ‘The Great Work’. Usually equated with forming gold out of base elements, in esotericism and psychological theory it symbolizes the transformation of the individual’s psyche. We may here replace ‘base elements’ as that of unconscious processes. Those aspects of ourselves are unknown, even primal. Their elevation – through transmutation – becomes higher forms such as art, music, and dance; the ‘gold’ of the alchemists.

Synchronicities, then, become life’s most artful expressions. They show themselves in a marriage between two realities – that of the rational ego and the Daemonic ego. These are the converging of the rational and irrational; conscious and unconscious. And as we have seen, this can be understood as magic in its microcosmic form. That in which the implicit becomes explicit; the subjective – or thought, feeling, sensation – becomes the objective. The manifest event that happens in ‘real time’ and is directly experienced.

The magician, of course, would see synchronicity as confirmation of his deep intent played out in the world. An artist also attempts to bring out what exists within the imagination. And once the canvas, sculpture, or musical arrangement is actualized to satisfaction, it ‘feels right’. It provides a pleasing quality of completeness both in the artist and hopefully to other people, even culture at large.

The Daemon appears to exist within this realm of art and possibility; in short, the imagination. But it is not the imagination of mere fantasy and fancy. It is instead the possible and latent realities, even evolutionary potentialities. The full actualization of the Daemon into ordinary consciousness would effectively make one a superman or a madman. This would depend on the level of integration of one’s personality and self-discipline. A poorly integrated person would fly apart if his unconscious processes suddenly made themselves too explicit.

As already mentioned, the Daemon appears to have access to our lives already lived. It has, at some point, ‘been us’ and gone through all our trials and tribulations. In psychological terms, it would be called our super-ego or our Transpersonal Self. Patrick Harpur adds that the “unconscious, soul, imagination – whatever model we use – are in themselves non-spatial, just as they are timeless.”6

Dreams, art, intuitions, synchronicities, and omens – all are part of the magician’s and artist’s toolkit. All are the product of a timeless zone. Indeed, we often call a piece of awesome music ‘timeless’ for its sense of forever being new, interesting, and inspiring. It’s almost as if the artist tapped into some wellspring of creative force recognized by some deeper part of ourselves. It moves us, brings us to emotional heights, and places us in another state of consciousness.

Heightened states of emotion, says occult historian Mitch Horowitz, “[are] the ideal state for using affirmations and visualizations to impress the subconscious and spur subtle abilities of thought.”7 But instead of imagining ourselves in some occult ritual to artificially evoke these heightened emotional states, we may turn to an everyday example. Our next artistic symbol pulls together all the threads of this article into a modern myth. It is an eminently practical and timeless classic of popular entertainment.

Eternal Returns, Hollywood Style

The movie Groundhog Day (1993) stars Bill Murray as Phil Connors, a cynical TV weatherman who is sent to cover the annual event of the movie’s namesake in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. But, once the first event is over, he wakes up to the same radio alarm playing Cher’s I Got You, Babe’. For the second day in a row and at precisely the same time. It quickly dawns on him, however, that this is not a mistake of the radio station, but of an odd time-loop in reality itself.

Each day is repeated, identical to the last, with only our hero being aware and able to act differently. As each day draws to a close, and he loses consciousness or retires to bed – once again the day repeats, and it’s once again identical to the last.

At first, Phil Connors believes he is losing his mind, and those around him are quick to concur. But, after a few returns to his repeated fate, he begins to experiment. After all, he knows there are no direct consequences, for even if he killed someone, the next day they would be alive again. The victim would have no memory of the previous day – which, for them, is once again ‘today’, ‘now’. For Connors, of course, he retains a memory of every previous day. Thus, he can build up mastery of all the circumstances and events that unfold each time. In this respect, Connors is the Daemon, the self that has already experienced your life before.

What’s interesting about the movie is that, at first, Connors indulges in base fantasies; brutalities, cruelty, infidelities. This eventually leads to a pervasive sense of emptiness; even despair and suicide. Once he reaches this spiritual threshold, he becomes more positively active. He decides to learn how to speak Japanese, French, and many other languages. He perfects various sports, learns how to dance, and further betters himself with the infinite time he appears to have at his disposal. After all these feats, he becomes, for all intents and purposes, a type of Superman. He knows the destinies, personalities, and idiosyncrasies of everybody in the small town.

He brings joy and exuberance to everybody he meets. Connors has finally decided that he should use his timeless powers to uplift and creatively interact with his own life and those of others. In psychological terms, he’s become what the psychologist Abraham Maslow called a “self-actualize.”

In an article on synchronicity, philosopher John Michell warns of invoking synchronicity frivolously. Michell says that these techniques are often taught in “cults and business schools.” He warns against them, calling them black magic. He concludes by saying that we are better off accepting life’s rewards and punishments as they are due. Connors finally is challenged to do just this. Michell also advises us to adopt “ourselves, our actions and thoughts, to a preponderance” of life’s rewards. We do this by orienting our actions and thoughts towards evolution and creative self-development.

If there is a lesson in all this, it seems to be hidden in the wonderful layers upon layers of movies like Groundhog Day. The key to magic, like life, seems to be that we break out of our cycles of selfishness and psychological – even physical – entrapment. Instead, like Connors, we actualize our most intuitive and creative layers. Through these actions, we bridge two worlds in an effective and dynamic manner. We bring about complexity and integration within our psyches. We become, in short, better people.

What happens to Phil Connors once he becomes the best version of himself? Time continues as normal and a new dawn beckons. This appears to be what our Daemon – through synchronistic hints – wants to create. It promises ascending spirals of evolution and not circles of stagnation.

Synchronicities along with our companion Daemon seem, at times, to lead us, providing us with curious hints. Nonetheless, they provide the keys to magic. The lock that it promises to open is no less than our own destinies – so let’s make our lives a work of art.

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David Moore is a writer based in Penzance, Cornwall UK. He is the author of Evolutionary Metaphors: UFOs, New Existentialism and the Future Paradigm (6th Books) and runs a blog dedicated to the work of Colin Wilson at www.ritualinthedark.wordpress.com. He’s been a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Midnight in the Desert, and Legalise Freedom Radio. He can be contacted at dmoore629@gmail.com.

This article was published in New Dawn Special Issue Vol 13 No 5.


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Monks & Magic: Buddhism and the Supernatural in Thailand

Gwendolyn Toynton | New Dawn Magazine

In August 2008 Bun Rany, the wife of the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, led Buddhist monks and soldiers to the site of the historic Hindu temple Preah Vihear to call upon their ancestors to protect the temple. The site of this temple is located on disputed land, perched atop a cliff on Cambodian soil but with the most accessible entrance to the site located on the Thai side of the border.

This 11th century temple is located on the border between the two countries, but the borderline itself has never been clearly demarcated because the area is littered with landmines left over from decades of war. Ownership of the temple was originally awarded to Cambodia, but dispute between the two countries flared up when Preah Vihear was granted United Nations World Heritage status.

Desperate to resolve the issue, both sides deployed military forces – but when they were unable to reach a solution to the conflict, Cambodia and Thailand resorted to supernatural means. Fearing that the magical abilities of Cambodia‘s Buddhist monks would weaken Thailand, residents throughout the province of Si Sa Ket wore yellow to help protect Thailand from Cambodian magic.

Though Buddhism is not often thought of as a religion that practices magic, in such communities as those found in Thailand and Cambodia, there can be no doubt that Buddhism shares common ground with belief systems that are primarily associated with the use of magic.

Both countries have a long history of engagement in spiritualist and animistic magical practices. When Buddhism first arrived in these areas it came into contact with pre-existent traditions that believed in spirits, both benevolent and malevolent, and a developed system of magic which was to be feared or revered, depending on whether or not it was used for good or ill.

For Buddhism to flourish under such conditions in Thailand, it was necessary to develop a complex system of interaction between Buddhism and what has been called the Spirit religions. Debate still exists as to whether or not the two systems have become completely integrated or not, although the interaction of the two systems is sometimes referred to as an example of syncretism. On the subject of interaction between Buddhism and the Spirit religions in Thailand, the academician B.J. Terwiel says the following:

When I interviewed villagers in Central Thailand on the relationship between Buddhist and non-Buddhist aspects of their religion, a variety of reactions were observed. The more sophisticated informants generally stated that the Lord Buddha had never forbidden rituals of ancient origin. Other persons hesitatingly made up their minds with regard to the orthodoxy of the ritual, but on subsequent occasions contradicted their own judgment. Many were at a loss to classify rituals or beliefs under rubrics such as ‘Buddhist’ and ‘non-Buddhist’.1

It would appear from this statement that the boundary between the use of magic by the indigenous tradition of Thailand and the practice of Buddhism is not apparent to many of the inhabitants of Thailand themselves. This is most likely due to the fact that the people of rural Thailand are raised in a society where the two systems are found closely entwined together.

The religious traditions of Thailand have always included the belief in spirits and the ability to manipulate them by means of magic. For example in Thailand preservation of the spirit of life (khwan) is considered to be of the utmost importance, as is ensuring that malevolent spirits (phii) do not enter the body. Control of these spirits is greatly emphasised in rural Thai culture, as the service of these spirits can be employed to improve the qualities of day to day existence.

Magic and the Sangha

In the lives of ordinary Thai people, more value is placed upon the improvement of their current existence than on transcending the cycle of rebirth, as is advocated by Buddhism. The relationship between the members of the Sangha (community of Buddhist monks) and the practitioners of magic in Thailand combine in a variety of ways, as one system (the Spirit religions) deals with the aspects of gain in this world (laukika), whilst the other (Buddhism) advocates the importance of salvation and ideas of transcendence (lokottara).

This relationship is complicated even further by the fact that in Thailand almost every adult male will become a member of the Sangha at some stage in his life, for in rural areas the taking of vows is considered to be an essential element in preparation for adult life. Given the wide range of magic and animistic beliefs which operate within rural Thailand, these men will carry a variety of beliefs and practices with them into the Sangha, not all compatible with the ethics of Buddhism.

In accordance with this, religious opinions are not questioned during ordination. As a direct result, villagers can be found entering the Sangha for a variety of reasons, as is reflected in the following Thai rhyme:

Ordination to fulfil a promise to the Gods,

Ordination to escape poverty,

Ordination to flee from a wife,

Ordination to save money,

Ordination to eat better food than at home,

Ordination to join one’s friends in the monastery.2

Thai belief does not only consist of beneficial Gods and spirits. It also abounds with belief in ferocious spirits of pure malevolence, from who the villagers seek magical protection. Amongst these classes of malevolent spirits are such beings as the preed (a giant, looming shape with a small head that emits a sharp, piercing sound, as a reflection of its past sins), the phii krasy (a type of parasite which inhabits human bodies, feeds on excrement, and is shaped like a human head with entrails protruding from beneath), and the phii baan (the ghosts of ancestors that hover around their previous home and watch their descendants with malignant jealousy).

Whilst it is possible for these spirits to be exorcised, Buddhism chooses to deal with their interfering presence in another way; the correct approach for a Buddhist to cause these spirits to cease meddling in the affairs of their human victims is to preach to them, thus converting the spirits involved to a more benign nature. There are certain canonical texts which serve this purpose of protection, which can also be recited at specific times in order to avert misfortune. These texts are known as the phraa parit. The source of the magical power of these texts has not yet been clearly identified, but Y. Ishii, author ofSangha, State & Society: Thai Buddhism in History, claims that whilst some possessed a magical content from the beginning, as modifications of Hindu rites, others such as the Mangalasutta originally had no magical connotations.3

Indeed, for most people, including some who chant them, the parit are incomprehensible, being inPāli. Rather, I believe, the magic of the parit stems from three factors: the social recognition that parit should be chanted for certain purposes (e.g. blessing); the existence of an established formula for their chanting; and the sanctity attributed to the chanter.4

The use of parit is a means by which to ensure protection; it provides good luck and disperses misfortune whether caused by the presence of spirits or not. As is seen in the above passage the presence of magic being used by the Sangha is not overtly explicit in the parit texts, rather it is interpreted to be so by the lay audience. They do not understand the words the monks recite, but because of the respected state of the Sangha in Thailand, the lay community assumes that it must be not only beneficial, but also powerful.


Another type of magic practiced by the Thai Sangha is the manufacture of amulets. These amulets are employed for a variety of reasons, including protection from diseases, black magic and accidents. Of these amulets the ones portraying the Buddha are the most popular, although some also are made in the likeness of famous monks and King Chulalongkorn (also known as Rama V, one of Thailand‘s most revered kings).

The sanctity of the subjects portrayed upon the amulets is a reflection of the beneficial powers they are thought to contain. The Buddha images vary in size, from anywhere between two and eight centimetres, and can be manufactured from wood, metal, ivory or resin, although frequently they are made from a selected combination of these elements, pressed into a mould and baked.5 To create a pressed or printed image (phraaphim), a monk needs not only a mould, recipe and the proper ingredients; he also requires an advanced knowledge of spells and sacred script.6

The inherent sanctity of the amulet is not always thought to be sufficient; hence its power needs to be enhanced by means of the correct recitation of spells and sacred scripts. The most simple of these sacralisation rites is known as plugseeg.7At the culmination of plugseeg the monk will either blow upon the Buddha image or draw over the amulet with the index finger of his right hand.8

During the manufacture of amulets the Sangha is also invited to perform a consecration rite known asphutthaphisek.9The use of magic within the phuttaphisek is illustrated by the fact that it is desirable for at least one of the monks participating in the phutthaphiseek to be either advanced in meditative technique or in the Brahmanic rites known as saiyasat.10

These rites are intimately entwined with another type of Thai ritual, namely the ceremony held to consecrate Buddha images which infuse the representation with the auspicious wisdom and power associated with Prince Siddhārtha’s victory over the demon Māra and the obtainment of enlightenment by Siddhārtha. During this ritual monks chant in Pāli or preach in Northern Thai several texts including theBuddha Abhiseka (Consecrating the Buddha [Image]).11 This text focuses on the powers of the mind attained by the Buddha that are associated with his enlightenment. Both the consecration of images and amulets draws their impetus from this core idea.

One specific example of a text dealing with the extraordinary supernatural powers of the Buddha that occupies a position of prominence in Thailand is Bimbās Lament. (Bimbā is the Buddha’s wife, who he left to pursue the life of an ascetic.) 

By his magical power he created a crystal path in the sky from the eastern boundary of the city of Kapilavastu to its western perimeter. Then, ascending into the air, the Tathāgata, surrounded by many previous Buddha’s, walked on the sky-bridge he had miraculously created… he also preformed other miracles, such as appearing to walk above the heads of the Śākyans.12

Tattooing is another magical practice that is widespread throughout Thailand. At some stage in their adult life many Thai males will receive a tattoo of some description or another. This is of significance because in the culture of rural Thailand tattoos are representative of magical power. The magical power of these tattoos stems in part from the tattooist, for whilst both layman and monk may be a tattooist, there is vast difference in the scope of their work and the designs used.

The types which may be employed by the monk are restricted. As a monk, he is limited to tattooing the upper parts of the body, for not only would it be seen as sexual misconduct on the part of the monk to tattoo the lower areas, the upper parts of the body represent the higher, more spiritual aspects of humanity, whereas the lower regions represent mankind’s more base, animalistic attributes. The tattoos done by the monk are also limited in application. The monk may bestow tattoos that are of a beneficial or protective nature. Other tattoos, such as those which bestow things such as sexual virility, can only be performed by members of the lay community.

Another Thai rite involving magical skills of the members of the Sangha is the Wong Dai Sai (Encircling with Holy Thread).13 This is a type of consecration rite designed to protect a place from evil. It is believed that the consecrated place will be protected by the power of the Three Gems and the phraa parit.14During this rite cotton is affixed to an image of the Buddha, stretched clockwise (as is the way of beneficial magic; anticlockwise is considered to be used for evil purposes) around the place to be consecrated, and finally wound back to its point of origin, at the Buddha image.15 If the thread should snap at any stage, it is considered to be an ill omen.

The main doctrinal link between Buddhism and the Spirit religions is found in the incidences where magic is employed by the Sangha as a transfer of merit. The theory of the transference of merit is based upon the concept that when a member of the lay community performs a virtuous deed, such as making a donation or feeding a monk, the Gods witness the act and empathise with the process. The Sangha themselves are referred to as being a ‘field for merit’ (na bun), as is found in the Sanghnussati-bhavana.

Well practiced is the Exalted One’s Order of Disciples, practiced in integrity, practiced in intellectual methods, in right lines of action – to wit the four pairs, the eight groups of persons – this is the Exalted One’s Order of Disciples, worthy of offerings, oblations, gifts, salutations, the world’s peerless field for merit.16

Monk’s Superior Magical Status

The greater the purity of the monk, the more magical power/merit he is said to generate. The sanctity of the monk himself is the source of belief in the efficacy of his magical power. The magical power that is generated by the monk is also classed as being superior to that of the layman, but by its very nature it is also more limited in its application. A monk is also deemed to be superior to a spirit, and thus a monk should never be seen to supplicate himself before a spirit. When a member of the Sangha addresses a spirit, he never raises his hands in supplication, in contrast to the layman who will raise his hands when requesting a favour from a spirit.

The superior magical status of the monk stems from his purity; the monk must not do anything to compromise his superior position. Part of the magical power which results from the monks’ purity is derived from celibacy. A monk should never touch a female (human or animal), and is forbidden to even receive an object that is directly given to him by a woman.17 In order to receive an object given by a woman, the monk must first take a piece of cloth and place it upon the floor, upon which the woman will then place the gift in whilst the monk holds the edges of the cloth.18 The cloth is used as a medium by which to transfer merit since there can be no direct contact between a monk and a woman. The merit flows from the fingers of the monk holding the cloth, to the woman who has donated the cloth. The medium of cloth must be used so as not to deprive the female donor of the merit she would otherwise not receive. One of the reasons for which a monk may not have contact with women is not only due to the temptation of sexual misconduct, but also because women are believed to be associated with a type of magical power said to be diametrically opposed to that of the monk.19 This is due to the fact that menstruation is associated with dangerous magical power, and is classed as being capable of destroying some of the beneficial power of the Sangha.20

Another aspect of magic in Thailand which needs to be considered is the import of magical systems via India. The branch of Buddhism found in Thailand is an older form known as Theravāda, and its links to Hinduism are much stronger than those of the later Buddhist schools. For example, in the book A Summary of the Seven Books of the Abhidhamma (Abhidhamma Chet Khamphi Ruam) there are elements of cosmology, cosmogony, buddhology, ethics, epistemology and language that are integrated into a yantric/mantric system.21 This system is very much similar to that found in Indian magic, and it is reasonable to assume that many of the formulas found within are directly based on the use of Hindu mantras. These are broken down into component syllables for recitation by the Buddhist practitioner. The mantra Namo Buddhāya (Homage to the Buddha), is correlated with the five vowels, symbolising the five elements (dhatū) – water, earth, fire, air and atmosphere.

Furthermore, in the following passage from the Seven Books of Abhidahamma, we also find a formula which contains correlations with the Hindu Tantric Yoga techniques, dividing the body into a solar right and lunar left, and creating what appears to be Buddhist chakra centres. This integration of the occult, Tantra and Buddhism is by no means unique for it is prolific in Tibetan Buddhist texts and practices.

Na = the Buddha Kakusandha at the right eye

Mo = the Buddha Konagāmana at the left eye

Bhud = the Buddha Kassapa at the back

Dhā = the Buddha Gotama at the naval

Ya = the Buddha Ariya Metteyya at the forehead22

Transmission of Occult Techniques

One possible explanation of how this similarity between Thai Buddhist and Hindu occult techniques occurred can be found by examining the magical history of a third South East Asian country – namely Myanmar (Burma).

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Burmese kings imported large numbers of Sanskrit texts from India on topics such as medicine, alchemy, incantation and astrology.23 In Burma, these Buddhist wizards are practitioners of what is called the weikza-lam (path of occult knowledge). This tradition still exists today in Burma, and the largest of the groups practicing this occult path is based in the city of Pegy, and is called the Manosetopad Gaing. Like their Thai counterparts, this organisation bases an interest in the occult on the powers attained by the Buddha on the path to enlightenment. They also believe that the relics of the Buddha (Burmese dat-daw) (Pāli dhātu) are possessed of a kind of majestic power that he infused in them through the force of his samādhi.24 The similarity between this branch of Burmese magic with that of the Thai people is amply illustrated in the following extract from a magical treatise by the Manosetopad Gaing:

A person wishing to practice the path must first suffuse his mind with thoughts of the Three Jewels, and cultivate loving kindness toward the various grades of nats… the nats referred to here include powerful nature spirits dwelling in trees, the earth, and mountains, minor deities who preside over the use of magical incantations and diagrams, and medicine spirits whose domain includes the well-known herbs and minerals of alchemical lore.25

From this passage it is clear that the Manosetopad Gaing not only use Buddhist motifs, they are also drawing upon a much older tradition of Spirit religions and animistic world views. These Buddhist wizards, however, are also drawing upon Hindu texts on supernatural lore; and if such texts entered the Burmese magico-religious system then it is entirely possible that influences from India may help to explain what appears to be a yantric/mantric tradition within the Thai Seven Books of Abhidahamma.

With their magical prowess and the protection of the Sangha, why do the Thai people fear the magic of the Cambodians? Cambodia is also a country with a long history of occult practices. For instance, in theKhmer book The Tale of Ancient History there is a legend of Prince Chey Ahca who led a ghost army against the Siamese – Siam being an earlier name for Thailand. More recently, we also find record of Po Kambo, who in 1866 protested against French colonial rule and was alleged to know a magical formula that deflected bullets. Even as recently as the 1970s and 1990s, Khmer soldiers utilised magical tattoos, in a similar manner to that of their Thai enemies, and used mantras written in Pāli and Sanskrit, the holy languages of Buddhism and Hinduism, to protect them in battle.

All of the magic employed by the Sangha in Thailand is based on one important concept: the sanctity and purity of the Sangha themselves. The forms of magic the Sangha use is limited in scope by this fact, for they can use only what is generally referred to as ‘white’ magic: that which benefits another and causes no harm. Use of magic to harm another or for personal gain would result in expulsion from the Sangha. Similarly, a monk may not use magic that serves to improve the virility of a layman or create love charms, as this could severely impair the powers of the monk which stem from his sexual abstention. A monk may not request the spirit world for aid, for this would compromise the superior status of the monk who is deemed to be beyond the mundane affairs of this world.

Whilst the power of the Sangha is more limited in application than that of laymen, it is also deemed as stronger for it stems from other worldly sources, as opposed to the spirits who remain bound to this world. As such, villagers come to the monk knowing that when they treat the monk with a proper attitude of respect, the cosmic forces shall share their merit and transfer it to demonstrate approval. The transfer of merit thus benefits not only the Sangha, but the laity as well – even providing protection in times of conflict.

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GWENDOLYN TOYNTON is the editor and founder of Primordial Traditionswww.primordialtraditions.com. Her articles have been published in many magazines and she is also published in the New Zealand Collection of Poetry & Prose 2002.

The above article appeared in New Dawn Special Issue 7.


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Ralph Smart: 7 Signs You’re Communicating With Your Spirit Guides

Video Source: Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

In this inspirational video, Ralph Smart provides seven signs that you are communicating with your spirit guides.

Dream-time Healing With Holographic Kinetics

Aboriginal Dreamtime: The Rainbow Serpent | WilderUtopia.comWith all the chaos going on in the world lately, I’ve been trying to stay in a high vibration and watch less “news” and more videos on healing, relaxation, and meditation. Being almost 20 weeks pregnant at 41, I realize the importance of staying grounded and in a positive frame of mind, regardless of what is going on in the outside world. I’ve recently been watching videos about Holographic Kinetics, which is the amazing science behind Dreamtime Healing. Dreamtime Healing is an Australian aborigine healing technique based on the understanding of man’s internally-created realities and the clearing of inter-dimensional interference from parallel universes from human bodies. (Source: https://www.holographickinetics.com/ )

Steve Richards is the man behind Holographic Kinetics, and I just can’t seem to get enough of his YouTube videos lately. If any of you are familiar with his work, then you have heard him explain that the world we live in is a hologram fractal and we are a participating part of that world unfolding and expanding like fractals, just as much as our surrounding universe appears to be.

To add to the fact that we are multi-dimensional beings and live in a dualistic reality, he speaks that we actually live in two worlds simultaneously; one internal and one external and they are both interacting with one another at all times, each has the ability to manipulate the other if allowed to do so. Our SPIRIT can be thought of as energy moving from our internal to the external world. It is our higher self, our true voice, our inner guide, our intuition. Our SOUL moves energy from the external world to our internal, bringing the outside noise in from our parents, teachers, TV, friends, etc. who mold and shape our views and beliefs of who we think we should be and what we feel is okay or not okay…if we allow them to.

That is the beauty of being born a free-will entity; there is always a choice and that is what Steve talks about in great detail. To make the best choices in our lives, we must come from a neutral, centered place within…from zero-point. For this is moving energy from our SPIRIT within, out into the world. It’s using creative force and is empowering. When we move on energy that has been corrupted by the external world, we must filter it first, so to speak, to ensure certain beliefs and feelings are actually our own; it’s not that uncommon we make choices for ourselves based solely on the opinions of others, or that we are too scared of what others will think if we make the real choice we want to make.

The awareness and understanding of this facet of reality alone can change the world. We’ve all heard the spiritual mantra, “ Go Within”, and this most certainly would be what the greats of our past were referring to, however, the way Steve is able to explain this relationship between the various parts of your very existence and what makes you, YOU is so easy to follow and down to Earth, that if it were taught to our children in school, I believe that there would be such a decline in the amount of self-conscious, fearful children that feel they cannot be themselves or can’t relate to others. When kids can feel secure and confident in who they are and don’t feel ashamed to express themselves, then there’s less of a need for competition and “cliques” and the meaningless separation they create. Overall, kids would just be nicer to one another! And what do nicer kids have a much greater chance of growing into? Nice adults! 🙂

I highly recommend checking out more information on Holographic Kinetics here as it goes waaaaay down the rabbit hole and is quite the ride for the willing quantum traveler! Be ready to read about the three dimensions of time, healing inter-dimensional traumas, the difference between the Laws of Man and the Lore of the Universe, etc.


About the Author

Tamara Rant is a writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer, and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

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Abraham Hicks – Your Loved Ones Are Still Very Involved With You, Don’t Let Them Be Dead To You


Video Source: Andrea Roman

Abraham Hicks in this video discusses how Death is never the end it is just a change in form. So we should not let out loved ones that have passed away be dead to us

16 Signs That Indicate You’re An Old Soul

By Gregg Prescott | In5d

How can you tell if you are an old soul? Are there differences in traits or behaviors? What signs can I look for that can help me differentiate the difference?

Generally speaking, we are all old souls, but some of us have been here longer than others.

The word “old” is only relative to time. Because time is linear and our souls are eternal, 10,000 years would be the blink of an eye.

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Dolores Cannon believes that we need to incarnate many, many times as inanimate objects, plants, and animals before we can become human. Then, as humans, we still need to incarnate many, many times to learn all of the lessons we came here for. For example, according to Cannon, we all had to be an air molecule and a drop of water to learn what it’s like to work together as ONE.

16 Ways To Tell If You Are An Old Soul

1. You understand many of life’s deeper lessons.

For some people, it is hard to fathom that the soul of a child may be much older than the soul of his or her parents. For these particular people, this is a sign that their soul might be younger than yours. When you begin to understand why you keep incarnating to this 3rd-dimensional reality, it becomes similar to the movie, Groundhog Day, where Phil wakes up each day to find out that it’s still February 2nd until he learns how to remove his ego and starts doing kind deeds for others.

Once you realize that time, space, energy, and matter are 3rd-dimensional products, the theory of time becomes irrelevant, thus the theory of how old your soul also becomes irrelevant.

But for the sake of understanding how old your soul maybe, we’ll continue!

2. You are in touch with your natural abilities or have an extreme interest in these abilities.

Some people are born with innate gifts, such as special healing abilities or psychic abilities. The truth is that we all possess these abilities, but an older soul is more in tune with how to access and implement these abilities in the name of humanity. If you don’t have any particular ability but have a strong interest in them, this is simply your soul trying to recall these abilities that you may have had in a previous lifetime.

3. You become spiritually aware.

Everyone is pure consciousness, but many people have a difficult time to understand what this means. Your soul is pure consciousness and love. It has a unique understanding of how the matrix is being played on this planet and understands that everything we do as a collective will help to facilitate the awakening of others.

4. You understand the importance of forgiveness.

Some people are old souls who still have much to learn because they are trapped inside the box with their ideologies, are stubborn or have not learned the importance of forgiveness. By forgiving yourself and others, we can release any karma between these people.

5. You’re able to transcend the ego.

It’s nearly impossible for anyone to completely transcend ego 100% of the time but simply being aware of our ego and how it plays against unity consciousness is a definite sign on an old soul. On the other side, there is no ego. During your life review, you will re-live your ego and will see how it affected others, as well as yourself. At this point in “time”, you will probably make a soul contract with the hopes of overcoming ego and atoning for whatever ego issues you had in your previous incarnation.

6. You’re able to transcend materialism.

Money and materialism are products of this 3rd-dimensional reality and it’s easy to succumb to materialism, especially when it’s in your face through advertising, programming, and peer pressure. An older soul realizes that money is non-existent on the other side and it generally takes away from who we truly are as spiritual beings. Those who are older souls will generally use money as a tool to either help facilitate their spiritual progression through spiritual retreats or by possibly creating a lavish feng shui home decorated with spiritual meaning versus the most luxurious furnishings. They may also use their money to help others who are less fortunate.

7. You are able to understand the concept that your body is a shell for your soul.

Before you were born, you not only chose your parents, you also chose your life situations and challenges that would help to facilitate your spiritual growth while atoning for any previous karma. The body that you are currently in is simply a vessel for your soul. Your name is what your soul currently refers itself as, but in previous lifetimes, you had many different names and you have lived many previous lives as either a male or a female. Your name and title are both associated with ego because ultimately, you are infinite consciousness and we are all on the same team.

8. You seem to have a special connection to eras long before you were born.

Did you ever watch an old movie or see some artwork from a specific era in time and have a connection to that era? Chances are, you lived a previous life during that time period and this is your cellular memory letting you know!

9. You have an understanding of what you need to do to complete your spiritual progression.

Just by making it this far, you are more awakened than most people on this planet. You have an understanding of Universal laws and what is left to do on your soul contract. Even if you are not specifically sure of either, your higher self and spirit guides will continue lead you in the right direction.

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10. You have a strong feeling that home isn’t Earth.

Did you ever look at a random area of the sky and star at an unknown star for no particular reason? Do you have a special connection with specific star systems such as the Pleiades or Orion’s Belt? Do wars and corruption make you feel uneasy as if they didn’t exist where you originally came from? Are you one of the souls who volunteered to come here at this specific point in time to help with the Earth’s ascension? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are, Earth is not your home planet.

11. You tend to be a loner.

The stigma on the word loner is often condescending, but those who are old souls are merely looking for other fragments of themselves and will often distance themselves from younger souls who need more incarnations into a 3rd-dimensional planet. Older souls will seek out other like-minded people because there are comfort and familiarity with these types of people who will help to facilitate each other’s spiritual progression.

12. You have a rebellious nature.

Whether you rebel from religion, laws or anything else, this is a sign that your soul knows the only true laws… the Laws of the Universe. While you respect the reasoning and intention behind laws and religion, you might not be compelled to use these as absolute laws when you know there are a set of higher laws that are intended to facilitate our spiritual progressions.


How Your Frequency Determines the Dimensions in Which You Exist

Image result for multidimensionalNothing makes me happier than to read a new article about the worlds of science and spirituality coming together. Albeit a slow process, it’s been steady. At least for the 40 years that I’ve been here incarnated on planet Earth.

Let’s go back in time a bit…

For as long as I can remember, (no, really…all the back to literally my first vivid memory right before my 3rd Birthday), something always felt “off” to me. Like even the most confident adults seem to put out this vibe of inner doubt and a lack of real connection.

Very few adults could ever make me feel safe, comfortable, and just free to be a kid. Because I somehow felt in the presence of so many adults, underlying fear and the absence of simple joy within the moment.

While I could never fully grasp the full understanding of what I was sensing and feeling, I innately knew to trust it. No matter how afraid or alone I’ve ever felt, that inner guidance would always lead me to a safe place… the depths of my own imagination.

It was here that I was the Queen of my world, the architect of my own design, and the creator of all things dancing and free within my own consciousness. It was in the welcoming arms of my imagination that I could truly trust the world around me because I had made the entire thing myself.

We all remember being told by our parents or teachers that our imagination is some part of us that isn’t to be trusted. It was where all things real to children, but invisible to adults, such as spirits, angels, etc. come from, go to, and belong. That there is no place for them in the “real” world. But as kids, we all knew better. So, when and why did we ever stop knowing?

I see so many complacent souls reaching out from all parts of the world for connection, validation and a sense of belonging. Yet, we fear true connection these days it seems. The ones where all involved are so committed to and in tune with at the moment and all they are creating within that moment.

Unsure to this day if this is a blessing or a curse, I have come to learn that feeling, true, real, heart-wrenching feeling is what connects us all. And perhaps if we all learned the importance of NEVER losing that connection with ourselves, that inner child with the vivid and alive imagination, then maybe just maybe we wouldn’t be so afraid to reach out to one another…either to offer assistance or ask for it.

I am in the choir to which I preach, of course as I’ve never been quite good at asking for help. Working through my feelings of “not good enough” or “undeserving” have always kept me at the precipice of mastering the trick behind the way my own mind fucks me. Quite aware of my own self-sabotage, but seemingly content in waiting for it to stop itself when I know it must come from me.

So, what does all of this have to do with your frequency and dimensions? Well, I’m glad you asked. I am sure many of you are aware of Cymatics. It’s actually become a mild obsession of mine ever since the day I saw Science Vs. Music on YouTube by the incredible artist, Nigel Sanford.

If you’d like a taste, you can check it out here:

Video Credit: Nigel John Sanford

Long story short, Cymatics, from the Ancient Greek: κῦμα, meaning, “wave”, is a subset of modal vibrational phenomena. (Source: Wikipedia) It is not only beautiful to watch, but it also is visual proof that the world of sound and frequency has a physical signature we can bear witness to.

This opens up the proverbial “doors of perception” in that we can literally see how sound, language, tone and frequency truly build the world around us, that everything is energy and while it cannot be destroyed, this energy can be manipulated into some of the most loving or dark manifestations of our choosing. 

This is why the wise ones always say to be mindful of your thoughts as they become words that harden into your deeds and character. If you tune in closely and are paying attention, you can actually feel the shift in energy as your frequency adjusts. If someone jumps out at the bushes at you, you feel that rush of adrenaline, fear and need to escape, jump or scream. If someone you love brings you soup and flowers when you are ill, that simple act may overwhelm you with tears of joy, gratitude and a reconnection to your own Soul.

When we are aware of our thoughts and where they lie on the frequency scale, something beautiful happens over time. In my personal experience, when I feel good, happy, relaxed, I also feel open, expanded and confident. I may not know it at the time, but I am literally growing my own energy field, and thus my capacity to open to other dimensions.

No, this is not science-fiction, but rather the science of spirit. While we’ve come to believe that dimensions are all around us, and we are merely one matryoshka doll within the stack, what I’ve come to believe is that all dimensions exist WITHIN us simultaneously. I’ve also never been the same since first hearing quotes such as, “Everything you ever need to know is within you at all times.” “The only way out is through.” and “Go Within or Go Without.”

By claiming our multidimensional selves, we open up to all possibilities of our own potential and find that the more we expand that faster it all comes back around to reconnect us with our inner child. The one still playing out in the fields of our imagination…


tamaraTamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.

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This article was originally created and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Tamara Rant and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.

6 Simple Steps for Calling In Your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels

By Lisa Marie Rosati | The Goddess Lifestyle Plan

Do you connect with your higher power every day? I connect with Spirit every single day, many times per day. I ask different deities and entities for all sorts of things like compassion, protection, prosperity, guidance, love, health, peace, etc. I’ve even asked them to help me achieve success in my business and to help me acquire the material possessions I desire.

Cultivating a deep and meaningful relationship with Spirit has enriched my life immensely and in so many different ways. One of my favorite quotes (and words I live by) is “Every thought is a prayer, and every word a spell”… so, I know that you pray to Spirit more than you realize each and every day with your thoughts (*wink*).

In this blog post, I’d like to teach you the mindful way I work with Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. First and foremost, I want you to know that everyone can be a channel for spiritual guidance. Within you is the capacity to connect with the spiritual energies that surround you at any given time. Yet, many people assume that contacting and working with their spirit guides and angels requires an extra special talent. It doesn’t…it’s simply a matter of being open to receiving the guidance that is always available to you.

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When calling upon Spirit for assistance, the goal is to assure that the level of information you receive from Spirit is not only accurate but also of the highest quality. This means that you want to attract only the most reliable and enlightened spirit guides. In order for this to happen, you must be in a receptive, trusting and open state. This “openness” is what allows you to feel the love and support your guides want to bless you with.

A common mistake that many make in attempting to contact their guides, is to strain to communicate with them. They assume that spirit is far away and therefore, difficult to reach. One of the most important things that you can do to become a clear channel is to relax and trust in the process. There’s no such thing as distance as we know it in the spiritual realm!  Never force or strain – you know … you sit there with your eyes squeezed shut and a wrinkled brow, over concentrating.

Allow the spiritual energy to flow into your crown chakra. In order for you to allow the flow, you must be in a relaxed and receptive state of being. After a while, working with Spirit will be so natural to you, you’ll be able to successfully call upon your Spirit Guides or Angels in the middle of a busy store or in the center of Times Square if you feel like it! Here are some tips to help get you started cultivating a mindful relationship with Spirit.

1. Set Up Your Physical Environment

Before calling on your spirit guides and guardian angels, set up your physical environment. Make sure you have comfortable seating or if you choose to lie down, have a comfortable place to do so. Keep a glass of water within reach, dim the lights, lower window blinds or close curtains. You can light some candles, burn incense or diffuse essential oils. Include in your space any crystals, sacred objects, or pictures that are meaningful to you. Turn off the ringer on your telephone and make sure that you will not be disturbed for the length of time you plan to practice. Wear comfortable clothes, little or no jewelry, and remove your shoes.

2. Be Specific About Who or What You Are Calling In

I hope you’re discriminating about the company you keep in our everyday life. This same discernment must also be present when contacting the spirit world. The spirit world contains energy from everyone and everything that has ever existed! Hold an intention and desire to call in only those spirit beings that provide guidance, love, and higher teachings. You can say something like, “I now invite in all of my loving and wise, spirit guides and guardian angels to be with me now. I am in need of some guidance and assistance.”

3. Hold A Crystal Clear Intention

The more specific you are when asking for guidance in a particular area of your life, the more that your spirit guides and guardian angels can assist you. Your intention is crucial. When you’re clear that you want to communicate, Spirit will automatically be aware of it, and it will enable them to connect with you more easily and effectively.

There’s an energetic attunement between the sender (the spirits), and the receiver (YOU – the channel), that must occur. Working with your spirit guides and guardian angels is a two-way communication process, only when you are open to this higher guidance, can you perceive its existence in your life.

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4. Allow, Relax And Receive

Gently close your eyes. Take a few deep inhalations through your nose and down into your belly. Exhale. Stretch. Relax. Now, take a deep breath in through your nose, and fill your lungs completely; hold for several seconds, then breathe out through the mouth (making an audible sighing sound on the out breath), and relax. Do this a total of three times. Continue to breathe deeply, and with each round of breath, relax your body even more. Don’t force your breathing; simply allow the natural rhythm of your breath to flow in and out of your sacred body vessel.

Become aware of the point within the breath, where there is stillness (no mental chatter), and focus your mind there. This is achieved by concentrating your attention on the quiet center that exists between the in and out a breath. I like to focus my closed eyes to the space between my brows (my third eye). Continue to go deeper into that center point within, spending as much time as you need, calming and centering your mind. If you get a random thought, simply acknowledge and thank it and re-focus on your breath.


5 Ways You Can Communicate with the Spirit World

By Jared | In5D.com

I have been sensitive to spirit all my life, and the direction that it has taken me has always been surprising, but where as many are still pondering the question is there life after death. The answer for me personally is already proven fact. I have seen too much throughout my life to believe otherwise and though there are still many unanswered questions. The validation that has been given has been undeniable.

My Journey started with my brother Jonathan, who I have written about in other articles. Jonathan passed to spirit in 1999 of a congenital heart condition, spawning a sudden onset of illness to an otherwise healthy man of age 20 that lead to his death just 2 weeks later. Since then I have been on a journey, that has tested my faith, patience, view of reality and struck the core of my very being. That being said it is a journey that has allowed me to understand our connections with those who pass over to the spirit world and therefore allowed me to offer help to others in understanding just how much our loved ones, guides, and teachers influence our life.

So with that being said here are 5 ways in which you can communicate with your loved ones in spirit.

1. Psychic readings

People have had readings for centuries and this way is nothing new, the medium allows the spirit of a loved one connected to you to come close to them and offer messages from the other side. From my own experience, there are many ways in which they can do this, through their senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste, to direct thought communication or a mixture of the two.

There are many types of readers out there however and not all of them work with spirit, some work with higher forces, others work with cards, and other forms of divination, some have direct connections to other forms of consciousness.

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So what is good to look for? Well, a good medium will always offer communication that you can validate, things like past memories, certain aspects of the person’s personality, they may even exhibit physical attributes of the person. One of the most unusually I have had was bringing the spirit through of a gentleman who suffered from a stroke, in front of a room of 100 people, he was very gentle, but throughout the whole reading, I had no use of the left-hand side of my face, and would talk just through using the muscles on the right. Something I could not replicate if I tried. So if this is the option for you, then do some research before moving forward.   

2. Dreams

Have you ever had the dream of someone who has passed away and woke up with the image of the dream in your mind for at least a day? A lot of the dreams will tend to take the have the following attributes a) they tend to start mid way into a situation, b) the loved one is there, and immediately the conscious mind asks, how can this be? Did you die? c) upon hearing this the person will explain either they didn’t die, and there was some mistake or just put you at east that they are fine. d) they deliver the message and you wake with their voice echoing in your head?

Well, this is because a spirit can manipulate your dreams. According to Dr. Michael Newton in his book “Journey of Soul” where he gives the information he was given by several patients he regressed into the afterlife, explains that when we have several dreams a night, the spirit with the help of a guide can scan the dreams, take images from some of them, and then implant themselves into the next dream cycle. So if in your first dream you are in a street playing football, and in the second you are riding a horse in a meadow, you may dream of the loved one riding a horse through the street. The aim is to get a steady connection of which the conscious mind will take. This is why they don’t like to focus on their passing because knowing their physical body has died and the pain that has caused will sometimes break the connection and wake you up.

When you have these dreams write them down and pay attention to the message, this is something you can ask for, but the spirit will only step forward when you’re ready.

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3. Meditation

Meditation is another way in which you can bring forward your connection with spirit very easily and there are literally hundreds of different techniques to try, however, one of the best methods I have done, is to allow your mind to simply drift into a meditative state through music.

This is a very simple technique of setting your intent to communicate and strengthening the connection. Take some time for yourself and sit somewhere comfortable and just listen to some relaxing music, classical or ambient seems to work best, but basically any music without words that is relaxing is good. Take some deep breaths and release any negativity and anxiety and let the music take you on a journey, what landscapes does it form in your mind. Be aware of the details you perceive and accept them into your awareness, then ask if there is anyone from a spirit that comes in love and light that would like to make themselves known.

You may be surprised to what you may find, even if you just simply get a few words, anything is better than nothing, and we all start somewhere, each time I have done this with people in my development groups I have been very surprised as to just how much they have seen.


Empower and Heal Yourself With The Archangels

The angelic realm is here to assist us along our journey. There are many different types of angels in the angelic realm and each has a specific purpose for humanity as well as the universe.

I prefer to work with the powerful and beautiful energy of the 4 main archangels to anchor specific energies for my private and professional work. I align myself with their vibrations for healing (self and others), for wisdom, for loving assistance with my relationships and to help me when I am feeling challenged with life in general.

As with the entire angelic realm, we must call upon these light beings for their assistance if we wish to have their presence in our lives. Yes, they often step in to help us when we are struggling, but for the most part, if we would like help with specific areas, it is always best to call upon them. Each of the 4 main archangels has a different vibration and purpose.

I have broken down their specific energetic influences (specialties) as well as how to align yourself with them. By educating ourselves with the Archangel correspondences, we are able to align ourselves with their vibrations more easily and are able to identify their presence.

The 4 Main Archangels

Archangel Raphael is known as the healer. He helps those who work with healing energy and those who are in need of healing. He heals and soothes the mind, body, and spirit.

Oils – anise and lavender

Crystals – prehnite, aventurine, serpentine and jade 

Direction – face the East to align your energy with Archangel Raphael

Color – yellow and green

Day of the Week – Tuesday

Archangel Michael is the warrior Archangel. He protects us from darkness and is especially protective of those who are in the area of service to humanity. Archangel Michael also helps us with our electronics, cut unhealthy emotional cords in our relationships and helps keep our space free and clear of negativity.

Oils – frankincense and myrrh

Crystals – amber, clear quartz, sugilite

Direction – face the South to align your energy with Archangel Michael

Colors – red and gold

Day of the Week – Sunday

Archangel Gabriel is known as the soul’s keeper or protector. Gabriel also watches over children and the childbirth process. Archangel Gabriel lends his energy to oracles, prophets, counselors and those who are creative in the arts such as writing, music, and artwork.

Oils – jasmine and myrrh

Crystals – moonstone, selenite, and aquamarine

Direction – face the West to align your energy with Archangel Gabriel

Colors – orange and blue

Day of the Week – Monday

Archangel Uriel helps us to connect with our ancestors and brings in peace and justice. You may call upon Archangel Uriel to assist with changes in the weather which is often created as a result of mankind’s collective thoughts and emotions.

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Oils – chamomile and sandalwood

Crystals – jet, apache tear, and obsidian

Direction – face the North to align your energy with Archangel Uriel

Colors – brown and green

Day of the Week – Wednesday

Now that you have this information, what are you to do with it?

My suggestion would be to decide which Archangel you would like to work with and then gather the crystals, oils, or even face the direction of that Archangel and request their assistance in your life. You may also create an altar dedicated to one, several or all of the Archangels and write down your intention and place your intention in the center of your altar. Meditating with your favorite Archangel also is another way to absorb their powerful energy and their loving assistance. There is no limit to how you may work with these magnificent beings. I assure you that the more you do work with them, the more you will see, hear and feel their presence in your life.

Blessings and Light,

Laurie Barraco

Laurie Barraco

Laurie Barraco

Laurie Barraco is a professional intuitive counselor, medium, author, recording artist, teacher and the owner of The Mystical Moon, a healing center in Fort Myers, Florida. Laurie offers readings, courses and healing products through The Mystical Moon Online Store. You can connect with her at The Mystical Moon Facebook Page.

Click here for articles written by Laurie

Spirit Guides – How They Communicate and Look Out For You

Helen E. WilliamsDreamcatcherReality.com

Want to understand the power that guides us in all our endeavors and looks after us? Continue reading to understand what spirit guides are.

From the very beginning of our soul’s existence, we are being assigned to these loving beings that nurture, school and look after us, every step of the way.

When we are born on Earth, these loving beings continue to help and guide us throughout our lives, making sure we will find our true purpose. We have come to call them spirit guides.

Our spirit guides remain with us at all times and help us in fulfilling our spiritual and worldly endeavors.

Throughout history, many people have documented their experiences or understanding of their spirit guides.

Although most of us cannot see or interact with them while incarnated on Earth, we instinctively know they are somewhere around us and will stay with us throughout our lives, aiding us in our various endeavors.

According to various researchers and LBL therapists, such as Dr. Michael Newton, spirit guides are very advanced souls, who completed their incarnation cycles and they are now helping us achieve the same thing.

Their level of consciousness and schooling methods can vary and that can have an impact on their level of influence over our lives.

A Spirit Guide’s Influence

Since each of our spirit guides helps us throughout our entire lives, they remain aware of whatever is happening to us, at every moment. They influence our lives on Earth, in many different ways, some of which we will be talking about in this blog post.

This is how Spirit Guides interact with us:

1. Through Intuition

Our intuition is a fascinating sensation, one that is so unique and profound that it can be a little difficult to explain. When spirit guides deem necessary, they send us these insights that we experience as flashes of intuition.

They tend to come out of — literally — nowhere but are always of extreme importance. Many of us tend to tune out of our intuitive capabilities and it’s really unfortunate for them because intuition is a valuable source of information.

Intuition can also be the result of lessons that we have mastered in previous incarnations. Whenever you have the sensation of “instinctively” knowing something, it’s either because your spirit guide is sending you the much-needed information or because you have already mastered this lesson in a previous incarnation and your soul knows what’s in your best interest.

2. Through the “Gut Feeling”

Often times, we get this eerie feeling that we just can’t seem to place. A lot of people experience this strange sensation and many don’t really understand what it is.

The “gut feeling” happens when our spirit guide is trying to communicate something important to us, and the purpose of the strange feeling is to make us aware of a certain reality or to make us question the current decision. It’s usually a good idea to pay attention to such feelings.

3. Impossible Situations

We can all agree that there are times when we are in a rush and everything simply falls out of place. For example, an extremely frustrating experience, that I am sure we all go through from time to time, is trying to find the keys while running late for work.

As a result of us misplacing the keys, something interesting or important happens, something we would have otherwise missed had we found our keys earlier.

These are always situations created by our spirit guides (with even higher assistance), making sure that a particular event occurs.

(Throughout our lives, there are certain events that are predestined to happen, in order for us to experience and master the given lessons — and it’s all for our spiritual advancement).

4. “Coincidental” Encounters

A lot of you might have experienced encountering someone after many years and think of it as a pleasant coincidence. Most often, these are anything but coincidences, as our spirit guides tend to arrange such encounters.

The renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung studied these seemingly impossible coincidences and, as a result, coined the term “synchronicity” to explain them.

He understood that there are higher forces at work that make certain events happen.

The Everlasting Presence of the Spirit Guides

Such a phenomenon hasn’t been explained by science, yet they occur at a frequency that is simply hard to ignore. Everyone experiences such things, and when we think about it, they are quite profound experiences — the type that could make a person wonder and feel confused.

Such occurrences are usually the doing of our spirit guides who look out for us in ways we simply lack the understanding for.

It is completely possible to interact with our spirit guides, all one needs is to get in touch with their spiritual side. Mostly, it’s about the subtleties of life and our need to be more receptive to them.

If only we are aware of them trying to influence our lives and look for their signs consciously, we can align our actions along with their insights. What could be better than relying on a spiritual energy or a being whose sole purpose is to guide you in life?

Just try to be more receptive by listening to your intuition and develop a habit to go with your gut when you are confused.

Always be wary of their signs as they work in ways that are not really in-tune with us. But with a little awareness, many have successfully synchronized themselves with their spirit guides.

Meditation is a beautiful practice that helps us achieve spiritual awareness. Take a few moments of your life and dedicate them to meditation. The calmness and euphoria one feels after meditating is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.

And it will also help you become more receptive to your spirit guide’s signs. Another way to become more synchronized with your spirit guide is to try and communicate with it while you dream.

Lucid dreaming is when people are aware that they are asleep while dreaming. This means they have some control over the direction of their dream.

It is one of the best ways to access your subconscious and the best way to communicate with your spirit guide, although it can require practice to actually exert command over your dreams without waking up.

By Helen E. Williams, DreamcatcherReality.com

About the author: Helen Elizabeth Williams is the owner of DreamcatcherReality.com, where she is a staff writer. Her passions are spirituality, meditation, and polo. She adores all animals, but horses have a special place in her heart. She loves the diversity of our cultures, the beauty of simple people and the harmony of Mother Nature. ♥

Kryon Helps You Activate Real-Time Communication With Spirit


Video Source: ModernGalaxy

In this channeling, Kryon speaks about how powerful your support team around you really is, and how you can communicate with them in real-time. Why not join forces and create the reality you want? You have the free will to decide what path you wish to explore. Spirit will support you.