3 Essential Tips for Starting Your Own eCommerce Business

New developments in software and technology have made it easier than ever to operate a successful business entirely on the internet. With a solid online store, established companies can expand their reach to the whole globe and would-be entrepreneurs can get started immediately with less capital. With that said, if you want high sales and loyal customers, you need to learn how to start an eCommerce business the right way. Here are three essential tips to keep in mind.

Choose a Flexible, Feature-Packed Platform

The foundation of every good online store is the eCommerce platform used to create and operate it. The solution will define what you can work with when shaping the store’s structure and appearance. You can find plenty of options out there, but to avoid delays and headaches, you should choose one that suits the needs of your business.

When it comes to essentials, any good platform will come with a variety of built-in features, along with connections to useful services and apps. It should also provide lots of bandwidth, no limits on the number of available products, and room to grow. Finally, it should be flexible enough that you can customize the store’s layout and visual design. With all of this, you can create precisely the store you and your target customers want.

Determine and Target Your Niche

What kinds of products and services do you want to sell? Which demographics are you trying to reach? Some merchants think they can succeed by selling anything to anyone answering those questions with “anything” and “anyone,” figuring that it worked for Amazon. However, if people want to shop at an online store that sells everything, they will stick with Amazon. Even that business started out as a bookseller.

The point of this example is that the largest company on the planet started with a niche and grew from there. You should begin the same way and see what happens. Besides, there is an advantage to filling a niche: you can sell specialty items that cannot be found in bigger stores. If the community surrounding that niche finds your store, they will reward you with loyalty, revenue, and word-of-mouth marketing.

Build Up Your Inventory

When you decide what you want to sell, you must then figure out ways to acquire your products. If you intend to make or manufacture the products, then you still need a reliable source for the raw materials. Otherwise, you can easily build up an inventory of readymade items by partnering with bulk suppliers of wholesale products. Make sure that the supplier can be trusted to provide high-quality merchandise. Also, make sure to make up for the cost of supplies by marking up on your store.

Alternatively, you could participate in dropshipping. This practice is similar to the wholesale method, except that the dropshipping supplier also takes care of the inventory and shipping. All you need to do is offer the products on your website — at a mark-up, of course — and forward the order information. Dropshipping cuts down on starting costs and makes eCommerce more accessible than ever.

Starting an eCommerce business is not quick and simple, requiring a significant amount of labor, planning, creativity, and fortitude. However, it is easier than ever, especially with the right eCommerce platform. If you keep these pieces of advice in mind, you might soon find yourself running a popular, profitable, and satisfying enterprise.

Corporations are Human Creations. We Can’t Let Them Threaten Our Survival

A better solution is to break up transnational corporations and restructure them in ways that assure community accountability. (Photo: Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain)

By David Korten | Common Dreams

We live in a world in extreme crisis. By the estimates of the Global Footprint Network, the human species currently consumes at a rate of 1.7 times what Earth’s regenerative systems can sustain. Yet billions of people face a daily struggle for survival that strips them of happiness and fulfillment of their human potential.

A growing concentration of financial wealth puts ever more political power in the hands of fewer and fewer people. According to Oxfam, twenty-six billionaires now hold personal financial assets greater than those of the poorest half of humanity (3.9 billion people).

This rapidly accelerating environmental and social crisis is a direct and predictable consequence of global rules that facilitate a concentration of economic and political power in corporations—rules that provide minimum accountability for the consequences of how they use that power to monopolize markets, evade taxes, and operate in whatever place offers the cheapest labor and least environmental protections.

As Allen White has correctly noted, appeals to corporations to exercise conscientious self-regulation do not work. The reason is simple. Mentally healthy living humans have a conscience. Corporations are constructs of the law. They have no conscience beyond whatever responsibilities the law may require of them—backed by strict enforcement.

Corporations that are under the control of individual humans—rather than the financial markets—may act responsibly when those individuals possess a deep concern for the common good. Such corporations, however, are rare – at least among those of any consequential size.

Most large corporations are captives of financial markets that drive the pursuit of short-term financial gain with no concern for the social or environmental consequences. Not only do they fail to serve the common good, but they are also driving us all toward civilizational collapse. Indeed, they are driving us toward human self-extinction.

These conditions create an imperative for urgent structural change. Fortunately, corporations are entirely human creations. Indeed, there is no equivalent in nature. If they do not serve our needs, humans have both the right and the means to change—even eliminate—them.

Corporate purpose

Allen White notes there was a time in the early United States when corporations were chartered only for a specific length of time to fulfill a designated public purpose, such as to build a bridge or a canal. The former colonies had fought a brutal war to gain their freedom from the abuses of imperial rule, including the state-sanctioned monopoly power of the British East India Company. They were acutely aware of the potentials for abuse of corporate power, and they wanted none of it.

Despite that early public awareness, corporate interests have been able to mount a relentless drive for power that has, over time, reduced US democracy to little more than an aspiration. Indeed, the United States has become a global driver of the processes by which global corporations pursue with impunity the destruction of Earth’s capacity to support life. And ironically, they do so for the primary purpose of growing the fortunes of billionaires.

It is worth remembering that a corporation exists only when a government has issued a charter. There is no legitimate reason for any democratically accountable government to issue a corporate charter other than to serve a public purpose. Similarly, there is no legitimate reason why a corporation chartered by one government jurisdiction has any inherent right thereby to do business in any other jurisdiction unless granted that privilege by the people of that jurisdiction through their government.

That current law contradicts these simple truths is a consequence of corporate interests’ ability to manipulate the legal system.

Current rules governing corporate conduct encourage and reward what should be treated as criminal behavior. Consider the following examples:

1. They allow corporations to reap the rewards of their decisions without bearing the full costs. For example, when they evade paying taxes, they evade paying their fair share of the costs of infrastructure, education, or other essentials of doing business.

2. They allow the corporation to assess value only in terms of financial costs and returns, thus ignoring the need to secure the health of Earth’s regenerative systems on which all life depends.

3. They allow corporations to use their enormous financial resources and centralized decision-making to shape public opinion and pressure politicians to assure that laws favor corporate interests instead of public interests.

Calls for corporate responsibility generally assume that those who work for corporations, especially top management, are free to exercise moral responsibility on behalf of the corporation should they choose to do so. This ignores an important reality. Unless they own the corporation, those who lead a corporation only appear to be in charge. They serve only at the pleasure of financiers who compete for control of any corporation that is not taking full advantage of opportunities to maximize profits – which often means externalizing costs.

Business in service to the community

Science is coming to recognize what many indigenous people have long understood: life exists – can only exist – in diverse communities of living beings that self-organize to create and maintain the conditions of their own existence. The concept is captured by the South African term ubuntu, which translates to “I am because we are.”

The purpose of all human institutions—including corporations—must be to serve human well-being and the health of the planet on which we all depend.

This basic frame of how life organizes is demonstrated in a very personal way by the human body. For each of us, our body consists of tens of trillions of cells and micro-organisms that self-organize beyond our conscious awareness to create and maintain the vessel of our consciousness and the vehicle of our agency. On a far grander scale, the countless living organisms that comprise Earth’s community of life similarly self-organize to create the conditions on this planet essential to life’s existence.

The purpose of all human institutions—including corporations—must be to serve human well-being and the health of the planet on which we all depend.

Trying to set and enforce rules at a global level to force transnational corporations to serve the people and planet they were created and designed to exploit would be an exercise as futile as a call for voluntary responsibility. Any global institution created to implement such rules will be subject to nearly instant co-option by the very corporations it is created to control.

A better solution is to break up transnational corporations and restructure them in ways that assure community accountability. How this might be done to best serve the well-being of people and Earth is a topic worthy of serious discussion, with implications well beyond the corporation.

With few exceptions, humans have fallen into a pattern of organizing around hierarchical institutions that centralize power. Capitalism vs. socialism is a false choice specifically because both, as currently understood and practiced, centralize rather than distribute power. Thus, they diminish local control and responsibility and suppress essential local adaptation to changing local conditions. Electing the leaders who head those institutions is only a partial corrective.

Our challenge in learning to function as a global society dependent on the health of a living Earth is to learn to organize as life organizes – within holonic structures that self-organize from the bottom up in response to constantly changing local conditions, with the support of higher system levels. It is a frame for which we barely have the language needed for a coherent discussion. Yet it is the way that life has organized since life first emerged. And it is the way we must now learn to organize.

The closest human approximations would probably be the organizational forms common to most indigenous societies. In the business sector of contemporary societies, they might be the varied forms of cooperative organization based on cooperative ownership.

The work of developing creative options would be a fitting challenge for schools of management interested in creating organizational models for the new human civilization we must now create together.

David Korten

Dr. David Korten is the author of Agenda for a New EconomyThe Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community, and the international bestseller When Corporations Rule the World. He is board chair of YES! Magazine, co-chair of the New Economy Working Group, a founding board member of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, president of the Living Economies Forum, and a member of the Club of Rome. He holds MBA and Ph.D. degrees from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and served on the faculty of the Harvard Business School.

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How Data and Machine Learning Turned Pricing into a Science

Throughout most of the history of the retail industry, pricing was an artform. It wasn’t an elegant artform either: it was frantic, confusing, and often inaccurate. No matter what strategy the retailer used or how many excel sheets they made, at the end of the day they had to pick a number, cross their fingers and hope that it wouldn’t completely break their profit margins. Today, pricing is a science. It is backed by immense amounts of data that is digestible, reliable, and instantly available. It leads to pricing decisions that maximize profits no matter how hectic the market is, and retailers have machine learning to thank for it.

Optimization of everything from pricing to store layout was always a core focus for retailers, so data has always played a role in these decisions even before machine learning came into play. However, the quality of data and the way in which it was collected was far from ideal. Up until the ’90s, obtaining competitor prices required hiring someone to walk around their stores and write them down. Inevitably, some products couldn’t be found, and by the time all of the pricing data was manually collected and analyzed, many of them had changed. This meant that the majority of pricing decisions came down to experienced managers making their best guess with the information they had, and the results were far from perfect.

When online stores became commonplace, web crawlers became the preferred way to collect data, but they also encountered issues of their own. They were not easy to create and were often blocked by web protection measures. Even as they became more advanced, it was extremely difficult to verify any of the data they collected and fill in the gaps they missed. Trying to analyze this messy data was a struggle of its own as well – you needed several very long spreadsheets, multiple calculations, and someone who was very good at math. However, in those cases errors were also frequent. Due to how difficult it was to go through all of this data, they were nearly impossible to find, let alone fix. So, retailers required new solutions able to combine a scientific background with an easy-to-use attitude.

Machine learning came in and completely changed the pricing data game. Its first big revolution in retail pricing was its ability to collect and analyze data. ML auto-crawlers use computer vision and instance-based learning to bypass web protection measures and collect data 1200% faster than before. They are 70% less expensive than manually created crawlers, and anomaly algorithms can detect any deviations in the way these crawlers work. For retailers, this meant the prices of thousands of products from all of their competitors are collected errorlessly and near-instantly. You can easily interpret that the need for Data Scientists grew exponentially in the retail market and more started enrolling for Data Science training to grab the opportunistic market.

What’s more, ML-based pricing software can visualize the obtained data for the retailer so they can get an accurate idea of their price positioning in real-time. This allows retailers to use dynamic pricing, which is an extremely popular pricing strategy for eCommerce retailers especially, as it allows them to change prices several times a day if needed to stay competitive.

Machine learning has even more applications in retail pricing as time goes by. When given one year’s worth of historical pricing data for supervised learning, ML-based price optimization software can be trained to detect patterns in sales, revenue, or other target functions to forecast optimal prices based on whichever pricing strategy a retailer chooses. All of this data and analyses are presented to the retailer in a readable manner through graphs, charts, and tables. This ML-based pricing software continues to learn over time, becoming more refined as it continues to analyze pricing data.

ML optimized both data collection and data analysis in retail pricing. It turned retail pricing from haphazard educated guessing into a data-driven science that can be predicted with eerie accuracy. Thanks to ML, we already see retailers like Amazon change their prices for millions of products each day to stay competitive, and it’s data processing capabilities are being applied to other roles within retail-like advertising. It has made retailers value data more than ever before, completely revolutionized the retail industry as we know it, and it is here to stay.

Gaining Trust of Online Users: Tips to Make Your E-Commerce Site Trustworthy and Reliable

Success of your e-commerce site depends largely on whether online users would trust you or not. Online shoppers are very picky and intelligent when it comes to website they trust. And once they do, you can expect dramatic increase in sales. Thus, it should be a main priority to make your website look trustworthy and reliable. In this article, we will share some tips that can be useful for new e-commerce sites.

  1. Use fast hosting service – there are different types of website hosting services and it is important to choose the one that’s most suitable for your business. You can choose from shared, VPS, dedicated server hosting or others. Whatever type you choose, you must make sure that it is fast, low to zero down time and of course, it is important that they have 24/7 support team to assist you in case you encounter problem.
  2. Have an SSL certificate – one of the first things online shoppers look at is if the website URL has padlock and “https”. It means that your site has SSL certificate which means connection between users’ browsers and your site is absolutely secured and safe. This gives them relief that their details especially card details are safe.
  3. Provide complete contact details – another concern of users is if they can contact site admin or support in case they have problem with their order or to answer their enquiries. Thus, you should make sure to provide a complete Contact Us page. List down all means of communication like email address, mobile number, phone number, office address and others.
  4. Provide a thorough FAQ section – it is important to have FAQ page that is informative especially for first time users. List down all possible questions and answers that will be helpful for new users to know how the site operates and how they can place order and so on.
  5. Have a Live Chat support – it would be great to have a Live Chat support feature on your page so users can engage for quick enquiries. This is a nice feature that users will definitely appreciate. It shows how you care for your customers’ welfare. This will also make them feel confident that they can contact you whenever they need assistance.
  6. Make sure to respond to enquiries within 24 hours – be sure to always check the contact details you provided like phone, email or chats. You should answer queries within 24-hour period or else, users will feel ignored and they certainly do not want that and you do not want to upset them. So make sure to be attentive to enquiries whether email, phone call or chat.

 Once you received the most-coveted trust of your target audience, not only your website traffic will increase but eventually your sales too. It is important to always keep your visitors happy and satisfied all the time. It would be great to get feedback and testimonials too so you can regularly assess your products and services offered.

Medical Marketing: 5 Effective Trends for 2020

The healthcare industry, just like most industries today, is rapidly evolving. Triggered by industry innovation, policy changes, and the evolution of information and technology – all due to the swelling momentum of the millennials, ushering a new era of healthcare.

Every single year, marketing trends keep changing and developing. What your healthcare consumers will respond to this year is not what they respond to next year. Medical marketers need to be up to date with the latest medical marketing trends to maximize results.

What is Medical Marketing

Medical marketing refers to a set of marketing strategies used by healthcare providers, advocacy groups, suppliers, insurers, and to attract new patients and increase brand awareness of their medical business.

Medical Marketing Trends

Medical marketing is tricky. But if it were easy, everybody would be doing it. If you are in the medical industry and are looking for medical marketing trends, then you are in luck.

Fine-tune your medical product marketing strategy

It doesn’t matter if you run a solo practice or a clinic with less than 80 employees; your medical services are the product that you are trying to sell to potential patients. Using word of mouth will only take your business so far, and you will eventually come to a standstill.

To ensure that you have a constant flow of new patients in your business, you need to implement a medical marketing strategy. You can start by conducting an audit of all your products and services. Apart from knowing your business, you will need to get a better sense of the patients you target “patient persona”. This strategy needs to be one of the focal points of your marketing efforts.

Content Creation

There are very few methods you can offer value, reaching a wider audience than creating content. According to recent marketing surveys, 20 percent of marketers believe content marketing is the most impactful medical marketing strategy moving forward. There are several ways you can use content in medical marketing for doctors, including videos, podcasts, blogs, and infographics. The main idea is to generate as much useful content as possible to keep your audience engaged.

Testimonials and Reviews

Social proof is vital for any business. For an industry as serious as healthcare, its importance is amplified. Displaying reviews and testimonials of your service will give potential patients an insight into what they can expect when they sign up for your services. For instance, when collecting testimonials for sensitive areas such as plastic surgery marketing, first reach out to current or previous patients with a simple questionnaire. If you plan on using their answers, ask for permission to make sure they do not mind. Their feedback adds up as important information on the medical business website.

Mobile Responsive Website

If your medical website is not responsive, you will not get a single organic hit on your medical business website. Search engines like Google are currently on a huge mobile-first kick. Google set out a new algorithm in the form of mobile-first indexing as of March 2018. This new kick means Google will only show results based on the websites’ mobile version versus the web version. Therefore, if your medical business website is not mobile-friendly, it will rank poorly on the search engine results page.

Implement a Powerful Social Media Healthcare Marketing Plan

It won’t cost you a lot to have one of your staff spend a couple of hours in a week managing your business on social media. They could promote your business services, reply to queries, and share content you feel will engage your business audience. While this might be a great place to start, it’s not enough to keep your audience engaged.

To be able to generate a few dozen likes and shares, you need to implement an effective social media medical marketing plan. It involves following a consistent posting schedule, replying to reviews, sharing original and visually appealing posts, getting feedback through live Q&A, as well as collaborating with Influences. While this sounds like a lot of work, this is where having the right resources and tools makes it invaluable. It is crucial to have a marketing report at the end of every week to check engagement with the content, like traffic and interactions on social media. But marketing tools will delve deeper into the results, and will show you certain demographics, such as the age or even the time of day you get certain traffic.

Medical marketing isn’t just a nice thing to have; it is integral to how you promote your business in the modern world.

Why Tracking Attendance Isn’t Just for School

Attendance was always such an important part of school. Many schools even gave awards for those who maintained perfect attendance for the year.

And attendance performance has followed us into adulthood, hasn’t it? Using time and attendance software to keep accurate attendance and time tracking in your company is an important part of every business. Whether your employees are part-time, work for multiple clients or travel extensively, it’s important to have a system that allows you to accurately track and monitor their time and attendance.

Here are some of the benefits of tracking time and attendance for businesses, and why you need a system that can efficiently handle that information.

Identify potential attendance issues

It can be difficult to ensure all of your employees are working when they should be, especially if you have a large number of them. A time and attendance system can help you identify when employees are perpetually coming in late, or find those who consistently take long lunches without permission. Knowing when your employees are working helps you ensure work hours aren’t being abused.

If you find an employee is having trouble making it to work on time, or is repeatedly leaving early, you can talk to that employee and find out why. This gives you the opportunity to help your employee, showing you care enough to notice. Depending on the situation, you might be able to adjust that employee’s schedule to better accommodate their needs, which in turn will make them happier and more productive.

Embrace remote working

Time and attendance tracking software can help ensure your remote employees are working just as hard as they would be if they were in the office. This is a great feature for employers who want to hire the best talent, regardless of location, and know their employees are being productive. Since working remotely is becoming increasingly common, people can be more selective in the jobs they apply for and take. And having this feather in your company’s cap allows you to find the best talent and ensure they’re working hard.

Create more accurate payroll

If you have hourly employees, a time-tracking system will provide a lot more accuracy in your payroll to make sure you paid only for the hours worked. It also makes it harder for your employees to do “buddy punching,” where one employee punches in or out for a co-worker. And having an accurate payroll software system means your employees will always be paid on time – no more tallying up physical punch cards! Pretty much everyone can get behind that one, right?

On top of the great things we’ve listed here, time and attendance tracking systems also provide detailed reporting, facilitate time-off request handling and can reduce absenteeism – just a few more reasons why attendance tracking isn’t only for school.

5 Easiest Ways To Find The Perfect Office

So, have you suddenly found yourself balancing countless boxes of files on tables and squeezing past rows of people just to get to your desk? It looks like you’ve outgrown your office. Or, maybe you are a small business deciding to take the leap from home office out into the big, bad world? Whether you’re looking for an office for one or one hundred people, there are very simple steps you can take to you find the perfect office.

1. Find someone to do the hard work for you

Believe it or not, but there are people out there who dedicate their days to finding people exactly like you the perfect office space. Office brokers like Click Offices have dedicated, local experts that specialise in finding the best space for your needs, for the best price. To top it all off, their services are 100% free for the user. Just take a few minutes to explain what you need and where, and they will comb their books to find you a list of options to suit.

2. Think about your space needs

One of the main reasons for moving offices is space requirement. You might need an extra two or three desks now, but are you planning on expanding more in the not-so-distant future? If you plan to find a new home for your business long term, then these are important questions you need to think about. However, one of the joys of serviced offices in the ease of expanding your office space, even after you have moved in. Depending on your office choice, downsizing or upsizing is a simple as sending an email.

3. Consider your employees

A happy team makes for a happy company, so consider who works for you before choosing an office space or location. Do most of your team drive to work? Then ample parking should be high on your list of priorities. Perhaps they use public transport, in which case, locating somewhere with good transport links is a must. Do you require a lift or a ground-floor office to accommodate your staff or customers? Is high-speed internet connection a must? Do the extras, such an on-site gym or cafe, feel important to you? These are all things to consider before choosing an office and are all something an office expert can help you discover.

4. Know all of your office options

Private, coworking, managed, serviced, semi-serviced, hotdesking, furnished and unfurnished are words you have probably heard before but do you know what each of them offers and what would suit you best? A younger start-up company might prefer a coworking office for the simplicity and ease of expansion in the future. A more established company might feel better suited to a private, upmarket office to impress clients and peers alike. Asses the options available to you and weigh up what will work best.

5. Look at the layout

Once you’ve decided on an office type, the next big question is the layout. How will the space work for you and your needs? Do you need smaller, private offices or are you happier with a larger open-plan workspace? This will all depend on your business and what you need to thrive. Once your office expert has a feel for what you need, they can find you the space that works best – and negotiate the best price for it!

Before you plan a move, ask yourself these questions and then you will be sure to find the perfect office space.

Features to Look for in Choosing a Gym Software

Since time immemorial, the very purpose of digital solutions is to improve efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of business operations by automating and streamlining business processes. These have benefited not only businesses from the retail industry but also those that are service-oriented like fitness centers. In fact, nowadays, a huge number of gyms across the globe have already invested for a positive transition through the use of an automated system. This has pushed other gym owners who wish to provide their customers the same convenience and flexibility to be in the hunt for a good gym software that can surely help them retain their old customers and expand their clientele, thereby increasing their revenue in the long run.

If you are one of those gym owners, before you make such a huge investment, it pays to know well the perks that you are paying for. In this article, we will tackle what a gym software is and the features you should look for in choosing one.

Choosing a Gym Software

 A gym software is a type of system that not only stores and preserves all gym-related information but also provides a computerized means to manage memberships, bookings, gym class schedules, and billing and collection. It eliminates the time-consuming, paper-and-pen approach of doing such things and allows gym owners, staff, and trainers to focus more on improving their services, boosting the business in entirety.

When it comes to options, the online market is flooded with many which vary mostly in terms of price and features. More often than not, the more features a gym software has, the pricier it gets. However, your choice should still depend on your requirements. Even if you have allotted more than enough budget for it, the only way you can get the best value of your investment is if the features you will be paying for will significantly help push your gym forward.

At its core, your gym software should have the following essential features:

1. Membership Management

One of the processes that eat up a lot of time in managing a fitness center is the membership management that covers the registration of new gym members and the maintenance and monitoring of customer/member-related data. Technically, if a gym software does not have a membership management feature, then it is not worth investing.

This feature aims to serve customers better and give a highly satisfactory experience by cutting down the registration and check-in and check-out time. The productivity of the employees can also improve as they will have more time to spend on other administrative tasks.

Depending on the advancement of the membership management feature, this can also allow gym members to access their accounts where all information about their membership, training sessions, classes, and bills are indicated. If you wish to provide this perk to your clientele, make sure that the gym software you will buy is web-based or comes with a mobile app version. In this age where everyone is spending more time on their phones and tablets rather than on computers, a gym app can serve as a big edge over the competition.

2. Automation of Administrative Tasks

This feature enables the management and authorized staff to use all the features in the dashboard that can aid in their managerial and administrative responsibilities such as viewing financial and sales reports, responding to inquiries, taking bookings, and a lot more. This feature provides electronic storage and easy retrieval of important information.

3. Invoices and Sales Module

This feature aims to streamline the billing and invoicing processes to achieve a well-organized operation. It will automatically compute the dues of the gym members on a monthly basis taking into consideration the dates of their registration and the classes they are enrolled in and then send out automatic bill notifications to each member’s account.

More sophisticated gym software offer different payment options such as credit and debit cards, and direct debits, thereby providing convenience and enhancing the members’ overall experience.

4. Reports Generation

Through real-time reports generation, insights presentation, and analysis, this feature aims to assist gym owners and managers to make better decisions in light of how the business is doing. Since the report can easily pinpoint the areas that need to be focused and improved on, this will also encourage gym owners to be more proactive and creative in coming up with marketing strategies to invite more customers and retain loyal members.

A good gym software should be able to give you an insight into essential key areas like total revenue, membership sales and retention, lead management and conversion, attendance rates, and employee costs.

5. Mobile App Version

It is not a secret how millions of people are sticking their eyes on their mobile screens many hours a day. In the United States alone, one study shows that people check their phones around 52 times on a daily basis. With this, having a gym software that comes with a mobile app will definitely get you the needed competitive advantage. You can make sales, invite new customers, and respond to inquiries via mobile. Meanwhile, your loyal members can also access their accounts, check your new gym class offerings, and enroll themselves whenever and wherever they want. Enabling mobile payment platforms will also take their experience to the next level.

6. Social Media Integration

If you want to take advantage of your market share in social media platforms and you want to stay connected to your target market but you do want to tame your staff and prevent them from surfing the web beyond work, then this feature is for you. This feature enables users to connect on social media sites using your official social media account through a built-in social media channel.

While the above mentioned features can definitely benefit your gym business, having a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate gym software dashboard is also necessary. Since whenever you access your gym software, your dashboard will be the first view to welcome you, how it is designed, built, and displayed can either keep your eyes and attention on it or draw them away.

What to Look For in an Online Nursing Program?

Are you an aspiring student or a full-time registered nurse who wants to take their nursing career into a new level? You may already have a busy life and career to take care of, and if you feel like going back to your college and sitting there for hours in a physical class would take too much of your time, perhaps you should consider enrolling in an online nursing program.

Nowadays there are many nursing colleges offer online programs for working students and nurses who are not able to attend a traditional nursing program. However, there may be it has its own glitters and glory, but it would great to think about what to look for in an online nursing program for you. Choosing an online program in any field can be intimidating. But knowing the right questions to ask before enrolling in an online course will help you later in your classes.

Why you should take an online nursing program?

Accessibility: You can log into your computer and be a part of the online course from any location and any time. You can access your course even from a coffee shop or during your lunch break or weekend.

Flexibility: You could learn anytime when you want, and you can even create a comfort area dedicated to online classes. This way you could continue with your job, family life and social commitments.

Expense: Online nursing programs will help you to reduce expenses as you won’t have to worry about gas, vehicle maintenance, library, dorm, or any other extra activity fees. This way, you’ll save a reasonable amount of money.

What are the prerequisites for an online nursing program?

Since nursing is entirely based on patient care and science, most of the universities may require some prerequisites before enrolling in their Online RN-BSN Nursing Program. This includes having a registered nursing license or certificate from any other accredited college, application with a non-refundable application fee or official college transcripts from all institutions attended. Students should also learn about if there are any additional fees, courses or exams prior to this program.

Should I need to come to college for any future events or courses?

Learn everything you could from your college. Ask them whether you should have come to college for any future events, payments, classes, or courses. Take note and list all your doubts there, and once you get to meet your college faculties clear all your doubts. Some universities provide online, hybrid, or traditional nursing classes, where students can choose the course as per their comfort.

How do I access the class and study materials and what kind of learning platforms do they offer?

An online course mainly needs a system with a high-speed internet connection. Moreover, what should you have to access the class and study materials, and how will you contact the professors? An online course may need various tools to meet the requirements, unlike the traditional learning method. You may need to start using Skype, Instant Messenger, google accounts or any other communication tools.

How your classes will be taken?

Enquire about how your classes will be taken. Ask if all your classes are fully online face-to-face lecture, video or audio classes, discussion section, or textbook-based. Learn how the class scheduling times are structured and do ask if there’s an option to change your scheduling time to another time slot. What if you miss one class? How can you compensate for that class? Most importantly, make sure you’ll have extra time to discuss your doubts with the professor.

As an online nursing program, you’ll have lab hours and may have to get experience with real-life patients. Ask how they are going to take the lab hours? Should you have to travel to college to attend lab hours? Or any faculty member will come to the near hospital or clinic to teach you about what is what?

How much will an online nursing program cost?

It’s an all well-known fact that the cost of higher education can be expensive. The expense of online nursing programs may vary so it would be better to understand how each university is charging for each nursing program. Since you won’t have to pay any extra amount for electricity, library, and other service fees the tuition fee will be less expensive.

There are various financial aids and organizations to support students in their expensive educations. Some colleges may offer discounts for certain online programs, and it would be great if you check with your university if they offer any discounts, grants or scholarships. There are various organizations offer RN-BSN nursing scholarships to support students to finance their education. Research and get to know about the various organizations that are providing scholarships, their scholarship amount and the criteria for applying.

How much time will I need to complete my degree?

Depending on the course you are enrolling to understand how much time will you need to complete your degree. For example, if you’re planning on to take your RN-BSN degree there are two online options for you. Some colleges may offer a 2-year degree program, while others can provide a 16-month nursing program. Enroll in a reliable online program so that you could complete and get a good job within a short time. Take a look at what the university has to offer and how you can grow your career as a nurse.

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Tips and Tricks to Owning a Small Business

Being your own boss is the dream and goal of many people. They think about it every day during their 9-5 job, when they get home, go to bed, and when they wake up. Maybe you already are a small business owner, and that is great, but if you are on your way, currently doing it, or dreaming about becoming one, then look no further.

You can absorb so much information and advice from friends and family, or the internet, or TV about tips and tricks to owning a business, but not all of it may apply to you. In fact, a lot might just be plain wrong. This is intended to help you reap the benefits of some lesser known advice.

Keep Your Business Expenditures Organized

 Knowing how much you are spending versus how much you are making is going to come in handy come tax time. Too many small business owners think it is just pure profit, and that they do not need to organize the expenses of the business. Sometimes all it can take is a simple click here, and you can see how easy it is to account for finances that relate to your tax situation. Business ownership is only as successful as the owner makes it, so be the example of a responsible and organized leader that you one day dreamed about being.

Be Open to Criticism or Advice

While it may sound contradictory with the statement about people providing incorrect advice, this is because you might be looking for it, or receiving it, from uneducated sources. Getting information from business owners, big or small, is a good idea to help you accumulate your own business acumen. The information they can provide may be as simple as some advice, or as useful as business connections that you can use to further your goals as an entrepreneur.

Do Not Stick to One Business Plan

Flexibility! Even if you come up with a great business idea or strategy, times are constantly changing. Upgrading your business plan as needs change will allow you to stay competitive and not be stuck in one area or product. You are not required to dramatically alter your initial business, but being able to show customers or clients that you can adapt to change is a good asset.

Become a Leader, Not a Boss

Bosses are seen as cruel or unrelenting to their employees, which means less productivity. Leaders in business show how much good relationships can mean towards the overall goals of a business or company. This is important for the long term happiness of the employees. Everything you do should be viewed as a solid example for anyone who works for you, or with you.


Being a strong leader, being adaptable in your business plan, keeping track of your business expenses, and accepting criticism or advice can be the tips you need as a small business owner. These tips and tricks are useful for anyone on the path to success as a new, soon to be, or current business entrepreneur.

Why Businesses Prefer Custom Eco Friendly Boxes

The packaging is an industry that is growing rapidly, mainly because of technological advancements. This is why creative and innovative packaging solutions are a constant yield of the packaging industry. The modern packaging solutions are quite different from the old ones. In the early days of packaging, simple brown packaging boxes were the most common way of packaging. The cardboard packaging is in practice since the start of the nineteenth century. However, these modern-day cardboard packaging boxes are not anything like their predecessors.

Creativity and innovation are part of any business model for any industry. This is one main reason the packaging industry is continuously searching for more practical and innovative packaging solutions. What’s more, the packaging industry, in its early days, did not focus much on its environmental impact. Correspondingly, many environmentalists are pointing towards the environmental damages for which the packaging is responsible.

The usual packaging boxes are a result of cardboard use. The cardboard packaging boxes are eco-friendly boxes that help attach additional value to the products inside. The businesses use cardboard packaging for many of its practical uses. Multiple materials help produce reliable and sustainable packaging boxes of which cardboard is one key material. The use of cardboard in the packaging industry since its introduction in 1817 is constantly booming. This boom is mainly because of the benefits which the cardboard packaging provides to the businesses.

Why Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Since the beginning of industrialization, the production of the goods is increasing exponentially. For almost every product in the market, appropriate packaging solution is necessary. The packaging is not only to securely deliver the goods to the end consumers. Evidently, one major prospect of the packaging is the presentation and appearance it adds to the products.

Not every product is attractive in its appearance. Indeed, some products serve practical usage more than they please the eyes. This is where the packaging comes in to offer product appearances. The packaging boxes are to store the products and goods. These packaging boxes are in different attractive and eye-catching designs. This helps each and every product to link an appealing attribute to themselves through packaging.

Plastic packaging is one robust but not sustainable way of packaging. Because of which the environmentalists are pointing towards the damages the plastic is causing to the planet earth. These environmentalists are actively spreading awareness regarding the use of eco-friendly goods and products for every purpose. Consequently, this awareness in the general public is rising concerns over the use of nonrecyclable packaging solutions.

There are multiple materials that help produce eco friendly packaging boxes of all sorts. The most prominent of these materials are paper and cardboard. Both of these materials help manufacture the largest portion of overall global packaging consumption. However, industrialists often claim that the cardboard packaging does not always suffice the need of packaging completely.

This is especially true when it comes to the packaging of liquid goods and food products. The packaging industry constantly devotes research and development for the discovery of more eco friendly, reliable, and sustainable materials for packaging. One such discovery revolves around the bio-plastic.


For sustainable and eco friendly packaging solutions, the packaging industry is constantly struggling. This is why the discovery of new and more sustainable packaging boxes is a constant process in the industry. The bioplastics are a recent discovery that helps produce more sustainable plastic packaging than ever. The bio-plastics is a material with all the characteristics of the regular plastic with extra strength. One key difference in the regular plastics and bio-plastic is the sustainability and recyclability of the bio-plastics. The scientists use renewable bio-mass sources for the production of the bio-plastic. Likewise, the use of biomass adds the ability to degenerate in the resulting plastics.

According to the modern scientists behind the discovery, the bio-plastics will transform the modern packaging drastically. Purchasing eco friendly wholesale packaging is one right way of helping the planet in extending its lifespan. Earth is for us to live on. This is why it is our responsibility to keep it healthy and productive. Plastic wastes, mostly from packaging, are piling up and are becoming harder to handle by the day. The ecofriendly packaging makes it possible for organizations and companies to keep them from adding to the waste pollution.

Eco Friendly Packaging as a Competitive Advantage

With growing awareness in the general public concerning the environment, demand for sustainable packaging solutions is increasing. Those firms which use sustainable packaging are more likely to persuade the consumers for the purchase. Thankfully, the human perception of the environment is changing. This leads to the demand for sustainable packaging in the markets. Those organizations and firms which keep in line with the market demands are usually more likely to progress and excel.

Through directly tackling the consumer demands, any firm can ensure value creation for its products as well as itself. Evidently, eco friendly retail packaging is what can associate sustainable value to your business. In addition, eco-friendly boxes pose no threat to the atmosphere, environment, and earth. This is why the general consumer is demanding sustainable packaging solutions. The organizations which utilize the custom eco friendly boxes automatically develop value by meeting the consumer demands precisely.

Custom eco friendly boxes are means to attach value to your products and goods in the market. The markets are not anymore like old times. Nowadays, the average consumer is much more educated than what was the case decades ago. This is why keeping up with the demands of the

consumers is becoming not only challenging but also critical for firms. Every challenge comes with an opportunity for businesses.

This is why this challenge of providing eco friendly packaging solutions can be seen as an opportunity. The use of eco friendly packaging can help boost sales by sustainably creating market value for the products and businesses. Materials like bioplastics and cardboard are widely used for the production of sustainable and eco-friendly packaging boxes. Custom printed boxes, eco friendly or not, have multiple creative design options. These options can help you make your eco friendly boxes attractive.

9 Millionaire Success Habits That Will Inspire Your Life

By Leon Ho | Lifehack

As technology evolves and information becomes more accessible, it has also become more challenging to define success. A lot of people are trapped in the rat race while trying to discover the actual formula for success.

You could become overwhelmed with what tools, techniques or philosophies to imbibe while trying to get tips over the internet. At every click and turn, there are ‘how-tos and quick-fix’ on how to become successful overnight. You will find several courses, articles, videos and books on how to achieve financial success.

But what if I tell you it doesn’t have to be complicated as people made it out to be? What if you could achieve success by merely following these 9 millionaire success habits?

1. Read for Personal Development

A daily habit I have discovered millionaire share in common is reading. For instance, if you are an entrepreneur, you need to read to become an efficient leader and a productive business owner. Reading helps you to grow and learn without going to a business school.

A research conducted by Thomas Crowley indicates about 85% of self-made millionaires read at least two or more books each month. [1] Warren Buffett is one of these examples. He spends 80% of his day reading. In the early days of his investment career, he would read 600 to 1000 pages in a single day.

While millionaires sometimes read for pleasure, they also learn to improve themselves. They read topics on leadership, how-tos, self-help, biographies, lifehacks and also follow current events.

2. Establish Multiple Sources of Income

Another success habit I noticed about success is that they don’t depend on a single income source. Every millionaire possesses multiple sources of income. This helps them to manage economic challenges and also make more money.

They are passive income addicts. They earn interests from loans, rental income from real estate, royalties from intellectual properties, dividends from investments. They also launch a side business or run a website or sell information products.

How income is made either passively or actively is what separates the successful from the wannabes. They are always learning ways to build multiple streams of income.

3. Live on a Stipulated Monthly Budget

An average millionaire does not believe in luck and jackpot. They take the time to understand cashflow-income and expenses. Based on this, they establish a monthly budget and religiously stick to it.

The essence of the budget is to minimize unnecessary expenses. This will help you gain complete control of your financial life. Budgeting helps you to avoid overspending to achieve your financial goals. Here’re some tips to help you stuck to your budget: 32 Hacks for Sticking to Your Budget

4. Manage and Maximize Money

The most significant education for a millionaire is financial intelligence. Nobody attains financial freedom without gaining financial intelligence. This is the more reason millionaire regardless of their income update their knowledge about tax strategies.

They always seek to reduce their tax bills. One approach they employ is by living or incorporating their business in states with no income tax.

Do you know that about 60 companies paid $0 legally in the 2018 tax year? Some of these companies that ‘avoided'(note: not evaded) federal income tax include Chevron, Amazon, Halliburton, General Motors, Delta. The total income. Their total US income was totaled at $79 billion with an effective tax rate of -5%.

What’s the deal? They got a tax refund. How do they accomplish these?

An ITEP report indicated that they have the culture of throwing huge sums at tax experts who assist them in discovering creative, as well as convoluted means of paying little tax as much as possible. [2]

5. Avoid Debt

Another habit that separates the millionaires from the rest of the world is how they manage debt.

They don’t live an extravagant lifestyle and only buy what they need and can pay for. They do not book hotels and flights by using their credit cards to pay for them.

They are conscious of the interest rates even when they use credits cards or take loans. They use those facilities for their advantage or pay with cash because of its zero percent interest rate.

6. Set Daily Goals

It does not matter if they are setting business, career, or financial projections; they have the success habit of setting short term goals. They plan daily and weekly to generate momentum in achieving their long-term goals.

Ensure you prioritize when setting daily goals. This will help you to achieve the most important to-dos on your list.

Setting priorities will help you to focus on highly rewarding activities. If you desire financial freedom, it is wise to pursue activities that earn you thousands of dollars than hundreds of dollars.


Famoid- the Best Place to Buy Instagram Followers/Likes

Famoid today has become one of the best service providers that come with many practical services that are useful, inclusive of 24×7 of customer support that doubtlessly appeals to all. Check out the famoid official site for its services. Mostly the users that are accessing the famoid are the social influencers or the brand owners that are trying harder to stand out on various social networking sites. With famoid, individual can easily upsurge the following and effortlessly find the people that are going to show their complete concern in the content that you are having.

Many platforms are there to which this famoid helps in growing from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter and also YouTube. This platform divides the different services between this platforms and therefore one can only pay for what he is going to access the services.

If you are planning to use famoid for Instagram, you will get help with whatever thing you want. This is like from purchasing the Instagram followers to buying the likes and also video optimization. Also, it will help all its clients with the Instagram SEO and therefore you will get the content out there to the appropriate audience that you want.

No doubt with the Instagram service of famoid, you will be assured of getting greater numbers of followers, likes, comments, shares, and views. Instagram service is the best for those people that are showing interest in raising their brand to a greater extent and want to make use of Instagram a popular social networking app in form of a tool to get the name out their among very large numbers of users in an effective way. You can check this page that is the official site of famoid to know more that you would like to know when coming to accessing the services.

Know the benefits of buying Instagram followers and likes

When you buy Instagram likes and followers from famoid, you get the pass for creating fame and recognition for yourself. Once you complete the transactions, you will be given the desirable likes and followers and with these followers and likes more and more likes and followers are coming and coming. But your hard work here doesn’t get stopped, it even becomes harder. To keep those new followers fully engaged with you, you must become consistent when uploading and posting the photos on the page.

Though buying the followers and likes is easier but for you maintaining and growing the newly created user base is harder as getting the 1st 100 followers. Buying those comes with many benefits that will make it a lot easier for you to even get more and more likes and followers that are unstoppable. If you are interested in buying those, you can check this page of the famoid site to learn more about the followers and likes buying terms and conditions and packages offered. Now let us look at the benefits of buying those.

  • Fast popularity

You know that buying automatic Instagram likes and followers is greatly responsible for boosting up the popularity. And popularity is the factor that matters a lot on Instagram. Of course, with the popularity, there also comes the possibility that your updated post is again posted by another follower of yours that greatly have enjoyed it and liked it. And you may find your Instagram name into the description of one of the posts that are shared by the followers and it means that those following the guy will click the name and will be redirected to the Instagram page of yours. This is where the magic happens.

  • Greater Credibility

Sooner as an individual receives the Instagram page, the number of likes and followers will be making them follow you. When you purchase the followers and likes, the possibility is there is an individual who has found the page even accidentally, actually stays there and follows you. You get more credibility when you are having followers in more numbers and people tend to look at the figure before taking any decision regarding following you or not.

And this same rule applies when coming to the brand and businesses. Users will surely trust a business and a brand that is having followers and likes in more numbers. That is the reason when you create the business Instagram page, it becomes essential for you to move quite faster so that you don’t skip getting the follower. It is also true that the paid followers of yours mightn’t interact with the post or page as much as the natural followers, but surely help when coming to persuading people to follow you.

  • Time and efforts

Self-promotion is difficult and it may take lots and lots of time for you to reach the appropriate number of followers or have sufficient likes that will help you in gaining the followers. Getting the followers and likes doesn’t need time but it too needs many efforts. When you are self-promoting, every sole one of your posts should be able to exceed the likes of the older one. It means that every day, you will be saving the time in thinking new ways of engaging with the present followers and pull towards you the newer one.

But when buying the followers and likes, you will easily be able to say goodbye to the wasted efforts and time. Moreover, self-promotion is discomfited particularly when to post daily for continually one year and you might have approx 365 posts on every single day conveying a good message that you would like to deliver and that promote the profile or business and it will be quite harder to do the thing creative particularly when doing daily.

  • Boosts the image of the brand

The more you have more popular will indeed be the brand image will be. In the business case, your services and product may be on the top and if you are having fewer likes and followers, none will care about you and won’t say that certain item is best. If your brand is having thousands of followers, the new one will check in your store and may place the order. So buying those will boost the brand.


So you can now consider buying followers and likes from famoid. Check out the famoid offers and pick up the right one for you.

Top Benefits of Integrating Technology Into Business

Having a business is hard work, no matter what it is your company does. Managing, maintaining and growing any endeavor is a difficult task. It is no surprise that many want to integrate more technology to make that task easier.

There are several factors to consider since you will have a specific production or service, that will require a different kind of tech than others. It’s why companies should study their needs and then proceed to pick the right tools. Workers and departments should be as involved as possible in the process to guarantee the right technology is chosen. Fifth Geek is one such example where tech companies can get reliable stuff.

So if your company is considering a tech upgrade (and it really should), here’s a list of benefits for all involved:

Making the most of your resources

Getting your time and money’s worth out of the machinery used to build your products, while making sure your employees’ time is well spent, means more growth, better outcomes, and yes, happier workers.

The right tech tools can help you achieve a better balance while using your resources in the most effective way possible.

For example, any product-making business, whether it is just starting or looking to revamp itself, should consider using lean manufacturing tools. This is the kind of technology advancement that gives productivity a boost within your production line, by reducing waste and optimizing workflow, with intelligent tools that your team will appreciate greatly.

Including tech to manage production and time keeps things in check, it can point out mistakes you might be overlooking, and it is a more reliable way to stay on top of your manufacturing processes, overall.

Improving communication

This one goes for communication within the company and with consumers. A more technologically connected environment provides the internal teams with the tools to communicate problems, quickly and therefore reach solutions faster.

A business where every branch is up-to-date with the general goals and objectives is more likely to run smoothly, avoiding miscommunication which can be very costly.

Technology has made it so that any device you need to communicate is right inside your pocket. Even something small like implementing the use of an instant messaging app for your business can completely upgrade the way you communicate with employees and the world.

Staying ahead

Being one step ahead of the competition is as valuable as ever, especially in a world that moves incredibly fast, things are changing constantly and knowing what’s about to come can make or break a business.

Investing in tech advancement and integrations, helps companies stay ahead of the competition. Just by keeping tabs on new trends, they can come up with better strategies, even innovations to the product that can prove hugely successful.

Having the know-how to beat your competitors in the tech race can be a complete game-changer, it is why so many companies have tech or innovations department dedicated to this sole purpose. Remember keeping an eye on the future, could change your own.

The ability to choose

One of the best things about technology integration today is that you choose. It will happen at the pace and scale that you decide is best for your business, attending to your specific needs. So, why not start today?

‘Persuasion’ of Persuasive Marketing

What good is a brand unless customers don’t feel the urge to make buying decisions in favor of it? Customers need a pathway that directs them towards a brand and that pathway is best paved with the help of persuasive marketing.

It’s quite bizarre to see how little brands emphasize persuasive marketing because they assume that persuasive tactic focuses more on the number of products a brand sells, rather than creating brand loyalty – you know, the terrible ‘quantity over quality’ cliché. However, in reality, persuasive marketing is an underrated marketing tool that packs a punch – literally! It holds the power to convert customers and generate positive perceptions about your brand.

Did you know persuasive marketing is best for influencing the minds and actions of customers? Although it might feel as if this marketing approach is sort of cheating, let us tell you something. The agenda behind persuasion is rather a psychological one. Brands that focus on persuasive marketing target customers’ impulsive buying behavior and mix it with the promotional aspect of the marketing mix to get the desired results.

Speaking of desired results, Spectrum is a brand that always delivers what it promises. If you want to experience ease in your life, then consider using Spectrum internet bundles. The rates, speeds, and performance are so good that you will instantly turn into a Spectrum loyal!

How Does Persuasion in Marketing Work?

The idea of persuasion in marketing sounds like a daunting one, but the good news is, it isn’t. The rules that this marketing tactic abides by are straightforward. Since persuasive marketing is all that happens up here (points at brain), hence what’s better than understanding the science behind persuasion from someone who knows what goes on in our brains, right?

Thus, to understand persuasion in marketing, we’ll turn to Robert Cialdini. Cialdini is the world’s renowned psychologist, who wrote in his book ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion that there are six basic principles, which revolve around the science of persuasive marketing. Those six principles identify as:

  • Reciprocity
  • Social Proof
  • Authority
  • Liking
  • Commitment
  • Scarcity

Now let’s shed some light onto each of these principles:

1. Reciprocity

To build a broader customer base, you must give customers what they want. If you don’t meet your customers’ expectations, how can you expect them to fulfill yours? Customers are wired to the idea of ‘giving back’ to the brand that offers most discounts, offers, etc. Therefore, to persuade your customers into buying your brand, you must stick with the rule of reciprocity.

2. Social proof

The initial perception that customers have before using a brand is a very speculative one and it can change once there is proof that someone else from their social circle has tried that brand and approves of it. Brands can use this principle to convince customers by showing them proof of what others did in similar situations.

3. Authority

Buying something from a brand is akin to placing your trust in that brand. Authority of brands works somewhat similarly to the concept of credibility. For example, you’re at the supermarket looking for detergent and you see a newly launched brand placed on the front shelves, whereas, the old detergent brand that you’re familiar using is placed on the last aisle. Since you trust your old detergent brand more than the new one, you would walk all to the way to the last aisle and get that detergent. This is how authority works. The credibility of the old detergent brand is what drove you to it.

4. Liking

Another factor that persuades customers’ buying decisions is how much they like a brand. Customers are more comfortable buying goods from a brand that they like using and thus, they’re easily persuaded by it. But what exactly drives customers to develop a liking for a brand? The compliments. When brands portray themselves as entities, which ‘like customers’, then obviously, customers would like them back, too.

5. Commitment

Brands that focus on building communities with satisfied customers are the ones that do particularly great. With the help of communities, brands get a chance to gain insights into what customers’ needs are. These insights help brands in overcoming their weaknesses and allow them to gain the trust and loyalty of their customers.

6. Scarcity

With scarcity, brands create a sense of urgency in their customers – an urgency that is best defined as FOMO (fear of missing out). Brands that cleverly create a scenario of offering scarce products end up doing great business. There is this understood perception that customers tend to rush for products, which are ‘limited edition’ and because of FOMO they prefer investing in that product as soon as they can.

In a Nutshell

Persuasive marketing is the best approach to generate revenue, without reeling in your customers through faux hopes. Brands that go down the route of influencing the minds of their customers through persuasion get a chance to place themselves ahead of their competitors. So, in a nutshell, if you’re a brand that is striving to gain importance in front of your prospects, then consider opting for the persuasive approach. Not only would your customers start seeing you as a credible brand, but also your long-time wish of running a successful business would turn into a reality.