Real Eyes: The Importance of Empathy in a Time of Perceptual Entropy

The Popcorn Trick for the Best Microwave PopcornAuthor’s Note: Make some popcorn, this one’s a doozie… 🙂 

When I look at the world today, I do so with such mixed feelings in my heart. For while I feel in the pit of my being that an immense shift is occurring on the planet, and has shaken the proverbial tree of change, I see it manifested in humanity as confusion, chaos, misdirected anger and hate, and the deep-rooted shadows of all rising to the surface. A literal “purge” of everything we as a collective have shoved way down and tried to forget about.

I see hearts clinging to ideals and beliefs that have been fed through television screens and radio waves for so long. What is different today is that there is no more investigative journalism. Just a verbatim repetition of a script passed down from the top. And I see those who won’t question those beliefs, pitted against those who won’t stop asking questions about their authenticity. I have always found myself to be part of the latter group, and still consider myself to have an undying thirst for knowledge, understanding, and mutual connection with my fellow humans as a whole.

But alas, that is exactly what the bigger purpose of all this is. A catalyst…to get humanity asking questions about itself, so it can start counting on itself, to find its way back to self-empowerment and ultimately sovereignty and self-governance. But we need to do more than ask questions. We need to stop accepting it when we get no answers. Or as the “new norm” dictates, stop pretending that it doesn’t even exist.

Here’s a genuine newsflash. CNN has never, nor will they ever have, authority over or against our Legislative system nor to defy the Constitution. The fact they have the ability to create whatever narrative they wish by only showing certain angles of things, spinning facts into a whirlwind of misinformation and bias, and even going so far as to stage videos twisting the truth with their visual trick and deception of words.

They have purposely infiltrated peaceful gatherings, and never present the news as-is. This should be enough to open anyone’s eyes, but unfortunately, that is not the case. We bear witness to people blind by their own manufactured hate to the point it allows them to defy all logic, going so far as to claim for themselves titles such as “resistors”. The sad irony is that they are actually being used to usher in the exact thing they honestly believe they are fighting for.

Perhaps the most obvious over-reach is showing their control over what information is presented to the public or not. The last time I checked, their job was to INVESTIGATE and REPORT the TRUTH. Not to just do what you’re told and parrot the same scripted bullshit playing on every other mainstream media network in every other American city.

I used to have so much respect for journalists and the risks they often took to report on-site regarding issues that truly mattered to them. The Truth and presenting it to the public to form their OWN opinions is no longer a priority. But that was a different time. That was linear 1984. Today we are experiencing the spiritual version.

Yes, it appears to all be going to shit, because it IS! But, if you are reading this, then chances are excellent that you have the intellect and spiritual mindset to think outside the box long enough to be able to see even a glimpse of beauty in that. And for those of you who cannot, no it’s not some sadist point of view where there’s joy in destruction or pain; not at all. But rather, a simple appreciation of the entire process of long overdue, BIG change, and with that an inner knowing that with destruction always comes a rebirth.

In this third-dimensional world of ours, while appearing to be dualistic, everything is cyclical and returns to itself. All is energy and as we all know, energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed. And in this case; the Establishment as we knew it and the Mainstream Media will be the first to go into their transformation away from the slow steal of freedom and liberty by who I like to call “shadow fascists”. And we can toss some additional irony onto that shitpile of new reporting by acknowledging the fact that they used 3-d duality and division to fool so many they were supportive of collaboration and unity. How sad it’s been to watch this all play out, but it’s been equally as liberating…no pun intended.

We are so enamored by the perceived laws of man we are temporarily born into, that we often forget they do not surpass the laws we are indefinitely born under; The laws of the Universe and of Creation. We were not meant to be ruled over or told what to do as adults, were we? Or are we all just big children? Then why, I ask do we go for the jugular of our neighbors who pick a different master than us? Why instead are we not getting together with the neighbor to talk about how awesome life would be without even having a master to tell us what to think?

This ‘collective need’ to be told what to do ultimately takes the responsibility for our lives away from us and hands it over to another power. As if we were incapable, or not a divine creator being who actually came here for that sole purpose! We did NOT incarnate to be clueless robots. We came to be glitches in the Matrix!

The minute we believe that we are separate from Source or God, whatever term you use (or don’t use – in that case, whatever doctrine of law in which you run your life on the most personal level – or not), we are no longer able to see ourselves in others. And eventually…this is how hate is born. And when your goals and plans include deception, hate can be a powerful weapon used to obtain those goals.

To paraphrase Nelson Mandela, “We are not born with hate, it is taught.”

The lack of responsibility, transparency, and authenticity in our government has been slowly boiling to the surface for decades. Slow enough that the knowledge that we should be aware of not the puppets, but rather the puppetmasters, is not something readily available in most people.

Having empathy in times of change is vital for self-preservation. That might sound backward, but allowing ourselves to connect with others and put ourselves in their shoes keeps our hearts open, and with an open heart, we are able to live a life aligned with our personal goals and dreams. When we are in our heart space, and in the heart-mind, we are in our greatest creative space.  Because of this, our own perceptions are presumably the least bias they could be, because we are not so clouded by indoctrination, doubts, fear, insecurities, etc. In a sense, we reverse “perceptual entropy” that is caused by years and years of programming and conditioning by society.

If we lose sight of the fact that we are all in this together, we all end up losing! But you cannot fight FOR unity while spewing hate. When someone triggers anger in us, that is an excellent time to look at what is being shown to us about what needs to be healed within our own psyches. Yes, we all get offended here and there, but justified or not, nothing ever truly changes with the issues we have issues with until the mirror is turned onto ourselves. We are all individual expressions of the Universe and our inner worlds have always and will always manifest as the state of the outer world we see. To “fix” this current state of chaos, we need to turn our focus inward and once and for all, take off the blinders.

I am starting to sound like a broken record here, but knowing yourself is truly the greatest gift you can give to the world because when you take the time to know yourself, you can greatly become more grounded in your choices, you trust yourself more because you show up in life and come through for yourself (do what you say you will) and begin to feel more confident in your own skin. You begin to filter through your own opinions and those that were instilled into you via conditioning.

The more one spends looking inward, the more Truth they will see everywhere else. Call it obtaining your “real eyes” (Realize). Even during times where it seems like you cannot relate to anyone else’s point of view, or perceptions around you seem jaded, you still flow; unaffected. You start to notice that fewer things offend you because you are strong in your ideals and they don’t bend at the will of others passing words, glances, or pointing fingers. You go against the grain because you follow your heart, not the crowd. But never faltering to forever keep the crowd deep in your heart.

May God Bless America.

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UK Judge Refuses to Extradite WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange to the US

By | TheMindUnleashed.com

In a surprise ruling on Monday, British District Judge Vanessa Baraitser rejected the United States government’s request to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on espionage charges.

Baraitser did not object to the overall charges but ruled that conditions in US prisons would be too harsh and that Assange would likely kill himself if he were extradited.

Baraitser rejected defense arguments that the charges against Assange were politically motivated and a violation of free speech.

“I find that the mental condition of Mr. Assange is such that it would be oppressive to extradite him to the United States of America,” the judge said, according to the Associated Press.

She said that Assange was “a depressed and sometimes despairing man” who had the “intellect and determination” to take his own life.

The US government has promised to appeal the decision. At a bail hearing on Wednesday, Assange’s lawyers plan to ask for his release. Assange’s American lawyer, Barry Pollack, said the legal team was “enormously gratified” that he will not be extradited.

The US government has promised to appeal the decision. At a bail hearing on Wednesday, Assange’s lawyers plan to ask for his release. Assange’s American lawyer, Barry Pollack, said the legal team was “enormously gratified” that he will not be extradited.

“We hope that after consideration of the U.K. court’s ruling, the United States will decide not to pursue the case further,” he said.

In court, lawyers for Assange argued that he was acting as a journalist and is entitled to First Amendment protections of freedom of speech when he published evidence of US war crimes that were deemed to be classified

Despite ruling to reject the extradition, the Judge essentially agreed with the complaints of US prosecutors. Saying that Assange’s actions “amount to offenses in this jurisdiction that would not be protected by his right to freedom of speech.”

She also said she trusted that the US court system would give him a fair trial, while at the same time admitting that prison conditions in the US would be too harsh.

“I accept that oppression as a bar to extradition requires a high threshold. … However, I am satisfied that, in these harsh conditions, Mr. Assange’s mental health would deteriorate causing him to commit suicide with the ‘single-minded determination’ of his autism spectrum disorder,” the judge said in her ruling.

Professor Michael Kopelman, an emeritus professor of neuropsychiatry at King’s College London, said that Assange has been hearing voices and has confessed to a priest that he was making preparations to kill himself. These preparations included drafting his will and writing a goodbye letter to his family and friends.

“He reported auditory hallucinations, which were voices either inside or outside his head, somatic hallucinations, funny bodily experiences, these have now disappeared. He also has a long history of musical hallucinations, which is maybe a separate phenomenon, that got worse when he was in prison,” Kopelman said.

The voices that Assange is hearing are saying things like “you are dust, you are dead, we are coming to get you.”

Kopelman said that the most severe hallucinations have begun to diminish, but Assange is still severely depressed and at a high risk of suicide. He also added that if Assange were extradited the risk would increase further.

Blessing For Peace and the Fullness of Life

My blessing to you in this season of celebration. A season that sees humankind connected more than ever. We all over the Earth are having similar experiences. For some it is difficult, others choose to look another way and look beyond the trials and tribulations. None the less, we all are affected as our freedoms are limited. Yet, we are never limited in certain ways. No matter what the circumstance. The eternal, internal being we are, is always liberated. Our body may be limited, but nothing can limit our eternal Self.

                         Blessing to You

May you be amply supplied in sustenance and serenity.

May you feel abundant in mind, body and spirit.

May the assurance of Christmas be yours.

For you are complete, perfect, whole. The Spark of Infinity is within you.

Be at Peace.   JRP

Faith is our greatest asset, our mind the greatest tool. Using the two to focus on things worthy, good, pure and true are the avenues for clarity and peace in our life.

It is so cool to come around to an intellectual understanding, a conscious knowledge that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I had been close to rejecting that because of conflicting messages in my Christian experience. By trying to show the Way, the message was often manipulated to persuade certain moral behaviors. In the wake of this were broken lives and despair. Truth builds up, it does not destroy. The Way is love, self empowerment, clarity of purpose and usefulness within a community of people. I fully appreciate the Bible, but at the same time realize that it was compiled by men.

Thus the truth must be recognized from within, not just from the written word. It’s living, eternal value is understood by faith and translated into life via our consciousness. When we are open and receptive to the message, then the fullness of life it represents becomes expressive, touchable, visible, miraculous.

How is it expressive?

It is expressive by an overwhelming sense of love for all. The understanding that we are all connected and essentially one.

How is it touchable?

It is touchable because we can feel it. It is a deep feeling. A knowing.

How is it visible?

It is visible because we can see works of love and how they create positive, lasting change.

How is it miraculous?

It is miraculous because from nothing becomes something. From tired becomes energized. From unworthy becomes worthy. The indignant becomes peaceful. The ugly becomes beautiful. The dark becomes light. The sense of oneness is magnified and glorified.

God incarnate is within each of us patiently waiting to be valued and communed with. We are not separate from the Source of our being.

 As Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life….I too can say, I am the way, the truth and the life. It is the truth that God lives within me and that God is in all of us. God is the vine, the river, the energy, the flow, the unity…the completeness. God is no gender, but Source. To some Source appears as male, to others as female, but there is no gender attached.

Truth, knowledge and understanding come from within each of us.

“There is a divine mystery….living within you is the Christ…to awaken hearts and bring every person into the full understanding of truth.”   From Colossians 1:26-29, The Passion Translation

My friends, advance your consciousness (awareness) and relieve your suffering.

Laugh everyday.

Be at peace and live peacefully, amply supplied. Much love to you ❤ , Julia

Julia Parsell is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with an emphasis on the intersection of science and the sacred.  She writes from experiences and transformative understandings that have led her to an authentic and peaceful life. She goes by these names:  wife, daughter, grandmother, mother, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend. As home educator of her three children, she also developed/ran cafes, and maintained various leadership roles within her community.  Her greatest desire is to encourage others to live life fully.  Her passions are family, art creation, writing, and trail blazing. She is happily married in Western North Carolina.   


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True Freedom: None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds

In a reality where the “free” world has been slowly dismantled and taken over by tyranny, it seemed appropriate to write about none other than “freedom”. Now, freedom is a concept that can mean many different things to many different people. One might consider freedom only in the context of nations, war, government, and politics. Others might narrow it down a bit further to a personal level and say that freedom is in fact a state of mind and that true freedom involves taking full responsibility for the choices you make in your life.

Where does freedom come from? Is it given to us by our President and government officials? Do more freedoms “get assigned” to certain people over others based merely on the chance of where one incarnates onto the planet and/or what class our family happens to find itself in? (With the richest getting afforded the most freedoms, of course).

Or is freedom something we’re irremovably born with and because we are part of Source Creation, we can never be denied this truth? That as an infinite part of the All, we are thus rightly gifted with the freedom to be our authentic, co-Creator selves, living in full awareness of who and what we are, clear in our purpose, path, and power?

Well, I believe both to be simultaneously true. How so? Because I believe that in this world of duality that we live in, there are illusory freedoms and organic freedoms. The illusory freedoms are the ones we are taught to believe are real via our parents, schools, churches, society, the media, Hollywood, and cultures under various types of governments. These are the status quo cogs that keep the wheels of the Matrix system of permits and licenses running.

On a more personal level, each and every thought we have is either a submission of consent to a current belief system, an outside opinion or influence, or is affected by new information/other thoughts and is therefore changed. So, if you think about it, each and every thought you have can be a radical act of rebellion! This makes me think of Orwell’s 1984: “thought criminal”. And this is also how “freedom” on the purest level, truly is an inside job; because no one can ever take away your soul’s essence; your inner fire and spark that makes you, YOU.

You, (regardless of what is occurring “out there” on the outside, in your surroundings) retain your power to choose one thought over another. Will your next thought imprison you further into a negative belief system or free you into a new possibility? The energy surrounding this obvious transformation of society is literally forcing us a species to acknowledge our individual power and to finally realize that the only thing that separates us is our own beliefs of separation.

That inner space where when you part the waves of thought creation and all is still, the place where connection to Source and zero-point occur…that is where you are most free; because in that space there is no time. There is only the infinite expanse. It is here we can for limitless moments; remember what it is to be free of physical form and the weighted heaviness of the third dimension. It is here we are light, in weight and Source frequency, and therefore are unattached from any false “rules” applied to us by other humans, entities, astral beings, etc. It is here where healing can occur, contracts can be removed, blocks can be overcome and shadows can be integrated.

I like to think that those who drafted our independence from Great Britain back in 1776 were a bunch of rebellious badasses who had definitely flipped the bird to King George III as they first set sail for America…maybe even a port-side mooning or two. But regardless, they were definitely one thing that cannot be denied; owners of their own freedom. They took matters into their own hands when their “illusory” freedoms were not up to their satisfaction and definitely did something about it.

America since then has quite a long, sometimes depressing, sometimes hopeful, sometimes embarrassing tale to tell, yet one thing remains unchanged…the fact this country never stops changing. Now, we’ll leave it up for debate which direction it’s heading on the good/bad duality scale and save that for another article, yet you have to admit that we’re definitely one country that must just look like one whirlwind tornado storm all its own from space. And once the dust settles the illusory divide between American citizens will no longer be ignored and there will be a choice for every person to make…do you want to continue to be fed your reality via TV programming (there’s a reason they call it that) and literally surrender the reigns of your emotions over to some talking head? Or do you want to perhaps question things that make no sense, don’t seem right or fair, and fight against tyranny to preserve Liberty and Justice For All?

On that note…let that be a reminder that in all the fast-moving, ever-changing chaos of our everyday lives, to slow down and remember to consciously free our own minds daily. No one else will or can do it for you. By that, I mean, take even one conscious moment to just hear yourself breathe a single breath in and out preferably without an oxygen-depriving mask on your face!

This connects you with yourself, with your body and all of your cells and brings you into this very moment providing a centering and rebalancing effect. You are now FREE to be an awesome, conscious, aware, and open co-Creator.

This is the End of the Beginning…

Let’s party like it’s 1776!


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tamaraTamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer, and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. 

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MUST WATCH: International Message for Freedom and Hope | Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


Source: Children’s Health Defense

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. gives one of the most important speeches ever given regarding humanity’s right and fight for freedom, including a plan.

Full transcript below, which you can also download HERE:

Hey everybody, it’s Robert F Kennedy Jr. here. And I cannot tell you how happy I am to be able to have this opportunity to talk to thousands of citizens in 15 countries on all the continents in the world, who have come together today to protest this coup d’etat by Big Data, by big Telecom, by big Tech, by the big oil and chemical companies, and by this global Public Health cartel led by Bill Gates and the W.H.O. that now amounts to two trillion dollars. And wants to magnify and amplify its wealth and its power over our lives, over our liberties, that wants to subvert our democracies, that want to destroy our sovereignty and our control over our lives and our children’s health.

And I want to remind you, those of you who are not Americans, of something that every American child learns when we’re growing up in this country about our history. During the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt, who was one of the greatest presidents in American history, said to the American people the only thing that we have to fear is fear itself.

And we grow up hearing that, but people don’t really understand what it means. But it was a very, very profound warning by Roosevelt because he saw what the Great Depression was doing in Eastern Europe, in Italy, in Germany, and Spain where that crisis was turning people towards Fascism. And the Eastern countries where the same crisis was turning citizens and governments towards communism, and also causing the collapse of governments all over the world.

And in our country, in the United States, it’s hard for people to remember today, then that almost a third of the people in our country were completely disillusioned with capitalism and wanted to turn to Communism. And another third wanted to turn to Fascism. And Franklin Roosevelt wanted to preserve our country for democracy, for free market capitalism, for civil rights and to preserve our Constitution. And he recognized that the weapon of authoritarian control was going to be fear.

And when I spoke a few weeks ago in Berlin, I reminded the people of Germany of a very famous story that happened during the Nuremberg trials after World War II when Hitler’s closest Lieutenant, the head of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Goering was asked by one of the prosecutors: How did you get the German people (the German people were the most educated people in the world, they were some of the most tolerant people in the world, the Weimar Republic was one of the strongest democracies in the world) – how did you take these people who were so well educated and so awakened and so tolerant and turn them into obedient slaves who committed some of the worst atrocities in human history.

And Goering said, oh that’s a simple thing. And any of you can look up his quote and I urge you to do so. And he said it works not just for a fascist government, but it works in a democracy in a monarchy in a communist government, and any government that you want: the job of the government is to put the people in fear and if you can keep them in fear, you can get them to do anything that you want them to do – that they will turn into sheep.

And there’s a famous book by Naomi Klein that all of us should read called “Disaster Capitalism.” And that book shows – it’s a historical chronology of all of the times during American history, and in the history of the world, during the Great Depression, and during the financial collapse in 2008, during the financial collapse in Chile for example in 1973, during the time of the World Trade Center bombing – that authoritarian elements in a society, and large corporations, and wealthy plutocrats and oligarchs, wealthy families and individuals, use crises to shift wealth upward, to obliterate the middle classes of those countries, and to clamp down totalitarian controls.

And of course, it’s an obvious thing that people who are used to voting for their governments are not going to vote for policies that make the rich people richer, that give corporations even more power over their lives, that reduce democracy and reduce civil rights. These are not good vessels for populism.

In order to transform the government so that it will reward the rich with even more wealth, the people who want to do that are large corporations who want to orchestrate that kind of change – have to get rid of civil rights. And the first civil right they begin with is freedom of speech. They need to clamp down censorship because censorship is the most important right. In our country, we put it number one, the First Amendment of the Constitution, because all the other rights depend on it.

If a government can hide what it’s doing, it can get away with anything it wants. If a corporation can a lie to you and conceal information, if there’s no transparency in a democracy, you do not have a democracy. So if you want to get rid of all the other rights like freedom of assembly, which you are exercising today, some of you are exercising at great threats. Some of you will suffer. Some of you will be jailed. Some of you will suffer injuries.

But that is a basic right: the right to freedom of expression, the right to jury trial, the right to freedom of religion, the right to privacy, the right to have governments that don’t spy on you and keep your information. All of those other rights can only be subverted if they begin imposing censorship, by being able to silence people who want to speak.

The coup d’etat that we are all fighting today is a coup d’etat that starts with a conspiracy between the government agencies and the big technology companies, the Silicon Valley billionaires – people like Zuckerberg and Bill Gates – and the people who run Google and Facebook and Pinterest and all of these other Silicon Valley corporations who are now in this conspiracy to make sure that we cannot talk about our grievances.

We cannot say bad things about pharmaceutical products. We cannot question government policies that make no sense to us. And I’m going to say a few things about some of those government policies.

Number one. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I follow the facts. I don’t know that the COViD illness was laboratory generated in Wuhan. There is plenty of evidence that it was, but not enough evidence for me to say that it’s a fact. My question is why don’t we know the answer to that? Why is Tony Fauci not being asked that question? Why is President Trump not launching an investigation? Or president Xi Jinping or the presidents of any of these countries? Saying, “Where did this come from?” Because we need to know that, the Global Citizens.

This is the worst calamity in history. And nobody seems curious about where this actually comes from. We know it didn’t come from a bat in the wet Market iin Wuhan. That story was a fable that has no basis in fact. And we have Nobel laureates, and we have large institutions, and investigative agencies, and prosecutorial agencies are saying, “We think it came from the Wuhan lab. And we think that it may have come from studies that were funded by Bill Gates and Tony Fauci.”
I don’t know if this is true. But why are our government officials not asking that as the number one question? Why instead of sending the police to suppress dissent are they not sending the police to question people who may know the answer to that question?

There are many other questions that I’d like to know the answer. Questions about masks. I’m very willing to accept if the masks work. And I want to wear them if they’re going to protect other people from transmissibility, then I want to wear them.
But the studies that I’ve seen indicate that they do not work against viral transmission for the most part. There are some that say they may work under limited circumstances. What I don’t want to be told is: they work, and you’re going to wear them, and you better not ask questions about it.

Most Americans and most of the people on this planet – we want leadership, but we don’t want bullying. And we know the difference between bullying and leadership.

We want to know the truth about hydroxychloroquine. We want to know why are we spending $18 billion dollars on vaccines and $1.4 billion on therapeutic drugs. What is the sense of that?

There are many many other questions that we in a democracy have a right to have answered without being called conspiracy theorists, without being vilified as being “inconsiderate” or being “bad citizens.” Everybody who’s part of these demonstrations are people who are striving with their lives to become good citizens.

Now, let me tell you what we need to do to win this battle. The only way we can win it is with democracy. We need to fight the get our democracy back, to reclaim our democracy from these villains who are stealing it from us.
And you notice the people who are getting richest from this quarantine are the same people who are censoring criticism of the quarantine. Who’s becoming the richest? Jeffrey Bezos. $83 billion dollars he’s made. He owns Amazon, and he is censoring books that criticize the quarantine.

Zuckerberg, who owns Facebook, who’s made tens of billions of dollars by this quarantine and he is censoring information that is critical of the quarantine. He censors my Instagram. He censors my Facebook. My Twitter page is also censored. And all of these people are the people who are making billions of dollars on the quarantine.
And what I want to know is a simple question: Is the quarantine actually effective?

You know, we’ve had plenty of pandemics in the past.n 1969, we had a Hong Kong Flu pandemic that killed a hundred thousand people in the United States. It’s the equivalent of two hundred thousand people today. That’s the same number of people who have been killed by coronavirus. Did we go into lockdown? No!

Did we wear masks? No!. We went to Woodstock. We went to the Democratic Convention in Chicago and had huge crowds of people. Nobody was told to lock down, and don’t see your girlfriend, and wear a mask. And don’t go out of your house and shut down your business and bankrupt every business in the country.

Last year there were 1.6 million people in the world who died from tuberculosis. We have 1.6 million people die every year from tuberculosis. We’re not wearing masks. We’re not on lockdown. What’s the difference between tuberculosis and coronavirus? Tuberculosis has a vaccine and the vaccine cost about $3.

And that’s why we’re not on lockdown, because nobody is making $39 a vaccine or $300 a vaccine the way that Moderna and AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson are making from this catastrophe. And that is the only reason that I can think of. And I’m happy if somebody tells me there’s another reason, but let’s hear it. Don’t just shut me up. Don’t just tell me that I can’t debate.
Here’s what we need to do we need to do exactly what you’re doing today. We need to come out on the street and we need to stick together. What the Big Tech villains and scoundrels and Mark Zuckerberg and Jeffrey Bezos and Bill Gates and Tony Fauci want you to do is they want us fighting with each other. They want blacks fighting against whites. They want Republicans fighting against Democrats. They want everybody polarized.

They want to everybody fragmented because they know that if we all get together, we’re going to start asking questions. And those are questions that they can’t answer. Why are you getting rich and why are we all getting poor? And what’s the difference between tuberculosis and coronavirus. And why are we not wearing masks with tuberculosis, but we are for the coronavirus. And where did it all come from?

And all of those questions that we deserve an answer to and we’re not getting answers. We need to stick together. If you’re a Republican or Democrat, stop talking about that. Stop identifying yourself. The enemy is Big Tech, Big Data, Big Oil, Big Pharma, the medical cartel, the government totalitarian elements that are trying to oppress us, that are trying to rob us of our liberties, of our democracy, of our freedom of thought, of our freedom of expression, of our freedom of assembly, and all of the freedoms that give dignity to humanity.

And the last thing that all of us need to do is we need to stay educated and informed. One of the things that I want to announce to you today is that Children’s Health Defense, my organization, with the help of many of you who are in these crowds is launching a journal, a Daily Journal, and we are going to weaponize information for you. We’re going to tell you what the newest science is. We’re going to take all the information that is censored everywhere else, and we’re going to reprint it in our publication. And you can get that every day.

So if you see something that is censored, we want to hear about it because we want to put it up. We are going to be the enemies of censorship. We are going to be the refuge. And we’re going to allow debate. We’re gonna make sure it’s civil debate. We’re going to encourage people to be nonpartisan. We’re going to allow people to comment and have different opinions than us. We are not scared of debate the way pharmaceutical companies and Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeffrey Bezos, and Tony Fauci are terrified of debate.

We welcome debate. We want to hear if you’ve got a different opinion than me. I want to hear about it. And I want to see your science. And I want the public to hear us talking about it and debating about it, because the free flow of information, the cauldron of debate is the only thing that allows governments to develop rational policies in which self-governance will actually work and triumph.

You are on the front line of most important battle in history. And it is the battle to save democracy and freedom and human liberty and human dignity from this totalitarian cartel that is trying to rob us simultaneously, in every nation in the world, of the rights that every human being is born with.

Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your commitment. And thank you for your brotherhood. And I can pledge to you that I will go down dying with my boots on fighting side by side with all of you to make sure that we return these rights and preserve them for our children. And I will see all of you on the barricades. Thank you.

New Study Finds That Undocumented Immigrants May Actually Make American Communities Safer, Not More Dangerous

By , | The Conversation

The Research Brief is a short take about interesting academic work.

The big idea

Undocumented immigration does not increase the violent crime rate in U.S. metropolitan areas. In fact, it may reduce property crime rates. These are the key findings from our recently published article in the Journal of Crime and Justice, co-authored by Yulin Yang, James Bachmeier, and Mike Maciag.

Research shows that the American communities where immigrants make their homes are more often improved by their presence than harmed by it. Immigrants bring social, cultural, and economic activity to the places they live in. That makes these places more vital and safer, not more dangerous.

Why it matters

People from all social groups and backgrounds commit crimes. But undocumented immigrants, and immigrants more generally, are often baselessly blamed for increasing crime rates – including, repeatedly, by President Donald Trump. In the second and final presidential debate, Trump again claimed undocumented immigrants are rapists and murderers.

This notion has existed and been studied since the early 20th century, including in a 2005 analysis we conducted with a number of colleagues that concluded immigration did not increase crime rates in U.S. metropolitan areas.

But this research is often dismissed because most empirical studies cannot separate undocumented immigrants from the total immigrant population. That level of analysis is necessary to draw conclusions about the relationship between undocumented immigration and crime.

For example, we found in a 2017 study with colleagues that from 1970 to 2010 metropolitan areas with greater concentrations of immigrants, legal and undocumented combined, have less property crime than areas with fewer immigrants, on average. Critics suggested that our findings would not hold if we looked at only the subset of undocumented individuals.

So we decided to find out if they were right. Our new study is the result of that effort, and it confirms our original findings: Undocumented immigration, on average, has no effect on violent crime across U.S. metropolitan areas.

In statistical models that did identify a significant relationship between undocumented immigration and crime, we found undocumented immigration reduces property crimes, such as burglary.

How we do our work

Using two different estimates of the undocumented immigrant populations for 154 metropolitan areas in our most recent study – one from the Pew Research Center and one from the Migration Population Institute – we examined the effect of undocumented immigration on homicide, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, and larceny crime rates.

Crime rate data came from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report program. Other data were from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Using a statistical method called regression analysis to examine the data, we found that as the size of the undocumented population increases, the property crime rate decreases, on average. And the size of the undocumented population in a metropolitan area tends to have no impact on the violent crime rate.

These findings build on the conclusions of a large 2018 study in which researchers Graham Ousey and Charis Kubrin examined 51 studies on immigration and crime published from 1994 to 2014.

What still isn’t known

Our analyses looked at broad metropolitan patterns, not the relationship of undocumented immigration and crime rates in distinct, specific places such as New York City and Los Angeles. Nor does our study address the reasons that immigration reduces crime, although there is plenty of other scholarship on that issue.

Holocaust Survivor: Don’t Let Authorities Use Fear to Turn You Into a ‘Robot’


By Children’s Health Defense Team

Holocaust survivor and activist Vera Sharav has some strong words for adults who value their health and individual freedom: Start “rebelling against things that are wrong,” and stand up against attacks on medical and individual freedom, launched by corporations and governments, under the guise of keeping us “safe” from COVID-19.

“It’s a very dangerous thing to do to just follow,” Sharav said in an interview with Stand for Health Freedom.
[Watch Part 1 of the interview with Sharav above and sign up here for Part 2, so you’ll know when it is released]

The founder of Alliance for Human Research Protection shared the harrowing story of how, as a 6-year-old, her refusal to follow orders literally saved her life. She suggests that what today we call “oppositional defiant disorder” is not really a “disorder” at all, but instead a life-saving strategy.


TODAY is the International Day of Peace

Video Source: RootedInPeace

The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution 36/37, the General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to “commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.” For the text of the U.N. Resolution, CLICK HERE.

Video Source: United Nations

Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.

Exposing War Crimes Should Always Be Legal Committing and Hiding Them Should Not

By Caitlin Johnstone | RT.com

Amid Julian Assange’s ongoing legal battle, we are losing sight of the bigger picture: this is a trial that should never have happened in the first place. The fact it is happening highlights deep-rooted flaws in our society.

The Kafkaesque extradition trial of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange continues, with each frustrating day making it clearer than the day before that what we are watching is nothing other than a staged performance by the US and UK governments to explain why it’s okay for powerful governments to jail journalists who expose inconvenient truths about them.

The Assange defense team is performing admirably, making the arguments they need to make to try and prevent extradition that will set a precedent that will imperil press freedoms, creating a chilling effect on all adversarial national security investigative journalism around the world. These arguments appear to fall on deaf ears before Judge Vanessa Baraitser, who has from the beginning been acting like someone who has already made up her mind, and who has been reading from pre-written judgments at the trial regardless of the points presented to her (an unusual behavior made all the more suspicious by her supervision under Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot, who has a massive conflict of interest in this case).

And while it is essential to fight this fight with every intention of winning, I’d also like to issue a friendly reminder that this entire trial is illegitimate at its very foundation.

Amid all the pedantic squabbling over when it is and is not legal under US law for a journalist to expose evidence of US war crimes, we must never lose sight of the fact that (A) it should always be legal to expose war crimes, (B) it should always be illegal for governments to hide evidence of their war crimes, (C) war crimes should always be punished, (D) people who start criminal wars should always be punished, (E) governments should not be permitted to have a level of secrecy that allows them to start criminal wars, and (F) power and secrecy should always have an inverse relationship to one another.

The Assange case needs to be fought tooth and claw, but we must keep in mind that it is so very, very many clicks back from where we need to be as a civilization. In an ideal situation, governments should be too afraid of the public to keep secrets from them; instead, here we are begging the most powerful government in the world to please not imprison a journalist because he arguably did not break the rules that that government made for itself.

Do you see how far that point is from where we need to be?

It’s important to remember this. It’s important to remember that the amount of evil deeds power structures will commit is directly proportional to the amount of information they are permitted to hide from the public. We will not have a healthy world until power and secrecy have an inverse relationship to each other: privacy for rank-and-file individuals, and transparency for governments and their officials.

“But what about military secrets?” one might object. Yes, what about military secrets? What about the fact that virtually all military violence perpetrated by the world’s largest power structures is initiated based on lies? What about the utterly indisputable fact that the more secrecy we allow the war machine, the more wars it deceives the public into allowing it to initiate?

In a healthy world, the most powerful government on Earth wouldn’t be trying to squint at its own laws in such a way that permits the prosecution of a journalist for telling the truth.

In a healthy world, the most powerful government on Earth wouldn’t prosecute anyone for telling the truth at all.

In a healthy world, governments would prosecute their own war crimes, instead of those who expose them.

In a healthy world, governments wouldn’t commit war crimes at all.

In a healthy world, governments wouldn’t start wars at all.

In a healthy world, governments would see truth as something to be desired and actively sought, not something to be repressed and punished.

In a healthy world, governments wouldn’t keep secrets from the public, and wouldn’t have any cause to want to.

In a healthy world, if governments existed at all, they would exist solely as tools for the people to serve themselves, with full transparency and accountability to those people.

We are obviously a very, very far cry from the kind of healthy world we would all like to one day find ourselves in. But we should always keep in mind what a healthy world will look like, and hold it as our true north for the direction that we are pushing in.

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Speaks at Berlin Rally for Freedom and Peace

By Children’s Health Defense Team 

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke to hundreds of thousands in the streets of Berlin, Germany, August 29, 2020. With Großer Stern Square and the Siegesäule Monument as a backdrop, Mr. Kennedy talked about government control by fear and spoke out against totalitarianism. He said the government and those with the greatest wealth and control have done a terrible job on public health and will shift us all to 5G and a cashless society. He said that 5G is being pushed on us as a good thing but it will be used for surveillance and data harvesting. Mr. Kennedy added that the COVID 19 pandemic is a crisis of convenience that is destroying the middle class, impoverishing us all, and it is making the powerful elite even more powerful. He closed with the message that we must protect our fellow man, our vulnerable children, and our freedoms and democracy!

Senta Depuydt, Officer of the New CHD-Europe Chapter, Berlin Rally Speech  

Dear friends who came from all over Europe.  Today we are here to give the world a powerful message.

Humanity can not and will no longer be ruled by a model based on threat and control.

Right here, right now, we can all refuse this. Right here, right now, we can change the ‘narrative’. We can create ‘OUR new normal’.

We keep hearing the words ‘Solidarity’, compassion, and equal rights in the mouths of politicians who try to separate and divide us. People who order fines, isolation, experiment on our health, and restrict all our freedoms. Those people are not philanthropists.  They ask us to believe in a new religion called ‘the scientific consensus’, a fabricated dogma used by a corrupt cast called ‘experts’ who serve no other than their own interest.

Tracking and tracing are the tools of this inquisition.  We know where this ultimately leads us to Isolation, punishment, and slavery.

We can choose to see things as they are, with the dangers and the opportunities they bear.

I believe history has given the German people this capacity and this responsibility.

So, I have some very good news to share, because today I am surrounded by brave people.

I am standing next to a man who is literally catching snakes with his bare hands. (Yes, watch it on Instagram).  Rattlesnakes hiding in the bushes of the Californian valleys, and also more poisonous species who produce toxic drugs and pesticides and experiment them on humans and on nature.

This man acts with courage, passion, service, and faith. That is true leadership, the capacity to inspire others by one’s actions.  That is what the Kennedy’s have done, that is their legacy.

And today, today this man meets other men and women with the same values. All of you here who have come to show your true courage, your true solidarity, your true humanity. All of you who individually and collectively are peacefully manifesting your sovereignty.

I will call you all Berliners.

And as a European, as a mother, as an individual asking for the respect of my human rights I say that I am proud to  ‘a Berliner’.

Children’s Health Defense Europe wants to become a Berliner alliance.

Thank you so much for joining us.

Grazie a tutti per la vostra presenza.

Hartelijk dank voor jullie aanwezigheid

Merci a tous de votre présence.

Gracias por su presencia.

Vielen Danke fur Ihren Anwesenheit

Pictures from Berlin

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Oracle Girl: Be Prepared for Colossal Upheaval During the Next 18-24 Months, Paving the Way for a Very Positive Future

Source: Susana Kennedy

At the tail end of the incredibly transformative “Purify South Africa” event that was held earlier this week with host Susana Kennedy and Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs (aka Oracle Girl), the following discussion took place:

1:19:50 Susana Kennedy: You mentioned two years [before the world enters a very positive new era]. Is that globally? Is that South Africa? This shift into a new reality. What is the time period and what does that look like?
1:20:02 Dr Jacqueline Hobbs: When I give a timeline, it’s according to where we are today. Where we are today, we have two years ahead of immense upheaval. I shant lie to you. And, that positive future does involve everyone on the negative timeline either waking up and choosing differently or leaving. And if they leave, I mean dying. OK? I said I wasn’t one to mince my words. But, that is part of the positive future. What no longer fits, must leave. Every single being is being given the choice whether they are going to act in line with their purity or they’re not. That’s the choice facing all of us. OK? Now, if the more negative timeline starts to take a grip, we will still have a positive future. The positive future is guaranteed. But, it will be longer in the making and the materializing. And we could see upheaval going through this whole decade, and certainly the next five years. If we have a shorter timeline, and lots of people wake up quickly because every single person starts to act in line with their purity, then we could have less than two years. I mean, you hear millions of people saying oh well, it could change tomorrow if people wanted to. That is actually true. And that would involve everybody standing up at the same time, which as we can see in the moment really isn’t happening. That’s why it’s not going to change tomorrow, even though it could. There’s always the potential there. But at the moment today, it is roughly within two years and particularly within the 18 month period ahead. We will see a colossal outing of things you would simply not believe – well beyond even some of the stuff that’s in conspiracy theories. They are just tame by comparison to what’s going to come. And, that’s all going to come up. And, that’s not bad. And, that’s not a sign of a negative future. It’s a sign of a positive future breaking through and exposing it all.
“Purify South Africa: Overturning Darkness” is a dedicated purification for the land and peoples of South Africa, examining the historical roots of violence and racial dispute on this planet and how to overcome them. And, there is much more (you should watch the entire event). Here are some of the highlights (recommendations by Jacqueline/Oracle Girl):
  • Practice non-compliance with anything that brings harm
  • Perform non-violent actions that dissolve the negative shadows. Actions can NOT yield positive results if violence, nationality, or racial hatred are the dominating factors
  • Truth Force is a great force of the most powerful resistance that has ever existed. You must want the highest good for ALL beings, not just yourself. Truth Force is more powerful than weapons. You become the instrument of change in this world.
  • You are protected by the pure love that you have inside you, and that pure love force transmutes and changes what is around us.
  • Positive things we can learn from the Anti-Apartheid Movement
    • There was a demand for change: We do not want this anymore
    • Use economics to no longer support what isn’t working
    • Shared values that peace and truth is more important than safety.
  • We are moving into a time in which governments will cease to exist
  • This positive timeline that we are on will dissolve the power of governments. We will transmute into a new system of governing. This will happen in the next 20 years.
  • We are going to stop giving away our power to forces outside of ourselves.
  • Purification intro followed by purification (at 55:00)
Editor Note: If you’ve never been a “prepper,” now is the time you might want to think about becoming one. 

Cultural Conditioning: What Lies Beneath “The Greater Good”

Voltaire quote on intelligence and non conforming to cultural ...When we ask ourselves if we are honest people, most of us would like to think that we are and answer (kinda) wholeheartedly “yes”. And the reason for that would most likely be because we consider honesty a virtue and for that, we’d be right. But I really wanted to write on this topic for a while, because I think that many times honesty gets under-rated, over-rated and frankly just downright misunderstood. Especially in this day and age when speaking the truth over the preferred narrative is often met with harsh disregard.

If you’re anything like me, you would take a cold, hard slap of the truth any day of the week over a warm, soft lie. And by that I mean, you aren’t the type of person that can’t handle the emotional maturity it takes to deal with the “heavy shit” life can throw at you sometimes. And this isn’t to judge anyone because trust me, there have been plenty of times when I was the one who thought they couldn’t handle shit and literally thought the Universe had a vendetta against me. Somehow, we all get through.

But what I’m getting at here is, I personally cherish the respect it shows a person has for you when they can trust you enough with dealing with reality as it is. They aren’t taking it upon themselves to give you an altered, watered-down version of it just to protect your feelings. Now, if you outwardly are the type that would rather be on a “need know” basis, then that’s different.

Most people, however I believe would rather be informed and treated as if they have the conscious awareness and mental capacity to make sound choices with the truth of the situation at hand. And yes, I am definitely one of those people.

So, that is one type of way we might “justify the lie”; in that we act to protect those we love from knowing the truth of a possible horrible situation. Again, this does not refer to meaningless details that would just act to hurt, scar, etc for no positive and/or beneficial reason at all and especially not if it only serves a purpose to cause pain. I speak solely of information that deters anyone from making a fully educated choice about the current situation or relationship they are in at the time. Any truth that if brought to light might cause the person in the dark to change the status per se.

Another example is when we lie to ourselves. We may have made promises to a loved one or to ourselves that we’d improve on some behavior that’s been affecting our lives in a negative way, but perhaps deep down there’s that voice you know so well already signing the papers of failure? How do we turn the dial so instead of listening to that degrading station, we tune into something a bit more encouraging? Something that perhaps motivates us into our own truth, rather than staying stuck in the lies of our past conditioning.

This is always the choice isn’t is? How many layers of the onion are we willing to peel away? Each one gets scarier and scarier and more real. Things get harder to hide and our true selves become clearer as we allow our unraveling to bring flood after flood of tears as we kick and scream not to grow; not to be…honest. We may have sadly convinced ourselves that the lie itself is “for the greater good.”

But eventually, later on, down the path life calls to you and all you hear is your Truth. You can tune everything else out. And you realize that the lie you kept telling over and over was only a fight to avoid one thing and one thing only. And that is the giving TO yourself the LOVE you did not receive & continue to seek in others. When you do this, your eyes will sort of glaze over with a new filter. You literally are blessed with new eyes…three of them, in fact..and those that SEE will understand that. 🙂 Those that quite do not, please look up the “Pineal Gland” as I’ve come to find that going inward (meditation) with the resonance of Self-Love (Acceptance, Peace, I AM…) is a very effective way to assist in cracking wide open this third eye of yours.

We also lie to just to keep things interesting, don’t we? We all know the rush of beginnings and how awesome “new” things are because they (over) stimulate the senses with that new car smell and we sort of getting to relive our story over again if we are meeting a new love interest or friend. If we suffer from low self-esteem, keeping this rush going requires dishonesty, not only to those you love but also to yourself. We may find ourselves hopping from relationship to relationship because we fear people ever seeing the real us, or furthermore because we haven’t even seen the real us ourselves yet and perhaps are a little terrified at what that might look like. 28 Quotes That Will Level Up Your Intercultural Communication ...

Eventually, like air, underwater all truths rise to the surface and when you can unearth your own crap and turn it into fertilizer, it’s actually one of the greatest catalysts for growth. As we refer back to ourselves as the trusty onion, full of layers of emotion and conditioning, let us also be reminded of the light that is within every single particle. Because in the end, it is not the lies we remember, but the truth of the moments full of love, forgiveness, appreciation, acceptance, and grace. Now those are matters that matter.


Tamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, a heart-centered Graphic Designer, and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.

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This article was originally created and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Tamara Rant and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.

Join NOW Over 10 MILLION Meditating For Peace and Healing All with Covid-19

Important Editor’s Note: The Ekam World Peace Festival has concluded. It was beautiful, powerful, uplifting, transformative and so much more. I highly recommend that you watch all of the replays HERE. If you have time for only one, make sure that you watch the replay of Day 7 in its entirety (the one at 6pm IST). It includes an incredibly powerful limitless field meditation for peace on Earth and an absolutely brilliant conversation with Gregg Braden, which you can watch here:


“The universe does not exist ‘out there,’ independent of us. We are inescapably involved in bringing about that which appears to be happening. We are not only observers. We are participators. In some strange sense, this is a participatory universe.” – John Archibald Wheeler, theoretical physicist

Beginning today, Ekam is hosting the 3rd annual Ekam World Peace Festival. Last year – they had over 3 million participate in the Peace Meditations.

This year it is even bigger. They will collectively have over 10 million meditators from over 100 countries join to meditate for world peace. You are invited to participate from Aug 9th to Aug 15th and contribute to peace in the world and healing all people with Covid-19. Two separate meditations are held: one for peace, one for healing.

World Peace is much more than conflict resolution. Peace is a state of consciousness that humanity as a whole has to enter in order to create a better world. This would be our next evolutionary leap. Without a peaceful consciousness, every form of advancement would eventually lead us to greater separation, division and conflict. A peaceful human being is a gift to his/her family, a powerful force for good in the world.

More than a hundred thousand people have been nurturing a state of peace through meditation to prepare themselves to participate in this festival. Ekam’s intention is to nurture the peace quotient in human consciousness by engaging over 10 million people from India and various parts of the world through meditation.

This online meditation event is for 7 days, 68 mins each day starting from August 9th to August 15th.

☮️ Day 1 would be a collective journey in wisdom and meditation for the ending of wars in the world and to enhance harmony between nations.

☮️ Day 2 would be a collective journey in wisdom and meditation for ending of violence towards children and within young people and to nurture joy in their hearts.

☮️ Day 3 would a collective journey in wisdom and meditation for ending religious and racial divide and to nurture amity between them.

☮️ Day 4 would be a collective journey in wisdom and meditation for ending violence towards nature and animals and to nurture a sense of oneness with all life.

☮️ Day 5 would be a collective journey in wisdom and meditation for ending domestic violence and to nurture love and connection in families.

☮️ Day 6 would be a collective journey in wisdom and meditation for ending economic insufficiency and to nurture dignity towards all people.

☮️ Day 7 would be for a collective awakening in human consciousness towards peace for a better today and tomorrow.

Oneness in consciousness as the ground from which solutions for all world problems can emerge.

We invite you to join the meditation in our breathing room app. This is a free event and we suggest you join as a family and share it with your friends.

These meditations are streamed 2 times a day at 10.00 am IST (12:30 am ET, 9:30 pm PT) and 06.00 pm IST (8:30 am ET, 5:30 am PT). Click the links below to know time at your location:

10:00 AM IST & 06:00 PM IST

You can participate live during the above times or watch the replays online via the Breathing App:


You can also participate live online via YouTube:


Reflection on the Upcoming 75th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

“It is fitting that the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists reset the Doomsday Clock at 100 seconds to midnight. This is an urgent warning,” writes Thea Paneth. (Photo: ICAN)

By Thea Paneth | Common Dreams

It is one hundred seconds to midnight by the Doomsday Clock. For seventy-five years the world has lived on the edge of nuclear terror, the horrific knowledge that in a time frame as short as one hour, life, as we know it on Planet Earth, could be obliterated if nuclear weapons are used.

My mother was a nuclear victim, indirectly, caught by prevailing nuclear madness, characterized by the institutional, pervasive lies about the dangers of everything nuclear, including x-rays. Radiation was administered instead of a readily available antibiotic. Doctors gave her cancer and cancer killed her. She was sixty years old.  I dedicate these words to her memory.

new nuclear arms race is underway to develop low yield weapons that make battlefield use more likely and a Long Range Stand-Off (LRSO) weapon that, if developed, will “penetrate and survive integrated air defense systems.” In other words, this weapon will be used for a first strike, the intention is to neutralize retaliation by nuclear power. It cannot be accidental that Raytheon was awarded the LRSO contract. In living color, we see the weapons industry merge with government policy-maker:  Secretary of Defense Mark Esper was a chief lobbyist for Raytheon.

All policy-makers, Pentagon chiefs, and arms manufacturers adroitly shield themselves from responsibility for horrors and harms inflicted, the destruction of cities and cultures, and the dislocation and deaths of millions of people that is the consequence of the cruel enterprise of forever war and forever arms race.

Lately, multiple arms control treaties and agreements have been scrapped or will not be renewed, the U.S. is threatening to resume nuclear testing, all the nuclear nations are engaged in staggeringly dangerous nuclear brinksmanship as well as global power struggles for scarce resources as the planet heats up.

Combined with the speed and urgency of the climate crisis that is upon us, it is fitting that the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists reset the Doomsday Clock at 100 seconds to midnight. This is an urgent warning. It is not the only recent urgent warning. The Kings Bay Plowshares 7, at great personal risk, committed an act of symbolic disarmament saying the ultimate logic of Trident is omnicide.

The global pandemic, with its outsize toll on people of color and all people mired in poverty, combined with decades of cruel “government in a bathtub” social and economic policies compels us to end the forever wars and to cut the Pentagon budget by hundreds of billions of dollars. Treasury monies must be used to fund universal healthcare, affordable housing, public education, public transportation, environmental protection, job programs, renewable energy, mitigation of the climate crisis, and more generally, to provide a better life for people, as protesters in the streets have been saying.

As few as fifty to one hundred nuclear bombs, if used, decimate the planet, killing as many as 2 billion people from the blasts, radiation, firestorms, and the smoke that would cause global cooling and massive famines. The global chaos that would ensue is nearly unimaginable.

At Hiroshima and Nagasaki, people were vaporized and burned.  When they ran to the rivers for relief from suffering they found the rivers to be boiling. As the daughter of a nuclear victim, I raise my voice on this upcoming anniversary to say with the Hibakusha (survivors of the original N-blasts) nuclear weapons must be abolished.

Thea Paneth

Thea Paneth is a coordinating committee member of United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ), a national peace coalition founded in 2003.

Our work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License. Feel free to republish and share it widely.