They’re Terrified of Us Realizing Who We Are and Who’s Really In Power | DAVID ICKE

Source: Inspired

David Icke gives a super inspirational speech about us all realizing who we are and why we are the ones in power – not the so-called elites.


You know, when you look at a pyramid, we’ve been manipulated to believe the power in a pyramid is at the top. In ain’t. The top of the pyramid is there because the rest of the pyramids holding it up. We’re holding this whole thing together. There’s a story I told many years ago of a British comedian called, Larry Grayson, who died. And I went to his memorial service in Covent Garden and this other comedian did this tribute to his life, in which he read out this story. That Larry Grayson had told him.

When they were going around the variety halls in the theaters in the 60s, they had this all-male show. And Larry Grayson was the only woman in it because he’s dressed up as a woman. And he said that at the end of the show, the last scene, all the sailors, all the men came on dressed as sailors and they were singing “Rule Britannia.” You know, Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves. Oh, I’m very pleased for you. OK… And as it built up Larry Grayson would come on dressed as Britannia with a helmet and a shield. And he would be manhandled up the side of this pyramid to the top for the big finish.

And he said one night, he said things seem to be going rather well. He said and then I noticed that a sailor in the bottom left-hand corner had got rather a cough. And this cough got worse and worse and worse to the point where the sailor couldn’t stay in a pyramid anymore and stepped out of it.

Larry, Grayson, symbolic of this elite at the peak of the pyramid, ended up in the second row. And the elites, the power center, had done nothing to bring about this. One sailor at the bottom of the pyramid had got a cough. And the whole thing collapsed. That’s it.

We the “powerless people” are holding the powerful people up there and they know that. They’re terrified of us realizing that. And that’s why this network of manipulation works so hard to keep us in these states. No longer will we just do it because we’re told to do it. Is it just? Is it right? Okay, I’ll do it. Is it unjust? Is it not right? I ain’t doing it.

WE start to make the decisions on what we will and will not do based on our values, and not some imposition from the dark suits. These people are gonna give me, grant me, or grant me not my freedom?

I’m all that is. You can’t grant me freedom. No one can grant me freedom. I AM freedom. It’s what I am.

The big question: What would Consciousness do? What would Consciousness do in this situation?

And when we ask that question, it really just changes the way we see the world. Not, what would I do – mind – oh I’m frightened. What would Consciousness do?

You know this is a great line: If it’s not right, don’t do it. If it’s not true, don’t say it.

And what would transform this World overnight is if we started doing what we knew to be right in the situations we face, instead of what we think is right for us in the moment. What is right? What is just in this situation? If we started making decisions, based on that, the world would be transformed overnight.

These are very simple things. If we want a world of peace, then we need to be peaceful. We don’t need to fight for it. We just need to be peaceful and will bring that about. If we want a world of kindness, we need to be kind and then it will naturally unfold. We don’t fight for kindness.

As Martin Luther, King said, it’s a wonderful saying: “Cowardice asks the question, is it safe? Expediency asks the question, is it politic? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience, consciousness ask the question, IS IT RIGHT?”

And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right. And when enough of us do that, what is right will manifest by definition. And we’re in this position now where this vibrational change, this energetic change, is taking place when we can start becoming the full magnitude of who we are, where we can be Consciousness in the now, using the mind to experience this reality instead of being governed by it, turning the key to let Consciousness in.

We’re being offered this opportunity now. No longer can we say we didn’t realize who we are. We didn’t know we could do that. And that’s what we’re being offered the chance to do now, to turn the master key, called becoming conscious, that will bring an end to this. It’s being given to us. We just need to take it. And to take it, we need to say: ENOUGH! Enough of being enslaved by these people. Enough of being enslaved by our manipulated ignorance. Enough of being enslaved by the fear of being who we are.

It is time to fly. It is time to fly.

Taking Back Our Liberty in 2022 | Ron Paul

By Ron Paul | Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

For those of us who value liberty, these past two years have been a bad dream. It seems like we fell asleep in early 2020 and woke up in 1984! They said that if we just put on a mask and stayed home for two weeks, we’d be able to return to normal. The two weeks came and went and instead of going back to normal, they added more restrictions. These past two years have been a story of moving goalposts and “experts” like Anthony Fauci constantly contradicting themselves.

Early on, in April 2020, I warned in an article titled “Next in Coronavirus Tyranny: Forced Vaccinations and ‘Digital Certificates,’” that the ultimate goal of the “two weeks” crowd was to force vaccines and a “vaccine passport” on Americans.

My concerns were at the time written off as just another conspiracy theory. But less than a year later that “conspiracy theory” became a conspiracy fact. I am not happy about being right on this. The introduction of vaccine passports was from the beginning my worst nightmare. The idea that you must “show your papers” to participate in society is a concept that is totally opposed to a free society. It is inhuman.

The history of these past two years is that the worst ideas have been adopted by force and anyone questioning those ideas has been suppressed by force. We learned recently that Dr. Fauci and the director of the National Institutes of Health conspired to deliver a “quick and devastating take-down” of the esteemed scientists behind the Great Barrington Declaration. Were the Great Barrington scientists horribly wrong? Fauci and his boss could not have cared less. They were not interested in a debate. Their only goal was to shut down any opposing views. That’s not science. It’s ideology, politics, and probably self-interest.

As my son Rand said on a recent Liberty Report, thousands of people died because Fauci refused to consider the proven effectiveness of natural immunity against Covid. He and his colleagues were determined to deny any outpatient treatments and insisted on vaccines as the only way out. Now, as we see the vaccines performing so poorly versus natural immunity, their whole strategy lies in tatters. Will anyone apologize to the relatives of all those who died?

When we look back at these two years, hopefully, one thing that will be remembered is how the institutions of state power have all lost their credibility. They have been exposed as frauds and worse.

In a recent massively popular Joe Rogan interview with Dr. Robert Malone – inventor of the mRNA technology that is the backbone of the “vaccines” – Malone discusses the disturbing concept of mass formation psychosis, where fear and manipulation are used to drive a society mad in the service of a group of elites with an agenda. We saw it in Germany in the 1930s.

As Charles Mackay wrote in the 19th century about the madness of crowds, humans go insane in groups but recover one at a time.

What is to be done to defeat tyranny in 2022? We must continue to tell the truth. The truth is winning and the liars are losing. One by one their lies are being exposed. But it is not an easy task. Each of us in 2022 can do a little something to promote truth. Do what you can. The rewards are great!

Copyright © 2022 by RonPaul Institute. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit and a live link are given.

Their Plan Isn’t Working – You Can NEVER Lockdown the Human Spirit | Ralph Smart

Source: After Skool

Ralph Smart (aka Infinite Waters) explains why the globalist’s tyrannical plan to control humanity isn’t working and that we are transforming. This video is brilliantly illustrated by the good folks at After Skool.

Doctor Banned For Questioning Efficacy Of Masks Wins High Court Case

By Paul Joseph Watson | Activist Post 

A doctor in the UK who was banned from using social media by the General Medical Council for claiming “masks do nothing” has won his case in the High Court.

Dr. Samuel White was slapped with an 18-month ban by the GMC after he posted a video to Instagram and Twitter in June questioning the efficacy of face coverings.

In the video, White said why he could no longer tolerate working in his previous roles because of the “lies” around the NHS and the government’s response to the pandemic, which were “so vast” he could no longer “stomach” them.

White also committed the ultimate sin of remarking, “masks do nothing” to stop the spread of COVID, despite this being the consensus medical opinion at the start of the pandemic before it mysteriously switched almost overnight.


The doctor also expressed concerns about the safety of vaccines and the reliability of COVID tests.

White took his case against the GMC to the High Court on the basis of his freedom of expression “to engage in medical, scientific and political debate and discussion,” White’s barrister, Francis Hoar, told a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Hoar added that White’s opinions were “supported by large bodies of scientific and medical opinion” and had been “statements of fact and opinions about pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions in response to the pandemic.”

GMC’s Alexis Hearnden claimed that White’s views were not only misinformation but posed a “risk” to the public because they didn’t align with official pronouncements.

However, the court ruled in favor of White, asserting that the tribunal which banned him from speaking had violated the 1998 Human Rights Act.

The ruling concluded that the tribunal’s decision was “an error of law and a clear misdirection,” meaning the decision was “clearly wrong and cannot stand.”

Source: Summit News via ZeroHedge

SOS from Australia: “We plead with you to hear our cries for help.” PLEASE Join the Worldwide Protest on 4-Dec!

Source: Reignite Democracy Australia

#SOSfromAustralia. The people of Australia are pleading for international help to apply economic and political pressure on your leaders to change the destructive path they are on. Join the worldwide protest at NOON on 4-Dec-2021 at your nearest Australian Embassy or Consulate. For further information:


Each of us must do what we can stop the globalist plan to enslave the entire planet.

If you can, please drive to your nearest Australian embassy on 4-Dec to protest the conditions in Australia. And if not, then please do the following on 4-Dec at noon wherever you are (be sure to set an alarm) – this is POWERFUL (you should do it EVERY DAY):

  • First, take 3 minutes or so to get into your heart using the Quick Coherence Technique
  • Then imagine what FREEDOM looks like and FEELS like in Australia. You can use an image like THIS or any other image that invokes a feeling of freedom for ALL Australians. Hold that image, feeling, and intention in your heart for five or more minutes.
  • Finally, feel the feeling of GRATITUDE in your heart for the beautiful people of Australia, your brothers and sisters, being free from tyranny once and for all.


Let me paint you a picture. Australia, once known as one of the safest and freest countries in the world – a land of spirit and ceremony, a land of opportunity where the hopeful came for a new start so their children could be free and prosper, where the bachelor had a chance and poor men made good, a land where you are free to explore your surroundings, a land with room to spread one’s wings, a land of brotherhood, celebration, and connection, a land where you came to visit and didn’t want to leave, a land of privacy rights, medical rights, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom to protest, freedom to worship, thanks to their sacrifice.

But something happened:
“Today is the first full day of the New World Order.”
“We’ve got to accept that this is the New World Order.”
“The New World Order”

And the Australia, we once knew is no more.

“Lock down 6 was announced on August 5.”

It is no longer the land of the young and free. It is now a land of division, blackmail, coercion, discrimination, and  medical apartheid – a land where movement speech, religion and opinion are no longer free. Protesting is illegal. Police must enforce corrupt policies to keep their jobs.

“I won’t be a police officer after the end of his interview.”

Police shoot protesters in the back while they are running away. Doctors and nurses cannot speak. They will lose their license. I can’t really talk about that. People have lost their jobs because they don’t want the injection. Children are missing school and attempting suicide at a high rate. We need to show up papers to go shopping.

“If you want freedom, get the jab.”

We can’t travel across state borders, unless we apply for permission to do so. Members of parliament are censored and defamed.

“100% of those studies…” The speaker is interrupted by another man saying: “It’s a conspiracy theory.”

Pregnant women are arrested for a social media post.

“Here’s a search warrant.”
“Search warrant for what?”

Activists who fight for democracy are imprisoned.

“You’re under arrest for incitement.”

Our human rights are gone. Our human rights ARE GONE!

“It’s time that we take off the Covid blinkers and look at what’s happened to our once great and free country.”

Australia can no longer fight for itself. We have been silenced, assaulted, blackmailed and psychologically damaged. We tried to fight this battle alone. The government has instilled so much fear that we have lost our vigor to fight. We are a broken nation. And although we will never give up, we need YOUR help to continue our fight.

We need help from our international friends. We are seeking your support to apply political and economic pressure on our leaders to change the destructive path that we are on.

That is why we are organizing a worldwide protest with Australia excluded in support of our plight for freedom. This is an official SOS from my beautiful country. We plead with you to hear our cries for help.

Do Not Give Up Your Rights – Dr. Julie Ponesse’s Remarkable Speech

By Dr. Julie Ponesse | Brownstone Institute

Dr. Julie Ponesse is a professor of ethics who has taught at Ontario’s Huron University College for 20 years. She was placed on leave and banned from accessing her campus due to the vaccine mandate. She presented at The Faith and Democracy Series on October 28, 2021. Dr. Ponesse has now taken on a new role with The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity aimed at advancing civil liberties, where she serves as the pandemic ethics scholar.

Think back to a couple of years ago—fall 2019, let’s say. What were you doing then? What was your life like? What did you care about? What did you most fear? What DID YOU IMAGINE ABOUT the FUTURE?

That’s the person I would like to talk to for the next 15 minutes, + I’ll begin with my own story: At the end, I’ll have a FAVOUR to ask plus a little SECRET to share.

In the fall of 2019, I was a professor of ethics and ancient philosophy; I taught students critical thinking + the importance of self-reflection, how to ask good questions and evaluate evidence, how to learn from the past and why democracy requires civic virtue.

Fast forward to September 16, 2021, when I received a “termination with cause” letter after I questioned, and refused to comply, with my employer’s vaccine mandate. I was dismissed for doing exactly what I had been hired to do. I was a professor of ethics questioning what I take to be an unethical demand. You don’t have to look very hard to see the irony.

Canada is governed by laws that are based on ethics. You could say that ethics are the bedrock beneath our democracy.

“The right to determine what shall or shall not be done with one’s own body, and to be free from non-consensual medical treatment, is a right deeply rooted in our common law.” These aren’t my words; they are the words of Justice Sydney Robins of the Ontario Court of Appeal.

With very few exceptions, each person’s body is considered inviolate in Canadian law, and this is the underlying ethos of the Nuremberg Code, a promise to humanity that we would never again endorse uninformed, non-voluntary medical decision-making, even for the patient’s own good, even for the sake of the public good.

By definition, vaccine mandates are coercive immunization strategies: in the absence of coercion — the threat of a loss of employment, for example — people would not voluntarily agree to do what the mandate is trying to achieve!

Employers are holding our careers hostage, and removing our participation in the economy and in public life. Their justification is that “we are in a pandemic,” and we must therefore relinquish autonomy over our bodies for the sake of the public good.

So, let’s talk about autonomy and the public good for a minute.

In emergencies, the Parliament and provincial legislatures have a limited power to pass laws that violate certain Charter rights for the sake of the public good. But, to justify those violations, vaccine mandates would need to meet a very high threshold: COVID-19 would, for example, need to be a highly virulent pathogen for which there is no adequate treatment, and the vaccines would need to be demonstrably effective and safe.

The current state of affairs in Canada meets neither of these criteria.

Consider these facts:

1) COVID-19 has an infection facility rate not even 1% that of smallpox (and it poses even less risk to children)

2) a number of safe, highly effective pharmaceuticals exist to treat it (including monoclonal antibodies, Ivermectin, fluvoxamine, Vitamin D, and Zinc), AND

3) The vaccines have reported more adverse events (including innumerable deaths) than every other vaccine on the market over the last 30 years.

In light of these facts, I have so many questions:

Why are the vaccinated granted vaccine passports and access to public spaces, when the Director of the CDC has stated that the COVID-19 vaccines cannot prevent transmission?

Why is vaccination the ONLY mitigation strategy when emerging evidence (including a recent Harvard study) shows no discernible relationship between the vaccination rate and new cases?

Why does our government continue to withhold Ivermectin as a recommended treatment when the U-S National Institutes of Health supports it, and when the state of Uttar Pradesh in India distributed it to its 230 million people, reducing its COVID death rate to almost zero? How has India surpassed Canada in Health Care?

Why are we about to vaccinate 5-year-olds when COVID poses to them less risk than the potential vaccine reactions AND while there is NO effective monitoring system for the vaccines?

Why are we focused on the narrow benefits of vaccine-induced immunity when real-world studies show natural immunity is more protective, more potent, and more enduring?

Why do we shame the “vaccine-hesitant” and not the “vaccine adamant”?

“Why,” as a nurse recently asked, “do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place?”

By every measure and from every angle, this is a ‘house of cards’ about to crumble

But the question that interests me is why hasn’t it crumbled already? Why are these questions not the headlines of every major newspaper in Canada every day?

Have the right people simply not seen the right data? Is it just a clerical error…on a global scale?

What has happened to our leadership? Our Prime Minister leads the battle cry:  “Don’t think you’re getting on a plane,” he threatened. Campaign promises are now segregationist public policy. Our government encourages us daily to be divisive and hateful.

How did things change so drastically? How did we Canadians change so drastically?

It’s my observation that we are facing a pandemic not just of a virus but a pandemic of compliance and complacency, in a culture of silence, censorship, and institutionalized bullying.

MainStreamd Media likes to say that we are fighting a “war of information” — that misinformation, and even questioning and doubt, have plagued this pandemic.

But it is not only information that is being weaponized, in this war; it is a person’s right to think for herself.

I have heard it say “well I don’t know that much about viruses” so I shouldn’t really have an opinion. but…

The issue is not whether you know more about virology than our public health officials; the issue is why we aren’t all calling them out for not being willing to engage with the evidence and debate someone who has a different opinion.

We should be calling not for an outcome but for a process to be reestablished.

Without that process we have no science, we have no democracy.

Without that process, we are in a kind of moral war.

But, the wars of the past have had clear and distinct boundaries: the east and the west, patriots, and government.

The war we find ourselves in today is one of infiltration instead of invasion, intimidation instead of free choice, of psychological forces so insidious we come to believe the ideas are our own and that we are doing our part by giving up our rights.

As a wise colleague recently said “This is a war about the role of government. It is about our freedom to think and ask questions, and about whether individual autonomy can be downgraded to a conditional privilege or whether it remains a right. It is a war about whether you are to remain a citizen or become a subject. It is about who owns you… you or the state.”

It is about where we draw the line.

This isn’t about liberals and conservatives, pro-and anti-vaxxers, experts, and laypeople. Everyone should care about the truth, everyone should care about the scientific and democratic processes, everyone should care about each other.

There is, I would argue, little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our freedom to debate, to criticize, to demand evidence for what our government asks of us does not survive with it.

As someone born in the 70s, I never thought THIS would be a war I would have to fight, that the right to bodily autonomy, to the free and transparent exchange of information, would be at risk.

Think for a minute about the most unimaginable harms of the last century  — the ‘final solution,’ South African apartheid, the Rwandan and Cambodian genocides. Aren’t we supposed to remember atrocities of the past so we don’t repeat them? Well, memories are short, family chains are broken, new worries eclipse the old ones, and the lessons of the past fade into ancient history only to be forgotten.

Today, the vaccinated seem to enjoy all the rights + privileges of a civilized society: freedom of movement, access to education, and the approval of governments, lawmakers, journalists, friends, and family. Vaccination is the ticket to a CONDITIONAL return of our right to participate in Canadian society.

But as John F Kennedy said: “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.”


I have no doubt that COVID-19 is the greatest threat to humanity we have ever faced; not because of a virus; that is just one chapter of a much longer, more complex story; but because of our response to it.

And that response is, I believe, earning its place in every medical ethics textbook that will be published in the next century.

What can we do?

As Canadian chemist and author Orlando Battista said, “An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” 

In our world, politeness, ‘getting by,’ ‘flying under the radar’ seem to be the goals. Gone are the 60s revolutionaries, gone are the patriots of early America. We are the victims — and the soldiers — of a pandemic of compliance.

But compliance is not a virtue; it isn’t neutral, and it certainly isn’t harmless.

When Hannah Arendt covered the trial of Adolf Eichmann for the New Yorker in 1961, she expected to find a complex, arrogant, diabolical, perhaps psychotic man. What she found was quite the opposite. She was struck by his “very ordinariness.” He was “terribly and terrifyingly normal,” she wrote, a man who was “just following orders,” as he said over and over again. What she found was what she called the “banality of evil,” the thoughtless tendency of ordinary people to obey orders in order to conform without thinking for themselves.

The dismissive, well-rehearsed messaging of our public health officials has created a highly efficient machine that does not publish its evidence or engage in debate, but only issues orders that we obligingly follow. With the help of the media, its mistakes are hidden, its policies unquestioned, its dissenters silenced.

How do we break this silence? How do we regain our sanity and rebuild our democracy? Perhaps it’s time to get a little bit noisy. Studies have proven that once an idea is adopted by just 10% of the population, this is the tipping point when ideas, opinions, & beliefs will be rapidly adopted by the rest. A vocal, a **NOISY** 10% is all it takes. 

Democracy, “rule of the people,” doesn’t just allow for freedom of expression and inquiry; it requires it.

And the little SECRET I promised you at the beginning? Here it is you AREN’T a bad person for demanding evidence, you AREN’T a bad person for trusting your instincts, and you AREN’T a bad person for wanting to think for yourself. In fact, the opposite is true.

If you are worried about a loss of justice if you are worried about what kinds of lives will be possible for our children if you want your country back — the country that was once the envy of the world — then now is the time to act. There is no reason to wait, there is no luxury or excuse to wait. We need you now.

Now is the time to call our politicians and write to our newspapers. Now is the time to protest, now is the time to challenge and even disobey our government.

As Margaret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

In other words, you don’t need a TRIBE of heroes, a MASS of heroes, a COUNTRY of heroes. You only need 1. You can do your part and you CAN make a difference. The Southwest Airlines pilots, the Canadian Mounties, the University Health Network nurses are all making a difference.

And the FAVOUR I have to ask you? We need heroes now more than ever. Our democracy is asking for volunteers … Will you be a hero, for our country, for our children? Will you be part of the noisy 10%?

A Call For ALL Sovereign People to UNITE For the Survival of Humanity

Source: AustraliaOne Party

“We need to look after our babies, your grandkids, my grandkids… Here’s the thing: By the time I die, when I’m closing my eyes… I want to look into my grandkid’s and my great-grandkid’s eyes and I want to be able to look them in the eye and say: ‘When it was bad. I stood up for you. And I’m leaving you something healthy because we stood up.’ I cannot leave this world knowing that we are leaving our children to a cesspool of parasitic sickness and knowing that I did nothing. And that’s why I’m in this fight brother. Because as the ancestors, it is our responsibility to stand up for future ancestors. And when our great, great grandkids and me, and you are gone, and we’re finished, they’re going to be looking back in this time. The difference now to what’s been going on in the last few hundred years is they’re going to be able to SEE what we’ve done. They’re going to be able to stand in pride in what we’ve done… This is about the survival of humanity and our babies. Failure is not an option! When they look back and they see that we have stood up and we have not only ensured that their future is one of prosperity and health, they’ll also see a nation that is built on truth, honor, and respect. I once read a long time ago that a country is not a nation until its people are walking in unison. This is our chance.” ~ David Cole (aka Lurnpa)

Watch and be inspired by this extraordinary master class on Australia’s past, present, and future with David Cole (aka Lurnpa) and Ricardo Bosi, the leader of the AustraliaOne Party.


How WE Can Use LOVE to Dramatically and Quickly Improve Conditions on Our Planet

Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D.

“Love is the answer and you know that for sure.” ~ John Lennon

Want to know how we can dramatically change our world for the better –  quickly and easily? If so, then watch the video below. It’s an interview with Dr. Amit Goswami, who is the author of many books that bridge science and spirituality including “How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization: A Few People Can Change Human Evolution.  (For an overview of Quantum Activism, read this important article: “Become a Quantum Activist.”)

In the video below, Dr. Goswami provides a solution to permanently rewire the brain circuits of the collective for LOVE. Pay particular attention to the last ten minutes of the video titled Dr Amit Goswami ‘Consciousness, Quantum Physics and Being Human’, starting at the 50:15 minute mark (also, see the transcript below the video).

50:15 Iain McNay: How do you put this together – you’ve got this book “Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization” – how does this come together on a practical basis?

50:30 Dr. Goswami: This is, of course, I feel is the most important thing today for ALL thinking people, ALL feeling people, ALL people who want to integrate their lives – like I did – have to face up to… The faulty ideas of scientific materialism – that consciousness does not exist except as brain phenomenon and that matter is everything – what those ideas have done is to undermine those values that are the purpose of evolution, which is what makes living worthwhile.

51:05 Dr. Goswami: Consciousness gives us values. If you denigrate consciousness, then our values will automatically be denigrated. Does the brain have values?  Material scientists have tried to bring values back in through evolution.  But, they cannot do it because matter cannot process meaning, let alone values.  These things are subjects of scientific proof today.  We should give up on scientific materialism if we want to save civilization. Unfortunately, scientific materialism is very entrenched today. You have to realize that.

51:45 Dr. Goswami: But then, you have to recognize the power of activism.

52:00 Iain McNay:  How is quantum activism a way forward when it seems, from our media anyway, that the way forward is a long way away – if there is one.

52:25 Dr. Goswami: This is what people need know. It [a way forward] does seem remote today.  But, there are two answers.  First of all, it seemed remote when two scientists, Descartes and Francis Bacon, were struggling against the power of the church.  It seemed very remote then, didn’t it?  So, it means nothing that it seems very remote. Several decades ago, it seemed remote that communism could ever break down in Russia.

53:00 Dr. Goswami: So, how the movement of consciousness works is actually by jolt – by surprises.  This is what the nature of creativity is.  So, that’s one answer…. It will be creative; it will be a revolution. It will be some kind of nudge. Big changes come abruptly, suddenly – even social changes.

53:20 Dr. Goswami: The other aspect, which should be very hopeful for everyone, is that it does not take very many people to do it.  Rupert Sheldrake first had this intuition.  He published several books in the 80s where he put forth the idea that only a few people are needed to change the collective, because changes that we make in our brain involves what Sheldrake calls morphogenetic fields.  These fields are responsible in some way – I call them blueprints of biological forms.

54:00 Dr. Goswami: So, when we change the brain and make a positive emotional brain circuit of love (for example), the morphogenetic field …, which is the blueprint of that brain, becomes associated with love and will therefore it will become a loving morphogenetic field.  It is a changed morphogenetic field.

54:15 Dr. Goswami: That change, I was able to show, Mark Mitchell and I, that change in the morphogenetic field is NOT stored in the brain, but is stored nonlocally. Quantum memory is nonlocal memory – outside of space and time – everywhere and nowhere. Since it is nonlocal memory, anyone on Earth, irrespective of time and space, can access it.

54:45 Dr. Goswami: The vision is that if enough of us become conscious that we need to change, which we are capable of (we are capable of the creative experience; we are capable of turning our creativity inward to create brain circuits of love), and we do it in communities and do it in groups in such a way that nonlocality will be facilitated [in that the morphogenetic field becomes conditioned with love].  These nonlocal fields are then available in the future and are used automatically, without effort, by everyone.  So, we develop people to have brain circuits of love, which will propagate into the future through nonlocal means.

The nonlocal morphogenetic love fields will then cause the collective to permanently develop brain circuits conditioned for love.


U.S. Veterans Prepare For War After Biden Admin STOPS VA Healthcare for ALL NON-VAXXED Veterans

By David DeGraw

The Biden administration is denying VA healthcare to all non-vaxxed veterans.

The tactical fascist vaxx purge of the U.S. military has now happened.

Make no mistake, it is the most devastating blow to military readiness in the history of the United States, and it is a blatant act of war against the American people.

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Here’s a brief statement to give you a little taste of what is featured in this courageous and awe-inspiring video:

“This is the land of the free.

We will not allow forced injections, segregation or an authoritarian surveillance and control grid passport system.

We have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies.

We will do everything in our power to keep the peace. We, the combat veterans and Special Forces veterans of America, know the horrors of war all too well.

We will be strategic, disciplined and surgical.

We know who the leading perpetrators are, and if they do not stand down, cease and desist, if they keep trying to oppress our people and enslave our nation, if they keep striping away our freedom and rights, those fascist enemy combatants will be held personally accountable.

Do you think we do not know what is going on?

You released a bio-weapon.

Then you systemically shutdown life-saving treatments leading to millions of unnecessary deaths.

You strategically censored doctors, nurses, medical experts, scientists, journalists, Intel Community members and soldiers.

Now you are injecting millions of people with a weaponized spike protein in an immune system degrading, gene-altering nanotech vax.

You have committed Crimes Against Humanity on a global scale.

Your power-addicted pathological shortsighted greed has destroyed our economy and severally inhibited people’s abilities to provide for their families.

You have rigged our political and economic system, burying people in inescapable debt.

You have captured and corrupted both of our political parties and the government agencies that are supposed to protect the civilian population from predatory global interests.

You have captured and corrupted our information and communication systems.

You are trying to cut off our ability to get healthcare and move freely throughout our communities.

You are contaminating our water supply and now you are systematically destroying our food supply, which you have been systemically poisoning for years as standard operating procedure.

Your long list of systemic abuses and usurpations amount to absolute Despotism.

Your wickedly evil corruption is now infecting all aspects of our lives.

We Have Had Enough!

The Line Has Been Drawn.

We represent every race, creed and ethnicity.

Your divide and conquer PSYOPS don’t fly here.

We know how you tactically deploy PSYOPS and stoke identity politics to silo off regional civilian populations into the smallest possible demographics to incite tribalism and make us fight amongst each other, while distracting us from being laser-focused on you, the head of the snake.

We have found common ground against you, our common enemy.

We all want to live in a free and healthy community that gives our children the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

We will defend our country, our communities and our families.

We will defend our homes from this fascist invasion.


Semper Fi”

If you think this statement is intense, wait until you look these soldiers in the eyes and hear what they have to say in this new video.

Stay tuned, much more coming soon.

~ David DeGraw


Gregg Braden: How the Lost Mode of Prayer Can Create Peace in Our World and Just About Anything Else You Want

Part 1 from Gregg Braden’s “The Science of Miracles” DVD:


Part 2  from Gregg Braden’s “The Science of Miracles” DVD

Source: Gregg Braden Official

In Gregg Braden’s “The Science of Miracles”, you will learn about the lost mode of prayer and discover paradigm-shattering revelations that demonstrate why we are not limited by the laws of physics and biology as we know them today, how a small group of people can create peace in our world, and why our DNA is a code that we can change and upgrade by choice!

How Should a Group Apologize to People They Harmed?

Former Chancellor of Germany Willy Brandt kneels before the Holocaust Memorial in 1970. (Photo:Poland Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Twitter)

Greater Good Magazine

When you’ve harmed another person, a sincere apology can go a long way toward helping them to forgive you and move on. Science suggests that acknowledging wrongdoing and promising to make amends can help relationships recover from past hurts.

What about when the harm has been done between large groups of people, rather than individuals? In the wake of a war or centuries of systematic discrimination, mere apologies may never seem like enough.

For one thing, it’s hard to trust the “other side” has good intentions, especially when harm has been great, many individuals are involved, and degrees of remorse are unclear. Also, intergroup apologies are traditionally offered by representatives (like presidents or CEOs) rather than actual perpetrators, and are often highly scripted and rehearsed. That can lead victims to dismiss the apologies as fake and insincere, impeding conflict resolution.

Now, a new study led by Samuel Nunney of Cardiff University has identified steps that can vastly improve intergroup apologies. By attending more carefully to what’s needed to rebuild trust and protect victims, groups who’ve done harm can help bring peace and reconciliation in conflict situations.

Ingredients of intergroup apology

The researchers used as raw material a real-world example: a written apology issued by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) for their role in civilian deaths during “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland. However, they manipulated its content to see how that affected the willingness of British citizens to forgive.

In some experiments, the researchers added a concluding paragraph that conveyed the IRA’s recognition of issues needing attention to promote peace. In particular, the amended apology addressed structural issues (like power imbalances, the need for reparations), relational issues (rebuilding lost trust), and issues related to group identity (respect for group status and countering discrimination).

In other cases, the apologies were changed to include expressions of remorse, shame, or guilt. And sometimes the factors and emotional expressions were combined in different ways to see how they might augment each other to increase forgiveness.

After reading a version of the apology, participants reported on how sincere, remorseful, trustworthy, and believable the perpetrator appeared to them. They also said whether they thought the perpetrator should be forgiven, answering with a simple yes or no. Finally, they were asked if they agreed with statements like, “It is important that the wrongs done to us are never forgotten” or “Britain and Northern Ireland will never move on until the events are forgiven.”

Analyzing the results, the researchers found some interesting patterns. For one, when apologies included not just reparations, but acknowledgement of relational and group identity issues, those apologies led people to see the IRA as more trustworthy and sincere. This more favorable perception of the IRA, in turn, led people to be more willing to consider forgiving the group for past wrongs.

When apologies fail

According to study coauthor Anthony Manstead, these findings suggest that apologies could be more effective if they considered victims’ needs more carefully.

“If you take socio-emotional factors seriously in your intergroup apology, then it has a greater chance of being effective, where effective means greater forgiveness,” he says. “And, hopefully, greater forgiveness is a step towards reconciliation.”

In yet another experiment, structural, relational, and group-identity issues were added to the apology separately, but that didn’t produce the same results. For example, offering reparations alone did not make people trust the IRA more or want to forgive them, which suggests that reparations, though helpful, are not enough to move peace forward.

“Putting these all together seems to add to a more effective apology package,” says Manstead.

He and Nunney also found that when apologies included messages acknowledging shame, people were more willing to trust and believe the apologies—and to forgive. Even though past research has shown that guilt or remorse is important in peace processes, Manstead didn’t find that in this study.

“Shame is a more potent emotion,” he says. “If you’re expressing collective shame, you’re acknowledging that your group has some bad elements, which appears costly to you and makes you seem more sincere to others.”

Unfortunately, in the real world, many people don’t consider these social-emotional elements, says Manstead. He points to men accused of sexual misconduct in the United States as an example, saying that much of the time, they only reluctantly admit shame. In fact, apologies for misconduct often have to be extracted from them under duress, which makes it difficult for victims to believe the perpetrator is truly remorseful and willing to make amends.

What makes an apology work

On the other hand, he says, you can look to the actions of former Chancellor of Germany, Willy Brandt, who dropped to his knees before the Holocaust Memorial in 1970. The spontaneous acknowledgement of shame and remorse had a much deeper impact on people than scripted apologies.

“That was deeply moving for the people who witnessed it,” says Manstead. “It was a very effective way of getting across the sincerity of the apology that he was trying to make for his country’s actions.”

Of course, it’s not easy to create peace between groups, and a spontaneous display of shame may not be enough. In fact, as this study found, it’s best to include both shame and acknowledgement of impediments to peace if you really want to reconcile with victims of group harm. And though the results of this study align with past research on effective apologies, there is much more work to be done before assuming that an inclusive apology will work as well in a high-stakes peace process.

Still, seeing that the way we approach group apologies can make a difference gives hope for reconciliation. Perhaps if groups involved in conflicts could acknowledge the many levels of harm they’ve caused victims, express shame, and promise to work toward reparations, it could pave the way toward more peace between groups in the future.

“An intergroup apology without these factors runs the risk of being seen as insincere and untrustworthy, and is therefore likely to be brushed off or ignored or seen as ineffective by the victim group,” says Manstead. “I’m not a policy person, but I think that this is a key message to take away from our research.”

About the Author

Jill Suttie

Jill Suttie, Psy.D., is Greater Good’s former book review editor and now serves as a staff writer and contributing editor for the magazine. She received her doctorate of psychology from the University of San Francisco in 1998 and was a psychologist in private practice before coming to Greater Good.

The People Are the Power. When We Unite, We Can Stop These Crimes Against Humanity! | Lurnpa

Source: Lurnpa Lurnpa

“I’m in this for the children. I’m in this for the people. I’m in this for humanity. And, I’m in this for Mother Earth. I stand with all who seek freedom. And, I will never ever give up on the children and future generations… I ask you to stand with all of humanity to end the senseless suffering across the planet that’s been perpetrated by corporations that are nothing but war mongers. All the conflict on the planet and all of these wars are bankers wars. Everything is by design. We have been socially engineered. We have a chance to unite as humanity and stand up. And, I’m calling on YOU ALL to stand with us because at the end of the day it’s the people power. The people are the power. And when we realize that and when we unite and stand together, we can stop these crimes against humanity. We can stop the genocide. And, most importantly, we can protect the children.” ~ Lurnpa

Since videos of Lurnpa speaking at the freedom rally (see HERE and HERE) have been circulating, we have seen an overwhelming unity form amongst the human community which we have dreamed of for many years. Seeing this unity being cultivated has brought relief and a new boost of energy to continue this fight that was beginning to take a toll on many of us who have been fighting for years and intergenerational – lifetimes.

Yes we are fighting, yes we are at war but we are not just soldiers or warriors, we are human. Lurnpa decided to put this short video together of explaining why he has embarked on this pilgrimage of creating a better world for the children through reasserting our freedom and Sovereignty as human beings.

Also from Lurnpa:

“The Indigenous of Australia are rising and standing with you to protect each and every one of you against this medical tyranny and this fraudulent govt. Under UN orders the queen decolonized Australia in 1973. The govt was meant to hold a referendum to let the people decide by referendum how to be governed they did not. they created a corporation and the fake Queen of Australia. they were also supposed to renegotiate a treaty with the Indigenous. They did not. This was a big mistake for them. It means that the only law that is valid here now is Indigenous lore. The tribal elders of all councils around Australia are coming together to stand down this govt. They will offer anyone who requests it a tribal card that you are under Indigenous lore. This has been tested and it works. They will not be able to touch you or force you to do anything. If they try there are legal repercussions on them personally. Soon we will be rallying against the govt and launching this. there need to be protests around the country in support of the indigenous who are protecting you and bringing our country out of this communist takeover. A call-out will be made. This is it, people. Stay strong. Be Ready.”

How to Find Peace in the Midst of Chaos

By Luminita D. Saviuc  | Purpose Fairy

We can find peace in the midst of chaos. Peace is always there. But in order to find it, we first have to learn to take our focus away from everything that’s keeping us from feeling at peace. ~ Luminita D. Saviuc

With everything that’s happening in the world at the moment and all the agitation, fear, chaos, and madness that’s trying to reach our minds, hearts, and homes, it’s so important to remain calm and at peace. Trusting that everything will eventually turn out fine. And that, this too shall pass.

How to Find Peace in the Midst of Chaos

1. Close your eyes to the world around you.

Take a deep breath. And close your eyes to all the fear, panic, chaos, and separation present ‘out there’ trying to force itself on you.

Close your eyes to all these fearful news and all the conflicting information being shared online. And focus on your heart. 

2. Forget all about the world.

Forget about what’s on the news. Forget about what the leaders of the world are telling you. Forget about what the many influencers and celebrities have to say about this coronavirus. In fact, forget about what we all have to say.

Just focus on You and what you KNOW in your Heart to be Right, True, and Safe for YOU.

3. Find Peace through Stillness.

Tune into the stillness that’s present underneath all this chaos and madness.

Tune into that sweet and Unfathomable Peace that’s deep within you, waiting to be acknowledged and felt. And let yourself experience Truth, Courage, Faith, Clarity, and Divine Sight.

4. Allow your Inner Voice to be your Guide. 

The noise this world is currently making, is just that, a lot of noise. Seek to shift your focus from what is Out there, to what’s Within You. Learn to listen to the soft voice of your Heart. And let that Wise and Inner Voice be your Guide. 

5. Pay attention to the many games of fear.

Take a few steps back. And notice everything that’s happening all around you.

Notice how fast fear is currently moving and how many people have already fallen, and continue to fall into its many traps;

Notice how many people are actually thinking for themselves. And how many got lost in the terrifying thoughts of others;

Notice the angerpain, agony, and the many judgments people are placing on others. And how they use their own hidden fears and unhealed traumas to cause others to feel fearful, terrified, and ashamed;

Notice the separation that’s being created amongst those who think differently than the crowd. And how skillful we attack all those who stand up for something other than helplessness, pain, suffering, and fear.

Pay attention to everything that’s happening all around you. And no matter what happens, do let anything or anyone pull you down into guilt, shame, pride, or fear.

6. Find Peace by seeking to know your Nature.

As a wise 70-year old woman said to me recently, people live in fear because they no longer know who they are. They no longer remember the Unlimited and Divine Power that created them. Nor do they believe that this Power is present within them. Therefore, they perceive themselves as small and helpless.

Be wise.

Strive to remember your Origin. For in Knowing your Self, you will know that there is no greater power than the power that lies within you!

7. Find Peace by being brave.

It is in difficult times like these that many people will fall deeper into fear. While others will awaken to Courage, Boldness, and Truth. 

Do not be afraid.

Fear has no power. It only feeds with the Power you give to it. For fear is nothing but an illusion that’s meant to keep us asleep and away from our Truth and Power.

Be brave!

Be bold!

Be confident in the God Force that is present within you.

Unleash your Inner Power. Unleash your Inner Giant.

And through your Light, Love, and Courage let the whole world know that there is absolutely nothing this fearful world can do to us.

We are Unlimited.

We are Powerful.

We are Divine. 

And these are the 7 steps that are meant to help you find your peace during turbulent times. I hope these steps will inspire and empower you to walk by Faith, not by Sight so that you can take your power from within and remain calm and at peace no matter what happens ‘out’ there.

~love, Luminita💫

Study Outlines The Damage to Democracy and Human Rights Under Lockdowns

By Ethan Yang | American Institute for Economic Research

In February of 2021, the former British judge Lord Sumption wrote an article proclaiming that liberal democracy might be the greatest fatality of the Covid-19 pandemic. He correctly noted the disturbing use of government power that was unleashed onto every aspect of society in a manner never before seen. If such powers are not correctly repackaged and locked away, liberal democracies worldwide would be in a much darker place and the grand experiment of a free and open society would fall victim to the demise of its own design. His sentiments are echoed by the latest addition of a comprehensive study published by the V-Dem Institute at the University of Gothenburg which describes itself as follows,

“Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) produces the largest global dataset on democracy with almost 30 million data points for 202 countries from 1789 to 2020. Involving over 3,500 scholars and other country experts, V-Dem measures hundreds of different attributes of democracy. V-Dem enables new ways to study the nature, causes, and consequences of democracy embracing its multiple meanings.”

Their 2021 report notes that over the past ten years liberal democracy has been on the decline and autocracy has been on the rise. This is exemplified by populist and nationalist movements in countries such as India, Brazil, Poland, Turkey, and the United States. The number of liberal democracies has declined from 41 to 32 over the course of the past decade and electoral autocracies have become the most common regime type. Authoritarian countries like China and Russia not only solidified their power but expanded, such as with the recent crackdowns in Hong Kong and the annexation of Crimea.

The most shocking findings of the report were the extent of the abuse of power that transpired under the guise of fighting Covid-19. In Western liberal democracies, the restrictions were quite severe with prohibitions on travel, discriminatory behavior, executive overreach, attacks against free expression, and a lack of time limits on emergency powers being common themes. However, what has transpired in more autocratic regimes under lockdowns would make even the most tyrannical American governors blush. Ultimately, the report concludes that liberal democracy during the lockdowns took a hit, but the damage can be minimized if restrictions are lifted and emergency powers are reformed. Lockdowns, as devastating as they were, are only one factor in the chronic decline of our liberal democratic system. However, such a decline opens the door to even worse possibilities.

Exploring the Abuse of Power Under Lockdowns

The study measures violations against established international norms regarding just state conduct. It explains,

“Based on international human rights law, emergency measures may alter democratic institutions, rights, and proceedings only within certain boundaries. For example, while responses to Covid-19 may ensure physical distancing by restricting freedom of movement and assembly, they may not infringe on non-derogable rights like the right to life or freedom from torture.”

Furthermore, emergency measures must be “proportionate, necessary, and non-discriminatory”, which means that aggressive lockdown policies would not be considered a violation provided they are following some sort of universal procedure and not targeting certain populations. Therefore, the report does excuse the behavior of lockdown heavy countries like New Zealand because it is mostly focusing on truly poor-intentioned abuses of power such as the suppression of media and targeting of minority groups. Also, while the report does not include the censorship of Canadian doctors, the incident occurred after its publication.

Regardless, the study shows just how eager autocratic regimes around the world and even liberal democracies would be to violate democratic norms under the cover of a pandemic. The report notes,

“Restrictions on media freedom are most common by far – 2/3 of all countries imposed moderate or major ones. Almost 1/3 of nations (31%) have (or had) emergency measures without a time limit.”

In particular, India engaged in the harassment of journalists and Turkish authorities arrested members of the press for reporting on the pandemic while imprisoning hundreds of civilians who discussed the issue on social media. In Tunisia, the government attacked bloggers who criticized its approach to the pandemic. Such media repression in Sri Lanka was not only present but accompanied by attempts to undermine the very institutions of liberal democracy. V-Dem notes,

“The Sri Lankan government used the pandemic to impose new restrictions on the media, intimidate and silence critics, and repress civil society organizations. V-Dem data also recorded a noticeable decline in judicial independence and in the autonomy of the election management body.”

In countries like the US and other liberal democracies, civilians were essentially confined to house arrest under lockdown orders. Although this was certainly terrible and unjustified, that paled in comparison to what autocratic countries did to their people. The study writes that,

The Saudi government detained hundreds of migrant workers in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions, and the Venezuelan authorities detained thousands of its citizens who were returning from abroad in makeshift facilities… In Uganda, the authorities invoked social distancing regulations to target LGBT communities and intimidate journalists.

In Nepal, Paraguay, and South Africa, police forces used unjustified and inappropriate tactics of humiliation on those who violated social distancing guidelines. A Reuters article from April of 2020 noted,

“The U.N. human rights office voiced concern on Monday about more than a dozen countries that have declared states of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic where police have arrested or detained hundreds of thousands of people and killed others.”

Migrant workers in India are being sprayed with a disinfectant before being allowed to enter their home province. 

It goes without saying that these horrendous and inhumane strategies are enabled by not only unscientific hysteria but also a lack of respect for the norms of liberal democracy. Something that many here in the West have routinely scoffed at as antiquated values that prevent us from fully responding to threats. Principles matter most not when times are good, but when they are bad. V-Dem provides a regression table showing that infringements on international norms occurred significantly more in autocratic countries than liberal democratic ones. The US in particular underperformed in its ability to uphold democratic norms compared to its peers.

Taken in its entirety, all this shows that lockdowns were terrible in liberal democratic countries and they were especially horrendous in more authoritarian countries given their lack of constraints on power. The universal lesson is that this is what happens when you let the genie out of the bottle when it comes to this sort of government power.

violations by type
pandemic violations index

The greatest takeaway from the report in regards to pandemics and democracy is the need to enact emergency power reforms. As shown by the above graph, the report is willing to excuse the behavior of countries like New Zealand and Canada that had strict lockdowns but did not engage in the sort of abusive behavior that the other countries engaged in (targeting minorities, police misconduct, using makeshift detention facilities, etc.).

However, the report makes it very clear that all countries should set time limits on emergency powers that allow them to execute lockdowns. Worryingly, as of December 2020, 43 countries had emergency orders with no such limits; 24 were democracies, 19 were autocracies. It goes without saying that absent the aforementioned reforms, the former risks transitioning into the latter.

Finally, although this article by The Guardian was written in March of 2020, it warned about the dangers of countries like the Philippines attempting to stamp out “Covid misinformation”, as such a mandate gives far too much discretion to target political speech. Although that is a real threat, it would be interesting to know if they would still hold the same attitude towards the current Biden Administration’s recent attempt to do the same.

Key Takeaways

The report covers more than just the disturbing abuses of power that have occurred under lockdowns. Ultimately it warns against the reemergence of the dark authoritarian tendencies that exist within all societies. At the same time, it notes that democracy movements are still alive and well across the world. The ark of history has no set destination and it is up to us as a civilization to decide where it lands.

When it comes to democracies and lockdowns, this report is a stark reminder of why principles matter during a pandemic and why they will matter forever. The use of lockdowns and emergency powers without set end dates leaves the future of liberal democracies in question. For those unfortunate enough to live in autocratic nations, their lockdowns made the ones in freer countries look like child’s play. With the necessity for a system of limited government under a liberal democracy coming into question with every passing year, 2020 should have served as a preview for what life could become if we fail to defend our freedoms.

Ethan Yang

Ethan Yang

Ethan Yang is an Adjunct Research Fellow at AIER as well as the host of the AIER Authors Corner Podcast.

He holds a BA in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations with minors in legal studies and formal organizations from Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut. He is currently pursuing a JD from the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University.

Ethan also serves as the director of the Mark Twain Center for the Study of Human Freedom at Trinity College and is also involved with Students for Liberty. He has also held research positions at the Cato Institute, the Connecticut State Senate, Cause of Action Institute, and other organizations.

Ethan is currently based in Washington D.C and is a recipient of the 13th Annual International Vernon Smith Prize from the European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation. His work has been featured and cited in a variety of outlets from online media to a radio broadcasts.

The Key to Unlocking Change: Be What You Want to See

Image result for be the changeI felt compelled to write about ‘being the change’ this week after all of the negative news going on in the world lately. I won’t get into it, as I’m sure most of you are aware of what’s been going on but I just wanted to take the time to remind everyone that it all starts with each and every one of us. We all matter and we all mean something. Somewhere along the line, it became acceptable; almost required to teach us that we are insignificant and we began to lost our luster, our soul shine…and that is the greatest lie ever taught. We are all significant, we are divine, we are love. Don’t ever forget that because once you remember, the world will reflect a place that won’t need changing. 

In any situation, if there are opposing forces, which we all know is not uncommon in our 3-D world, then there are also likely to be some expectations of giving and take, of push and pull, and of certain roles you play. There are masks you get to choose from, but from the moment you are born, you must wear one. Your parents usually choose them for you until you are around the age of 18, and usually, the ones they’ve chosen tend to have an influence on the ones we later choose in life, and sadly most of us never learn to question why we’re wearing one at all or even attempt to remove it.

In this world of duality, in this modern society, there are certain ways to think, act and feel. And those of us born with different ways of perceiving, sensing, and feeling the world tend to not fit into the molds and therefore are more easily capable of seeing where the chaos is occurring in the collective and how it can be most effectively addressed.

I say this most astutely, because of time after time, experiment after experiment, measurement after measurement, it always comes back to heart resonance. If you do ANYTHING from the heart, it will have a positive, beneficial effect on the matter, being, or species at hand. I’m not talking about mere good intentions or what we might think is good for another person, but actually feeling into our hearts and connecting to that knowing space that allows us to resonate with the truth of existence.

Some would say this goes beyond the boundaries that you simply do not cross. Some would say that our society is best to not cross them. Or not…

There is a wave of us (yes I do include myself in this group although I try to avoid labels), that was never ingrained with such filters and like Van Gogh’s bleeding ear, I find it as weird and fascinating as much as I can appreciate the act itself as beautiful, alchemical art. And some might think that is just fucking unheard of. I guess you could say I strive to embody what I would imagine it means to truly be a ‘spiritual gangster’. LOL We have all seen Deepak Chopra sporting those chakra-tactical Ts, right?

So what the that mean exactly? It means to not only fall into the trap of every thought must be positive, every move must be toward the light, every day must be full of sunshine and smiles, but to also have the awareness that it’s all about the balance and that includes the Darkside, my fellow Jedis! We are gonna have to face those shadows and feel uncomfortable at times to truly “walk the path”. The New Age Movement has become a dangerous arena. It can be a great resource to learn ancient meditation, yoga, pranic breathing techniques and offer insights into spiritual development that can help lead you to the cave of your inner world, but anyone telling you that you need them to take you inside and show you the way is lying to you.

It is you who must be your own guide, your own light because it is you who is also the darkness you will overcome. And you will do this by facing all that is within you that is reflecting back from others. All that we immediately want to judge, blame, hate or be jealous of. It is all within us waiting for us to just take a damn look. And not a look of condemnation or judgment, but of simple acknowledgment and acceptance; like that poor kid always left by himself on the playground who never gets picked for kickball. Just let him know he matters, that his existence actually means something. This can make someone’s entire world. You really never know the difference you make, until you care enough to actually make it.


Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.

This article was originally created and published by Conscious Life News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Tamara Rant and ConsciousLifeNews.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this Copyright/Creative Commons statement.