Bendable Strength: An Inspiring Lesson From Wave-Particle Duality

In this article I’m going to get a bit personal and share the fact that I’m going in for minor surgery in less than a week. I’m super excited and a bit terrified at the same time because this is my last hope for curing the migraine headaches I’ve been getting for years now. See, I was cursed (some would say blessed) with a very large chest and well, let’s just say that while it’s pretty to look to at, it’s tough to carry around all the dang time. So, I’m shrinking “the girls” down to a more proportionate size for my body frame and honestly this is way long overdue.

I’ve gone through months and months of physical therapy for my neck and back pain and to no avail. I’ve gone for monthly massages that do provide temporary relief as does my morning yoga routine, but frankly…enough is enough! I’ve had it up to…well, both of here (lol) and next week my back and neck will finally receive the relief they’ve been crying out for all of these years.

So, what does my story have to do with Wave-Particle Duality you ask? Well, throughout this journey, more than once I’ve had to give up some activities, go with the flow, and make do with what I could do in certain situations. For example, I’ve been wanting to run in a charity marathon for years, yet because of the pain, all I’ve been able to do is donate a small amount of money instead. And because of the way my brain works, (I think in the “quantum”) I equate this to being like water and flowing around the obstacles put forth on my path rather than fighting against them.

My having to always “sit this one out” when it comes to anything having to do with running could have made me bitter, embarrassed, sad, resentful, and angry…and well I’ll admit sometimes it absolutely did, but in the end I chose to instead be grateful for other things in my life. This allowed me to still be able to contribute in a positive way and be there to support the friends I knew who could run in the race. In other words, I did what I could and I did it with a smile on my face…I ebbed and flowed, sort of how a quantum wave would do it.

A wave keeps going and going and going until it encounters something else; just like a cosmic roller-coaster with its countless troughs and ridges. It doesn’t complain if another wave gets in its way. It instead resonates with it and together they create a harmony. In the end, all is returned to balance whether the interference is constructive or destructive. This holds a great lesson which teaches us that even if the obstacles or “interference” in our lives seems destructive at the time, it all serves a great purpose. Every single thing you experience contributes to who you are now in this moment. And every single road bump serves to build your strength, resilience, and determination, if you allow it to and are open to learn and grow from your experiences.

When the wave gains enough speed (faster than light), something amazing happens! It becomes a particle and materializes into physical “stuff”. It literally changes energetic form into that which we can all now see with our own eyes. Well, when viewed through an electron microscope, anyway. This also holds a great lesson in that if we do not give up, we are making the greatest promise to ourselves and ultimately the greatest guarantee. That is if we just keep moving, if we just stay motivated, in action towards our goals, then we WILL transform ourselves. And with self-transformation also comes the life changes that follow that will best serve you. But it must start with you.

And this brings us back to my surgery next week. This is something I’ve been terrified to even consider for myself for so many years. And yet I’ve transformed my inner world so greatly over just the past 6 months to get to the point where I can honestly say I now love myself enough to truly know I do deserve to finally be free of this pain. And to truly know in my heart that the fears my ego keeps running through my mind aren’t real. And that once I’m healed and able to breathe full breaths without feeling like I’m being crushed, and to finally be able to donate to my favorite cause AND run in the race, I’ll always think of the endless wave that got me over the finish line pain free, and my heart’s inspiration found in particles of light.


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