“America Is A Failed State Run By Psychopaths” Jimmy Dore Weighs In On The Decline Of The Empire on the Kim Iversen Show

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Source: Kim Iversen

On the Kim Iversen show, Jimmy Dore explains why he believes that America is a failed state run by psychopaths.

Partial Transcript:

Kim Iversen (KI): Well the U.S. is spending millions of dollars, shooting down weather balloons, blowing up natural gas pipelines, and bringing us to the brink of nuclear war with Russia and China. Jimmy Dore says America is a failed state run by psychopaths, and I'm not sure I know what you mean Jimmy. What do you mean by that? Welcome to the show.

Jimmy Dore (JD): I can tell you what I mean by that. These people are psychopaths. Isn't it amazing… I remember the first time I went on Joe Rogan. He was talking about UFOs and – and I said well, why do you think they're telling you about UFOs now? And he was like no Jimmy it's real – I talked to the pilot. He saw it. I'm like they've, been seeing UFOs since they started flying and just now the military is confirming this. Why is it? Because they want to spend a trillion dollars on a space force. And they want to distract you from the Nordstrom pipeline being blown up? They also want to distract you from Palestine, Ohio.

It's amazing. You know, Americans are the most propagandized people in the world, and they have no idea that they are. That's the thing that's crazy. And the psychopaths are the people who still won't give their own people Health Care, while they're sending a hundred billion dollars in bombs to kill other people. They're blood lust, thirsty psychopaths. We did it to Iraq, we did it to Libya, 20 years in Afghanistan. We did it to Syria, we're still doing it to Syria. Isn't that amazing how people can get so outraged at Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine, but no ire, no animosity, not even a blink of an eye to the United States occupying a third of Syria, which is the oil part. So again, we're the thing we claim to hate; America is the world's terrorists.

You know, we were supposed to be afraid When Donald Trump was President because he has his finger on the button. And now we have demented Joe and his saber-rattling with two nuclear powers. And these are, of course, economic wars.

KI: And we look like idiots while we're doing this. You know like shooting down weather balloons, pow pow, pow pow, you know weather balloons and then saying these are some sort of Chinese Tech or maybe UFOs, but they're really sort of pointing the finger over at China being like wow – making us look like idiots… For one, we can't tell what a weather balloon is. You know we make it. Oh, it's some sort of high-tech Chinese, you know, military spy tech that they've got going over us. We don't even know really what it is. I mean we're just looking like idiots in the process like rogue cowboys.

JD: I I don't know how the rest of the world sees it, but… if the Chinese wanted to do something provocative like this and spy on us, they already have satellites that can spy, they can zone in, and they can read my credit card with a satellite. They don't need to put a balloon that you could see with the naked eye over our country.

So again, the United States is the world's terrorists, they're doing it constantly. I can't believe how… we'll both have shows because the corporate news media is so horrible. And they won't tell you the truth about anything, especially war. But it's just mental now – like the news has no resemblance to what's actually happening in the world. none!

And they're not talking about this. People are saying that this thing that happened in Ohio is like Chornobyl and I don't know because nobody will cover it. Nobody will talk about it. People will go to cover it and they get arrested. We're being ruled by psychopaths who deny you health care in the middle of what they call a deadly pandemic.

The CDC just put the Covid vaccine on the schedule for children. Now you and I both know that children are at zero risk from Covid, so giving kids a Covid vaccine is evil. It's not just anti-science, it's literally evil, And Democrats cheer it on like they're virtuous people and we're some kind of conspiracy nuts. They're being duped by the biggest criminals the world has ever seen, which is Big Pharma. We all know they're criminals. We all know they'll kill you for a profit, but you weren't allowed to question it, and now they're poisoning children with this.

KI: Yeah. It is criminal. And you know, other countries right now are actually banning it or no longer recommending it or even offering it for people under a certain age. You know under the age of 50. And they're saying you don't need this. This is only for high-risk. And certain countries, I think it's Quebec actually just recently said that you'd have to have NOT had covid before they're now willing to give you a shot. So they're acknowledging natural immunity and saying natural immunity is better than the shot. You don't even need a shot if you've already had Covid. And you only need a shot if you're older and high-risk. They're not even giving it to younger people in their recommendations, and yet here we are sticking it on the list for kids.

This kind of um brings me to something I want to ask you about. But first, oh by the way, I have this I have to deliver. It is Valentine's Day Jimmy and I do have a special Valentine that came in for you from Anthony Fauci. It was a special delivery. He asked me to give it to you. You know, he won't let me interview him, but he did ask me to send you that Valentine. So I hope you liked that. You make his heart stop, Jimmy

JD: That was, honest to God Kim, that was such a heartbreaker when you weren't allowed to interview Dr Fauci, And now you know, The Hill gets recommended to me, Rising gets recommended to me on the YouTube algorithm. And so, if I'm in the shower or something, it'll play and I'll hear their Covid takes, and they're coming around finally. I's taken a very long time for everybody at The Hill to get on board. They're still not sure about masks, but they're starting to follow the money and they realize that Bill Gates… By the way, Bill Gates is now after he cashed in his money that you know he put 55 million dollars into Pfizer Biotech and then he sold. I don't know how much he sold, but he sold a bunch of it, and then as soon as he did, he started shiting on their backs.

He's saying they're not good. It doesn't stop you from transmitting it. It doesn't stop you from getting it. It's not long-lasting, and they're not good. We got to get better back. All of a sudden, all of a sudden after he gets his money out of it, and so people think that Bill Gates, you know, they think he's a nice person who wants to help people with vaccines. Bill Gates is a criminal maniac, megalomaniac!

How do you get to be the richest person in the world by helping people? We all know how you get to be a billionaire by crushing people and he's barely a computer specialist. He didn't write any of that code that made them money. He's a monopolist right? He knows how to gin the system and crush people. So Bill Gates, because he wears a crew neck and a sweater, and he looks like a nerd, people think he wants to help people. He doesn't want to help people. He wants to control people – he's a megalomaniac just like everybody else.

Why do you think he's funding The WHO? Governments are supposed to be funding the WHO. You know the number one donor to the WHO is Germany, number two is Bill Gates, and number three is the United States.

KI: Right and actually Bill Gates, donates to other foundations that donate to the WHO. He also does the main funding for GAVI and GAVI Is a main funder for The WHO. So it's not just the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, but he's got proxy money coming in. So he's really even more influential than it actually looks like on that list. And he's got money just coming into these organizations through all of the other organizations that he funds. And that is what's really scary. He has a disproportionate amount of power over our Health Care system and he thinks he's some expert on I mean, I suppose I guess he is an expert on viruses.

JD: He's a College Dropout.

KI: Yeah! Well right! You know: Microsoft viruses this virus.

JD: Oh, I got you oh yeah.

KI: I was trying to make a joke Jimmy.

JD: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, my bad.

KI: My one shot at comedy, and you just you know this is why I don't do it. This is why I don't do stand-up. Speaking of that, Why are you not doing your show? Where are you?

JD: Sure yeah, so this week, Aaron Mate is filling in for me this week and next week. And this week I'm in DC for the anti-war rally on Sunday.

KI: We're both speaking at that.

JD: That that's right, It'll be great….

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