What You Didn’t Know About the Conscious Consumption of Cosmetics

Conscious consumption or responsible consumption consists of making decisions with all the information possible and available at the time of making a purchase and doing so rationally and responsibly. And when it comes to getting pretty, we have to think about using good quality eco-friendly cosmetics.

To make a responsible consumption and make the most of the options, we must know the form of production, the origin of the product, the conditions of the workers, the materials that are used, among others.

With all the information, the decision is conscious because it is ecological or not of one origin or another and how it was prepared, we were previously informed, and to know what type of company we allocate our money to, in addition to knowing what I am consuming.

Do we have access as consumers to all this information?

Yes and no. Many cosmetic product companies make it difficult for us, they do not give clear information to make a responsible and conscious consumption, highlighting what interests you from their product; that the deodorant does not have parabens, that the bread is gluten-free, the cookies have no sugar and a long etcetera.

Most of the cosmetic products of poor quality, contain ingredients or harmful materials in small print that in general, we cannot see, or such products could come from companies that exploit their workers, or mistreat animals in the fattening and production process, this, we don’t see it either.

On the basis that we buy with unclear or practically non-existent information, before considering acquiring something new, the first thing we would have to ask ourselves is if we need it and if we are going to use it relatively frequently.

Later, we could start looking in second-hand stores or portals to extend the useful life of products, being also cheaper than buying new ones. The former, in addition to all this, can continue to be used.

When we cannot find what we specifically want second-hand, that is when the research work begins to find out or find the product that we need and, in this way, carry out responsible and conscious consumption at the same time.

Here are some basic tips to start buying from companies that act according to values, which at the same time, will protect your health and the environment.

Read the composition of the product

It is extremely important to look at the materials, ingredients, etc. Prioritize and pay attention that it does not have plastic or it is excessive. That the ingredients are the minimum possible and that it is understood, that they are natural.


Try to find out what type of company is after the product. This is not simply entering your website, but also your social networks. Search forums, reviews, comments, what policies and values ​​they have. With this, we will have an idea of ​​the type of company we buy.

Discover the company’s production process

Do they take into account energy-saving criteria? Do you test on animals? How much do they pollute? We say try as it is not easy to acquire this information. Some companies are committed to transparency, where it will be easier to find what we are looking for.

Origin of product

This helps us to know the proximity of the product, if I can contribute my grain of sand by buying something that comes from our city, it will surely favor someone close to us, at the same time that it reduces the ecological footprint by having a short transport. Be careful, some companies put on the label the place where it was packaged, not the place of origin of the product.

Ask the seller questions

This is another option to consider. Give them a vote of confidence to know their answer. Have patience. When we decide to consume responsibly, we may not stop making mistakes at first, little by little we will apply these tips.

Some clinics like MiracleRehabClinic in Farmington Hills, massage centers, beauty salons and reputable aestheticists already make this responsible consumption. However, you should ask when visiting these places and take a look at what products are being used on your body before your session.

To sum up

At the end of the day, we must learn to enjoy the buying process more than before. If you make a compulsive purchase without having previously informed yourself. With patience and pursuing the goal, anything is possible.

Although it seems that there are many things to take into account to make a responsible consumption, as soon as you find the right company for your values, its philosophy, mode of production, and everything with which you feel that you has made a conscious and consistent responsible purchase with your principles and you will not have to investigate further.