Tips for Creating an Outdoor Sanctuary

Image source: Pixabay

We spend a lot of time with our work, leisure, or studies, and sometimes we tend to forget when to take a break and release our stress. We often look forward to weekends and find a place to spend time with family and friends, but most people are also going out on weekends, making public spaces more crowded. Instead of going out, why not consider creating an outdoor sanctuary in your backyard for a more peaceful and quiet place to rest? If you want to convert your backyard into a place you can refresh your body and soul, here are some tips to help you start with the project.

Add Plenty of Seating

One of the first things that you will search for if you want to rest is a comfy chair with your feet up after a busy day. Locate a focal point in your backyard, as some yards have a dramatic view of the ocean or any vista would do. If your yard has limited view, you can create a focal point with plants placed in a strategic location that produces great landscape details.

You may also arrange a large seating capacity around a fire pit, if you are inviting a large group in your sanctuary. A lounge furniture setup would also be inviting, especially if it has a water feature with greens around it. If you have limited space, you can integrate bench planters or seats attached to walls.

Use Plants

Plants and greenery are vital in any outdoor space. They create a calm, relaxing mood, and help to preserve our environment. Plants and flowers can free your mind from worries, encouraging you to savor the moment and ease your stress from work or school.

There are plants that have drifting fragrances and there are those that create a sound of rustling leaves as the wind blows. You can never go wrong with incorporating plants into your backyard, especially if you hit the right combinations of greenery. It would be best to consult a professional landscape architect or contractor. If you plan to meditate on your backyard lawn, you can even install turf from industry experts such as the Sod Source. This way, you can achieve that perfect ambiance as you become mindful of your surroundings.

Manage Your Lighting

Lighting can do wonders in almost any space in your home. Proper installation of lighting fixtures can set the mood of your backyard. More importantly, proper lighting promotes safety in your backyard, especially in dangerous places such as stairs and other precarious edges of patios. You should also install lighting fixtures that focus on boulders or trees that are present around the perimeters of your backyard.

Water Details

Experts say that water increases your good mood and releases your stress whenever you are near one. Lucky for those who live near a body of water, they will have the chance to incorporate a wonderful view to their backyard. If your location is not within any majestic view, you can implement water features in your landscape. Water walls can be an ideal feature in your backyard. You can start with creating standalone ponds if you find it hard to focus with the sound of water. Once you are accustomed to peace within you, you can gradually add DIY waterfalls to add white noise to help you calm your senses.

Finding that “zen” within you is easy once you have a sanctuary where you can be more aware of yourself and your being. Find a time to create that outdoor sanctuary to help you achieve inner peace.