The Right Time to Take Your Blog from Shared to VPS Hosting

What does the topic of this post ask? When you manage an online business, your work may fail or be fruitful and expanding; it depends on how you work and plan it. Every successful business may experience growth. The rational goal of every blog or online business is to grow.

Primary, you started with a low-capacity client-server. But now, your transactions are increasing. I think you have a growing blog. You need to expand your resources but not about an entirely devoted server; This time, you necessitate buying a cheap VPS hosting server and transfer your blog to it. The growing blog needs more process resources and has more traffic than a starter blog. If you don’t supply your blog with power and resources, your server may crash on and not answer users’ transactions. This character is harmful to the success of your blog.

Router hosting emerged in 2008, and now, it is one of the most stable and accurate Virtual Private Server providers. By purchasing a VPS server from RouterHosting, you will adopt a reliable, durable, and speedy service; you can almost order a VPS server everywhere in the world. The physical servers of RouterHosting are installed in vast direct from east Asia to the west US. You can buy cheap VPS from this RouterHosting. RouterHosting services are reachable worldwide, and VPS hosting US. is one of the most reliable servers in this region.

Why Should You Choose RouterHosting?

You can see the banners of several VPS providers anywhere on the internet. Many of them support you with VPS servers. When you want to find a VPS server for your blog or business website, you should deal with some essential details.

Fastness and Agility

This feature is one of the main characters of any hosting provider. You have to find the best speed VPS that you can afford. Latency and delay in site loading and process line can be harmful to some businesses or bounce the users. RouterHosting favors customers using high-tech infrastructures and high-quality hardware to serve the clients in the fastest way.


The stability of the host is one of the main components of Routerhosting. Users have to know about critical elements of a server and then start to find the best server according to financial restrictions.

Customer Support

There some common issue that happens in host provides. At this time, the customer support technicians have to be online to resolve the server’s problem. Sometimes this support can be significant, and latency may result in a disaster. RouterHosting can ensure you support the server’s clients 24/7 with professional technicians.

Multiple Locations

One of the main factors affecting your server’s performance is the distance between the client and the installed physical server. RouterHosting has cluttered its physical servers, so you can choose the nearest server to you to get the best services from the server.

Effortless Control Panel

The Control panel is the heart of your server, but sometimes you should have high-level knowledge to handle it. In RouterHosting, we offer you a server with an evident and straightforward control panel. You can easily manage your configurations and set the rules of the server.

Affordable Pricing Plan

Everyone, when she tries to buy or rent something at first, sets her budget restriction. The VPS hosting is not an exception. So when you are looking for a VPS server, you should think about other features according to your budget.

In RouterHosting, we offer the customers the best and most reasonable prices from a transparent pricing structure. You can buy a cheap, high-quality server with excellent performance.


RDP systems are a kind of check to your VPS server. With this technology, you can easily manage your VPS. you can make a new reconfiguration on your server with RDP VPS and handle your VPS server with a better tool. You also can buy RDP VPS from RouterHosting. This company offers RDP for sale, and you can buy RDP online everywhere.

What is the US VPS?

As we mentioned above, one of the crucial factors that can affect the server’s performance is the distance from clients. The US market is one of the biggest globally, and a lot of companies work with servers. Therefore RouterHosting has installed the physical body of the servers in the US. as VPS hosting the US. This strategy empowered the performance of the VPS in the US.


If you want to select a server, you should consider some points. One of these points is the management of your server. With RDP, you can experience reasonable control of your resources and your performance.

Another one, as said, is distance. The clients and the server have to be as near as possible to have complete performance. For this reason, RouterHosting has offered VPS hosting US. and shown you RDP for sale. With RouterHosting, you can already buy cheap VPS hosting servers.