The Best Ways To Reach Recovery From Addiction

Do you or a loved one suffer from the horrendous ordeal of addiction? We understand what you are going through, it is not easy. As the rates of drug related deaths continue to skyrocket how do we make sure that us or a loved one becomes one of those numbers? It may feel scary to try and get the help that is needed. I mean after all addiction is not easy. Sometimes as much as we want the help we can’t seem to get it, and that necessarily is not our fault. Addiction is a very mean and nasty disease, who doesn’t discriminate. So let’s explore some options and different ways to reach recovery from addiction. We ask that you keep an open mind while reading this.

Sober homes

Sober livings have become a popular option for people wanting to get clean and sober. The whole concept of a sober living is where you basically have a lot more freedom. You just live in a sober environment with other sober people. You are also required to work some type of 12 step program. This option might be a good option, If you are still needing to work or have obligations that you need to attend to. While most sober homes vary in price it is important to pick one that you would like. Tour a few in an area that you are looking at and see what kind of vibe you get from it. Most sober homes are cash pay so you definitely want to make sure that you are going to feel comfortable there.


When withdrawing from drugs or alcohol it is extremely important to make sure that you are somewhere that can help you in case something should happen. It is also important to be as comfortable as possible when you are detoxing. Licensed detox’s will always have licensed medical professionals on staff 24/7. Paying for detox out of pocket can be expensive, if you have medical insurance we recommend that you check and see if they offer detox.

Treatment center.

What is highly recommended and usually the most popular is going to a treatment center. Now if you take this route usually detox is part of the package. It usually goes detox, residential, Intensive outpatient, and outpatient. This is a longer term plan usually anywhere from 60 to 180 days. Although being in a treatment center does give you the advantage to fully work on yourself. You get to go to 12 step meetings as well as hang out with other people who are getting sober. California is a popular destination for people looking to get sober. I talked to someone who got sober at an addiction treatment studio city and he said that “Getting sober in California was a blessing because I got to meet addicts who are now sober and successful and that gave me so much motivation.” We highly recommend that you look for a treatment center that can give you the care that you are looking for. Treatment centers vary in the care that they give you. Meaning some offer equine therapy, water therapy. Also if you have medical insurance it is recommended that you check and see if you are eligible for addiction treatment services.

12 step program

While even your aftercare plan should include a 12-step program, if you are not financially able to go to a treatment center 12 step programs are the perfect solution. Meetings as they are called are held everyday all day. A 12-step program or like A.A is a program where you go to hear other stories from recovering alcoholics and addicts. You also work a “program” or the 12 steps with someone who has been through it already.

We hope this helped you some. Remember you do not have to suffer from the chains of addiction.