Coronavirus and the Evolution of Humanity – What We NEED to Do RIGHT NOW! | Ervin Laszlo

Video Source: Inspire Nation

You play an important part in the outcome for humanity!!!

Humanity is at a critical point in her evolution, a time of great positive change if we desire – a true state change to something even better!

Nature desires order, and higher and higher states of complexity. That’s what quantum mechanics is all about, in direct opposition to Newtonian physics and entropy or chaos.

And we each play a role in the evolution of humanity!!!

Discover the concept of Super-coherence, coherent states, and why humanity must rise to a higher vibrational state in order to survive and to evolve, and how this can take place.

According to 2-time nominated Nobel Peace Laureate, Ervin Laszlo, we are at a critical time for humanity, a bifurcation where we can go two ways, either into a state of chaos, where we won’t survive or to a higher state of consciousness.

Learn what we can do to navigate this time, to shift humanity, and to truly come together as one.

We can heal this planet, we can heal from the coronavirus, and most importantly, like an electron changing states, we can jump to a higher vibrational state, or a higher level of consciousness, and truly be in super-coherence.