5 Ways You Can Communicate with the Spirit World

By Jared | In5D.com

I have been sensitive to spirit all my life, and the direction that it has taken me has always been surprising, but where as many are still pondering the question is there life after death. The answer for me personally is already proven fact. I have seen too much throughout my life to believe otherwise and though there are still many unanswered questions. The validation that has been given has been undeniable.

My Journey started with my brother Jonathan, who I have written about in other articles. Jonathan passed to spirit in 1999 of a congenital heart condition, spawning a sudden onset of illness to an otherwise healthy man of age 20 that lead to his death just 2 weeks later. Since then I have been on a journey, that has tested my faith, patience, view of reality and struck the core of my very being. That being said it is a journey that has allowed me to understand our connections with those who pass over to the spirit world and therefore allowed me to offer help to others in understanding just how much our loved ones, guides, and teachers influence our life.

So with that being said here are 5 ways in which you can communicate with your loved ones in spirit.

1. Psychic readings

People have had readings for centuries and this way is nothing new, the medium allows the spirit of a loved one connected to you to come close to them and offer messages from the other side. From my own experience, there are many ways in which they can do this, through their senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste, to direct thought communication or a mixture of the two.

There are many types of readers out there however and not all of them work with spirit, some work with higher forces, others work with cards, and other forms of divination, some have direct connections to other forms of consciousness.

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So what is good to look for? Well, a good medium will always offer communication that you can validate, things like past memories, certain aspects of the person’s personality, they may even exhibit physical attributes of the person. One of the most unusually I have had was bringing the spirit through of a gentleman who suffered from a stroke, in front of a room of 100 people, he was very gentle, but throughout the whole reading, I had no use of the left-hand side of my face, and would talk just through using the muscles on the right. Something I could not replicate if I tried. So if this is the option for you, then do some research before moving forward.   

2. Dreams

Have you ever had the dream of someone who has passed away and woke up with the image of the dream in your mind for at least a day? A lot of the dreams will tend to take the have the following attributes a) they tend to start mid way into a situation, b) the loved one is there, and immediately the conscious mind asks, how can this be? Did you die? c) upon hearing this the person will explain either they didn’t die, and there was some mistake or just put you at east that they are fine. d) they deliver the message and you wake with their voice echoing in your head?

Well, this is because a spirit can manipulate your dreams. According to Dr. Michael Newton in his book “Journey of Soul” where he gives the information he was given by several patients he regressed into the afterlife, explains that when we have several dreams a night, the spirit with the help of a guide can scan the dreams, take images from some of them, and then implant themselves into the next dream cycle. So if in your first dream you are in a street playing football, and in the second you are riding a horse in a meadow, you may dream of the loved one riding a horse through the street. The aim is to get a steady connection of which the conscious mind will take. This is why they don’t like to focus on their passing because knowing their physical body has died and the pain that has caused will sometimes break the connection and wake you up.

When you have these dreams write them down and pay attention to the message, this is something you can ask for, but the spirit will only step forward when you’re ready.

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3. Meditation

Meditation is another way in which you can bring forward your connection with spirit very easily and there are literally hundreds of different techniques to try, however, one of the best methods I have done, is to allow your mind to simply drift into a meditative state through music.

This is a very simple technique of setting your intent to communicate and strengthening the connection. Take some time for yourself and sit somewhere comfortable and just listen to some relaxing music, classical or ambient seems to work best, but basically any music without words that is relaxing is good. Take some deep breaths and release any negativity and anxiety and let the music take you on a journey, what landscapes does it form in your mind. Be aware of the details you perceive and accept them into your awareness, then ask if there is anyone from a spirit that comes in love and light that would like to make themselves known.

You may be surprised to what you may find, even if you just simply get a few words, anything is better than nothing, and we all start somewhere, each time I have done this with people in my development groups I have been very surprised as to just how much they have seen.