Nikola Tesla: Maverick , Visionary, Master of Light


By  C.Katt Krespach |EWAO

Remarkable was Tesla’s life.  His key observations and aptitude for working out the mechanics of the mysteries hidden within the micro world of physics reflects the genius of this man.

Yet, being born during the industrial revolution… and owning a generous and compassionate heart, Tesla was ruthlessly taken advantage of by the same corporate giants that rule our lives in the 21st century.

 If we wish to conceive a world, free of economic, political and environmental destruction, it is good to know fully his story.

If we do not search our history for truth, we see life only as we have been indoctrinated.

“The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearly. One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” -Nikola Tesla


The Magical Intuition Of Tesla

Tesla’s ideas were often conceived and perfected in his mind’s eye in an instant.

“Birth, growth and development are phases normal and natural,” said Tesla, but, “It was different with my invention(s). In the very moment I became conscious of it, I ‘saw’ it fully developed and perfected…”

In fact these extraordinary powers of memory and visualization were to characterize much of his life and work.

A Youth Of The Industrial Revolution

Visionaries were creating the mechanical foundation of our world. Life was changing drastically and Tesla was at the heart of engineering a better world for everyone.

Tesla was a scientific visionary. Among his early accomplishments are the fluorescent bulb and neon lights; the speedometer and the car ignition system;  the basic scientific principles behind electron microscopes; and microwave heating.

Nikola Tesla And Thomas Edison

Upon his arrival into America from Croatia, Tesla remarked on the american mechanics being developed within the emerging industrial complex…

 “What I had left was beautiful, artistic and fascinating in every way.” He wrote to a friend: “What I saw here [is] machined, rough and unattractive.”

Upon arrival, Tesla presented a letter of introduction to Thomas Edison written by Charles Batchelor – one of Edison’s business associates in Europe.

Tesla worked a short time for Edison.

Once established into an American life, Tesla gave notice to Edison and left to continue his own inventions.

Within months, he filed for seven US patents, which included a complete system of generators, transformers, transmission lines, motors and lighting.

So original were the patents that they were issued without a challenge, as would normally happen. They turned out to be the most valuable patents since the telephone.

Nikola Tesla And GE Mogul, George Westinghouse

Pittsburgh industrialist George Westinghouse heard about Tesla’s inventions and decided to investigate for himself.

Acting on his sharp business instincts, Westinghouse arrived at Tesla’s lab, inspected the inventions and promptly bought the patents, which ironically were to lay the foundations for the Westinghouse Corporation, one of the pillars of the Military/Industrial complex.

The Westinghouse Corporation took full advantage of Tesla’s willingness to gift the world with his inventions. Instead of freely offering the designs to the public, Westinghouse used the designs to compete with the Edison Corporation.

While Westinghouse and Edison fought over the use of Tesla’s designs, J.P. Morgan sought his opportunity to gain control over the electrical industrial complex.

Years of fierce competition with Edison’s Corporation had left Westinghouse financially drained and by 1896 his company’s position was looking extremely precarious.

J.P. Morgan, the Stock Market’s ‘robber baron’, saw his chance. In an effort to bring the US power industry firmly under his control he began to manipulate the Stock Market, with the intention of ruining Westinghouse and buying Tesla’s valuable patents.

In desperation, Westinghouse pleaded with Tesla to revise his contract and release him from a bond to pay the inventor generous royalties. In a gesture that was typical of his true spirit, Tesla is said to have torn up the contract.

Tesla Invents Wireless Transmission

Around the turn of the century Tesla concluded that it would be possible to transmit electrical power without wires. To optimise results, he chose to experiment at high altitude, where the air was thinner and therefore more conductive.

Choosing Colorado Springs to build his research laboratory, he conducted extraodinary experiments and secret tests.

It was a solid theory. Unending amounts of power could be trasmitted around the globe…. without wires and with no restrictions on the energy use.

Tesla failed to acquire enough funds to pursue the invention and eventually abandoned his experiments in Colorado.

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