The Age of Aquarius, the Great Cycle, the Epoch: Mass Meditation for a New Age on Dec 21, 2020

By Christina Sarich | Waking Times

We, humans, love our myths. They boldly embrace us with the story of our own evolution, as described by great philosophers like Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces, and The Power of Myth, or Carl Jung as described in The Red Book.

The story arch of humankind is similar no matter what culture presents it – from Northern Borneo to ancient Ireland, to Australian aboriginal tales and ancient Hindu yugas, the Mayan’s ancient myths, and even the theatrics of the Knights Templar.

Epochs of Evolution & the Aquarian Age

We all are led down (and up) a recurring path to ascendance. It is in these epochs of our own evolution that we find grace. Now, as we enter the “Age of Aquarius,” we can compare it to the yugas, or the progression through from a Golden Age, through Silver, and a slow regression and separation from Divine thought and action, all the way into the Iron Age. Here we must overcome our full descent in order to emerge from the darkness into the light once more.

It is no mistake, and nothing new, that we now observe rampant greed, fraud, crime, war, death, poverty, and selfishness. Our disregard for one another and the planet which is equally part and parcel of our own material bodies have been neglected to the point of complete oblivion.

We, as humanity, are not just hanging on the precipice, we’re clawing our way, dirt under our fingernails, blood in our craw, and sweat dripping from our brows, trying to ascend from the abyss that is the former age. Prior to the Aquarian Age, or as the yugas call this age of enlightenment and freedom – the Satya Yuga, we suffer. But this suffering is purposeful and temporary.

It is in our desperation that we usually find our way back to the Divine, the Truth, the Universal Intelligence that provides Infinite Freedom.

One of the tools used throughout the ages to “re-tune” the frequency of humankind has always been meditation. There is archeological evidence of meditation all the way back to 5,000 BCE, and it was likely happening well before. Though there are ties to the practice historically to Ancient Egypt, China, and India, calming the mind or altering the mind in order to access higher states of awareness that might lift us from the mire of greed, famine, and war (all centered in ego and delusion) through every cultural thread.

Why is the Tool of Meditation So Effective through Every Great Cycle?

Modern neuroscientists note that alpha waves created with ease during meditative states tend to reduce depressive symptoms and increase creative thinking. They also incite neural oscillations that are conducive to unity and the overall coherence of a population. We are also influenced subconsciously by the calm that meditation affords us, and, without even conscious attention being applied once our meditation is through, we encourage others in the same subconscious way to act with elevated hearts and minds toward peace.

Interestingly, Maharishi yogi has also proven in thousands of studies that when a large enough group of meditators join in a concerted effort to alter consciousness toward peace and cohesiveness, they positively affect entire communities. Crime rates are lowered, violence is reduced.

Moreover, our parasympathetic nervous system “speaks” to others via an electromagnetic field that is much larger in the human heart than that emitting from the human brain. Scientific research has noted that a calm, coherent heart rate variability affects people we know and love even if they are thousands of miles away, and one of the most significant ways to calm the parasympathetic nervous system and heart rate variability is through meditation!

Planetary change is truly possible when collective consciousness is altered. When we meditate collectively,  alpha waves in the human brain “sync” with others around us, causing a ripple effect.

Mass Meditation for Change: The Golden Age of Aquarius

If you’re ready to sync your alpha waves with millions of others around the world to create massive change this December, please consider joining this mass meditation:

Global Peace Meditation

Help to anchor in new cosmic love energies forever on planet Earth on December 21st at 6:22pm UTC / 1:22pm EST / 10:22am PST. Commit your energies to the mass meditation today.

About the Author

Christina Sarich Freelance writer

Christina Sarich is a writer, musician, yogi, and humanitarian with an expansive repertoire. Her thousands of articles can be found all over the Internet, and her insights also appear in magazines as diverse as Weston A. Price, Atlantis Rising, and the Cuyamungue Institute, among others. She was recently a featured author in the Journal, “Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and Healing Arts,” and her commentary on healing, ascension, and human potential inform a large body of the alternative news lexicon. She has been invited to appear on numerous radio shows, including Health Conspiracy Radio, Dr. Gregory Smith’s Show, and dozens more. The second edition of her book, Pharma Sutra, will be released soon.

Jupiter & Pluto in Capricorn Conjunct in 2020

All Together Unique: Why We ALL Are Our Own Divine Dimensions

While I understand that to “be” something, you must fit the criteria of what “being” that certain something actually means. But when it comes to Spirituality, who got to decide and why do we all just go along with it? I also get it that with increased self-awareness, intuition, centeredness, connection to Source, the Divine, God or whatever name you prefer to use there comes the draw towards certain activities, types of people and even thoughts, as well as the draw away from certain activities, types of people and again…thoughts.

But when we start to invest our own perceptual opinions onto something greater than ourselves; something that is meant to encompass everything and be bias to none (see all in love and everything as connected), to me it seems to not only defeat the purpose, but chip away at what is such an incredibly and personally beautiful experience to each and every one of us.

Lately it seems like I cannot go a day without coming across an article that either attempts to squeeze what it means to “be a spiritual person” into some tiny little boxes, or attempts to define certain practices as absolute requirements to obtain enlightenment (which personally I believe there are countless ways to get there). I even read an article earlier this week that listed 5 things that “spiritual people” do differently from things like doing drugs to vacationing. While I completely get the angle the author was shooting for, it left me feeling so tense, like I literally couldn’t move. And it was because I felt so limited, so confined, so DE-fined…it was like someone took all the magic out of the room.

I feel like while the point of the article was to shed light on a perhaps alternative perspective on 5 typical topics; come at them from a new “expanded” viewpoint to maybe open some eyes, ears and even hearts, I also was left feeling like one huge stereotype. Like these things were almost expected of me because I tend to resonate more with the “spiritual” side of life rather than “religious.” It was a lesson in just how powerful perceptions can be and honestly was the driving force behind me choosing this topic to write about this week.

These little storm clouds have been floating around my gray matter ever since and with each flash of lightning I was pushed to share my own opinion on how the boxes being passed around the “spiritual” community aren’t for me and I might even be so bold to suggest they are an illusion and do not exist at all (until we acknowledge them into our reality).

So…consider this my “take back” of acknowledging the boxes and giving myself my freedom of self-expression back. Actually, I’m okay with knowing they’re there, they’re just not for me and that’s okay. One box, in particular, is that in order to be spiritual, one must participate in certain practices like meditation. While I do meditate, if I stopped I wouldn’t for one second say that made me “less” of a spiritual person. And I just think there’s a lot of stigma around these type of things that people feel they absolutely must do them in order to BE spiritual.

I happen to know a ton of “spiritual” people who have never meditated a day in their life. I also know some who do once in a while; others daily. Each of them is spiritual in their own way. How so? Because to be so is to be truly undefined; merely authentically connected…to yourself and to others, seeing rawly through eyes of love and compassion rather than fear and judgment. Being innately guided by your heart rather than mislead by your ego. But ultimately…flowing with the acknowledgment of your own eternity.

When we let others begin to define us, is like letting them siphon our energy and personal power right out of us. We begin to see others as above us rather than merely our equals whom we can learn from and share knowledge with. True teachers always know they are first and foremost the student with the most to learn. And they never tell you what to see; only where to look. So, the endless flood of “New Age” gurus should be dealt with caution as another great less I’ve learned is that not everyone who plays in the spiritual boxes is automatically honest, sincere, or without personal agenda.

This lesson in itself is a great reminder to always trust your own gut instincts and if you feel that someone is trying to take advantage of you by claiming you are broken and cannot “fix” your life without them. Once you become dependent on someone or something outside of yourself, you are disconnected from your most valuable source of assistance; your spirit and your connection to the Universe and the Source. You can’t hear the silence when you focus only on the outside chatter…

I’m not saying to never take advice or get others opinions. Sometimes it is vital to get an objective take on something you are going through. However, the more “self-help” books I read, the more I realize that nothing is wrong with me…or ANY of us! We are ALL imperfectly perfect and no one, not even ourselves can deny the simple beauty in that! I’ve felt as much as the next person the pull to fit in and belong to something; something where people think like me and talk about more than the weather.

But after years of searching for answers outside of myself, I realized that there’s nothing wrong with talking about the weather! Sure deep, intellectual conversation stimulates my gray matter like nothing else, but there is also a simple beauty to be found in merely connecting with a stranger who so deeply wants to converse with you, but has no other common ground but to reflect upon how welcome the sunshine is today. Now if THAT isn’t truly spiritual, I dunno what is.

So, let’s remember that it’s not how many downward-facing dogs or inward breaths of positivity you take that make you a spiritual being. You are a spiritual being merely because you are YOU; a child of the Universe, no less a wonder than the stars or the cosmos themselves.


Tamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

Tamara posts new original articles to CLN every Saturday.

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Are YOU Living the #1 New Age Lie? Find Out in this Video from Mark Passio


Video Source: All Mark Passio The Great Work

In this video, Mark Passio briefly speaks on balancing knowledge, courage and action in times of awakening, so that our affect can go beyond us and positively affect the collective.

“With great knowledge comes great responsibility.”

Like Maya Angelou said, “When you get, give. When you learn, teach.”

What do we need to do to effect change not only in ourselves, but in other people?

How can we keep our consciousness and willpower alive right here- right now?

How can we learn to be the leaders of our own evolution and teach others to do the same?

These are just some of the powerful, timely questions that Mark explores.

Enjoy the video – and change the world!

CLN RADIO NEW EPISODE: 2016 – A Forecast by the Numbers (Will it be spot on?)

Alexis speaks with renowned numerologist Sharon Millstein about what 2016 has in store.

In numerology, every number has a special significance and an energetic influence that is tightly embedded within the matrix we call 3D reality.

As we prepare to leave 2015 –  an eight year and move swiftly into what celebrated numerologist Sharon Millstein calls a number of power, the 9 year, there’s much she cautions us to be aware of.

What will this 9 year of 2016 signify in terms of which direction this planet will be heading? Let’s check in with Sharon – for this – our annual New Year forecast by the numbers. 2016.

If you want to review what Sharon had to say about 2015 and how it all played out – Listen here!

To listen to the full audio interview plus get show notes and other extras click here.

More about our guest:

sharon-pic-150x150Sharon Millstein is a psychic counselor, public speaker, numerologist, clairvoyant and healer who lives in Taos, New Mexico. She has appeared on numerous radio shows locally as well as globally.

Her radio show “The Sharon Millstein Numerology Show” aired in Taos in 1985. She has been published in many newspapers including the British Newspaper “The Metro.”

Sharon has been doing readings and healings for over 43 years. She uses her insight and gifts to help people move through trauma, as well as help them to unblock walls of fixed behavior. She believes that her gift of seeing and her ability to being empathic has helped her to facilitate others, which has resulted in them being catapulted to move!

She says, “This is ‘Classroom Earth’ and we have many lessons and homework to do here while on this planet.”

As a child, she had the power to see, which helped her navigate through many years of childhood challenges.

She loves, and uses her passions of colors, crystals, essential oils and numbers to help her clients. Her other interests are her animals, nature, and organic food and she uses her food as another modality to help people heal.

Her postulate: “everything is about vibration.”

To learn more about the work of Sharon Millstein:



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The Delusion of the Law of Attraction (2)


In my previous article here on Conscious Life News, The Delusion of The Law of Attraction, I shared my personal view that the idea of “manifestation” in New Age circles is typically simplistic and naïve. I outlined one important distinction (one of a dozen I outline here), which is as follows:

Conscious intention is important and influential in bringing a vision into real-world reality, but it cannot (with perhaps the odd remarkable exception) transcend the physical, economic and social systems in which we live, work and create.
In this second article I am going to get practical. What does all this mean?

It means that – ideally – you have to honour the most significant aspects of the current social and economic system in which you intend to work as you “manifest” your vision. You need to be aware of how each domain operates. You need to be smart. Being smart means being mindful of both opportunities and potential roadblocks at that level. Just how much you need to know about a domain will depend on your situation and what you are looking to do.

For the sake of clarity, I identify five domains that have to be negotiated: mind and inspiration, the street level, the social/systems domain, worldview/paradigm, and the realm of myth/metaphor.

I suggest that as you read what follows, think of a particular goal or dream that you are really passionate about, and how you can apply this knowledge to your vision. Or consider something that you tried to create in the past.

I present the following as questions, because this is the best way to get you to start thinking deeply about the issues they highlight. They certainly aren’t the only questions you may need to ask, but they are some of the most important.

This is the domain that is commonly addressed in New Age philosophies (although usually it is disconnected from the other domains). It concerns how you employ your mind both consciously and unconsciously. The conscious part is relatively simple. You should take the time to follow your deep intuitions, then visualise and affirm them as if they are already here, now. Since this domain is already widely discussed in spiritual circles, I will not comment at length about it here.

• What are my gifts, my passions. What is my genius?
• What do I feel intuitively that am I here to do and be?
• How can I turn that into a real world career, service or pastime/hobby?
• How can I activate and utilise my spiritual guidance as I go about creating my vision?
• Am I allowing greed, lust, fear, self-doubt, parental messaging or social conditioning to cloud my vision – or completely distort it?
• Is my passion really something that I want or need to turn into a profession or even a pastime?
• Am I ignoring my genuine intuition as it tells me that something is not right here?
• Am I failing to listen to my intuition on an ongoing basis as I work on actualising my vision – and not just at the initial idea-creation phase?
• Do I have any restrictive belief structures within me that might prevent me taking affirmative action towards actualising my goal?
• Do I believe that I have to be perfect and “negative-belief-free” before I can be successful? (this is not true).

This is the domain of practical application; of people, markets and money. At the street level we deal with the nuts and bolts stuff that any dream requires to become a reality. Sometimes these things can be dull and repetitive.

• Can you see an opportunity for your passion in the world of money and markets?
• Is there a gap in the market place that you could fill with your genius or passion?
• Have you done some research to find out if anybody else is doing the same thing, and if so, how they are faring?
• Who can help you?

• Do I give up as soon as the initial excitement of my dream begins to fade?
• Have I failed to learn about my product or service, and its potential market?
• Have I done sufficient research into the marketing of my idea? Am I willing to learn about marketing?
• Does my budget cover my expenses?
• Do I need to develop better people skills?
• Do I need help?

Whether we like it or not we have to live and work in society. And organisations have their particular ways of operating, their systems. You will have to acknowledge this if you want to work with people out in the “real world”. Many spiritual folk actually despise the world. When this is the case, they will not only get drawn into “drama” and conflict, but they also lose all opportunity to shine their light in the world.

• Do I begin my personal introductions, writings and presentations with references to common social and cultural experiences that I share with my audience?
• In regard to my product or service, what trends or potential developments are occurring in society which could lead to exciting opportunities in the short to medium-term future?
• Am I looking to other societies and cultures (other than my own) for inspiration?
• Do I seek to make friends with strangers who are different from me? You can learn much from such people.
• Do I take opportunities to travel? This will expose you to new ideas.
• Do I look for worldview similarities rather than focussing upon the differences?
• Do I need to ground my vision in the real world of money and markets? Is it too “airy fairy”?
• Am I failing to speak a language that my intended market will understand?
• Do I believe myself to be culturally or spiritually superior to others?
• Have I rejected the world? Am I angry and judgmental towards others who don’t see it the way I do?
• Do I despise people who are non-spiritual? Do I refer to them as animals, sheeple or drones?

Typically people who work with the idea of the Law of Attraction are coming from a different paradigm than the mainstream – a different way of looking at the world. This is something they need to consider carefully.

• What are the great gifts that the dominant paradigm has given us?
• Do I look for worldview similarities rather than focusing upon the differences?
• How can I draw from the knowledge of the dominant paradigm to assist me in developing my vision, and in helping others to understand my vision?
• Do I reject the dominant paradigm and the people who espouse it? This is a problem if you are dealing with such people on a regular basis. You are rejecting your audience.
• Am I ignoring important and crucial truths from the dominant paradigm, such that my own knowledge base is being unnecessarily restricted? I simply suggest that you do not reject science. Acknowledge its limitations, but be grateful for the great advances it has brought us.
• Am I living the New Age/Romantic vision and unconsciously imposing it upon others or believe that it is an inevitable future for everyone? This would be an example of “hegemony”.
• Am I assuming that people within the dominant paradigm can see beyond it, simply because I can? You may need to gently lead people towards questioning their worldview. Just because you read Kuhn’s The Nature of Scientific Revolutions thirty years ago doesn’t mean everybody did.


• Can I turn my idea into a powerful and attractive story that touches something deep within the human spirit?
• How can I use metaphor and language in a way that makes my story easy to understand, and which reaches into the human psyche (not just the intellect).
• Where can I find/create images that resonate powerfully with my audience?
• Are my metaphors incompatible with my audience’s, or simply outdated?
• Is my story clichéd and stale?
• Does my story contain elements of victimhood, blame and projection?

There are a lot of questions here. I don’t expect you will want (or need) to answer them all in depth. But do reflect upon those that you feel are relevant to your journey of creation.
Finally, remember that God put you in this world. It is where you are meant to be. Working with the system and with the people of this planet is a great opportunity for spiritual growth. So don’t make the mistake of rejecting the world and its people. Use your creation journey as an opportunity to grow, to love forgive and to love. That is something even more important than the act of creation itself.

Marcus T Anthony



Our World Is Changing: An Explanation Of What’s Happening To Us & The Planet

Laura Jane | Collective Evolution

“The new age is coming, whether you like it or not, and whether you understand it or not.” –Jordan Maxwell

Everything we experience is a chance to learn and grow. When faced with uncertainty, it helps to connect to the possible purpose or lesson that is trying to express itself.

As students in this school of life, we are not only challenged with individual but also broader learning opportunities confronted by humanity as a whole. This could be a grand lesson for a particular generation for instance. I wanted to address one of these grand lessons for humanity that will be coming with the dawning of a new age.

I hope this information will help you connect to the lesson so that you can better navigate a changing landscape as time goes on.

Some Background

As you may be aware, ages are connected the axial wobble of the Earth, or the procession of the equinoxes. Procession is gradually leading us from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius.

You should also know each age has its own characteristics, its own feel. The feel coincides with the Earth’s chakra or energy point that is evolving during the particular age. This gradual procession of ages moving from base to higher more spiritually advanced chakras is meant to evolve the Earth and humanity into higher and higher consciousness.

Furthermore, each age is connected with an astrological sign and each sign is associated with an element carrying with it certain characteristics.  Briefly:

Earth = physical/material
Air = Mental/Analytical
Fire = Energy/Passion/Creativity
Water = Emotions

All of these factors combine to give the age in question particular emphases, challenges and goals.

This past age, the Age of Pisces, was associated with the heart chakra, evident in the dominance of Christianity, where a big emphasis was placed on the Christian values of giving, loving thy neighbor and faithfulness. The denser side of the Piscean zeitgeist perpetuated self-denial and the notion we are all born sinners. Oh and the guilt, let’s not forget that! Pisces being a water sign is connected to emotions, and people of this time grew through believing and having faith.

The Age of Aquarius brings with it an air sign influence. Air signs in general have to do with mental strength, clarity of thought, science and analytical thinking.  Aquarius in particular integrates these qualities with innovation and individuality.

The influence of a new age is not immediate, but gradual, with crossover influence from the new as it approaches and residual from the old as it passes.  The influence of a new age has been expressing for some time, enabling achievements like the scientific method, for instance.  These influences only get stronger as time goes on.  Think about it, we have literally gone from a scientific break through emerging every decade to potentially everyday.

Aquarius & The Third Eye

Vibrations tuned to the third eye chakra are pervading the earth’s energy field. Many people incarnating on the earth today have an awakened third eye, although in many it is unbalanced. This is because there are actually two aspects of the third eye, referred to as the upper and lower petals. The lower petal is associated with powerful mental capabilities and analytical processing. Our current information age explosion with new technology being developed daily (maybe hourly) is a product of this.

Shifting from a blind faith characteristic of the former age, people now have a need to know and understand.

The upper petal is associated with intuition, spiritual connection and alignment.  It’s interesting that more and more people seem to prefer an individual spirituality over devotion to religious institutions. People seem to be striving to understand their life’s purpose and reach personal fulfillment.

A Search for Something More

The influence of the upper petal as well as nudges and tugs from our Higher Self may set us on a path searching for a different kind of fulfillment, one that is spiritually as well as intellectually fulfilling. Traditional institutions that employ us, provide spiritual leadership, guidance and educate us are falling short here. Thus, with little opportunity to grow spiritually while earning a living, getting an education and so on, we see a rise in existential turmoil and mental health issues.

It is through grappling with this division and ultimately integrating these two aspects of the third eye that individually and collectively we will benefit from a resultant higher consciousness as well as a better world to live in. We are moving towards the development of new institutions that value consciousness, spirituality and science, with the goal of working with nature so we can all benefit.

Another characteristic of this transition is that old institutions become polarized. This is the fundamentalists, the ones who talk of reestablishing the wholesome goodness of the past. What we are seeing is the old reacting to the changing winds. Feeling threatened, these institutions try to deny their stagnicity with a façade of security. They also demonize anything new in an attempt to cling to an authoritative and legitimate position. Those inclined to the mindset of a new age who find this confusing, offensive and often angering can take solace knowing this is a natural tendency when institutions are falling.

What Will The World Look Like?

This new age has a goal: the integration of science and spirit. We are obviously not there yet as a whole, polarized in the lower petal of the third eye. However, a new age is coming and you can either fight against it by becoming entrenched in old ways, deny it and lose your chance to contribute to the new age in this life, or you can stand up and help bring in the new. Working with the new age is moving in alignment with your Higher Self. 

Read the rest of the article…

Scientific Proof That We Are Becoming Literal Gods

Steven Bancarz | in5d.com

What if I told you that in 1000 years, we will look like petty cavemen in our current physical and mental state compared to future humans? There is an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence that proves that not only are our physical bodies evolving at an accelerated rate, our consciousness is as well. We are indeed in the evolutionary fast lane, and perhaps we are witnessing the prophecies of apotheosis in action. Our consciousness and bodies are evolving at a rate never seen before in the history of the earth. 

We can look around the world and see the signs of dramatic spiritual evolution as we continue to actualize our fullest potential. There is an awakening happening right now, and December 21st 2012 really did mark the dawn of a new age of enlightenment. But as this global awakening is happening, our physical vehicles and intelligence levels are also evolving as we step into the light of this new age.

In 2007, Dr. John Hawks, professor of anthropology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, published an article in the peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) titled “Recent acceleration of human adaptive evolution”. This article showed that positive selection within human beings has occurred at a rate 100 times higher than any other time in human history, and that this massive acceleration within evolution has happened particularly within the last 5000 years(3).

The study specifically looked for DNA sequence variation known as SNPs which are mutations at a single point on a chromosome. As indicated in Health and Medicine Week, “The researchers identify recent genetic change by finding long blocks of DNA base pairs that are connected. Because human DNA is constantly being reshuffled through recombination, a long, uninterrupted segment of LD is usually evidence of positive selection. Linkage disequilibrium decays quickly as recombination occurs across many generations, so finding these uninterrupted segments is strong evidence of recent adaptation, Hawks says” (4). 

The researchers concluded that as the population of human beings continues to increase, the acceleration effect of evolution has also increased because of the amount of room there is for new mutations to occur and be passed throughout the population. According to the original journal article publication, approximately 1800 genes, or 7% of our entire genetic system, have experience recent positive selection. They add that “To the extent that new adaptive alleles continued to reflect demographic growth, the Neolithic and later periods would have experienced a rate of adaptive evolution >100 times higher than characterized most of human evolution.”(5) 

With the cultivation of agriculture, the constant changes and experimentation in diet (such as the adaptive tolerances to lactose in milk), the exposure to diseases (such as the introduction of the CCR5 gene to make people resistant to AIDS), and the massive spike in human population within the last 10,000 years, nature has been presented with the optimal breeding grounds for positive selection and new adaptive mutations in the introduction of a massive gene pool and constantly changing environments(6). 

For example, in only the past few millennia, Europeans have experienced rapid changes in the gene for a protein that transfers potassium ions in and out of taste buds and nerve cells, as well as changes in genes associated with Alzheimer’s disease and even cancer.(7) John Hawks boldest of claims was recorded on the University of Wisconsin-Madison website, where Hawks says: “We are more different genetically from people living 5,000 years ago than they were different from Neanderthals.”(8) In other words, if you take a human being from 3000 years ago such as an ancient Egyptian, you will find that they are more similar to Neanderthals in terms of their genetics than they are to us. 

Anthropologist and geneticist Dr. Henry Harpending from the University of Utah also participated in conducting this study, and told National Geographic that “If humans had always evolved at this rate, the difference between modern humans and chimps should be 160 times greater than it really is.”(9) There is a vast body of empirical evidence that suggests that human beings have recently been the subjects of accelerated natural selection within genetic information

There is also evidence that this recent acceleration in evolution is not only biologically physical, but is also mental in terms of intelligence. J.R. Flynn, professor of political science at the University of Otago in New Zealand, discovered that IQ scores across the globe have went up 3 points on average per decade for each decade for as long as IQ test scores have been recorded (which has been since 1910 in the United States). This means that someone that scored in the top 10% on the IQ test 100 years ago would now been in the weakest 5%. These increases have been occurring at a steady rate amongst both male and female genders and have been empirically verified in over 20 countries(10) (see Figure 1). 

The average IQ score has always been set to 100, so if a person passes the IQ test with a score of 130, they are among the higher end of performers, and a score of 80 would deviate far from the average raw score. What is striking is that IQ scores have had to be continuously made more difficult over the last century to keep the mean score at 100. Flynn discovered that the greatest differences were found in culturally reduced tests and fluid intelligence. Fluid intelligence is the ability to think rationality, abstractly, and find solutions to novel problems independent of acquired knowledge. 

He makes adamant the fact that these are not learned-content gains through more information being accessible to people, as this would only reflect crystallized intelligence regarding the application of learned knowledge (11). And furthermore, other environmental factors such as more education and better economic situations are impoverished when trying to adequately explain the gaps in some of the cases, such as the increase in IQ scores by a total of 20 points in 30 years by the Dutch.

Scientific Proof That We Are Becoming Literal Gods

As Flynn states in one of his original papers “The international data fall into the same pattern as the American data. Gains are about 18 IQ points per generation (30 years) on Ravens, somewhere between 9 and 18 points on Wechsler and Stanford–Binet tests, about 9 points on purely verbal tests, small or nil on Wechsler subtests such as arithmetic, information, and vocabulary”(12). 

The Ravens test measures reasoning abilities using abstract objects independent of language, writing, and reading. This means that these test increases are not a result of people having more access to knowledge and information, but shows that on the contrary, the most significant results were indicated in testings that involve pure problem-solving intelligence, such as identifying non-verbal patterns and relationships.(13) Environmental impacts that can explain these increases in IQ scores have yet to be identified, and are still being speculated upon. These are some of the most important discoveries in psychology, which Flynn calls “a cultural renaissance too great to be overlooked”(14). 

Contrary to some of the scientific consensus, human evolution is undergoing dramatic increase in terms of genetics and intelligence. We now have scientific proof that evolution is not merely a matter of cultural ingenuity and social conditionings. Nor is it exclusively reserved for physiological adaptation, but is in fact a concrete measurable phenomenon in human psychology that happening within our species right now. Evolution can now be spoken of in something that is currently in a state of progression towards complexity, as we have seen from the evidence of geneticists and psychologists alike. 

Is this accelerated state just one random hiccup that will plateau in the near future? Will we continue to evolve at this exponential rate from this point forward? Are we witnessing the physical manifestation of the ancient prophecies of human apotheosis in action? This area remains ripe for investigation, and insofar as the conditions in which this evolution is occurring remain present (population increases, environmental changes, technological and intellectual refining) we should see this effect sufficiently sustained as we enter this new age of evolution and continue to explore this exciting frontier. 

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Distant Echoes Closing In

Ida LawrenceContributor

I like to listen when I first come awake in the morning… to try and get a read on where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing during sleep. So this morning I listened, and the message was “No regrets, no worries.” Aha! That’s a good place to stand at the beginning of the day.

Lately I’ve been ‘not attending’ to demands, inner and outer. Too many demands, too many injured souls, too much pain in the world, the fear is too cold, the anger leaves bruises.

Is it pummeling your spirit too? Words upon words to the degree that they become repetitious… losing their meaning. That is the storm… lightening, rain, thunder, wind, and all kinds of debris blowing around. I found myself needing to move to the eye of the storm… where it’s quiet.

Observing and not doing, hearing and not listening, standing still like a human tree, roots going down and roots going up too. Sensitivity to the great turmoil thrusts one inward and you go there slightly wounded and befuddled. The sacred and holy is not found in cacophony.

Interesting, the other day I read an article about a feeling certain people describe: a longing and sense that they’re not home… that they come from another place or dimension or world and they wish to return. But you know, that didn’t settle with me. No matter where our energy may extend to, we are, at this moment, within our own all-inclusive universe. Wherever we came from, whoever we have been, whoever we will be – that isn’t gone or absent. It all exists because we contain it.

How can you ever leave You? So I figure we might as well go to stillness when things get a bit much. Be rooted here. Love is here, and Truth is here too, Grace is here, Surrender is here. Nobody has all the info and all the answers, but we do have that portion of divinity living within our universe.

I believe in the simple answers. I believe that ‘love-the-love’ is the most divine and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, and perhaps the hardest. I believe this is the end of an age and some things that don’t belong in heaven will go down and others that do belong will rise, and we do choose… every day; and I believe what we encounter really is a projection… llooooonngg term, and a reflection… short term; and the instruction to go from the head to the heart and out to the human being in front of you is a pretty good evolutionary roadmap. So there you have it.

One Love – that’s where I stand. Give me some Bob Marley and I’m good – no regrets, no worries – no past, no future. Smile my friends, we are living.

In this ‘beginning of a new day’, giving it up or letting go doesn’t feel all that bad to me. To accept ‘what is’ as perfectly fine is challenging for a dreamer… it’s the kind of challenge that is born after a long journey: liberation in the long run.

It must be an Elder thing I’m going through… or transformative: gotta grow closer to the core, gotta wise up, the storm is ‘on’ and a lot of stuff is breaking apart. And yet there is a coming together in the eye. While the eye moves with the storm, we who are here grow, and we love the love.

Thinking of all the people who have impacted my life, and how they came along at the right time, and how I blundered and did wrong and felt remorse, and how I suffered the consequences and learned. And how I sometimes tuned in and dedicated energy and moved mountains and crossed gorges and saw the ‘good’ made manifest.

I see the people who could have loved but did not, and the ones who did, no matter what; the ones who could have told the truth but did not, and the ones who did, no matter what.

Oh so vast the distance between ‘born’ and ‘now’, and I hear myself. “The fruit is yet to come.”

About the Author

cropped - IdaIda Lawrence is an author, blogger, copywriter and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has contributed to and edited two books on racial justice and human rights, and numerous articles on human rights, self-empowerment and related subjects. Her latest book is entitled The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth. Ida has also published a companion book of blog favorites from https://talk2momz.com/.

The Akashic Age: Toward A New Era?

Kingsley L. Dennis | Reality Sandwich

Humanity has been on a historically long journey to finally arrive at a world that is complex and interdependent. We are at a point in human history were we are leaving behind one age and entering the next. The epoch we are leaving behind is the modern age. The epoch we are about to shift into has been given many names – digital, post-modern, new age, etc – yet has so far suffered from lack of true and genuine foresight. These periods of transition are also moments of criticality and opportunity, when catalysts for change exert a greater than normal influence on the outcome of events. At such periods current ideas, institutions, and beliefs tend to outlive their usefulness.

Yet there are guiding principles that can help us, if not to predict the future, then at least to foresee alternative models of the future. For example, we can see that many of our present systems seek growth through increasingly high complexity and numerous levels of organization, greater dynamism, and closer interaction and more delicate balance with the environment. Therefore, we can foresee a future that is highly connected and integrated; more decentralized; technologically advanced; more sustainably balanced; and non-locally interconnected. By ‘non-locally’ interconnected it is meant that physical objects/bodies – as well as human consciousness – maintain effective forms of relationships at a distance. The term ‘non-locality’ comes from the quantum sciences, which are central to offering the world a new paradigm of inclusive, intrinsic, and immediate oneness. It is a paradigm that helps to explain our inherent energetic connectivity, which forms a basis for the continued physical proximity and connectivity that develops in the world.  This emerging new paradigm is the key in understanding what is referred to as the Akashic Age.

The path to an Akashic Age is a time of transition where our crises become our catalysts; and our disruptions become our driving force. To a large degree, these opportunities/disruptors will be based on how we utilize our resources; communications in how we connect and collaborate; and consciousness in our patterns of thinking and inner coherence. In such times when there are major fluctuations in worldviews, values, and beliefs, we are compelled to re-organize how we think and do things. Such moments are ripe for new models to emerge. These new models are likely to first emerge on the periphery – as ‘anomalies’ – before creeping toward the centre to overwhelm and out-do the centralized and self-centered old systems. These new models also display a marked difference in that they operate through de-centralized and distributed channels, as horizontal networks of connection and collaboration; rather than as the vertical, top-down hierarchical systems of control in the old systems. Whereas previous models of civilization continued to grow through increasing centralization and hierarchy, they have now entered history with a death-cry and the onset of final collapse. The emerging new models all display a marked connectedness which, in the terminology of quantum science, can be referred to as ‘entanglement.’ So what are some of these new models?

New Akashic Models

i) Science

The challenge is to bring to the attention of people the view of the world emerging at science’s cutting edge. According to the latest findings in the quantum sciences the quantum state of particles, and even of whole atoms, can be instantly projected across any finite distance. This has come to be known as “teleportation.”  Also, instant quantum-resonance-based interactions have been discovered operating in living systems, and even in the universe at large. Such quantum-resonance-based interactions give rise to the phenomenon known as coherence.

The observed coherence suggests “nonlocal” interaction between the parts or elements of the systems: interaction that transcends the recognized bounds of space and time.  This kind of interaction surfaces not only in the quantum domain but, surprisingly, also at macroscopic dimensions. The Akashic Paradigm turns our current picture of the world on its head. In the everyday context we think that the things we see are real, and the space that embeds them is empty and passive. This concept is now being turned around. It is the space that embeds things that is real, and the things that move about in space that are secondary. This is the deep dimension of the world the ancient Indian rishis called Akasha. Their intuition is now confirmed at the cutting edge of the sciences.

The new Akashic paradigm is a holistic paradigm. All things interact with all other things, and all things are what they are through their interactions.  Wholeness is the essence of the new concept of reality.  The world is a coherent whole, made up of parts or elements coherently related each to the other. The holistic Akashic paradigm gives important guidance for us both individually and collectively. Recognizing the paramount importance of coherence is a key to our individual health and wellbeing. With the new vision that emerges at the cutting edge of the sciences, we can lend credence to our vital sense of oneness and inherent connectedness – and thus how we communicate as a species.

ii) Communication

A new form of participatory consciousness has been emerging through our increased interconnectivity and global intercommunication.  This is a distributed model that connects people horizontally in a more egalitarian way rather than through top-down structures. No longer do we have to remain the passive audience, as during the earlier communication revolutions of radio and television. The dialogue is now shifting into a more active domain where people are putting themselves onstage and orchestrating their own connections, presence, and self-expression. A more mature form of collective social intelligence is developing across the globe. It is likely that civil society, which is the largest movement in history, will grow to become more dominant and influential in transforming our societies. To belong to this diverse and yet unified family is not only a responsibility; it is also a blessing. The new contours of connection and communication are predisposed to a non-hierarchical bottom-up format: this is the essence of functional models for the Akashic Age.

Externally we may seem to be a vast, distant, and separated collection of people, yet the reality is just the opposite. The reality is that we form a dense, intimate, closely entwined species of various races, sharing a nonlocal sense of being. Younger generations of people worldwide are growing up with a new expression of consciousness. Recent explorations of the human psyche – psychological, psychoanalytical, transpersonal, etc – are mixing with communication technologies that inspire a more reflexive mode of thought. More and more daily interactions are empathic as people react and share news, stories and emotional impacts from sources around the world.

Empathy is becoming one of the core values by which we create and sustain social life. Exposure to impacts outside of our own narrow environment will help us to achieve tolerance. We are living with experiences that are richer and more complex, full of ambiguities, multiple realities and shared perceptions. This collaborative and participatory world of online content could become a ‘global commons’ that reinforces a sense of local identity whilst connecting people in all parts of the globe. This outreach of connectivity has the power and the potential to break down old perceptual paradigms of duality – the ‘us’ and ‘them’ – that have been exploited by governments and ruling authorities to serve their own goals of control and conquest.

The model that distributed communications represent is a bottom-up, horizontal medium for spreading awareness, information, and contact. It is horizontal in that it bypasses the old model of top-down, hierarchical control structures that have been so strongly in place throughout much of our history. If it is to truly become an effective new model for the Akashic Age, this horizontal model of distributed connectivity needs to grow and develop beyond the virtual world into the physical world. It must be able to transform how we do things daily in our communities and immediate environments. The applications of the model need to cross-fertilize, so that our technologies of global connectivity can enhance and enrich our lives, friendships, and consciousness.

iii) Consciousness

Our modern sense of self-awareness, and our physical/emotional/spiritual self have evolved to root us in a social world: a world of extended relations and social connectivity. We have been preparing ourselves for the coming of an Akashic Age. Humanity can be said to be ‘hard-wired’ to evolve into an extended self – unity within diversity. Our diversity is strengthened through our connections, collaborations, and shared consciousness. Our unity is enhanced through our empathy, compassion, and shared sense of responsibility and destiny. We are responding today to an unprecedented flow of information that is catalyzing a restructuring of our inner psychological states as well as our external social structures. A new awareness in human consciousness is being birthed: an Akashic consciousness.

This period of (r)evolutionary change requires a qualitative transformation in our consciousness. We do not need to wield physical or political power to be effective agents of this transformation. We each can learn to expand and refine our ways of perception, thinking, and action. Aspects of an evolving consciousness suggest an empathic mind that is aware of its connectivity both locally and globally, physically as well as non-physically. The new Akasha paradigm recognizes that the coherence of the whole is a precondition of the functioning of the parts. It is important then that coherence is not merely an individual attribute. The right way to be and to act is not just to enhance our own, individual coherence, but to contribute to the coherence of the systems that frame and sustain our life. This means achieving or safeguarding our coherence with our fellows in a community, in a state and nation, in a culture, and in the living world as a whole. This way of behaving supports the precepts of a quantum resonance-based nonlocal consciousness – an Akashic consciousness.

A state of consciousness that reflects unity within diversity develops through human activity that expresses both greater individuation and a greater sense of shared responsibility. It is time to view our situation through the wide-angle lens of wisdom: we need to begin to see, understand, and act upon the bigger picture. Recognizing the bigger picture, and the central importance of coherence, is a key to our individual health and wellbeing, as well as to the survival of our species.

As evolutionary biologists tell us, there comes a time in species development and growth when the necessity to collaborate rather than compete becomes not only an advantage, but an evolutionary imperative. The signs of this greater connectivity of sharing have been unfolding within our modern cultures over some years now. They will be instrumental in creating our humane and sustainable communities as the Akashic Age dawns.

iv) Community

To have a healthy and vibrant future means investing in people, in our communities, and in our sense of togetherness. As in the old gift economies, intrinsic value comes through giving rather than looking after only oneself; that is, value through service to others rather than only service-to-self. We can leave behind the emphasis on a ‘one size fits all’ prescriptive model and steer toward local variations – assets, resources, etc – that can stimulate the emergence of discoveries, activity, and creative solutions according to differing locations.

The local scale is the more robust, and as such the future needs to become inherently more local: an intentional movement toward local self-dependency. Such arrangements could include local forms of currency; locally managed community energy; local food production and distribution; and local social enterprises. The extensive technologies of communication and connectivity that we currently enjoy can, and need to be, maintained and sustained as a priority so that local regions and communities can not only stay connected but also collaborate and share skills and resources. In other words, the rise of localized hubs operating within global networks. These localized hubs involve communities that are self-defining, self-organizing collectives; dense localizations of resources and resource sharing. Localization is, after all, also the celebration of place. People can be proud of local development and dependency, regardless of their political ideologies.

As regions shift their focus onto what they are able to provide, such as local goods and food, this could stimulate a reinvigoration of distinct local cultures. A surge in local growth and resilience would be supported by our global networks. Such networks would also facilitate a move away from ‘heavier’ technologies based on centralization of control toward distributed networks that require less energy to sustain them. That is, heavily centralized utility infrastructures need to be replaced by horizontal, decentralized and distributed networks.

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