Mind to Matter: How Your Brain Creates Material Reality

By Dr. Joseph Mercola | mercola.com


  • While the SARS-CoV-2 infection itself has been shown to be far less lethal than initially suspected, government responses to it have led to an epidemic of fear and stress, which can have serious health consequences
  • When you think a negative thought when you feel fear, your cortisol level starts to rise and chronically high cortisol produces all kinds of ill effects in your body
  • Our brains are hard-wired and evolutionarily adapted to pay attention to potential threats. As a result, most of us need to train our brain to notice the positive and to feel gratitude
  • EcoMeditation, developed by Dawson Church, Ph.D., incorporates several proven techniques shown to induce rapid changes in your brain to increase positivity and well-being
  • EcoMeditation includes tapping, neurofeedback techniques, mindfulness, HeartMath’s quick coherence technique and various breathing techniques. When you do these together, they reinforce each other

Dawson Church,1 Ph.D., is a leader in the energy psychology movement, one of the most common forms being the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), which I have promoted for years. Church investigated and built on the EFT techniques developed by Gary Craig2 in the 1990s (which in turn was a derivative of the founder of energy tapping, Roger Callahan’s, work3).

While Craig was not a clinical investigator, Dawson’s work has led to over 100 clinical trials on EFT. In this interview, Church shares insights from his experience, which he has also documented in the books “Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality” and “Bliss Brain: The Neuroscience of Remodeling Your Brain for Resilience, Creativity and Joy.”

This information is particularly timely in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While the infection itself has been shown to be far less lethal than initially suspected, government responses to it have undoubtedly led to an epidemic of fear and stress, which can have serious health consequences. As explained by Church:

“The stress we feel in our minds and bodies can often do far more harm than pathogens. I’ve done several randomized controlled trials of cortisol.

When you think a negative thought, when you feel stress, when you have a fearful belief, your cortisol level rises within three minutes. Chronically high cortisol produces all kinds of ill effects in your body, including depressed immune function and increased inflammation. The fear will get you even if the virus doesn’t.”

The Importance of Positive Thinking

As noted by Church, our brains are hard-wired and evolutionarily adapted to pay attention to potential threats. Failing to notice a threat can get you killed, whereas there’s no evolutionary reward for failing to notice the good stuff. As a result, most of us need to train our brain to notice the positive, and to feel gratitude.

“We’re subject to a constant barrage of bad news, so it takes meditation, it takes tapping, it takes time in nature,” Church says. “You really have to be deliberate in your efforts to redirect your attention and not have meditation it hijacked by all the bad stuff out there.

What I do in response is to read positive blogs, news and media. That doesn’t mean I never read any bad news, I stay informed, but I make sure I read positive things. I’m reading Marcus Aurelius right now … I meditate for an hour every day. And I anchor myself in what I call in my book ‘Mind to Matter,’ Nonlocal mind.

Tune into nonlocal mind, look out the window and see the roses and the bees and the sunset, and then it’s a lot easier to stay centered when confronted by difficult local events. I also focus on compassion.”

The Benefits of EcoMeditation

In 2008, Church attended a conference where he presented with Roland McCraty,4 head researcher in how the heart and mind interconnect from HeartMath Institute, and Joe Dispenza,5 whose fields include mind-body medicine and brain/heart coherence.

Curious about what would happen if he combined the best evidence-based methods, he came up with what eventually became known as “EcoMeditation” — a conglomerate of techniques proven to rapidly increase positivity and well-being. They include:

  • EFT tapping
  • Neurofeedback (heart rate variability control)
  • Mindfulness
  • HeartMath’s quick coherence technique
  • Self-hypnosis

According to Church, when you do them together, they reinforce each other. “The whole is more than the sum of its parts,” he says. EcoMeditation has now been empirically tested and refined, showing that it can lower baseline cortisol levels by one-third in as little as a week. And, when stress chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline decline, the neurochemicals of repair and rejuvenation such as DHEA, serotonin, and dopamine increase.

In one trial, Church looked at the effects of EcoMeditation on immunoglobulins, antibodies that bind to and neutralize coronaviruses. In just two days, participants who did EcoMeditation had a 27% rise in these antibodies in their mucous membranes.

“You produce a huge shift in your immunity by lowering stress,” Church says. “Meditate, tap, use your favorite methods to lower your stress level. This automatically upregulates your immune system.”

Emotions Are Contagious

The year 2020 has been challenging for most people. The drumbeat of negative news can overwhelm even the most resilient among us. In Chapter 2 of “Mind to Matter,” Church talks about a phenomenon called “emotional contagion.” In a nutshell, researchers have shown that emotions have an impact similar to that of infectious disease. They’re contagious and affect those around us.

He cites one study in which they found that the next-door neighbor of a happy person is 35% more likely to be happy as well, and the neighbor twice removed is 15% more likely to be happy. That person’s neighbor, in turn, who is 3 degrees removed from the happy person is 6% more likely to be happy. The same contagion rule applies when the emotions are negative.

“We’re in the middle of this mass contagion of fear,” Dawson says, “and it is depressing our immune systems, rendering us less resilient, affecting us psychospiritually, making us less able to cope. That’s when we need a bigger dose of positivity, joy and gratitude. We need to do that deliberately. That means meditation, it means consuming positive media. It means not exposing yourself to needless negative emotions.”

The Chemical Effects of Meditation

One of the reasons Dawson recommends meditation is because of the distinct biochemical effects it produces. He explains:

“Mystics describe this experience of oneness with the universe. When they meditate, they lose any sense of as isolated beings. If you look at MRIs of Tibetan monks, you find that the part of the brain that constructs the sense of self — the mid-prefrontal cortex — downregulates. They lose themselves.

Another part of the brain that downregulates is the part of the parietal lobe, the temporal parietal junction that handles ‘proprioception’, the location of our body in space. When they’re in this deep mystical experience, their sense of self has turned off and their brains’ ability to locate their bodies and space is turned off.

At the same time, oxytocin, the love hormone, floods their cells. They experience this ecstatic bliss as anandamide, serotonin and dopamine flood their brains and they’ve lost the sense of who they are and where they are, and they’re literally feeling one with the universe.

Do that each morning using EcoMeditation and you’re one with what I call nonlocal mind. You have that experience of mystical unity. Then, after meditation, you come back into your body, come back to your local mind, your mid prefrontal cortex turns back on, you’re a local self again, your parietal lobe comes back. You know where you are in time and space.

You then bring all the resilience of that contact with nonlocal mind into local reality and you’re then far more effective … Over time, these parts of the brain start to shift into this function as the neurological wiring changes, and then it becomes a trait.”

To show you how effective meditation can be in daily life, Dawson cites a 10-year-long study of high performing people by the McKinsey Consulting Group. It found that those who are able to enter this flow state are five times as productive as ordinary people.

Another study by DARPA described in his book “Bliss Brain” found people who meditate improved their ability to solve complex problems by 490%. “That’s why meditation is a powerful antidote to dealing with all the chaos of the world around us,” Dawson says. These and many other studies can be found on www.eftuniverse.com/research-studies/eft-research.

EcoMeditation Summarized

As mentioned, EcoMeditation incorporates several different techniques, including EFT tapping, breath control, and meditation. To download a free EcoMeditation audio track that guides you through each of the steps, see EcoMeditation.com. Step 1 involves tapping a series of acupuncture meridian endpoints. Dawson explains their relevance:

“Over 100 clinical trials have shown that [tapping] regulates the body. It downregulates your stress. It improves your mood, it decreases anxiety and depression very, very quickly … The research shows that symptoms of trauma, hypervigilance, intrusive negative thoughts, depression — all of these things are regulated by tapping.”

When you’re doing EFT, you first focus on a target problem by formulating a statement. The target problem might be ‘I’m afraid of catching the virus.’ It might be, ‘I’m afraid of dying.’ It might be ‘I’ve lost my job, I don’t know how I will cope.’ However, in EcoMeditation, you tap the points without defining a specific target problem.

“We know that general tapping produces an effect,” Dawson says. It basically regulates your energy system in a general way and helps you enter a space of calm. Next, you add in heart coherent breathing, muscular relaxation, neurofeedback techniques, and meditation on compassion.

“There are several things that move the needle in terms of neuroplasticity in the brain quicker than others,” Dawson says the one that changes the brain the quickest is compassion … a response to the suffering of the world and just a sense of acceptance of people just as they are.

We get people to this compassionate state and then they start to feel really centered, really resilient, really happy. Focus on a person who makes you feel unconditionally loved. That might be a Saint. It might be a historical figure. It might be a childhood hero … Focus on that person and then … expand that compassion to every atom in the universe.

That’s the very general conceptual framework we use to keep people out of trauma. We’ve had to really refine this thing over the years because a lot of people traumatized and it’s very easy to trigger traumatic memories.

If you go into that altered state without adequate preparation, it can be produce what’s called retraumatization. The instructions for EcoMeditation have been very carefully calibrated to avoid the possibility of retraumatization, which of course is the opposite of resilience, which we’re trying to produce.”

Emotional intensity is also important for optimal results, and the emotion of gratitude typically generates this. As such, compassion and gratitude go hand in hand and work very well together. Lastly, you need to recenter in your body. So, at the end of the meditation, open your eyes and take in your surroundings. You feel the weight of your body in the chair or on the cushion as you re-anchor yourself in the here and now.

“We don’t want people to bliss out and then not be able to bring it back down to the immediate issues of their lives,” Dawson explains. “We want to have them experience that mystical state, and then come back and be effective in their daily lives.”

Sheltering in Love

When California issued its first round of lockdown orders, Dawson and his wife agreed to use that time of increased togetherness to be extra nice to each other — to literally shelter in love. He explains:

“We realized we would be together a lot more than usual. We said we’re going to use this as a crucible to really be nice to each other. We weren’t not nice to each other before, but we knew we’d have tension.

We used this as a way to shelter in love, get to know each other better … I began to learn things about her. I began to be fascinated by her. We used the crisis to strengthen our relationship. Families are systems. When you change one element of a system, you change the whole system.

That’s why, in a marriage, in a family, not everyone has to change. People think that ‘Oh, my husband has to change. My wife has to change. My kid has to change. My parent has to change.’ Actually … your chances of getting them to change are approximately zero. The only person you have leverage over is yourself …

We know, through that new science of emotional contagion, that your emotions are contagious. So, make that choice to work on yourself, to find your negative emotion, to release it, to be this agent of positive emotional contagion all around you and soon you’ll find it spreads far beyond you.

Be proactive. Do the things it’ll take to shift your mood. When we shift psychology, we shift biology. People don’t realize how dependent their biology is on their psychology. For example, in study of a weekend EcoMeditation, anxiety went down by 26%. Depression went down by 32%. PTSD symptoms went down by 18%. Pain went down 43%. All of these are psychological shifts people are making as they tap and meditate.

Average resting cortisol went down significantly by 29%. The resting heart rate went down by 5% and their immunoglobulins went up by 27%. These are your leverage points and you can decide proactively to meditate to tap and to release all that negative emotion you have.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts. I’m not saying don’t read anything negative. You can’t avoid it. You need to be well informed. But be informed and see it through the lens of that positive being. Tune into nonlocal mind every day. That’s something you can choose to do.

EcoMeditation is about 15 to 20 minutes long. It doesn’t take long and you’re making a powerful declaration that you are choosing to be that agent of positive emotional contagion. You then enter your day after that morning meditation as a resourceful person, a resilient person.

Are there still problems — financial problems, medical problems, family problems? Sure. There might be all those problems. But now you are a resilient person who is facing those problems and bringing five times the problem-solving ability into that situation.”

For me, personally, the COVID-19 pandemic has probably been one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I have never been healthier, I think, in my life as a result of this forced discipline to stay at home and pursue a healthy lifestyle, many of which are detailed in Dawson’s book. It’s a great toolbox.

More Information and Free Resources

Again, to learn more about the scientific underpinnings of tapping, visit www.eftuniverse.com/research-studies/eft-research, and for a free EcoMeditation audio track, see EcoMeditation.com. If you want professional EFT help, you can tap with a practitioner, live via the internet, on tappingplace.com. Free tapping resources and meditations are also available on DawsonGift.org

Also consider picking up a copy of “Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality,” in which you’ll find 30 different practices that will help reprogram your mind and energetic system, including yoga, Chi Gung, Tai Chi, spending time in nature, grounding and much more. The book is available on Amazon, but you can also get it free — just cover the cost of shipping — if you order it on mindtomatter.com.

“Pick the ones that fit your lifestyle and love yourself enough to do that,” Dawson says. “Make a practice of doing them. Be that proactive person and then you’ll find your whole lifestyle to change.

One of the problems that meditators have [is that] we really have to calibrate ourselves when we meet other people because they’re not here, they’re not full of love, joy and laughter. They’re full of anguish, stress and doubt. [So] you listen to people, you hear their grief and pain and sorrow and loss.

Then, by the end of your time with them, they’ve been affected by your positive emotional contagion and we then can change the emotional tone of our whole world. One of the cool things about those studies is that positive emotions travel out to affect those around you. So, do negative ones, but negative ones only affect people 2 degrees of separation out.

Positive ones affect people 3 degrees of separation out. We’re actually more effective as agents of emotional contagion if we’re positive than negative. So, go out there and meet people where they are. Listen to them if they’re suffering, but then bring the power of joy and beauty and all those benefits of nonlocal mind into your local world and be that powerful change agent …

Do things to love your mind and body, and then be that vibrant person who helps those around you shift. A suffering world needs us now more than ever.”

Top Reasons to Meditate Daily

By Dr. Joseph Mercola | mercola.com


  • Using EEG, researchers have shown that when an athlete is in the flow, their brainwaves are in phase. If you look at the EEG of someone who is angry or frustrated or processing a negative emotion, you find their brainwaves are desynchronized
  • Delta brainwave frequencies have been shown to trigger cellular regeneration. Telomere regeneration is sparked by ultra-slow brainwaves at 0.19 cycles per second
  • Certain types of meditation will generate delta brainwaves. EFT will also generate delta frequencies
  • Certain theta frequencies stimulate stem cell production; 7.8 hertz is a “magic” frequency generated through meditation that is associated with a number of beneficial changes in your body
  • EcoMeditation that combines HeartMath’s quick coherence technique with tapping and mindfulness. Meditation is defined as the ability to sustain an alpha state for 15 seconds or more. EcoMeditation can get you into a coherent alpha state in about four minutes

Dawson Church, who has done a lot of work on the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and brought a level of scientific legitimacy to the value of this powerful tool, recently published a new book with the self-explanatory title, “Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality.”

“I was one of those people who was very focused on the effects of energy therapies in the physical body. I did the first triple-lined, randomized control trial showing how EFT affects cortisol levels. I’ve been very focused on immunoglobulins, brainwaves, hormones and all the things that we can measure in the body,” Dawson says.

“I have a friend at Harvard who’s a psychiatrist, who told me, ‘It’s the energy that’s making those molecules be the way they are.’ I was always a little skeptical about that. But with him and others, [such as] Dean Radin, Rollin McCraty … they all said, ‘Dawson, it’s the energy. There is really a direct chain of causation between our thoughts and things.’

But I thought, ‘When I look at all the links in that chain, I’m sure I’ll find a lot of broken links.’ I began to look at the studies, the primary research … There were no broken links … It’s just remarkable to me how our thoughts literally create things in our bodies and all around us.”

Heart Coherence Allows Synchronistic Events to Occur

The term Dawson uses in his book is “synchronicity.” And it was a series of synchronicities that led to the writing of this book.

“One of those synchronicities, just one of many, [occurred when] I was writing this chapter on synchronicity. I wanted to understand these things called ‘field line resonances.’ These are scientific concepts. The earth is like a giant magnet. It has a north pole and a south pole [and] these lines of magnetic flux around the planet.

As a solar wind goes by the Earth, it literally plucks these magnetic force lines like strings on a violin. I wanted to know more about this really fascinating but very complex subject.

I was speaking at a conference with Dr. Joe Dispenza … After my talk, they put me on a science panel. On the science panel was McCraty, who had just done the most remarkable piece of research, the authoritative paper on field line resonance. He told me all about it.”

An interesting anecdote on synchronicity described in Dawson’s book was how he managed to find a set of keys he lost while snorkeling in Hawaii. He retells the story:

“On this particular day, I snorkeled all over this big bay. I got back to the Jeep, put my hands in my pocket to grab the keys. No keys … So, my keys were lost and I thought I should get back to the water and try and find them.

I spent about an hour [searching]. Now, I didn’t panic. That’s the big thing. I talk a lot in the book about synchronous mind and being in synchrony with the universe. I got into that state. It’s the synchrony of heart coherence; feeling totally fine, no panic.

I swam around this bay looking for them. But again, this is a big bay. I’m looking for two tiny keys lost in the coral 10 to 12 feet deep. There’s no logical way of finding them. But my intuition said, ‘Let’s do this.’ As dusk began to fall, a father with three teenage sons got into the water …

My intuition said, ‘Just go talk to them.’ I said to them, ‘I’ve been noticing you, seeing you dive to the bottom. Did you, by chance, find anything in the coral down there?’ The youngest boy held up my keys. The chances of that happening are infinitesimally small.

But when those things happen to you, again and again, it’s like the universe saying to you, ‘Hey. Pay attention. Something’s going on here.’ Synchronicity, when we’re in sync, when we’re in that state of a heart coherence, when we meditate, when we tap away our stress, we enter that space of what I call nonlocal mind.

In the nonlocal mind, we have access to information we don’t have at a level of local mind. I begin the book and end the book with this really powerful plea to make that your life. That you aren’t living your life just kind of limited by what you see at the commission of your local mind; that you open yourself to meditation every day, and to the mystery of the nonlocal mind …

Nonlocal mind is doing all kinds of miracles in our lives and nature all the time. If we just open ourselves to that level of information, we gain access to levels of consciousness [and] knowing that is far beyond the ones we have at the level of our small, little local minds.”

Being in the Flow

This synchronous mind Dawson is talking about is the same as what athletes experience as “being in the flow” or “being in the zone.” Using electroencephalography (EEG), researchers have shown that when an athlete is in the flow, their brainwaves are in phase. On the other hand, if you look at the EEG of someone who is angry or frustrated or processing a negative emotion, you find their brain waves are not in step.

“It’s not a figure of speech, it’s literally a flow state,” he says. “You could actually measure the brain[waves], and then recreate that. It’s not a mystery anymore. We know the formula. We could reproduce the formula. We can train anybody to acquire that kind of a state.”

The book also discusses research showing how our brainwaves affect our biology. Delta frequencies, for example, have been shown to trigger cellular regeneration. Up until a few years ago, we didn’t have the equipment to measure really slow delta waves below one cycle per second. Now, there’s research showing that telomere regeneration is sparked by ultraslow brainwaves at 0.19 cycles per second.

How do you generate delta brainwaves? Certain types of meditation will get you there. Doing EFT will also generate delta frequencies. Certain theta frequencies, meanwhile, stimulate stem cell production.

According to Dawson, the Schumann frequency of 7.8 hertz is a special frequency generated through meditation that is associated with a number of beneficial changes in your body. This is also why many integrative cancer specialists are now stressing the importance of lowering stress and incorporating meditation in their cancer treatment programs.

A Cancer Story

A woman named Beth Misner is writing a book about her cancer experience, and how she drove her cancer into remission using nothing but energy medicine. In March 2017, she was diagnosed with a 5-centimeter (2-inch) tumor in her right breast. The lymph nodes under her right armpit were also inflamed and full of cancerous cells — a sign that the cancer had spread into her limbic system. They also discovered three areas of concern on her right lung.

Her doctor at MD Anderson in Houston (a famous cancer clinic) wanted to initiate radiation right away, but Misner decided to wait. She eventually decided to address her cancer on the level of energy. She contacted Dawson for advice and suggestions. Dawson recounts what happened next:

“She began to do chi gung intensively. She began to tap intensively. She began to do energy medicine exercises, and got energy medicine treatments. She cleaned up her diet. She got rid of stress in her life. She did a whole bunch of proactive things to shift herself at the energy level.

Now, this is March [when] she gets the diagnosis of MD Anderson. By May, scans showed that all the lymph nodes under her right armpit were completely clear, and the tumor shrunk from 5 centimeters to 1.4 centimeters. One of her doctors said, ‘Well, it looks to me like it’s just necrotic. It’s just dissolving. Her body has removed it.’

She, again, just kept on the energy techniques and later on her bloodwork showed not a trace of cancer in her body. That’s the power of using energy. That’s why I urge people, whatever your challenge is — it doesn’t mean this is the right approach for everybody — but pay attention to stress. Pay attention to energy.”

A very important side note here is that you have to make a choice, and it’s not necessarily an easy one. If you have chemo and/or radiation, energy work will not be effective, as the treatments are simply too toxic. Metabolic cancer therapies such as cyclical ketosis and fasting, on the other hand, can be very beneficial.

“I’m not saying [energy work] is going to work perfectly for everyone. What I’m saying is look at your energy options. What ‘Mind to Matter’ shows you is that my consciousness and energy has enormous effect on the matter of your cells. If you’re ignoring that leverage point, you’re ignoring the biggest possible leverage point of your own health,” Dawson says.

How to Get Into a Coherent Flow State

So, how do you get into a coherent state of flow? Lifelong meditators can do it effortlessly, showing that it’s a matter of training. Through experimentation, Dawson developed a program he calls EcoMeditation that combines HeartMath’s quick coherence technique with tapping and mindfulness.

Dawson cites research showing that EFT can cause a 37 percent drop in cortisol in just one week. And, when cortisol goes down, DHEA goes up, because they make the same two precursors. It also improves many beneficial enzymes. For example, in one week, baseline immunoglobulin levels rose by 113 percent, basically more than doubling immune-functioning markers. It also decreases sympathetic nervous system activation.

“We know now, because we’ve looked at this in peak performers, athletes, business people, financial experts, in people in meditative monasteries and nunneries and people who are really focused on meditation in the long term.

We know that meditation has these effects, but how do you get there quickly? You can spend an hour with your eyes closed and not be meditating. Or you can spend two minutes and enter a deep state. How do you get there? I’m focused on that really intently now,” Dawson says.

Dawson defines meditation as the ability to sustain an alpha state for 15 seconds or more. EcoMeditation can get you into a coherent brain state in about four minutes.

“You essentially are mimicking the breathing, the posture of that 10,000-hour Tibetan monk. If you do what they do, if you mimic with no belief, no spiritual superstructure, and just give the physiological cues to your body, you go into that what we call the ‘awakened mind state’ just like that,” he says.

Seven Steps to Awakened Mind

You can find a series of guided meditations by Church on InsightTimer.com, including entraining yourself with synchronicity and affirming inner peace.

There are seven steps to Dawson’s EcoMeditation formula.1 For best results, set aside 20 to 30 minutes for this practice each day. Studies suggest half an hour of meditation daily produces noticeable changes in about a month or two, but even as little as 10 minutes a day can produce shifts in about 10 days.

1. First, tap each of the EFT acupressure points (see diagram), while holding the intention that you are calm and peaceful. While tapping, say to yourself (out loud or silently), “I release any and all blocks to inner peace. I release all the tension in my body. I release anything in my past, present or future that stands between me and inner peace.”

eft tapping sequence

Source: EFTuniverse.com, 7 Steps of EcoMeditation

2. Next, relax your tongue on the floor of your mouth. This relaxes the hypoglossal nerve that runs from your tongue into the vagal nerve, which tells your vagal nerve that you aren’t under threat. As a result, your whole body starts to relax.

3. Now, picture a large empty space behind your eyes. Simply doing this will put you into an alpha state.

4. Do the HeartMath quick coherence technique, which involves slowing your breathing to six seconds per in-breath and six seconds per out-breath (five breaths per minute).

5. Next, visualize your physical heart, and imagine breathing in and out of your heart. This will put you into a deep state of heart coherence.

6. With each out-breath, imagine a beam of love flowing out from your heart toward a person or place that you love. Hold this image for several breaths. Simply doing this will generate delta, theta, and even gamma brainwaves. Gamma is the wave of happiness and integration.

“Most people don’t have a gamma flare that lasts more than two seconds,” Dawson says. “But after a week of meditation, you live in that state where you’re having these flares of integrative brainwaves called gamma at the very top of the band, and then people feel totally wonderful.”

7. Lastly, bring the beam of love back into your heart and visualize it flowing into any part of your body that is uncomfortable or in pain. To end the meditation, take three deep six-second breaths, then return your attention to the room and open your eyes.

When to Meditate for Optimal Results, and What To Do When Stress Strikes

Dawson recommends doing your meditation first thing in the morning, and to complement it with EFT during the day whenever stress might rear its ugly head.

“If you wake up and the first thing you turn your attention to is being in that alpha state, that dreamy state and meditating, then you capture all benefits of being in that alpha state … I see this as extending that sleep state out into your waking state,” he says.

“[When] you start your day that way, you condition synchronicity. You condition beta thinking … [R]esearchers find that people’s problem-solving ability goes up by 260 percent when they’re in that state. Their creativity doubles. Their productivity at work increases dramatically. You’re now a far more productive human being …

When you’re going through the day and [stress gets triggered] … that’s when you tap … Usually within two minutes, you will see your subjective units of distress scale go down to a low number, often a zero. Then go about your day. Now, you’re much calmer, and you’re able to proactively move through your day with this little technique to help yourself recover.

Recovery time is pretty fast. After a while, you develop a different and new homeostasis, where your irritability, your resentment levels, your level of guilt, shame, anger and blame, all of these negative emotions has to go way down.”

Meditation Alters Your Brain Structure

According to Dawson, doing this meditation every day, your baseline levels of cortisol and immunoglobulin will begin to improve. Certain feel-good hormones will also increase. Once you get used to feeling good, that then becomes your new normal. This has to do with the neuroplasticity of your brain. Dawson explains:

“Neuroplasticity is like the hardware in our brains — the channels that conduct information, the neurons and the synapses that carry the flow of energy of information in our brains. The ones you use the most get developed … But the speed of this is extraordinary.

Within one hour of repeated stimulation, where there was just one synapse, now there are two. That’s in one hour of repeat stimulation. If you stimulate that neural bundle for weeks, days, months and years, it grows much bigger. Eventually, the software of your consciousness literally creates the hardware of your brain.”

One stunning story showing just how significantly you can change your brain through meditation is recounted in Chapter 1 of Dawson’s book. Graham Phillips, a TV reporter, decided to try an eight-week meditation program given by Monash University. He was a skeptic and wanted to test it out for himself.

“The experts there … did MRIs on every single region of his brain … after which he began to meditate regularly and be mindful of the course of his day. After two weeks, he found, behaviorally, he was much less stressed. After eight weeks, he went back into the lab. Again, they spent a whole day going over all of these tests with him. They also got a second MRI to measure the volume of different parts of his brain.

This number sounds too crazy, it’s almost like science fiction, but they examined a part of the hippocampus, the dentate gyrus, which is the memory or learning center that has to do with the regulation of emotion … and found it grew by 22.8 percent … So, it’s not just a feel-good practice. It’s literally reshaping the content inside your skull.”

Healing Can Be Learned

Research shows that when you expose cells to a frequency of 7.81 hertz, DNA replication becomes far more efficient. Importantly, certain frequencies stimulate the reproduction of stem cells, while other frequencies cause the stem cells to migrate and adhere where needed.

To use stem cells for healing, those are the three things required: replication, migration and adhesion, and all three can be triggered through meditation. “In the book, I have a list of the conditions that are treated successfully with energy healing,” Dawson says.

“The disease is a symptom of the dysregulation of your system. Take cancer, for example. Those cancer cells can’t live in a normal healthy body. They only live in a body that is dysregulated. You want to improve all those factors that are dysregulating you, then you’ll see a pervasive upwards spiral and good effect on your health generally,” he says.

“The more I learn about the body, the more I see that the body is a [self-]healing machine. The body heals naturally. You have to do something pretty radical to stop the body from healing. When you load it up with sugar, stress and things like that, you get in the way of healing.

But your body is just an amazing healing machine, the way cells proliferate. All you have to do is get out of the way. Get out of the way by not stuffing things in your mouth, stuffing things in your mind, stuffing things in your environment that hurt you and don’t work for you. If you just quit doing the bad stuff, then your body is naturally going to heal …

Some people do need an external stimulus … Sometimes I will say, ‘You need to go an energy healer. You need a boost energetically to get the process going. Go get acupuncture. Go see an energy medicine practitioner. Go see a therapist.’ You need that external push for some people’s bodies …”

Mind to Matter

To learn more, I highly recommend picking up a copy of “Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality.” In it, Dawson lists 30 lifestyle practices that can make a big difference in your physical and psychological health. You can also find more information — including a free EFT mini-manual and Dawson’s published research — on his website, DawsonChurch.com.

“I want to inspire people [to take action],” he says. “You will literally feel yourself changing when you [meditate every day]. That’s the biggest gift that you can give yourself. Release that stress. When you do that, your full human potential starts to shine. All those parts of yourself that have been stuck, all those limiting stories you start to let go of, then you can be.

The magnificence of you starts to come through. As you’re hooked up to your nonlocal mind in meditation, you get access to ideas, solutions and all kinds of knowledge and wisdom you don’t have when you’re stuck in the level of local mind.

Then suddenly, your life becomes way easier. You’re living in synchrony not just with other people around you, but with the whole universe. That’s what I call a synchronous life …

If you’re listening to this … please, I’m asking you to raise your hand now and make that commitment to meditating every day. Meditation is free. It’s online. Go there. Grab it. Try it out. You will feel the shifts inside of yourself. But do that as your gift for yourself for the new year.”

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