WAKE UP! We’re All Being Played | Max Igan

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We’re all being played off against each other so we hate each other and don’t look at the bigger picture. ~ Max Igan

We Can Still Turn This Around | Max Igan 2021

Source: Inspired

“The world is changing. Everything is breaking down. The whole system is breaking down. They want it to break down into their great reset. They want to have the reset that they want to have… With everything that they’re doing, they want us feeling negative. They want us feeling bad. They want us worried about everything. That’s why I keep saying to you: no stake in the outcome. Don’t stress about all this stuff because everything they do is they’re trying to put you into fear. They want to make you feel hopeless but try to keep it empowering. No stake in the outcome. You’ve got to see what the game is, but then you’ve got to intend for it to go the way you want it to. As I’ve often said to people, the true nature of prayer is to put yourself in the emotional state with a prayer has already been answered.” ~ Max Igan

Max Igan: The world needs you to step into your power so we can turn this whole thing around and get to that golden age we all have been dreaming about for so long. It’s all up to us now.