The Many Paths to Enlightenment

By Deirdre Hade

Twenty years ago, I had the experience of disappearing and becoming one with everything in the universe. And that was a real game-changer for me. Since then I’ve been speaking, sharing, and giving healings with the energy that I experienced during this awakening time.

So, what is enlightenment?  Enlightenment is simple; it’s another kind of communication, a communication that is nonlinear, without words, a knowingness. When this communication occurs, the entire feel of your persona- your soul, spirit, physical body, ego body, and ego mind- explodes. It’s a supernova, it’s THE aha moment where you break through the prison wall, the energetic wall called the mind.

Yes, we need our minds. But the mind is also the barrier to enlightenment. Because the mind, the thinking mind, just thinks itself into all kinds of little traps and little muttering rooms where we try to figure it all out. And that’s all wonderful. We love the mind and we need the mind. But there is a window in this prison-like room of the mind where the light is always shining in through the bars. And you, who is a seeker, you are the one looking up within the small room of your mind saying, “I want that light. I want to fly out that window.”

Unfortunately, the path to that window gets very complicated. Because we’ve had thousands of years of incredible teachings and practices designed to help us find enlightenment, so much so the path has gotten very heavy. It’s loaded with the weight of all these ideas and thousands of big books, such that many of us say, “Oh, my gosh, I can never do this! It’s just too hard. There are so much dogma and so many rules. I don’t think I can do it!”

But the thing is, we all really do have help walking this path. And here’s how I know.

Back when 911 happened, I was living in Topanga Canyon outside of Los Angeles. I was in the grocery store at Gelson’s in Pacific Palisades, writing a check for the groceries, and suddenly, behind the clerk, a petite young woman appeared wearing an antiquated nun’s habit. I turned to the woman next to me and said, “Wow, isn’t it odd there’s a nun standing there in Gelson’s?” And from the look I got I realized, Oh, my gosh, she can’t see this person! So, I said nothing more and just kept writing the check. Finally, I got my groceries and left the store, and the nun followed me. I stopped outside, turned to her, looked right into her clear, crystalline blue eyes and said, “Okay, who are you? What’s going on?”

She smiled and said, “I am St. Catherine.”

“Why are you here?” I asked.

“I want you to know that I am watching over you and watching over the children of God,” she said. “We want humanity to know that there’s a great light coming, a great Ascension of Transformation that’s coming, and we want you to not be afraid. Even though events look terrible, please know that the saints and the angels of God are all here now on the Earth, walking among you to help nurture, love, and minister to humanity and the broken heart of humanity.”

She went on. “You are all always cared for and loved. Find relief letting go of the story that you and all humanity must suffer. Let those stories from another time wash away. You are here to live in joy. You are free, free from the prison.”

For me, the whole world changed at that moment, right in front of Gelson’s. And for years I contemplated this vision, wondering, Why me? And for heaven’s sakes, why at Gelson’s? This was one of the most powerful visions I’ve ever had and one of only five times in my life when I’ve seen the actual physical body of a saint, an archangel or prophet. I wasn’t in a church or a monastery. I wasn’t in a yoga studio. I wasn’t meditating. I was writing a check at the grocery store in a checkout line.

And the main lesson I got was: Don’t have a preconceived notion about where or when your aha moment—your awakening moment—will happen. Just throw that out. The lesson is to be in the moment and know that while doing the mundane work of living, Spirit is right there, the potential to awaken is right, all the time.

How to open the door for the aha moment of enlightenment

Step 1: First of all, be inquisitive. Be inquiring, be active. Ask to be given information. Look for the light, the goodness of life. Look for those moments, because they are there all the time. Enlightenment and receiving alignment require a commitment and an intention to live life fully present, to experience it fully. We just get so busy, we run right by those moments. So, the first thing is to be inquisitive. Be pro-active. Ask and ye shall receive.

Step 2: In the morning when you wake up, say to the universe, “I am ready for my enlightenment. I am ready for my awakening. I am ready to reconnect to the most magnificent, incredible creation of all that is.” And then, even while you’re doing the rest of your work, put your attention on that. This can’t be something you just casually think about once a week or remember on your way to yoga. It has to be an intention that is alive, living inside of you 24/7.

Step 3: Don’t have a timeline. Say, “I’m ready! But it’s on your time, Spirit.” When you say that, wow! The world, the creation, the mystery opens, the veils part and that inner eye, that Silent Watcher within you, gets activated. And that’s when the magic happens.

It may happen for just a few moments. But here’s the other thing about enlightenment. It’s very important to know that it’s not as though you have this experience and then you stay like that forever. Yes, that happens down the line. But in the beginning stages, you’ll have this moment of oneness, and then it’ll close down. At that moment it’s important to think, “Okay, I felt it! I felt it! Now, please know, I’m ready again!”

Pray to be in the moment and then seize the next time the opening happens. Do this and you are well on your way to having your greatest dream answered: The dream of living a fully connected and happy, joyous life.

About the Author

Deirdre Hade is a mystic, artist, and visionary elucidating the spiritual world.


5 Lower-Vibe Things You’ll Want to Release on Your Path to Enlightenment.


By Wes Annac | in5d.com

You probably don’t need me to tell you that spirituality isn’t all about feeling positive or uplifted. The enlightenment path requires us to sacrifice things that hold us back and keep us from making progress, and maybe this is where the notion of religious sacrifice was created.

Most religious sacrifices throughout history have been unnecessarily violent and wicked, but maybe the idea of religious sacrifice originally came from the external (and even internal) sacrifices we have to make on the enlightenment path.

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Why do we have to make these sacrifices? Because there are a lot of things here on Earth that stop us from making genuine spiritual progress and we have to avoid these things if we want to elevate our consciousness or awaken others.

The purpose of self-sacrifice isn’t to boss ourselves around or give up things we cherish, unless they cause serious damage – it’s to detach from things that are destructive so we can make room for more wholesome things that accelerate our evolution.

Here, I’ll list four things we’ll want to give up if our goal is to walk the spiritual pathwithout falling back into limiting habits or mindsets. Ridding ourselves of them right now will allow us to forge ahead with strength, and they’ll eventually stop influencing us and fade away.

1. Negative or toxic people

I’m sure we all know someone who seems overly negative or constantly upset with life, and we’ll want to keep our distance from them for the sake of our spiritual growth. When we’re around other people, we tend to be subconsciously influenced by their expressions and, sometimes, their outbursts, and if we aren’t careful, we could end up repeating their behavior.

We could end up frustrated with life or with the people around us, and we won’t even realize we were influenced by someone else’s negativity. We’re all subconsciously connected, and the words and actions of people we’re close with can affect us in a deeper way than we realize.

With all of this said, we should remember that the issue isn’t always black and white. We might have a loved one who means a lot to us but tends to have random or not so random outbursts (or their opinion on any issue is just too negative to take), and we won’t just want to abandon them.

We don’t want to abandon our family or people we’re close with just because of their negativity, so we’ll have to find some kind of middle ground. We don’t want to spend so much time with them that they start to influence us, but we don’t want to avoid them just because we don’t like how they express themselves.

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We’ll want to stay balanced and listen to our intuition when we’re met with any difficult circumstances. Our intuition will help us make the best and most helpful decisions, and we can spend time with an angry loved one while finding some way to stay impervious to their negativity.

2. Sugary, artificial, GMO foods

It’s no secret that our modern society is filled with cheap, fake foods that make big food corporations money while slowly poisoning us and ensuring that we’ll be sick when we’re older. These foods don’t just hurt our physical health – they’re a detriment to our spiritual health as well because mind, body and spirit are one.

What we put into our bodies affects us deeply on a mental, emotional and spiritual level, and if we want to be clearheaded as we go throughout our day or we want our meditations to be more potent, then clean, healthy and preferably organic food is our best bet.

I’m not trying to be one of those food snobs who tells you how to live your life, and while I try to be healthy, I tend to eat as much fake, sugary food as anyone else.

I’ve felt firsthand the difference between healthy and unhealthy food, and the first choice gives us energy, clarity, vitality and an enhanced sense of passion while the latter pleases our taste buds before making us feel lazy, tired and awful.

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We’ll also want to avoid unhealthy eating habits, like eating too much or too late at night. We don’t realize how this affects us when we’re doing it, but the effects will make themselves known at a later time when we feel terrible and we can’t understand why.

3. Too much television or technological stimulation

Watching television is one of the most destructive things a spiritual seeker can do. Again, I don’t want to tell you how to live, but a lot of things on this world (including TV) seem designed to keep people unhealthy and, for lack of a better word, stupid.


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