Few if any have come out with such a brief, plain-speaking statement about the reality of what parents and their children are being asked or forced to do by government bureaucrats.

But so many have been subjected to so much propaganda — such as intentional hypnotism — to accept the logic that it is a good idea to vaccinate our children with an experimental product that is associated with unacceptable and irreparable toxicities in order to protect the small fraction of the population at high risk of death and hospitalization.

According to the latest CDC data, more than 60% of the total U.S. population has been vaccinated, and about 45% of the entire population has already been infected by the virus, recovered, and developed natural immunity.

The elderly are heavily vaccinated.

The vaccines do not prevent you from becoming infected, replicating high levels of the virus, and spreading the infection to others.

I will say it again — the elderly are highly vaccinated.

The problem is that the vaccines are not doing what they are supposed to do — prevent infection and spread of the virus. This is, even more, the case with the Omicron variant.

So what to do?

Start jabbing children who — unless they have other major problems — shrug off COVID-19 disease like they do most other RNA respiratory viruses?

Or start allowing physicians to treat COVID-19 patients in the outpatient setting to prevent them from ever getting to the hospital setting where (almost exclusively in the U.S. alone) they are immunosuppressed with high levels of dexamethasone, placed into a coma-like state, and hooked up to a ventilator, and treated with Remdesivir (which is clearly toxic and mimics many of the toxicities of the virus)?

This is madness.

And it reflects a profound arrogance on the part of the Pharma-Govie-World Health elite.

They assert that they understand immunology, virology, and evolutionary biology so well that they can freely tinker with the lives of our children using an experimental technology and rushed vaccine product that is neither safe nor effective based on standards and bioethical consensus that have been developed and applied over decades.

They believe that they can inject novel unproven technology and improve the highly evolved human immune system that has developed over millennia to resist respiratory RNA virus pressure.

Arrogance is the kindest term I can think of.

“I know no one’s going to show me everything. We all come and go unknown. Each is so deep and superficial. Between the forceps and the stone. Well, I looked at the granite markers, those tributes to finality, to eternity. And then I looked at myself here. Chicken scratching for my immortality.”Joni Mitchell “Hejira”

None of us are immortal.

Despite the objectives of the transhumanist agenda. Death cannot be avoided. We pass through this world, and hopefully, leave it a bit better when we are gone. Our children are the only true legacy, the only real form of immortality.

Please protect them, and do not ask them to make sacrifices for their health on your behalf. You know this is wrong. So do the right thing. And take this seriously.

Think long and hard before taking an action that can never be undone.

Originally published by Robert W. Malone. M.D., M.S. on Substack.