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Thanks to quantum physics, we can see bigger opportunities and better realities than seem physically present in our lives; we can help ensure success against all odds.

Handbags of the Gods

I greatly enjoyed watching the Quantum Businessman's video discussing how “it's bigger on the inside,” covered in his video, Gucci of the Gods.  One of the things I most enjoyed about watching the Quantum Businessman's video about pocket universes is that it brings up some of what Chris Anatra (aka “the Quantum Businessman”) is calling soft disclosure.  This particular soft disclosure has to do with ideas about ancient artwork that shows up in many civilizations around the world–not just in one place.

This artwork indicates that there exist some kind of “handbags of the gods,” or “Gucci of the Gods,” as Chris Anatra puts it.  These mysterious handbags seem to show up everywhere, and both these bags and some watches seem like they might be more than they appear.  They might have something to do with playing with space, time, and reality, such as we see in popular shows such as “Doctor Who.”  Doctor Who's Tardis device is famously bigger on the inside than the outside, while traversing time and space.

The Quantum Businessman's “Gucci of the Gods” video also presents some fascinating thoughts of one of the world's top physicists, Alan Guth.  I've mentioned Alan Guth many times, usually in conjunction with a physicist that I'm very fond of, Dr. Yasunori Nomura, who I interviewed in 2014 after meeting him at a premiere of the documentary “Particle Fever” at UC Berkeley.  Alan Guth and Nomura co-authored a paper, but the big deal about Alan Guth is that he is recognized as being one of the top thought leaders having to do with ideas about the Big Bang and the inflationary universe.

How does this tie in with everything about Mandela Effects, reality shifts, and things being bigger on the inside than they are on the outside?  Good question!

Classical Paradigm as Subset of Quantum Paradigm

When we acknowledge that some aspects of quantum physics can never be classical, and that all of quantum physics can be derived from five simple axioms, we find ourselves at the remarkable junction where we can start to envision the Classical, materialist paradigm as a subset and special case of the larger, more universal set of the Quantum paradigm.

If you're familiar with set theory, then those pictures of circles with some circles intersecting and a Universal set containing all other sets may be familiar.  Basically, what we're noticing is that Quantum Physics and the Quantum Paradigm may be more like the Universal set, rather than a subset of Classical Physics.  There's no way we can fit quantum physics inside classical physics, but we can fit classical physics into the quantum paradigm.

Bigger on the Inside

This realization that quantum physics and the quantum paradigm is primary, and classical physics, paradigm and logic is a special case subset inside the larger quantum paradigm immediately reminds me of the notion of things being “bigger on the inside.”

When we look at the idea of pocket universes and bubble realities, we can immediately feel inspired to flip the entire conceptualization that we typically have regarding something small like a pocket or a purse.  We might tend to naturally assume that since quantum physics deals with the realm below the Planck scale having to do with such miniscule things as photons and electrons, it would be a subset and special case within our familiar classical paradigm with its associated classical logic.

As we look more closely at the extraordinary properties of the quantum realm, we see what Alan Guth describes in the “Gucci of the Gods” video by the Quantum Businessman.  Alan Guth talks about the likelihood that our inflationary universe indicates that there are lots and lots of bubble universes.  These bubble universes are out there all over the place, and essentially we are most likely living in a multiverse. This is also what I've been writing about in my books, Reality Shifts and Quantum Jumps, and this is a huge idea for each of us to contemplate in our everyday lives.

Why it Matters

You might well be wondering how any of this has anything to do with you, which is an excellent question.  One of the main reasons this is of such great importance is that very often, when we think of classical physics and material realism, most of our mainstream educational systems emphasize that such a materialist view is foremost, primary, and dominant.

People who consciously or unconsciously go along with this worldview can easily become confused, depressed, or just feel stuck or trapped by circumstances. We might feel that we are looking at all the facts that are right in front of us.  We might feel we are facing an indisputable, unchangeable situation. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

When we realize that the quantum paradigm is dominant, then we are better aligned with what has been taught in spiritual faiths and traditions, including the perennial philosophies.  These perennial philosophies of love, kindness, compassion, and having faith that even when things seem extremely difficult, you can actually witness miracles.  And these miracles might come in the form of things that you need, and maybe you don't notice that it's happening.  You might think, “Well, I needed that.  It's just some coincidence.”

After considering these ideas from quantum physics, we can begin to take a closer look, with a sense of wonder, reverence and awe that maybe we always get what we need.  And those times when we notice we're not seeming to get what we are intending, perhaps what's really blocking us is that our heart is not in it, or we're not keeping our eyes open to the fact that in some ways what we're dreaming of and wishing for is already here.

Success Against All Odds

The key idea we can get from this insight that reality is “bigger on the inside,” thanks to quantum physics, is to not be emotionally triggered by situations.  We can look inside every situation, to discover what is happening right now that we can be grateful for.  And to recognize that we don't need to trust the depressing aspects of what looks like physical truth–because a lot of historical facts change.  They can change in ways that lots of us are noticing together, which is what we call the Mandela Effect.  They can also change specifically just for us, which would be a reality shift.  And if we observe a change that we  were intending, they can shift as quantum jumps.

These big ideas are brought to you from the seemingly tiny world of quantum physics, which is “bigger on the inside,” helping to ensure the possibility of success against all odds.

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