Real Story of Successful Entrepreneur Siddharth Mahajan – Tulip Homes Owner

Educational Life of Siddharth Mahajan

A fervent student hailing from Haryana, India, Siddharth Mahajan began his professional journey in the hospitality industry in 2001 after completing his Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from Oriental School of Hotel Management, Kerala. A high scoring student who was fiercely driven to achieve great heights of success, Mahajan was the first in his college to find placement and worked in Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur, for 3 years where his work was highly lauded by colleagues and clients alike. He subsequently headed to London to create a worthwhile career in the industry.

Professional Journey of Siddharth Mahajan

In London, Siddharth Mahajan started working at Thistle Marble Arch Hotel trailed by other enriching stints with various hotels that led him to establish his own business in 2011 – Tulip Hotels and Real Estate Ltd. At the outset, he began letting out service apartments to travellers looking for long-term stay options with comforts and facilities of a house. In essence, his plan was simple — let out houses on rent to multiple people, each occupying a single room inside the house. He made these houses fully functional and equipped to create a home-like atmosphere for travellers. Customers didn’t have to worry about electricity, water, cable or internet connections. Mahajan was offering a complete housing package.

The business model was a success and Tulip Hotels began to flourish. He leased out several more properties to accommodate the growing business and subsequently even invested in a few.

Today, Siddharth Mahajan has 40 million British pounds worth of assets to his credit of which 26 million are in lending and his current net worth is 14 million British pounds. Currently, Tulip Homes not only offers service apartments but has also forayed into the hotel industry in addition to construction and refurbishment of houses. These developments are part of Siddharth Mahajan’s vision to offer a wide gamut of quality housing services to the UK community.

A lesson and inspiration to most professionals starting their career, Siddharth Mahajan Tulip is an individual one can learn a lot from and whose success story is an example for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  1. Carve your own path: Society will place norms, it will impose you with rules but to rise, you need to break free. Mahajan has always followed his heart and his passion. He believes someone else’s vision of success will force you to stray from the path you worked to be on. So carve your own path and you’ll always be heading in the right direction.
  2. Have a vision: Have a clear vision of what you wish to achieve in life and remind yourself of it every day. A clear target will help you pave your way and keep you focused regardless of the hindrances.
  3. Understand your customer: Knowing and understanding your customer is pivotal. Know those you serve, better than anyone else and you’ll be able to deliver the solutions they need.
  4. Always be on the lookout for opportunities: Siddharth Mahajan Tulip has always remained opportunistic throughout his career. It means to be mindful of the rising trends in the market and analyzing how these trends can be turned into fruitful business avenues.
  5. Don’t give up, don’t give in: The obstacles will be many, the challengers and challenges will be endless, but learning to face them with a positive outlook is the key to overcoming every roadblock successfully.
  6. Find solutions to the right problems: It’s crucial to identify the right problems and focus on solutions for them instead of the make-believe issues people create to pull you back from reaching your goals.
  7. Encourage and Inspire: Be encouraging of learning, planning, taking risks, being creative, resilient, and tenacious. If you want to grow, ensure your team grows with you. Siddharth Mahajan Tulip believes a company’s growth depends on the collective effort and growth of its employees. No one succeeds in business alone, and those who try will lose to a great team every time. Build your own great team to bolster your success.

With these strong qualities, a good business acumen and his truthful professional approach, year on year, Mahajan kept adding properties to his offerings of service apartments to expand his business. In the recent past, Tulip Real Estate added Mansfield RoadBlock and Gants Hill Block to its kitty to increase inventory. Following that, the Tulip team underwent more expansion with more professionals adding onto the bandwagon to manage and assist in the operation and procurement of various blocks to extend the growing model. The company also invested in the new builds in Essex Areas and the government affiliated with Help To Buy Scheme. The real estate company acquired more residential blocks for rental purposes and also New Build residential development sites with the assistance of various reputed teams of building contractors and commercial support of development funding banks.

As a greatly ambitious entrepreneur, Mahajan decided to further his business avenues by establishing Orchid Apartments, an Apart hotel that concentrates on its relationship with the customer because it realizes and agrees that this is the most crucial aspect to its long-term success.

Orchid Apartments has a line of service offerings to choose from that are a lucrative deal for clients like comfort apartments, deluxe apartments, executive apartments and suites.

Orchid aims to be the go-to brand in premier destinations in the United Kingdom for those seeking great memories of their trips. It wants to create personal experiences for guests, which they would cherish all along. Orchid also strives to be the first choice of destination for its esteemed guests, members, associates, communities and investors.

One of the latest New Build Projects Tulip placed on the market was “Wannock Gardens’ ‘ that consisted of Two x three bedroom, semi detached houses. These luxurious apartments were soon sold out because they came with the Help To Buy Scheme for first time buyers. Another project the company introduced is “Chapel Court” that entails 15 units of New Build apartments at South Ockendon. Situated in the historic Ockendon Village, Chapel Court has in its vicinity some excellent shopping facilities and local amenities offered by Lakeside Shopping Centre and Upminster making these brand new 1 & 2 bedroom apartments, the ideal property purchase for a first time buyer or investment purchaser. With a good response garnered from clients on the new build projects, Tulip Group is now set to present a new entrant – Forest Gate at Stratford, London.

Over the years, Mahajan has grown his business manifold. He tapped into different verticals of the real estate industry like the serviced apartment space, as well as HMOs and New Build space. Tulip Real Estate always envisaged developing as a private, diversified property group, active in the UK in several sectors, and taking a long term view of markets and its objectives.

Siddharth wanted his business to be recognized for strong financial performance; excellence in quality of design and service delivery; and for the long-standing impact of the company’s core values on what they do and, in particular, how they do it. His multifaceted approach towards expanding the business worked well in his favor and thus the young Indian entrepreneur found immense success on foreign soil.