Ready-Made Versus Bespoke: What to Go For on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times you will ever have in your life. With the presence of your family and friends, the occasion becomes more special and meaningful. But before the big day comes, there are months – sometimes years – of planning for both you and your future wife. You have to take care of who is going to be in the entourage, the wedding ceremony and party venues, flowers, dresses for the entourage, food and drinks and your and your fiancée’s outfits before the big day, and these things take time and money.

Let us focus on your and your bride’s outfits. You have to agree that your fiancée’s wedding dress will cost a lot more than your suit. It is because it is more intricate, more meticulously made and requires a lot more fabric. Your suit, on the other hand, comprises several pieces – the jacket, shirt, vest and trousers. You may think these may not be too hard to make, and it shouldn’t be, particularly if you are buying it off the rack.

Made to measure suits

A made to measure suit is one made by a bespoke tailor. It is a unique suit – maybe not in the fabric or design – but in the way it fits you. The tailor will take your measurements according to the fit that you want and will make a pattern from scratch. He will then cut your chosen fabric and sew it according to your body measurements. You can expect your suit to fit you perfectly on your wedding day. Yes, a bespoke suit costs a lot more than an off-the-shelf one, but you will get value for your money even after the wedding because you can still wear it on formal occasions. You can wear all the pieces together, or you can mix and match them with other existing pieces to create varied looks, both formal and casual. It will also take more time to make your suit, so make sure that you get your measurements taken way ahead of time. Not all bespoke tailors have a lot of time on their hands. A lot of them get orders months, and even years, in advance, so book yours as early as possible.

Off-the-rack suits

Off-the-rack suits differ from bespoke suits such that suit makers make them by batches, and by standardised sizes. You have to pick the right size for you. It should not hang on your body, and it should also not be too tight and make it hard for you to move. Ready to wear suits can either be inexpensive or costly. If you are running on a tight budget, there are suit brands that offer cheap options. It is up to you to find the perfect fit and make it look expensive. Suits from famous brands are more expensive and more tailored, so if you are running out of time to get a bespoke suit made, you can run to your favourite luxury suit brand for your wedding outfit.