Kryon: 2019 Is Going to Be a Catalytic Year – Hold On!

Source: Kryon Channelling

Listen to this live Kryon channelling that was given in Boulder, Colorado on January 11-12, 2019.

The following is a partial transcript starting at 10:08 into the video:

So, let me tell you what's up. Dear ones, you're in a new energy and I'm going to call it the energy of magnificence. 2019 is going to be an interesting year – hold on! It is a catalytic year and in the field there are things potentially that may be surprising to you. Humans don't like change!

What if I told you these changes must occur the way they occur in order for you to understand that things are different. And maybe, maybe you'll even back off a little in your judgement and stop and assess and say what does all this mean? Do you think it could involve me?

And then you start saying to yourself what is it that we have learned from Kryon for 30 years?

Number one: you were born magnificent on this planet with free choice. Don't buy into the idea that God gave you free choice at the Garden of Eden and that a minute later judged you on your choice! It doesn't make sense, does it? Not logical, is it? Not loving, is it? Not compassionate, is it?

You're magnificent – you always were! And the magnificence of your choice is not judged. And in that there is freedom to find a higher or a low consciousness wherever humanity will go.

And what happened in the time that you've been here is that you went past a marker that even the ancients said was important” the precession of the equinoxes, the measurement of consciousness. You passed that and you are into a new era. And the era is starting to open up and show you things that have never happened before.

Light is starting to be exposed in dark areas, showing you things that were never there before. It's new dear ones and you're part of it because you're in this room! And that means that you're probably an old soul.

What if you've been waiting for this in some form, in some way. And it carries with it not only a realization that you might be involved in something beautiful – in the change of consciousness in human nature. But not only that, your coming to meetings to hear the ABC of how it works and what is next and what it might mean.

You're in the right place at the right time. But more than that, how do you think you are seen by that spark inside you? Wait until you hear about chromosome 2. So special is it, so beautiful, so unusual, so designed it is.

What if there is a portal literally from your consciousness to the higher consciousness that you call the creative source? Call it what you wish – a source greater than you which is imbued life even into the galaxy, like yours.

There you sit and here's what I want to tell you again and again. You are programmed to think you're alone and you're not! You look in the mirror and you see one face – all your life. It's a trick because you cannot see out of 4D.

Dear ones, you are in four dimensions. But reality is in many, many dimensions. It's provable by your own science who is looking into the aspects of multidimensionality and quantum fields, and all of these things – while you sit there and claim there are none!

How long has it been since you've analyzed these things to yourself, o logic one? In four dimensions that's where you build your box.

Do you believe in gravity? We'll ask again and you will say well I didn't know it was something I had to believe in. No you don't, because you're there in it and it works. Tell me what it looks like, what color is gravity? And you will say, there is no color. Yes it does. And if you could see multi-dimensional, you'd see it!

What is the magnetic grid of the planet looked like? What color is it? And you will say well it doesn't seem to have a color. You're right. Well does it exist if it doesn't have a color? That means it doesn't exist right, O logical one? And you'll say well yes it does exist.

Wow! Perhaps, just perhaps there are many invisible things around you that are so grand and so beautiful, that honor you, maybe even know your name, see you for who you are, and are with you.

Did you know that there is an entourage literally assigned to every single human on the planet. Even if you are here as an unbeliever, you know you felt it, you felt it. At certain times in your life you felt surrounded. Sometimes you have to go into the field or touch a tree or or be by the ocean or raise your hands and whooo, there it is!

It's all there – invisible, love sitting in your lap. And if it could talk to you, it would talk to you in such a beautiful way: I know your name, I know your name. We love you, we love you. There's so many of us, there's only one of you. And that's on purpose, that's on purpose.

And then the next question is with that going on, have you then taken any part in accessing it?

Well I meditate a little.

That's a good start. What if you lived with it? What if you wake up in the morning and you can't see it just like you can't see gravity or magnetics or anything, but around you is the love of the Creator imbued in your DNA. That's why you're here. And you say thank you for loving me.

And in that dear ones you have a consciousness that starts to create things around you. Did you know that? Did you know that consciousness by itself is a physical measurable energy?

What if I told you consciousness alone will help you to walk from A to B and be in a different place than if you didn't believe it? What I'm saying is you actually warp what you call chance when you start to believe in the coherence of consciousness, the field that is around you.

You slip into a coherent system, almost if I can use the word protective, because you have compassion, you're hooked in, and it controls where you walk and what you do.

There are those who take that out of context and it'll be laughable and they'll roll their eyes and walk away – never understanding this is the gold that you need to cling to. You are so much bigger than you. There's so much around you and it's on purpose. Part of the reason it exists isn't just for your healing or just for that which is to have you live longer.

I'll tell you what most of it was designed for it. It was designed for now! Old soul, you've been on a track to be here for a long time. Lightworker, you've been on a track to be here in 2019 for a long time so that you're an example when things start to look like they are different or falling apart or negative. And all it is, is a rejuvenation of what always was there into a better form!

You're gonna be the one that has to stand there in front of your children and your neighbors and your friends and say: “It's a good thing. Look at it differently. I am peaceful in these because we are going to have a change we've needed for a long time.”

It's going to change the way history works, the way we think. It's going to change our business. It's going to change our politics. It's going to change everything!

And eventually we're headed for a planet that will never ever war with itself – one in which it will be unconscionable to war with itself, to hurt another human being. Unconscionable!

A higher energy of consciousness, that's where you're going. And you know how I know that? Because I've seen it before. You're not the only one to have had this happen on your planet.

That's eye rolling too many. So talk to me in 10 years and then reassess, perhaps, whether this is correct or not correct.

The ones sitting here are the old souls. They have to know about how to control the fear, perhaps, of what an old box would tell you is going on, on the planet. And instead, a wiser old soul would see the things fall into place and say yes, I see that.

This is gonna make some problems. This is going to be uncomfortable, but look where it's going, look where it's going. Look at the things being exposed. You'll see it this year.

Dear ones, I come to you in these ways – sometimes in a meditative state, sometimes in parables. We're going to do a parable tonight. You'll like it. But right now this one is about opening just a crack into the idea that there might be far far more for you than you ever realized.

I'll say it again: God knows your name – a name that is sung, sung in light on the other side of the veil, because that's home and that's where you're missed.

As you come and you go from this planet, your soul, loved beyond measure, part of the divinity of the galaxy, in the universe, you spend a little time on Earth doing the job you're doing. You're known by God, loved by God, appreciated by God and always will be.

The end is a return to magnificence. Never has it been judgment.

That's from Kryon.

Use your own discernment in these things, but have allowance for things that might be different than you've been told

I'll be back.

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  1.' AliceinW says:

    Thank you so much CLN for the transcript (videos are not my favorite). I feel very much aligned with this information and thank God we have the many channelers to get these messages to us at this time. These messages are what keeps me balanced; and that has not been an easy process. But I do have to use that balance to say to those in my family that all of the discomfort of today’s world is a necessary part of getting to a better place. Thank you CLN for your part in the process.

  2.' Anakasha says:

    Although I am not able to attend the Kryon channellings in person being on the other side of the planet I watch and read as much as I can and use the transcendent healing app which is connected to Kryon and all that is going on. And I meditate and feel it all. I so appreciate the transcripts you offer. An’anasha (gratitude).

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