How to Solve the Gordian Knot and Save Our Country

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By Christine Hoeflich

I am very happy to share what I believe will fix the Gordian knot our country is in and save our country. I have transcribed a recent Tore Maras video (August 2, 2022, from 2hr:43 min on) and am sharing it below. Please read this as if your life and the lives of your children and grandchildren are on the line, as they are.

This also confirms what I’ve been sharing here on my blog. After you read Tore Maras’ message below, you may go here, to read a blog post that confirms what I’ve been saying here all along. (That you have a role in this awakening, and that it begins with you, at the individual and local level.)

So here is Tore, talking about how to save yourself, your family, your community and your country …

What will save you? Be the change you want to be and take hold of your damn counties because as they come down from the top, remember the top is the pyramid. The base is what holds it up. At the base, you’re the one there. And the minute you step out of line, that whole fvcking pyramid collapses. So when they come for you and your base is strong, your county is strong and you have taken back your county’s sovereignty, your city’s sovereignty, your state sovereignty, they can’t do anything. It’s bottom up, not top down.

And this is the problem, and this is why I have a problem with influence operations among influence operations giving you a leader when you don’t need one. All you need is each other. On a micro scale, you are the base of the pyramid. And if your base is strong and you own your base and you all say, look, I don’t give a shit. Okay. You identify as whatever the fvck you want. You have that right to identify as whatever the fvck you want, just like I do. So let’s all get together and remove these clowns and see, why are they spending so much money on this? Why are they getting federal dollars for this? Why are they doing this? Why are we supposed to be subscribing to some kind of idea when that’s not helping our community? Uh, we have potholes. Where’d that money go? Oh ya, oh ya, you know, it’s expensive …

Okay, you’re out. So let’s get into this… Why do we have potholes? Okay. Where was this money allocated? Where was it done? You know what? Fvck this. Federal government, you say I have debt. Fvck you. Come get it. I’m not giving you shit. Hey, people, we’re gonna be doing this tax. We’re gonna be doing it like that. Wait a minute, are we getting funds from the federal government for education? Are you guys okay with it? Are they forcing us? Are there any stipulations to get this money? Do we have to force CRT? Do we have to hire specific teachers? You know what, that’s not gonna work in our county. Bye! We’re gonna work amongst ourselves. This is how you make change!

When you realize that the words be the change you want to be are at the core of it. And so, as we sit here in a world of a Gordian knot, not being able to find the beginning or the end of the string to pull it, to get it loose, what do we do? We just say, fvck it. Fvck your knot; we don’t wanna play with your knot. We’re just gonna cut it up, and it’s over. And the way we can do it is two ways, a two-pronged approach. One, in your counties, you could get all these clowns removed in a heartbeat. And I am so jealous of people that live in counties that actually have people that are collectively together.

And how do you do that? Well, you need elections. So what do you do? Do what Texas did. Texas has literally done this. In five counties, I believe, and counting. Every single county, they filed contestation, do not use the machines. We are not using the machines. We are not using the machines. Huh? Oh, so that county’s not using them. So, they’re having fair elections; that county’s not using them. Wait a minute, how many counties do you have in your state? I have 88 in mine. If 88 of my counties refused on a county level to take those machines, Frank Larose can go blue in his face and he’s not gonna get shit done. He can’t force those machines … unless he can pull a federal law that says they’re actually federalized and they have to, uh-huh, but then he would have to declassify documents and then you have to question, why do we have classified documents when it comes to elections when it should be transparent? Go figure.

See, this is how you fix things. You don’t say, oh, we need to do this. No, you need to focus on what cuts the knot. Focus on the sword. That sword is saying, you know what? This knot is really fvcked up and nobody can solve it because you can’t untie it. So just get rid of it. How do you get rid of it? Cut it up. Say, fvck your knot. That’s how you do it. That’s how you move. That’s how you make change. Not what these influencers are telling you: Come vote, give us money, do this, do that, buy my shit, do this. No! It’s hey, get together, have some potlucks, work together. Let’s do this. I mean, I am actually very jealous because there are so many people astray that prescribe to all these ideologies; rather than see that they are the fvcking change they look to someone else to give them the change, or to take something completely broken.

It’s like one of those, you know, what is it? Those house shows where they flip houses and they take something completely fvcked up and they wanna rebuild it and they buy it for cheap. And then they see the foundation’s all shot. So then they gotta take it all down and redo it again. Why are you taking something that has corrupt foundations thinking that you can change that and make it better? Fvcking get rid of the Gordian knot! Cut it! That’s how you do it. That’s how you do it. Ah, that’s how you do it!

You stand up for yourself, with your neighbor that you may not like, that maybe is a “Joanna.” Didn’t they say that “Anna people,” people that end with Anne, like Dan, Anna, Joanne, I know all of them, have like a certain facial feature? Get with the people that you may not like. Look, you don’t have to like everybody, but you guys all have to agree that you have rights. And that is it…

What you need to be focusing on is getting to your counties. Some of you have charters within your counties that give you the right to remove people within like 10 days. And yet you’re sitting there with your thumbs up your ass; what do we do?

We should save the children. Sure. So you hang Epstein, you hang Weinstein. You hang, what? Hillary? Bill? Which one will satisfy you? Cause you know they’ve got people in the back doing the same-ass shit. I would just take ’em all out. Will you though, really? You’re gonna take out the thought of evil from people’s minds? No. You control how to do it. And I don’t know how many times I have to say it. You guys need each other, in person, to look at what you can do on your local level. (Big breath.) That’s all.

Because if you look at today, any climate, that’s it. I guess I wasn’t supposed to say that, I’m being choked up. I’ll keep my mouth shut now. So on that note, while you are dabbling in the land of confusion, embrace it. Say, all right, I’m in this knot. I’m this knot right now. I’m the knot. So how do I do it? Do I fail for so many years to untie this damn knot? Or do I just take my sword and say, fvck the knot. That’s where you need to sit on. Yes, this is a land of confusion, but in order to not be confused, I just cut the knot, and I focus on things that I can control. And I embrace those that I cannot. You can’t control what’s going on in the federal government. You can’t control what’s going on in Taiwan. You can’t control what’s going on in China. Once you control what you can, well, there you go. That’s your answer. That’s ALL you have to focus on. — End of Tore Maras excerpt

So yeah, local action and local responsibility, beginning with your own self.

That’s the attitude I had when this plandemic came about: Fvck your masks! Fvck your social distancing! Fvck your vakseens! Liars! I actually had a guy blast his megaphone at me at Costco, reminding me to social distance, to which I turned around and promptly showed him the finger. Perhaps, if only a few percentage of people had my point-of-view, my attitude, we would have never had to go through with this nonsense. (I usually am a polite person, and diplomatic. It’s just that I could not go along with the BS.)

But, as I’ve been saying for many years now, we need to learn certain things firsthand, so it is etched in our brains, so it is etched in our experiences. So it never, ever happens again. So your understanding will be deep. So your compassion and appreciation and joy will be deep, and real. There’s a good reason they call this the Great Awakening.

I encourage you all to get on Telegram and follow ToreSays+, and watch her videos on Rumble. There are ToreSays+ local and state groups working on projects (locally driven), such as what Texas has accomplished. Here is the link for her Rumble channel: Tore Says Show. Tore is also running for Ohio Secretary of State on the independent ticket. Please check her out.

I’m here to help people strengthen their connection with God, with their higher self, and develop their inner guidance. I blog about the spiritual awakening process and reduce people’s fear around that. But Tore has extraordinary, high-level understanding about our government, our past, and where we are headed. Because of her, our world is blessed.

You’ve got the key, the shortcut and the clarity now. Please share this post with your family, friends, wherever you can. Share your insights below, and get to work doing your part!

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