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How to Create What YOU Desire From Your Higher State of Consciousness | Lorie Ladd

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Source: Lorie Ladd

Watch this inspirational video in which Lorie Ladd provides a simple, seven step for manifesting what you desire in you life.


Lorie Ladd:

Hello, everyone. Happy Friday. I love you sending you a very big virtual hug wherever you are on the Earth plane in this now moment.

Okay. I have a message for you. How do we create?

How do we step into the next version of us: who we want to be, the relationships we want, the career that we want, the abundance we want – right? How do you create?

So we are all standing in higher states of consciousness now and we will continue to. So the way we used to do things is different. We used to manifest, right? So we would manifest something and we would see it in a future now. And we would make all these steps to get to it, like vision boards. And those are all really great. Those still work.

But when you're in a higher state of consciousness, you create differently. You start to remember that you're in a Quantum field, which means that everything is actually right now and when you create something it's already done. It's in the now moment with you. So the way you create – any higher dimensional being including yourself – the way we create as Consciousness is through intention and energy.

So you intend to create something: a relationship, a job, a career, behavior, belief systems – whatever it is – you intend it: I'm intending…  And then you hold the energy of it, so you understand the frequency of it.

Just by recognizing that it is a frequency that you're not yet holding, otherwise, it would be in your now. So that's all you have to realize: it's a frequency that you're not holding yet in your body and that you'll be holding an another now moment. So intention and energy, okay?

As soon as you speak that intention out loud and understanding that it's a different frequency than what you're holding, it forms and it becomes in that now.

And because we live in a time space continuum based on our density, it takes multiple now moments to merge the version of you in a different timeline or frequency and the version of you in this now timeline in this frequency. And we call that merging timelines.

It doesn't necessarily happen miraculously or instantaneously I should say, not miraculously, instantaneously. The reason it doesn't happen instantaneously is because we live in time and space. There is a continuum: a now moment, now moment, now moment.

But here is the key when you are intending: It is already now. It's already done. It's complete. So there are many versions of you that exist in this now you don't have to walk towards it. You don't have to force yourself into it. You don't even have to do yourself into it. Through intention and energy it becomes a reality in your now moment. That's it.

And in the quantum field, it's here. It's done. So here are ways in which you can start to practice this new way of creating. Okay. I made some steps. Okay?

Step 1: Who are you right now? Just getting clear on who you are: the relationship you have, the career. the job. the money, the limiting beliefs the behavior. Just who are you in this now moment frequency, right? How are you being?

Step 2: What are you creating? I am intending . . .  So it's almost like somebody has opened the door, and in comes the genie. right? What would you like? And you're like, I'm intending this, this, this, and this in my next now moment, right? So you get clear on what you are intending.

Step 3: You want to see and feel that version of you above you, within you, or beside you – literally like a hologram. Oh there he or she is in that relationship, or in that job, or in that behavior, or with that abundance. You want to actually literally see that version of you that you just intended with you NOW – not in a future now. When you start trying to create a future now, you're going to make this a lot more difficult. We don't live in future. We live in now. We're Quantum. We're higher frequency now, so it's all Quantum. It's all now. So see that version of you right here. I like to see the version of me sort of standing almost on top of me or standing beside me. I'm wrapping my arm around her. I'm speaking to her. I see her. I feel her. I know that she's right here.

Step 4: Talk to her him talk to her. She's real. He's real. In the quantum, it's real, it's now. Remember there's time space continuum. So it takes time for you to merge with that version of you. But it's done.

Step 5: Trust and know that it is so. Know that it is done. It is now. It is here. It's complete. You have to know that with all with 100% certainty. It's a probability that is right here, right now – not in a future. So don't push for it. Don't cross your fingers. God I hope this happens. God I hope, I hope, I hope. No! You intended and you energetically connected. It's done

Step 6: Remember, remember, remember, remember that you are standing in time and space. And that you are merging now moment by now moment by now moment with that version of you that you intended. It's a collapsing of the timelines. That's it. So you have to remember that. There's nowhere to go. It's right here. And the more you remember that, the more you relax into that which you intended and which is right in front of you now.

Step 7: Live in your now with that new version of you until it becomes your reality. Live with them, feel them, see them, hear them, know them now with you – walking, taking showers with you, driving in your car. Whatever you're doing. It's with you right now. It doesn't exist elsewhere.

So again:

  • Step 1: Who are you right now?
  • Step 2: What are you intending? What is it that you want in your next now moment? What are you intending?
  • Step 3: Feel and see that version of you above you, besides you or within you. It's in the now.
  • Step 4: Talk to her him – right here right now.
  • Step 5: Know that it is a Quantum field that you are in and that it is already created. There's nowhere to go. There's nothing to do. It's done!
  • Step 6: Remember that it's going to take now moments, because you're standing in time and space. There's a continuum. So the the timelines have to merge.
  • Step 7: Live with him or her. Hang out with them. Don't doubt it. Know that it's there know that it's there.

So when we create an intent in time and space in a very dense reality, we create it and then we have to trust the way that now moments flow and that it we are going to bump into it. So it's not necessarily going to be in our now moment right away.

And we don't have control over what now moment it will merge. It's not your job to figure out when that's going to merge – those two versions of you: the version of you now and the version you intended. When is it going to merge? Who knows? It's not your job to figure out how time and space work. All you need to do is know that through intention and energy, through seeing and feeling that version of you that's here right now right on top of you, or right inside of you or right beside you. It's done.

And all you got to do is trust. All you got to do is trust and surrender. That is how we create in the quantum field. That is how we do it now. That's how we do it.

And you can write it out write on a piece of paper so it gets more clear for you, if you need to do that. But hold it on an energetic level in the quantum. Hold him or her in the quantum field, meaning it's right here, right now. It's right here, right now. It's right here, right now. It becomes more of a surrendering instead of a doing, a trusting instead of a pushing, a knowingness instead of a doubting.

That's how we're designed to be as creator beings, multi-dimensional creator beings in physicality.

Try it out. It works! It's how I live my life. It's how I intend every aspect of my next now moment. It's how I've created the life I'm living right now.

I love you. Thank you for being here. Be gentle with yourself and go create.

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