Five Signs You Are a Lucid Dreamer

When a person is asleep but has the awareness that they are dreaming, then it is called a lucid dream. In this state, you are able to recognize your thoughts and emotions. You can also exercise some control over the dream’s narrative during this situation. Through your will, you can change the setting or location of the dream.

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1- Realization of being in a dream

If you realize that you are in a dream, then this is a big sign that you are a lucid dreamer. Often it is not about realizing that you can go about doing whatever you want, rather it is about the consciousness of having experienced the same situation in another dream.

For example, you may find yourself outside a familiar building. And then you will realize that if you go to the left, you will reach the place where you have been during one of your other dreams. And if you move to the right, then you will reach the neighborhood where the other dream took place.

2- Starting the dream where you left off

Another big sign that you are a lucid dreamer is that you tend to pick up where you left off in the dream. If you wake up in the middle of the dream, you can will yourself to start where you left off.

In the past, you may not have thought that this is anything special and believe that anyone can do it. However, it is a sign of lucid dreaming. It shows that you possess a great amount of control as you can remember the setting and situation of the dream and have the ability to enter that world again. 

3- Experiencing heightened emotions

If you have experienced heightened emotions, then this is another indication that you are a lucid dreamer. It is likely that you will not have a fully lucid dream, rather you may be experiencing moments of lucidity while having heightened emotions.

During lucid dreams, you are exercising your will and making decisions on your own, which makes it similar to real life. When you become furious or fall in love in your dreams, you have the power to direct your emotions. These things may feel like they are not in your control, but at the most basic level the choice to fall in love or get angry is still yours.

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4- The Will

Lucid dreams are more about the dreamer’s will rather than the control he/she is able to achieve.

Whether it is real life or dreams, if one wills to achieve something then often that thing actually happens. That shows the power of the will in one’s life.

5- Don’t accept everything that happens

Another indication of a lucid dreamer is their realization that they don’t have to accept everything that happens to them during the dream. If they find themselves in a disagreeable circumstance, then they want to change that.

For example, if they find themselves heading towards a gloomy building, they know they are not supposed to enter it. They desire to get out of this situation and will it to disappear, and often the dark building grows bright and the whole dream becomes a merrier place.