5D Ascension: Return of the Shiva

We’re shifting through all manner of gears right now in the 5D Ascension of Planet Earth. Many layers need to be stripped off within the old reality construct, many attunements and alignments need to happen. What’s necessary right now is an acceleration of the process, so as to unwind the intervention of the shadow side. Benevolence has responded in the most quietly phenomenal of ways – the return of the cosmic catalyst the Shiva. A portal has been opened so that this remarkable energy might descend from higher dimensions and enter the fray.

Be prepared for everything to change.

Shiva – the Cosmic Catalyst

The Shiva is a higher dimensional consciousness that is extremely aligned, evolved, and coherent. It has a rock-steady strength that is able to sit within the vortex of the Universal Torus in any given situation or reality context. The Shiva steadily amplifies the Toroidal Flow. It’s like steadily winding up a tornado in the given space. A tornado that sucks in density and churns it up, breaks it down so that the buried light can reconnect with the ascending movement (insight into the nature of the Universal Torus).

This last week, I experienced being a part of a benevolent mission to open a portal and bring the energy into this plane. It felt given and guided from the higher dimensions – a timely benevolent interaction to catalyse the break down of the dark consciousness veils that have been drawn across society in the name of the pandemic. It’s something I get the sense will begin steadily, but increase in amplification over time.

Plenty of sentients around the planet are already feeling and beginning to embody this highly charged and catalytic energy. It’s far from an easy energy to integrate. The strength of it is like having a huge magnet infused within your being that pulls on buried light and challenges any impurity – in all the layers, physical, emotional, mental, and karmic. The body heats up. It feels like being consumed within a cauldron. It can feel highly destabilizing as it breaks down old reality relationships embedded within the psyche.

Inner Purification in the time of the Shiva Energy

If this amplified purification process starts happening to some degree within you, all manner of symptoms could fire off: headaches; a burning sensation in the body; dissonance between right and left brain – the intuitive and the logical; aches in the joints of the body; swirling sensations; heart palpitations and a sense of anxiety felt like acid reflux. These are all symptomatic of the charged acceleration of energy.

If you feel anything like this happening to you (several symptoms happened to me), the only sensible thing to do is to turn right into them; not to avoid them by trying to get some external healing or immediate fix. Sit within the discomfort, penetrate into the density with deep intimacy and surrender. Breathe into the cauldron. Remember, always, the pain is the place where the light enters. Sure enough, the deep challenges will settle and integrate. If you’re meant to, you’ll embody the Shiva energy and carry it in your field.

You’ll need to engage in concerted inner purification work: breathing meditations; attuning the chakras; deep consciousness bodywork; intermittent fasting. You’ll need to be internal as much as possible, let go of identification with the separated ego – dissolve more into the soul and feel the reconnection to the source.

Breaking through Inner Density and Karmic Processing

Understanding the Shiva

You’ll often see the Shiva depicted in a classic pose: surrounded by a ring of fire, dancing on a demon. To me, the ring of fire represents the universal torus. The strength of the Shiva energy is incendiary. It will start to burn through the impurity of the karmic density within the old reality construct. Entities that were attaching and embedded within the density – the satanic Black Snake for example – are pulled into the vortex of the torus and if resistant, are driven downwards towards what’s known as the “portal of the underworld”, what the Mayans called Xibalba. The energy is driven through the portal into the galactic core where it is fragmented, to be reconstituted in another reality construct. Alternatively, if it surrenders, it may be drawn upwards and realigned in this reality with angelic support.

That will no doubt sound pretty esoteric to plenty. But the Black Snake energy is real, it is in embedded in people’s energy fields and distorts how people consider reality. It disconnects from the true source of the soul, and therefore makes people more readily influenced or controlled within this density. It’s why the bogus and unnecessarily draconian measures of the pandemic have been so successful and widely embraced.

There are a growing number of energy workers around the planet who have the attunements, alignment, and skills, to create healing portals and remove these entities and implants from people’s fields.

The Shiva does not run from the demons. It readily breathes them in, processes them, and breathes them out in the right direction.

Removing Entities and Implants Article with Download Meditation

Time for Deep Energetic Challenge to Synthetic Reality Agenda

What we’re witnessing across the planet is a widespread challenge to the synthetic reality agenda, in many different ways, which I believe will now only begin to increase as the Shiva energy is embodied by more people and ripples through the old reality construct. You’ll likely witness growing challenges and confrontation of the old paradigm. It’s highly necessary in order to integrate the soul and join the ascending flow. That’s exactly what the Shiva is here for. It happens in any shift where the consciousness is ready for it.

The timing of this is also highly synchronistic. I felt given to share a livestream on the subject on Saturday 17th (access it below). What I didn’t realise (and didn’t plan) was that this completed at the time of the burial of Prince Philip here in the UK, the husband of the Queen. It felt highly symbollic of the “old guard”, the old consciousness, being broken down, creating the space for a more aligned, individual sovereignty to emerge. When the BBC blanketed the airwaves with wall to wall coverage of Prince Philip’s passing, they received so much pushback that its complaints form on the website had to be removed. The Shiva is the destroyer and transformer of old paradigms to create the new.

Many awakened people out there might be wondering how we emerge from this dark veil that’s been drawn across society? I feel we are being successful in challenging it and starting to emerge from it right now. First of all, though, this happens in the energy field and must be worked foremost at that level. We must each purify internally, integrate and align the soul, and then ripple realigning consciousness to activate other souls in society. This is what I believe the Shiva is here to catalyze on the planet right now.

Download Meditations to Support your Inner Purification

Return of the Siva LiveStream Recording

With this in mind, do check out the recording of the LiveStream I gave. Within it, I worked to embody the energy myself to provide a sense of what it might feel like. It includes a guided meditation to support realignments within your field… Return of the Shiva: Openhand LiveStream

If you resonate with the sense of what I’ve shared and are intrigued by the nature of the Openhand work, explore our web portal and consider getting involved with the…
5D Ascension Program

In loving support

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Activation of the Spirit Light Body and Merkabah

These are exciting times to be alive. If you’re here on the planet during the Great Shift, then you’ll have a front-row seat in a spectacular rebirth leading to a New Paradigm of Existence. Let’s be clear though, this is NOT about healing the old 3D reality, for it is already well past its sell-by-date. We’re taking the very best consciousness from the old, raising it higher, and blending it with something entirely new in the 5D.

How will that work at a human DNA level? It’s all about Spirit Light Body Activation – Activating the Merkabah.

Spirit Light Body: Connecting the Dots of a New Reality

There are plenty among us who are now positively yearning and evolving towards a new consciousness. We clearly see the dysfunction and dis-ease of the old world as it reveals its shadow side and steadily unravels. All across the world, people are going within and finding something new – a new sense of belonging, a sense of coming home, new interconnectivity, and joyous reunion with the whole of life.

Yet it can still be challenging when you feel this and wonder why the outer isn’t yet reflecting the new emergence of inner light. Don’t worry. We’re ALREADY living in two world’s not one. The world you feel on the inner is ALREADY unfolding itself. It’s experienced in the deeper meaning and synchronistic message; it’s felt within the flow that connects the dots of the new reality. Pay keen attention inside, and to the divine flow of circumstances clicking in all around you. This becomes the landscape of the new vibration.

But the question is: how will we finally make the leap into living the new existence all the time?
What will it ultimately look and feel like?

Spirit Light Body Activation: Deepest Alchemy

I work with small intimate groups of evolving people around the world. We’re going way beyond intellectual pontification and speculation of where humanity came from and is going to. We’re applying ancient meditation techniques and guided journeying to delve deep into humanity’s past life karma. We can speculate on what took place during the intervention, for example, where Homo Sapiens was hybridized from Original Humans, but the real key is when you can feel what happened at a karmic and DNA level.

It’s then that you absolutely know what is real for you. Furthermore, when you touch the energetic truth within, that’s when you can perform the deepest healing alchemy. Diving deep into the truth, immediately provides the keys to unwinding the old, thus paving the way for the light of the new to flood in.

Once you’ve done a good deal of this karmic clearing, then the consciousness of your soul can integrate the fragments that had been buried in the sediment there, whereupon, your consciousness can expand and raise vibration into new dimensions. You’re literally unfolding into new densities of existence within. That’s when things get really exciting. It’s where you start to feel a new interconnected way of living clicking in around you. You begin to access the Spirit Light Body, which is often first touched above the crown chakra. When you can attune to this vibrational frequency, then it’s as if you can ‘breathe it down’ all around you. It’s a higher dimensional, interconnected ‘bubble’ of light. I say ‘bubble’ carefully, because this is not a 4D disconnected-from-reality bubble, where we’ve simply dropped everything. It’s where you’ve transcended the lower densities, unravelled 4D karma by penetrating through it as the eye of a needle, and then connected up to the higher dimensional flow that speaks through streaming signs of synchronicity. So this higher 5D consciousness may feel like a bubble that you can bring down around you, but it must be the authentic one that’s interconnected with the natural flow. There’s a key difference from the merely disconnected 4D state.

It still leaves the question: how to make the final leap into the New Dimensions of Existence?
How will it work as the Earth finally pushes into the 5D during the upcoming Solar Event?

Spirit Light Body Activation by Raising Vibration

It’s all to do with raising your vibration. I’ve explained what I feel that means exactly in the linked video. Contrary to what I’ve been hearing from many spiritual teachers around the world, I DON’T agree that the ‘physical being and reality will be raising its vibration up into 5D’. These are exactly physical frequencies that exist as standing waves of consciousness within the universal torus, and that very much includes the physical body.

In comtemplating this, consider some of the spiritual masters alive today and those of the past. Consider Adyashanti and Gangaji for example, who’ve clearly done decades of inner purification work. Yet the physical body is still here – it hasn’t vanished into 5D. Or the monk Prahlad Jani whose lived for some 70 years in a cave, purely on light, yet still exists in the physical. And what about the enlightened Swami Paramahansa Yogananda – although tremendously multidimensional, when he passed on, he still left his physical body behind.

What is raising vibration, is your beingness itself: meaning that the soul is shifting to higher frequencies of existence and occupying a new bodily form there, which is what you occupy when the physical falls away.

What will that form look like and how will it take shape?

Alchemical Transformation through the Merkabah

Firstly there will be a transition phase, where we’re creating something known as the “Merkabah”. Some spiritual teachers (such as Drunvalo Melchizedek) have shown this in geometric form with an inverted diamond pointing upwards, interrelated with a diamond coming downwards, the two overlapping around the heart space. When you’ve activated the Spirit Light Body, this can actually be felt and lived within. This is how you practically live in the two worlds simultaneously – the higher one guides you according to the flow of infusing light, the lower one continues to help you interrelate with the old physical paradigm as it transforms. It’s a totally magical way to live and be, with signs and synchronicity your new language.

As majestic as this is however, it is only the transitionary phase. Ultimately the lower aspect will fall away as the Shift unfolds through the concluding Solar Event and the old 3D reality breaks down and peels off. Let’s be clear, the 3D will still exist as a foundationary stone for the new 5D reality, but it will not be a place that sophisticated life can continue to live in; the Event will leave no stone unturned as the Earth cleanses the cancer of the old and shifts into the new vibration. And for those who’ve prepared themselves, as your old physical body falls away, then you’ll continue on in the new 5D vehicle.

How will the DNA of the new 5D human vehicle shape?

A New DNA configuration for a New Humanity

In the Openhand Approach, we call the new human form DIVINICUS. It’s a vehicle that is much more light-based. It still has physical nature to it, just of a higher frequency, that if you could see with 3D eyes, would look like shimmering light. It’s more interconnected, more fluid, and adaptable, it can shapeshift with the life forms around it. You can move it practically at the speed of thought – or rather in the direction of your heart-felt intention. Recently on an Openhand gathering, we had a clear insight into how this new DIVINICUS form will come into being – how it can be born.

One of the facilitators began to experience such an infusion of light, it was becoming impossible to embody within the 3D. Her body was literally bouncing off the floor as the light poured out of her hands and third eye. The light was literally barrelling through any remaining inner density and karma. It was communicated to me from the higher dimensions that what needed to happen, was to ’embody the new frequencies beyond the 3D’. I was shown it in clear pictoral form: the DNA strands of the Original Human form, before the downgrading intervention, were extended ‘upwards’ in vibration (leaving the hybrid DNA behind), before then blending with new DIVINICUS DNA descending downwards. The new DNA strands would weave together, thus creating a new sheath for the soul, and around that, the new human form would take shape. Crucially we don’t wait for that to happen by some external inducement, such as the Event, but rather we conduct the inner alchemy right now, through the progressive journey of inner purification and elevating vibration through concentrated spiritual work.

I didn’t get to see directly at that point how many strands of DNA will constitute the new human form. It makes sense to me that there would be two strands interrelating and communicating information for each density (which is why you see two in the visual physical density). Others have postulated upto 24 in total, which may be possible, but personally I wouldn’t assume that unless I’d seen it with my own inner eye. For me, I see 11 dimensions in total at this time and therefore the possibility of 22 strands of DNA.

What I saw unfolding was literally stunning to behold. Here was a very practical demonstration of how the new human form will take shape. It’s definitely NOT something to wait for, in the hope that the upcoming Event will somehow do the groundwork for you. It most definitely will not. The Shift will separate the ‘wheat from the chaff, those still in the old consciousness will get deeply churned up by it, before progressing onto further incarnations in the 3D, on an appropriate planet. But if you’ve done the inner work, then the infusion of light will likely feel blissful, and euphoric, as you infuse the higher dimensions and leave the shell of the old incarnation.

Transcendence for Spirit Light Body Activation

So now is the time to dig deep. We need to be careful not to be lured by the ever-increasing dramas and stories in the outer, which seem to progressively escalate with purposeful distraction. What’s needed is the committed and quiet inner alchemy of transcendence, through dedicated purification work leading to the new attunements of the higher vibrations.

If you’re reading this and resonating, then it’s within you and you can do it. Take my reflection as a possibility, a means by which to inquire – a framework through which to step and find your own version of this ancient truth. These are enthralling times to be alive. And if we make sure we’re attuned to the unfolding inner, then you’re going to experience a spectacular transformation into a new evolution of beingness – in the Spirit Light Body. I commend all to the deepening inner inquiry.

If you resonate with my sharing, get Involved with Openhand’s Alchemical 5D Ascension Program

In loving support


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About Openhand: Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution. Integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages is a way of aligning with the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe in your life. It helps you remove karmic blockages to unveil your Cosmic Self and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic and alchemical living in the Earth’s Higher Dimensional Shift.
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Destiny in the Making: Lightworkers Were Seeded Exactly for these Times!

Times are tough right now, especially for energy and lightworkers, as we feel the density being activated in society, a dark veil having been drawn across it. But we incarnated here exactly for these times, we were seeded for them. The frequencies you carry are an antidote to the darkness. When fully unleashed and expressed, they transform the surrounding energy field, which is the only place change can truly happen from. What’s desperately needed right now on the planet is an elevation of consciousness…

When You Feel Like You Don’t Belong Here!

Many energy and lightworkers around the world are reporting just how tough things are out there for them right now. Particularly so within family relationships. Many of you originate in the stars, have agreed to come here at these challenging times. And you’ve incarnated like leaves blown by the wind, to the four corners of the earth.

Thus you often feel alone, and that those around you don’t reflect your true nature. This dynamic has been greatly heightened by the pandemic. You can see through the charade, where those around you have frequently contracted into fear, subjugation and the merciless control of the shadowstate.

The challenge is where those around you become threatened by your expression of freedom and peace – they want you to be worrisome too, so as to protect their own shields. This is where we need to stand strong, where we need to connect with our core star frequencies and let them shine through. For these are the very resonances that will break this stranglehold on society.

For When You Feel Like a Misfit or Maverick in Society

The Light is Rippling Through

Have no doubt, we ARE succeeding. Although the mainstream media has denigrated itself to little more than propaganda for the shadow-state, nevertheless, the truth is spreading, it is breaking through and rippling ever further afield. It’s inspired a plethora of alternative sites and channels to spring forth like flowers in springtime. And we will not be stopped!

It’s crucial now for you to focus on your core beingness, through meditation, deep consciousness bodywork, aligned diet, connection with nature, protecting your consciousness from spurious frequencies. You’ll keep coming back into the Void of Presence, and from there, your soul will burst forth and express out into the world.

Especially whenever you are in a position of uncertainty and you don’t know which road to take, always by unleashing these essential aspects of being, you’ll propser in the right choice – Right Action will happen all of its own accord.

Check out Openhand’s Download Meditations to Support Your Evolution

Our Destiny in the Making

So have faith, have courage, be strong in your unique expression. Keep uncovering those new gems of soul frequency, for they are what will shift the balance on the planet right now, back towards the light. The revelation of the shadow-state was necessary, so as to activate ancient human karma of subjugation and downgrading. It is encouraging a widespread reclamation of sovereignty. And this too will activate our hidden star soul frequencies, it will unleash our awesome beingness.

Have no doubt, this is our destiny in the making. And it will be spectacular. It is with this sentiment in my heart that I created this recent Openhand video for all you lightworkers out there: to meet you in your endeavors, your life’s challenges, so as to inspire and uplift, to lighten the load…

If you resonate with my sharing and would like reflective support in unleashing your profound beingness of soul, then check out… Openhand’s upcoming Easter Quantum Shift Retreat

In loving support

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About Openhand: Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution. Integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages is a way of aligning with the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe in your life. It helps you remove karmic blockages to unveil your Cosmic Self and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic and alchemical living in the Earth’s Higher Dimensional Shift.
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The 3D Matrix – How to Stand in It Without Being of It | Lorie Ladd

Source: Lorie Ladd

Lorie Ladd explains how you can stand in the 3D Matrix without being in the 3D matrix.


Hello, everyone. Happy Sunday. I love you sending you a very big virtual hug wherever you are on the Earth plane in this now moment. I want to talk about the Matrix. I got a question or more of a comment that I really want to dive deeper into. I think it’s a really good kind of comment. It was about well if we’re really trying to get out of the Matrix, why are we using Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, yoga clothes, having a job where we make money, right? And so let’s dissect the Matrix for a second. It’s really important.

First of all, what is it? So we are standing in a third dimensional field – a field is a spectrum of Consciousness. We’re also standing in a quantum field.  So in a quantum field everything exists: everything, every dimension, every frequency, every consciousness, every being – everything exists in the quantum.

Now when you narrow that down to the Earth plane, okay, let’s just talk about the majority of the human collective. Okay? The majority of the human collective is standing in a third dimensional field, which is more like a web of consciousness. And when you drop down into it into the human body and you are standing in that third dimensional field, you’re in a web – you’re in a matrix like system where the consciousnesses that are in a third dimension dictate the way you’re going to experience your reality.

So there are going to be programs, systems, people, animals all kinds of stuff that you’re going to experience based on this matrix. It is all just one of many matrixes and dimensional fields that we have access to. Now the only way that you are able to step out of a matrix or a dimensional web and energetic web is that you vibrate out of it.

Your body starts to hold frequencies that are higher than the web. And when that happens, you don’t physically leave the matrix. You still stand in that lower dimensional Matrix, but you are now aware through higher States Of Consciousness based on the fact that your body is holding higher frequencies. You’re now aware of what you are in/ You’re now aware of the programs, the systems, the way the web works. That is what it means when you say you are exiting the matrix.

You don’t physically go somewhere else. You don’t not participate in this matrix. You’re standing in it. You have to live. Okay? You have to eat and breathe this matrix, but when you are exiting it, when you are stepping out of it, you now see it for what it is and it creates freedom. You are free from the matrix, which means that you now choose.

You choose how you want to be as you are standing in a 3rd dimensional matrix from a higher state of consciousness because your body is now holding higher frequencies. So now you are no longer programmed, you are now choosing.

You’re choosing, you’re aware that yoga clothes are part of a matrix – big deal. Having a job and making money is part of the matrix – big deal. Our health system is part of the matrix – big deal. What’s a great deal with a powerful deal is that I get to choose now from a higher state of consciousness how I want to participate while I stand in the matrix.

And as we start shifting into these higher states of consciousness, we become empowered, we become sovereign, ee become free. We unshackle from the systems that were standing in, from the web that we’re standing in. So you are in The Matrix, but you are not of the Matrix. You are using a lens that is of a higher state of consciousness.

So it’s like you’re watching the movie, you’re participating in it the way you are choosing to because you’re a creator being. When you step out of a third dimensional web of matrix, you realize that you’re the only one that has ever been in charge. And that you are not a victim to this. And that you are choosing everything. You’re a Creator being.

So there’s this notion of like well if you’re exiting the Matrix, then you shouldn’t be doing this and you shouldn’t be doing that. No, it’s called being a human and part of being a human is enjoying the humanness of this experience.

What it means to exit the Matrix is that you are now recognizing what you are in, the programs that you have been experiencing yourself in such as behaviors, limiting beliefs, contracts, relationships, victimhood, control, manipulation, fear-based systems that tell you what to do/ When you wake up out of and step out of the matrix, you now see all of that.

You now see it all and so every choice and every decision is used from that lens. That is stepping out of the Matrix. That is freedom. That is sovereignty. That is empowerment. That is choice and that is being in higher states of consciousness. So again, you don’t actually physically leave the matrix – you stand in it.

That’s what makes us so courageous as beings of light that are on the front lines, charging forward, pulling the human collective into higher states of consciousness – is that we still stand in the midst of it. We don’t go anywhere. We stand in the matrix, but we are not of it. It’s like we have these little like Yoda eyes, right? We’re like little Jedis and we see everything now. We’re like, oh I see that that’s how humans do it. That’s cool. I’ll participate. That’s a choice. That’s not victimhood.

You know, you’re in the matrix, you know you’re playing in the matrix from a higher state of consciousness. So you’re not of the matrix. It’s a very different way of being. I’ll say that again. It’s very powerful.

You see the matrix playing out. You recognize the patterns, the programs, the ways that they manipulate the humans and control the humans with fear. You see all the patterns all the things that the human does, and you choose I think I’ll do that. I think I’ll go to that restaurant and pay that bill, and pay that tip to that waiter.

I think I’ll go get a tan at a tanning salon or go to a yoga class. Yep. I’m going to play in that system that is available in this third dimensional matrix. What I’m not going to do perhaps in this third dimensional matrix is let systems tell me what to do. Systems tell me what to fear. Systems tell me what to do with my body, etc, etc.

We have to be in this, but we don’t have to be of it. And we’re a lot smarter many of us as we shift into higher states of consciousness, right? We recognize that at this now moment many of us still need money. We still have to pay taxes and we still have to pay bills. From a higher state of consciousness, you are using the lens of I’m in a matrix. I’m playing this video game. So be it. But I’ll tell you one thing. I’m in charge. I’m choosing. I’m choosing. That’s the difference.

Nobody’s controlling me anymore. Nobody’s manipulating me anymore. And these systems and programs that have been in place including people-pleasing, including codependency, including victimhood, including addictions – there’s so many things right? That’s that’s part of the programmed way of being in this matrix. And when you start to see what you have been in, then you can exit out of it and you’re free.

So again, we’re standing in the matrix, this third dimensional matrix, we’re standing in it. We’re not going anywhere. But we’re not of it anymore. We’re free. And that’s what we’re doing with the entire human collective until eventually enough of us have pulled so many humans into these higher states that we start to stand in a fifth dimensional matrix at the exact same time. Welcome to the quantum field.

You will be in both matrixes at the same time and many of you already are. Many of you are standing in a third and a fifth. This is the quantum field. It is not one or the other, it is both at the exact same time. This linear way of thinking that it has to be one way or the other goes out the window when you start shifting into higher states of consciousness because you remember that it’s all quantum. It’s all now.

I hope this makes sense, and I love you. Thanks for being here.

WATCH: You Are Written In Humanity’s History | Lorie Ladd

Source: Lorie Ladd

Lorie Ladd says that right now, you are literally writing the history of how humanity evolved, and that this chapter in humanity’s evolution is the most magical, miraculous, powerful, potent, and prominent chapter in all of humanity’s evolution.


Hello everyone. I want to share something that’s been coming in lately and it’s about the history of humanity. So right now you and I are literally writing the history of how humanity evolved, And where we are right now, this chapter in humanity’s evolution is the most magical, miraculous, powerful, potent, and prominent chapter in all of humanity’s evolution.

This is the chapter where we are pulling the human collective out of a very dense field with fear, control, manipulation, greed, suffering. We’re pulling humanity into a higher dimensional field: unified, love, joy, peace, presence, abundance.

And hundreds of linear years from now, perhaps, humanity is going to look back at this now moment that you and I are in and say, oh my God, humanity used to live in fear. Humanity used to live in greed and suffering.

This is an absolute. This moment we’re in 10 years 20 years 30 years. It’s a now moment. The moment we’re in right now is a passing moment. We’re pulling ourselves and the collective into higher states. It’s happening.

And there’s another now moment where this will be read about. This will be looked at. This will be admired, acknowledged. This will be a moment in human’s history that will be the most magnificent moment humanity has ever gone through. And you and I are doing it!

We forget that this is happening because we’re in it. And when you’re in it, you are consumed by the density. You’re consumed by doing what you’re here to do. But there is a now moment where humanity is looking back and saying, oh my God, I can’t believe what they did.

Everything you’re going through is a part of history, is assisting in this chapter of moving from a 3rd dimensional field to 5th and onward. Everything you’re going through: pain, suffering, loss, joy, peace, abundance – all of it – you are written in the history books. You’re written in this chapter. You are one of the humans that assisted in pulling the entire human collective out of density and into more light.

Just like we look back thousands of years ago, and we look at all the people that were, you know, were making massive amounts of impact on humanity (Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Buddha, right?), there’s so many. There’s such a huge list of humans, but not like now there’s millions of us now. And so we look back and reread these stories and we’re like, oh my God, they did such an amazing work.

Humans are going to look back and read about us. Look at all the work they did. But this time, what’s so magical about this now moment that we’re in is that we actually pull an entire human collective out of density.

So everything you see happening right now (the jabs in the arms, the systems breaking down, the masks on the face, right?), all of these systems that were watching, the media, and the manipulation, the censorship, the religious system sort of breaking down – it’s all a part of this chapter humanity’s history where we pull the collective out of density. It’s all a part of it.

And so when you look at it that way you’re like awesome. Awesome! Let’s go! Because it’s already happened in a now moment. There are humans reading this chapter in humanity’s evolution: chapter 11, chapter 12, whichever other chapter this is. They’re reading this chapter and this is the most powerful chapter. This is the most potent chapter.

This is the chapter where everything shifts. Who knows how long this chapter lasts? But it’s inevitable that we move through it. So you, my friend, are written in the history books of humanity’s evolution. You’re in it. You’re a part of it. Hundreds of years from now, or a now moment in the now, people are reading about you.

No matter what you do for a living, what you look like, how you speak, your behaviors, your emotions – none of that matters. What matters is that you’re here now courageously walking through this on the front lines, making history. We are making history. Don’t forget it! This is much bigger than the physicality that we see right now.

So keep going. Stay courageous. Stay sovereign. Speak your truth. Honor your truth. Be you more, and more, and more everyday. Love you more, and more everyday. Have more courage. Have more compassion. Have more empathy.

And you’ll have more compassion and empathy for all the other humans that are part of this chapter in humanity’s evolution whether they are aware of it or not. What’s important is that you’re aware of it and that you know that you’re making history.

Thanks for being here with me. I love you.

Connecting to Your Higher Self Through Inter-Dimensional Travel

In the beginning, there was…

Well, this would depend on whom you’re asking! Personally, I feel that the All came from Nothing (Zero-point, the Void, and what Buddhism calls Sunyata); and thus became everything…ever-expanding. The infinite potential at rest awoke, and once self-aware burst forth splinters of its own consciousness outward. Without movement, there can be no creation…no manifestation.

I further believe that the moment Source Consciousness became aware of itself; the very first sound waves formed and thus began what we could call “divine motion”. Everything that grows needs movement in some form in order to do so. This is a rule of Nature and us humans are included. There is something hard-wired not only in our DNA but in the deepest roots of our hearts that tell us we are here to ultimately grow and expand.

We may think that we simply exist only in this third-dimensional reality, but this is just the playground of creation. We are all here, whether we know it or not, to make a difference in the lives of those we encounter during our time around. And also, to make a difference in our very own lives as this is how we grow inter-dimensionally. While we are traditionally taught to rely on our physical senses, to travel to other realms, you need to be in tune with those senses beyond your physical five. It’s the letting go of our “this world” attachments, which ultimately frees us to rise in frequency to match those “other world” spaces in the cosmos.

We’ve all been there where a certain area of our lives just feels so incredibly stagnant. The energy around it is heavy, dull, and while there is an underlying tone yearning to come forth, you can feel yourself literally holding something back within yourself. If we don’t understand we are actually doing this to ourselves, it can just feel like life is out to get us and no matter what we do, we continue to be “stuck”.

When we are in this kind of space, we are often closed off to inspiration, creativity, and of course the most obvious – action. But like they say that the truth shall set you free, so will a simple thought. A thought that can lead you to action, or to even change your actions from one resonance to another, is one that has tremendous energy behind it. And this is exactly the type of thoughts you want to have if you wish to visit dimensions higher than our 3-D plane.

You may have heard of your “Higher Self” and this could perhaps be the most popular reason that most people decided to “travel”. Your Higher Self is you, yet that part of you that is not attached to this physical realm and is your direct connection to divine guidance. Listening to your Higher Self could be equated to talking with your Spirit, or that inner voice that is always guiding you towards your greatness. The voice that always warns you with “gut feelings” and pulls on your heartstrings.

When we are open to this guidance, we begin to know ourselves as the multi-dimensional beings we are. And just like the first thought of creation, and just like the entire Universe itself (and the parallel ones all around us), we are ever-expanding. And the more we reach outward, by applying what we’ve learned from reaching inward, we begin to learn that everything travels in waves and that nothing is guaranteed except the potential of its existence.  We open a door for ourselves on a conscious level that allows us to remember that first sound, by hearing it within ourselves; the infinite beating of the cosmic drum that connects every single heart across time and space.

The following video shares more information on Inter-Dimension Travel…check it out! (Source: YouTube).

There are many resources out there to learn how to “travel”. I recommend the following terms: LUCID DREAMING, INTER-DIMENSIONAL TRAVEL, PARALLEL UNIVERSES.

Give it a try and who knows you just might meet yourself in the last place you’d imagine. 😉


tamaraTamara Rant is a Co-Editor/Writer for CLN as well as a Licensed Reiki Master, heart-centered Graphic Designer and a progressive voice in social media activism & awareness. She is an avid lover of all things Quantum Physics and Spirituality. Connect with Tamara by visiting Prana Paws/Healing Hearts Reiki or go to RantDesignMedia.com

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Feeling Detached? Here’s How To Anchor Into 5D. | Lorie Ladd

Source: Lorie Ladd

Lorie Ladd talks about how to deal with a feeling of detachment that is due to the high ascension frequencies on the planet now.

Hello, everyone. Happy Wednesday. I love you and I’m sending you a very big virtual hug wherever you are on the Earth plane in this now moment. So I wanted to talk about this feeling of being detached right now. It’s getting very real in terms of ascending or shifting into higher frequencies.

I also want to preface that if you’re not feeling any of this that is perfectly Divine and great. We don’t all need to be feeling the exact same experiences and it doesn’t mean that you’re not shifting or evolving. It just means that in this now moment. You’re experiencing something different.

But many of us are feeling or going to be feeling, or have been feeling really powerful shifts on an energetic level within your body. One of these shifts is this feeling of being detached, almost like you’re floating. And what is energetically occurring is that your body is starting to anchor itself into what we call a fifth dimensional field.

So right now we’re standing physically and anchored in a third dimensional field or third dimensional Matrix. So we’re tied to it. We have these tentacles out that connect us to how this Matrix works. Right? We pay bills. We commit to things. We have relationships. There’s things that we watch on television or on a computer screen. Whatever that is, right? There’s these tentacles that go out when we’re anchored in a third dimensional Matrix or field that create a reality and how we sort of function.

When your body starts to hold higher frequencies within it, you literally start to detach from this Matrix in a very physical way – very physical which can feel very disoriented – because it can feel like you have moved out of these tentacles, kind of shifted out of the tentacles, freed yourself from these tentacles. And now you’re kind of looking down at this Matrix while you still stand in it.

And so there’s this feeling of being detached. And what happens is a couple of different things:

You are becoming more and more of your whole complete beingness. And you’re feeling your resonance or your energy field, your signature, even more – which means that it’s becoming impossible to not speak your truth. It’s becoming impossible to not hold the boundaries you need in terms of relationships or anything else in the external. Boundaries are extremely important as you start to detach and become more of this higher dimensional aspect or version of you. So you’ll find yourself starting to stand up for yourself more in ways that you haven’t before – speaking up. Alright, these are things that you’re going to start experiencing if you haven’t already.

The more we anchor into a 5D Consciousness, anchoring meaning physically experiencing ourselves in this higher realm, the more you will not be able to stay silent. The more you will have to start to create the changes in your life that you have known were coming for quite some time, perhaps – that intuitive knowingness. I feel like this is happening. I feel like I should be doing this. I feel like I need to be doing this, right?

That was like a precursor to this now detached sort of phase that a lot of us are in where we’re like, oh, this is my beingness now. I am being in these higher Realms. I am so close and connected to this version of me that is more light, more vibration, more frequency. And you can’t deny frequency and vibration.

Can’t deny energy. It’s impossible. So if you’re finding yourselves now in this experience of feeling detached, floating, disoriented, just know that it’s literally your physical body detaching from The Matrix – exiting out all of these tentacles that connect you to the third dimensional Matrix. And you’re starting to find yourself floating in a higher Realm.

And you will find yourself needing to speak, needing to command, needing to hold firm or boundaries, needing to exit out of certain things, nter into certain things. The way the third dimensional matrix works may not align with you as you continue to exit out of it. So give yourself more compassion.

Ask yourself on a daily basis in every now moment: what is it that I need right now? What do I need? Not what others need? What do I need? What do I need to speak? What do I need to be? What do I need to do? Without holding the responsibility or guilt of how others are going to respond or react to it.

Because as we start to detach from this Matrix, we stop holding the responsibilities of others reactions and responses to how we are being, and the choices that we make – which just can’t happen anymore. This is what happens when we move into higher states of consciousness.

So ask yourself, what do I need? As often as you can find your breath, because your body is starting to increase in frequency and it can feel very anxiety-ridden – almost like how do I do this? How do I be this? This feels a little bit unfamiliar or foreign? So the breath will really allow you to sink deeper into your body and relax. So find your breath.

Ground, ground, ground, ground, ground, ground – whatever that means for you. Whether you literally lay on the ground, whether you’re meditating more and grounding your light and energy into the Earth, grounding is massive right now if you are feeling this detached sort of experience.

So again, what do I need right now? What do I need to say, be, do? Where’s my breath? Breath is everything. Can I ground even more into my body – like you’re a electrical current and you need to ground that electricity into the Earth.

Reminding yourself that this too shall pass. So whatever we are going through, this too shall pass. This too shall pass, you know? Constantly reminding yourself that this too shall pass.

Slowing down. A lot of us are going to be asked to slow down right now.

This is a moment in history. This is a moment in your now moment time that you’ll never have again, and it’s a really important, potent, powerful moment for you.

You’re shifting. You’re literally physically shifting on a frequency level. It’s miraculous. Can you slow down a little bit? Can you take it all in? Can you take timeouts?

These are just simple steps that you can do in every now moment that are so easy. And it will literally assist you through this detached space. So again, what do I need in this now? Where is my breath? Breathe. Grounding in whether that’s through meditation, walking, whatever you need to ground in.

This too shall pass. This too shall pass. This too shall pass.

And what was the last one? Slowing down. Slow down

We’re all going through this in different layers and in different ways. And this is what it feels like to shift consciousness. And there is a lot going on in the external.

But again, coming back home to your body, to your signature, to your frequency. Honoring it, trusting it, speaking it, being it, doing it.

We are becoming 5th dimensional beings in human form – meaning our bodies are becoming 5D, moving into 5D.

It’s crazy. It’s crazy.

So just remember that there’s nothing wrong with you. This is why you’re here. Speak truth. Speak your truth. Hold those firm boundaries. Do what you need, be what you need. Trust it. Lots is going to shift, and lots is going to change. And the more we can allow it with ease and grace, the easier will navigate this.

I love you. Thanks for being here with me.

Becoming the Alchemist: Creating the Conditions for Higher Alchemy to Flow

One of the most influential and loved spiritual books out there is The Alchemist by Paulo Choelo. It’s a marvelous demonstration of how you create alchemy by coming into the natural flow of the Universe. Paradoxically there’s no longer a ‘you’ creating as such, alchemy is flowing through you and the landscape is then shaping around you. So how might we create the right conditions to amplify this universal phenomenon for maximum possibility? How might you become the alchemist?…

Sacred Ground of Being

There are a paradox and a balance to hold on the spiritual path if you yearn to infuse higher alchemy into your life. Firstly there’s the requirement to open into the infinite potential of the Universe, which requires complete acceptance of what is – you come deep into your Sacred Ground of Being. But then the soul will emerge from there and begin to infuse your life on multiple dimensional levels. In the lower dimensions of the physical, emotional and mental, the vibrations are pretty dense, and in the convolutions of the Old Paradigm we’re living in, it can be hard for this alchemy of higher being to come through. Therefore we need to give the embodiment some attention and support. In other words, we need to give some “oomph” to let the magic penetrate!

It’s been overcast and raining here in the UK this last week or so, following a couple of pretty humungous storms – no doubt caused by cosmic energy impacting the ionosphere then cascading into the jetstreams – something we’ll all need to get used to as the 5D Shift continues to unfold. Yesterday in the afternoon I had some free space, but looking out into the murkiness, rain and cold wind, it didn’t feel too appealing to go out for a walk!

It would have been easy just to settle indoors. And that would have determined the quality of the experience I’d have had. But then sitting there for a moment and opening a space to allow the infinite potential to come in, a clip from a video came to mind of someone taking an ice bath and speaking of the ‘contrasts’ of life. It was the word contrast that came to mind. It was certainly a contrast between my cozy room and the outside!

Just at that moment, an old guy on a walking stick shuffled past my window, apparently completely unperturbed by the rain and wind. Yep, it’s time to go out!

So I dressed up and braved the weather. It’s essential how you do this, however, assuming you yearn to catch the higher dimensional possibility. If you just contract down in the face of the challenge, then you’re allowing the conditions to dominate and determine your consciousness. So as I’m walking down the street, wind, and rain blowing in my face, I’m working to completely normalize in it. What does this mean?

Normalise to Equalise

To normalize with something is to so completely accept it, that you don’t need it to go away. You embrace it fully, wholly, and completely, exploring every nuance of it with curiosity and interest. But neither do you let it then define you. You’re equalizing with it. At that point, it becomes possible to expand through it, like passing through the eye of the needle. Someone on Openhandweb put it succinctly in a forum the other day…

I realised it was also about being really conscious with it and normalising in the discomfort, not trying to make it go away asap (it even got to the point where I actually invited maximum discomfort)…Hannah

So this is my first point: that first in any given situation is to completely accept it as The One. And inviting maximum discomfort ensures to deeply equalize with the feeling of it, every nuance of it. This means you equalize with it. At this point, you’re so as one with it, that you can step through is as The One.

What Inspiration Arises from the Infinite Potential?

But then after you’ve equalized, to be the alchemist in the situation is not to continue to dwell there, or even to wallow there, because there’s so much more possibility to the moment. What synchronicities do you see? What inspiration comes your way? How is the field flowing that you can pick up through subtle perceptions, nuances, signs, and synchronicity?

At this point, out in the rain, the flow was engaging me strongly, first this way, then that. I’m seeing painted murals on walls, birds darting and diving in the wind, trees rustling their leaves at me. I can feel an air of excitement and adventure, which I then work to embody. And as I embraced this universal feedback loop, guess what happened? The rain stopped, a hole in the clouds appeared and the sun shone through!

Not that I needed the sun, but it felt like a tremendous reflection of the mood that I’d opened into.

The flow took me to a candlelit well, which is underneath the Tor in Glastonbury where I live. It was magically lit up and felt like a grotto of pixie energy. Sure enough, despite the freezingly cold water, there were people bathing naked in there. Again, there was an air of alchemy about the place. People deciding NOT to be conditioned, controlled and owned by the purely 3D landscape, the weather, and environment – essentially, they were making a commitment, an opening, to a higher possibility. The sense of it created a wonderful feeling of alchemy.

The Secret of Happiness

As I recount my experience, it reminds me of a great clip from The Alchemist, about the lead character’s meeting with the ‘wisest man in the world’…

The story begins with the boy heading off into the desert, wanting to learn the secret of happiness from the ‘wisest man in world’. He travels for many a day until finally….he reaches a beautiful castle, the home of the wise man.

As the boy enters the magnificent castle, he is surrounded by hundreds of people, every group from tradespeople and guests to musicians. After the boy has waited patiently, the wise man finally speaks to him. He asks the young boy who is in search of himself, why he has come to him.

The wise man advises that he is unable to discuss the boy’s quest at this very moment. Instead, he tells the boy to take a walk around his beautiful palace and come back to him a few hours. Before the boy left, the wise man handed him a spoon that held two drops of oil, “As you wander around, carry this spoon with you without allowing the oil to spill,’ the wise man instructs.

After two hours, the boy returns to the wise man. “Well,” asked the wise man, “did you see the Persian tapestries that are hanging in my dining hall? Did you see the garden that took the master gardener ten years to create? Did you notice the beautiful parchments in my library?’

The boy was embarrassed and confessed he had observed nothing as he was only focused on not spilling the oil the wise man had given him.

“Then go back and observe the marvels of my world,” said the wise man. Relieved, the boy picked up the spoon and began exploring this palace once more, this time observing everything, from the garden to the amazing art work and the breathtaking views of the mountains all around the castle. The boy once again returned to the wise man, this time relating everything he had seen in great detail.

“But where are the drops of oil I entrusted to you?” asked the wise man. Looking down at the spoon he held, the boy saw that the oil was gone.

“Well there is only one piece of advice I can give you,” said the wise man.

“The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never forget the drops of oil on the spoon,”

When I’ve read this previously, the drops of oil, to me, refer to the well of presence within, and to be always attentive and opening into it, which is what I call the Sacred Ground of Being. AND AT THE SAME TIME, to be engaged with the outer, witnessing the color, the majesty, and the spectacle. To be engaged in it, but not lost in it. In this way, you start to experience the full color and majesty of our multidimensional landscape, because you’re not lost or defined by any singular or limited aspect of it.

5 Essential Keys to Unlocking Alchemy

Here are 5 essential keys to unlocking alchemy in your life which I felt to add to the article…

1. The first key is acceptance and equalisation with the situation.
2 The second key is breaking through any inner density and becoming the One.
3. The third key is to watch for signs and synchronicity activating beingness
4. The fourth key is to give energy to the expression of beingness and amplify it.
5. The fifth key is to follow the emerging flow building energy feedback loops.

Let the Alchemy Flood in and Sweep You Up

Just to be clear, this has NOTHING to do with intentional manifesting, which can (and often does) cut across the natural spontaneity of soul energy and higher alchemy. There is making a commitment to normalize with the outer, yes. And there is committing to open an internal space for the higher, yes. But then you’re simply responding to what wants to come in. You’ll have to give some energy to the inquiry, yes – that’s my main point – there’ll need to be that sense of adventure. So you’ve created the landscape for the alchemy. Now let it flood in and sweep you up.

What do you see?
What do you feel?
What do you witness?

Keep being attentive to the feedback loops, the signs, and synchronicity. Keep embodying the feelings of natural beingness. Keep looking for new possibilities. Now you’re being the alchemist, opening a channel to higher dimensions of creativity. Now the lower 3D landscape will shape around you. You simply won’t be able to stop the magic pouring in.

That’s the sense I worked to capture in this recent Openhand Video, “Alchemising”. I’ll close with it to share some inspiration for you to find the Alchemist in you. Let’s be alchemical!…

If you’ve resonated with some of what I’ve been sharing, if you’ve felt the sense of alchemy and adventure that I’m feeling about the Shift, then you might well find yourself inspired by the Openhand work. It’s purposefully crafted to meet these times of great change and take the full opportunity in them. Consider then coming along to one of our events around the world. Openhand Events 2021

See you down the alchemical flow!

Open HeartPraying Emoji

About Openhand Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution: integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of tapping into the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe and aligning with it in your life. It helps you unveil your True Self, remove karmic blockages, and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic, resilient, and truly successful living. Join us…OpenhandwebOpenhand FBOpenhand YouTube

5D Ascension – Developing Your Daily 5D Shift Practice

A parting of the waves is happening in society. Whereas plenty is being drawn into a synthetic high-tech agenda, a growing wave is liberating themselves and beginning to ascend into higher dimensional consciousness. It’s definitely something to get on board with right now and to be clear about where your direction, purpose, and destiny in life really is. The real power we can call upon is the growing shift to higher dimensional consciousness. It’s expanding and liberating the soul into a new evolution of humanity; breaking free of rigidity and control; unleashing profound authentic beingness; creating miraculously from 5D consciousness.

It’s essential to develop your daily Ascension schedule to ensure you’re progressively moving with the higher dimensional flow. Here are the main considerations with some essential suggestions.

A Moment of Empowerment

Firstly, before we get into the main suggestions, take a moment of reflection for empowerment…

We’re at a pivotal moment in human history, where the soul is being forged in the crucible of great change. Such change never comes easy, you have to step out of your comfort zone in order to break into new expansions. What’s currently happening in the world is an invitation to reclaim soul sovereignty, direction, purpose and destiny. It’s the very antithesis of how society is trying to lock consciousness down. Ultimately it won’t be able to control the higher dimensional shift. If you step purposefully into that new consciousness on a daily basis, you’ll always find the flow of light through the density. And you’ll increasingly harness it for much greater creativity – ever more opportunity and possibility will flow.

So have you had enough yet of the fear propaganda and social conditioning?

Do you truly want to truly break free and align with the higher dimensional shift?

Then let us begin. Our heavenly 5D Ascension is beckoning.

1. Going into Stillness

It’s essential NOT to be overly distracted by the physical drama. When you realize there comes a point where you have no control over the physical, then it’s time to go deeper internal, all the way back to the source in you. Then to pick up the flowing waves of the soul, felt as lightness, ease, surrender, and timeless connection.

For this, I would suggest a daily breathing meditation. You may already have one that works for you – great. Just as long as it carries you beyond the mind and into the feeling sense of the soul. And then helps you journey deeper through the inner layers, back to the sense of presence. This is what we call at Openhand the Sacred Ground of Being – that consciousness which is around the presence, like the cushioning banks of the lake.

So use the time wisely. Make sure the inner journey becomes the central focus. When you wake up at the beginning of the day, before venturing onto the news, mobile phone, or social media, come straight into the breathing and let this attune an aligned day.

At Openhand the basis for this deeper connection begins with Breakthrough Breathing

2. Dealing with Cravings, Addiction, and Distraction

You can be forgiven for being distracted a while by the unfolding charade of society, and it is important to be informed of what’s taking place, BUT, not to be too distracted by the daily growing weave of the “new norm” (check out this lead article to understand the main dynamics of the new norm). Pinch yourself awake to a new society norm happening right under your nose. But then decide now. Empower yourself now. It’s time to extract from the distraction.

Especially where physical freedoms are constrained, you may well find you go into boredom at times, lethargy and if this persists, plenty will go into atrophy – binging on social media distraction for example. Don’t let this happen to you! Decide now to empower yourself by going into the stillness at the core of you. Sit, sit, sit. Meditate, meditate, meditate. BUT, also develop your processes for confronting cravings and addictions.
Check out this Openhand main article on Breaking Through Triggers

Here’s the crucial point: instead of just giving into the craving – the need for distraction for example – sit in the centre of your contraction. For example around boredom. How is it possible to be truly bored when you’ve come deeply into the one moment of now, where time disappears. So when you sit, go right into any physical resistance or mental tightness. Go right to the centre of them. Feel into the contraction. Soften in. Become completely at-one with it. The approach is to pass right through the eye of the needle. This will happen naturally when you’re so accepting of the situation, that you don’t need it to go away.

At Openhand we apply the ancient Kriya Bow as a means to reveal and amplify the density, so you can equalize with it, soften into and through it.

There’s a free Bow Demo in this video… Transmutation
And here’s our guided meditation which you can download… The Openhand Bow

3. Expand into Multidimensionality

When you’ve broken through any resistant density of that particular moment, then your soul starts to liberate and flow. This is where you can now open up and expand out into multiple dimensions of experience –
You are a Cosmic Divine Being!

The chakras are consciousness exchange points, each of which feeds into a different body of existence in a different dimension: the base into the 1st physical density; the sacral into the 2nd emotional density; the solar plexus into 3rd density on the plane of the intellect; the heart chakra into the 4th density causal body where karma is stored; the Throat into 5th density Higher Mind; the Third Eye into the 6th Density Celestial Body where reflections of authentic beingness are stored; the Crown Chakra into the 7th Density Spirit Light Body. Now is to apply subtle breathing techniques to progressively soften into each of the chakras to increase your sensitivity and awareness there. This channels soul consciousness into those densities experienced within you.

The feelings of this will be subtle initially. You won’t necessarily appreciate some major difference on the inner in the beginning. But the more you practice, the more you start to appreciate the infusion of soul on the inner creates change in the outer – how you appreciate or interact with life. With more freedom and surrender for example. Or else more focus and commitment. And then you will start having stronger multidimensional experiences over time.

What becomes marvelous is that you start to pick up stronger intuitions and knowings – more powerful guidance and a sense of support from the ether – there is a veritable army of angels drawing close to support you at this time.

Apply this Openhand chakra opening and attunement meditation.

Of course, Deep Consciousness Bodywork is also going to be essential to your personal shift. Firstly it can help activate the soul through the body-mind but also the appropriate practices can release blocked density in your biomagnetic field. Openhand’s soulmotion is perfect for this. But also of course yoga, tai chi, and 5 rhythms dance. I would suggest around 3-5 sessions of these per weeks in addition to the other meditations.

4. Apply Ascension to Daily Life

I can palpably feel the compulsion growing by more and more people to begin the Ascension out of this defunct 3D concoction. Who can blame them?! But it’s also essential to realize that to truly ascend, is to transcend THROUGH the drama. Because your soul drew you here to learn and to integrate through the external physical. There will be fragments of the soul that have identified and will likely still be stuck in certain behaviorisms and activities – like in relationships for example. Or allowing yourself to be overly distracted by the drama. Crucially though, it is not simply the case to absolve yourself from interaction or to drop the situations like dropping the proverbial hot coals.

Yes, work to let go of the need for an outcome. Feel any contraction or tightness around that in any given situation. Soften into it first. Keep working towards the infinite potential of The One. But, then look for the authentic expression of the soul that wants to now come through.

Daily innovation is a crucial key. The soul is always wanting to flow spontanesouly and uniquely, it never does exactly the same thing twice. So work to continually adapt your daily rhythms by opening a space for the unknown to speak through them. Listen. Feel. Your sure to pick up new senses and frequencies of the soul.

This is where the potential for alchemical transformation is at its strongest. Especially in daily interactions, with family at home for example, where you’re bound to hit the tightness of rigidity and degrees of conformity. It’s in exactly these moments to open up and soften through, BUT, then to also find that new sense of authentic soul expression that now wants to come through. And if you don’t catch the reaction the first time, or the second, or if it takes you many attempts to break the cycle, no worries, just keep working through. It helps enormously to reflect afterward, visualize the situation, regress back into it, and feel once more the contraction. What were you attached to? How did you need the situation to go a particular way? Or what were you afraid to express?

This is how we infuse the soul and transcend through.
Check out this Open way process for finding your Authentic Soul Orientation.

5. Opening the Spirit Light Body – Living the Higher Paradigm

The Spirit Light Body connects through the Crown Chakra and is our heavenly vehicle of Ascension. But crucially it’s not something to wait for in your next incarnation or somehow after the shift. It is to open it and live it now. This will start to happen naturally as you open the chakras and process through inner density…

But you must also consciously connect into the spirit light body, through the crown chakra, in meditation – to practice opening into the expanded higher dimensional lightness and focussing consciousness there.

As you do your daily breathing meditations, you’ll start to feel a lightness above the crown. You can amplify this by paying attention to the feelings and most importantly, breathing the sense of lightness down through you. So you develop an embodied feeling sense of it here and now.

Please note: plenty of people will have energy implants in the crown chakra designed to close down the spirit light body. This is one of the strategies of the Interdimensional Intervention. So you might initially find difficulty accessing the lightness above the crown, or else when you do, you might find a spiralling sense pulls the soul out of body. These are both symptoms of a potential implant there. You’ll therefore need to work to remove implants through directed awareness and empowerment. Here below is Openhand’s popular removing entities article and download meditation. I would also suggest gaining support and guidance from an experienced facilitator.

Removing Entities and Implants Article
Removing Entities and Implants Download Meditation
Openhand Facilitator Network

When the crown chakra is clear, you’ll start to feel the sense of expansive lightness. Here’s when your Ascension really begins to take off. When you’re walking out in nature, and also out in the town, look out into the physical, but get the sense of the alchemical spiritual – the field all around you. Let your wakeful dreaming vision create a new landscape that you’re also perceiving and experiencing. What might those subtle light feelings of interconnectivity and flow look like in the higher vibration? What signs and synchronicities support this new landscape?

Start to feel yourself living in the higher vibration, but crucially, embodied here and now. Go more with this sense of flow and watch the new landscape shape around you.

Here’s Openhand’s Video sense of the Spirit Light Body

Ascension: A Daily Process

There is a silver lining in every grey cloud. The veils over the delusion of society have spectacularly fallen. Evermore of us can see the ‘beast’ for what it is, AND CRUCIALLY, a growing wave of us are prepared to actually do something about it – to shift our consciousness BEYOND it.

Thus the revelation of the shadow side becomes a golden opportunity to expand out. It all depends on how you choose to perceive the situation and respond to it in an empowered way. We’re definitely not absconding to some rosy la-la land by withdrawing or distracting either. This approach is to transcend through and then expand out. We’re building a New 5D Paradigm, yes, but we’re doing it thread by thread, action by action, moment by moment. You become an unstoppable force of liberation. That’s the golden opportunity of these times.

Take back your power. Decide how to approach your day. What meditations work best at what particular times? What inner densities will you need to breakthrough? Bring attention to these and ask the Universe to help with illumination. Build a closer feeling connection with your Team in the ether. Give those subtle flutterings and felt senses the possibility to build through deeper attention and awareness. Ask them the all-important question, “Show me!”

Ascension is now. It’s begun right now. That was the stunning synchronicity of the numerology 2020. The times have not disappointed. They’ve just come in a way we might not have expected. Be prepared for the journey to take time though. Have patience. The 5D Ascension Shift is a long road. Be mindful of where we’re going yes, BUT crucially it’s NOT a destination to aim for. Rather it is something that grows and builds within you on a daily basis. You gain a sense of where it’s heading, then use that as motivation to keep building it on the inside.

One day, in our near future, no matter what external shenanigans the system has played, it will lay its last card. And the Universe will inevitably trump it. Because all physical situations come and go. We’ve entered the corridor of a marvelous shift – profound evolutionary change. One that will bring you home to a spectacular rebirth in new dimensions of living and being. Crucially though, don’t wait. Seize this day. Now. And the next.

If you resonate, come and get involved with Openhand’s Ground-Breaking 5D Ascension Program…

In loving support

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About Openhand: Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution. Integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of aligning with the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe in your life. It helps you remove karmic blockages to unveil your Cosmic Self and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic and alchemical living in the Earth’s Higher Dimensional Shift.
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5D Ascension Update: Gaia Shifts Through the Dimensional Gears

The underlying field is shifting in intensity now. There are major infusions of light from the higher densities, especially the 5th Dimension. And like a finely crafted Swiss watch, this is turning the “cogs” in the lower dimensions. The physical frequency of Gaia is vibrant, it’s positively coming alive in transformation, which we witness in the strengthening weather patterns and escalating earthquake and volcanic activity. Meanwhile, the drama of the plandemonium on the human plane of the intellect is detaching – that’s why it’s appearing ever more surreal.

You may feel as though you’re going crazy at times. That’s why it’s vital ascending beings extract from this lunacy and join the ascending flow.

Mother Earth is Saved!

Many people in the spiritual mainstream compassionately speak of “saving Mother Earth”, that we must apply our energies to healing this great divine soul. I say to you…
“She is already saved!” She has now entered an irreversible event line, which will see the 3D cleansed of distorting density, and her magnificent 5D Higher Self Unleashed, in all her renewed splendor.

And there’s nothing anyone, nor any ‘geo-engineering’ organization, will be able to do to stop it.

It’s understandable that people will be feeling the nauseous density on the plane of the intellect and think somehow that all is lost, “that the world is coming to an end”. It is not! Far from it, quite the reverse. It’s simply the mind speaking on the plane of the intellect, which the controllers are striving and efforting to lockdown. But this is just one layer in a moving multidimensional mosaic.

If you look at the world merely through the mind, it’s highly likely to generate a feeling of depression about the way things are going. But actually the realignment underneath, through the field, is strong and vibrant. The key is to extract yourself from the 3D drama.

Are You Experiencing Ascension Symptoms? Here are the Top 21

Do not be distracted from the true Shift into 5D

The important thing now, is that we recognize the underlying movement of energy, the intensity to which it has escalated – reflected in the insecurity shown by the controllers of society; then to progressively allow that energy to carry us internally, to break the bonds of the old consciousness – the anchoring ties – so that our very souls are set adrift, on the surging tide of the realigning flow. So what about the machinations and machismo shown by our world ‘leadership’ – what part does that play in the Great Shift? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. The only thing that it can really do is to distract – to make the drama and spectacle so loud and noisy, that you stop looking within, to where the real truth lies.

And this will always be a choice – YOUR choice. Your consciousness – YOUR soul – cannot be boxed and controlled by anyone, unless YOU allow it to be. Remember, the Great Shift is an internal one, determined by YOU alone.

Here’s How to Follow Your Path of Light through the Accelerating 5D Shift

Forging of the Soul in the 5D Ascension

That’s not to say the internal shift isn’t reflected into the outer world – of course, it is. And it’s in the interplay – the apparent reality of it – that we get to decide who we are, and thereby forge the soul. The key to our Ascension out of the drama is not to deny the density. The likelihood is that you will get drawn in where your karma gets activated – the ancient human karma of hybridization in Atlantis for example. But don’t wallow in that either – extract the fragment of soul that was buried there, integrate, then raise vibration once more into 5D. This is the forging of the soul that’s entirely necessary for the 5D Ascension.

Who are you? How great can you really become? What is your soul truly wanting to express?

Right now, all possibilities are open, all landscapes taking shape, that you may forget who you truly are, in this great spectacle unfolding before, and around, us. Watch-out as the machinations of the powers-that-be become ever bolder. But do not fear this either – as spiritual people, we know only too well, that those who try to control, are only ever caught up in greater karmic knots themselves. Our karma is unavoidable!

So do not be blinded by the drama, do not be hoodwinked into believing it is more important than it really is. Above all, whatever rocket-sized false flags they try to unfurl, do not be distracted from the one true source of authentic creation – your very own being, at the core of you.
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The Unresolution is The Resolution

What I can feel right now is the 3D plane of the intellect detaching from the reality of Earth’s 5D Shift itself. This means if you’re tuned into the Ascension, then you’ll feel pulled in juxtaposed directions at times – it’ll create disharmony and confusion inside.

That’s okay, know that the forging of soul lies in the unresolution within. Sit in that melting pot, that cauldron, don’t strive for the immediate external solution. Wait for the audible internal “click” as that fragment of soul integrates. Then the higher consciousness choice will be revealed, of its own accord.

Gaia is shifting through the gears now, strongly, as higher dimensional energies flood in. The mirrors will thus get ever stronger as the old reality unwinds itself. Here is the opportunity then – the potential for rapid spiritual growth within yourself. Surrender. Let go into the strengthening flow of evolutionary change. Your soul will speak, ever louder, until its primal scream becomes undeniable. Go with it. Express into it. Unleash it. And this could just become the most miraculous shift of your existence.

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Based on Openhand’s acclaimed 5GATEWAYS work, this is our new look and feel stage 2 retreat that integrated higher 5D consciousness into daily 3D living. With an essential spiritual route map and compass, it empowers you to create abundantly with the divine in this globally terraforming landscape.
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In loving support

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About Openhand: Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution. Integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages is a way of aligning with the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe in your life. It helps you remove karmic blockages to unveil your Cosmic Self and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic and alchemical living in the Earth’s Higher Dimensional Shift.
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The Keys to Ascension – Michael Roads (Interviewed by Lilou Mace)

Video Source: Lilou Mace

Michael Roads provides the keys to ascension in this wonderful interview with Lilou Mace.

Flying with Eagle-Eye Spiritual Focus in 2021

Numerology always speaks volumes. In 2020 we witnessed a clear parting of the waves, just as the Hopi Elders have prophecized, where one group of humanity heads into a high tech synthetic reality; meanwhile, those with spiritual focus are choosing the higher path, one that leads to 5th Density Consciousness. 2021 signifies that those choosing the divine route must focus on Eagle-Eye vision as we transition through the inevitable density of society and traverse the pandemic fall-out into the New Year.

We can do this. We’ve got it. But we must focus.

Rising Above the Storm

What does the Eagle do when the storm clouds gather?

While the other birds head for the safety of the trees, the majestic eagle does the opposite, he stretches out his wings and uses the energy of the storm to rise above it. And that’s exactly what those on the ascending path are being invited to do in 2021.

But crucially, we must also take another metaphor from the mighty eagle. He does not disengage from below. Instead, using pin point accuracy he chooses where and how to engage, then does so with full commitment and energy.

If you allow it to, your soul will choose the engagements. And let’s be clear, it won’t always be pretty, you’ll have plenty of battles on your hands as we traverse the storm, for too many people are acquiescing to the mainstream narrative, the propaganda.

Working with the Density

Even when you elect to fly as the eagle, you’ll hit density. It’s where your own inner attachments and karma suck you in. That’s okay. Quickly recognize when this happens. But instead of hiding from it, physically turn into the density and unwind through by releasing attachment to a particular outcome.  Work the situations through, applying something like Openhand’s Breakthrough Approach.

Then stretch out your spiritual eagle wings once more and soar into the 5D sky.

Birds of a Feather

We’re at that crux point in life right now. Do not lament the shenanigans of 2020. Humanity manifested this humungous mirror because of unconsciousness. It was necessary. But now what do we do with that? We can either cower and acquiesce, just as plenty in the mainstream is clearly doing. Or else we can choose to see the inverse mirror. See what you are not, and be inspired by all that you can be instead. Where the mirror presents in this way, the choices become obvious. That’s where you’ll need to summon the courage to follow the path of your soul’s calling in 2021.

The Eagle is mighty and fierce. When the path is chosen, there’s all-in commitment, energy and focus. There’s no waivering. And where we embrace that metaphor, where you’ve picked up the soul’s flow and committed to it, then the whole universe comes in to back you up. You positively use the winds of the storm to your own advantage.

It is for this reason that 2021 will be Openhand’s Year of the Eagle. That’s how our work and approach with you will be inspired. It’s all about liberating your soul from each of the daily battles you find yourself in, to then stretch out your spiritual wings and soar once more into 5D skies…

If you resonate with the Openhand Approach, come and get involved. We’d love to host and support you.
From all in the Openhand Team, we wish you a successful and expansive journey through 2021.

In loving support

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About Openhand: Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution. Integrating the enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages is a way of aligning with the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe in your life. It helps you remove karmic blockages to unveil your Cosmic Self and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic and alchemical living in the Earth’s Higher Dimensional Shift.
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Dawning Age of Aquarius and the 5D Ascension Shift

A lot has been written and said about the Dawning Age of Aquarius – the subject has been veritably vlogged to death! There’s even been plenty of dispute about its true beginning. As I expressed in Openhand’s Solstice Journal, it feels very clear to me that the great Saturn/Jupiter conjunct of this winter solstice did indeed mark the beginning of this New Age. It spoke to me through signs and synchronicity, not least the huge water bearing storm Bella, that swept through the UK on Boxing Day: we have moved from the age of Pisces and into that of the water-bearer Aquarius.
What can we intuit about the influence on planetary consciousness?
What does it tell us about how to prepare ourselves going forwards?

Heralding the New Age

Without a shadow of a doubt, 2020 has been a pivotal year, where the dust has not yet even settled on the earth shattering shifts. A shroud of darkness seeks to stretch itself across society. In the name of the bogus pandemic, people’s fear has been preyed upon by a shadow consciousness to usher in a system of control in the guise of The 4th Industrial Revolution. The shadow state has just conducted an humungous charade, a game of smoke and mirrors, through which it has blinded many of the world’s population. It’s divided group against group with the majority policing each other about how we should and shouldn’t act in the face of this “terrible disease” (which by all reliable statistics is no worse in impact than seasonal flu). This is not the kind of “Heralding of the New Age” we might have expected!

We must however deal only with the truth as we see it, and not some alternate time line we would rather wish or hope for. And let me quickly add, it is not someone else’s truth to behold either, including mine. The first thing we can accurately say about the Dawning Age of Aquarius is that we’re moving out of the age of global religion and secular leaders, into a time where each is encouraged to find their own inner guru. That is clearly one very positive shaft of light shining forth through all of this – the encouragement to personal sovereignty. So only take whatever resonates with you at a soul level. But do be open that another my hold some important keys to unlock new doorways of your own truth.

What else might we say about the Dawning Age of Aquarius?

Resolving Your Emotions Through the Baptism of Water

Curiously Aquarius is an air sign and yet symbolised by the water-bearer. When I completed my recent tour of the UK leading into the solstice (second stage yet to come), visting both high and low energy sites, synchronicity spoke of the power of water – of spilt water. Interestingly just after my tour concluded, Britain was battered by storm Bella. To me this is highly significant – we must pass through the plane of the emotions in order to reach the higher vibrations of air.

What does this mean specifically?

We might look at it in terms of the 5GATEWAYS, the five shifts of consciousness leading to human Enlightenment and Ascension into 5D. The first gateway is all about awakening to the soul and with that gaining greater personal sovereignty. The second gateway is about walking the path of the soul and finding realignment with the soul’s purpose. It’s characterised by the “baptism” – you’re being baptised as a disciple of your own soul. And this happens through water, through the plane of emotions. By working through emotional ties into the old consciousness, you start to reach the higher plane of air – or mind.

Do not underestimate the importance of resolving your relationships in this great shift, for it is pivotal.

2020: A Clear Parting of the Waves

2020 has been a highly synchronistic year in terms of numerology. I clearly felt, and stated this time last year, that it would signify a parting of the waves. That was accurate. The shadow state is leading a large swathe of humanity into new high tech synthetic reality. There will be people in your immediate familiy who, through the mask and the vaxx, are willingly sleep walking into the controlled agenda. It’s going to invite you to find your inner emotional boundaries like never before.

(Image by Lisa Yount: Parting the Waves)

Remember the difference between empathy and sympathy. To empathise doesn’t mean to carry the other’s burden for them; it doesn’t mean to jump into the flooding trench with them. As tough as this will be, it means forging the emotional strength and freedom of your own soul; aligning with your own higher soul’s path. It’s only by embodying the light and shining it forwards that you can really help anyone. AND, it is NOT your obligation to help EVERYONE, for not everyone is yet ready or willing to receive real enlightenment at this time.

So Aquarius invites you to forge your soul in the challenging plane of emotions. Break the jug. Let the water flow forth. Let it stir you up so it may cleanse you of attachment.

You’ll start to embody more through the plane of mind. Yes, the plane of mind, for it is a higher vibration than the plane of the emotions. Let’s not confuse conditioned left-brained rigid behaviourisms, which are physical vibrations, with the clarity of higher thought. The plane of the intellect can be clearly informed by your higher divinity when not clouded with emotional attachment. Now we’re getting into the true meaning of the Aquarian Age as an air sign. In the 5GATEWAYS routemap this purification process leads to unification of higher and lower mind through Kundalini Activation. But kundalini can only truly activate once the lower physical and emotional vehicles have been cleansed and realigned.

Aquarius and The Higher Plane of Mind

This is where I feel to depart from the astrology. As with all the other ages, Aquarius will endure just over 2000 years. You don’t have to wait that long! The invitation instead is to take the emphasis in which we enter this New Age in the context of the circumstances we find ourselves sailing through. These are highly charged times, pitting person against person, that will challenge family relationships to the core. As difficult as that will be, it’s necessary to forge the soul and be able to establish firm emotional boundaries –

You are NOT the others keeper. Just as you wouldn’t want another to walk your path for you, so you must lay down the burden of carrying the others karma that only they can process. Are you ready to be that emotional warrior? Can you empathically stand and reflect back the truth that you feel in your heart – can you stay true to that?

As 2020 signalled a parting of the waves, so 2021 will signify focus on the one pathway forwards that is yours and yours alone – one that leads into the 5th Density. For sure you’ll have to nagivate the turbulent seas of the emotions. Don’t let any “love n light” mantra delude you into thinking it will be easy. It won’t. But if you’re prepared to face the situations you’ll encounter in honesty and truth, then you most definitely will find the pathway through them and it will be the making of you – the forging of soul through the plane of emotions such that you may embody the air sign of the New Age. That’s the opportunity 2021 reveals when you strip back the charade of 2020. That’s the parting of the waves.

As the New Era dawns it’s time to prepare. It’s time for focus. The meditation I shared in this Facebook LiveStream is designed to help by opening to the energy and embodying essential new aspects of beingness. See how it might help you…

If you resonate with my sharing and could benefit from some support finding this Aquarian alignment in 2021, consider joining Openhands New Year Quantum Reset Retreat

In loving support

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About Openhand: Openhand is a unique approach to spiritual evolution. Integrating enlightened wisdom of spiritual masters through the ages, it is a way of aligning with the Benevolent Guiding Consciousness of the Universe in your life. It helps you remove karmic blockages to unveil your Cosmic Self and unfold your Divine Destiny. It leads to authentic and alchemical living in the Earth’s Higher Dimensional Shift.
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December 21st 2020: The Lies in Truth and the Truth in Lies…

December 21st 2020, one of the most powerful dates in history – or is it?

There is a lot of confusion being spread about this date – a date that absolutely will go down in history, but not in the way that some are predicting. 

It is important for us, in this time of lies, deceit and manipulation, to look beyond what we are told, beyond the physical and tangible and beyond what we think we know. For at each and every turn there is trickery, smoke and mirrors laid out to confuse us on our path to true consciousness.

Each and every one of us, no matter how conscious we believe ourselves to be, must work our way through these clever deceptions to find our way through, not only the darkness, but also through the false light and false landscapes that have been deliberately set on our path to stop us from connecting with light in its truest form. 

Some of what we are hearing about December 21st 2020 is just that. Clever devices have been laid out before us to trick us into making choices and decisions that are not in alignment with our highest interest.

For example, one such device is that on this date, those who are conscious enough shall be escaping the treachery of this world on some sort of ascension spaceship, set for paradise.

It is also said that only a very small amount of people will be conscious enough to board this spaceship. Let me ask you something, how conscious is it to leave behind the majority of the human population to suffer at the hands of those who seek to control us? How loving is it to choose to say goodbye to those that we love, simply because they have not yet found their way to the truth by a pre-determined date?

This ascension process is not about those who deem themselves to be conscious enough to be able to leave all that taints them behind. It is about humanity’s right to ascend as a whole in whatever time scale that may take. It is about shifting from the lower vibration of fear into the higher vibration of love. It is about returning from our separation from source back to the oneness. So let me ask you, if you have booked yourself a space on the ascension spaceship, knowing that you will be leaving the rest of humanity behind to suffer, are you actually conscious enough to warrant your place in the first place?

This question is not intended to attack, quite the opposite, it is intended to make you think beyond the conscious understanding that you currently have, opening into an even deeper understanding of the levels of manipulation that have been planted and seeded into the minds of even the most conscious amongst us.

We must look even further still, as, as we start to recognise the unconsciousness within our perceived consciousness, we must also recognise the trap that has been laid within the trap.

When we recognise that humanity is to ascend as a whole and therefore commit ourselves to staying and ‘fighting the good fight’ we also commit ourselves, of our own free will, to the reincarnation cycle – a trap that has been cleverly laid to keep all lightworkers, wayshowers, psychics, healers and other energy workers caught in a system that feeds on our energy and tries to diminish our light.

This is a cycle that we have been trapped in for many thousands of years and it is not over yet, but knowing it allows us to make our decisions from a place of strength, love and understanding.

I know that I have enough love in my heart to see this through. I know that my love for humanity is strong enough to allow me to play my part in setting the whole of humanity free, no matter how long that may take. I have no fear of how long that may take because I know that we are ascending to a place of love. I have no need to question how we shift from a place of separation to a place of oneness because I see that through making the decision to stay and ‘fight’ for humanities right to ascend as a whole, we naturally start to shift the energy from the ‘I consciousness’ to the ‘we consciousness’ that we need to create.

I know that I hold this love in my heart and I know that you do too. I know that you too have the strength, the courage, the wisdom, the passion and the unfaltering power to see this through to the end, helping, guiding, steering and loving every human as they go through their process, their shift, in whatever time scale is necessary for them to truly set themselves free. For even the most conscious among us are not yet truly free and so we must go beyond December 21st 2020 to set us free from all that still holds us captive.

This date, a date that will absolutely go down in history as one of the most powerful dates of all time, is not a date in which we will leave our bodies, our planet or our fellow kin behind. Much like the misinterpretation of the Mayan’s prediction of December 21st 2012, a date that was deemed by the west to be the end of the world, instead of a cycle that represents the end of the world as we know it, this date represents an energy shift so huge that no man shall escape it.

Our consciousness is about to be high rolled into levels beyond our current understanding. Our collective will power is about to be propelled into a state of reaction that holds such power that no force, no matter how dark or how powerful, will be able to reckon with it. Our state of knowing is about to shift into unparalleled states of being. We are about to ascend.

But ascension does not happen over night. It does not happen at the flick of a switch. The energy of December 21st 2020 will be strong, but it will not be strong enough to carry us to salvation without us first doing the work that is needed upon ourselves. It will, however, give us the energetic kick up the backside that humanity needs to start to see more clearly. It will give us the clarity to start seeing with the eyes of truth and the love to start acting with compassion to our fellow man.

It will give us the grit and determination that we need to see this through. It will open the eyes of many whose eyes have been firmly closed until now. It will spark confusion and change and opportunity and growth. It will light the way on the darkest day and warm the hearts of the coldest minds. It will bring about change with such ferocity that no man will put asunder. It will ignite love in the hearts of many and joy in the hearts of all, but this is not a prophecy that can be fulfilled in one day. This is a prophecy that will be ignited on this powerful day but will take many years to come into fruition.

We must be patient. We must surrender to all that is and all that needs to come. To surrender does not mean to give up the fight, it means to embody the fight into all that we are whilst still shining the light of love, compassion and understanding from our hearts. It means to allow this ascension to take place in whatever time frame is necessary. It means to know and to trust that the energies of the dark and light are dancing with each other all in line with the divine and that every dark play that we see will help more individuals to reach their breaking point where they say ‘no more, enough is enough’! It means to allow the process in which each and every individual rises from the ashes of their own destruction to shine forth their own light, thus vanquishing the darkness further. It means to trust all that we are and all that we can be, because all that we can be is love, if only we would allow ourselves the time to experience the journey on the way to the destination that we so seek.

The paradise timeline beckons each and every one of us, even those who can not yet see. Even those who can not yet consciously choose. Even those who still hold anger and hate in their hearts.

I choose the paradise timeline but I choose it from a place of love for my fellow man. I choose to shine my light of love on the world to help those who are not yet conscious to rise from their slumber and join us in the paradise that we shall collectively create. I choose to guide the way for those who are still lost, for those who still inadvertently choose to suffer. I choose to fulfil the role that I came here to play, even if it means that I have willingly given my energy to those who seek to trap us within this cycle.

I do this because I know that we are strong. Stronger than we have ever been, wiser than we have ever been and more powerful than we have ever been. I do this because I know that the energy of the planet supports us in our rise as we now come to the end of a cycle that kept us separated from source, all in line with the divine. I do this because I know that this is our time to ascend but I also know that we must do it together, collectively, hand in hand, no man left behind, no matter how hard a task that may seem. I know this because I am love, I am power and I am strength. I know that when we come together in the love, power and strength that every single one of us has, we can achieve the task that we all came here to embody.

When we rise with love we rise further than we can possibly imagine. When we rise in unity we rise in the strength of one and all. When we rise together, we are all one…

The “Great Conjunction” On December 21st 2020: People Are Saying There’s Going To Be An “Event”

In Brief

  • The Facts:On December 21st of this year, the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn are going to be an astonishing 0.1 degrees apart — less than the diameter of a full moon. March 4, 1226, was the last time they were in such close proximity.
  • Reflect On:Is it a coincidence that this is happening on the winter solstice? Do major astrological events like this impact human consciousness in any type of way? Are the cosmos directly intertwined with human consciousness? Or universal consciousness?

In the spiritual/truther community, talk of a big event has been a common theme for more than a decade. This usually includes a giant solar flare that will completely wipe out the electrical grid, some sort of event that will upgrade human DNA, some sort of mass extraterrestrial sighting, or something along those lines that will bring about big changes and transform our world as we know it forever.

Many people thought something like this was going to happen on December 21st, 2012, it didn’t. Many have suggested various other dates since then, and they usually correlate with great astrological events, like the one that’s set to take place on December 21st, 2020, less than two weeks from now. Again, a portion of this community believes some sort of big event is going to happen, but based on these predictions that seem to have been a constant in the spiritual/truther community, nothing noticeable is going to happen. That being said, I am open to the idea of the possibility of some sort of event that’s truly special, but the idea of waiting for something to take place that will completely change the human experience as we know it today just doesn’t resonate with me, although I wish it would.

To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if it did give everything that’s happening on our planet. But I do know one thing, humanity must learn to live together in peace and goodwill.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, we are the ones that will change things and are changing things. Waiting for something outside of us to do that, I believe, is not the message of this special time that many of us feel we are living in. Furthermore, I believe we are currently living through and witnessing this “event” as a process that continues to speed up every single day, month, and year.

Perhaps from the perspective of elsewhere, this “event” is occurring in a blink of an eye, and perhaps from our perspective, it’s a process of many years. Who knows?

What’s Going To Happen: On December 21st of this year, the winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn coincidently will appear to almost merge in our night sky, appearing almost like one giant star to the visible eye. They are usually separated by 400 million miles. I personally don’t believe it to be a mere coincidence that such a close alignment is happening on the winter solstice, and I do believe this to be a very special event, possibly with tremendous implications, implications for human consciousness that we may not even recognize. I’m just not sure if we will be able to quite see these implications play out how some think they may, I do believe some people may be able to feel something, but ultimately I believe that for your average person, nothing will be noticed at all, despite the fact that, again, I do believe it is a very significant event for multiple reasons.

“Alignments between these two planets are rather rare, occurring once every 20 years or so, but this conjunction is exceptionally rare because of how close the planets will appear to one another,” Rice University astronomer Patrick Hartigan said in a statement. “You’d have to go all the way back to just before dawn on March 4, 1226, to see a closer alignment between these objects visible in the night sky.”

According to LiveScience, “Before the very close 1623 great conjunction, which was likely impossible to see from Earth because the planets appeared so close to the sun, the last visible and seemingly intimate meeting between Jupiter and Saturn happened in March 1226.”

Jupiter and Saturn are going to be an astonishing 0.1 degrees apart — less than the diameter of a full moon. This is truly a special event for us to witness, and again, given my belief in the cosmos and their connection to human consciousness, I do believe it to be extremely significant, with huge implications as humanity moves forward.  The word “conjunction” is used by astronomers to describe the meeting of objects in our night sky, and the great conjunction occurs between the two largest planets in our solar system: Jupiter and Saturn.

Every 200 years they cross each-others path in a different sign, this year we are moving from Earth to Air, which is also why many believe this is significant. That being said, it’s important to mention here that I don’t know much about astrology, and I am not an expert.

I also believe that it’s been confirmed that major astrological events and changes directly correlate with human consciousness. Human consciousness is shifting dramatically and the way we perceive ourselves, the human experience, the cosmos, and the nature of reality are rapidly changing, and again, I do believe this is directly correlated with the activity of the cosmos. We already know that cosmic activity affects all biological systems on Earth, probably in ways we have yet to understand or even notice. I believe this is why we are starting to ask ourselves why we live the way we do, and why do we do the things we do. We are starting to ask deeper questions about the human experience, and many of us are starting to see that we have the potential to create a much better human experience, one that resonates deeply with who we are. All of this, in some way I don’t understand, is connected to the movement of the cosmos as our consciousness is connected to all. All is one.

Many believe we are also transitioning into the Age of Aquarius, a time of prosperity, truth, transparency, and light, from a dark age that’s lasted thousands of years. Although the beginning of this age is highly debated, we seem to be on the cusp of it in my opinion. This correlates with various ancient viewpoints and indigenous prophecy as well. Our current age that we are now transitioning out of is described in The Mahabharata, a time when mental capabilities reach their lowest point and moral virtue is stripped from the Earth. As independent researcher Bibhu Dev Misra writes, when the “World Soul” is full of blackness and corruption, and only a small fraction of virtue remains, it “slowly dwindles to zero at the end of the Kali Yuga. Men turn to wickedness; disease, lethargy, anger, natural calamities, anguish, and fear of scarcity dominate. Penance, sacrifices, and religious observances fall into disuse. All creatures degenerate. Change passes over all things, without exception.” 

Carl Jung also describes this transition,

“As we know from Ancient Egyptian History, these events are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one platonic month, and at the beginning of another. They are, it seems, changes in the constellation of psychic dominance, of the archetypes or gods, as they used to be called, which bring about or accompany long-lasting transformations of the collective psyche.  This transformation started within the historical tradition and left traces behind it. First, in the transition from the age of Torus to that of Aries, and then from Aries to Pisces, whose beginning coincides with the rise of Christianity (mentioned above).  We are now nearing the great change, which may be expected, when the spring point, enters Aquarius.” 

These periods apparently mark a very important social psychological change in the life of individuals and the collective.

You can listen to Manly P. Hall, recognized as one of the world’s leading scholars in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism, and the occult, discuss this time we are now transitioning into, here, where he discusses Carl Jung’s book on the UFO phenomenon linked above. This phenomenon is one of many that’s creeping into the collective mind because, again, we are in this time of transition and consciousness expansion. It’s just one of many examples, it’s not hard to see if you look at the world we are living in today. A lot is going on

I believe these changes, events, and energies that may be coming to Earth impact us greatly and that it happens little by little over time, and that we are currently experiencing it. I believe this coming winter solstice is probably another one of those moments, but I do believe this type of thing is ongoing. I don’t think something major is going to happen that’s going to change life as we know it in one day, but again, but who knows? One hundred years or one thousand years in our years maybe a millisecond for those who are watching from somewhere else. Perhaps our perception of time distorts how we perceive events that truly do have a giant impact on human consciousness.

Our documentary Collective Evolution III provides a more in-depth and detailed discussion of this topic if you’re interested.

By Arjun Walia | Collective Evolution Reporter

I joined the CE team in 2010 shortly after finishing university and have been grateful for the fact that I have been able to do this ever since 🙂 There are many things happening on the planet that doesn’t resonate with me, and I wanted to do what I could to play a role in creating change. It’s been great making changes in my own life and creating awareness and I look forward to more projects that move beyond awareness and into action and implementation.