Why Now Is the Best Time to Become a Prepper

The word prepper has gotten a lot of bad publicity because of misinformation. People assume that disaster or doomsday preppers are “crazy,” but the opposite could be true. There’s nothing crazy about being prepared for the worst, even if it doesn’t come.

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Prepping can come in many forms and for many reasons, which is why now might be the best time to start thinking about emergency relief for you and your family. Here are some of the reasons why and how you can become a prepper.

1. Food shortages could be more common.

The possibility of a total collapse of the food industry isn’t that likely, but the cost of food shortages is noticeable. Earlier this year, we saw a glimpse of chaotic supermarkets, which can be totally avoided with food storage prepping. This Augason Farms Emergency Food Storage Kit Review highlights the need for food reserves, which is a growing concern when shelves are empty. It’s also good to have extra food on hand in general.

2. Too many people lack basic survival skills.

The reliance on electricity and technology to do our daily tasks has left a lot of people lacking basic survival skills. Things to know like building a proper fire, hunting, foraging, fishing, building shelter, and so much more have become a luxury for those that choose to learn. This leads to a society that lacks a basic understanding of how to function outside of society, which causes chaos.

3. Living far from cities is becoming more popular.

The big cities offer something for most people. The convenience and entertainment aspects are undeniable, but many opt to fly the coop and find homes in the countryside, away from the metropolitan spaces. This is leading to a need for more necessities on hand because there’s less convenience. You can no longer walk down the street to a store. Instead, you may need to drive miles, so having everything close to home is a big plus.

4. Environmental sustainability helps everyone.

Using too many plastic water bottles, overloading the grid with electricity use, and being wasteful in general is evidently harming everyone. Being able to be a sustainable person or household helps everyone live better, and it helps the environment. If everyone started living this way, there would be less concern about the future, so it’s a good time to start now.

5. There are infinite resources to learn the prepping lifestyle.

Becoming a prepper is a lot easier now than ever. This lifestyle really took off in the 1990s, but there were limited resources just by virtue of the lifestyle itself. Now that the Internet is more easily accessible, people can find forums, websites, and retailers that can offer advice or guidance, like this article, and purchase goods they need.

The stigma around the word prepper and the connotations of what it means is hopefully a thing of the past soon enough, but even if it’s still a buzzword for some, there’s no denying the relevance. Learning how to become a prepper helps people become more reliable and sustainable people, which is great in our modern, hectic world.

HIVAIDS Symptoms In Men

Men around the world are at risk of developing HIV and AIDS. These medical conditions have rapidly spread around the world putting numerous individuals at risk. Consumers should take steps to minimize their risks of developing such illnesses. Furthermore, potential HIV patients should learn how to identify the basic symptoms linked to this ailment. Doing so will make it much easier for these individuals to pinpoint the problem so they can rectify it right away. Remember that HIV will eventually transform into AIDS and the problem will worsen.

Identifying it early and targeting the problem will help prevent this from occurring. Below, readers will discover more about the common symptoms linked to both.

Understanding These Ailments

Readers must fully understand these ailments and the issues they cause. HIV or what many medical experts know as the human immunodeficiency virus can be a unique ailment in which a deadly virus begins attacking the patient’s immune system. If the condition is not fixed promptly, the patient will eventually go on to become an AIDS patient. Suffice to say, patients with positive confirmations of HIV must do something about the condition immediately. Failing to combat the problem will only lead to bigger issues. HIV will weaken an individual’s immunity system by destroying certain cells that help combat any potential infection as well as serious diseases.
It needs to be addressed quickly to delay the devastating HIV from worsening and transforming into AIDS.

More About HIV Symptoms

Before you can begin dealing with this devastating illness, you must find out how to diagnose it. Doing so won’t be easy because HIV symptoms can also be confused with other medical ailments. For instance, you’re likely going to experience fatigue, a sore throat, night sweats, chills, and a rash. In addition to this, HIV patients tend to develop overly inflamed lymph nodes, aches in their muscles, and a fever. If you’ve been noticing any of these issues, it is pertinent to do something about it.

Visit your medical professional to discover what is going promptly to give yourself a chance to defeat the symptoms. Once you’ve done that, don’t forget to begin using certain medications to eliminate these frustrating symptoms and delay or deter the virus from transforming into AIDS.

Diagnosing The Ailment

Once a patient in America discovered their body might have this unwanted condition, do something about it. Never sit around or waste time. You need to address the issue before it turns into a bigger problem. You can visit your medical doctor to get checked for this condition. When deciding to act, medical patients must agree to take an antibody medical test. The doctor will accumulate a sample of the American’s blood before handing it to lab personnel. A reliable medical test can be good for identifying HIV roughly 18 to 45 days after the sickly person was unfortunately exposed to the illness. Furthermore, there are other HIV tests that can help you identify it even sooner.

Individuals around the world should do something about the condition once they suspect they’ve been infected. You will need to order HIV drugs so you can begin combating the issue immediately. Otherwise, it is only going to create bigger problems.


As was mentioned several times in this guide, HIV will eventually transform intoAIDS. When this happens, the symptoms will worsen, and the risks will be much higher. Patients cannot ignore either condition because it could eventually be life-threatening. Patients infected with the HIV ailment can live with the condition for 8 to ten or so years until it turns into AIDS. After the sickly individual has been positively diagnosed with the AIDS condition, they’re going to be at a much higher risk of developing cancers and infections. Suffice to say, both ailments must be identifying and rectified immediately.

Doing so will help stave off the illness and weaken the symptoms. Talk to a medical professional to find out more about both.

Curing HIV

Ultimately, readers must realize that there is no cure for HIV. You can never cure this ailment. Even when you follow your doctor’s advice thoroughly, you can’t indefinitely get rid of HIV. Nevertheless, medications can aid you to ensure you can control and possibly negate the symptoms. When using the medication prescribed by your trusted doctor, there is a good chance that the illness will be controlled within six months. Therefore, readers cannot wait to get assistance. Once you begin worrying you’ve been infected with this medical illness, talk to a licensed, trustworthy medical professional.

Always Reliable HIV Combat Options?

If it has been confirmed that you’re dealing with HIV, you must do something about it right away. Do not wait because the HIV symptoms are not going to disappear. They’ll return, worsen, and transform not AIDS at some point. HIV medications are also referred to as the highly reliable anti retroviral therapy. By following your doctor’s and using ART, you can reclaim your normal life. Again, you cannot cure this devastating illness. With proper care and therapy, you can get your HIV symptoms under control. Just remember that American patients will face immense risks.

Even if you stop the symptoms, you can still spread the illness to others. It is pertinent to avoid this because you don’t want to create issues for others.

Spreading The HIV Ailment

Finally, patients should discover a great deal more about this medical illness and it is passed around Americans. Even once you’ve got the condition under control, you can pass it to others. It happens so consumers must protect their bodies against this ailment. HIV is often passed through numerous fluids including through their blood, rectal waters, vaginal juices, cum, semen, and female milk. As a result, patients must practice cautious activities to stop it from spreading to the ones you love. You’ve been discovered your body is ravaged by this condition, do whatever you must to stop the HIV virus from infecting your beautiful, loyal spouse.

Overall – HIV Symptoms

Readers must be aggressive about dealing with health ailments. While there are others, HIV is one of the worst. When it is left untouched, the condition will eventually worsen and lead to AIDS. Both can be devastating while flipping your life upside-down. Studying and familiarizing oneself with the earliest symptoms can make it easier for Americans to combat this illness quicker. After that, fixing it will prove to be easy. Follow your doctor’s order and take the prescribed medication. Doing so will help you control the HIV symptoms and maintain a normal life.

Disclaimer: Content from the ConsciousLifeNews.com website and blog is not intended to be used for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  The information provided on this website is intended for general consumer understanding and is NOT intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  As health and nutrition research continuously evolves, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any information presented on this website.

Southwest Airlines Backs Off Vaccine Mandate | Ben Swann

Source: Truth in Media

Southwest Airlines has now announced that it will no longer place unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave if they are not vaccinated by the December 8th deadline. Plus, the CEO of Southwest says he never wanted a vaccine mandate and feels he has been forced by the Biden Administration. This is what happens when people don’t comply.

How To Keep Your Toddler Entertained

We all know that a toddler is an energetic little bundle of fun. And they always keep you on your toes. Toddlers are always on the go, so it is important to have some fun activities that are appropriate for their age. If you are not careful, your toddler might get bored with one activity very quickly thereby making it impossible for you to distract it from its boredom.

Toddlers are constantly developing their skills and need to use their imaginations in order to stay entertained. The best way to ensure that your little one is entertained is by using toys and activities that they like while also giving them an opportunity for creativity. But you could also consider playdates, preschool and other events with people. This can be great as well as activities.

To help you work out what is best, we’re now going to look at some ideas.

How To Keep Kids Entertained While You’re Busy

Children spend a lot of time with their parents, but you can’t always give them your undivided attention. This is why it is important to keep them entertained. However, we often tend to focus on television and video games as ways to entertain kids. Whereas there could be other things you can do to keep them entertained and motivated while you’re busy.

Playful and creative ways to engage your children can help you connect with your kids more. You can make activities like drawing, playing board games, or coloring an enjoyable experience. These activities help children develop creativity and express their emotions but also keep them entertained if you have chores to do, and so on.

Activities To Keep Your Toddler Entertained

Toddlers are difficult to entertain because they can be very difficult to keep busy. They can get bored easily and want to always be on the go. So you’ll want to try and shake up the activities you do with them so keep them happy.

It could be that you play pretend games with them, like giving them an imaginary job or making up characters. You can also read stories out loud, sing songs, or make up your own words for the story. Finally, you could also make art together with crayons and paints or different crafts.

What Do Kids Need To Stay Entertained

There is so much content available on the Internet these days, so it’s easy for parents to feel worried about what kind of content their children are exposed to. A lot of companies offer entertainment services for children. Some of these services include short video clips, interactive games, and learning apps.

With all the technology available in the market, there are plenty of hacks that can be employed to make your child’s life easier. Think about the different educational shows on Netflix or YouTube you can lean towards, different apps, and as well educational games too. It’s okay to embrace technology to your advantage.

Creative Ways To Stimulate Your Toddler

There are many ways to find creative ways to stimulate your child. You can choose different activities, ask for assistance from others, or even have your child try out different activities on their own. Reading, storytelling, and painting or drawing all help your children gain an appreciation for what’s going on in the world around them while keeping them engaged.

All You Need to Know About the Pop-Up Tent

Do you like going on an adventurous trip now and then? Does camping come to your mind whenever you think of holidays? Well! Then surely, you should be aware of the camping tips and the right tent that can add magic to your adventure. So, in this article you will get to know about the type of tent you can use while camping:

How Pop-Up Tents Are Far Better than the conventional tent

You would not use any other tent once you are aware of the pop-up tent. Unlike the conventional tent, pop-up tents occupy less space and can easily be set up without much time. In contrast, in the case of the traditional tent, it is much bigger and taller, and sometimes it becomes difficult for one person to set it up single-headedly—also, it’s very much time-consuming to set up the tent. Therefore, once you start using the pop-up tent, you would not want to use any other because of its unexceptional advantages.

Here are a few reasons that give you the utmost reason why you should buy a pop-up tent?

Though they are not very spacious, the pop-up tents are extremely useful and help save a lot of time. Moreover, it is surely cost-effective as compared to the other good material tents. So here are the reasons to buy best pop up tent:

Let’s check its characteristics:

The installation speed: The pop-up tents can be easily set up in few seconds without any hassle.

The Cost of the Pop-Up Tent: Pop-Up Tent is much more cost-effective.

Design and Material: The tents are extremely lightweight, do not occupy much of the space, and are too heavy to carry.

Security from the adverse weather conditions

There can be times when you face the weather conditions during the normal camp, either during the day or the night. So, during the high summers, you require a tent with UV blackout material. Similarly, in the colder months or the snower regions, a heavy-duty tent will keep you warm. Also, during the monsoons, extremely high-quality waterproof tents can help in saving from the extreme rain.

Thinking of buying the pop-up tent? Here are a few considerations:

The exact size of the tent according to the capacity: While you buy the first tent, it is quite significant that you must be aware of the number of people who are going to stay in the tent, for example, is it a 2-men, 3-men or 4-men, you need to decide about the tent according to the number of the people. So larger the tent, the heavier it will be to carry from one place to the other. It’s better to go for a compact size tent which is highly portable in size too.

Durability: The tent being extra durable is the most important factor while you look for a tent. No one wishes to spend money on the tent always. So, everyone desires a tent that can withstand the tent for greater sun, wind and rain out in the open. 

Cost of the Pop-Up Tent: The cost of the pop-up tent is the most important factor. In most cases, you will not find good products at the best rates. So, it’s always necessary to find the adequate pop-up rent that can be of the best price and consists of the best features.

Final Verdict

Thus, if you desire to go out camping without any extra hassles, the decision of buying the pop-up tent is best for you. You can check out the best pop-up tent at various popular sites at the most cost-effective prices. Make your camping trip the best one and hassle-free!

Electric Bicycles and Urban Mobility

Across major cities in the world, we are witnessing a transport revolution. More and more people are choosing two-wheeled vehicles to commute. It is estimated that two-thirds of the working population in the world use this type of transport to go to work. Even in the United States, where driving is almost the norm, this trend is catching momentum.

For decades, large urban areas have been becoming slowly congested with cars and similar vehicles. Now, it is the urban centers themselves that are driving the said transport revolution by creating better conditions for the use of two-wheeled vehicles. Construction of bike lanes and improvement of road safety are among the actions local governments are taking.

At the center of this transport revolution in urban centers is the city ebike. These two-wheeled vehicles are equipped with an electric motor, a battery, and an electronic control system. Because of their many benefits, electric bikes have established themselves as an effective urban mobility alternative. The electric bike can transform completely the way urban residents get around.

Why Are Electric Bikes So Promising as Urban Commute Vehicles?

Major urban centers around the world have reached a critical point. The population density is already too high in most cities, and the road infrastructure cannot accommodate the resulting traffic. An electric bike occupies much less space than a car on the road. It is not uncommon to see a single person commuting by driving a big car. Roads would get automatically less congested if single commuters used electric bikes instead.

Many city planners have already concluded that the use of electric bikes is the most viable solution to traffic congestion. It can also contribute to tackling other problems like air pollution. Also, the use of electric bikes promotes a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, creating the conditions to bike safely and easily in urban areas is critical for the mass adoption of these two-wheelers. In places like Western Europe and China, the popularity of electric bikes for urban commuting has exploded. The United States is quickly catching up.

But why choose an electric bike and not a conventional one? As mentioned, electric bicycles have advantages that other vehicles don’t. Some of them are:

·         Electric bikes can be used practically by anyone regardless of age or physical condition.

·         They allow riding faster for longer distances.

·         They are environmentally friendly since they don’t generate harmful emissions.

Moreover, in comparison to cars, electric bicycles reduce costs significantly. No wonder in countries like the Netherlands, where the use of bicycles in urban and suburban centers is widely spread, e-bike sales are already surpassing the sales of traditional bikes.

Smart Cities Are Developing Infrastructure for E-Bike Riding

The Danish capital, Copenhagen, is at the forefront of cycling infrastructure development. For several decades, the local government has been working hard to provide safe and enjoyable bike lanes in the urban zone. Currently, 41% of all commuting trips to school or work in this city are made on an electric bike. Cycling is deeply ingrained in the local culture.

However, several American smart cities are also working toward adopting electric bikes as a mobility solution. That’s the case of Colorado Springs, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. It won’t be long before other large urban areas in different parts of the world follow suit. Simply put, electric bikes are the best alternative for urban mobility in the future.

A Message To All Original Peoples Across Australia and Around the World & A Call to Unity for ALL Humanity

Source: Dreaded Cheetah

Across Australia, Indigenous communities are being coerced and bribed into taking experimental covid injections. The corporate Australian governance has sent police and military into these communities to administer these injections. This is a warning message from four Indigenous Australian leaders to all Original peoples around the world.

This is a message for ALL humanity. Your DNA is sacred. It is crucial for your connection to self, to country & to spirit to protect your DNA and stand in your true power. Say NO to coercion and yes to freedom of choice. UNITED WE STAND!

How To Get Scalp Micropigmentation Carlsbad Treatments

Before and After Scalp Micropigmentation Carlsbad

Getting a bad hair day is a huge problem for most women, while a receding hairline is for men, and even though there are so many hair products available on the market, many more people suffer from hair problems that cannot be solved with a hair gel, cream or serum. One of the worst things that could happen to a person regardless of gender is to have thinning hair, massive hair loss, and baldness, which can be due to stress or an illness. For some, baldness runs in the family, and it is just a matter of time before it manifests in their scalp. A revolutionary method has been developed by someone who has specialized in treating hair and scalp issues from a cosmetic perspective. So far, there has never been a hair treatment that can achieve what this new procedure has. Scalp micropigmentation Carlsbad is a treatment that involves injecting in tiny needles an organic-based dye that will go into the outer dermis of the scalp and will resemble hair follicles. The three-dimensional appearance of the hair follicles would give it an appearance of hair in a close-shaved look. This hairstyle is quite dashing and will greatly improve the appearance of any person who had a bad hair day or no hair at all. It is important to note that no other hair treatment could provide the long-lasting effect of SMP, such that it is both cosmetic and psychological. With an SMP, the person can lead and live his or her life again, unencumbered by having to cover or hide his or her hair and real appearance from others. Finally, it is now available in the Carlsbad area and even in other states, one has just to know how to contact them and book their services.

Find A Scalp Micropigmentation Carlsbad Specialist Near You.

If you have thinning hair or baldness and you feel that there is nothing you can do about it but endure it, then you are wrong. Just recently, a solution to the age-old hair problem has been solved with a new treatment or procedure. This is called scalp micropigmentation Carlsbad which essentially is tattooing pigments into a person’s scalp and made to look like hair follicles. You can find a local specialist or clinic that can do the procedure in your area by initiating a web search using any web browser. The browser will lead you to several results and websites and you need to go through the first page or so and then check out their services and rates as well as customer reviews so you can have a better idea of what treatments they do and the effects it has for the previous customers. A bad review will not necessarily mean that the procedure is bad, it could just be because they are not feeling well or have been stressed and tired. The procedure itself takes time and effort to do so make sure to find a specialist that offers high-quality equipment and chairs. After which, you can now choose which website offers the best deal and with the highest feedback scores. Initially make contact if they have an opening for you and a possible consultation. Since they do consult with other people around the globe, you can just take a picture of yourself and the problem areas in your hair and scalp and send it to them based on the address on their website. They will then examine the details of the problem and schedule you for a virtual consultation. If you are a primary candidate for the procedure, you will then be given a schedule for the treatment.

What To Prepare for Getting the Scalp Micropigmentation Carlsbad Treatment?

If you have been scheduled for the next scalp micropigmentation Carlsbad treatment then it is the right time to start with the required preparations before the treatment. If you have a long hair length, now is the time to cut it and shorten it to a more manageable length especially for those with thinning hair, while those with bald or patches of the scalp without hair need to shave their head to prepare for the tattooing. After shaving and cutting your hair, it is time to not use any harmful chemicals on your scalp, that includes shampoos and conditioners, leave-on masks, and hair dyes. This would enable the hair to return to its pristine state before the procedure. The sessions may take from two to four hours and this would mean that you will go hungry while having the treatment, thus it would be better to eat a heavy meal before the procedure or to bring with you some energy bars. You also need to be well hydrated so drink water more than usual. Having enough water in the body moisturizes the skin and the scalp is still essentially skin.

After-care with Scalp Micropigmentation Carlsbad Procedure

There will be utmost two sessions for the scalp micropigmentation Carlsbad treatment before the desired effect is attained. This would mean that there is a rest period in between treatments that is crucial to making sure that the tattooed pigments will not leach or fade which they are prone to when it is first applied. After 4 weeks, you will be asked to come in for the second session which is much briefer than the first session, mostly because this is just a touch-up and to check the initial outcome of the SMP. After the second session, the specialist will assess if you need a third session, but more often than not, the first 2 sessions are quite substantial and enough. After the second session, the patient can not wash or bathe the head and use harmful chemicals. Do not also expose yourself to sunlight as the UV rays can have a tremendous effect on the pigments, it can cause fading and they will not look good at all. If ever the pigments do fade, it has to be reinforced by another session. You are also not allowed to wear any form of coverage of the head as it can cause an increase in temperature and will make the scalp sweat and may cause irritations. There are creams available that you can use for such symptoms.

Types of Pocket Watch People Like to Wear in 2021

Pocket watches, once a staple of a gentleman’s wardrobe, are making a comeback. Maybe it’s the cottage core movement or that fashion truism that everything old is new again, but pocket watches have become more than a novelty item or a groomsman gift. If you’re interested in collecting the best men’s watches, you can’t ignore the best pocket watches any longer.

But what exactly constitutes a pocket watch anyway? In short, pocket watches are a timepiece with a chain that’s attached to a belt loop, waistcoat or lapel and kept either in the front of your pants, your suit, or your jacket. But there’s a lot more to learn about pocket watches and, surprisingly, some great options that you can buy right now.

There are two types of pocket watches: Lépine (open face) and Hunter. Hunter has a spring-loaded cover and acquired the name by fox hunters who needed a closed pocket watch that would survive galloping through the woods. It’s also sometimes called the Savonnette as it resembles a round bar of soap. The Hunter has a secondary sub-type, the Half-Hunter or Demi-Hunter. It’s a watch case with a glass window or hole showing the watch’s hands when the cover is closed.

History of the Pocket Watch

Clocks first made the transition to wearable items sometime during the 15th century. One of the famous clockmakers of that time was Nurenberg’s, Peter Heinlen. Although he’s credited as the inventor of the watch, there were other German clockmakers at that time who were also experimenting with miniature clocks. These early timepieces were worn around the neck and called ‘clock-watches,’ powered by small springs. Clock-watches were massive, heavy devices, usually measuring several inches in diameter. They were made up of brass and metal with a heavy grate over the face of the watch. They only possessed an hour hand and were more wore for status than for usage.

1. Tissot Unisex Savonnette Pocket Watch

Best Modern Option

Our favourite modern pocket watch is this Tissot Savonnette. It checks all the boxes of a great pocket watch with brand reliability, style and functionality. Blending a classic design with modern timepiece technology, this is the best pocket watch of 2020 by a mile. The watch’s case is durable brass that features gold and palladium tones and a sophisticated face that modernizes classic sensibility. Tissot’s Swiss quartz movement means you won’t have to worry about missing a second. And at $330, the watch doesn’t cost too much either — although it looks like it does.

2. Frederique Constant Pocket Watch

Best Splurge

Frederique Constant is a luxury Swiss watch company founded in 1988 by Peter Constant and Aletta Francoise Frédérique Stas-Bax, a married couple who used their grandfathers’ names for their company. Constant Stas founded a watch dials company in 1904 and Frederique Schreiner. In 2016, they sold their company to Citizen Holdings. Frederique Constant is based in Plans-Les Oates and produces thousands of watches a year. They create everything from smartwatches to tourbillons. Their silver-tone pocket watch has a 45mm case and is water-resistant to 30 meters. It is automatic, and the chain is included. The case and chain are rose gold-tone, and the dial is silvery-white.

3. Antique Swiss Made Pocket Watch

Most Reasonable Antique

If you’re looking for a functional antique pocket watch that ticks and has that specially aged patina, you couldn’t go wrong with this Swiss-made one. The case is silver plate, and it does keep time. Made between 1900-1919, it does not have a magnetic lever. This watch is on 1stDibs, and they have a wide selection of antique pocket watches that range from a few hundred dollars to sky-high luxury prices.

Pocket watches, once a staple of a gentleman’s wardrobe, are making a comeback. Maybe it’s the cottagecore movement or that fashion truism that everything old is new again, but pocket watches have become more than a novelty item or a groomsman gift. If you’re interested in collecting the best men’s watches, you can’t ignore the best pocket watches any longer.

4. Tissot Unisex Savonnette Pocket Watch

Best Modern Option

Our favorite modern pocket watch is this Tissot Savonnette. It checks all the boxes of a great pocket watch with brand reliability, style and functionality. Blending a classic design with modern timepiece technology, this is the best pocket watch of 2020 by a mile. The watch’s case is durable brass that features gold and palladium tones and a sophisticated face that modernizes classic sensibility. Tissot’s Swiss quartz movement means you won’t have to worry about missing a second. And at $330, the watch doesn’t cost too much either — although it looks like it does.

5. Antique Swiss Made Pocket Watch

Most Reasonable Antique

If you’re looking for a functional antique pocket watch that ticks and has that specially aged patina, you couldn’t go wrong with this Swiss-made one. The case is silverplate, and it does keep time. Made between 1900-1919, it does not have a magnetic lever. This watch is on 1stDibs, and they have a wide selection of antique pocket watches that range from a few hundred dollars to sky-high luxury prices.

Short-Term Investments

Short-term investments, also known as marketable securities or brief investments, are financial assets that can be converted to cash quickly, usually within five years. Many short-term investments are sold or converted to cash within 3-12 months. CDs, money market accounts, high-yield savings accounts, government bonds, and Treasury bills are all examples of short-term investments. These investments are often high-quality, liquid assets or investment vehicles.

Short-term investments can also refer to financial assets owned by a corporation that are of a similar type but have a few additional restrictions. Short-term investments in this context are investments made by a firm that is expected to be converted into cash within one year and are recorded in a separate account and included in the part of the current assets of the corporate balance sheet.

Long-Term Investing vs. Short-Term Investing

Unlike long-term investments, which are intended to be purchased and held for at least a year, short-term investments are purchased with the expectation of being swiftly sold. Long-term investors are typically ready to accept higher levels of volatility or risk, with the expectation that these “bumps” will gradually smooth out over time—as long as the investment is expanding in a favorable direction, of course. Long-term investments are also used by those who can save money and do not have pressing needs for it (such as to buy a car or a house).

Benefits of Short-Term Investments

Short-term investments serve as a foundation for an investor’s portfolio. Although they normally provide lower rates of return over time than investing in an index fund, they are highly liquid assets that provide investors with the option of earning money that can be withdrawn quickly if needed.

Long-term investments are not considered income for a firm until they are sold. This means that firms that elect to hold or invest in short-term investments account for price variations at the market rate. This means that short-term investments that lose value are recorded as a loss on the income statement.

  • Short-term investment gains are promptly shown on the income statement.
  • Short-term investments are less risky, making them more solid possibilities.
  • In the event of market instability, short-term investments can assist diversify income types.

 Short-Term Investment Examples

Some of the most common short-term investments and methods utilized by organizations and individual investors are as follows:

Certificates of deposit (CDs): These deposits are often issued by banks and pay a higher interest rate because they lock up funds for a certain period. They are FDIC-insured up to a maximum of $250,000.

Money market accounts: These FDIC-insured accounts offer higher returns than savings accounts, but they demand a minimum commitment. Remember that money market accounts are not the same as money market mutual funds, which are not FDIC-insured.

Treasuries: These government-issued bonds come in several forms, including notes, bills, floating-rate notes, and so on.

Bond funds: These funds, which are offered by professional asset managers/investment firms, are better for a shorter time frame and can provide better-than-average returns for the risk. Just keep the fees in mind. Also, payday loans Canada provides the facility of short-term loans.

Municipal bonds: These bonds, issued by municipal, state, or non-federal government bodies, can provide higher returns and tax benefits because they are frequently excluded from income taxes.

Peer-to-peer lending: Excess funds can be invested in one of these lending systems that connect borrowers and lenders.

“Vaccine Effectiveness” Summed Up In 2 Minutes 20 Seconds

Source: Banned YouTube Videos

Watch Dr. Fauci lie about the efficaciousness of the Covid jabs and estimates of its effectiveness become lower and lower and lower over time.

5 Best Body Butters for Oily Skin

People who have oily skin face issues like acne breakouts and their skin pores get clogged often. When we say your skin creates too much oil, it refers to sebum. Sebum is the oil that is produced naturally by the sebaceous glands of our skin. It protects our skin from dryness by hydrating it. However, too much of it clogs pores and leads to many skin issues.

To deal with oily skin, use organic body butter. Body butter is a skin moisturizer that is obtained from natural sources. It is extra thick as compared to body lotions and rejuvenates the skin deeply. However, some people feel that using body butter makes their skin sticky or greasy. To determine the body butter that is best for oily skin, VedaOils brought the below list for you:

1. Lemon Body Butter

Lemon Body Butter is also rich in antioxidants that protect your skin. Your skin cells absorb it quickly when applied topically. Therefore, it will not make your skin sticky after application. Using Lemon Body Butter is preferred especially during the winter season to prevent the skin from becoming rough and dry. It is ideal for those who have oily skin because it controls oil production to some extent.

2. Cocoa Body Butter

Cocoa Body Butter is derived from natural cocoa and contains powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants are powerful enough to eliminate the free radicals that harm your skin. Its non-greasy texture helps you to hydrate your skin without making it greasy. Moreover, Cocoa Body Butter it gets absorbed easily in the skin pores without leaving any stickiness behind. Also, it makes the skin healthy and matches any skin tone perfectly.

3. Turmeric Body Butter

Turmeric Body Butter possesses strong antibacterial properties that make it effective against acne. It exhibits anti-aging properties and can be used for treating wrinkles, dark circles, acne, and other skin issues. It contains a high proportion of VItamin E and Vitamin C. Therefore, it moisturizes your skin deeply without making it oily or greasy. As it controls acne breakouts it is ideal for those who have oily or combination skin.

4. Soy Body Butter

The easy spreadability and high penetrating ability of Soy Butter enables people with oily skin to use it. It contains vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids that heal your skin and moisturizes it. Also, it is ideal during the winter season when the skin becomes chaffed or irritated. You may also use it for conditioning your hair as it makes it soft and silky.

5. Shea Butter

Shea Butter has a buttery texture but its comedogenic rating is zero. It means that it does not cause clogging and therefore, it is perfect for oily skin. The oils accumulated deep in your skin cells get dissolved in the oils present in Shea Butter. As a result, it helps to remove these oils from your skin pores.

Also, it controls sebum production and aids in preventing skin from becoming oily. Also, it gets absorbed quickly in our skin cells without leaving any residue or greasiness behind. It is effective against acne due to its antibacterial and powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Due to all these qualities, Shea Butter is ideal for people who have oily skin. You may also use Shea Butter for protecting your skin from sun damage, dry weather, and pollution.

6. Lavender Butter

Made from Lavender flowers, Lavender Butter is excellent for oily skin. It also has an amazing fragrance that will leave you spellbound. Its bactericidal properties kill bacteria that are responsible for acne breakouts. It also unclogs your skin pores and soothes your skin naturally. You can also apply it to your face for preventing acne and other skin issues.


All the above-mentioned body butter is ideal for oily skin. Many other kinds of butter like mango butter, almond butter, jojoba butter, etc. also work for oily skin. However, choose only body butter that is completely organic and chemical-free. You can explore organic and pure body butter on the website of VedaOils. Also, you will find a wide range of body butter that suits oily skin on their portal. Purchase body butter today and get rid of oily skin and acne!

Healthy 16-Year-Old Boy Dies During Online Class After Second Pfizer Jab: VAERS Database

(LifeSiteNews) — A healthy 16-year-old boy in California reportedly died during a Zoom math class less than a month after receiving his second shot of Pfizer’s COIVD-19 injection, a VAERS entry shows.

On July 13, the boy’s mother filed a report with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) — run by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — indicating her son died 27 days after receiving his second dose of Pfizer’s experimental COVID-19 vaccine in April.

“My son died while taking his math class on Zoom. We are waiting for the autopsy because the doctors did not find anything,” the mother wrote. “He was a healthy boy, he had a good academic index, he wanted to be a civil engineer. He was the best thing in my life.”

In the “Diagnostic Lab Data” section of the VAERS entry, the mother wrote, “He had no previous symptoms. I was with him one hour before and my assistant saw him 20 minutes prior and he did not show any irregularities.”

Per the report, the child’s second dose was administered on April 3, and the boy died on April 27.

The entry also indicates that the child had not been diagnosed with any allergies, pre-existing conditions, illnesses, disabilities, or birth defects, and had not been taking any medications prior to his death. He apparently stayed in the hospital for eight days, and it’s unclear how he participated in the Zoom class, or if he was released prior.

Incidences of children being severely harmed and even killed by the vaccines has been reported on at length since the vaccine was rolled out for young people earlier this year.

Back in June, Children’s Health Defense looked at the preliminary data surrounding the vaccination of children against COVID-19, and reported that “for those 12-17 years of age, the risk of developing myocarditis/pericarditis within 7 days of receiving the second dose is 32 times greater than expected for males and 9.5 times greater for females.”

For young adults aged 18-24 years, the increased risk of developing myocarditis and pericarditis was similarly elevated at 27 times greater than expected for males.

In the broader population, the World Health Organization’s own database includes over 2 million possible adverse reactions from the COVID-19 vaccines, with the highest proportion of them in young people aged 18-44.


Military Insider: Top Secret Technology Predicted the Great Awakening – and the Elites Can NOT Stop It From Happening

Source: Inspired

A military insider who has knowledge of the Stargate Project and Project Looking Glass says that the timelines converge after 2012 and that the elites can NOT stop the great awakening from happening. (See the transcript below.)

According to the insider, the great awakening is “an evolution of consciousness that cannot, will not, and no matter what decisions or possibilities are injected into the equation, eventually it all resolves down to us all learning the truth and becoming aware of this massive dam of lies that has been built – that keeps us from knowing a massive amount of information that we otherwise possess.”

This was recorded over a decade ago, which makes it even more incredible as we see the events described unfold on our planet today.


One of the caveats that I do have some personal information that I did get personally involved in was some information that had to do with the Stargates and Looking Glass. And more specifically, the 2012 problem with those projects. The popular opinion of what’s out there right now is that the project was shut down because there was a problem when we approach 2012.

I’ve heard it described a number of ways but to my knowledge, the problem is that the timelines converge at that point in time. And when you know enough about the Stargate Projects and the Looking Glass Project to know how String Theory works and how the possibility of possibilities works, and how making one choice over here, doesn’t necessarily mean that the other choice couldn’t exist at the same time.

But once you get your brain wrapped around this subject, you find out that at the end of 2012, in an easy way to put it, the choices that we make become less and less consequential to the future. And eventually, we’re pushed into this bottleneck of time, no matter which choice we make. And that’s important to the people that had access to Looking Glass because they would use Looking Glass knowing the choices that they would make and the future would pop up.

The big mistake was coming up with the possibility of future. And when we started using a computer to say, well if we make this choice, it’s 79% possible that this scenario happens, and 23% or possible or whatever (round numbers) that this scenario would happen. The understanding at the time was that was realistic. However, if you go down the road further and free will continues to exercise itself on this game, that 79% possibility sometimes changes very, very fast. But if you look at the situation in a point of time, it seems very realistic that that’s the greatest possibility.

What happened was people, very smart people, began to figure out that something big was coming up, something that made it so all the possibilities of all the future scenarios of any choice, any possibility that was fed in and observed through the Looking-Glass, inherently ended up in the same future. And no decision, no possibility changed past a certain point. That’s the big secret: all possible timelines lead to the same basic set of history in the future. That is what sends everybody that has all of the information, that knows everything, into a blind panic. The people that know everything about Looking Glass, who have gotten all the reports and all the information, the elites of the world, probably figured out that that was the end of the game and nothing could be manipulated beyond that point.

When I was in the military, it would have been before. 97 when I got in trouble, one of my particular areas that I was amazingly intuitive about, is problem-solving / mission planning. Or, more specifically, taking a bad mission and fixing it. Certainly knowing how string theory and possible futures work, make it so you can work your mind very quickly to see the reality of what’s happening and decide what decisions need to be made to change it for a particular outcome.

At a certain point, after they’re done hearing the computer tell them this is what’s going to happen over and over and over and over again, all they became focused on is how do we fix it? What I do know is that I was called in and asked to solve this problem: this timeline contraction problem. And I eventually did my due diligence and did all the investigating, and basically only had one piece of information that was reinforcement: the computer is right. The timelines will contract down to some inevitable thing.

There is an inevitable event. It’s been forecast. It’s been predicted. It’s been fed to us in a slop trough of what they want us to believe will happen. They don’t actually have control over what happens. They only have control over the reaction and it seems that no matter what they try to do to cause their desired reaction, it’s going to have an opposite effect.

It’s much, much easier for me to explain today what that process is as opposed to back then. If I had to give it a name, I would say it’s the AWAKENING process. It’s an EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS that cannot, will not be stopped… and no matter what decisions or possibilities are injected into the equation, eventually, it all results down to US ALL LEARNING THE TRUTH, and becoming aware of this massive dam of lies that has been built. They keep us from knowing a massive volume of information that we should otherwise possess.

Essentially, what happened with Looking Glass, not only did they not want people to use it anymore because they knew it was just going to burp out the same thing, but at the same time, they didn’t want anybody else to know what it was saying. I’m sure because that information was a monumental concern when I was in the military – about how to prevent this inevitability. Now at first, I thought it was the end of the world. Now, I see the end of the world as the end of their world.

The biggest cherry on top of all this conversation would be a synopsis to say that if I could convince everybody out there that for all intents and purposes, what we believe to be true eventually becomes true. If somebody convinces us that a major disaster is going to happen in the very near future, then a major disaster happens in the very near future. If we don’t buy into that fear, and accept that there is really nothing that we “know” know is going to happen, and accept whatever happens, that makes the convergence of the timelines happen as naturally as possible.

Any attempts to try to go away from this one, inevitable conclusion, I again see as a new beginning: an end of this reality, the beginning of something that we can’t even possibly understand based on the level of our beliefs currently. But when all that information comes flooding out, there is going to be no denying what’s true, and what’s a lie, or what’s an illusion.

Basically, what we’re experiencing right now is two master chess players sitting at the board. And one of them looks down at the board and sees that he’s in checkmate in seven moves. And he looks across at his opponent and he knows that his opponent sees it too. So there’s no getting out of it. So, at this point, the loser can only prolong the game. Both players know the game is over. It’s only a matter of time before he does this, and then you’re forced to do this, and then he’s forced to do this and eventually CHECKMATE.

We, as a race, if we could understand that the game is over, that based on the rules of the game the bad guys have already lost, the good guys have already won. Yes, there are moves left on the table, but those moves are being forced by the player that is going to win.

The only way the checkmate can’t happen is if the player that’s winning makes a mistake. But from all the information that I’ve gathered, all of the information that’s been given, all of the information that’s been vetted to me, it seems pretty obvious that the good guy player on the side of the chessboard knows exactly what has to be done to win the game. And so at this point, any mistake would be all but impossible. But again, you really have to understand the game to know that guy that’s losing has lost.

And I’m sure most people sitting watching the chess match between two advanced chess players know the game’s over long after the two players know it’s over. Because they can’t see the board and see that there’s only seven moves left.

Strange Signal Detected From The Heart Of Our Galaxy

Nobody really knows what’s at the heart of the Milky Way. It’s the galaxy we call home, but its center is so densely packed with billions of stars that even our most powerful telescopes can’t see it. It’s a commonly held belief that right at the center of the galaxy is a supermassive black hole – a phenomenon that scientists and astronomers call “Sagittarius A* – but they can’t directly observe the black hole. We assume that it’s there because of the behavior of stars and other observable stellar objects around it.

Famously, black holes don’t “send out” anything. Instead, they pull everything in. Nothing can escape from a black hole of the size of Sagittarius A* – not even light. That’s why scientists are so puzzled by a newly-discovered radio signal that’s coming from the galactic center. The signal seems to have been aimed at Earth so precisely that one scientist said it was as if someone “buzzed” us. That’s the kind of sentence that gets UFO enthusiasts excited, but in this case, scientists are just as excited as anybody who believes in extraterrestrial life. This signal has an origin point, whether it’s artificial or not, and it’s the job of scientists to find it. The problem is that finding it is likely to be much harder said than done.

The mysterious signal was detected by the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder, or ASKAP for short. It’s an enormous assemble of 36 dish antennas standing in the vast, empty desert of Western Australia. The sole task of ASKAP is to keep an eye (or ear) on the universe and look out for radio waves. The antennas are redirected to monitor different areas of space throughout the year, but they sweep past the galactic core regularly. Although the discovery of the unexplained signal wasn’t announced to the public until October 12th, the scientists who monitor ASKAP say they’ve encountered the same signal more than once. Curiously, though, it isn’t there every time they look. Whatever this mysterious source is, the radio signal it sends out is unlike anything that’s ever been detected before. If something is hiding in the centre of the Milky Way and sending this signal to us, it appears to be an utterly unique object.

Scientists aren’t known for giving catchy titles to stellar phenomena. They’ve called the enigmatic signal “ASKAP J173608.2-3216325.” We prefer to use its nickname – “the Ghost.” The official announcement tells us that the Ghost signal was picked up thirteen times in just fourteen months between April 2019 and August 2020. Scientists then spent more than a year trying to find an adequate explanation for its existence before revealing its existence to the general public. They’ve had no luck, and their job has been made harder because the signal doesn’t appear to follow a pattern. The signal is inconsistent, with no set guarantees on when it will appear or how long it will last. That makes it exceptionally unlikely to be a quasar, a neutron star, or any object moving in a regular orbit.

Tara Murphy, who wrote the scientific paper announcing the signal’s discovery and is an astrophysicist with the University of Sydney, has probably spent more time studying the signal than anybody else. She’s baffled by it because the signal is so weak that it’s almost invisible when it first appears before becoming steady brighter, fading away altogether, and then reappearing. Her first theory was that it might be an exceptionally large pulsar – a specific type of neutron star that spins rapidly and gives off electromagnetic radiation – but if it were a pulsar, we should be able to detect it with instruments we have on Earth. Tara and her team attempted to do so at Australia’s Parkes Observatory using the Murriyang telescope. They found nothing. She then contacted NASA and asked them to look for X-rays using the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory. None were found. The VISTA telescope in Chile looked for infrared or near-infrared signals and drew a blank. The only conclusion that can be drawn from that is that there’s no pulsar.

To make matters worse, South Africa’s Meerkat array also turned its attention to the problem and added to the confusion. Meerkat is more sensitive than the Australian array and was able to detect variations in the Ghost signal that lasted for a day rather than a week, and showed signs of circular polarisation. Fewer than one percent of all known signals in the universe display this feature, and they’re almost always connected to magnetic fields. This signal has to be coming from something huge and something that has a magnetic field but isn’t a star and doesn’t have a predictable pattern of behavior. That strongly raises the possibility of it having an artificial origin – but you won’t catch any scientists saying that out loud any time soon.

This is yet another reminder of how little we know about the mysteries that are out there in the stars. We tend to think of stars as little more than celestial decorations – pretty to look at but trivial. We sing about them in nursery rhymes. We even use them as a source of entertainment. It’s not a coincidence that “Starburst” – one of the most popular online slots games in the world – is set in deep space and uses star expansion as a feature. Most online slots players probably don’t think of themselves as armchair astronomers, but there has to be something that draws them to the game. Space isn’t there for entertainment, though. It offers us jackpots that an online slots player couldn’t even dream of – but we lack the technology to go chasing after them.

Human beings won’t make it to the center of the galaxy in our lifetimes. It’s possible that we’ll never make it there at all – our planet might die before we develop technology capable of traveling that far. We might never find out whether this radio signal is an attempt at communication or not. We do know there’s something out there, though – and it’s the desire to know what that “something” is that keeps us all hooked on space.