Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming on Jan 23 | Worldwide Walkouts – An Ongoing Campaign

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Listen to our new rally cry to join the movement.
Lyrics by: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.  •  Music Produced by: Dicky Barrett  •  Performed by: Grant Ellman, Prezence Music  •  Video Produced by: Children’s Health Defense, Brian Burrowes, Dicky Barrett, Aimee Villella McBride  •  Footage Courtesy of: Oracle Films, Matt Veligdan, Souls of a Movement

Worldwide Walkouts Continue Across the Globe

European Parliament Members call on you: Join Protest for Freedom and Democracy in Brussels on January 23

Keep Showing Up Strong to Defeat the Mandates!

“Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming” on January 23 in Washington, D.C. aims to unite all citizens in reclaiming individual liberties and democratic principles

Join Children’s Health Defense (CHD) this Sunday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern at the Washington Monument and march to the Lincoln memorial. Stand united to protest all government mandates. United we stand and in peace we march.

Participants from all walks of life will be attending, regardless of political affiliation, race, ideology, or vaccination status. We will gather to peacefully protest and march together in unity to restore democracy, reclaim our civil liberties and say NO to mandates.

Speaker highlights include Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Del Bigtree, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Steve Kirsch, Dr. Christina Parks, Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Richard Urso, Attorney Tricia Lindsay, Kevin Jenkins, Rev. Aaron Lewis, Rabbi Epstein, Tramell Johnson, Jo Rose (Jo Speaks Truth), Lara Logan, Angela Stanton King, Chris Martenson, Kwame Brown, Trahern Crews and many more!

Comedian JP Sears will emcee the event.

Musical performances will also be a part of the event, featuring Jimmy Levy and Hi-Rez the rapper, Five Times August, and Matt Brevner.

Tens of thousands have already registered to be here on this historic day. Learn more and make your plans to stand together to Defeat the Mandates. Spread the word, share on social and encourage those in your community to make their plans to be in Washington DC. Buses are now available for same-day, roundtrip transportation to DC from multiple states. Check back often as more buses will be added.

The goal of the march is to peacefully protest vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, COVID vaccines for children, and censorship. Participants will be marching in support of informed consent, natural immunity, and the doctor/patient relationship which should exist independent of government interference.

In addition to objecting to COVID vaccine mandates on democratic principle, many are also expressing concern about the safety of these shots citing that as yet another reason to protest mandates. The latest data from the U.S. government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) reveals 1,033,994 adverse events following COVID vaccination including 21,745 deaths.

“The rise of tyranny can only be stopped if Americans rise up against it while they still have enough freedom left to do so,” said CHD president and general counsel Mary Holland. “We encourage all who can be in Washington on January 23rd to stand in peace and unity with us. Once governments take away the rights of individuals, they are nearly impossible to regain.”

Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming. CHD will Livestream the event on CHD.TV.

Help spread the word! Access our promotional assets for Defeat the Mandates — including the four images below and more — to share on your social media.

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Listen to the message from our Chairman, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. above on why it’s critical to join us in Washington, D.C.

Keep Showing Up Strong in 2022!

Help others engage in the movement. Share information with compassion, empathy, and an open heart to bring others to the right side of history.

We at Children’s Health Defense are calling on advocates everywhere including our state and international chapters, coalition partners, affiliates and all of humanity to peacefully assemble and actively engage with your state elected representatives to stand against mandates.

Our elected officials need constant reminders that they work for the tax-paying citizens of this country and that many of us, if not the majority, want choice when it comes to what goes on and in our bodies.

These representatives must see our faces, hear our voices, and know that we demand choice when it comes to our healthcare decisions. Parents and individuals should make these decisions, not the government. The tyranny ends when We the People stand up!

Here’s how you can keep Showing up Strong in 2022:

    1. Find the date for the start of your state’s 2022 legislative session. If your state hasn’t commenced the new session yet, be prepared to be at your statehouse on day one and bring your friends.
    2. Organize and invite local groups and community members to show up at your statehouse and to meet with your elected representatives. Collaborate with as many groups as possible within your community who are concerned with health freedom. We have strength in numbers!
    3. Create promotional graphics for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with our free design templates to promote your event and get the word out!
    4. If you are planning a rally, be sure to share the information with CHD to be featured on this Worldwide Walkouts page and our Community Calendar.
    5. Visit our Advocacy Hub to download, print, and share educational handouts and postcards with your community and elected officials. Here is some helpful guidance for interacting successfully with legislators.
    6. Engage in polite dialogue with your local board of education members, school administrators, county executives, department of health officials, mayors, and other local elected officials on this critical cause. Request meetings and attend in small groups, be prepared to share information and educational materials, and advocate for healthy choices in your community. Review your school district’s approved Health & Safety plan. These are public reports that you can check to see whether the American Rescue Plan Act and COVID grants your school may be receiving are driving mandates in your district.
    7. Download, print and share our new stickers and join the “Stick to the Truth” campaign. Post them in high-traffic, high-exposure public areas such as community bulletin boards and utility poles to share important truth-based messages to counter the propaganda.

Never has there been a more important time to fight back and protect our rights to stop this tyranny and government overreach.

Be a defender of truth, freedom, and health. Let’s keep SHOWING UP STRONG in 2022!

Find Your State’s Legislative Session Start Date

We know many states are battling mandates for masks and the COVID vaccine. And the legislative session will be upon us in just a few weeks where states like New York, California, Louisiana, Washington, DC, and others will attempt to pass bills making the COVID vaccine mandatory for school-aged children. New York and California are crucial states so we ask that if you are in or around those areas that you show up to support in addition to the rallies in your home state.

The states shown in red are key battleground states!

AK: Tue, Jan. 18
AL: Tue, Jan. 11
AR: Mon, Feb. 14
AZ: Mon, Jan. 10
CA: Mon, Jan. 03
CO: Wed, Jan. 12
CT: Wed, Feb. 09
DE: Tue, Jan. 11
FL: Tue, Jan. 11
GA: Mon, Jan. 10
HI: Wed, Jan. 19
IA: Mon, Jan. 10
IL: Wed, Jan. 12

ID: Mon, Jan. 10
IN: Tue, Jan. 04
KS: Mon, Jan. 10
KY: Tue, Jan. 04
LA: Mon, Mar. 14
MA: Wed, Jan. 05
MD: Wed, Jan. 12
ME: Wed, Jan. 05
MI: Wed, Jan. 12
MN: Mon, Jan. 31
MO: Wed, Jan. 05
MS: Tue, Jan. 04
MT: *

NC: Wed, May. 18
ND: *
NE: Wed, Jan. 05
NH: Wed, Jan. 05
NJ: Tue, Jan. 11
NM: Tue, Jan. 18
NV: *
NY: Wed, Jan. 05
OH: Wed, Jan. 19
OK: Mon, Feb. 07
OR: Tue, Feb. 01
PA: Tue, Jan. 04

RI: Tue, Jan. 04
SC: Tue, Jan. 11
SD: Tue, Jan. 11
TN: Tue, Jan. 11
TX: *
UT: Tue, Jan. 18
VA: Wed, Jan. 12
VT: Tue, Jan. 04
WA: Mon, Jan. 10
WI: Tue, Jan. 18
WV: Wed, Jan. 12
WY: Mon, Feb. 14

* These states are not in regular session in even-numbered years.
Get full session information from MultiState.us.

Join Us for Upcoming Worldwide Walkouts!

Worldwide Walkouts are demanding a return to freedom and democratic principles. Citizens around the globe are protesting illegal mandates and tyrannical government overreach. Every man, woman, and child is important to this movement.

This grassroots initiative is ongoing as we organize and connect activists around the globe to execute coordinated acts of peaceful non-compliance and civil disobedience. Check back often for dates and events near you.

“No government in history has ever surrendered power in the absence of demand. We need to tell these governments and their friends in the technocracy, the Silicon Valley billionaire boys club, the mainstream media, and the pharmaceutical industry that we will no longer tolerate their trampling of citizens’ rights.”
– Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., CHD Board Chair and Lead Counsel

All times are local to each event. View the event graphic or flyer for details.

January 22

January 23

  • DC: Defeat the Mandates – An American Homecoming, 11:30 am – website
  • CO: Defeat the Mandates Rally in Denver, 1:00 pm – website
  • FL: Defeat the Mandates Rally in Ft. Lauderdale, 11:00 am – Facebook event
  • MT: Defeat the Mandates Rally in Bozeman, 9:30 am – Gallatin County Court House
  • OH: Defeat the Mandates Rally, 12:00pm in Defiance, Ohio

February 1

  • OR: Salem Rally for Medical Freedom, 11:00 am – web page

Let Us Know About Your Event!

Submit your event for review using our online form.

Children’s Health Defense launched a new medical freedom song “Hold the Line” to kick-off the launch of Worldwide Walkouts and in honor of those who demand a return to freedom and our democratic principles.

“Hold the Line”
Artist: Ito da Truth featuring Ac Da Kid
Editor – Deana Vincuillo
Photo Credit: Souls of a Movement (IG: @soulsofamovement)
Producer: Aimee Villella McBride



People have been battered during the epidemic for the last 1.5 years. And now their jobs, livelihoods, education for their children, and way of life is being threatened because they refuse to take a government and employer-mandated injection.

Religious and medical exemptions are being rejected but that is a false choice anyway. Since when does anyone need an exemption to exercise their personal right to reject a foreign substance being injected into their body by the government?

Americans and the world need to stand up, walk out and just say NO. CHD will encourage recurring walkouts where citizens target specific industries and solidify our grassroots movement as a powerful voting block in elections to apply political pressure.


Children’s Health Defense and our State and International Chapters are joining citizens and organizations from all over the world as they come together for “WORLDWIDE WALKOUTS!”


“WORLDWIDE WALKOUTS!” is a call for a global shutdown to stop business as usual and celebrate human rights. Citizens around the world will be asked to unify for freedom and commit acts of civil disobedience to make their point. No masks, no vaccines, no testing. No coercion. The potential headlines: “500 towns in America and around the world have nurses, teachers, etc. walkout for freedom,” “French and Italian Voters in acts of civil disobedience…”


Any mass gathering of people in peaceful noncompliance engaging in acts of civil disobedience. People can gather at local town halls, courthouses, their department of education or state capitols, or any high-profile, high-traffic area. Any location works and no event is too small or too large. They will only grow with time.


Make it a celebration of unity. Create a unified voice with signage, posters, singing of popular songs, the national anthem, chants, and more. Ask veterans, first responders, educators, and children to speak. Create a community by asking the crowd to introduce themselves to their neighbor, encouraging hugs, and holding hands to resist the mainstream narrative of social distancing and fearing close contact with others. Choose for everyone to wear a consistent color to unify the crowd visually. If you’re expecting larger crowds or use of amplified sound you may need to consider securing permits with local municipal, precincts, or community affairs offices, but people also have the right to peaceably assemble in public areas as long as they’re not obstructing vehicle or foot traffic.

Come back to this page for helpful planning information on this and future rallies including best practices (i.e., press releases, getting local media) and ways to order posters, flyers, T-shirts, and more.

Articles, Brochures, and Pamphlets


Links to videos/pictures of civil disobedience

Video from events covered live on CHD.TV
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speaks at NY Rally on October 16, 2021
New Yorkers shut down the Brooklyn Bridge
NYC Sanitation workers
NYC Sanitation Workers on Strike
Colorado Citizen Fights Back Against Mandates

Semi-truck trailer Resist the Fascists

New Yorkers Protest at the Governor’s Mansion

French citizens are storming stores that enforce vaccine passports, filling up shopping carts, and leaving them right before the checkout before walking out.

Italian citizens take to the streets in protest of Green Pass

The Defender Articles

Nov. 3: Join Kick-Off of ‘Worldwide Walkouts,’ a Global Protest Against Government Overreach

Public Relations

Children’s Health Defense Joins Citizens on November 3 to Kick Off Worldwide Walkouts to Demand a Return to Freedom and Democratic Principles

Recently Past Events

November 19

  • NE: Omaha Rally for Medical Rights, 5–6 pm – map, graphic
  • WA: Seattle Rally in the Rain, 1–3 pm – map, graphic

Customizable flyer for the November 19th – 20th Worldwide Walkout

November 20

  • IL: Glen Ellyn Worldwide Rally for Freedom 5.0, 9:30–11:30 am – map, graphic
  • NC: Hayesville Walkout, 10–11 am – map, flyer
  • NE: Omaha Rally for Medical Rights, 2–4 pm – map
  • NH: Concord Weekly Freedom Fest, 10–11:30 am – map, graphic
  • NJ/NY: Bergen & Rockland Counties Stand for Vaccine Choice, 3–5 pm – map, graphic
  • NM: Alamagordo Walkout, 1–3 pm – map, graphic
  • NY: New York Light for Liberty, 12 pm–6 pm – map, graphic, Livestream
  • OR: Portland Protest Against Vaccine Mandates, 11 am–2 pm – map, graphics & resources
  • VA: Worldwide Walkout + Rally for Freedom, 11 am–1 pm – map, graphic
  • WA: Seattle March for Freedom, 1:30–2:30 pm – map, graphic

November 26

  • IL: CHD-IL Schaumberg Walkout for Health Freedom, 11 am–1:30 pm – map, graphic
  • NC: Hayesville Walkout, 10–11 am – map, flyer
  • WA: Bellevue March for Freedom, 1:30–3:30 pm – map, graphic

December 4

  • WORLDWIDE: SOS from Australia, 12 pm everywherelearn more (with video)
  • GERMANY: Frankfurt Protest Against Green Pass and Forced Vaccination, 3–5 pm – more info
  • CA: Los Angeles Rally to Support Australian Resistance to Medical Tyranny, 12–2 pm – graphic
  • CA: San Francisco Rally to Support Australian Resistance to Medical Tyranny, 12–2 pm – more info, graphic
  • NC: Hayesville Walkout, 10–11 am – map, flyer
  • NH: Concord Weekly Freedom Fest, 10–11:30 am – map, graphic
  • NJ/NY: Bergen & Rockland Counties Stand for Vaccine Choice, 3–5 pm – map, graphic
  • NY: NYC Rally at Australian Consulate, 4 pm – graphic
  • VA: Stafford Worldwide Walkout & Rally for Freedom, 11 am–1 pm – map, graphic
  • WA: Seattle March for Freedom, 1:30–2:30 pm – map, graphic

Done for You Graphics for December 4
Create your free Canva account to access customizable social media graphics:

January 3

  • CA: Our Children, Our Choice Rally at the Capitol, 1 pm – graphic
  • IL: Rally to Stop V-Passports, 11:30 am – graphic

January 5

  • NY: Albany March for Freedom on the First Day of the Legislative Session, 10 am – graphic – RSVP on the Facebook event page
  • MA: Show Up Strong, Stop the Mandates, 12 pm – graphic

January 10

  • IA: Freedom Rally 3.0 on the First Day of the Legislative Session, 8:30 am–5:00 pm – graphic – RSVP on the Facebook event page

January 15

Four Ways Nature Can Protect Your Well-Being During a Pandemic

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact on people’s mental health and well-being. Restricted movement, loss, and isolation have led to increases in depression, anxiety disorders, stress, sleep disorders, and more. The effects have been even harsher for teens.

How can we help protect our well-being during this particularly difficult time? Though a public health response is definitely called for, one way we might try to help ourselves this year is by spending more time immersed in nature. In the last decade or so, research on the health benefits of nature experiences has exploded, confirming what many people know intuitively—that green spaces are good for mental well-being, whether you’re walking outdoors, looking at beautiful views, or even just seeing videos of nature.

This is definitely the case for me. Even before the pandemic hit, I’d realized that I was not spending as much time outdoors as I wanted to—even though I knew from personal experience and science that being in nature made me happier, kinder, and more creative. So, in January 2020, I began taking daily walks in the hills near my home, enjoying the awe-inspiring beauty while giving my mind a rest and my body a workout. Once lockdowns began, I continued my regular walks and found it helped me feel less stressed, in a better mood, and more productive.

Apparently, I’m not alone. According to new research, nature has helped many people with their mental health during the pandemic. Here are some of the ways nature experiences might benefit us during this fraught time.

Nature reduces stress

Perhaps the most robust finding on the psychological benefits of nature is that being in green spaces reduces our stress. Experiments have shown that people who walk in a nature area—a forest or park, for example—feel less stress than those who walk in an urban setting, even when the exercise they’re getting is the same. In fact, some countries have introduced the concept of “forest bathing” to fight the effects of modern urban living.

During the pandemic, many people have had to restrict their movement, making it harder to get outside. But those who could get out definitely benefitted from it, while those who couldn’t still fare better from just having views of nature.

One study looked at how much time people spent outdoors before and during the pandemic and whether they increased or decreased their outdoor time. The researchers found that people who had maintained or increased their time outside were less stressed and had greater psychological well-being than those who’d decreased their time.

Another study conducted during Israel‘s lockdown found that spending time outside—or even just having a natural view from one’s window—reduced stress and increased happiness. This was true even if people had suffered economically because of the pandemic—another stressor on top of an already stressful situation.

A recent study suggests that one reason for this might be that being in a green space affects us physiologically, especially in places rich in plant life that contains bodies of water or uneven terrain. People who were monitored while passing through green spaces were shown to sweat less, breathe better, and have greater heart rate variability (all signs of lower stress or better recovery from stress).

These studies and others point to the conclusion that nature experiences are good for managing stress.

Nature helps us feel restored

Since the pandemic began, many of us are spending a lot more time online in Zoom meetings or Zoom classes. While it’s great to have the technology available for connecting with others and getting work done, it can be exhausting to stare at a screen for so long and try to stay focused.

That’s why it can help to give ourselves an attention break by getting outdoors. Recovery from information overload (online or otherwise), sometimes called attention restoration, is one of the main ways that being in a natural or green setting gives our minds a rest.

After taking that break, our brains may be sharper. For example, exposure to nature helps us perform better on tasks requiring attention and can even lead to greater creative problem-solving. Even a simulated nature experience helped people recover from overstimulation and do better at cognitive tests.

Why is nature restorative? No one knows for sure. But a recent neuroscience study compared the brain activity of people spending time in a wooded garden and a traffic island and found that being in the natural setting allowed their brains to synchronize alpha and theta brain waves (related to calm and daydreaming, respectively). This may explain why nature induces a kind of relaxed attention that provides people with a respite from overstimulation—something we could all use these days!

Nature helps stave off depression, anxiety, and physical complaints

Nature may help us improve our psychological health during COVID for other reasons, too—by staving off depression, anxiety, and physical complaints (like not getting enough sleep).

In a study in Spain and Portugal conducted between March and May 2020, people reported on how much access they had to green spaces like private yards, views of nature, and public parks, and on their stress levels, physical complaints, and psychological distress. After taking into account how much COVID lockdowns had affected people’s employment, income, and housing situation, researchers found that people accessing nature more had lower psychological distress and fewer physical complaints than those with less access.

Similarly, a study in Tokyo found that people who were locked down during the pandemic were less depressed, anxious, and lonely, and happier and more satisfied with their lives if they spent time in green spaces (like parks) or had a view of greenery from their window.

This may be particularly relevant for groups most affected by COVID isolation—including adolescents. A recent study found that teens who spent more time outdoors during the pandemic fared better on many mental health indicators than those who spent less time outdoors—especially if they lived in an urban community.

One reason nature might improve our mental health is that it helps us let go of endless thought loops about what’s wrong with the world—what psychologists call “rumination,” which is tied to depression, anxiety, and poor sleep. A recent study found that participants who spent more time interacting with nature in some way—for example, walking outside, biking, gardening, playing games or sports, or hanging out in a park—ruminated less, and in turn experienced more positive feelings and fewer negative feelings.

That’s probably why a recent review of several experimental studies found that nature-based recreational activities—like walking in parks, hiking, rafting, or backpacking—have positive effects on our mental health, including making us less depressed and anxious.

Nature makes us happier and more satisfied with life

If nature experiences decrease stress, restore our depleted brains, and reduce rumination and other symptoms of psychological distress, they should also make us happier. Many past studies—including some of those mentioned above—have found this to be true.

In one large study, researchers used smartphones to collect data from more than 20,000 people in real-time comparing how they felt at different points during their day and using GPS to determine where they were. The researchers found that, overall, people felt happier when they were outdoors in green or natural spaces compared to urban spaces, regardless of the weather, activity, or who was with them. Another study surveyed people living in Puget Sound, Washington, and found that they were more satisfied with life if they engaged with nature more.

This may be good news for people who’ve been hit particularly hard by the pandemic—including our essential workers.

In a recent study, a group of 71 health care workers and police in China were randomly assigned to watch short video clips of either natural scenes or urban scenes every day for five days, reporting their well-being over time. Those who watched the nature scenes felt more positive feelings fewer negative feelings and greater well-being overall than those watching urban scenes.

In a review of many studies, researchers found that people more connected to nature (seeing themselves as part of nature and caring about the natural world) tended to have more positive feelings, vitality, and life satisfaction compared to those who were less connected.

All of this and more suggests that we can be happier and healthier if we maintain our connection to nature somehow during the pandemic. Whether we garden, have a view of nature out our window, visit nearby parks, or even just watch a nature video, we can help ourselves deal with the stresses and strains of COVID isolation by giving ourselves and our kids a dose of “Vitamin N.” Take it from me, you’ll be glad you did.

About the Author

Jill Suttie

Jill Suttie, Psy.D., is Greater Good’s former book review editor and now serves as a staff writer and contributing editor for the magazine. She received her doctorate of psychology from the University of San Francisco in 1998 and was a psychologist in private practice before coming to Greater Good.

Supermarkets Report Food Shortages After Canada Imposes Trucker Vax Mandate

By Tyler Durden | ZeroHedge

Overwhelmed supply chains and truck driver shortages worsened when Canada imposed new border mandates prohibiting unvaccinated American truckers. With low vaccination rates among US drivers, Canadian supermarkets are already reporting rising food inflation and shortages of certain products, according to Bloomberg.

Canada’s vaccine mandate for truckers came into effect on Saturday. The new rule requires US truckers to be vaccinated to cross the border. We warned earlier this week such a mandate would have “consequences.”

The vaccine mandate has exacerbated the shortage of truck drivers and made wait times at border crossings even longer. Eighty percent of trade between the US and Canada is transited by truck. America exports about 90% of Canada’s fruits and vegetables during the winter season. As shipments decline because only about half of US truck drivers are vaccinated, grocery stores report shortages.

“We’re seeing shortages,” said Gary Sands, senior vice president of the Canadian Federation of Independent Grocers. “We’re hearing from members they’re going into some stores where there’s no oranges or bananas.’”

The main concern is the mandate could create a domino effect and ripple through the already stressed supply chain. Logistical disruptions have been a significant source of soaring inflation. According to North American Produce Buyers, the cost of sending a truckload of fresh produce from Southern California to Canada is now $9,500, up from $7,000. That means companies are paying more for freight and will pass on costs to consumers.

Given the drop in eligible truckers, products bound for Canada will build in US warehouses with no place to go until new drivers are seen.

The situation will only worsen on Jan. 22 when the US begins imposing its vaccine mandate on Canadian truckers. The Canadian Trucking Association warned the mandate would sideline up to 16,000 truckers.

Canadian truck drivers are furious with the US decision and have blocked the highway near the US-Manitoba international border to protest the new mandates. Videos posted on social media show the chaos playing out on the other side of the border.

Cross-border vaccine mandates will only make the supply chain more stressed to the point where it might break.

How Anthony Fauci Controls Science Globally | Dr. Joseph Mercola

Source: Mercola.com 

Story at-a-glance

  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr. succinctly summarizes how Dr. Anthony Fauci wields his power to control and manipulate science across the globe
  • It’s Fauci’s job to conduct research on chronic diseases to figure out their etiology and environmental causes to protect public health, but instead, he turned the NIAID into an incubator for pharmaceuticals
  • Fauci has a $7.6 billion annual budget that he uses to develop new drugs, which he then farms out to universities
  • Fauci’s control — in collusion with that of Bill Gates — has rendered the majority of global scientific research nothing more than pharmaceutical propaganda
  • Fauci shares drug patents with universities sell them to drug companies, splits the patents with them, and walks those drugs through the FDA approval process, which he also controls; once approved, Fauci himself often profits

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. succinctly summarizes how Dr. Anthony Fauci wields his power to control and manipulate science in this riveting episode of The Jimmy Dore Show.1 Fauci has been painted as a hero throughout the pandemic, an image that is not only misleading but wildly inaccurate, as detailed in Kennedy’s best-selling book, “The Real Anthony Fauci.”

“I wrote the book because so many Americans were looking at Tony Fauci as this kind of savior,” Kennedy said. “… [T]he man on the white horse, or in the white lab coat, that would ride us out of this coronavirus crises but I knew from the beginning … that he does not do public health and has not done public health since the 1980s.”2,3

Rather than looking out for public health, Fauci and his agency, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), prioritize pharmaceutical promotion. Kennedy refers to Fauci as the “leader of the pack” when it comes to those promoting pharmaceutical products, profiteering from Big Pharma, and promoting their own personal power.

Public Health Plummeted During Fauci’s Reign

In 1984, when Fauci was appointed director of NIAID, 11.8% of Americans had a chronic disease, but this has risen sharply since.4 Fauci doesn’t talk about this public health failure — at least not publicly — but as Kennedy noted, it was Fauci’s job to figure out why cases of autism, food allergies, ADHD, sleep disorders, juvenile diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and much other chronic and infectious diseases have skyrocketed.

It was Fauci’s job to conduct research on these diseases to figure out their etiology and environmental causes to protect public health, but instead, he turned the NIAID into an incubator for pharmaceuticals. According to Kennedy:5

“When Tony Fauci came in, 6% of American children had chronic disease. By 2006, 54% had it. We went from being the healthiest country in the world with the healthiest children to the sickest. Literally, we do not even qualify as a developed nation. We are 79th in the world, behind Nicaragua and Costa Rica in terms of our health outcomes.

And why did that happen? Well, the one figure who is more responsible for that than anybody else in the world is Tony Fauci. He is the reason we take more pharmaceutical drugs than any other nation in the world. Three times the average among western countries. We pay the highest prices and have the worst outcomes.”

Fauci’s Multibillion-Dollar Budget Gives Him Immense Power

Fauci has a $7.6 billion annual budget, which in total during his entire tenure is more than half a trillion dollars that he’s been in control of. Instead of using that to reveal the environmental issues leading to outbreaks of chronic disease, he uses the money to develop new drugs, Kennedy explains, which he then farms out to universities:6

“He shares the patents with them, and then he sells them to the drug companies, splits the patents with them, and he walks those drugs through the FDA approval process, which he completely controls from the bottom up. And then he gets them approved and in many cases he himself profits. People within his agency can collect $150,000 a year from royalties off each of these products.”

The NIH owns half the patent for Moderna’s COVID-19 injection, which means that it stands to make billions of dollars as a result. Four of Fauci’s top deputies will also collect $150,000 a year for life as a result — from a product they’re responsible for regulating, an obvious massive conflict of interests.

“The mercantile and commercial interests have overwhelmed the regulatory function at that agency and it no longer does public health — it does pharmaceutical promotion,” Kennedy said.7 As an example, between 2009 and 2016 there were 240 new drugs approved by the FDA, all of which came out of Fauci’s “shop,” he added. “He is the incubator for the whole pharmaceutical industry.”8

How Fauci Controls Science Globally

Fauci has spread the notion that he is untouchable, going so far as to tell MSNBC that an attack on him is an attack on science:9

“It’s very dangerous … because a lot of what you’re seeing as attacks on me quite frankly are attacks on science, because all of the things that I have spoken about consistently from the very beginning, have been fundamentally based on science.”

Throughout the pandemic, “trusting the science” has become a cultural statement and propaganda tool, but one that’s far from what true science is all about. Far from being a source of independent science, in essence, Fauci’s control — in collusion with that of Bill Gates — has rendered the majority of global scientific research nothing more than pharmaceutical propaganda. Kennedy explains:10

“Every virologist in the world knew that the coronavirus was engineered. All you have to do is look at the genome. Everybody knew that and they kept silent for a year, and here’s how. He gives away $7.6 billion a year. That’s two to three times what [Bill] Gates gives away. Him and Gates work tandemly. They partner up on everything. They talk together a couple times a week.

They are business partners … in 2000, in Gates’ library, the two of them got together and they formally formed a partnership. You take those two and one other guy — Jeremey Farrar — who is their other de facto partner who is the head of the Wellcome Trust, which is the U.K. version of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Between those three men, they control 61% of the biomedical research funding on Earth.

So if you want to get your study funded, you’ve got to go to those guys. Not only can they give you the money, but they also can kill a study because they control all of the other funding sources. They can kill a study, they can ruin a career, they can bankrupt colleges who do science that they don’t want done. So they are able to really dictate virtually all the science on the globe.”

Drug Companies and Universities All Benefit

Kennedy gives a theoretical example of how Fauci yields his immense power to influence science: In his lab, Fauci develops a molecule that kills a virus. This is done by scientists dropping molecules onto one of the countless viruses — influenza, Ebola, coronaviruses, zika, and others — in Petri dishes and test tubes to see if it kills them. If the molecule works to kill the virus in a petri dish, they move on to testing it on rats infected with the virus.

“If the rats don’t die, now he’s got a drug,” he says. “It’s antiviral and it’s usable in mammals because it will kill the virus but it won’t kill the mammal. Then he farms it out to the university.”11 There, a PI, or principal investigator, who is usually a person of power, such as the dean of a department, does a phase I trial, experimenting on animals and around 100 humans. Kennedy explains:12

“For each of the humans that he recruits — he’s a medical doctor, he brings in patients, persuades them to take part in the study — Tony Fauci’s agency gives him $15,000 for every one of those patients. The university keeps 50% of that so now they’re also part of this process. And then if the drug gets through that phase I, then they move on to phase 2 and phase 3. So now they have to bring in 20,000 or 30,000 people.

They bring in a drug company as a partner, and they go through the phase 2 and phase 3 [trials], and then at the end of it, they all split up the patents. So the drug company owns half, Tony Fauci’s agency may get part of it and he and his cronies take little slivers of it so they get paid for life. The university gets a part of it, so now you have all the medical schools in the country … dependent on this income stream.”

‘Independent Panels’ Aren’t Independent

At this point, the new drug still has to get regulatory approval, which brings it before a supposedly independent panel of experts. But this panel isn’t made up of independent scientists looking for the truth about whether or not the drug is safe and effective; it’s made up of Fauci’s and Gates’ PIs, who often have drugs of their own in development. Kennedy continues:13

“When this drug goes to FDA to get approved, it goes to a panel. Tony Fauci’s always saying it’s an independent panel who decides, based upon real science, whether or not this drug is worthy of approval. It’s not an independent science. They’re virtually all his PIs or Gates’ PIs.

Those guys go sit on that panel for a year, and they know that they’ve got their own drugs back at Baylor University they’re working on, or Berkeley or Columbia, that they know are going to be in front of that same panel next year. And they’re all scratching each other’s backs. And they approve that drug and then they go off the panel, finish their drug, and then that drug goes in front of a panel that’s similarly constituted and populated.”

These principal scientists act as gatekeepers to the public, spreading the official narrative under the guise of independent science, often pushing questionable COVID-19 policies. “These PIs control the journals, they control the public debate, they’re on TV all over the world, and these are the people that form the narrative, that protect the orthodoxy,” Kennedy says.14

“If you look at Tony Fauci as the pope, the PIs are the cardinals, the bishops and the archbishops. And they’re the ones that protect the orthodoxy, that make sure that the heretics burn, that doctors who disagree are … delicensed, that they get discredited, that they get gaslighted and vilified and marginalized. They’re the army that controls the narrative.”15

Waking up to Fauci’s façade is necessary to understand the orchestrated planned use of pandemics to clamp down totalitarian control. You can find even more details about the coalition of sinister forces — intelligence agencies, pharmaceutical companies, social media titans, medical bureaucracies, mainstream media, and the military — that are intent on obliterating constitutional rights globally in “The Real Anthony Fauci.”

Kennedy’s book has been a best seller for two months now and if you haven’t already picked up a copy I would encourage you to do so now.

Entertaining Content

Dore not only does interview with important guests like the one above, but he also is a comedian. It can be very depressing when we keep sharing all the devastation that has resulted from COVID. Dore’s mission is to take the news and share the obvious in an entreating way as can be evidenced below how he interprets CNN giving the CEO of Pfizer the CEO of the year award.

Sources and References

UK Ends Vaccine Passports, Mask Mandates, as Prime Minister Faces Calls for Resignation

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson today ended all Plan B pandemic restrictions in the UK, including working from home, vaccine passports, and mask mandates for public spaces, including schools.

In announcing the change, Johnson said:

“The Cabinet concluded that because of the extraordinary booster campaign, together with the way the public has responded to the Plan B measures, we can return to Plan A in England, and allow Plan B regulations to expire.”

Johnson first announced the Plan B measures on Dec. 8, 2021. The measures took effect on Dec. 15, 2021, after passing a parliament vote.

The ending of the restrictions means workers are due back in the office Thursday. The Department for Education also will end requirements tomorrow for facemasks in classrooms.

Mandates for vaccine passports to access businesses or public places will expire next Wednesday without renewal, the prime minister announced, as will public mask mandates.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid called the relaxation of measures a “major milestone,” adding: “But it’s not the end of the road and we shouldn’t see this as the finish line because we cannot eradicate this virus and its future variants.”

Javid added:

“Instead we must learn to live with COVID in the same way we have to live with flu. We will be setting out our long-term plan for living with COVID-19 this spring.”

The unexpected announcements came in the wake of signs the Omicron wave has peaked in the UK.

Dr. Susan Hopkins, the chief medical adviser to the UK Health Security Agency, told a Downing Street news conference the latest seven-day average of COVID cases was 93,200 compared with almost 225,000 on Dec. 29, 2021.

Chart: Covid stats

She said hospital cases were back down to below 20,000 while there were only 703 on mechanical ventilators — levels not seen since last July.

Omicron is “not the same disease we were seeing a year ago” and high COVID death rates in the UK are “now history,” Sir John Bell, professor of medicine at Oxford University and leading immunologist said.

Mary Holland, president of Children’s Health Defense, commented:

“While we welcome the prime minister’s statement to lift draconian COVID restrictions in the UK, we believe this ‘victory through COVID defeat’ narrative raises more questions than it answers. Why now? Has science really changed? Who is calling the shots?

“Children’s Health Defense will continue to seek truthful answers and real accountability for the harmful lockdown policies of the COVID pandemic era.”

Some suggested the timing of Johnson’s announcement is politically motivated as calls for his resignation increased Tuesday in the wake of “party game,” the scandal over numerous, alleged parties in Number 10 Downing Street during the pandemic in breach of government lockdowns.

The announcement also came after the prime minister received a petition on Monday, signed by more than 200,000 people, demanding an end to vaccine passports.

Despite also receiving a petition signed by 160,000 healthcare workers, Johnson said vaccination requirements for healthcare workers and the mandatory testing of travelers to the UK will remain in place.

Pandemic Narrative Undergoes Radical U-Turn | Dr. Joseph Mercola

Source: Mercola.com

Story at-a-glance

  • In recent days, the pandemic narrative has undergone a remarkable number of U-turns
  • January 9, 2022, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky sent out a tweet saying “We must protect people with comorbidities from severe COVID-19,” in other words, focused protection, which is what tens of thousands of doctors have been calling for since the creation of The Great Barrington Declaration in early October 2020
  • January 10, 2022, Walensky admitted that the COVID shots cannot prevent transmission
  • The CDC is now saying you should not retest once you’ve recovered from COVID, as the PCR can provide false positives for up to 12 weeks after the infection has been resolved. They’re also cutting the isolation requirement from 10 to just five days — probably because the failing economy is hurting Biden’s approval rating so they need people to work
  • The narrative is also changing on what makes for a COVID case and how deaths are counted. Walensky recently admitted about 40% of “COVID patients” tested positive but do not have symptoms and are hospitalized for something else. She has also promised to deliver data on how many people have actually died “from” COVID and how many died “with” it

As noted by Dr. Ron Paul on January 10, 2022, Liberty Report above, U.S. authorities have suddenly started to change their tune with regard to COVID and the COVID shots.

“The opposition to our position is starting to wake up,” Paul says, as some shreds of truth are actually starting to be acknowledged. The good news, Paul says, is that “Maybe some of the things they’ve been saying are not quite accurate, and maybe what we’ve been saying is closer to the truth, and maybe they’re starting to recognize that.”

CDC Director Now Calls for Focused Protection

Indeed, in recent days, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has made a remarkable number of U-turns, completely reversing course on several narrative points.

For example, in a January 10, 2022, CNN interview, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky actually admitted that “what [the COVID shots] can’t do anymore is prevent transmission,”1 whereas before, the narrative was that if you get the jab, you have nothing to worry about anymore. In July 2021, President Biden promised that if you get vaccinated, “you’re not going to get COVID.”2 Well, it wasn’t true. Many knew that but were censored when pointing it out.

A day earlier, January 9, Walensky also sent out a tweet saying “We must protect people with comorbidities from severe COVID-19,” which is what tens of thousands of doctors have been calling for since the creation of The Great Barrington Declaration in early October 2020. It called for the focused protection of high-risk individuals, such as the elderly, rather than blanket lockdowns.

It was recently revealed that Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), and his former boss, now retired National Institutes of Health (NIH) director Francis Collins, colluded behind the scenes to quash the declaration.3 For whatever reason, Fauci and Collins were hell-bent on pushing economy-destroying lockdowns instead. In an October 8, 2020, email to Fauci, Collins wrote:4,5,6,7

“The proposal from the three fringe epidemiologists who met with the Secretary seems to be getting a lot of attention … There needs to be a quick and devastating published take down of its premises …”

“Don’t worry, I got this,” Fauci replied. Later, Fauci sent Collins links to newly published articles refuting the focused protection solution, including an op-ed in Wired magazine, and an article in The Nation, titled “Focused Protection, Herd Immunity, and Other Deadly Delusions.”

CDC Follows Political Strategy, Not Science

Now, all of a sudden, Walensky is onboard with the “deadly delusion” of focused protection. Her about-face would be confusing were it not for the fact that COVID countermeasures were never about protecting the public from a virus. From the start, the pandemic had political goals, and it still does.

The pressure is now on to prove the Biden administration has made some sort of progress with the pandemic. Biden made a lot of promises, none of which have come to fruition, so now the political establishment is scrounging to come up with some plan that can make them look as though they’re getting somewhere.

The problem is that cases are now exploding when a successful vaccine campaign should have brought the situation under control. So, they now need a way to minimize the number of cases, whereas before, they used every trick in the book to overcount them,8 in order to scare people into complying with COVID restrictions and getting the jab.

New Testing Guidance Aims to Lower Case Rates

One simple way to cut down cases is to limit testing, and that’s another U-turn we’re now seeing. The CDC is now saying you should not retest once you’ve recovered from COVID. If you test positive, just quarantine for five days and don’t retest to confirm that you’re negative, as the PCR can provide false positives for up to 12 weeks after the infection has been resolved.

Well, we’ve known this for nearly two years already. From the start, experts warned that PCR cannot be used to diagnose an active infection, as it can pick up RNA from dead, noninfectious viral debris.

Health authorities are now spinning the tale that these revisions in the guidance are because we have two years’ worth of data, and they’re just following the science. But that’s pure baloney, seeing how the data never supported their COVID restrictions in the first place.

The CDC’s decision to revise quarantine guidelines down from 10 days to just five days also appears politically motivated. Polls show the economy is a primary concern of voting Americans right now, so they need to strike a balance between the desired demolition of the economy and keeping people at work — at least until the 2022 elections are over.

In short, I suspect most if not all of the recent changes in COVID guidance are to build a narrative that the Biden administration has successfully brought the pandemic under control and reestablished a working economy. The change in narrative is based on political strategy, not science.

CDC Highlights Role of Comorbidities in Vaxxed COVID Deaths

As noted by Paul in the Liberty Report above, Walensky recently stated that 75% of COVID deaths had four or more comorbidities, “So, really, these are people who were unwell, to begin with.” The admission went viral and was cited as proof that COVID is a lethal risk for none but the sickest among us.

The CDC quickly stepped in, clarifying that she meant “75% of COVID deaths among those who have received the COVID jab,” not COVID deaths overall.9 You can see the unedited segment above, where that context is made clear. Still, we know that COVID poses very little risk for healthy unvaccinated people as well and that comorbidities are a primary risk factor regardless of your COVID jab status.

COVID Death Risk Has Always Been Low — Vaxxed or Not

For example, a 2020 study10 found 88% of hospitalized COVID patients in New York City had two or more comorbidities, 6.3% had one underlying health condition and 6.1% had none.

In late August 2020, the CDC published data showing only 6% of the total death count had COVID-19 listed as the sole cause of death. The remaining 94% had had an average of 2.6 comorbidities or preexisting health conditions that contributed to their deaths.11 So, yes, COVID is a lethal risk only for the sickest among us, just as Walensky said, but that’s true whether you’re “vaccinated” or not.

As for the study12 Walensky discussed in that “Good Morning America” segment, it found that of the 1.2 million COVID jabbed subjects, only 0.0033% died of COVID between December 2020 and October 2021. (And of those, 77.8% had four or more comorbidities.) In this study, Walensky claims as evidence that the COVID shot works wonders to reduce the risk of death.

But does it really? Recall studies13 showing the noninstitutionalized infection fatality rate is on average just 0.26%, to begin with, and people under the age of 40 have only a 0.01% risk of dying from COVID.14

When we’re talking about a fraction of a percentage point risk, we’re talking about a risk that is close to statistical zero. So, does lowering your risk of death from 0.01% to 0.003% really translate into something worthwhile? And, more importantly, is that reduction worth the risks involved with taking the jab?

Clearly, it’s not a risk-free decision. OneAmerica, a national mutual life insurance company, recently warned that all-cause deaths among working-age Americans (18 to 64) are up 40% over pre-pandemic norms,15 and they cannot be attributed to COVID.

So, what’s causing these deaths? What potentially deadly thing did tens of millions of Americans do in 2021 that they’ve never done before? I’ll let you ponder whether Walensky’s claim that the COVID jab is saving lives is an accurate one.

CDC Admits Large Portion of ‘COVID Patients’ Aren’t

In another recent media appearance, Walensky stated that:16

“In some hospitals that we’ve talked to, up to 40% of the patients who are coming in with COVID-19 are coming in not because they’re sick with COVID, but because they’re coming in with something else and have had … COVID or the Omicron variant detected.”

This, again, is something that we’ve been highlighting since the start of the pandemic. Most so-called “COVID patients” simply weren’t, and still aren’t. They’re hospitalized for something else entirely, and just happen to get a positive test result upon admission — which very possibly is a false positive. Either way, voila, they’re a COVID patient, even though they’re hospitalized for a broken leg or a heart attack.

As noted by Delta News TV, “Comments like these have cast doubt on the severity of the current COVID surge even as the Supreme Court considers legal challenges to Biden’s sweeping private-sector mandates on that very issue.”17

Is the Political Pandemic in Its Final Death Throes?

In a January 10, 2022, blog post,18 Jeff Childers, an attorney, and the president and founder of Childers Law firm, presents a hypothesis for why we might be looking at the end of the pandemic, as the Biden administration has “no reasonable alternative but to wrap this whole thing up in the next 60 days or so.”

“There’s an interesting political dynamic shaping up, a kind of political vice grip that might just be driving federal COVID policy toward authenticity and an end to the pandemic … a lot of reality has been breaking through lately,” Childers writes.19

He points out how a federal judge recently ordered the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to release all the Pfizer COVID jab data that the agency wanted 75 years to release. The bulk of that data is now due March 1, 2022, the day of Biden’s State of the Union address. Childers suspects the Pfizer documents will contain plenty of counternarrative fodder and politically embarrassing details.

Why We’re Seeing a U-Turn in the Narrative Now

Biden needs some good news by his State of the Union address, as it’ll be his last chance to “help move the needle back toward blue,” and the way he can do that is by declaring the pandemic over. He can then claim to be the great liberator who ended the pandemic measures for good.

“If they handle this right, they can give their voting base and sycophantic media agents all the necessary talking points to boost Dem prospects for the midterm elections,” Childers writes.20

But to pull off that U-turn with any semblance of credibility, they have to start cutting the case rate now, and that’s precisely what we’re seeing. For example, the CDC recently changed its guidelines so you don’t need to retest after you’ve recovered from COVID, so no more false positives from recovered people.

Florida’s official policy is now to only test high-risk individuals and those who are symptomatic. Childers points out that the left-leaning Sun-Sentinel even ran an article highlighting the fact that despite surging case rates, Florida has the lowest COVID death rate in the nation, second only to the sparsely populated Alaska. “What incredibly powerful force could make the Sun-Sentinel downplay the pandemic like this?” he asks.

Will We Finally Get a More Accurate Death Count?

The CDC also appears poised to change the definition of COVID death to what it should have been all along. Childers notes:

“Fox News … Bret Baier … asked [Walensky] ‘how many of the 836,000 deaths in the U.S. linked to COVID are FROM COVID or how many are WITH COVID?’

Director Walensky said … ‘those data will be forthcoming.’ Until about 10 minutes ago, the CDC said it didn’t HAVE any way to track that kind of information … But now, apparently, CDC plans to release information about deaths from and with. What do you want to bet they’ll be REDUCING total COVID deaths shortly? By a lot.”

They’re also starting to accurately count only those who are actually sick with COVID rather than including people hospitalized for other reasons who just happen to test positive.

“Yesterday, New York Governor Hochul announced that almost HALF of patients are hospitalized for ‘non-COVID reasons,’ scattering the rotting corpse of the Narrative.

You might recall that just last week she ordered hospitals to start breaking down the reported figures and showing how many folks ACTUALLY are sick with COVID versus just testing positive in the hospital. We’ve been yelling about overcounting hospitalizations for two years now and they just noticed?”21

Same Narrative Switch Seen in Europe

The same sudden switch in narrative can be seen in Europe. Childers continues:22

“Yesterday, the Guardian UK ran a story headlined, ‘End mass jabs and live with COVID, says ex-head of vaccine taskforce.’ It says Dr. Clive Dix — former chairman of the UK’s vaccine taskforce — has called for a ‘major rethink’ of the UK’s COVID strategy, in effect reversing the approach of the past two years and returning to a ‘new normality.’

Shocking the cores the oft-maligned authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, Dr. Dix — without getting cancelled — said this:

‘We need to analyze whether we use the current booster campaign to ensure the vulnerable are protected, if this is seen to be necessary … Mass population-based vaccination in the UK should now end.’ Ending mass vaccinations? Suddenly that idea is okay to discuss in the corporate media? Wow.”

In a January 3, 2022, interview with the Daily Telegraph, Professor Andrew Pollard, head of the U.K.’s Committee on Vaccination and Immunization who helped create the Oxford-AstraZeneca shot, also made a previously verboten statement: “We can’t vaccinate the planet every four or six months,” he said. “It’s not sustainable or affordable.”23 And, like Dix, Pollard was not canceled, censored, or de-platformed.

January 11, 2022, Bloomberg also reported that “European Union regulators warned that frequent COVID-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible. Repeat booster doses every four months could eventually weaken the immune response and tire out people, according to the European Medicines Agency.”24

Marco Cavaleri, the EMA’s head of vaccines strategy, said during a January 11, 2022, press briefing:25

“While use of additional boosters can be part of contingency plans, repeated vaccinations within short intervals would not represent a sustainable long-term strategy. [Boosters] can be done once, or maybe twice, but it’s not something that we can think should be repeated constantly. We need to think about how we can transition from the current pandemic setting to a more endemic setting.”

That same day, the World Health Organization’s Technical Advisory Group on COVID-19 Vaccine Composition (TAG-CO-VAC) also issued a statement26 saying that “a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.”

They also stated that COVID vaccines that actually prevent infection and transmission need to be developed. The timing of all these statements is nothing if not remarkable. It shows just how coordinated this plandemic narrative is, all around the world.

Justice Sotomayor Called Out

Perhaps the best example that the narrative is undergoing a radical overhaul, Childers says, is Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor being fact-checked and called out as a liar by The Washington Post:

“You’ll recall that Sotomayor confidently told the lawyers during oral argument Friday that ‘100,000’ children were in critical care and on ventilators with Omicron. The lawyers didn’t challenge her even though there aren’t that many total ICU beds in the whole country.

But on Saturday — the next day! — the Washington Post ran an article headlined, ‘Sotomayor’s false claim that ‘over 100,000’ children are in ‘serious condition’ with COVID.’ FALSE CLAIM?? What?? Here’s how the fact-checking article ended:

‘It’s important for Supreme Court justices to make rulings based on correct data … But Sotomayor during an oral argument offered a figure — 100,000 children in ‘serious condition … many on ventilators’ — that is absurdly high. She earns Four Pinocchios.’ It might be unprecedented for a major liberal newspaper to call out a liberal Justice. What could be going on? …

There seems to be a LOT of sudden momentum surging in the direction of ending the pandemic. If I’m right, we’re going to see even more of this, and pretty quickly, since Biden has to wrap it up in time to declare victory on March 1. Which would explain why they pushed the SOTU back a month. They need the time to get the pandemic wrapped up.”27

Sources and References

A Partial List of the Myriad Abuses That Face Masks Inflict on Our Children

By | Brownstone Institution 

I had not originally intended to write a follow-up article to detail the harms masks do to kids in a similar fashion to the prior article Facemasks Are Not an ‘Inconvenience’, Facemasks Are Not Trivial, because I thought that the subject had been addressed by plenty of other people, many of whom are credentialed psychologists or psychiatrists (with real expertise). However, I received a ton of feedback from a variety of people requesting an article about the harms of masking to children in the same style, so here goes.

I’m going to skip an intro, as pretty much everyone is well versed in the foundational morality that children are uniquely vulnerable and dependent upon adults, especially their parents, and that we, therefore, have a unique moral responsibility towards children. The (formerly?) panoptical shared intuitive repugnance of child abuse is a testament to this.

Some Basic Child Psychology

So here are a few basic bullet points about children, some of which might seem a bit counterintuitive or at least not the type of thing you would see or hear frequently:

  • Kids, especially younger kids who are untainted by the messiness of life, are like little human lie detectors, and even though they usually lack the comprehension or sophistication to articulate it even to themselves, they absolutely pick up when something untoward is going on.
  • Kids when confronted by an unavoidable contradiction or dissonance will typically resolve it by internalizing that they are to blame in some way.
  • Kids assume that however, they experience life (especially in their initial formative years when they first start to build a repertoire of detailed memories) as representative of how life is “supposed to be”.
  • Kids are not resilient in the sense that they can shake off considerable emotional trauma or abuse
  • Kids are very resilient in the sense that they can internalize emotional distress and trauma as “normal”, and suppress their natural instincts and feelings that impede functioning “normally” in this unnatural emotional state.
  • Good parenting is critical and can blunt the negative impacts tremendously. Conversely, bad parenting can be just as powerful as a damaging force.

A few disclaimers first:

  • This is listing things that generally tend to be true about kids, particularly in the context of mask mandates at schools, in varying degrees, not things that are 100% true for 100% of children in 100% of situations. In other words, you can feel something a little or a lot, or not at all – there’s a wide range, and it varies. Don’t read the definitive language as necessarily literal.
  • This list is not comprehensive.
  • Most of the things on this list are interconnected and can cause or amplify each other (and thus the categorization is definitely “flexible”).
  • The short descriptions were written to provide a basic idea of some of the negative impacts of the specific thing being highlighted. Different people experience the same things differently. The goal here is mostly to provide a platform or starting point to figure out the rest, like a small push to give some momentum in the right direction.
  • I definitely missed lots of relevant material.

So without further ado, here is a partial list of some very significant emotional harms inflicted on children by facemasks:

Relevant from the prior article:

A Sense of Helplessness

Being at the mercy of the arbitrary and capricious whims of others makes you feel a sense of helplessness, which is extremely stressful and grueling, and can eventually break a person mentally and emotionally.

Deprives / Ruins Human Interactions

The quality and nature of social interactions are greatly reduced. Every interaction behind masks is fundamentally different. Interacting in this way can feel sad, despondent, isolating, cold, and/or cruel, among other things. This is uniquely devastating to children who in addition to the intrinsic emotional distress of this also have their social/intellectual/mental development compromised as a result.

The Stress of Difficulty Communicating

The frustration that comes from difficulty communicating is underappreciated and tends to leave people feeling annoyed, frustrated, and stressed. Children who due to their lack of knowledge and sophistication generally have a far greater need for functional and efficient communication are again uniquely harmed by this because it is especially frustrating to children if they feel that they cannot learn and are ‘stuck’, and they can easily decide that they have little or no hope of learning and just give up on trying more or less.

Over Time Changes Your Personality

Facemasks are a radical and unnatural impingement on normal physical, mental and emotional functioning. Over time, this can change your personality – such as making you less social, less outgoing, more suspicious, decreased tendency or desire to be kind, and so on.

Turns Other People Into Abusive Tyrants

This is meant to capture the phenomenon of a subset of people who have turned into cruel and vicious individuals, and abuse people whom they have power over. Exhibit A: Teachers (some of them) and Karens who incoherently screech at the sight of an unmasked child anywhere on the horizon.

Feeling That Other People Matter While I Don’t

This is distinct distress in addition to the lack of fairness – that “I don’t matter”; this is amplified considerably when “other people matter”. This is what people who are systematically disregarded tend to feel, and it is very painful. Definitely not the sort of lesson you want your kids getting.

The Distress of Constant Harassment

Mask mandates are a constant intrusion into people’s personal lives that leaves people feeling exasperated – “just leave me alone already” / “just let me live in peace”. It is a basic human need to not be constantly harassed by others. This is true for kids too, albeit in a bit of a different manner, since adults by definition do need to be more involved in kids’ lives. But the basic idea holds – kids will be very stressed from the “evil mask compliance enforcer teacher” constantly haranguing them to keep their masks on all the way.

Saps the Joy From a Variety of Activities

No elaboration is needed.

Living In Perpetual Stress From Social Enforcers

Inevitably, people opposed to masking mandates will not be particularly zealous about following them to a “T”, whether it be letting the mask slide down your face, taking it off for a few minutes here and there, or just munching on a bag of peanuts for 3 hours. There is always baseline stress of constantly having to be alert for the “mask police”, whether they are actual police or just really annoying Karens, or for kids teachers and administrators (and unfortunately sometimes parents) in addition to vile Karens who scream at kids like unhinged maniacs.

Public Humiliation

The school “mask police” – aka teachers/admins – are often extremely zealous – unhinged, really – a child who simply can’t adhere to the inhumane mask requirements getting dressed down in public is a common occurrence. Public humiliation can be a traumatic experience, especially for little children who can internalize very negative ideas about themselves as a result.

Emotional Abuse

Mask mandates leave many people feeling emotionally abused. This is both from the masking being forced upon people despite all the mental and emotional distress it causes – in other words, abuse – and from the constant manipulation and cruelty that is characteristic of abusers that is part and parcel of the implementation and enforcement of mask mandates, and especially pronounced characteristic when it comes to kids.

Physical Discomfort

The first thing to lay down is that masks are extremely uncomfortable to many people, especially to wear them for 7-8 hours or more each day. This is especially true of children, whose physical anatomy is still growing and more susceptible to being deformed by facemasks (specifically the ear cartilage). Additionally, children are far more likely to get irritation or infections from facemasks due to the inordinately unhygienic proclivities of children to basically be grimy dirt magnets. Everything laid out after this is incorporating the baseline physical discomfort or distress as a given.

There is also a substantial physical discomfort from the added difficulty or straining of routine breathing through facemasks, another harm uniquely pronounced in children, who have less muscle mass and lung capacity and so have to strain more above their natural baseline effort to breathe through masks that are often clogged up with bits of solid detritus and other random yucky stuff that somehow ends up aggregating on children’s facemasks. that further obstructs free airflow.

How a child perceives/relates to themselves

Sense/feeling that “my feelings don’t matter”

A child being repeatedly forced to do something that causes them significant distress leads to the child internalizing that “my feelings or suffering doesn’t matter”. It is hard to overstate how damaging this is psychological.

Furthermore, the inevitable forced suppression of a whole range of their own feelings and significant discomfort from everything else on this list itself leads a child to conclude that their feelings don’t matter (or worse, are bad intrinsically), because the type of thing that is hidden away or suppressed at best doesn’t matter enough and at worst is an active “bad” thing that must be suppressed.

Sense/feeling that “I’m intrinsically something dangerous/“bad”

To a kid, the necessity for a mask in the first place is that otherwise, he would be a danger to others “just by being there”. Kids – being more simplistic – will make the association that dangerous things = bad things, especially when helped along by abusive or unhinged teachers who explicitly tell (scream?) kids that they are bad. I don’t mean “bad” in the sense of acting in an evil or immoral fashion, that’s the next one; “bad” here is meant in the sense of something undesirable and/or with a negative impact.

Internalizing a sense that “I am an intrinsic menace to everyone else” leads to a sense that “I am unworthy (ie unworthy of people’s kindness), a danger to the world, something plain bad.

Sense/feeling that “I’m evil”

A normal child will likely feel very strong urges to do things that mitigate their discomfort from the mask, like taking it off or pulling it below the nose or mouth, folding it up or down partially, etc. They will then be told by a teacher or other adult that they are acting very selfishly, or some such criticism the gist of which is that the child is doing something genuinely “wrong”/”bad” in a moral sense. They also see other kids being given the same criticism. So they will be left internalizing that their natural instincts & legitimate need to take masks off are a manifestation of evilness and/or selfishness.

Children then also become burdened by guilt should they pull their mask down and subsequently get covid and associate the two and wonder if their “moral lapse” got a friend or teacher sick with the ‘deadliest plague ever’ which is in a way the ultimate act of evil that one can do in today’s society.

This is in addition to all of the emotional distresses also impelling kids to limit the mask-wearing as much as they can get away with.

A child is liable to feel the internal dissonance of wondering just why they feel so against something that is so important to not hurting everyone, and internalize the “obvious” conclusion that the reason is they are intrinsically ‘incompatible’ with doing the really important good things is that their ‘self’ or essence is intrinsically incompatible, which in this case means ‘evil’.

Sense/feeling that “I’m defective”

For the same reasons just spelled out in the previous one, a child is also liable to internalize that the reason for the dissonance between how he feels, acts, and thinks about masks and the “great and clear necessity as a moral and practical matter” for masks is that they are “defective”, in a similar sense to a manufacturing defect in a product. A child can ‘identify’ this “defect” in multiple areas (and can be quite creative about it too). And yes, a child can think that he is simultaneously a bad thing, evil and defective.

Relate to experiences as something that is intrinsically not a “shared” type of thing

This is a bit tricky to articulate properly. A healthy person naturally ‘shares experiences’, or shares their lives, (in varying degrees obviously) with others. Masks (especially when accompanied by other isolation measures) severely inhibit the development of a child learning the fundamental camaraderie of how to ‘share their world’/be a part of someone else’s, without which they never evolve from living in their own personal universe

Lose (or never develop) a genuine sense that “I’m a human being” and not an animal

This might offend the atheists out there (sorry about that), but a person naturally has an innate sense of their transcendent nature [that derives from being made in the image of G-D]. The implementation of mask policies in schools necessarily involves dehumanizing the children to some extent (and is typically aggravated by zealot teachers or administrators who have been conditioned to look at the children as disease vectors first and human beings second, something which absolutely comes across to the kids). Rule of thumb: People treated like animals will eventually come to think of themselves as animals (albeit with a few intellectual advantages).

General Trauma

Life is innately a depressing, gloomy, and dark existence

Children will eventually internalize an overarching sense of an all-encompassing gloominess or darkness that shades everything they experience and feel (this can be in varying degrees of intensity, encompassing-ness, and so on). This is very subtly manifest (and practically impossible to discern for someone who never experienced both a pervasive gloom and a pervasive brightness about life and so has the contrast to differentiate them as distinct things) but also exerts very powerful damaging effects. In extreme situations, this can lead to losing the will to live altogether.

Trapped in a constant state of fear and anxiety

The constant mask-based fearmongering and threats and moral opprobrium have inflicted an unfathomable measure of fear and anxiousness upon children. Masks are the talisman of fear & anxiety (and everything else negative) of the covid pandemic. Anxiety disorders are something that people can relate to. But inflicted upon children, this is much more pernicious and debilitating, because they will internalize it as “how it is supposed to be/feel” and not realize that this is a messed up way of feeling all the time in the way that an adult is (usually) able to realize and understand that being anxiety-ridden is not normal, and an adult also has the benefit of a contrast to a time when they were not suffering from perpetual anxiety.

General confusion from being unable to interpret conflicting messaging of life

On the one hand, they’re in school to learn. On the other hand, they have to wear masks that make learning very difficult if not impossible. On the one hand, they are encouraged to make friends and socialize. On the other hand, they are very strongly and forcefully prohibited from actually socializing. On the one hand, if they test positive it’s not their fault. On the other hand, if they get covid it’s because they were bad children who didn’t wear their masks the right way.

This sort of perpetual conflicting messaging will leave kids with a profound sense of confusion, and also doubting their own capacity to understand things in general, like their environment, other people, themselves, and everything in-between.

Public humiliation/scolding

The innumerable and ubiquitous stories of children being shamed and humiliated in public because of mask compliance issues are frankly an abomination to a civilized society.

Violation of the most elementary fairness

Kids are extremely sensitive to a lack of fairness (which is sometimes the reason that (especially little) kids throw tantrums that are enormously disproportionate to the factual grievance they are tantruming about – they feel that something about it wasn’t fair, which is what is really animating the tantrum). Masks for kids are intrinsically absurd, but masks for kids while teachers and adults don’t have to wear them??

Masks are a uniquely potent emotional trauma because of the masking policies associated with the suffering inflicted by the masks and covid more generally

The mask itself is inextricably linked emotionally for children to all of the abuse, stress, distress, suffering, and everything else negative about their lives because of covid. Thus, even being around facemasks without having to personally wear them is going to be inflicting a dull emotional trauma simply due to bringing up all the enormous suffering and negative emotions related to covid. Wearing them makes this a hundred times worse.

The emotional trauma that breaks children leaves permanent emotional scarring that will never fully heal

This doesn’t really need further elaboration, but it’s worth spelling out because it’s powerful in words:

Children that were so thoroughly abused and broken will always be missing a part of them that brings a sense of vibrancy, aliveness, and energy to one’s personality and experiences that bled out from the emotional wounds of the constant horrific suffering and distress they were put through.

Warped Sense of Reality

People are an intrinsically negative entity and force within the world

The constant playing up and highlighting to an absurd degree of prominence everyone’s capacity to be a silent killer the moment the mask slips down ends up cementing through the repeated association of such negative characteristics a sense that people are just simply a bad thing to happen to the universe.

Trained to view things through a paradigm of “fear everything”

The constant inculcation of fear and fearmongering is potent conditioning to always view everything as fear-inducing. More succinctly, fear everything, and not just because it’s alleged claimed practical utility, but also as a religious sort of doctrine, that you do “just because”. This is so profoundly unhealthy that it defies words.

Default human condition is cold, loveless, uncaring, and cruel

Children assume that however they experience life in their formative years is reflective of how “it’s supposed to be”. If their formative memories are of endless cold, distant, uncaring, loveless cruelty – as at least a very prominent and consistent part of their lives – then they will assume that is how life is supposed to be. (And then people wonder why kids have suicidal ideation…)

Unfettered, natural socializing is unnatural

For the same logic as the previous one. If children’s formative environment is that natural instinctive unfettered socializing is completely forbidden – and then they are prevented from experiencing or engaging in it – they will incorporate this also as “this is how it’s supposed to be”.

Won’t be able to appreciate [what we take for granted as] a person’s “humanity”

Deprived of seeing faces, and from normal social interactions, both of which are absolutely critical to convey the sense of the human-ness of other people, the children will be deprived to the same degree as they are deprived of the normal social cues and interactions through which they associate their sense of self as a human being with the humanity of other people.

The warped notion of what “love” is

This one is really mostly on the parents – if the parents inflict constant suffering and emotional abuse on their kids, then they will associate their instinctive knowledge/experience of their parents love for them with the abuse, and internalize that loving someone includes the abusive part as a standard feature of the love (future spouses, beware…). Literally, they will internalize something along the lines of “love is supposed to hurt (sometimes?)”. I’m being 100% serious. Kids can definitely get a very confused idea of how ‘love’ works and feels.

Profound cynicism about society and life

That will manifest probably at least in part as an assumption that “I’m always being lied to or manipulated”, and “no one ever has my best interests at heart”. Both of which are really damaging emotionally and psychologically.

Relating to Others

All of the following, when a person lacks them, they are also wounded emotionally, although it is not the sort of distress that manifests as a sharp conscious presence, rather it is a dull background loss of vibrancy and being

Dehumanization of others

Everyone seems to be aware of this one, so I’ll leave it without comment.

Desensitization to the feelings of others

This is being spurred on two tracks:

The first is the disregard for their own feelings and suffering; the surest way to inculcate in someone that others’ suffering is unimportant is to demonstrate that their own suffering/feelings are worthless, from which they will generalize to everyone else too.

The second is that the children witness the systematic tormenting of their peers and other children around the country (thank you social media), which is a direct lesson to internalize that “yeah, not a big deal”.

What I’m referencing here specifically is the basic sensitivity to caring about the feelings of others – not the silly transient or delusional ones – that enables one’s sense of empathy.

People are unworthy of being treated with human dignity and empathy

Seeing how society treats them collectively, personally, their peers – will definitely teach children that people aren’t deserving of being treated with basic decency. “Not deserving” is also internalizing in children a perverse sense of seeing people as lacking moral value (above and beyond the baseline dehumanization).

Character development

Desensitization to human suffering

Yup, this is important. A child forced to suffer will internalize among other wonderful life lessons that suffering isn’t such a terrible thing. And this is especially true when they see their peers also being made to suffer since this also indicates to them that directly making others suffer is ok (children are far more liable to attribute defectiveness to themselves to explain why they are being made to suffer than they are to others).

Internalize that it’s ok to impose on others without regard for their welfare to make yourself feel better

Children realize that at the end of the day, non of their peers were severely ill or died from covid. They also can see right through that the teachers and adults want the children masked because it makes them feel safer. This means that it’s acceptable to torment the kids so that you can feel safer and less stressed – a lesson that is very generalizable beyond just covid.

Breaks the natural instinct to be kind

Children absolutely need their basic instincts to be nurtured so that they ‘bloom’. The masks force a degree of isolation and lack of interpersonal connection that removes the primary outlet for a child to act on the instinct to do kind things to others (this does not mean that kids are perfect little angels who don’t also bite, punch, kick, insult, mock, throw things at, and attack each other in all manner of creative ways). But without an outlet, the natural instinct withers and dies to some extent (or mostly…).

The lack of opportunities to be kind also means that kids don’t get to experience the positive emotions that come from relationships – built on the basis of the give and take between the two people to each other – as well as a genuine sense of fulfillment that comes from doing “good deeds” (not trying to be religious, but that is the idea), something critical to developing a personality that will tend to be civilized and good versus delinquent.

Erodes the natural moral intuition that suffering is something to always try and eliminate

Think of a kid (or anyone really) who while walking down the street sees a dog trapped underneath a piece of wood, and instinctively reacts to seeing the dog in distress to free the dog so as to end its distress. This is the instinct to alleviate suffering, borne by the innate intuition that suffering is a bad thing to exist.

Well, forcing kids to suffer hideously because of the masks – especially endlessly – eventually will break (or completely shatter) this instinctive intuition, as the kids will conclude from their own experience (and from their peers) that intense suffering is actually quite tolerable to witness and not only do nothing about but proactively cause it needlessly and unfairly. (Yes, kids – by now for sure – are for the most part probably aware that in much of the country masks are not required in schools [anymore].)

Conditioned to be non-thinking obedient cultists

Regardless of the theoretical merits that masks might have, the implementation of mask policies is always done in a fashion that quite clearly defies common sense. Children, even though they cannot articulate it, will discern that the adults are not acting logically or rationally but just “acting”. Eventually, the repeated ritual will completely strip down the innate instinct to be inquisitive – one of the most prominent (and frequently annoying) characteristics of kids – and grind it into cultish submission.

Normalizing Lying/Manipulation

In a similar vein, kids have an intuitive astuteness and will pick up on the fact that the masks are being based on general deception, lying, and manipulation. This is despite that they will lack any capacity to even consciously recognize that they are perceiving this tension between being honest and how to mask policies are a fundamental perversion of honesty. (Although at a local level, many if not most implementations were done so haphazardly and stupidly that the lack of transparent honesty was readily apparent from that alone.)

Never in human history has a society organized on the basis of the rights and welfare of its citizens inflicted such devastation upon its own people. The stain of the forced masking of children will forever live on as an unparalleled and unequivocal moral abomination. A society that mainstreams institutionalized child abuse is a society that does not deserve to exist.


Aaron Hertzberg manages his own Substack and writes on all aspects of the pandemic response.

Batteries Get Hyped, but Pumped Hydro Provides the Vast Majority of Long-Term Energy Storage Essential for Renewable Power – Here’s How It Works

The U.S. has thousands of lakes and reservoirs that could be paired for pumped hydro storage without the need for rivers.
Ollo via Getty Images

To cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in half within a decade, the Biden administration’s goal, the U.S. is going to need a lot more solar and wind power generation, and lots of cheap energy storage.

Wind and solar power vary over the course of a day, so energy storage is essential to provide a continuous flow of electricity. But today’s batteries are typically quite small and store enough energy for only a few hours of electricity. To rely more on wind and solar power, the U.S. will need more overnight and longer-term storage as well.

While battery innovations get a lot of attention, there’s a simple, proven long-term storage technique that’s been used in the U.S. since the 1920s.

It’s called pumped hydro energy storage. It involves pumping water uphill from one reservoir to another at a higher elevation for storage, then, when power is needed, releasing the water to flow downhill through turbines, generating electricity on its way to the lower reservoir.

Illustration of two open- and closed-loop hydro storage systems. Closed-loop systems use two reservoirs rather than running water.
Two types of pumped-storage hydropower; one doesn’t require a river.

Pumped hydro storage is often overlooked in the U.S. because of concern about hydropower’s impact on rivers. But what many people don’t realize is that most of the best hydro storage sites aren’t on rivers at all.

We created a world atlas of potential sites for closed-looped pumped hydro – systems that don’t include a river – and found 35,000 paired sites in the U.S. with good potential. While many of these sites, which we located by satellite, are in rugged terrain and may be unsuitable for geological, hydrological, economic, environmental, or social reasons, we estimate that only a few hundred sites are needed to support a 100% renewable U.S. electricity system.

Why wind and solar need long-term storage

To function properly, power grids must be able to match the incoming electricity supply to electricity demand in real-time or they risk shortages or overloads.

There are several techniques that grid managers can use to keep that balance with variable sources like wind and solar. These include sharing power across large regions via interstate high-voltage transmission lines, managing demand – and using energy storage.

Aerial view of a pumped hydro project's two reservoirs and solar array on a dry landscape
The Kidston pumped hydro project in Australia uses an old gold mine for reservoirs.
Genex Power

Batteries deployed in homes, power stations, and electric vehicles are preferred for energy storage times up to a few hours. They’re adept at managing the rise of solar power midday when the sun is overhead and releasing it when power demand peaks in the evenings.

Pumped hydro, on the other hand, allows for larger and longer storage than batteries, and that is essential in a wind- and solar-dominated electricity system. It is also cheaper for overnight and longer-term storage.

Off-river pumped hydro energy storage

In 2021, the U.S. had 43 operating pumped hydro plants with a total generating capacity of about 22 gigawatts and an energy storage capacity of 553 gigawatt-hours. They make up 93% of utility-scale storage in the country. Globally, pumped hydro’s share of energy storage is even higher – about 99% of energy storage volume.

Pump hydro projects can be controversial, particularly when they involve dams on rivers that flood the land to create new reservoirs and can affect ecosystems.

Creating closed-loop systems that use pairs of existing lakes or reservoirs instead of rivers would avoid the need for new dams. A project planned in Bell County, Kentucky, for example, uses an old coal strip mine. Little additional land is needed except for transmission lines.

Satellite image showing potential pairings of reservoirs in a mountain area.
Examples from the atlas of off-river reservoirs with the potential to be paired for pumped hydro near Castle Rock, Colorado.
Andrew Blakers, CC BY

An off-river pumped hydro system comprises a pair of reservoirs spaced several miles apart with an altitude difference of 200-800 meters (about 650-2,600 feet) and connected with pipes or tunnels. The reservoirs can be new or use old mining sites or existing lakes or reservoirs.

On sunny or windy days, water is pumped to the upper reservoir. At night, the water flows back down through the turbines to recover the stored energy.

A pair of 250-acre reservoirs with an altitude difference of 600 meters (1,969 feet) and 20-meter depth (65 feet) can store 24 gigawatt-hours of energy, meaning the system could supply 1 gigawatt of power for 24 hours, enough for a city of a million people.

The water can cycle between upper and lower reservoirs for a hundred years or more. Evaporation suppressors – small objects floating on the water to trap humid air – can help reduce water evaporation. In all, the amount of water needed to support a 100% renewable electricity system is about 3 liters per person per day, equivalent to 20 seconds of a morning shower. This is one-tenth of the water evaporated per person per day in the cooling systems of U.S. fossil fuel power stations.

Storage to support 100% renewables

Little pumped storage has been built in the U.S. in recent years because there hasn’t been much need, but that’s changing.

In 2020, about three-quarters of all new power capacity built was either solar photovoltaics or wind power. Their costs have been falling, making them cheaper to build in many areas than fossil fuels.

Australia is installing solar and wind three times faster per capita than the U.S. and is already facing the need for mass storage. It has two systems under construction that are designed to have more energy storage than all the utility batteries in the world put together; another dozen are under serious consideration. None involve new dams on rivers. The annual operating cost is low, and the working fluid is water rather than battery chemicals.

Shifting electricity to renewable energy and then electrifying vehicles and heating can eliminate most human-caused greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S. has vast potential for off-river pumped hydro storage to help this happen, and it will need it as wind and solar power expand.

By Andrew Blakers, Professor of Engineering, Australian National University; Bin Lu, Research Fellow, Australian National University, and Matthew Stocks, Research Fellow, ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science, Australian National University

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

Dr. David Martin Explains How to Use the Law Against Covid Vaccine Coercion

By | Need To Know

Dr. David Martin says that under the 21 CFR § 50.23 and 50.24, it is illegal to make anyone participate in an experimental program using coercion. He said that under 18 US Code § 2331, subsection 802, anytime a US citizen or a government inside the US is forced to do something that it would not otherwise do, that is not only coercion, but it is also domestic terrorism, which is a felony that carries a prison term up to 99 years. He also recommended mailing out his document that lists eight felonies to US Attorneys, Attorneys General, elected officials, school boards, or anyone who is trying to mandate Covid vaccines. His document may be used to put individuals and entities on notice that they are in felony violation of the law. He said that if you collect evidence of coercion, then you may be able to later recover damages in the courts.

Link for vidoe:   https://www.bitchute.com/video/pGanndJYl6ZR/

Dr. Martin:  You will actually be part of the class that one day recovers those damages.  So I say, stand firm, inform yourself, get evidence, and take action.

Under 21 Code of Federal Regulations section 50.23 and 24, [21 CFR § 50.23, 21 CFR § 50.24] it is illegal to make anybody participate in an experimental program using coercion.  That is, in fact, how in U.S. Law we actually embraced in U.S. Law the Nuremberg Code.  So coercion is illegal and we need to call it coercion.  We don’t want to call it leverage.  We don’t want to call it pressure.  We want to call it the illegal act that it is.  It’s coercion.

And that becomes important because under 18 U.S. Code section 2331, and then subsection 802 [USA PATRIOT ACT, search to second occurrence of “802”], inside of the definition of domestic terrorism is, any time a U.S. citizen or a government in the U.S. is forced to do something that it would not otherwise do, that’s also not only coercion but domestic terrorism.

Now this conversation and every other conversation, I encourage people to, in fact, take those two laws; and when they are met with somebody telling them they’re supposed to get the shot, actually ask the person and record this.  Use your phone, use a recording device, record the conversation and ask, if they are in fact violating 20 Code of Regulations, section 50.23 and 24.  Are you interested in doing a civil violation of the law?  And if they say, yes, they’re cool with that, then say, Are you willing to violate 18 U.S. Code section 2331, which says that it is illegal to coerce the population and that is a felony, and the felony has a 99 year prison term.

And so here’s the problem.  We need to arm ourselves as a big community to not only do what we’ve done, and by the way, kudos to everyone who has done the resistance up until now.  But now we have to arm ourselves with the very weapons they’re using and throw them back.  I always say the metaphor for me is if somebody throws a hand grenade at you, pick it up, pull the pin out, and throw it back.  Give me a hand grenade.  Use it.  What we need to be doing is we need to be informing ourselves and most recently, Patrick, and this will be a punch line I get to at the end, but I just put all of the felony statutes and all of the felony evidence into a single document that everybody can use, everybody can reference and just go to your employer, to your local grocery store, to your local theater, to your local school board, whatever it is.

Just say, Hey, which one of these felonies do you want to be implicated in, because all of them carry 99 year prison terms and up to $100,000,000 fine.  So, and that’s $100,000,000 for an institution.  So, it’s actually a big deterrent.

And as we have been manipulated and coerced as a population, we now need to actually take the offensive position and say, stand up, be informed, and provide the eight felony counts that you can ask any employer, any business, anybody who’s trying to push the mandate, which one of these felonies do you want to now be liable for?

Patrick:  That’s brilliant.  And I like the idea of going on the offensive.

Banned Video Archive

Read the full article here…




Dr. David Martin:   https://www.davidmartin.world/attorney-general-document/

The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along | Dr. Robert Malone 2022

Video Source: INSPIRED

Dr. Robert Malone, co-inventor of the mRNA technology shares how he has been fully red-pilled and what is really going on.

How to Balance Your Life in 2022 | Eckhart Tolle Teachings

Video Source: Eckhart Tolle 

It is easy to become consumed with the “thinking and doing” of daily life, but we can start to change that in 2022. As Eckhart Tolle explains, creating space for the Being dimension is what gives our life harmony.

What Is the Key to Japanese Centenarians’ Long Lives? | Dr. Joseph Mercola

Source: Mercola.com 

Story at-a-glance

  • Data from a group of centenarians whose average age was 107 revealed gut microbiota that include Odoribacteraceae, which reliably produces a bile acid called isoallo-lithocholic acid, which are important to preventing illness
  • A strong balance of beneficial gut microbiota may also help lower chronic inflammation, which is associated with atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, frailty, and early death
  • Eating probiotic fermented foods to seed your gut microbiome and prebiotic foods rich in insoluble fiber to nourish the beneficial bacteria is an important strategy to benefit your health and wellness
  • More ways to optimize your gut health are to eliminate sugar, implement a cyclical ketogenic diet and use antibiotics sparingly. Fasting is another strategy that helps support autophagy, boost growth hormone and burn calories

Researchers from Keio University School of Medicine in Tokyo, Japan, recently released data1 after studying the gut microbiome of centenarians living in Japan. What they discovered was a unique bacterium that produced a type of bile acid, which seemed to be common to most of the study participants.

People have been searching for the proverbial Fountain of Youth for centuries.2 Alexander the Great was said to have discovered a river of paradise in the fourth century BC. Similar legends have been told in England, Japan and Polynesia. But likely one of the most famous is that of Ponce de Leon, who received a contract from the King of England to settle an island called Bimini.

In 1513, he set sail with three ships and anchored off the eastern coast of Florida. Not long after his death, he was linked with the Fountain of Youth. In his later years, author Mark Twain noted that “life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of 80 and gradually approach 18.”3

Through the ages, there have always been hopes that a cure would be discovered for aging, whether it was the magical waters of the Fountain of Youth or stem cell research. Yet, as I’ve written in the past years, this magical fountain is likely closer than you think.

Centenarians May Have Unique Gut Microbiome

Data from the research team in Japan were published in the journal Nature.4 They noted that the centenarians displayed a decreased susceptibility to illnesses associated with the elderly, namely illnesses, chronic inflammation, and infectious diseases.5

The researchers analyzed fecal samples from 160 centenarians living across Japan. The average age of the individuals was 107 years. They compared the gut microbiome found in the fecal samples to that of another 112 people in their 80s and to another 47 participants who were younger.

The goal was to look for differences in the gut microbiome that may help explain the differences in inflammation and chronic disease noted between the groups. The researchers began with an understanding that the gut microbiomes of centenarians likely have a higher diversity of core microbiota as found in a study of residents in Sardinia, Italy, who had lived more than 100 years.6

Functional analysis of the gut microbiota in the study from Italy showed a high capacity for central metabolism and gut microbiota that was “low in genes encoding enzymes involved in the degradation of carbohydrates.”7

The recent study from Japan looked at the differences in the bacterial species present in the gut microbiomes of each group and analyzed the type of compounds the gut microbiome produced.

The researchers hope that by identifying the bacterial communities that support longevity and health, it may be possible to correct imbalances that would prevent disease and improve health in other people.

It May Also Be About Bile Acids

However, it’s also important to remember that the gut microbiome is complex and sensitive. Past research has shown that changes in what you eat can rapidly alter the composition of your gut microbiome.8,9 However, as you may imagine, reaching an age over 100 is not common, so the data collected from these individuals may help identify health practices that reduce disease.

While some of the participants exhibited low levels of inflammation, ScienceAlert reports the researchers wrote that “the majority of centenarians were free of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension [high blood pressure], and cancer.”10

Over the course of two years, as the fecal samples were collected, the type of bacterial community in the centenarians remained stable. However, the study did not look at other lifestyle factors, such as diet. On further analysis, the researchers found that the centenarians had a group of bacteria (Odoribacteraceae) that reliably produced a bile acid called isoallo-lithocholic acid (isoalloLCA).

The research team did further experiments which showed that the bile acid produced by Odoribacteraceae could inhibit the growth of Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) in a lab culture. Using an animal study, they also found the same bile-producing strain of bacteria could reduce the amount of C. difficile infected mice shed below detectable levels.

This suggested to the researchers that this strain of bacteria could help ward off infection with C. difficile. Scientists are finding the bile acids may be a new class of intestinal hormones that do more than aid in digestion.

Research physiologist Kim Barrett from UC San Diego was not involved in the study. She believes that this work revealed more correlation than causality but also said:11 “It is certainly conceivable that manipulating concentrations of specific bile acids, whether microbial or by giving them directly, could exert health benefits.”

Aging and Inflammation

Inflammation is at the core of many negative health conditions. This includes atherosclerosis,12 cardiovascular diseases, multimorbidity, and frailty.13 Researchers now call it inflammaging, which is “a condition characterized by elevated levels of blood inflammatory markers that carry high susceptibility to chronic morbidity, disability, frailty, and premature death.”14

Inflammation affects people of all ages. For example, adults with obesity and children with skin and respiratory allergies all struggle with high degrees of inflammation in the body. Researchers understand that aging is complex and chronic information is a pervasive feature in the elderly.15

Inflammaging represents a significant mortality and morbidity risk factor and even low-grade inflammation observed in aging can result in dysregulation of the innate immune system and cell death.

Inflammation is also related to your mental health. In one study, researchers connected depressive symptoms and behavioral disorders strongly with chronic inflammation.16 For example, in melancholic depression, bipolar disorder and postpartum depression, white blood cells called monocytes express pro-inflammatory genes that provoke secretion of cytokines.17

At the same time, cortisol sensitivity goes down, which is important as it is a stress hormone that buffers against inflammation. Together, these inflammatory agents transfer information to your nervous system, typically by stimulating your vagus nerve, which connects your gut and brain.18

Prebiotic and Probiotic Foods Can Help Nourish Your Gut

Prebiotic foods are the nutrients beneficial bacteria need to thrive. They are found primarily in fiber-rich foods, which is perfect because your gut bacteria thrive on indigestible fiber. In animal research,19 data showed dietary prebiotics had a significant effect on rapid eye movement (REM) and non-rapid eye movement (nonREM) sleep cycles.

This may positively affect your sleep quality. Researchers studying the effect of probiotics on gut health and REM sleep found that the animals who ate the prebiotics had an increase in beneficial gut bacteria20 and excreted metabolites beneficial to brain health.21

Prebiotic foods include those high in indigestible fiber, such as asparagus, cashews, a fennel bulb, leeks, and snow peas.22,23 Although I highly recommend getting most of your nutrients from real food, probiotic supplements can be helpful when you’re unable to eat fermented foods.

For probiotics to do their job, you also need to optimize the conditions where they flourish, which means eating plenty of prebiotic foods. In other words, if you take a probiotic supplement and continue to eat a highly-processed diet with added sugars, you’re only feeding the potentially pathogenic bacteria in your gut since they love sugar.

On the other hand, pathogenic microbes do not thrive in the presence of fiber-rich foods or those with healthy fats, proteins, and complex carbohydrates. When the gut microbiome is unbalanced, it can affect the immune system, mental health, mood, and even brain function. In other words, it can raise the level of chronic inflammation in your body and speed the aging process.

More Ways to Optimize Gut Health

Following are several key dietary components that will help you nourish your gut microbiome, thereby protecting yourself against a whole host of chronic diseases:

Eliminate sugars and processed foods from your diet, as sugar feeds microbes known to have a negative influence on your health.
Implement a cyclical ketogenic diet. While nutritional ketosis will initially improve your gut microbiome, thanks to the elimination of excess sugars, in the long term, continuous ketosis may be problematic. To optimize your gut health, be sure to eat lots of fiber-rich vegetables and implement a cyclical ketogenic diet, where once or twice a week you increase the amount of net carbs (total carbohydrates minus fiber).
Eat plenty of fiber-rich foods/prebiotics. There are two main types of dietary fiber: soluble and insoluble. Ideally, you need both on a regular basis. Soluble fiber, found in cucumbers, blueberries, beans, and nuts, dissolves into a gel-like texture, helping to slow down your digestion.
Insoluble fiber, found in foods like dark green leafy vegetables, green beans, celery, and carrots, does not dissolve and stays basically intact as it moves through your colon. By adding bulk to your stool, it helps food to move through your digestive tract more quickly for healthy elimination.
Prebiotics are found primarily in fiber-rich foods, which is perfect because your good gut bacteria thrive on indigestible fiber. Inulin is one type of water-soluble fiber found in asparagus, garlic, leeks, and onions that helps nourish your beneficial gut bacteria.
Regularly consume traditionally fermented and cultured foods, which are loaded with a wide variety of healthy live bacteria. Healthy choices include lassi, kefir, natto, and various pickled fermentations of cabbage, turnips, eggplant, cucumbers, onions, squash, and carrots.
Consider a spore-based probiotic supplement, especially when taking a course of antibiotics. Sporebiotics are part of a group of derivatives of the microbe called bacillus. This genus has hundreds of subspecies, the most important of which is Bacillus subtilis.

Essentially, sporebiotics consist of the cell wall of bacillus spores, and they are a primary tool to boost your immune tolerance. Because sporebiotics do not contain any live Bacillus strains, only its spores — the protective shell around the DNA and the working mechanism of that DNA — are unaffected by antibiotics.

Antibiotics indiscriminately kill your gut bacteria, both good and bad, which is why secondary infections and lowered immune function are common side effects of taking antibiotics.

Chronic low-dose exposure to antibiotics through your food also takes a toll on your gut microbiome, which can result in chronic ill health and increased risk of drug resistance. Since they’re not destroyed by antibiotics, sporebiotics can more effectively help re-establish your gut microbiome.

Fasting Is a Significant Part of the Longevity Solution

In this interview with David Sinclair, Ph.D., professor of genetics, and co-director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School, we discussed another important strategy to slow the aging process. Sinclair is the author of “Lifespan: Why We Age — and Why We Don’t Have To.”

In the interview, he talks about calorie restriction and intermittent fasting that affect two of the scientifically demonstrated strategies to suppress mammalian targets of rapamycin (mTOR)24 and the activation of autophagy.25 Fasting is not a revolutionary concept as it’s been practiced for more than 5,000 years.

However, researchers have only recently discovered the biochemical pathways affected by fasting. Another factor is limiting food to at least three hours before bedtime. This is because late-night eating increases your nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) levels that are important for a variety of bodily functions.26

As explained in the video, it also reduces nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH), which is the cellular battery of your cells and has the potential to recharge your antioxidants. When you eat close to bedtime you won’t be able to use the NADPH to burn calories and instead it is stored. However, to store them, you have to create fat.

Another strategy we discuss in the video is that the ideal time to do your strength training is in a fasted state, just before your first meal after a 16- or 18-hour fast. This helps boost your growth hormone that is already activated from fasting and increases the maximum benefit of exercise.

As you may surmise, you cannot simply take a supplement or two and live a long life while eating junk food and being inactive. While researchers from the study in Japan demonstrated centenarians have a unique gut microbiome, it is simply impossible to use just one strategy to lead a long and healthy life.

Sources and References

America’s Food Is Fertilized With Human Remains And Coated With Nanoparticles

By | Need To Know 

The FDA has allowed nanoparticles into the food supply under the Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) provision, claiming that they are no more dangerous than their larger counterparts. Human trials for consumable nanotechnology are currently happening and are hidden in the public food supply. Animal studies show nanoparticles change the way our bodies absorb certain minerals.

Twenty states allow alkaline hydrolysis, known as ‘water cremation’ that is achieved by submerging a body in a solution of heated water and lye. After a matter of hours, everything but the bones dissolves into a liquid made up of water, salt, and other components that go down the drain. It is mixed with the sewer water and the bio-sludge is used for fertilizer in factory farms, gardens, schoolyards, and lawns to save the government money for toxic waste disposal.

Link for video:   https://www.bitchute.com/video/OGVe3yfRWzfI/






10 Happiness Practices a Doctor Prescribes to His Patients

In addition to all the fear and chaos it has wreaked, COVID-19 has changed the way we think about our health. Thanks to the psychological, and even physical, the impact of protracted quarantines and shutdowns, many of us have come to realize that feeling healthy is more than the absence of disease. We feel our healthiest when experiencing positive emotions when we feel calm and at peace, when we are connecting with others, and when we are taking in beauty with a sense of wonder.

Would it be too much to ask that our health care system explicitly prescribe a dose of what we all are finding to be true? Could clinicians shift the dominant paradigm on health just as dramatically as we are bringing vaccines to millions? Could we as patients expect more than pharmaceuticals from those who provide our health care?

A few of my colleagues and I are trying to do this now. Although I am in awe when we dramatically change the course of diseases in the hospital with technological fixes, I also feel frustrated that my patients can leave the hospital believing that health is derived from pills and procedures. With the help of the Greater Good Science Center, I and a few colleagues at Sutter Health in the Bay Area have started giving “old school” paper prescriptions to do things that we all understand are good for us and for which there is sound scientific evidence.

Here is the checklist of activities on these prescriptions—and the rationale for their use.

1. Take a few deep breaths. We all know that a deep breath helps us relax. No surprise then that decades of research have demonstrated that by taking slow deep breaths, we calm the body and mind by activating the parasympathetic nervous system; when this happens, stress markers, heart rate, and blood pressure all decrease. That’s why taking deep breaths throughout the day can help keep us calmer and more balanced.

2. Call an old friend. Groundbreaking work by Julianne Holt-Lunstad suggests that social connection’s impact on mortality is on par with blood pressure, cholesterol, and obesity. The benefits likely come from the immediate activation of prosocial emotions and the long-term benefits of social support. This might be particularly helpful for my patients who are facing challenges with their physical health.

3. Give someone a hug. Hugging releases oxytocin that helps build social bonds and lowers the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. When hugging, we also release endorphins that lead to a sense of well-being and relaxation. But does anyone really need a scientist to tell us that hugs are good?

4. Help a friend in need. Helping others allows us to meet some important psychological needs, such as developing our senses of agency and competence as we strengthen social relationships. When we act on our values by being a good friends and helping those in need, we foster a sense of purpose, which is foundational to a meaningful life. In fact, research by Stephanie Brown suggests that those providing help may get more benefits than those receiving it.

5. Write a thank-you note. Many studies over the last two decades have found that people who express gratitude are happier and less depressed. While one thank-you note is not the kind of gratitude practice that leads to lasting, positive cognitive change, I tell my patients that their notes should be the beginning of a habit of counting their blessings in writing.

6. Sing in the shower…or anywhere. Making music, and in particular singing, just makes us feel better. And this happens through several mechanisms. We release endorphins when we sing; given this, it is not surprising that singing reduces pain. Stress hormone levels fall, leading to improved immune function. We make meaning as we embody the lyrics. I often add that people should join a choir, as singing surrounded by others greatly magnifies the benefits of singing.

7. Dance to your favorite song. We all know that moving our bodies improves our health, but moving to music has additional benefits. The mood boost from dancing lasts much longer than from exercise alone. And dancing often has social benefits. There is even data suggesting dancing prevents cognitive impairment in the elderly.

8. Go for a walk in a beautiful place. We all feel better after getting into nature, yet we underestimate the healing power of these experiences. Unfortunately, many of those I take care of have mobility issues and social circumstances that make this really hard to do. I always recommend “awe walks” for those who can do them or speak to patients and their families about finding some way to get to a place where nature can have its healing effects.

9. Forgive someone. Forgiveness doesn’t mean denying we were wronged; it means we let go of our anger and other unhealthy cognitive processes. Forgiveness requires some hard work, but the benefits are profound: Those who have learned to forgive live longer. This occurs from less stress, depression, and better sleep and relationships.

10. Talk to yourself in a kinder voice. We are often our own worst critics and when our health goes bad, we can cast an unhealthy amount of blame upon ourselves. Self-compassion helps us heal ourselves rather than hurt ourselves. Talking to ourselves in a kinder voice is the key to this practice!

As I make my rounds and prepare people for discharge, I may prescribe “Sing in the shower,” “Call an old friend,” or “Go for a walk in a beautiful place.” The exact nature of each Happiness Prescription is tailored to match what I believe to be the patient’s values and passions. And I always add “Spread the Love” on these prescriptions. I tell my patients at the end of the day, there is no better medicine than love. The more we love, the better and longer we live. I encourage them to keep this idea and love in their hearts. For the more curious, I recommend practicing a loving-kindness meditation; research suggests it can help us feel more love.

Inevitably, these prescriptions are met with surprise, and often with joy. In 25 years of practicing medicine, I cannot recall any of my pharmaceutical prescriptions having been met with such enthusiasm. My prescriptions for a cholesterol-lowering drug have never ended up on an Instagram post, as my Happiness Prescriptions have been known to!

Sometimes, these prescriptions are met with tears. Ms. S.—a tall, elegant, 69-year-old woman who is battling cancer—was recently was admitted to the hospital with a urinary tract infection and weakness. During my visits, her sadness permeated the room. Depression appeared to be her biggest challenge at the moment.

“Dr. Hass, I have lost my way,” she said, after describing to me her wavering faith. I handed her a prescription to “Join your church’s Zoom Bible study.”

Tears welled up and she said, “Bless you, I do need more than chemo to make it through. Ooh! Do I need this prescription!”

The deprivations of the pandemic have led many of us to envision the selves we want to be. These prescriptions can help us clarify this idea. And they are an action plan that can offer ideas beyond what we originally might have considered. Sometimes, they just remind us of things we already knew but had forgotten in our pain and distress. Research suggests when we act on a plan with intentionality, we change our cognitive architecture in ways that make the experiences felt more intensely.

There will be lasting social changes resulting from the COVID pandemic. Health care providers can reinforce what people learned from COVID about well-being and health—so, perhaps, a new paradigm can become one of the lasting benefits of the pandemic. These Happiness Prescriptions explicitly state that such happiness-promoting activities can be as valuable to our health as the medicines we traditionally prescribe.

About the Author

Leif Hass

Leif Hass, M.D., is a family medicine doctor and hospitalist at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland. He serves as a Joy of Work Champion for Sutter Health and as a clinical instructor with UCSF.

Album of Endangered Bird Songs Soars Above Taylor Swift to Number 3 in Music Chart

An album of Australia’s most endangered birds and their calls has sold its way into the No.3 spot on national pop charts, beating Taylor Swift and ABBA in its flight path.

Songs of Disappearance is a 24-minute album of endangered birdcalls recorded by Australia’s best wildlife sound recordist, David Stewart. It sold over 2,000 copies and demonstrates the love of Australians who want to help their native species—with all proceeds going to the conservation of our feathered friends.

Its genesis came when Stephen Garnett, a conservation professor at Charles Darwin University, finished the 2020 Action Plan for Australian Birds, a set of recommendations that found 1 in 6 native species are threatened with extinction. He had a conversation with his Ph.D. student Anthony Albrecht, a classical cellist, and one-half of a two-person multimedia company called the Bowerbird Collective.

Albrecht asked his advisor if there was anything Bowerbird Collective could do to make people aware of the action plan. That was when they discussed the idea of an album.

“I knew it was an ambitious thing to suggest and—I don’t know—Stephen’s a little bit crazy like me, and he said, let’s do this,” Albrecht tells NPR.

The other half of Bowerbird, the violinist Simone Slattery, arranged a musical collage of all 53 birds on the record, while the remaining tracks are each bird’s individual songs recorded by Stewart.

“We did it! Thanks to your incredible support we reached #3 in the ARIA charts, ahead of Taylor Swift, ABBA, Mariah Carey, and Michael Bublé,” the organizers wrote on their website, noting the Christmas-time bump given to the latter.

All proceeds of the album were donated to BirdLife Australia, which helped in production.

Some of the singing comes from birds that are Critically-Endangered, and one bird, the Night Parrot, wasn’t even known to science until 2013.

“When we last prepared an Australian bird action plan in 2010, we were not even sure Night Parrots and King Island Brown Thornbills existed – this CD has calls of both,” Professor Garnett said in a statement.

Each CD comes with a copy of the action plan, a small guide to each bird, and how to pick the sound of their calls out. The LP just became available internationally, so we all can enjoy the sounds and donate to the cause.